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    Volume 39 issue 5                                                                July 2012


           PPOA Plan:
   improving the l.a. county jails
& enhancing unincorporated patrol
                                               SEE PAGE 4

 We have devoted ourselves and our staff
 to providing the highest level of personal
          services to our clients.
              Our emphasis is primarily on
      • Workers’ Compensation                  • LACERA Retirements
      • Employment Litigation                  • Personal Injury

            Please contact Aaron or Julie
               for a free consultation.
                       Van Nuys Historic Library Building
        14555 Sylvan Street, Van Nuys, California 91411
          ph: (818) 788-1700 | fax: (818) 788-1705
   Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject
  to up to five years in prison or a fine up to $50,000 or double the value of the
             fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine.
                                                                  taBle oF contents
                     188 E. Arrow Highway
                     San Dimas, CA 91773                          only the Beginning  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 4
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              (800) 369-7672 | www.popafcu.org
                                                                  What Don’t You understand?  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7
   Star & Shield is the official publication of the Los Angeles
   County Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA).         DuI arrests: Saving Lives  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 8
   Opinions expressed by individual board members or
   contributing authors in this publication do not necessarily    Rookies Roost  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 9
   reflect the opinions of the entire Board.
   The Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday           Be Careful Before Filing Workers’ Comp Claim  .  .  .  . 11
   of each month in the PPOA offices at 10:00 a.m.
   Star & Shield subscription: $12.00                             Scenes from PPoa’s 6th annual Peace officer
   executive editor: Brian Moriguchi                              golf Tournament  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12

                                                                  Living Trusts: The Bottom Line  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 14

               BoaRD oF DIReCToRS                                 a Look at Professional Development Day  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
              BRIAN MORIGUCHI, President                          Living Well after a Critical Illness  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 17
                JIM CRONIN, Vice President
               JIM BLANKENSHIP, Secretary                         California Peace officers’ Memorial Foundation                            .  .  . 18
             ROGELIO MALDONADO, Treasurer
                                                                  The Los angeles County Peace officers’ Memorial  .  . 19
   DANYA HAZEN                               DAVID VIDAL          Cover photo: Paul Hippauf/Shutterstock.com
    TONY ROMO                             GERARDO GARCIA
   TAB RHODES                              JIM SCHALLERT
    ART REDDY                                                                                 PPoa aFFILIaTIonS
                                                                                            Southern California Alliance
           2012 STanDIng CoMMITTeeS                                                        of Law Enforcement (SCALE)
                                                                                                California Coalition of
   ASSOCIATIONS                          612 NEGOTIATIONS                            Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)
Chairman MORIGUCHI                      Chairman MORIGUCHI                                    International Foundation
     DELEGATES                           614 NEGOTIATIONS                                   of Employee Benefit Plans
  Chairman CRONIN                          Chairman VIDAL                           Los Angeles County Organization of Police
                                                                                               and Sheriffs (LACOPS)
       FINANCE                           621 NEGOTIATIONS
Chairman MALDONADO                     Chairman BLANKENSHIP                        Public Employees Staff Organization (PESO)
                                                                                          Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
     INSURANCE                           631 NEGOTIATIONS
Chairman MORIGUCHI                       Chairman MACHIAN                  National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems
                                                                                  California Peace Officer Memorial Foundation
     LEGISLATIVE                         632 NEGOTIATIONS
  Chairman REDDY                          Chairman KADES
    MEMBERSHIP                            RETIREE LIAISON
 Chairwoman HAZEN                         Chairman REDDY
                                                                                           PPoa STaFF MeMBeRS
                                                                                       PAUL K. ROLLER, Executive Director
                                                                                    SANDRA BRYANT, Administrative Assistant
                                                                                    CLARE FRANCO, Administrative Assistant
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                                                                                                                July 2012 | Star&Shield                  3
                                 Only the Beginning

                                            o you remember where you were when John               limiting it to those whose injuries prevent
                                            F. Kennedy was shot and killed? How about             them from working.
                                            what you were doing when you heard the             In San Diego, Proposition B passed overwhelmingly

    Brian Moriguchi                         news about the Twin Towers falling on
                                 9/11? Well, mark your memory banks for where you
                                                                                            with 66 percent of the vote. This proposition was
                                                                                            sponsored by San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and
                                 were on June 5, 2012. What was the significance of         supported by many “corporate” organizations, such
             PPOa President      this date? It was election day — when voters across        as the California Business Roundtable, a coalition
           lieutenant, laSd      this country collectively voted to take away your          of the top executives of the major private sector
                                 salary and benefits! Unlike the significant emotional      corporations in California. Proposition B makes the
                                 events previously described, June 5 was just the start,    following changes:
                                 the first shot if you will, toward the collapse of your       •	 Eliminates pensions for new hires and
                                 rights as a public employee. That is why it will not be          replaces them with 401(k)-style plans.
                                 remembered as a significant event, but unless things          •	 Eliminates pension calculations using bonuses,
                                 change, you will be able to reflect back 10 years from           specialty pay and other forms of compensation
                                 now and note that this was the date that it all started.         and limits it based on “base pay only.”
                                    On June 5, 2012, voters in Wisconsin defeated an           •	 Caps pensionable employee compensation
                                 attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker. Governor                for five years.
         Both of these local     Walker was a strong opponent against public                   •	 Requires public reporting of total pensions
                                 employees and their benefits and became the first                per individual annually (without names).
            ballot initiatives   U.S governor to defeat a recall effort. This was an           •	 Requires employees to pay “fair share” of cost
          are already being      important recall not just for those in Wisconsin, but            of government pension system and to incur
                                 across the country. It was the battleground for anti-            equal portion of the risk.
     challenged in court by      pension proponents versus government employees,               Both of these local ballot initiatives are already
                                 corporate executives versus labor unions, and some         being challenged in court by the labor unions,
           the labor unions,
                                 would say it was even a battle among the political         a costly battle that will have long-reaching
              a costly battle    parties. Governor Walker escaped by a relatively           ramifications to all of us in government work. We
                                 narrow margin, 53 percent to 46 percent, but it was        have longed believed that current employees and
        that will have long-     a victory for anti-pension advocates nonetheless.          retirees are “vested” in their retirement plans and
     reaching ramifications         In California, voters in two cities, San Jose and San   there have been many court decisions supporting
                                 Diego, voted overwhelmingly to overhaul government         this position, but these are different times and the
               to all of us in   employee pension benefits. In San Jose, 70 percent voted   public sentiment is against us. Stay tuned. This is
         government work.        in favor of Measure B sponsored by San Jose Mayor          only the beginning.
                                 Chuck Reed. Most notably, the following changes will
                                 occur as a result of the passage of Measure B:             Jail RefoRm
                                    •	 Current employees must pay up to 16 percent             In response to allegations by the ACLU and other
                                       more of their salary to continue that benefit        groups that LASD deputies were using excessive
                                       or choose a more modest and affordable plan          force in our jails, among other jail problems, the
                                       for their remaining years on the job.                Sheriff ’s Department has begun implementation
                                    •	 Limit retirement benefits for future hires by        of several jail reforms. First and foremost is their
                                       requiring them to pay half the cost of a pension.    proposal for a “dual-track” career path whereby
                                    •	 Suspend current retirees’ 3 percent annual           deputies can choose a career path in custody and
                                       COLA for up to five years if the city declares       promote through Custody Division through the
                                       a fiscal crisis.                                     rank of chief. PPOA strongly opposes the LASD
                                    •	 Discontinue “bonus” pension checks to                dual-track career path proposal, as there are many
                                       retirees (i.e., spiking).                            problems with this proposal that have not been
                                    •	 Require voter approval for future pension            properly addressed. The proposal recommends
                                       increases, essentially eliminating collective        a pay differential of 5.5 percent for deputies and
                                    •	 Change disability retirement with the aim of                                         continued on page 22
4    Star&Shield | July 2012
                          Pension Plan Rate Increases;
                          Mid-Year Report
                          laCeRa membeR ContRibution                                 can see, the County picked up the lions’ share of the
                          Rates inCRease                                             contribution increases, which cost them $78 million.

                                       s a result of the 2011 LACERA Actuarial           The funding status of LACERA now stands at 80.6

   Paul K. Roller                      Evaluation, the Los Angeles County
                                       Board of Supervisors was forced to raise
                                                                                     percent and will probably go down to approximately
                                                                                     75 percent before it starts to recover — assuming the
                                       contribution rates for both active members    new 7.5 percent per year earnings rate is met in future
PPOa executive director   and the County itself. By law, LACERA must perform         years. In the short term, the County’s contribution
      proller@ppoa.com    an actuarial audit on its system every one to three        rates (and possibly the employees’ rates) will continue
                          years and if necessary raise (or lower) rates based        to rise. Again, the County’s rates could reach 22 percent
                          upon that audit and the subsequent action by the           by fiscal year 2014/2015. The County’s contribution
                          LACERA Board of Investments and the Board of               to your retirement is generally over twice what you
                          Supervisors. What this means in plain English is that      pay into the system especially if you were hired on
                          your pension plan contribution rates will go up as of      in your 20s. Overwhelmingly, most of the money
                          July 1, 2012. In other words you (and the County as        used by LACERA is from earnings from LACERA
                          well) will pay more out of pocket for your retirement      investments. Those investments depend upon a strong
                          starting this month.                                       economy and the volatility in the economy over the
                              The reasons for this, of course, revolve around        last four years has hurt the system. But NOT as much
          according to    the economy and LACERA’s inability of late to              as some people would like you to believe and clearly
                          consistently meet its actuarial earnings assumption        not beyond LACERA’s ability to recover in the future.
  economic reports last   rate of 7.75 percent per year. In both 2008 and 2009,
   month, most middle     LACERA actually experienced losses — let alone             the eConomy and ReCent eleCtions
                          achieve the +7.75-percent gains needed each year to           Last month, a number of elections were held
  class americans have    meet the actuarial assumptions. Even a +20.4-percent       throughout America that basically attacked public
                          gain by LACERA in 2011 could not offset the 2008           employee pensions and unions’ ability to bargain for
  lost 40% of their net
                          and 2009 losses because LACERA now uses a five-year        those benefits and other issues. Two of the most talked
     worth since 2008!    “smoothing” window that will keep those losses in          about were here in California in San Diego and San
                          play for a couple more years. In addition because of       Jose and another took place in the state of Wisconsin.
                          the volatile nature of LACERA’s earnings over the past     By an approximately 70 percent to 30 percent vote
                          few years, LACERA leadership has chosen to reduce          against public employees — voters in San Diego and
                          the assumption rate from 7.75 percent to 7.5 percent       San Jose elected to change their pension systems for
                          gradually over the next three years, which will put        current and future employees. Lawsuits have already
                          further stress on both County and active employees         been filed in those cities to try and protect current
                          individual contribution rates. Even with these July 1      employees’ pensions — let’s hope they are successful.
                          contribution rate increases, the combination of the        In Wisconsin, the voters rejected a recall of the
                          lowering of the assumption rate and fully realizing        governor that would have helped public employees
                          the investment losses back to 2008 will mean that the      regain their collective bargaining rights.
                          County’s employer contribution rates could eventually         Two issues are driving these voter-supported
                          rise another 4 percent by fiscal year 2014/2015!           initiatives to weaken or abolish public employee
                              Here are the numbers. On July 1, the County raised     pensions and benefits. The first, as we all know, is the
                          its contribution rates to LACERA by 1.23 percent from      economy. Most Americans have been hurting since
                          16.31 percent to 17.54 percent. The average employee       2008 and they are angry and envious when they look
                          contribution rate to LACERA went up .04 percent, or        at public employee salary and benefits. According
                          depending on your salary, from $1.65/month to $7.22/       to economic reports last month, most middle class
                          month. General members in LACERA contributions             Americans have lost 40% of their net worth since
                          went up from .03 percent to.08 percent depending           2008! So when they see public employees who they
                          upon your age when you were hired. Safety members          think are doing better than them, their response is to
                          in LACERA contributions went up from .06 percent           shout (and vote to) “take it away from them.” We all
                          to .09 percent with a 3-percent buy down in rates
                          still in effect for all members in safety plan B. As you                                      continued on page 24
                                                                                                       July 2012 | Star&Shield              5
                                Legislation, Pensions, County
                                Vehicles and Charitable Events
                                            ello Troops, I’m back. I took some time off        rhetoric can change people’s beliefs. I bring this up
                                            to take care of some family stuff. First of all,   particularly because we have so many new employees
                                            congratulations to all the Sheriff ’s security     who may not be familiar with the situation we’re in. Let
                                            officers and assistants who recently graduated.    your co-workers know that these attacks are real (just
                                We are growing in numbers. Make sure to drop me                ask our peers in San Jose and San Diego).
                                an e-mail and let me know where you are assigned.                  Some of you have been telling me about County

        Gerry Garcia            Hopefully I can go visit a few of you out in the field.
                                    Let me give you some updates on what’s happening:
                                                                                               vehicles breaking down and accumulating too many
                                                                                               miles. If you drive units on a daily basis, please keep
                                Some if not all of you are on the new payroll system. Just     driving and be extra careful. If they break down, that’s
      PPOa Board Member         make sure you’re monitoring the vacation hours or any          part of the natural vehicle use. Make sure you notify the
      Security Officer, laSd    accumulated hours and overtime you have done. There            desk or the Sheriff’s Communication Center to request a
                                are still glitches from what I’ve have been told. It should    tow to take it in for service. In addition, try to get another
                                be all normal within one to three months. So from the          unit with your supervisor’s permission to go and pick
                                start of the system, check and monitor your paychecks          you up, since you might be without a unit with all your
                                for three months. After that, it should be fine. If you have   gear in the trunk. In addition, notify your fleet person
                                problems, make sure to notify Pay and Leave in order to        of the occurrence to make sure all personnel are aware.
                                take care of the matter.                                           If you’re not aware, PPOA is set to host its 1st Annual
                                    As some of you know, PPOA has been working on              Heroes Ride and Car Show on July 22. I hope you can all
                                Assembly Bill 2366 in regard to adding the classification      attend or at least show support. If you ride a motorcycle
                                of Sheriff’s security personnel to the Vehicle Code book       and want to be in the ride, it will start at the Hollywood
         Please help spread     in order to have confidential plates. Unfortunately,           Bowl and finish at CBS studios. Proceeds benefit fallen
                                after working on it more than six months, it has been          officers and military veterans. Details are available at
         the word that here     destroyed. It has died. You’re probably wondering how          www.HeroesRide.org. Hope to see you there.
          in l.a. County, we    that happened. When it started, it was progressing along           PPOA will also be hosting a Cigar Night on
                                smoothly. Then the cost of the changes in the Vehicle          September 19. The location is a member’s only venue
       dO contribute to our     Code book was shown at the state Capitol (as is the            to which we have been granted special access for this
                                process with all Assembly bills) and it was finished,          event. More details on page 22.
    retirement — it is NOt
                                especially with all the budget cuts happening throughout           One more reminder to the personnel who qualify
      completely funded by      the state. But we have good news: We spoke with Sheriff’s      with a firearm: practice, practice, practice. Recall what
                                personnel and were told that you can fill out the DMV          you learned in the academy. And remember that a higher
                  the County.   form, turn it in to your captain and go from there. So         score means more bucks in your paycheck. And most
                                hopefully we are much closer to getting all personnel          important is the goal to go home at the end of your shift.
                                covered. I also would like for you to send me the info, if         Last but not least, always remember how long it took
                                you have been threatened or harassed by a member of            to get through backgrounds, the paperwork and the
                                the public while leaving work or at the start of your shift.   academy. Be safe and take care of what you have.
                                    It’s hard to miss the daily news reports about all the         That’s it for now. If you have something to share or
                                attacks on public employee retirement systems. Please          anything you want me to discuss in this article, please
                                help spread the word that here in L.A. County, we DO           drop me an e-mail. Until next time, be safe and keep it
                                contribute to our retirement — it is NOT completely            in the 10-Ring.
                                funded by the County. It is unbelievable how quickly

                                                                  Attention PPOA Members
                                      We need your personal (non-lasd) e-mail address! if you have not received an e-mail blast
                                      from PPoa in the last six months (we’ve sent a handful), that means: 
                                      1. Your e-mail address is not on file with PPOA, or,
                                      2. We have only your LASD-provided e-mail address (which is regularly blocked from receiving PPOA
                                      e-mail blasts).
                                      Either way, we need your personal (non-LASD) e-mail address so that we can disseminate important
                                      news to you as quickly as possible. Please e-mail your address to info@ppoa.com and reference “e-mail
                                      updates” in the subject line.

6   Star&Shield | July 2012
                           Hey LASD: What Don’t
                           You Understand?
                                           ow — $60 million in savings!               graduations, etc. We are told, “No, no, no!” Why
                                           Everyone is searching for a way to         is that? Other groups have received them with
                                           save money. We are handing it to you,      no hassles.
                                           and you refuse to look at us?                 As for the money issues with Orange County — it’s
                              You take our proposals and incorporate them into        the same song and dance. They have the answer but
                           yours. There is no way they come close to the savings      are dragging their feet as well. The answer is right

   Danya Hazen             we offer. On May 11, 2011, we had a PPOA delegates
                           meeting at the L.A. Zoo. The Department asked how
                                                                                      in front of you.
                                                                                         Flashlights: By the time you read this, you will
                           to save $60 million. We gave them one of the studies       realize that PPOA has been working on this issue. We
 PPOa Board Member         we had done. What happened?                                had a meeting on the same day you started waving
Custody assistant, laSd       Custody assistants are still doing the job. Our force   your fans.
                           issues are ZERO or close to it. We are hired to do            Why is it that you would take an individual who
                           a job and we do it very well. We do it better than         can’t make it on patrol and pay them the same money,
                           most deputies! Custody assistants are proud of the         give them the same benefits and lower the job specs
                           job we do.                                                 that they were hired to do?
                              For at least the last 10 years, we have asked              That’s all for now. I have to finish my CARP
                           for a shield to wear on our uniform for funerals,          position.

      as for the money
   issues with Orange
     County — it’s the                                       Star & Shield Contest
same song and dance.                                               Winners
 they have the answer
 but are dragging their           Congratulations to the PPOA members below for winning the “Find the Hidden
           feet as well.           Symbol” contest in Star & Shield. If your name is listed below, that means your
                                   entry was drawn as one of five winners for that month’s issue. Please call Greg
                                                Torres at (323) 261-3010 to claim your $100 check.

                                                         $100 Prize Winners (april 2012 issue)
                                                       Bonnie Heinrich, Law Enforcement Technician
                                                         Julie Mason, Law Enforcement Technician
                                                               Tracy Moore, Custody Assistant
                                                                   Arthur Rinard, Retired
                                                                  Darrin Walker, Sergeant

                                                          $100 Prize Winners (may 2012 issue)
                                                                Bryan Gelauff, Custody Assistant
                                                                    Carlos Girard, Sergeant
                                                                    Allen Haney Jr., Retired
                                                                      Joe Lesnick, Retired
                                                                     Judith Smith, Retired

                                                                                                       July 2012 | Star&Shield          7
                               DUI Arrests: Saving Lives

                                                hile analyzing drugs for 22 years with      the party and a birthday cake was on the dining room
                                                the crime lab, I’ve heard the phrase,       table waiting for dad to light the candles. Instead it was
                                                “Well, it’s just a misdemeanor DUI,”        two CHP officers with the grim task of informing the
                                                many, many times. But is it “just” a        family that their husband and dad had been killed by
                               DUI arrest? Excluding the city of Los Angeles, there         an impaired driver, less than three miles from home.
                               are about 60,000-70,000 DUI arrests every year in Los           So remember, there are no “minor” arrests regarding

           Dave Vidal          Angeles County. Most are pled to relatively minor
                               offenses, often to a dry or wet reckless driving charge.
                                                                                            DUIs. Who knows? Maybe the one Wednesday-night
                                                                                            DUI arrest you make will save someone’s life.
                               Sometimes these plea deals seem like an awfully
      PPOa Board Member        light punishment for the offense. But remember that          PayCheCks and sPeCial inteRests?
       laSd Sr. Criminalist    number: 60,000-70,000 impaired drivers are removed              “Stop Special Interest Money Now” and “Paycheck
                               from the road every year, just by being arrested.            Protection” are catchy phrases for union-busting
                                   Statistics are hard to come by, but even with a          measures on the California ballot. This is another thinly
                               dose of common sense, how many lives are saved?              veiled attempt to remove a union’s ability to represent
                               How many injuries and accidents were avoided just            working men and women in the political arena here in
                               by removing these drivers from the road? Perhaps             California. To represent YOUR interests takes money —
                               hundreds? Maybe thousands?                                   some of it from your union dues. This measure would
                                   Here is just one story to highlight how important        make it difficult, if not impossible, for both private and
                               these arrests are: About three years ago, I was waiting in   public employee unions to effectively represent working
                               the hall outside a courtroom to testify at a preliminary     peoples’ interests by strangling that source of money.
    how many injuries and      hearing. Three of the arresting CHP officers were there         The public mood right now is “I don’t have those
                               as well. From them, I got the heartbreaking story of         benefits, so let’s take those benefits from those who have
    accidents were avoided     this particular incident. The defendant was driving on       them.” The question they should be asking is, “Wait a
     just by removing these    a freeway (I can’t remember which one) when he rear-         minute, my parents and grandparents had these sorts
                               ended the victim, sending his car down an embankment         of benefits, why don’t I?” It’s not an accident that with
      drivers from the road?   and killing the driver. The defendant had two prior          less and less union-represented workers over the last 25
                               convictions for driving under the influence of heroin and    years, everybody’s benefits and salaries have suffered.
          Perhaps hundreds?
                               was out on bail on a third DUI. The victim was a quarter     So here is another question to ask yourself: “Do I want
          Maybe thousands?     mile from his off ramp to go home to his son’s seventh       the only special interest group with political influence
                               birthday party. A half-hour later, the wife and son of       to be the corporations — the same ones that want to
                               the victim eagerly answered their front door expecting       cut my wages and benefits? Is that really ‘protecting’
                               their husband and dad. The house was all decorated for       my paycheck?”

                                   2012 Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation Events
                                                                            PPOA’s Charitable Foundation hosts a number of exciting events
                                                                            each year, and we would be honored to have you join us as a
                                                                            volunteer, entrant or simply a supporter. All funds raised will
                                                                            benefit those truly in need, including families of fallen officers.
                                                                            Announcements for the events below will be published in future
                                                                            issues of Star & Shield. Please let us know if you would like
                                                                            to help the Foundation plan any of these worthy causes by
                                                                            calling (323) 261-3010.

                                                                            • Poker Tournament                    • Cigar Night
                                                                            • Motorcycle Ride & Car Show          • Casino Turnaround Trip

                                                                             The Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation is
                                                                              a 501(c)(3) charity organization. Tax ID #95-4752410.

8    Star&Shield | July 2012
Rookies Roost
  By Robert Lindsey (LASD ret.)

    have a yellow lab (CJ) that has a history of Pit written all over her face, who      HQDB, San Dimas — his partners and supervisors included Jack Pease, Tony
    just turned 100 years old in doggie years this past week. We celebrated by           Bright, Gil Leslie, Ted Von Minden, Al Brown, Jim Brennan, Jim Wheatley, Al
    walking down the block and taking a break, turning around and regaining              LePas, Bob Nichols, Ken Wilson and Frank Waldren, who goes back with Bill to
    our balance because we were both quite dizzy, and then walking back all the          1949. Three daughters, five grandchildren and four great-granchildren vividly
way home without passing out. We both were looking forward to the couch,                 depict the strength in your six-decade marriage and family values. Bill, write a
the fan and a cold drink. That block, which is two single-story houses long, gets        book or a novel, or maybe you can star in a new reality show that shows us how
to be formidable when you turn 100 or when you’re retired and walking with               to do it right rather than all this other trash on television that shows everybody
an old buddy.                                                                            how to get divorced in 61 days or less as opposed to your 61 years of success. (It
     CJ has seen my kids grow up and me retire and has been along for a ride             was an honor to hear from you).
that has seen dramatic ups and downs. She has been hit by a mini truck and a                Clyde King, who lists his current employment as gainfully unemployed, has
ford van, is a cancer survivor and has the right to be one hell of a bitch when          the absolute secret to life. Gainfully anything is the perfect goal except in waist
she isn’t feeling so good because she has earned it. She watched, guarded, loved         size. Clyde is a catch-and-release fanatic, travels in the RV because his dislike
and cherished our family out of unconditional love, loyalty and blind faith. By          for planes and trains is probably very wise and is enjoying life with his bride,
the time this article is distributed there is a high likelihood she will have been       Cece. When you live life by running out of road in Fairbanks, Alaska, and then
called to a higher pasture. When I look back at her as a puppy with her entire           again on Prince Edward Island and in mainland Canada, you are living high. All
life in front of her it makes me wonder what choices she really had. She grew            I want to know is where you buy your gas because I am going to move into oil
up in a caring home and had many advantages that an urban outdoor homeless               stock with you on the road. Clyde, the way this nation is going for you to already
dog did not. In return she had confidence, knew what she wanted and longed               be raising 99% of your fruit and 75% of your vegetables, you better keep your
for every walk and chance she had to be free and temporarily homeless, out in            address a secret. Lastly, you caught my eye and my heart when you mentioned
open air and seeing the world. When she got out she always came back but had             that your wish in life is not for you, is not selfish and is certainly what I was
that mischievous look of satisfaction and adventure and eyes that asked, “Aren’t         talking about earlier in my article. Your wish and greatest desire is that “I see my
you happy I came home for dinner?” It’s funny that what we have sometimes                family prosper and be healthy.” The family certainly has you as a guardian angel,
never satisfies us and what we want when we get it isn’t all it is cracked up to         and I have applied for you to adopt me. I am attempting to expedite the process.
be. In the real end, it isn’t about one particular thing; it is about the journey, the      Anita Calloway of Olive View Medical Center: Thanks for your letter and
relationships, the memories and all of the times both good and bad that forge            I will work on getting your comments to the proper venue. Thanks so very
our past, present and future. CJ made a difference in all of our lives because she       much for your much-needed and very dedicated service to the County in the
sensed when we needed a hug, knew when we need to be uplifted by being playful           medical field.
and clearly knew whose lawn to test her weak bladder on. (That will teach them              Angelo Bosco, it is my dream to be able to golf again but here you are
to tease her over the wall). Memories are forever and may sometimes fade and be          making it real and visiting those beautiful venues. You turned in 33 years with
forgotten for a period of time but it is amazing when a story is told once again how     the Department, including San Dimas and as you term it also with the Psych
many people do remember the way it was, better times, more valued times and              Detail. You say you have many memories and I will bet many that keep you up at
times that were truly rich with imagination, fun and yes, hard work. All of you          night. Thanks also for your service in Court Services and for being the supervisor
I am certain sensed when people needed help, a kind word or necessary justice.           that you were to all.
     The Sheriff ’s Department is going through some tough times and maybe
very deservedly so. If memory serves me right this wouldn’t be the first time
we had a rough spell. However, the heart of the Department has always been
the employees and not the Executive Branch. The employees are the backbone,
the real energy and saving grace of the organization. The Department is one of
those anomalies that if you cut off its head, arms and legs, it still keeps breathing,
working and refining because of its heart. I am humbled by the amount of work
deputies now have to do just to go 10-8. It boggles my mind. That is why I enjoy                                                                                         PhOtO cOurtESY Of Six fLAgS MAgic MOuntAin
when you, as retirees, write about your successes and adventures and dreams and
reminisce by keeping life real. The Department is not only comprised of what
we read about in the papers today; it is truly enriched by a history and journey                    Magic Mountain Private Party
that was taken by many of you who wore the same distinguished badge for years
with honor that our street heroes wear now. It is my honor to share your lives                            for Public Safety
and stories and I thank you for that opportunity.
     Cold case Mike Bumcrot, 22 years homicide, is still on the job making a
                                                                                                               Friday, August 24, 2012
difference, solving the unsolvable as a 120-day employee. You investigate                                $28 admission (adults & children) or
shootings for the Riverside Police Shooting Review Commission and assist                                  $38 admission with dinner buffet.
other agencies throughout the nation. What a testament to the quality of work
and experience that you have. Your wife Rose and the family must be very proud.
     William “Bill” Carpenter has been married 61 years to his ever-beautiful wife
Mary Ann and was patrolling the streets in the 1950s, making it safe for when I               Tickets available at PPOA. Call (323) 261-3010 for more info.
would eventually be born. Wayside, West Hollywood, Admin, ELA Detectives,
                                                                                                                                     July 2012 | Star&Shield                                   9
     Retiree Events
Retired marshals lunch                                               Retired d.a. investigators lunch
July 11, 2012                                                        First Wednesday of each month
Johhny Reb’s, Bellflower                                             Frantone’s, 10808 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos
                                                                     11:00 a.m.
Retired marshals luncheon                                            Info: Wes English, (714) 962-5862
August 1, 2012
Villa Tepeyac, West Covina                                           inland empire old Guys
                                                                     First Wednesday of each month
Class 155 Reunion (40 years!)                                        B.C. Café, Rancho Cucamonga
September 21-24, 2012                                                11:30 a.m.
Bend, Oregon                                                         Info: Dock Parnell, (909) 981-6217
Info: (541) 388-4685 or crricochet49@aol.com
                                                                     l.a. County Retired deputies
lynwood station Reunion                                              First Wednesday of each month
Possibly in September or October 2012                                Carrows, Hesperia
Maggie’s Pub, Santa Fe Springs                                       11:00 a.m.
If you are interested, please e-mail Al Garcia at
algarcia2@verizon.net.                                               desert heat lunch
                                                                     Second Wednesday of each month
9th annual PPoa Retiree luncheon                                     Elks Club, Lake Havasu
October 3, 2012
Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona                                            the motherlode loafers
Further details TBA                                                  Second Wednesday of each month
                                                                     Location varies among Grass Valley restaurants
lakewood Romeos luncheons                                            Info: ceklasd@earthlink.net
Second Monday of each month
                                                                     Retired deputies in las Vegas
los angeles Retired deputy sheriffs (laRds)                          Third Wednesday of each month
Second Monday of each month                                          Blue Ox Tavern on Sahara
Bella Italia Restaurant, San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn)    12:00 p.m.
11:30 a.m./$10.00                                                    Info: Tony Silas, (702) 251-8088

Wuzz fuzz/Victor Valley                                              Compton alumni association
Second Tuesday of each month                                         Third Wednesday of each month
Hometown Buffet, Victorville                                         Crystal Hotel & Casino
7:30 a.m.                                                            12:00 p.m.

           Mystery Photo
                                                                     north County seb Retirees breakfast
                                                                     Third Wednesday of each month
                                                                     IHOP, Santa Clarita

                                                                     santa Clarita area Retired sheriff’s
                                      Congrats to Carol Perry,       Personnel Quarterly luncheon
                                      the first PPoa member          Second Thursday in February, May, August and November
                                      to identify the individuals    Tournament Players Club restaurant, Valencia
                                      (including herself!) in the    11:30 a.m.
                                      mystery photo printed in       Info: islandbum@ca.rr.com
                                      the may 2012 issue of Star
                                      & Shield.                      firestone station Retirees lunch
                                                                     (others welcome, too)
                                      the first PPoa member to
                                                                     Fourth Thursday of each month
                                      correctly identify the loca-
                                                                     11:00 a.m.
                                      tion where this mystery
                                                                     Maggie’s Pub, Santa Fe Springs
                                      photo was captured will
                                                                     Info: usafeod54@earthlink.com or Jack at fatalitch@ca.rr.com
     receive a free PPoa prize pack. Please e-mail your guess to
     gtorres@ppoa.com (one entry per member). by the way,
                                                                     35-year Reunion for Class #188
     did you know that PPoa’s facebook followers always get
                                                                     January 6, 2013
     first crack at identifying the mystery photo each month?
                                                                     Maui, Hawaii
     Check it out for yourself at www.facebook.com/lappoa.
                                                                     Info: Mike Naccarato, mikenac.maui@gmail.com

10    Star&Shield | July 2012
Be Careful Before Filing Workers’ Comp Claim
  By Alan B. Marenstein, Attorney at Law, Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee

                 hile it is very important to report incidents involving traumatic    who, even if well-meaning, is not necessarily versed in the law, its
                 injury (e.g., falls, accidents, lifting, etc.), filing a claim for   subtleties and other issues protecting your own interests. This is like
                 other problems could lead you down a slippery slope.                 walking through a mine field. You need to have professional advice and
                     Recently, a safety member called me to tell me that he           guidance before attempting to cross.
had fallen at work and was taken to the emergency room to be checked
out. All tests were negative, however, his commanding officer filled out
a report for Tristar listing stress as the cause of the incident.                        PPOA Board of Directors E-mail List
   Tristar is an outsourced adjusting agency acting to protect your employer
and fulfill their legal responsibilities under the law. In all probability, Tristar                             Executive Board
would request a list of psychiatrists from the State Workers’ Compensation                      Brian Moriguchi, President (bmoriguchi@ppoa.com)
Appeals Board to determine the cause of the stress.                                               Jim Cronin, Vice President (jcronin@ppoa.com)
   The injured employee would then have to select one of three                                 Jim Blankenship, Secretary (jblankenship@ppoa.com)
psychiatrists. Fortunately, the safety member realized the unnecessary                        Rogelio Maldonado, Treasurer (rmaldonado@ppoa.com)
risk that could arise.                                                                                              Directors
   Certainly, claims for heart problems, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal                           Danya Hazen (dhazen@ppoa.com)
cancer — even hearing loss — and others may need to be documented,                                         Art Reddy (areddy@ppoa.com)
but you need to consult an attorney experienced with the safety member                                    Tab Rhodes (trhodes@ppoa.com)
system in these situations.                                                                                Tony Romo (tromo@lasd.org)
   By law, no attorney can charge you for consultation on a workers’                                     Jim Schallert (jschallert@lasd.org)
compensation claim. If you cannot get a referral from an associate, your                                  David Vidal (dvidal@ppoa.com)
union or association can supply you with a list of qualified attorneys to                               Gerardo Garcia (ggarcia@ppoa.com)
discuss your particular situation. You cannot rely on a Tristar adjuster

   Maher Al-Bouz, D.D.S.
                                                                      In Honor of the Men and Women Who Serve and Protect our Cities
                                                                      • Biodentistry                               • Root Canal Therapy
                                                                      • Comprehensive Dental                       • Dentures & Partials
                                                                       & Emergency Care                            • Crowns & Bridges
                                                                      • Lumineer & Traditional Veneers             • Orthodontics
                                                                      • Invisalign                                 • Pediatric Dentistry
                                                                      • Bonding & Tooth-Colored Fillings           • Dental Implants
                                                                      • All dental specialists under one roof      • Snoring & TMJ Treatment
   639 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite A            22062 Ventura Blvd.
   San Dimas, CA 91773                       Woodland Hills, CA 91364
   (909) 599-2029                            (818) 676-1485                                                          FREE
                                                                                                              Teeth Whitening for
   Delta, Anthem Blue Cross and Most Insurance Plans Accepted.
                                                                                                               Law Enforcement
   *Special pricing for all services not covered under insurance.
   Financing Available
                                                                                                                personnel and
                                                                                                                 their families.
                                                                                                                 (Two per household,
                                                                                                                for new patients only)

                                                                                                                          July 2012 | Star&Shield         11
                               Scenes from PPOA’s
                               6th Annual
                               Peace Officer Memorial
                               Golf Tournament
                               Sponsored by Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee
                               Hosted at TPC Valencia on June 4, 2012

12   Star&Shield | July 2012
July 2012 | Star&Shield   13
Living Trusts: The Bottom Line
By Graham Hawley, Certified Estate Planner (United Estate Planning, Inc.)

       or many years, I have been involved in creating and reviewing living                Any costs associated with a living trust are front-loaded with minimal
       trusts for thousands of clients; as of yet I have been unable to find a         expense, removing any burdens that might otherwise fall upon the children
       single disadvantage to a properly prepared and funded trust. When               or heirs of the estate. A will is back-loaded with the heirs assuming the
       one truly understands the benefits and protection that a living trust           burden of exorbitant costs, fees, etc., that are associated with probate. The
offers, it is impossible to feel anything other than relief and long term              bottom line is that the key to effective and secure estate planning is taking
peace of mind knowing that your assets and your family’s security is being             the time to understand what is best for you and your loved ones.
protected in the best possible way.                                                        With a living trust you can choose to have the assets distributed
   The concept of a living trust is to provide a secure estate planning                according to the terms you have set forth in the trust prior to your demise.
foundation by circumventing probate, probate fees, court costs and estate              For example, you can provide distribution for your children at a specific age
taxes. A living trust will allow you to buy and sell the property held within          while still allowing for funds to be made available for their care, welfare and
the trust, open and close financial accounts as you wish, add retirement               college education. You may wish to make arrangements for children with
accounts and control life insurance proceeds, all the while avoiding probate           special needs so funds from the estate do not jeopardize their government
proceedings upon your demise.                                                          assistance. Your distribution options within a living trust are endless.
   Living trusts are flexible and can be altered or amended at any time. A                 Ultimately, the best rule of thumb when seeking advice about your trust
living trust does not have to be completely rewritten if the owner decides             is to ask the experts. Countless poor decisions have been made upon the
to make a change. If the owner decides to move residency to a different                word of a neighbor who works in a bank or the brother-in-law who sells
state, he need not attain a new trust as many people tend to believe. The              houses. Don’t listen to hearsay; your family is too important. Listen only
original trust stays in effect and there is no requirement to create a new             to the professionals and keep in mind that a revocable living trust is the
trust just because of an “out of state” change of address.                             keystone to every solid estate plan.

                           Here are 500 Reasons
                            Why It Pays to Read

                                                                            Cash is great, but our giveaways aren’t
      Five $100 prizes                                                      the only reasons to read Star & Shield.

      Members who find the hidden symbol in Star & Shield                      Each issue gives you the latest information on
      and register through our website (www.ppoa.com)
      by the end of this month will be entered                                • Contract negotiations                         • Hot topics on the job
      into a drawing for one of five $100 prizes.                             • Benefit changes                               • Association news
      The hidden symbol is:                                                   • Retirement considerations                     • Upcoming events

                                                This giveaway is open to PPOA members only. You must be 18 or older to win.

14    Star&Shield | July 2012
      A Look At
Development Day
Hosted at Rancho Los Amigos by County Services Bureau on May 15, 2012

                                                            July 2012 | Star&Shield   15
                                  LASD Promotions
     Congratulations to the following PPOA members recently promoted to LIEUTENANT (LASD):

      ALOMA, SERGIO A.          LIEBERMAN, KEITH               MOHRHOFF, DOUGLAS K.        WESTALL, TIM J.
      Transit Services Bureau   Lancaster Station              Pitchess South Facility     Men’s Central Jail

      ASHRAFNIA, WALID S.       LASKO, ERIC S.                 MURPHY, MILTON N.           WOLAK, JASON P.
      County Services Bureau    Santa Clarita Valley Station   South Los Angeles Station   Offender Services Bureau

      BURCHER, JOHN P.          LUCIO, MARC A.                 REID, THOMAS P.             WOLAK JR., JOHN J.
      Men’s Central Jail        Transit Services Bureau        Twin Towers                 Lomita Station

                                MARELLA, STEVEN J.             RHODES, TAB J.
                                                               Century Regional
      Century Station           Men’s Central Jail
                                                               Detention Facility
                                                               RIVERA, ANTHONY
      County Services Bureau    Transportation Bureau          Transit Services Bureau

      Inmate Reception Center   Pitchess South Facility        Temple Station

      HUNTER, JOHN P.           MC BRIDE, LOY L.               STAHL, JOSHUA B.
      Inmate Services Bureau    Temple Station                 Compton Station

      JONES, SHAWN E.           MENDOZA, JOSE G.               SYLVIES, STEVEN L.
      Men’s Central Jail        Pico Rivera Station            Palmdale Station

16    Star&Shield | July 2012
Living Well After a Critical Illness
  By Eddie Holmes, PPOA Insurance Agency Manager

            ver the last two decades, remarkable technology, drugs and

                                                                                                                                                         Paul Hakimata Photography/Shutterstock.com
            innovative procedures have made recovery from many illnesses
            possible. Survival rates for heart attacks, cancer and stroke have
            improved dramatically.
    According to a study by the American Heart Association, coronary
events occur every 26 seconds, but 88 percent of those stricken are able
to return to their usual work.
    The same study revealed that someone suffers a stroke every 45
seconds, but 85 percent of those survive. However, 75 percent suffer
some sort of long-term impairment.
    An American Cancer Society study said that 1 in 3 people are diagnosed
with cancer during their lifetime and 62 percent will survive at least 5 years.
    Dr. Marius Barnard saw new medical procedures save his critically
ill patients’ lives. There was a cost for survival, however. Patients were
unable to return to their professions or incomes. Others were forced to           pocket when you need it most. With the first diagnosis of a covered
return to work before they were fully recovered.                                  illness, you receive a check for the benefit amount.
    So, Dr. Barnard helped develop critical illness insurance to reduce the           The premiums are very inexpensive. A person, age 40-49, non-tobacco,
financial stress of an illness so patients could focus on recovery.               could get a $25,000 policy for only $16.08 a month!
    Chances are you have a friend, relative or co-worker who has recently             Remember, you need critical illness insurance, not because you are
had a heart attack or stroke or has been diagnosed with cancer. How has           going to die, but because you are going to live.
critical illness affected their financial life?                                       Call the PPOA Insurance Agency to get your personalized quote at
    We have an insurance program that can put money directly into your            (909) 599-8627.

                                                                                                                      July 2012 | Star&Shield          17
California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation
lotteRy teams uP With PeaCe offiCeRs’ memoRial                                       California Lottery contributes at least 34 cents of every dollar that players spend
foundation on sCRatCheRs tiCket                                                      on Lottery products to public education and returns more than 50 percent of

         he California Lottery and CPOMF have joined forces to create a              sales to players in the form of prizes. Since its inception in 1985, the Lottery has
         Scratchers ticket that pays tribute to peace officers and assists the       contributed nearly $21 billion to California schools out of total sales of more
         families of their fallen colleagues. Tickets went on sale April 27, 2012.   than $56 billion. Retailers benefit too, earning $3.6 billion in compensation
              “We are pleased to team up with the foundation to support the          since 1985.
families left behind by peace officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice             CPOMF is a nonprofit, charitable foundation whose mission is to
for our state,” said Lottery Director Joan Borucki. “Customers can help              recognize and honor California’s peace offers who gave their lives “In the
support the work of the foundation by buying the ticket.”                            Line of Duty” serving the citizens of this great state and provide support to
    Part of the proceeds from the Scratchers ticket, up to $300,000, will go to      the families left behind.
supporting the foundation. That
payment is a licensing fee that
will not interfere with the amount
of money that the Lottery pays
out to education.
     The partnership is a win-
win situation, according to the
CPOMF Board of Directors.
Not only does it support two
great causes, but it also reminds
Californians of the commitment
peace officers make day in and
day out.
     The ticket costs $2 and
appears at more than 20,000 retail
locations statewide.
    More than 95 cents of every
Lottery dollar is returned to
the community in the form of
contributions to education, prizes
and retail commissions. The

                                      2011 In the Line of Duty
                      Officer Thomas Adams                                                           Officer Daniel R. Ackerman
               CHP — Garberville EOW: February 15, 2011                                        Buena Park Police Dept. EOW: July 30, 2011

                      Officer Jermaine A. Gibson                                                        Officer Jeremy Henwood
            Cathedral City Police Dept. EOW: March 18, 2011                                    San Diego Police Dept. EOW: August 7, 2011

                        Officer Andrew Garton                                                              Officer James Capoot
                Hawthorne Police Dept. EOW: May 26, 2011                                      Vallejo Police Dept. EOW: November 17, 2011

                         Officer Ryan Stringer                                                       Officer Anthony A. Giniewicz
                 Alhambra Police Dept. EOW: July 10, 2011                                    Signal Hill Police Dept. EOW: December 7, 2011

18    Star&Shield | July 2012
 the 43rd AnnuAL

 Los Angeles County
Peace Officers’ Memorial
hosted at stArs Center on May 23, 2012

                                         July 2012 | Star&Shield   19
                                    Welcome New Members
     Adams Ii, Robert ....................... Custody Assistant           Hoyt, Jonathan ......................... Sergeant
     Aguilar, Kevin ........................... Security Assistant        Isunza, Erick .............................. Custody Assistant
     Aguilar Aldapa, Jr.,Carlos......... Custody Assistant                Jauregui, Eva ............................ Security Assistant
     Alatorre Jr., Alonso................... Custody Assistant            Jimenez, Maribel ...................... Security Assistant
     Alvarenga, Bryan ...................... Security Officer             Johnson, Milton ........................ Custody Assistant
     Anderson, Nicholas................... Security Officer               Johnson, Ashley ........................ Security Officer
     Armaleh, Michael ..................... Custody Assistant             Kellogg, Jeremy ........................ Custody Assistant
     Armas, Fernando ...................... Custody Assistant             King, Kaleah ............................. Law Enforcement Technician
     Arteaga, Mark .......................... Security Officer            Kirk, Stacey ............................... Law Enforcement Technician
     Avalos Hernandez, Iris ............. Security Assistant              Laguana, Augustin ................... Security Assistant
     Baker, Randi .............................. Security Assistant       Lara, Raul .................................. Security Officer
     Barr, Brandon............................ Custody Assistant          Larue, Stephanie ...................... Security Assistant
     Barrio, Michael ......................... Security Assistant         Lindsay, Lance ........................... Sergeant
     Bell, Terrence ............................ Sergeant                 Little, Brandon .......................... Custody Assistant
     Bishop, Cort .............................. Sergeant                 Lu, Jane ..................................... Law Enforcement Technician
     Boccanedes, Joel ....................... Security Assistant          Marr, Stefanie ........................... Forensic Identification
     Brewster, Carla Mica................. Security Officer                                                              Specialist I
     Broad Jr., John .......................... Sergeant                  Maupin, David .......................... Supervising Investigator, D.A.
     Brown, Catherine ..................... Security Assistant            Mcdaniel, Jessica ...................... Security Assistant
     Brown, Kinga ............................ Security Officer           Megrdle, Randolph .................. Sergeant
     Brown, Matthew ...................... Security Officer               Mejia, Jennifer .......................... Security Assistant
     Brown, Tenaya .......................... Sergeant                    Melara, Marleny ....................... Custody Assistant
     Byrd, Stefanie ........................... Security Assistant        Miramontes, Jessica .................. Custody Assistant
     Cabrera, William ....................... Security Officer            Mitchell, Debvin ....................... Custody Assistant
     Carroll, Cindy ............................ Senior Criminalist       Monis Jr., Aniceto ..................... Custody Assistant
     Casas, Steve ............................... Security Officer        Moon, Diana ............................. Crime Analyst
     Castaneda, Yadira..................... Security Officer              Mooney, Cheris ......................... Security Officer
     Castellanos, Pedro .................... Security Officer             Mukolu, Peter ........................... Custody Assistant
     Castillo, Adam .......................... Security Officer           Naranjo, Daniel ........................ Security Assistant
     Castro, Luis ................................ Sergeant               Orea, Eriberto ........................... Law Enforcement Technician
     Celnik, Eli .................................. Security Officer      Palm, Robin ............................... Security Assistant
     Chavez, Daniel .......................... Sergeant                   Pamplona, Ernesto ................... Law Enforcement Technician
     Clark, Candice ........................... Security Officer          Panduro, Sandy ........................ Custody Assistant
     Coulter, Shardae ....................... Security Officer            Patterson, Gerard ..................... Sergeant
     Cozine, Robert .......................... Security Officer           Pineda, Liliam ........................... Custody Assistant
     Crisp-Stoot, Debra .................... Security Assistant           Pringle, Vern ............................. Law Enforcement Technician
     Crooks, Tahitia .......................... Sergeant                  Ramirez, Francisco .................... Law Enforcement Technician
     Dejong, Steven ......................... Sergeant                    Rapalo, Gabriela ....................... Custody Assistant
     Diaz, Adam ............................... Security Officer          Rector, Rick ............................... Sergeant
     Escobedo Reyes, Jose ............... Security Assistant              Reyes, Jorge .............................. Custody Assistant
     Esparza, Vanessa ....................... Criminalistics Laboratory   Riley, Bryan ............................... Sergeant
                                                    Technician            Rizardo, Gary ............................ Security Officer
     Estevez Jr., Walter .................... Custody Assistant           Robles, Regina .......................... Law Enforcement Technician
     Fajardo, Martha ........................ Crime Analyst               Rodriguez, Elizabeth ................ Custody Assistant
     Farzaneh, Farid ......................... Custody Assistant          Rodriguez, Desiree ................... Sergeant
     Garcia, Braulio .......................... Security Assistant        Rojas, David .............................. Custody Assistant
     Gardner Jr., John ...................... Security Assistant          Rosales, Michelle ...................... Custody Assistant
     Gavaghan, Kevin ...................... Custody Assistant             Rose Jr., Raymond..................... Custody Assistant
     Givens, Randy ........................... Custody Assistant          Round, Robert .......................... Sergeant
     Gonzalez, Yvette ...................... Forensic Identification      Ruvalcaba, Elena ...................... Custody Assistant
                                                    Specialist I          Ryan, Donna ............................. Law Enforcement Technician
     Guthrie, Michael ....................... Sergeant                    Ryken, Stephen ......................... Custody Assistant
     Harleaux, Dwayne .................... Security Assistant             Ryken, Dale ............................... Sergeant
     Haro, Genevie ........................... Custody Assistant          Sanford, Anthony ..................... Custody Assistant
     Hernandez, Vincent ................. Custody Assistant               Santoya, Eloy ............................ Custody Assistant
     Herrera, Kevin .......................... Custody Assistant          Sellers Jr., Gary .......................... Custody Assistant

20     Star&Shield | July 2012
Sepulveda, Jeremy .................... Custody Assistant
Shive, Douglas .......................... Sergeant
Silverman, Cory ......................... Sergeant
Soto Trani, Gina ........................ Law Enforcement Technician
Talwar, Preet ............................. Security Officer
Thompson Jr., Anthony ............ Custody Assistant
Toly, Steven ............................... Sergeant
Trumble, Courtney.................... Custody Assistant
Valenzuela, Stephanie ............. Crime Analyst
Valle, Paul ................................. Sergeant
Velasquez, Steven..................... Sergeant
Wahlquist, Amanda.................. Security Assistant
Walker, Christopher ................. Custody Assistant
Wang-Gonzales, Catherine ...... Security Officer
Westphal, Collin ....................... Custody Assistant
Zamudio, Angelica ................... Custody Assistant

Service Members
Egbunkonye, Ngoz ................... Professional              Staff
Gialamas, Dean ......................... Professional          Staff
Ichikawa, Wendy ...................... Professional            Staff
Okafor, Augustine .................... Professional            Staff
Ta, Gigi ...................................... Professional   Staff
Tadeo, Jeannette ...................... Professional           Staff
Tellez, Marisol ........................... Professional       Staff
Welch, Qweva ........................... Professional          Staff
Wright, Tony ............................. Professional        Staff

                   making pre-arrangements
           benefits of

1. Avoid making decisions at a difficult time
2. Buy what you want, not what survivors feel you deserve
   (emotional overspending)
3. Secure today’’s preferred pricing, not tomorrow’’s going rate
4. Rose Hills’’ convenient payment plans

exclusively for LA Sheriffs and their families:
Double depth burial for two: $5,280*
or 10% discount for pre-need cemetery property or funeral services

 Call for a free 30-minute, no obligation appointment
Mark Ortega, Community Service Counselor •• 888-818-8664
                    *plus endowment care fee
License #0D04129 •• Rose Hills Mortuary, Whitter #FD970   INSURANCE
                                                                       July 2012 | Star&Shield   21
                                                                                   Calendar of Events
continued from page 4

supervisors (but not for executive level — hmmm, any surprise there?).
Apparently, LASD has long forgotten the problems with the Modified                 July 14:
Deputy Program where morale was destroyed and custody deputies were                LASD 6th Annual Professional Staff Day
ridiculed, harassed and called “steputies,” referring to their pay differential.   Catalina Island
What about the custody assistant program? C/As will be working side-by-            Hosted by Civilian Advisory Committee
side with career custody deputies doing the exact same job, but for much
less pay. And what about the promotion process? They are recommending
different exams for custody and patrol. You can choose to take either test         July 21:
if you are patrol trained, BUT if you accept a promotion into Custody              14th Annual Gold Star Dive
Division, YOU CANNOT LEAVE. If you choose not to go to patrol at all               Casino Point Dive Park
and promote through the dual-track career path, you must demote if you             Catalina Island
want to work patrol or any assignment outside of custody. In other words,          www.catalinagoldstardive.org
your career is extremely restricted to the limited managerial and executive
jobs in Custody Division in the dual-track proposal. There are many other
problems that have not been properly addressed in this proposal.                   July 22:
   PPOA has developed its own proposal that not only addresses the                 PPOA Annual Heroes Ride & Car Show
problems in custody, but also creates a saving of more than $60 million            Starts at the Hollywood Bowl.
to be used to address the multitude of problems and budget shortfalls              Finish line party at CBS Studios in Studio City.
facing the Sheriff ’s Department. You can find a copy of the PPOA proposal         Food trucks, live music, vendors
on our website following my testimony at the Jail Commission hearing               www.heroesride.org
where our report will become public. Our proposal expands the use of
C/As and gives them promotional opportunities while maintaining more
                                                                                   July 23:
than 1000 sworn positions in custody. Our proposal gets new deputies out
                                                                                   Marina del Rey Station
to patrol assignments within one year and increases morale in custody
                                                                                   Golf Tournament
by eliminating the stigma of custody and the use of forced transfers or
                                                                                   Braemar Country Club, Tarzana
retaliatory transfers to custody.
   The Sheriff ’s Department has been traveling down a dangerous path              Info: Lt. Gautt, (310) 482-6091
for many, many years now, and I am hopeful that Sheriff Baca will take
some action, any action, to correct some of the problems. We have noticed          July 24:
an uptick in his involvement in some of the publicly known problems,               Female Enforcers: Tactical Skills to Survive
but we hope he will get more involved in issues we, and many others,               Orange County Sheriff‘s Regional Training Academy, Tustin
have brought to him. We need to fix our system of favoritism, stifling             Open to all female law enforcement professionals
supervisors’ ability to properly supervise, “pay to play” promotional              Info: (847) 833-5163
process and many other activities that are contrary to our Core Values.
Sheriff Baca must act now — before it is too late. In an effort to assist in
addressing these problems, PPOA has made several proposals to Sheriff              august 29:
Baca, including policy and procedural changes. I am hopeful that Sheriff           PPOA 12th Annual Pre-Labor Day BBQ
Baca will seriously consider our proposals to improve the fledgling                Biscailuz Center Track & Field
reputation of the finest law enforcement organization in the world: the            Free for all PPOA members
Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department.

                                                                                   september 19:
                                                                                   Annual PPOA Cigar Night
            Whom to Call at PPoa...                                                8EightyEight Cigar Lounge, Fullerton
                                                                                   Full bar, poker, pool, raffles, tacos, music
     discount tickets, address         free notary services:                       Benefits PPOA Charitable Foundation.
     updates, non-Job-Related          Call maricela Villegas                      Info: (323) 261-3010
     legal Consultation:
     Call Violet Perez                 star & shield, PPoa.com,
                                       social media:                               september 22:
     disability, insurance             Call Greg torres                            SEB Mud Run
     benefits:                                                                     Pitchess Detention Center, Castaic
     Call norma Gomez                  board and foundation                        Open to the public with a free kids’ run
                                       inquiries, Political action:
     membership, dues                  Call sandi bryant
     Call Clare franco                                                             november 30:
                                                                                   Fight for Life Boxing: LASD vs. LAPD
     Job-Related labor
                                     (323) 261-3010
                                                                                   Quiet Cannon, Montebello
     Call teresa machado                                                           Benefits City of Hope.

22      Star&Shield | July 2012
Letters to PPOA

                  July 2012 | Star&Shield   23
Roller                                                                                  eVents foR PPoa membeRs, families and fRiends
continued from page 5                                                                      PPOA’s 1st Annual Heroes Ride & Car Show will take place on July
                                                                                        22. The motorcycle ride starts at the Hollywood Bowl, winds through
know that their anger is misplaced and PPOA members put their lives on                  the National Cemetery in Westwood and finishes at CBS Studios after
the line to provide public safety and protect public property. No one seems             cruising through Hollywood. Hopefully, this event will be every bit as
to notice that in the same four years since 2008, the stock market (Dow Jones           successful as our other Charitable Foundation fundraisers. See next
Average) has gone from 8,000 to over 12,400! Somebody is getting rich,                  month’s Star & Shield for photos and a recap.
and it isn’t your average public employee. But until the economic recovery                 On Wednesday August 29 at the Biscailuz Center track and field, PPOA
reaches down to embrace the middle class, you can expect more attacks on                will hold its 12th Annual Labor Day BBQ. Please come join us for good
our pensions and benefits.                                                              food, good fun, meetings with old friends and booths and giveaways
   The second issue is more hidden and politically driven. Some political               from PPOA’s favorite vendors. The best food and goodies are available
operatives think if they cut out the power of unions — especially public                between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., so don’t be late.
employee unions — that they can gain control of state legislatures, state houses
and a majority of the elected offices in Washington, D.C. As you all know,              PPoa ChaRitable Golf touRnament
PPOA has been active and successful in the political world for more than six               On June 4, the PPOA Charitable Foundation held its 6th annual golf
decades. For PPOA to lose it voice would be disastrous for our membership.              tournament at TPC in Valencia. All the proceeds from that tournament
This November the “Stop Special Interest Money Now” initiative will be                  benefit families of officers killed in the line of duty. Otherwise known as
on the ballot. It is nothing more than a blatant attempt to silence our voice           a “widows and orphans fund,” the PPOA foundation has helped countless
politically in defense of your wages, benefits, hours and working conditions.           families over the years, and the golf event is our most successful fundraiser.
   PPOA will continue to try and make a deal with the California Legislature               Thanks to all those sponsors who helped make this year’s event another
and the Governor on pension issues and will actively fight off any political            success and special thanks to the volunteers and staff who make the
attacks on our ability to do so.                                                        tournament run so smoothly.

    As a relative of several law enforcement officials, I know
  what Trust, Honesty & Integrity mean to you and your family                                 Connect with PPOA on Facebook
                                                                                               Get daily posts from PPOA regarding discount offers,
 » Specializing in the needs of buyers/sellers in L.A. & Ventura Counties                    event announcements, public safety alerts, pension attack
 » Passionate about helping people & providing the highest level of service
                                                                                                      updates, contest giveaways and more.
                                  Call Today - (805) 469-8391
                               tiffanydochick.kwrealty.com DRE#01863966       Dochick

                                                                                                 Start Your Own Security Company
              Global Rings        J E W E L R Y
                                                                                             If you are interested in starting a security business without having to give
                                                                                             up your salary, then guardNOW is perfect for you. 90% of new
                                                                                             businesses fail!!! Don’t be part of those statistics! Learn our system to
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                                                 Owned and operated by                       Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity, limited locations available!

                                         active LASD Reserve Deputy Billy Lulo
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                                           All Law Enforcement     available
                                                 Personnel        in all sizes

                                                  550 South Hill St.
                                                       Suite 920
                                                Los Angeles CA 90013
                                                   (213) 623-3313
            Working with members                 Fax: (213) 623-1274
         from Sheriffs’ Relief, LAPPL,      billy@globalringsjewelry.com
              PPOA & LAAPOA

                       Safe and secure online ordering

24       Star&Shield | July 2012
Heroes Ride
            A   N   N   U   A   L

 A N D C A R S H O W • J U LY 2 2 , 2 0 1 2
 benefitting fallen peace officers & military veterans
 Hosted by the Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association

    9 am ride starts at hollywood bowl
                  and ends at cbs studios
         3 pm
    12 -line party
                                      [ 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City ]

                                    open to public for $5 admission
 car show
 music                                               Register online:
 vendors                                             Early Bird Special

 kids fun zone
                                                      (prior to 7/8/12)
                                                      $30 per rider
 gourmet food trucks                               $10 per passenger
                                                 $20 per car show entry
                                                     (800) 747-7762

Ride Route: Hollywood • Sunset Strip • Beverly Hills
            Discounted Ticket Prices for PPOA Members
     Venue                                                               adult                                                Child
Adventure City (Anaheim)                                                     9.75                                                9.75

Boomers                                                                    14.00                                               14.00

Disneyland (One-Day)                                                       84.50                                               78.50

Disney/California Adventure (One-day hopper) 115.50                      109.50                                                91.00
Disney Annual Passports
    • SoCal Select (valid 170 days)                                      258.00                                               258.00
    • SoCal (valid 215 days)                                             315.00                                               315.00
    • Deluxe (valid 315 days)                                            448.00                                               448.00
    • Premium (valid 365 days w/parking)                                 619.00                                               619.00
Huntington Library                                                         12.00                                               12.00

Knott's Berry Farm                                                         32.00                                               22.50

Knott's Soak City                                                          24.50                                               20.50

L.A. Zoo                                                                   14.00                                               10.50
Legoland (Three-park (Aquarium/Legoland/Waterpark)
                                                                           67.00                                               67.00
two-day ticket)
Legoland (Two-day ticket)                                                  57.00                                               57.00

Medieval Times                                                             42.50                                               30.75

Movie Tix (UA, Krik, AMC, Edwards, Regal)                              Range: 6.25-7.75                                        14.00

Pirate Dinner Adventure                                                    37.00                                               28.00

Raging Waters                                                              25.00                                               25.00

San Diego Zoo                                                              36.50                                               27.50

San Diego Wild Animal Park                                                 36.50                                               27.50

Scandia Amusement Park/Ontario                                             14.00                                               14.00

Sea World                                                                  49.00                                               49.00

Six Flags Magic Mountain                                                   33.00                                               33.00

Universal Studios (Three-day ticket)                                       69.00 (credit card only)                            69.00 (credit card only)

Universal Studios 12 mo. pass w/blackouts                                  80.00 (credit card only)                            80.00 (credit card only)

Universal Studios 12 mo. pass w/o blackouts                                94.00 (credit card only)                            94.00 (credit card only)

Universal Premium Star Pass                                              134.00 (credit card only)                            134.00 (credit card only)

Universal Front of the Line Pass                                         139.00 (credit card only)                            139.00 (credit card only)

Movie Theater                                                          Restricted                                             unrestricted
AMC Theatres                                                           6.25                                                   7.75

Harkins Theatre (Chino Hills)                                          6.25                                                   7.75

Krikorian                                                              7.75                                                   7.75

Pacific                                                                6.25                                                   n/a

Regal/Edwards/UA                                                       6.75                                                   7.75

Cinemark                                                                                                                      7.75
                       All ticket sales are final. Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change. Always call first to confirm prices and availability.
                                   Limited to six (6) tickets per member, per venue. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information.

26   Star&Shield | July 2012
                                 PPOA Classifieds
  MAUI CONDO RENTAL                                            2009 yAMAHA MAJESTy                                      ANNIvERSARy EDITION HARLEyS
Spectacular oceanfront, pool, sandy beach, view              400 cc scooter.  Dark Gray.  Gets nearly 60 miles per    His: Road King, 6K miles, all extras. $16K. Hers:
of Molokai/Lanai, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, sleeps 4, full          gallon.  Retail value is $4,295.  Asking $3,800.  Call   Soft Tail, 5K miles, all extras. $12K. Matching silver/
kitchen, W&D. Pictures available. Call (626) 964.2578        (951) 218-9394. (0112)                                   black signature models. Spare parts & manuals.
or email tohimaui@aol.com. (1011)                                                                                     Both for $25K. Call (360) 642-2491 (0512)
                                                               TIMESHARE FOR SALE
  NOTARy SERvICE AT CRDF                                     Worldmark Trendwest, 8000 credits per year.
                                                                                                                        HECkLER & kOCH USP 45 COMPACT
PPOA Delegate Mary Pardo (Custody Assistant)                 16000 credits on account. Asking $4,500. Will pay        Ambidextrous safety, blue steel, night sights, used,
offers free notary service to PPOA members &                 $299 transfer fee. Payments up to date. More info        in excellent condition. 3 magazines, 6 concealment
a discount for all other LA County employees.                at: worldmarktheclub.com. Call Lorraine at (503)         holsters. $699. fcarlo1@msn.com (0512)
This applies to service offered at CRDF. Info:               867-9968. (0811)
(562) 756-5924 / pardo_mary@yahoo.com (0811)                                                                            EAGLE ROCk HOUSE FOR SALE
                                                               DELUxE LAkE POWELL HOUSEBOAT                           3beds/2 baths plus bonus room. 1,428 sq. ft. of
  1946 FORD                                                  Shared Ownership (Summer - even years). Summerset        living space. Remodeled 2002, upgrades galore.
Coupe, 327 chevrolet, 3 speed column, power disk             2002, 74’X16.5’, Four Staterooms, Two full baths,        Great veranda deck, great yard. $409K. Call Carlos
brakes, lincoln rear - end, great paint and tires.           $6000. Call Theresa or Steve @714-282-8446 (1111)        323-855-9345. (0712)
$22,000. Please call Ed (949) 496-6432. (0811)
                                                               MAUI CONDO RENTAL                                        INGLEWOOD CEMETERy
  2004 HARLEy DAvIDSON                                                                                                  PLOT FOR SALE
                                                             Completely remodeled, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps
Road King, Police Edition, Dark Blue, extras, only           6. Kaanapali. Pool, spa. Full kitchen. W&D. 40%          Located in pineview area, Prairie street side. Asking
3,297 miles, as new. $11,900, Bob at 805 553-0124 or         discount for LASD & family. Email: lasd2maui@            price $4,300. Seller will pay transfer fees. Price
E-Mail srvalley@roadrunner.com (0811)                        yahoo.com (661) 600-5600 (0212)                          negotiable. 213 500-8639. (0712)

  WANTED: LIvE-IN CARE                                         SEEkING vINTAGE RC CARS                                  POODLE PUPPIES FOR SALE
                                                               1970’S, 80’S, 90’S.
Mature, female retired deputy needed for live-in                                                                      Purebred poodle puppies, light brown. Males and
position. Responsibilities include: meals, medications,      I buy and collect vintage RC cars in any condition.      females, will be available by 7/2/12. $300 each. Call
errands (with my vehicle) & light housekeeping.              Let me know what you have. Joey cell 714 745-4963.       or text for pics. Stewart (562) 761-6655. (0712)
Room, board & stipend provided. Call Art at (562)            (0412)
943-7972 (0911)
                                                               SEDONA TIMESHARE                                            PPOA classified ads are free and
  TIRES & RIMS / 200 MILES OLD                               Available for use now. Pay transfer/recording fees
                                                                                                                        available only to PPOA members (one
4 X 235-55-18” Yokohama tires on premium Kia rims            of $350. View gorgeous location online at "Los             per month, 25 words max). Private party
(5X114). Also fits Honda, Toyota, Nissan. $800 or            Abrigados Resort & Spa, Sedona." Call Pat/Barbara          only, no business ads allowed. Send your
best/Jim @ 562.321.4122 (0512)                               at (760) 777-6510 (0412)
                                                                                                                        ad to: Star & Shield Editor, 188 E. Arrow
  HAWAII TIME SHARE                                            PUREBRED LAB PUPPIES                                     Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773 or
Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villa, 2 bedroom             Purebred chocolate & black lab puppies. Available          e-mail to gtorres@ppoa.com.
lock off unit for eight on the tropical Paradise             Mar. 12th. Vet checked, de-wormed, and 1st shots.
island of Kauai. Asking $7,000. Call Frances at
                                                                                                                           New submissions are added on first
                                                             Call or text for pics. $300 (310) 809-0364. (0412)
(805) 499-4394 (0512)                                                                                                   come-first served basis, each issue.
                                                               DOUBLE BURIAL PLOT - FOR SALE                            Please send within first week of each
  2006 TRAvEL TRAILER                                          - FOREST LAWN GLENDALE
                                                                                                                        month to ensure timely inclusion.
35ft. Forrest River, excellent condition. Sell for balance
                                                             Located in “Court of Remembrance.” Small, secluded         Sellers are encouraged to list price of
owed. Contact Rudy at (661) 478-8188. (1111)                 area. Quiet, serene, beautiful mountain view. Near
                                                             Liberace, Bette Davis, Ronnie Dio. Asking $10,000.         each item listed. No work numbers
  TWO GUNS FOR SALE                                          Call (661)618-8456. (0412)                                 may be used in ads. Submissions must
Selling a Beretta 92FM stainless steel as well as a S&W                                                                 be in writing, not over the phone.
K frame stainless 38. Asking price for the Beretta             CEMETERy LOTS
is $400 and the Smith is $350. Both guns in great                                                                       Ads run for 3 months. PPOA is not
                                                             Rose Hills Whittier, Garden of Affection. 2 sites,
condition. Contact Stephen: (909) 618-6921 or (909)          $3,000 each and seller pays transfer fees. (626) 961-      responsible for any claims made in a
597-8866. (0112)                                             6859. (0412)                                               classified ad.

                                                                                                                                   July 2012 | Star&Shield               27
    P.O.P.A., Inc.                                                                                            NoN-Profit org.
                                                                                                               U.S. PoStage
    188 E. Arrow Highway                                                                                              PaiD
    San Dimas, CA 91773                                                                                            tUcSoN, az
                                                                                                                   Permit #271


  Our firm of 15 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional, personal service.

       WORKERS                              DISABILITY                         PERSONAL INJURY
     COMPENSATION                        RETIREMENT FOR
 State Bar Certified Specialist          SAFETY MEMBERS
We have successfully represented      We have a pension department of        Our personal injury department
over 35,000 safety members. Our       3 attorneys who specialize in this    has successfully litigated or tried
  representation continues long           area and have successfully        over 5000 claims for automobile
after your case is concluded since     obtained disability pensions for    injuries, products liability, medical
your right to lifetime medical care     thousands of safety personnel       malpractice and other negligence
    may always be challenged.             under PERS, County 1937                         areas.
                                      Retirement Act and other county
                                               and city systems.

                                      (818) 703-6000
                                   20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400
                                       Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                            Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

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