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									Breast Implant Sizing: Purlz Breast Sizing System
Choosing the right breast implant size goes beyond simple appearance. The Purlz Breast Sizing System allows a woman to experience various implant sizes in a variety of different activities. St. Paul, MN, September 15, 2008 (PressReleasePoint) Deciding on a breast implant size can be a challenging and emotional decision for many women considering breast augmentation. Selecting the incorrect implant size is one of the most common reasons women undergo subsequent surgeries. L.W. Gatz has created the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System to help patients choose right the first time. Breast Sizing Purlz™ are tester implants designed to simulate the effect of various implant sizes on a woman’s body. Until now, women have often used plastic bags filled with rice or water to experiment at home with breast implant sizes. Unlike other commercially available systems, the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System is designed to be discretely worn under most clothing. Purlz™ are comfortable, lightweight, and durable, and can be worn for an extended period of time. They are made of a microfiber spandex blend fabric filled with 100% polyethylene plastic beads comparable to the volume of breast implants. The patentpending system uses a uniquely constructed hook and strap method designed to securely attach the tester implant to a bra without the use of a pocket. The breast implant sizing system packages include the patient’s choice of one, two, or three Purlz™ sets and a sports bra. Researchers at L.W. Gatz have found that the breast implant size decision goes beyond simple appearance. The emotional and psychological effects of breast augmentation are important to experience in addition to the physical appearance. Trying various implant sizes during everyday activities can help a woman acclimate to her new proportions while getting valuable feedback from family and friends. The experience of living with different implant sizes can help a woman make an informed breast implant sizing choice. To learn more about the Purlz™ Breast Sizing System visit their website at Press Contact: E. Gazuolo8362 Tamarack Village Suite 119-193 Woodbury, MN 55125pj_236@yahoo.com1-800-596-PURLZ

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