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									   AUTO                                                                                                                   Auto Loans

   A Low Interest Rate Car                                 Mailing Address
                                                           P.O. Box 8020
                                                                                       Call-24 Telephone
   Loan From People Who                                    Pleasanton, CA 94588        888.766.2424

   Won’t Steer You Wrong.                                  Web Address                 Lost or Stolen
                                                                  Credit Card?
   Patelco can meet or beat the big banks’ rates.                                      800.358.8228
                                                           Toll-Free Nationwide
   Plus, as a credit union, we’re looking out for you      800.358.8228                MAP Auto
   – not Wall Street shareholders. That translates                                     Buying Service
   to offering you the same low rates on used cars         Locations         
   as new cars. Not to mention, we can even help           Find a Patelco branch,      800.757.2706
   you find the car you want through our extensive         free CO-OP ATM,
   network of auto dealers.                                or Credit Union Shared      Credit Union
                                                                                       Direct Lending

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       Auto Equity                                  Comments?
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       Motorcycle Boat & RV                                                  

       Auto Buying Service

       GAP & MBI
       CUDL + Autosmart

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       call 800.358.8228 or visit
                                                        Federally insured by NCUA                       PCUM804-1011

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   New Auto                                                         Car Shopping

   Loans &                                                          & Insurance
   Refinancing                                                      Members Advantage Plus (MAP)
                                                                    Free Auto Buying Service
                                                                    With MAP, Patelco can search our network of over 500
                                                                    California dealers to find the exact vehicle you want. Then
                                                                    we can guide you through the financing process and
   At Patelco, we think auto loans should be low interest
                                                                    purchase of your vehicle. On top of that, we can actually
   AND low stress. So our application process is fast and
                                                                    deliver the vehicle to your doorstep in most cases...all at
   easy. Plus, we offer:
                                                                    no cost to you!

                    The same low rates for new AND
                                                                    Credit Union Direct Lending                                      Getting Pre-Approved
                    used vehicles up to six years old.
                                                                    (CUDL) + Autosmart                                               A Patelco loan pre-approval allows you to
                                                                    CUDL has partnered with hundreds of California auto              shop with confidence, knowing exactly what

                                                                    dealers to make the purchase and loan process easier             terms, rates and purchase price are right for
                    Flexible down payment and repayment terms,
                                                                    for our members. To find a CUDL dealer near you, visit
                    allowing you to finance your entire purchase                                                                     you. To start the pre-approval process, call
                    price and customize your payments.                                                                               800.358.8228 or visit
                                                                    Debt Protection

                    The freedom to use your loan to buy from        If an emergency arises, like death, disability, or involuntary   Helpful Hints
                    a dealer or private party, buy out a lease,     unemployment, your payment may be covered through                Here are some resources and advice to keep
                    or refinance the vehicle you currently drive.   Patelco Debt Protection.                                         in mind as you shop for your car and loan:
                                                                    Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)                                   Need to know current interest rates?
   Auto Equity Loans                                                By covering the difference between your car’s market value         Visit
                                                                    and the amount you owe, GAP gives you a unique degree
   This loan offers all the same benefits as our standard
                                                                    of protection against your car being totaled or stolen.            Need help figuring out what price range
   auto loan but leverages the equity in your home,
                                                                                                                                       and loan terms are right for you? Consult
   which may provide additional savings by making your
                                                                    Auto Insurance                                                     our online auto loan calculators at
   interest tax deductible1. There is no appraisal necessary,
                                                                    By leveraging a network of more than 35 major auto
   but the Auto Equity Loan is available to California                                                                       
                                                                    insurance carriers, Patelco will likely save you hundreds
   homeowners only.
                                                                    of dollars a year on auto insurance.                               Want to know how you can reduce your
   Boat, RV, & Motorcycle Loans                                     Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)                               interest rate through MAP, CUDL, and other
   Patelco offers loans for just about anything you                 With Patelco’s MBI, you may not be liable for any out-of-          means? Visit
   can drive with low monthly payments and flexible                 pocket expenses for major repairs. Plus, you’ll have
                                                                                                                                       Considering 0% dealer financing? Beware,
   repayment terms.                                                 access to 24/7 roadside assistance and more.
                                                                                                                                       the terms may end up being very difficult
                                                                                                                                       to meet.

       Consult a tax professional for all tax-related details.

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