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Mary Jo Dylla

Francisco Arevalo
Justin Jones
Dwayne Padalecki
Susann Baker
Walter Wyrwich

City Secretary
Barbara Pawelek
                             Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting

                                         June 4, 2009

       Mayor Mary Jo Dylla welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. at
the City Hall. The pledge of allegiance was said.


       Roll call was taken. Members present were Councilwoman Susann Baker, Councilman
Justin Jones, Councilman Walter Wyrwich, Councilman Frank Arevalo and Councilman Dwayne
Padalecki. A quorum was established. Barbara Pawelek presided as City Secretary.


      Mayor Dylla asked Council to look over the minutes of the May 7, 2009 regular council
meeting. Councilman Justin Jones moved to approve the minutes as written. Councilwoman
Susann Baker seconded the motion. All were in favor; the minutes were approved.


       The Mayor gave city council the May financial summary. Councilman Padalecki
questioned the garbage fee. The Mayor explained that was for the tree that fell over the road
due to the storm and had to be hauled off. Another question was the amount for the
Emergency Services, which the Mayor explained was for their last payment.

      With that, Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to accept the May financial summary.
Councilman Dwayne Padalecki seconded the motion. All were in favor; the May financial
summary was approved.


      Fire Chief, Larry Padalecki reported for the St. Hedwig Volunteer Fire Department. For
the month of May there were a total of 21 calls. 12 EMS calls; 6 in the City, and 6 in the
County. There were 9 Fire calls; 6 in the City and 3 in the County.

      The Fire Chief reported the burn ban is not really lifted but has expired, so if you want to
burn please call Bexar County to see if conditions are ok for burning and if so, they will issue
you a burn permit. You must call 335-0300 to get one.

       Acadian Ambulance has been floating from different locations, but has not named a
certain staging spot yet.


      Kathy Palmer gave an updated report.

       Mrs. Palmer sent a letter reminding Tom Smith with Abbott Estates that he had until the
end of August to complete the necessary road repairs or the plat will be disapproved.

     Mrs. Palmer said we are still waiting to be placed on the agenda for Bexar County’s
Commissioners Court regarding the Interlocal Agreement for Subdivision Regulations in the ETJ.

      A building permit has been issued for Robert Johnson on Lupon Road and we received
another one for the house that burned down on Mihalski Lane.

      Mrs. Palmer had a couple of calls from realtors regarding zoning questions and if you
needed a plumbing permit.


       Theofil Strzelcyzk of 740 S. Graytown wanted to know when we could get law
enforcement in here regarding all the dumping on Felix Road. He also had concerns regarding
trees that needed trimming.


      A. ROADS

      Councilman Justin Jones reported on the roads. He said signs were installed today.

      Mowing has been started and will probably take about 2 weeks to complete.

      B. CITY PARK

             1) Park Benches

      There has been interest by citizens to place park benches in the city park in memory of a
deceased loved one or in honor of someone serving in the military, etc. The Mayor said what we

would like to do is put an article in the newspaper to see who would like to do a bench and
include an estimated cost and see what type of response we would get. So they would all be
the same, we would order them all at one time and have them installed. We would include a
memorial plaque and who donated the benches.

      The Mayor asked if someone would like to work with Councilwoman Baker to pick out the
benches to contact her.

             2) 3rd Phase of Sidewalk

      Councilman Justin Jones suggested asking a university and having students there design
and implement the project for the nature path. He has seen universities do this in the past
where it becomes their class project. The Mayor said we would look into that.


      A. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) BIKE RIDE

       Lloyd Hensley, Development Coordinator for the MS Society in San Antonio, along with
Cynthia Perkins Rodriguez, Director Development spoke to city council regarding the MS Bike
Ride. They explained how they have the annual Bike to the Beach but this year they are
changing the route and it will be called Bike to the River. The ride will start at the Alamodome
and go thru Fort Sam Houston and come down East Houston Street to 1346 thru St. Hedwig
taking a left in LaVernia and continue up to New Braunfels. The riders will overnight in New
Braunfels at Schlitterbahn. The next day they will take a slightly different route to LaVernia, but
will come back the same way down 1346 thru St. Hedwig.

       Mr. Hensley said they would like to use the City Hall as a break point on the second day
to help hydrate and serve as a rest stop for some 3000 plus cyclist. They are self sufficient and
will not need to go inside, only to use the parking lot. They will bring everything such as tents,
tables, chairs, port-a-potties, drinks, water, snacks, etc.

       They said they have an insurance rider that they will name the City, and will leave the
property as found or better. Mr. Hensley assured council they had 19 years experience in
putting together the MS Bike Ride. Citizens are encouraged to volunteer at the rest stop if they

       Council agreed it was a great program. With that, Councilman Arevalo moved to allow the
MS Bike Ride to use the city hall parking lot as their rest stop. Councilwoman Baker seconded
the motion. All were in favor; motion approved. The Mayor signed the letter for MS approving
the rest stop.

           a. Contract or Purchase

       The Mayor explained at the last meeting we discussed the possibility of purchasing a
sprayer for our city tractor to spray the roads since we no longer have the interlocal agreement
with Bexar County. The Mayor received a price from St. Hedwig Feeds. The large tank, with
the bracket that would hold it to the tractor with the spray arm and the pump would be $1,784.
If we would buy this equipment we would have to find someone to operate it, who would have
to carry their own insurance. Mr. Seiler who currently shreds our roads, does not have the time
to spray as well. The person who would do the spraying would have to work with Mr. Seiler
because he stores our city tractor on his property.

        The other option would be to open it up to whoever would be interested in doing the
spraying but they would have to have their own equipment and carry their own insurance and
just give us a price per spray. The Mayor said she had a couple of citizens approach her that
were interested in doing this work. What she will do is have them approach council with a
proposal. Councilman Arevalo said he would help put a contract together and could possibly
piggy back off the interlocal agreement we had with Bexar County.


        Bexar County has begun its re-qualification process as an Urban County for continued
participation in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block
Grant (CDBG) for fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

       When the Mayor spoke with Mario Llano at Commissioner Adkisson’s office, he said this
would allow us to apply for funds for the next 3 years, even though we never have, at least we
could apply if we signed this agreement. Council each received a copy of the agreement and
the Mayor read the agreement to the citizens.

       Councilman Arevalo moved to sign the CDBG Program Cooperative Agreement and
continue participation. Councilwoman Baker seconded the motion. All were in favor; the
agreement was approved.


       The Mayor met with Captain Rickoff from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department. They
are attempting to start a new program where subdivisions or other small cities who do not have
their own police protection, would enter into an agreement with the Bexar County Sheriff’s
Department and hire an officer or two, depending on what the city can afford. This officer
would work in our City for 40 hours a week. They would be able to enforce our ordinances, and
could work with issues such as dumping, graffiti, traffic laws, etc. Right now Bexar County
cannot enforce our ordinances, but they can police the area. The city would decide the hours,

usually it would not be nights or weekends. If we decide to do this, we would need to give a
letter of intent to Susan Reed, and Bexar County would give us a cost analysis.

         The Mayor gave an example from Harris County of what an officer would cost there.
This would include the having the officer and a police car, his salary, uniform, insurance,
workers comp, etc. for approximately $100,000 per year. This is something that would not
happen over night. They would have to train an officer and before it would even happen it
would take about 18 months. Anything the officer would write tickets for would not be kept in
the city unless we had a municipal court. Therefore, the Mayor said if we do this, our next step
would be the municipal court. The Mayor will give all the information to council to consider.

       A couple of meetings ago, there were some citizens that wanted to know if it would be
possible to get information on burglaries in the area, suspicious vehicles, and things of this
nature. The Mayor asked Mr. Rickoff and he did say they will be working a report up for us, and
in the very near future will be giving us this information on a regular basis. He said it may take
2 or 3 months before he has it ready for us.


      Two resolutions were read regarding the City supporting the right to keep and bear arms.

       HCR50 was read supporting the Texas State Legislature HCR50. Councilman Dwayne
Padalecki moved to pass Resolution HCR50. Councilman Walter Wyrwich seconded the motion.
All were in favor; Resolution 0904 was approved.

       HCR45 was read was supporting the right to keep and bear arms to protect ones self,
family and possessions, to enact federal legislation impinging on the individual right of every
American to keep and bear arms in any manner. Councilman Dwayne Padalecki moved to
approve the resolution HCR45. Councilman Walter Wyrwich seconded the motion. All were in
favor; Resolution 0905 was approved.


       The City has received a proposal from Protection One for security. Since the addition, we
needed to expand security to that area, and we had our current provider ADT give us a bid.
They did not respond in a timely manner, so we decided to get another bid from a different
provider. Council each received a packet with the new provider’s proposal. Protection One gave
two prices, one for $19.95 per month, which is your basic monitoring. The other would be for
$39.95 a month which included GMS cellular back up, E secure systems, and more.

      After discussion, it was decided to go with the cheaper proposal and could always
upgrade. Council did not want the contract for more than 3 years, and to make sure it included
the motion detector in the new construction. If the motion detector was not included in the cost,
then we would rescind the proposal and stay with ADT.

       With those stipulations, Councilwoman Baker moved to accept Proposal 2 with the new
provider Protection One. Councilman Dwayne Padalecki seconded the motion. All but one were
in favor; motion passed.


        The City congratulates Hebron Baptist Church on their 100th Celebration which will take
         place on July 19th . We have sent them a Proclamation along with a donation.

        The Mayor wished all fathers a Happy Father’s Day!

AGENDA FOR NEXT REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                       July 2, 2009 at 7:30 PM

   1.    Call Meeting to Order
            a. Greeting
            b. Invocation
            c. Pledge of Allegiance
   2.    Roll call & Establish a Quorum
   3.    Swear in City Officials
   4.    Executive Session
   5.    Reading and Approval of Minutes
   6.    Approval of Financial Summary
   7.    Report from VFD
   8.    Report from Planning & Zoning Commission
   9.    Report from Compliance Manager
   10.   Update on 391 Commission
   11.   Citizens to be Heard
   12.   Old Business
            a. Roads
            b. City Park
                          1. Park Benches
                          2. 3rd Phase of Sidewalk
   13.   New Business
            a. Beyer & Company Audit Report
            b. Fire Work Ban
            c. Decorative Lighting in downtown St. Hedwig
   14.   Announcements
   15.   Determine Agenda for next meeting
   16.   Adjournment

Councilwoman Baker moved to adjourn the city council meeting.
Councilman Arevalo seconded the motion. All were in favor; meeting was adjourned at 8:40


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