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Directory of Internet Resource

Directory of Internet Resources relating to the subjects of Trade and External Economic Relations of the ACS (Public Sector)

VI Meeting of The Special Committee on Development Trade and External Economics Relations Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
INTRODUCTION On February 05, 1999 a Directory of Internet Resources relating to the subjects of Trade and External Economic Relations, Tourism and Cooperation in the Association of Caribbean States was presented as per a mandate given on November 12, 1998 during the Fifth Meeting of The Special Committee on Development Trade and External Economics Relations. The document hereforth presented is a detailed Internet Trade Directory formed upon and expanded from the original document of February 05, 1999. This document can be used along with the original document as it has been updated to include indicies of each web page and the information it contains. Each site, unless otherwise indicated, is the Official Trade or commerce site of the Government of that country. The listings of these official sites were obtained from the Worldwide Governments on the WWW site at This site is a collection of information on 215 countries and territories. For each, information from Ministries, State Agencies, Promotional Entities, Municipalities, Political Parties and Foreign Diplomatic Missions is given. For some countries the pertinent trade information was not available on the governmental listings. In cases such as this, information from the private sector was used. In some instances International Web Sites were the only online information available. In both cases the unofficial sites have been highlighted as either Private Sector or International Web Sites.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
CARICOM STATES ANTIGUA & BARBUDA AntiguaNet – Private Sector This web site provides links to many sub pages providing information on the following topics:          Government Business Manufacturing Shopping Major Events Health Economy Travel Sports Culture Employment Commerce Religion Press Releases Education Technology News Entertainment

Other Useful Addresses Ministry of Trade, Industry & Commerce Redcliffe Street St. Johns Antigua Tel: (268) 462-1532/ 4621628 Fax: (268) 462-1625 Industrial Development Board 34 Newgate St. Johns Antigua Tel: (268) 462-1038 Fax: (268) 462-2836

This Business Site of AntiguaNet provides brief overviews on the following: Industrial Climate Industry Framework Government Policy Labor Relations Overseas Trade Exports Foreign Investments

The Banking and Finance Site of AntiguaNet

This site provides information on the Banking System, Central Bank, Banking Market and provides a detailed list of Banks in Antigua & Barbuda.

The Economy Site of AntiguaNet

This site provides figures for the Real GDP, Balance of Payments, External Debt, Central Government Finance and Prices. Details on the Agriculture and Fisheries sectors are also provided.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
THE BAHAMAS The Bahamas Investment Authority

This is a very informative web site containing a lot of substantive information the following of which is only a brief summary: Links to specific investment incentives are present on this site. These incentives include: The Hotels Encouragement Act that exempts hotel developers from customs duties on raw materials and equipment. The Industries Encouragement Act that exempts exporters from import duties on raw materials and equipment. The Export Manufacturing Industries Encouragement Act which provides an approved manufacturer duty-free import of raw materials, equipment and building supplies. The Bahamas Free Trade Zone Act The Agricultural Manufactories Act that provides subsidies to agricultural businesses in the form of interest-free loans.

The Tariff Act which provides exemptions to approved manufacturers for the import of capital equipment and raw material for garment manufacturing and cottage industries.

Mailing Address Bahamas Investment Authority Financial Services Secretariat Office of the Prime Minister PO Box CB 10980 Nassau, N.P. The Bahamas Tel: (242)327-5970-4 Fax: (242) 327-5907

The Spirit and Beer Manufacture Act that provides duty-free import of raw material and equipment for spirits manufacturers. The Bahamas is associated with several organizations that ease access to financing and provide important safeguards for investors. A description of The Bahamas' balance of trade position over the last decade is available at this web site. Imports: Information on the main imports, customs duties and the main trading partner of The Bahamas is provided. Exports: Information on controls and export taxes is also provided on this web site.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
The following is a listing of specific links available on this web site:                     Bahamas Investment Authority Establishing a Financial Institution Banks & Trust Companies Insurance Industry Mutual Fund Managers Trust Formation Incorporation Procedures International Business Companies (IBC's) Shipping Registry Export & Import Trade Agriculture Freeport Free Trade Zone Manufacturing in The Bahamas Tourism Development Real Estate & Second Homes Labor Standards in The Bahamas Infrastructure Telecommunications Accounting Firms and Legal Firms

Other Useful Addresses: Grand Bahama Development Co. Freeport Grand Bahama Tel: (242) 352-6711 Fax: (242) 352-8310 or (242) 352-9864 Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) BAIC Building East Bay Street PO Box N4940 Nassau The Bahamas Tel: (242) 322-3740 Fax: (242) 322-2123

Other Informative Web Sites The Bahamas Government: ent/index.html This page is an overview of the Bahamas Government System. Links provided are:        Constitution Judiciary Parliament Cabinet Ministers and Portfolios Ministers of State and Portfolios Members of the House of Assembly The Senate  Bahamas Overseas Representatives

The Offshore Information Site: This site contains information and links on the following:      Why go Offshore Banks and Banking Asset Protection Trusts Real Estate in the Bahamas The Legal Site of Offshore and more.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
BARBADOS Barbados Investment & Development Corporation This web site provides an insight into some business and manufacturing incentives present in Barbados: Special Business Incentives are available in the following industries (details on which are present on the web site): -Information Technology Services Industry -Manufacturing and Production Industries -International Financial Services Companies Additional links are provided detailing:      Investor Incentives Listings of selected Investment Opportunities by market sector

Mailing Address Barbados Investment & Development Corporation Pelican House Princess Alice Highway Bridgetown Barbados, West Indies Tel: (246) 427-5350 Fax: (246) 426-7802

Additional information on How Your Business Can Grow and Prosper in Barbados Facts on Barbados Examples of High Tech and Manufacturing Companies existing in Barbados.

This web site also features information on land and building infrastructure, utilities, shipping, international trade and the labor force available in Barbados. Links to sub pages detailing Comparison of Labor Costs and a Training Grant Program are also present. The BIDC hosts business symposiums in New Jersey, Houston, Toronto and Seattle. These symposia are for decision-makers to increase profits and to market the investment opportunities and experiences of doing business in Barbados.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
BARBADOS Ministry International Trade & Business of Barbados

This web site provides a forum for response and feedback and thus allows Barbados to benefit from the views and opinions of the international community. On this page the viewer has access to a Data Exchange with the:             Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government Information Service Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation Director of Public Prosecutions Barbados Fire Service Central Emergency Relief Organization Prime Minister's Office Barbados Postal Service Public Access Statistical Service Department Labor Market Information System Training Administration Division

Mailing Address Ministry International Trade & Business of Barbados Mr. Phillip Goddard, Senator Business Center Upton Wildey St. Michael Barbados, West Indies Tel: (246) 430-2209 or 2200 Fax: (246) 428-6167

Other substantive links on this page include:  Government  Society  Business and  General Information

Extremely detailed information, under the Business link, is given on the issues of Communications, Investments, Conference Facilities, Society, National Interest and the Economy of Barbados.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
BELIZE The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry While this web site does present some valuable information to the viewer, its main focus is the services that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides:     Sub links detailing the advantages of membership and how to become a member and the Chamber of Commerce. A day by day calendar of events A Business Directory with the most complete and up to date listing of all Chamber businesses in Belize searchable by name, contact person, location and product. A link to an Investment Guide supplying the viewer with information on the current climate of investment in Belize and background information on the government, utilities and business organizations.

Information the Investment Guide contains:  Map of Belize  Quick facts about Belize  Major Economic Indicators - From the Central Statistical Office, The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance  A brief history of economics and politics in Belize Including: - Government Policy on Private Investments - Economic Policy and Development Priorities Mailing Address - Foreign Exchange Regulations - Investment Advantages The Belize Chamber of - Investment Schemes Commerce and Industry  Listings of embassies and business related 63 Regent Street organizations P.O. Box 291  Ministries of Government Belize City  Tax Policy Belize, Central America  Investment Opportunities Tel: (501) 2-73148 or 70668  Facts on Labor Fax: (501) 2-74984  Facts on Social Security Email:  Facts on Immigration  Facts on Land and  Facts on Income Tax This Investment Guide is a document presented with the permission of the Ministry of Economic Development. Thus, there is a link present so that the viewer can order a bound version of this document.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
Other Informative Web Sites Electronic Resource Library: This site provides links detailing information on many topics such as:               Belize Development Trust Belize Government, Departmental Emails Belize WebSites of Many Kinds Business International Finance Trading International Organizations Marketing News Sources Offshore Tax Havens Sustainable Resources Currency Exchange Education & Schools Grants Venture Capital

Other Useful Addresses Belize Trade Development Promotion Trade & Investment Promotion Service 3 Unity Boulevard Belmopan, Belize Tel: (501) 823-737 Fax: (501) 820-595 Email:

Ministry of Trade & Industry Trade & Information Center New Administrative Building Belmopan, Belize Tel: (501) 822-199 Fax: (501) 822-923 Minister: Sr. Alfredo Martinez

Belize Search Engine: Search any field on this Search Engine devoted entirely to Belize.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
BELIZE Belize Online Belize Online is not an official governmental or financial venture. It is an online venture aimed to create and maintain the Belize Online Tourism and Investment Guide to promote responsible tourism and investment in Belize. This page contains some pertinent information and services with links labeled Belize Culture, Business, Natural Assets, News Sources and Belizeans Online. The following links are presented under the business page:        Belize: An Investment Opportunity Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Program: Legal Passport, Second Citizenship How to Invest or Retire in Belize Belize Offshore Consultants & Co - Asset Protection - Tax Exempt International Business Companies & Trusts Belize Real Estate and Business Opportunity Directory Belize "Business/ Asset Protection/ Exempt" Offshore Trusts Canadian Offshore Financial Services and Online Wagering.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
DOMINICA The National Development Corporation of Dominica This official web site of the Commonwealth of Dominica provides the viewer with links to Tourism, Investment and General information on the island. Investment link: Investment Incentives:

Mailing Address The National Development Corporation of Dominica Valley Road PO Box 293 Roseau Dominica, West Indies Tel: (767) 448-2045 or 448-2760 Fax: (767) 448-5840 Email:

Special incentive plan for qualifying hotels listed on web site:  Tax holiday on profits  Exemption from payment of import duties on all articles of hotel furniture, fittings and equipment  Exemption from payment of import duties on building materials necessary for the construction of hotel  Alien landholding license to procure land  Repatriation of profits  Residence/ work permits  For the establishment of hotels and guesthouses there are lists of qualifications and procedures on this web site. Other Investment Incentives:  Tax holiday  Import duty exemptions  Repatriation of profits An investment application checklist is also available with an option to download a Microsoft word version of the document. This site was very informative until, towards the end of the document, a deadline of 1997 was given for an online application. This suggests that the site had not been updated recently and also that the information given may no longer be accurate.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
The Dominica Export Import Agency

This web site is largely under construction. However, the following information was available: Dexia is a Statutory Government Organization responsible for the Promotion, Development and Export of agricultural, agro-processing and manufactured products, as well as the importation of bulk rice and sugar. The agency's major areas of activity include:  Market Research in the Caribbean, Europe, North America and Canada  Preparation of Business Plans  The participation in Trade promotion events  Organizing Trade missions  Quality Assurance Programs  Total Quality Management  Direct Trading of Fresh Agricultural Produce A Trade Enquiry Form is also available for referral to the products and services offered by DEXIA. The other links to Produce, Manufacturers etc. have not been completed yet. Other Informative Web Sites Center for Global Trade Development This site provides statistics on trade and marketing information under the following key headings:          Economy Overview National Product Industrial Production Economic Activity Key Foreign Trade Data Major Trade Partners Customized Business Information Business Directories Strategic Information & Data Reports

Mailing Address The Dominica Export Import Agency PO Box 173 Roseau Dominica, West Indies Tel: (767) 448-2780 or 4483494/5 Fax: (767) 448-6308 Email:


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
GRENADA Grenada Industrial Development Corporation This Web Site is an official information source of the Government of Grenada. The following information is available: Sub Pages on the topics of:  A Right Climate for Business  Reliable Infrastructure  Investment Opportunities  Your Online Business Guide  Facts at a Glance and  Who’s Already Here

A Right Climate for Business > Conducive Business Climate This sub page lists attractive incentive packages for Hotel Development, Manufacturing and Other Sectors. It also includes information about the Workforce and the Economy of Grenada. Reliable Infrastructure > Infrastructure You Can Rely On This sub page lists the advantages of the various infrastructures Grenada has in place for industry. This information includes details on roads, transportation, telecommunications, electricity, water and industrial parks. Investment Opportunities A detailed list of investment opportunities in existing businesses, in different sectors of the economy are listed on this page. Sectors included are Manufacturing, Hotel Development and Hotels. Online Business Guide This web site lists information on: Entry Requirements, Company/ Business Formation, Land Ownership, Taxation and Investment Services available at GIDC. It also contains detailed information on local and foreign offices.

Mailing Address Grenada Industrial Development Corporation Frequente Industrial Park St. George's Grenada, West Indies Tel: (809) 444-1035 or 1040 Fax: (809) 444-4828

Other Useful Addresses Export Development Unit Ministry of Trade Lagoon Road St. George's Grenada, West Indies Tel: (809) 440-2101 Fax: (809) 440-4115 Department of Trade, Industry Energy & Production Ministry of Finance The Carenage St. George's Grenada, West Indies Tel: (473) 440-2990 Fax: (473) 440-4115


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
Facts At A Glance This sub page provides general information on Grenada, it’s governmental system, religion, currency, time zone etc. Who’s Here Already A list of international corporations is provided at this site. No official Trade or Business sites could be found for Grenada This web site displays a matrix of the Trade Balance of the Commonwealth of Grenada from the years 1986 to 1996. Figures include:  Domestic Exports  Re-Exports  Total Exports  Total Imports and  Balance of Trade. Sources quoted included the Central Statistical Office, the Digest of Trade Statistics, and the Economic Affairs Secretariat. Other Informative Web Sites Center for Global Trade Development: This site provides statistics on trade and marketing information under the following key headings:          Economy Overview National Product Industrial Production Economic Activity Key Foreign Trade Data Major Trade Partners Customized Business Information Business Directories Strategic Information & Data Reports


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
GUYANA Ministry of Trade, Tourism & Industry This is the official web site of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry of Guyana. It is just a cover page possessing links to sub pages on the topics of Foreign Trade, Tourism, Industry and Consumer Affairs. Sub Page for Foreign Trade This page contains the mission statement and key responsibilities for Foreign and Domestic Trade. They include:  Support regional integration initiatives by securing more trade arrangements and increasing trade within CARICOM Consult and coordinate trade issues with relevant local agencies and international organizations and institutions Provide advice and support to producers regarding barriers to entry, market definitions etc. Support trade promotion activities.

Mailing Address Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry 229 South Road Lacytown Georgetown Guyana, South America Tel: (592) 2-70653 Fax: (592) 2-50655




Links to different work program areas are also included on this page. Sub Page for Industrial Development This sub page also includes the mission statement and key responsibilities for Industrial Development. Links to industry related data and information as well as industry links are included on this sub page. Sub Page for Consumer Affairs

Other Useful Addresses Guyana Export Promotion Council Sofia Complex 10 Fort Street Georgetown Guyana, South America Tel: (592) 2-63182 Fax: (592) 2-54310

This page contains no links and just a listing of key responsibilities for Consumer Affairs.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
GUYANA Guyana Office for Investment This web site seemed to be an informative source of Trade and Investment information as it features links such as:           Guyana's Investment Guide Laws & Regulations Newsletter Company Seeking Financing Industrial Estates Privatization Projects New Horizons Budget 1999 and Key Economic Indicators.

Mailing Address Guyana Office For Investment 190 Camp & Church Streets Georgetown Guyana, South America Tel: (592) 2-50658 or 70653 Fax: (592) 2-50655

However, only the Investment Guide and the Budget links work as this page is largely under construction. Guyana Investment Guide This sub page contains numerous links on different topics such as:          General Overview of the Economy Investment Opportunities & Incentives The Regulatory Framework Institutional Framework for Investment Banking & Finance Employment Regulations Taxation Investment Incentives and Accounting Principles and Practices in Guyana.

The Budget 1999 link leads the viewer to the Budget Speech delivered by the Minister of Finance on March 26, 1999.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
HAITI Trade Compass Trade Library – International Web Site On doing a search of the web after finding no official trade pages for Haiti listed among the governmental pages this site was found to be the most informative. The Links Available on this site are:               Haiti: Executive Summary Haiti: Economic Trends and Outlook Haiti: Political Environment Haiti: Marketing U.S. Products and Services Haiti: Leading Sectors for U.S. Exports & Investments Haiti: Trade Regulations & Standards Haiti: Investment Climate Haiti: Trade and Project Financing Haiti: Business Travel Haiti: Country Data Haiti: Domestic Data Haiti: Trade Haiti: U.S. and Country Contacts Haiti: Available Market Research The Links Available on this site are:     National Institutions Representation in Foreign Countries Political Parties Additional Information:  The World Factbook (by the CIA)  Elections around the World (by Wilfried Derksen)  Political Resources on the Net (by Roberto Cicciomessere)  Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members (by the CIA)  Political Leaders (by Roberto Ortiz de Zarate)  Atlapedia Online (by Latimer Clarke Corporation)  The Almanac of Politics and Government (by Keynote Publishing Co.)  Information Please: Countries of the World (by Information Please LLC)  Amnesty International Publications (by Amnesty International)  World Travel Guide (by Columbus Press Ltd.)  Map Machine: Atlas (by National Geographic Society)  Ethnologue: Languages of the World (by Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc.)  Flags Of The World


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
JAMAICA or Jamaica Promotion Corporation This is a very informative web site containing a lot of substantive information all inter-linked within the many sub pages of the JAMPRO cover page. Sub Page: About JAMPRO > Trade > Trade Statistics     This section provided a summary of trade performance Indicators 1993-1997 Exports by major product groups 1995-1997 Imports by categories of end use 1995-1997 Merchandise trade by 5 main trade partners USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Norway.

Mailing Address Jamaica Promotion Corporation 35 Trafalgar Road P.O. Box 8658 C.S.O. Kingston Jamaica, West Indies Tel: (876) 929-9450/61 Fax: (876) 960-8082 Email: jampro@investjamaica. com

Sub Page: About JAMPRO > Trade > Trade Facilitation Service This section of the web site contains links to trade agreements for the viewer. Other Useful Addresses Sub Page: About JAMPRO > Trade > Trade Updates & Reports This web site also provides a matrix of Jamaica's Merchandise Trade for the period January - November 1996-1998 against Exports and Imports. A definition of traditional revenue items, details on major export markets and the main suppliers to the Jamaican domestic market are also given. Other information on CARICOM negotiations of Bilateral Trade Agreements with the Andean community and the Central American Common Market is also included in this section of the web site. Sub Page: About JAMPRO > Trade > Trade Agreements This section of the web site contains links to the following trade agreements and web sites:   Caribbean Basin Economy Recovery Act, CARIBCAN,

Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce 36 Trafalgar Road P.O. Box 76, Kingston Jamaica, West Indies Tel: (876) 929-9450/61 Fax: (876) 960-1623 Permanent Secretary: Mr. Ranford Smith The Offices of the Shipping Association of Jamaica President: Ludlow A. Stewart General Manager: Alvin C. Henry Tel: (876) 923-3491/2 or 3155 Fax: (876) 823-3421


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
         CARICOM, Lome Convention, CARICOM/ Colombia Agreement, U.S/ Jamaica Bilateral Textile Agreement, Generalized System of Preferences, CARICOM/ Venezuela Agreement, Canada/ Jamaica Bilateral Textile Agreement, World Trade Organization.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
JAMAICA Jamaica Trade Point This web site is also a sub page of the JAMPRO home page and the About JAMPRO sub page. This web site contains detailed links to air, sea and land transportation. Information on Ports and Shipping is Available on this web page. Free Zone Information This section of the web site gives details on the Montego Bay free zone and the Kingston free zone.

Mailing Addresses Kingston Free Zone Montego Freeport 27 Shannon Drive PO Box 1377, Montego Bay P.O. Box 16, Kingston 15 Jamaica, West Indies Jamaica, West Indies Tel: (876) 979-8696 or 8697 Tel: (876) 923-5274-8 Fax: (876) 979-8088 Fax: (876) 923-6023 General Manager: Owen Email: Higgins General Manager: Errol Hewitt
Airlinks: Information on Jamaica’s airports and what airlines serve these airports is provided. Sources of Financing This section of the web site contains links to Development Banks, Merchant Banks, Venture Capital Institutions, and Micro Financing Agencies among others. It also features tables with addresses, names, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and web site addresses for each type of institution, the facilities available from each and their sector preferences. Jamaica Stock Exchange A link to the Jamaica Stock Exchange is also present with news, listed companies and information on quotes. The viewer may also download files such as the Index 1988 to Present. This web site is a very sophisticated site and actual viewing of the entire site is recommended as further links are included such as:


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
        Productivity Center Business Service Center Conference Call/ Directory Information Brokerage Ninth G-15 Jamaica Audio Visual Linkages Jamaica Search Engine

JAMAICA CONTINUED Other Trade Information Sources given are: Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) 9 Swallow Field Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica West Indies Tel: (876) 926-2183 or 960-4665: Fax: (876) 926-4859 Email: Bank Of Jamaica Nethersole Place, Kingston, Jamaica West Indies Tel: (876) 922-0750 or 922-0775-6; Fax: (876) 922-0854 Email:; URL: Governor: Mr. Derrick Lattibeaudiere Jamaica Exporters Association (JEA) 13 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5, Jamaica West Indies Tel: (876) 929-1292 or 7158, 926-0586; Fax: (876) 929-3831 Email: President: Mr. Karl James; Exec. Director: Ms. Pauline Gray Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 7-8 East Parade, Kingston, Jamaica West Indies Tel: (876) 922-0150-1; Fax: (876) 922-4857 Email: President: Mr. Howard Hamilton; Exec. Director: Mrs. Audre Spence Private Sector Organization of Jamaica 39 Hope Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica West Indies Tel: (876) 927-6238; Fax: (876) 927-5137 Email: President: Mr. Peter Moses; Exec. Director: Mr. Charles Ross Jamaica Manufacturers Association 85a Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica West Indies Tel: (876) 922-2365 or 8880; Fax: (876) 922-9205 Email: President: Mr. Sameer Younis; Exec. Director: Mrs. Velma Sharpe


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
ST.LUCIA St. Lucia National Development Corporation This cover page of the web site of the St. Lucia National Development Corporation contains links to a message from the Prime Minister of St. Lucia and to other sub pages detailing:  The Information Services Industry,  The Infrastructure of St. Lucia,  Opportunities Available to the Investor,  The People,  Incentives and a  Profile of the Island and its economy.

Mailing Address St. Lucia National Development Corporation P.O. Box 495 Castries St. Lucia, West Indies Tel: (758) 452-3614 Fax: (758) 452-1841 Email:

Information Services Industry Details on the infrastructural developments being made by St. Lucia to attract investors to the Information Services Sector are listed: Infrastructure In this section a listing of Industrial Estates and Free Trade Zones, their locations and areas are detailed with a few brief notes on the lease rate, customs and building size. Investment Opportunities Details on investment opportunities available in Information Services, Manufacturing - Electronics, Apparel, Plastics Injection Moulding - Hotel Resort Development and Agri/Aquaculture are provided.

Other Useful Addresses Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Consumer Affairs New Government Buildings John Compton Highway, Castries St. Lucia, West Indies Tel: (758) 452-2627 or 1590 Fax: (758) 453-7347 Email:

Incentives This sub page contains information of tax profits, duty free items, double taxation protection treaties and much more.

Profile The country profile gives details to the viewer on the geography of St. Lucia, its population, language, political system, capital city, the legal system, currency, business hours, public holidays and services. This web site contains statistical information about Agricultural Stats, National Accounts, Labor Force Stats, Vital Stats, Tourism Stats, Trade Stats, Wage Stats, Election’s 97 and others.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
ST. KITTS/ NEVIS Official Web Site of the Government of St. Kitts/ Nevis This web site is a reproduction of the official St. Kitts/ Nevis Investment Guide. The information presented covers: Financial Services Information on two tax exemption privileges for companies, limited partnerships and trusts are given here. Informatics Details on special legislation designed to simplify new informatics start-ups including customer service call centers, tele-marketing, database conversions etc. are provided on this sub site. Manufacturing Information on the four industrial sites accommodating this sector in St. Kitts/ Nevis is given. Information on local resources at these industrial sites and shipping support services are also provided. A listing of potential manufacturing growth areas is also listed. This listing includes Electronic components, Electrical fixtures and appliances, Precision instruments, Apparel and related products, Plastic products, Circuit board building etc. Agribusiness Information on agri diversification, deep sea fishing and agri credit are available in this section of the web page. A listing of potential agribusiness growth areas are also included.

Other Useful Addresses Nevis Industrial Development Unit Treasury Building Main Street, Charlestown Nevis St. Kitts/ Nevis, West Indies Tel: (869) 469-5521 Fax: (869) 469-5485

Ministry of Trade & Industry, CARICOM Affairs, Youth, Sports & Community Affairs P.O. Box 186, Church Street Basseterre St. Kitts/ Nevis, West Indies Tel: (869) 465-2521/4/6 or 2302 Fax: (869) 465-1778 Email:

Establishing a Business The Government of St. Kitts/ Nevis welcomes enquiries about setting up a business in the Federation. A list of the preliminary steps required is available on this web site.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
For investors it is suggested that they visit the following web site: On this site contacts for:          The Office of the Prime Minister and Ministries of National Security, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Planning & Information Financial Services Department Ministry of Trade, Industry & CARICOM Affairs Registry of Corporate Affairs Development Bank of St. Kitts/ Nevis Ministry of Lands, Housing and Agriculture Ministry of Education, Labor & Social Security Central Housing Authority and Government Headquarters are also provided.


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES No Official Trade Web Sites Were Found

Other Informative Web Sites

Useful Addresses The Development Corporation (DEVCO) Grenville Street P.O. Box 841 Kingstown St. Vincent, West Indies Tel: (809) 457-1358 Fax: (809) 457-2838 Ministry of Trade & Consumer Affairs Egmont Street Kingstown St. Vincent, West Indies Tel: (784) 456-1223/ 4562442 PBX: (784) 456-1111 ext.404/405 Fax: (784) 457-2880

World Bank Statistics on External Debt This web site features a table of statistics for 1998 on External Debt, Stocks and Flows. Destinations: St. Vincent This site provides an overview of St. Vincent’s Government and Economy. De Vincy Directory Services A directory service providing  Business Listings  Government Directory Listings  Trade & Association Directory Listings


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999
SURINAME Suriname Bureau For Investment & Finance This web site labeled as “The Official Suriname Page” contains links and information under the following headings:          Where’s Suriname? Investment Opportunities Natural Resources Gold Industry Other Industries Ecotourism Economic Growth Economic Report Tax Systems

Useful Addresses Suriname Trade & Industry Association Prins Hendrikstraat 18 Postbus 111 Paramaribo Suriname Tel: (00 597) 475 286/ 287 Fax: (00 597) 472 287 Stichting Suriname Trade Promotion Organization Dr de Mirandastraat 10 Paramaribo Suriname Tel: (597) 474 536 Fax: (597) 474 779 Suriname Tourism Department Cornelis Jongbawstraat 2 P.O. Box 656 Paramaribo Suriname Tel: (597) 471 163/ 478 721 Fax: (597) 420 425

Where’s Suriname? This sub web page provides geographical information on Suriname. Investment Opportunities This sub page details why Suriname is attracting the interest of many international investors. Natural Resources Information on Geography, Natural Resources of Suriname and the Wildlife present is given here. Details are also given on the Bauxite Industry in Suriname. Gold Industry Information on International Gold Mining Companies is provided here along with a link to information on the Development and Exploration of Gold in Suriname. Other Industries Details on the Minerals Suriname possess and Mineral Laws are provided on this sub page. Also listed are the Chief Agricultural Products grown in Suriname.

Ecotourism Opportunities available in Ecotourism are listed here along with a link to Suriname Airways.


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Economic Growth This site details how Suriname is ready to grow and gives information on Laws and Regulations intended to enhance investment in Suriname. Economic Report This page provides links on topics as follows: Macro Economic Developments, Inflation, Employment and Wages, Production, Balance of Payments, International Reserves, Public Finances, Central Government Debt and Monetary Sector. Tax System A general outline of the tax system in Suriname is provided with links detailing taxation of company profits, deductible charges, relief of tax loss, reserves and dividend tax. Other Informative Web Sites Suriname Country Report This web site contains the following information on Suriname            General Outlook The Economy Exchange Rate and Inflation Money Supply and Interest Rates External Position and Foreign Exchange Availability Public Finances Major macroeconomic Issues Medium Term Perspectives History of Suriname Geography People

Suriname Inter Regional Trade This site is a table of statistics of Exports for Suriname sourced from the IMF “Direction of Trade Statistics.” UN Agenda 21 - Suriname This site discusses the Economic Aspects of Sustainable Development in Suriname with the following sections:        International Cooperation and Trade Changing consumption Patterns Financing Technology Industry Transport Sustainable Tourism


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TRINIDAD & TOBAGO or Tourism & Industrial Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited The web site describes the detailed links on Trade Information, Exports, Imports, Foreign Markets, Market Selection, Trade Agreements Information and Trade and Company Links. Procedures To Exporting This section of TIDCO's web site detailed procedures to exporting in a multi divided document. It also provided links to brief explanatory excerpts on the export documents needed, where to obtain these documents and a list of export related organizations. Foreign Markets This site contains tips on making a decision on whether or not to export to a foreign market. Steps to exporting to a foreign market are outlined in three basic steps. Also listed are the items, which should be included on a Market Entry Plan. Details on Cultural Skills required for Latin American countries are also listed.

Mailing Address Tourism & Industrial Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (TIDCO) 10-14 Phillips Street Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies Tel: (868) 623--6022/3 Fax: (868) 623-4056 Email: Trade: Investment:

Information on Trade agreements is also available through a link on this web site. The Trade Agreements detailed are CARICOM, CARICAN, The LOME Convention and the Caribbean Basin Initiative. Under the Trade and Company link the viewer can access a Virtual Trade Fair displaying the company web sites of many different businesses in different sectors. Other Informative Web Sites Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce: This page provides useful information on the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce such as:      The Business Information Sector Business Directory Publications Dispute Resolution Center Membership Listing

Other Useful Addresses Ministry of Trade & Industry Level 15 Riverside Plaza Besson Street Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies Tel: (868) 623-2931/4 Fax: (868) 627-8451 Email:


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CENTRAL AMERICAN COMMON MARKET COSTA RICA Costa Rica Investment & Development Board This web site promotes the Electronic Industry as the window of opportunity for Costa Rica at the present. A directory listing companies in the electronic and related industries with manufacturing operations is linked through this web site. Its individual address, however, is: Such labor information as:           General Statistics Education Estimated Supply and Demand for Engineers and Technicians Labor Productivity Labor Regulations Severance Pay Holidays Minimum Wage Vacation Pay Labor Costs and more can be found on the investment opportunities page.

Mailing Address Costa Rica Investment & Development Board San Jose Complex 2000 La Uruca San Jose Costa Rica Tel: (506) 220-4755 or 0036 Fax: (506) 220-4751 or 4754 Email:

A contractor's list with names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and fax numbers is available as a sub page from this main web site. Business Information Key advantages to operating in Costa Rica such as: the work force, incentives, infrastructure, basic costs, market access, ownership & management, start-up procedures and Costa Rican company databases can be accessed from this web site once the viewer has filled out and submitted a questionnaire stating on whose behalf this information is needed. Costa Rican Facts Facts such as the Location, Area, Capital City, Airport, Political Environment, Population, Living Standard Indicators, Nature, Leisure Activity, Economic Index, Industries and Main Exports of Costa Rica can be obtained from this web site. Links Links to the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Corporation (link not working) to Financial Institutions, Government Institutions, Business Associations, Free Zones and Educational Links are provided.


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COSTA RICA The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Corporation This web site is a very comprehensive and informative source of information. The following is a brief summary of the details given on this site. Available to the viewer in both English and Spanish this web site provides links in the following areas:  About Procomer  About Costa Rica  Exportation  Importation  Investing in Costa Rica  Student Center  Statistics  Publications  News  Magazine Enlace  Banner Advertising Exportation This page provides more links on topics as:  Export Procedures,  What does Costa Rica Export,  Trade Opportunities,  Promotion Programs,  Programs to Foster  Competitiveness,  Incentives,  Tariffs and Advertising. Imports This page provides links to Steps for Importing, Taxes (Spanish only) and Trading Opportunities. Invest In Costa Rica This page provides links to:  Free Zones,  Legislation,  Incentives,

Mailing Address The Costa Rican Foreign Trade Corporation External Trade Center Calle 40, Ave. 3 San Jose Costa Rica Tel: (506) 256- 7111 Ext. 200 Fax: (506) 223-4643 Email:


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 Success Stories and Free Zone Statistics (Spanish Only).

A detailed description of the steps needed to sign up for the Free Zone regimen is also provided for the viewer. Statistics This site provides links to different types of statistics: By Destination, By Trade Regimens, By Economic Sectors and By Products and Free Zones.


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ELSALVADOR Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador The links present on this cover page for El Salvador are:  About El Salvador  Trade and Investment  Commercial Opportunities  Economic Indicators  Statistics  Exporters & Importers Trade and Investment Incentives for Investments Inducements for Investments - Laws Exchange Incentives - Currency Exchange Regulations A link to the Central Bank of El Salvador is provided. Central Bank of El Salvador: html/ber.htmll Credit Incentives html/bmi.html Credit Funds for Investment from the Multisectorial Investment Bank Central Funds for Exporters html/bcie.html Central American Bank for Economic Integration Service Enterprises The principle service enterprises in El Salvador are in the categories of Travel Agents, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rentals, Custom Brokers, Insurance Companies, Banks, Currency Exchange Houses, Savings and Loans

Mailing Address Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador Center for Export Procedures Alameda Juan Pablo Segundo Entre 15 y 17 Avenida Norte San Salvador El Salvador, Central America Tel: (503) 281-8087 Fax: (503) 281-8086 Email: Other Useful Addresses Director General de Promocion y Relaciones Economicas Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Final 17 Avenida Norte Edificio 4, Segunda Planta Centro de Gobierno San Salvador, El Salvador Tel: (503) 281-1640 Fax: (503) 281-0621 Jefe de la Division de Servicios al Exportador Ministerio de Economia Servicio de Promocion de Exportaciones Almeda Juan Pablo 11 y Calle Guadalupe Edificio 2, Plan Maestor Centro de Gobierno San Slavador, El Salvador Tel: (503) 224-3000 Fax: (503) 221-3613 Email:


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Institutions, Air Carriers, Multimode Transport, Overland Carriers and Courier Services. Links providing details such as addresses, telephone and fax numbers are provided for each service enterprise. presas/index.html

Listings of Public, Private and International Support Institutions.


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GUATEMALA Guatemala On-line The Ministry of Economy of Guatemala through its Trade Bureau in Los Angeles in collaboration with the private sector business institutions has an interesting “Home Page” in English with a large and detailed amount of information concerning doing business/ conducting trade in Guatemala. In addition, it offers a great deal of useful links. Links provided are:       Why Invest in Guatemala? Country’s Profile Economic Overview FUNDESA’S Business Guidebook Investment Opportunities Business Assistance & Support Institutions

Country Profile This link contains information on the Geography, People, Education, Health, Government, Economy, Manufacturing, Energy, Agriculture, Animals, Animal Products, Dairy Products, Miscellaneous Products, Agricultural Equipment, Communications and Travel Economic Overview This site presents details on Investment, Gross Domestic Product, Trade and Commerce, Telecommunications and Transportation. FUNDESA’s Business Guidebook This web site provides information on Legal Framework for Foreign Investment, Foreign Investment in Guatemala, Registration of a Local Company, Registration with the Internal Revenue Service, Disclosure Obligations, Operations Requiring No Registration or Authorization and details on types of Taxation. Investment Opportunities A listing of traditional and non-traditional investment areas is given on this site. Business Assistance & Support Institutions This site contains links of Guatemalan Institutions related to International Commerce, Wages in Guatemala, Diplomatic Missions, Banking Information, Freight and Courier Services, Shipping Lines, Bonded Warehouses and Insurance Brokers. También está disponible un directorio de Exportadores el cual fure creado por AGEXPRONT, así como GUATEMALA NEWSWATCH online!.


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PROGUAT This is the official Guatemalan body responsible for promoting Guatemala in the field of trade and promoting Guatemala in the field of trade and investment, provides in English and Spanish, information on the country pertaining to areas such as: General information on the country, government, political subdivisions and the population.

-The Economy, which includes statistics on recent macroeconomic trends, in addition to statistics on agricultural production. Added to these are the most important laws governing development. Electricity Law Regulations, Mining Law, Drawback Industries Law, Free Trade Zones Law, Mining Law Regulations, General Law of Electricity. Infrastructure. Information is provided on generating energy as well as energy consumption. Business in Guatemala. A Foreign Investment Guide is provided, in addition to a directory of foreign businesses in Guatemala. Modernising the State. Legislation. Complete texts of principal laws affecting production: Electricity Law Regulations, Mining Law, Drawback Industries Law, Free Trade Zones Law, Mining Law Regulations, General Law Electricity Directories. Information is provided on diplomatic missions, chambers of commerce, industry, tourism and construction. Link. With more Internet sites leading to important references to Guatemala. Ministry of Economy The following is the information contained in this Web Page:  Functions of the Ministry  Principal Courses of Action  Support in formulating monetary, Credit and Exchange policies  With respect to Trade policy, the Ministry is moving towards a greater opening up of the economy. The Ministry is developing and promoting exports.  Foreign and National Investment Promotion, in addition to absolute support for the demonopolisation of public services.  Organisational chart of the Ministry of Economy.

PROGUAT Guatemala Offices 8 avenida 10-43 zona 1 Guatemala City, Guatemala Telephone: (502) 2383333 / (502) 238-0456 Fax: (502) 251-5055 E-mail:


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HONDURAS Official Sites COHEP (Consejo Hondureño de la Empresa Privada) Colonia La Reforma, Calle Principal, 1/2 cuadra arriba de la Embajada de Italia, Casa No.2723 Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Honduras, C.A Tel. 221-0011

CIC (Centro de Información Comercial - FIDE) Colonia Lomas del Guijarro, Avenida Republica Dominicana Apartado Postal No. 2029 Tegucigalpa, M.D.C., Honduras, C.A. Tel. 232-9345, Fax. 239-0766 The Commercial Information Center (CIC) at the Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports (FIDE) identifies, processes and distributes information on investment, exports and industry. It meets the needs of its users with efficient and timely services. HONDURAS' unique geographical location and exquisite natural resources provide the essential qualifications to establish Internet presence worldwide. Therefore, this section is comprised of information form companies that wish to promote their products or services. Many companies are interested in joint ventures, strategic alliances, contracts, etc. Additionally, check out the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES section for immediate commercial activities. Besides you will find the following information: [FACTS & FIGURES] [HISTORY] [CULTURE & ARTS] [TOURISM] [PRODUCTS & SERVICES] [INVESTING IN HONDURAS] [INFRASTRUCTURE] [ECONOMIC PROFILE] [IMPORTANT CONTACTS] [FEEDBACK] [LINKS] [MAP] [FIDE]


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HONDURAS Honduras Investments – Private Sector This web site provides a great deal of information about the economy and trade in Honduras. Many links and topics are dealt with on this site. Cover Page links include: About Honduras: This page features a quick overview of Honduras and a large selection of maps. Economy: This link leads to information on the recent growth of the economy, net international reserves and the country’s external position. Facts and Figures: Details on the population of Honduras, customs, language, population density, growth rate and unemployment rate are provided here. Importing Guidelines: Information on Honduras Customs Service and permits etc. is supplied here. Exporting Law: Free Zone Law incentives are detailed here. Infrastructure: Information on the infrastructure and telecommunication services available is provided. Investment Law: Details on comparative advantages and legal and administrative conditions available to national and foreign investors is available. Free Zones & Industrial Parks: This sub page provides detailed information on location and the advantages offered. Honduras Cities: A description of Honduras major cities and their offerings are given here. Other very detailed links on the following subjects are listed: Country Data; The Constitution; Political Environment; Commercial Overview; Investment Climate; Trade Prospects; Economic Trends; Economic Index; Trade Regulations; Trade Financing; Marketing Products; Central Bank; Central American (C.A.) Stock Exchange; Honduras Banks

Other Useful Addresses Ministerio de Economia y Comercio Lic Reginaldo Pantin, Ministro Direccion General de Inversiones 5a Avenida, 4ta Calle Edificio Salame, Piso 4 Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS Tel: 011 (504) 38-20-25/ 2278-02/ 22-81-83/ 22-35-92 Fax: 011 (504) 37-28-26


Version 1 ACS/TRADE.VI/INFORM August 25th 1999 Other Informative Web Sites
World Wide Web in Honduras This page available in both English and Spanish Contains links to:          Honduras Newspapers Credit Cards, Stock Exchange, Insurance Honduras’ Hotels Internet Service Providers Government Education Banking Organizations Industrial and Commercial Companies

Links to the other Central American Countries Are Provided. Center for Global Trade Development This site provides key economic data for Honduras such as:      Economy Overview National Product Industrial Production Economic Activity Exports and Imports The Links Available on this site are:     National Institutions Representation in Foreign Countries Political Parties Additional Information (general)


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NICARAGUA Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio (MIFIC) The Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade of Nicaragua offers the following links:  Related to the MIFIC  Foreign Trade  Market Competition and Transparency  Business Development  Natural Resources  Geological Administration.  Fishing Administration  Forestry Administration  Water Administration  Contacts  Links In the section focusing on Business Development, reference is made to the Institution’s mission, in addition to developing Investments and Exports, Facilitating Investments and Developing small and medium business. The section on export development describes the functions of the national Commission for Promoting Exports, its composition and functions. It also highlights the export products and the International Treaties to which the country is party, as well as important events and links The section on Investment Development refers to existing legal instruments and trade agreements. Also mentioned in this section are agreements designed to protect investments, in addition to a directory of businesses representing Nicaragua. There is also a section that mentions existing coinvestment opportunities, plus a directory of key contacts.


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UNGROUPED COUNTRIES WITHIN THE ACS CUBA Cámara de Comercio deCuba The Chamber of Commerce is an automous public institution that represents the interests of its associates, and supports business activity and the economic development of the country, by promoting trade and investment in the national and international market. The Chamber carries out registering and certifying functions assigned by the State and acts as the consultative body for Public Administration; it is made up of more than 400 producing, marketing and service entities of Cuban origin, in their capacity as voluntary associates.. The institution’s services are offered to national associates, branches of accredited foreign companies in the country and to all parties interested in conducting business with Cuba The Chamber of Commerce is the headquarters of:  World Trade Center Habana  Trade Point Habana  Buró EAN Cuba  EUROCENTRO Cuba  This Web Page also provides the following links: The Institution LEX S.A. EAN Cuba WTC Habana TP Habana Services Sales Comments Search Other sites Centre for Promoting Cuban Exports (Centro para la Promoción de las Exportaciones de Cuba – CEPEC) This site offers a list of products being exported by Cuba, services provided by the CEPEC, exportable supply, information on fairs and expositions to be held in Cuba, in addition to the most important news related to the sector.


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CUBAWEB The information available at this web site is presented in the following categories:  News and Media  Tourism and Travel  Politics and Government  Business and Trade  Internet and Technology  Health and Science  Culture and Art  Fairs and Events

Information related to the free Trade Zone and the services offered may be found in the section on Business and Trade. Also available in that section is general information on existing systems. The Links Available on this site are:     National Institutions Representation in Foreign Countries Political Parties Additional Information


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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC http://206105.233.238/english/index_eng.htm The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SEREX) This web page provides organized, useful information under the main topics of SEREX, Tourism, Commerce and Information. Under the SEREX link, information on the following topics are provided: Mandate – This section defines the mission, functions, objectives and priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Relations Organization – This section presents the structure and functions of SEREX Foreign Policy – An explanation of the new foreign policy of the Dominican Republic, treaties and other international instruments is detailed here

Mailing Address Secretario de Estado Secretaria de Estado de Relaciones Exteriores Ave. Independencia Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana Tel: (809) 535-6280 Fax: (809) 535-0133

Services – At this site the requirements to enter the Dominican Republic are provided Under the COMMERCE link, the following information is available: Economy – Summary of the economy of the Dominican Republic focusing on its principal sectors Integration Strategy – This section details the expansion into new markets for DR produce and services Preferential Trade Schemes – Details on the treaties and preferential trade schemes are given here Exports and Imports – These links respectively outline the major products exported and imported with the DR Directory – Here a listing of commercial and international organization and local traderelated entities is provided. Under the DR INFO link, the following links are available:      Social History Dominican Laws Press Services Country Profile Foreign Missions


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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Dominican Republic Office for the Promotion of Investment (DROPIN) DR-OPIN is the official inward investment promotion agency for the Dominican Republic. This web site facilitates the access of information concerning different investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic. The Table of Contents lists the following links:  What’s New?  DR’s General Info; About the DR  Investment – Call Centers, Telecommunications, Tourism, Electronics  Foreign Investment Law  News Service – Articles are included  Links What’s New? – New features added to the web site are listed here. DR’s General Info – This sub site contains general information on the Dominican Republic such as geography, climate, resources and hotel/ restaurant information. Investment Info – There are four sub sites under this link. They are Call Centers, Telecommunications, Tourism and Electronics. Each site features details on each sector and an industry profile. Foreign Investment Law – The Foreign Investment Law of the Dominican Republic is published on this site in its entirety. News Service – Links to news articles on the Economic Climate in the Dominican Republic are present on this sub page. Links – This site provides links to many governmental and private web sites on the Dominican Republi

Mailing Address Dominican Republic Office for the Promotion of Investment Roberto Pastoriza #16 Edf. Diandy XIII, 7th Floor Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Tel: (809) 683-6633 Fax: (809) 683-6641 Email: Other Useful Addresses National Board of Export Free Zones Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional Dominican Republic Tel: (809) 686-8077 Fax: (809) 686-8079 Dominican Center of Export Promotion Ave 27 de Febrero Plaza de la Bandera Plaza de la Independencia Apartado Postal 199-2 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Tel: (809) 530-5505 Fax: (809) 530-8202 Email:


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PANAMA Ministerio de Comercio e Industrias This page contains information on the Ministry’s structure: Head Office: Administrative Sector Business Sector Trade Sector Finance Sector Handicraft Sector Mining Sector Energy Sector Bananas Foreign Trade  This section of the Web Page refers to the internal political position of the Vice Ministry, while simultaneously establishing the commitments under which the Vice Ministry was created. The following are also described:     Objectives. Legal Framework Functions Modernisation The Links Available on this site are:     National Institutions Representation in Foreign Countries Political Parties Additional Information:

Country Commercial Guide – International Web Site

This web site provides some important information about Panama and its economy. Executive Summary: Commercial Overview – This section provides information on:    International Trading Banking and Services Dollar-Based Economy


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    Foreign Investment Privatization Imports and Exports Colon Free Zone

Other Useful Addresses Instituto Panameno de Comercio Exterior Apartado Postal 552359 Paitilla 4/F Banco Exterior Building Balboa Avenue Panama Tel: (507) 225-7244 Fax: (507) 225-2193

Business Trends and Opportunities – This section details:    U.S. Products and Services The Use of the U.S. Dollar as Local Currency Growth in Electric Power Generation, Health Care Services, Mining, Port Construction, Land Development, Road Construction, Telecommunications and Tourism.

Trade and Investment Climate – Provided in this section is information on:     Trade Liberalization Economic Liberalization Program Utilities and Labor

The Colon Free Zone This site offers complete listings of companies, products and services and trademarks of the largest free trade area in the western hemisphere. On this site brief overviews are given on the following topics:      Special Tax Treatment Establishing a Business Advice to Visitors The Free Zone Users Association Facts and Advantages of the Colon Free Zone

Mailing Address Colon Free Zone Administration P.O. Box 1118 Colon Free Zone Republic of Panama Tel: (507) 445-3229 / 1033 / 1559 Fax: (507) 445-2165 Email:


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GROUP OF THREE COLOMBIA Ministry of Foreign Trade

This official web page of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Colombia provides the following information:        

Mailing Address
How to Import How to Export Products and Services Currency Exchange Rates Forms for Importing Legislation of Trade Customer Service Free Zones

INCOMEX Calle 28, No. 13A-15 Piso 2 Santafe de Bogota D.C. Colombia South America

PROEXPORT This is the web site of the Colombian Government Trade Bureau. It provides information on the following issues:             Directories Doing Business with Colombia Regional Offices Services for the Colombian Exporter Services for the Importer Abroad Commercial Agreements Statistics Commercial Opportunities Accords and Cooperation News Air Transport Land Transport

Mailing Address PROEXPORT Calle 28 # 13A15 Pisos 1-35-36 PBX: 5600100 Fax: 2834915


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MEXICO Ministry of Commerce and Industry This page provides information and details on the following listings:                 Programs Trade and Industry Press Releases Calendar of Events Official News Bulletin of the Federation Legal Framework Speeches Publications Invitation for the Society to be part of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas Minerals Technology Copyrights Promotion of Exports International Commercial Practices Purchase of the Public Sector Information Systems

Useful Addresses Mexico Investment Board Paseo de la Reforma 915 Lomas de Chapultepec 11000 Mexico D.F. Tel: (525) 328-9929 Fax: (525) 328-9930/ 202- 7925 Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior Periferico Sur #4333 Piso 2 Ala Poniente Col Jardines de la Montana C.P. 14210 Mexico D.F., Mexico Tel: (525) 227-9178 Fax: (525) 227-9439 Secretaria de Fomento Industrial Insurgentes Sur #1940 Piso 10 C.P. 01030 Mexico D.F., Mexico Tel: (525) 229-6128 Fax: (525) 229-6109/ 6110


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MEXICO BANCOMEXT The Links Available on this site are:        What’s Bancomext? Enterprises and Mexican Products Publications Virtual Fair Investments Mexico Profile Sectorial Information and Products

The BANCOMEXT TRADE DIRECTORY OF MEXICO 1999 is your opportunity to do business with Mexico. If you consult this page you will find the complete information of more than 8,500 selected mexican companies and 14,000 exports products. Mexican Export Supply and Investment    Mexican Export Supply Mexican Demand for Foreign Investment Industrial Parks


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VENEZUELA Ministry Of Trade and Industry This web site provides detailed information on the following topics: Infrastructure; Commerce; Trade; Custom Duties; Legal; Steps to Export; Industry; Industrial Parks and Foreign Investment in Venezuela Links are also provided to the National Council of Promotion, which contains:   Directory of Trade Institutions Listing of National Events

Useful Addresses PROMEXPORT Avenida El Empalme Edificio Fedecamaras Piso 4, Oficina F Urb. El Bosque Caracas 1050 Venezuela Tel: 011(58)2-745687/7311089/ 742853 Fax:011(58)2-7313153/747158 Email: Fondo de Inversiones de Venezuela Torre Financiera del Banco Central de Venezuela Ave Urdaneta Esq De Carmelitas Piso 20 Caracas, Venezuela Tel: (582) 806-5974/ 5878/5997 Fax: (582) 861-0726/81-9169 Instituto de Comercio Exterior (ICE) Direccion de Representaciones Comerciales Centro Comercial Los Cedros Piso 7 Avenida Liberatador Caracas, Venezuela Tel: (58)2-761-6061/2590 Fax: (58)2-762-2961

Other Informative Web Sites CONAPRI This web site presented in both Spanish and English provides detailed information on the following links: Investment in Venezuela; How to Invest in Venezuela; Privatization Information; Access to Markets; Economic Indicators; Economic Projections; Incentives; Sectoral Opportunities

Mailing Address CONAPRI Centro Empresarial Parque del Este Ave Francisco de Miranda La Carlota Piso 12 Caracas 1071 Tel: (582) 237-5862/ 5731/ 5255 Fax: (582)237-6028 Email:


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MEMBER STATES OF THE KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS ARUBA Government of Aruba, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Tourism This is the first web site of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Tourism, Social Affairs and Culture of Aruba. It contains a lot of information for visitors and investors. General Contents:  Aruba Tourism Authority  Aruba Financial Center  Central Bureau of Statistics  Cruise Tourism Authority  Department of Agriculture, Husbandry and Fisheries  Department of Economic Affairs  Aruba Foreign Investment Agency The Aruba Financial Center features the following links and information:  The Financial Center  Offshore  Founding Corporations  Economic Indicators  Country Profile  News Page The Department of Economic Affairs features: Population Taxes Labor Fiscal Incentives Social Security Money Trade Tourism Free Zone Estab. Corporations Financial Services Sector Entry Requirements Intellectual Property Manufacturing Industries Transportation Important Addresses Utilities Sites Information

Other Useful Addresses Department of Foreign Affairs J.E. Irausquinplein 2-A Oranjestad Aruba Tel: 011 (297) 8-34705 Fax: 011 (297) 8-34660 Email: int1717@mail.sertanet.a w Department ofEconomic and Industrial Matters LG Smith Boulevard Sun Plaza Mall, Eagle Sun Plaza Building Oranjestad Aruba Tel: 011 (297) 8-21181 Fax: 011 (297) 8-34494 Email:

The Aruba Foreign Investment Agency contains links detailing:    Developing Trends Infrastructure Service


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NETHERLAND ANTILLES – CURACAO Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Private Sector This page provides some very clear and informative details on trade and investment in the Curacao community. Links provided are as follows:  International Contacts  Curacao Business Community  Local Links  World Trade Center Association  Trade Point Curacao  Netherlands Trade Commission International Contacts This page contains important links to:  The World Bank  United Nations  International Labor Organization  International Monetary Fund  CARICOM  European Union  Inter-American Development Bank Local Links Links included are:  Government of the Netherland Antilles  Curacao Investments  Curacao Tourism & Development Bureau  Curacao Yellow Pages  Central Bank of the Netherland Antilles Trade Point Curacao This site provides detailed links and information on:        Investing Exporting Export Business Directory Electronic Trade Opportunities Business Maps Curacao Exporters Association Business Development Scheme

Mailing Address

Curacao Chamber of Commerce Kaya Junior Salas 1 PO Box 10 Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Tel: (599) 9-461-3918 Fax: (599) 9-461-5652 Other Useful Addresses International Trade Center P.O. Box 6055 ITC Building Piscadera Bay Curacao Tel: (599) 9-624433 Fax: (599) 9-624408 Bonaire Government Tourism Corporation Kaya Liberador Simon Bolivar Kralendijk Bonaire Tel: (599) 7-8322 Fax: (599) 7--8408

No Trade Sites were available for Bonaire or St. Maarten


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BRITISH TERRITORIES ANGUILLA The Anguilla Government Internet Web Site This web site is one of two official sites listed under the Worldwide Governmental Web Site directory for Anguilla. It is largely under construction and no information can be gained from the page but the following is a listing of Subject Headers which indicate future links and information.           Ministry of Finance Ministry of Social Services Ministry of Infrastructure Chief Minister’s Office Governor’s Office Information Systems and Technology Government Information Service People Search Links What’s New

Useful Addresses Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and the Environment Plymouth Montserrat Tel: (664) 491-2075/ 3648 Fax: (664) 491-7275 Financial Services Center PO Box 292 Plymouth Montserrat Tel: (664) 491-2444/ 3057 Fax: (664) 491-2367/ 3757 Development Unit, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development PO Box 292 Plymouth Montserrat Tel: (664) 491-2066/ 2557 Fax: (664) 491-4632

MONTSERRAT Ministry of Finance – Economic Development Unit Due to the effects of the ongoing volcanic crisis in Montserrat, some of the information on the regular homepage of the Economic Development Unit is no longer relevant. Thus, the only link available on this page is of a Sustainable Development Plan. This site details policies and strategies to move the island of Montserrat from crisis to development.


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BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Office of the Chief Minister This web site contains links to each Ministry in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Government as well as:                Association of Caribbean States Budget Addresses Foreign & Commonwealth Offices Issues Affecting the B.V.I Executive Council Comments Press Releases New and Pending Legislation Caribbean Tourism Organization Announcements & Briefings Email Directory Office of the Governor Financial Services CARICOM B.V.I Facts Caribbean Development Bank

Mailing Address Office of the Chief Minister Government of the British Virgin Islands Central Administration Building Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands Tel: (284) 494-3701 x 2152/ Other Useful Addresses 2131 Fax: (284) 494-6413/ 3549 Development Planning Unit Chief Minister’s Office Road Town Tortola Tel: (809) 494-3701 x 2175 Fax: (809) 494-3947 Financial Services Dept. Government of the British Virgin Islands Road Town Tortola Tel: (809) 494-6430 Fax: (809) 464-5016 Trade & Investment Promotion Chief Minister’s Office Road Town Tortola Tel: (809) 494-3701 x 2082 Fax: (809) 464-6413 Tourism Board P.O. Box 136 Road Town Tortola Tel: (809) 494-3134 Fax: (809) 494-3866

Financial Services: This sub site contains information on the following:               BVI Fact File The BVI’s Offshore Financial Center Company Formation and Post Incorporation Services Insurance Trust Formation and Operation Banking Limited Partnerships Mutual Funds New Legislation Tax Information Quality Service and Vigilance BVI Financial Services Directory Tourist Information Latest News from BVI


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CAYMAN ISLANDS Cayman Web World – International Web Site This web site provides information on:  Visiting the Islands  General Information on the Cayman Islands  Index of Advertisers  Rental Accommodations  Car Rental Agencies  Real Estate & Development  Sport Fishing  Job Information  Email Directory  Chamber of Commerce  Cayman Brac & Little Cayman

Other Useful Addresses Cayman Islands Government Information Services PO Box 1110 George Town Grand Cayman Tel: (345) 949-3452 Fax: (345) 949-5936

Business Information can be found at This site provides detailed information on:  Opening a Business in the Cayman Islands  Corporations  Method of Application  The License  Necessary Licenses  Partnerships  Individuals  Incentives  Concessions on Cayman Brac  Trade Other Informative Web Sites Cayman Islands Offshore Financial Services Directory This site provides information on Offshore Financial Services Providers  Accountants and Auditors  Attorneys  Banks  Company Formation and Management  Insurance Managers  Investment Advisers and Managers  Mutual Fund Managers  Real Estate Companies  Trust Companies and Trustees


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TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Utlandsjuristen – Private Sector This is the web page of the Swedish company Utlandsjuristen. This site deals with offshore companies and has a link on the cover page to the United Kingdom as a Tax Haven. The link of interest on this page, however, is SERVICES. The Service page contains three links:  Tax-efficient Company Package  Offshore Trusts  VAT Registration The first link takes the viewer to a site listing the company’s most tax-efficient packages one of which is the Turks and Caicos. In this package information on:  Mailing Addresses  Bank Accounts  Company Cards, Debit Cards and  Ready-Made Companies are provided. Offshore Trusts This second link on the SERVICES page provides detailed information on the following areas:  Turks & Caicos Trusts  Discretionary Trust  Advantages and  Taxation VAT Registration This third link on the SERVICES page provides information on Value Added Tax and its relationship with:  Imports and Exports  The European Community  Offshore Companies Under the Jurisdiction of the Turks & Caicos Islands at the following topics are detailed: The Turks and Caicos Islands Exempt Company; Taxation; Shareholders; Trust Services; Directors; Bank Accounts; Annual Reporting; Schedule of Fees; Timescale; Secrecy and Local Requirements.

Other Useful Addresses Turks & Caicos Tourist Board Front Street Grand Turk Tel: (809) 946-2321 Fax: (809) 946-2733


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GUADELOUPE Guadeloupe General Information – International Web Site This cover page of general information on Guadeloupe is presented first in French and then in English. The Linking Page The page of links on this web page is at the address Links presented on this page are: Export Companies; Import Companies; Service Companies; Transportation; Institutions; Classified Advertisements; Real Estate and Conference Hotels. For Economical Data on Guadeloupe the viewer should proceed to the address below: This page details the following information: Gross Domestic Product Agriculture, Fishing Companies Tourism Industries Building Industry – Civil Engineering Domestic Trade Foreign Trade Transportation Population, Living Conditions Employment Public Health A Business Calendar of Events for Guadeloupe for 1999 can also be found at:]


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MARTINIQUE No Trade Web Sites were found

Agence pour le Development du Tourisme Economique de la Martinique (ADEM) Immeuble Nayaradon Plateau de Cluny 97233 Shoelcher Tel: (596) 73-4581 Fax: (596) 72-4138

Office Departemental B.P. 520-97206 Fort de France Cedex Martinique Tel: (596) 63-7960 Fax: (596) 73-6693


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U.S. TERRITORIES PUERTO RICO Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) This is a very attractive and informative web site easy to comprehend. It is presented in both English and Spanish. Site Contents:

Mailing Address Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company 355 FD Roosevelt Avenue Hato Rey Puerto Rico 00918 Other Useful Addresses Caribbean Development Program Puerto Rico Department of State PO Box 3271 San Juan, PR 00902-3271 Tel: (787)721-1751 Fax: (787) 723-3304 Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development & Commerce F.D. Roosevelt Ave #355, 4th Floor Suite 403 Hato Rey, PR 00918 Tel: (787) 764-1175/ 2820690 Fax: (787) 765-7709/ 2820405 Puerto Rico Economic Development Administration PO Box 362350 Hato Rey, PR 00936 Tel: (787) 758-4747 Fax: (747) 754-9640

About Puerto Rico: Giving a brief overview of the Island the following links lead to more detailed subpages: Cultural Heritage; Climate; Education; Infrastructure; Financial and Tax Incentives; Pharmaceutical Products and Computer Components; San Juan Map Puerto Rico Map and Caribbean Tourism Organization. Doing Business in Puerto Rico: Possessing sub links to Business, Incentives, Workforce, Education and Real Estate Sites this overview also presents links giving more details on:  1998 Tax Incentives Act  Labor  Costs on the Island  Educational System  Industry/ University Research Consortium (INDUNIV) Industries: Detailed information is given on the Pharmaceutical; Measuring, Analyzing and Controlling Instruments, Electronic & Electrical Equipment & Component Manufacturing and Plastics Industries is provided. Infrastructure: Along with links to the United States Postal Service, Other Major Couriers, Telecommunications and Internet Access in the overview on infrastructure an additional link providing information on Transportation in Puerto Rico is also present.


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Press Area: This sub page contains links to numerous current press releases concerning trade, industry and investments in Puerto Rico. Other Informative Web Sites Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association This site contains information on the Services, Committees, Publications and Directory of the Manufacturers Association. U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS U.S. Virgin Islands Guide This web site provides a lot of detailed information on each of the main Virgin Islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John in the areas of Tourist Guides, Real Estate and Community etc. On this page there is an important Trade link: Virgin Islands Business This page leads to the following U.S. Virgin Island links:  The Corporate Housekeeper Legal Services  Sun Realty of St. Croix  RE/MAX of St. Thomas  Dudley, Clark & Chan Attorney’s at Law  Tom Bolt & Associates Law Firm  – Internet Service Provider  David Jones Real Estate  COBEX International  Business and Tax Information for the USVI Of special interest is the Business and Tax link that leads to: Business Opportunities, Corporations, Taxes, Tax Incentives and Tax Planning in the U.S. Virgin Islands This site contains the following information:

Other Mailing Addresses Virgin Islands Industrial Development Commission Virgin Islands Department of Economic Development & Agriculture 36C Strand Street Box 3499 Christiansted St. Croix, US Virgin Islands Tel: (809) 773-6499 Fax: (809) 773-7701

Business Opportunities in the USVI; Virgin Islands Industrial Development Program Investment Incentives; Establishing a USVI Corporation and Qualifying a Foreign Corporation; Moving an Existing Corporation to the USVI; USVI Income Taxes; Other USVI Taxes; Tax Free Entities in the USVI; U.S. Export Incentives; Offshore Tax Planning and Captive Insurance in the USVI.


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