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									July 2012                                         EDITORIAL                                      Issue No 237
Three cheers for her Majesty for giving us a once-in-a-lifetime excuse to celebrate and have a good
time! And the people of St Teath can always be relied upon to throw themselves wholeheartedly into
having a good time, whatever the occasion.
       We were of course incredibly lucky with the weather. Whilst other communities were holding their
parties on Saturday in the pouring rain, we were snug and dry in the Church Hall watching talented
villagers of all ages from 5 to 75 put their heart and soul into entertaining us. Then on Monday, as the
Queen was wringing out her shawl after Sunday’s wet and windy pageant, our Street Party took place in
brilliant sunshine. Our only problem was how to stop the chocolate buns from melting in the heat.
      Luck was certainly on our side but luck had nothing to do with the tremendous support Elaine and
her team received from villagers from the moment the Jubilee Celebration plans were announced. The
response to the fundraisers was astonishing and offers of help on the day were overwhelming. Tickets
for the Concert were sold out well before the day; people paid good money just to stand in any available
space and nobody complained. At the Street Party villagers’ contributions of food exceeded all
expectations. By 2pm there were plates of buns, sausage rolls, quiches, scones and cakes balanced on
every surface in the Community Centre – and still they came. Although pasties, rounders, saffron cakes
and splits, as well as a gigantic cake had been provided for over 200 guests, almost twice this number
turned up, but there was plenty for everyone. Two days later Barbara and her Lunch Ladies put on their
Red, White & Blue Lunch with traditional Roast Beef, delicious red, white & blue desserts prepared by
Laura and an amazing raffle. Again the support was heart-warming and a staggering amount of money
was raised for Help the Heroes (More details on page 7)
      It would be impossible to thank everyone who helped to make our celebrations the wonderful
success they were, but special mention must be made of the St Teath residents (especially those of
Hatherleigh Terrace) who went to great trouble to decorate their houses; of the White Hart and the Post
Office who donated all the soft drinks and crisps for both events; of the Bell Ringers who created a
jubilant atmosphere for the Party; of the men who willingly lugged tables and chairs from all over the
                                                                    parish; of all backstage helpers at
                                                                    the Concert and of all volunteers at
                                                                    the Party; of our three special party
                                                                    guests, Peggy, Pearl and Phyllis –
                                                                    and of course of Elaine and her
                                                                    team of optimists who worked
                                                                    tirelessly to make sure St Teath had
                                                                    a Jubilee to remember. Well done,
                                                                    one and all!

                                                                          PHOTO: Street Party in the Square -
                                                                          about 100 years ago. Please note we’re
                                                                          still using the same chairs!

      Souvenir Photos from the Concert and the Street Party are available for viewing and purchase at
www.magicpicturebox.biz All profits will go to a good cause within the village, Anyone who cannot work a computer
                    can contact Roger and he will assist. 07989 714416 or 01208 850811

4th.    Wishing LYNDSEY a very Happy Birthday,
        with love and good wishes from Jane xx
12th. Wishing a very Happy Special Birthday to
      SUE, with much love and thanks, from
      David and Lorraine xxx
                                                                     WELCOME TO THE WORLD!
12th    Birthday Greetings to SUE – put your feet
        up and relax just for one day! Love from all          YSELLA JENIFER LIBBY DUDLEY was born
        your friends.                                        on 3rd May 2012 weighing 8lbs 6½oz. She was
                                                               born at home in St Teath. She is perfect -
15th    Happy Special Birthday to PEARL! Have a                            we’re so happy.
        wonderful day! Love and thanks for all you
        do for the village from the Timepiece team                    Seren Essex & Seb Dudley
        and all your friends.
15th. Happy 80th. Birthday to my wife, PEARL,                                     It's July, and time for the
      with much love from Cyril xx.                                               collecting boxes to be
                                                                                  opened,        and     the
15th. Wishing PEARL a very Happy 80th.                                            contents counted. This
      Birthday, with love and best wishes from                                    year, please take your
      Pearl (C.), Phyllis and all her Bingo fans.                                 boxes, and donations to
15th. Wishing PEARL all happiness on her 80th.             Mrs. EILEEN TREBY at The Barn, St. Teath -
      Birthday. With love from David & Lorraine.           tel.850964. Thank you.
15th    Happy Birthday PEARL. Remember, you                CONGRATULATIONS
        are only 80 once, so make the most of it,
        and have a wonderful day, with love from all       Congratulations DAVE and RACHEL on your
        your friends.                                      recent engagement. We are so pleased, and
21st    Many Happy Returns to dear CYNTHIA.                         wish you every happiness.
        Lots of love from your friends and                   Love always, from Bamp, Gran Sylvie, and
        neighbours in Valley View. x x x x                                  Uncle Mike.
22nd. Wishing JULIE VOLLUM a very Happy
      Birthday from her friends.
25th. Wishing JULIAN a very Happy Birthday,
      with sincere thanks and good wishes from
      The Timepiece Team.
                                                                       JUBILEE PARTY
        And finally, Belated Birthday Wishes to
        ELAINE from Your Friends who Lunch, who            If you were one of the generous people
        hope you had a very good day.                         who gave food for the Party, please
                                                              check that you have all your plates,
                                                             dishes etc. We have a fine selection
We send our wishes for a speedy recovery if                  that have been left in the Community
you are in hospital, or ill at home, and hope
that it won't be too long before you are out and
                                                              Centre. You can pick them up any
about again.                                                          Tuesday morning.

       ST. TEATH A.F.C.
       Draw for June                                                     LAST DATE FOR
       1st.   ROGER BEARE                                              AUGUST/SEPTEMBER
       2nd.   JUSTIN BURDEN                                            ISSUE OF TIMEPIECE
       3rd.   CYRIL PLUESS                                         TUESDAY 10TH JULY
       Drawn by JUDY ANDREWS                                     E mail; anne@zoptic.force9.co.uk
                          CHURCH OF ST. TETHA, ST. TEATH SERVICES FOR JULY
SUNDAY 1st JULY          11.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION
SUNDAY 8th JULY          11.00 a.m. MORNING PRAYER
SUNDAY 15th JULY         11.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION
SUNDAY 22nd JULY         11.00 a.m. CHORAL COMMUNION with Baptism
SUNDAY 29th JULY         11.00 a.m. CLUSTER EUCHARIST              Church Wardens:   Yvonne Tew:      01208 850497
SUNDAY 5th AUGUST 11.00 a.m. HOLY COMMUNION                                          Jean Nicholls    01840 212201
                                                                   PCC Secretary     Karen Peach      01840 211772
There will not be a service on Thursday morning until we
                                                                   Treasurer         Gerald Blewett   01208 850214
appoint a new priest.

A Reader writes

Once upon a time – isn’t that how stories are meant to begin? Well, once upon a time
there was a tiny, dare I say, insignificant grain of sand. Now this grain of sand had an
amazing story to tell. It was a surprising story, for apart from the its close companions,
very few of those who saw the tiny grain of sand would ever have imagined the great
come-down it had experienced.
Like many of us who experience disappointments and let downs in life, the tiny grain of sand felt
ashamed of its continuing journey down the slippery slope of the beach. Once, many, many years ago
there stood above the beach a mighty towering rock, full of the importance of being the highest point;
until the night of the great storm, the blackest of nights when, with a thunderous crack, the huge rock fell
from its hitherto pinnacle, and smashed on the rocks below.
In the light of a calmer day, one piece of rock at the foot of the cliff, tried desperately to join itself to the
surrounding fragments of the fallen pinnacle, struggling to find a way of regaining its previous place at
the top. But it was pointless; it would never again be part of the pinnacle, things would never be the
same again. And, who knows, what we thought of as sea-spray was in fact the trickling of tears of de-
All that was a long, long time ago. Day by day, as the years passed, the piece of rock was thrown about
by the sea’s tides. The twice daily grinding on the other rocks, gradually wore it away into a smaller
piece, smoothing its rough edges, allowing it to learn how to take its place with all the other changing
Quite when this newly forming grain of sand overcame its feelings of disappointment and despair, we’ll
never know. But not only did it overcome them, it discovered a new role. No longer at the pinnacle,
aloof, apart from the happenings on the beach, (although it knew it had been there once), this little grain
of sand is now part of a great gathering of grains giving pleasure to all who walk, swim, play or rest on
the beach.
And who knows what the future will bring for this insignificant grain of sand, what do you think? Will this
story end happily ever after?
There’s a beach where Jesus walked, leaving his footprints in the sand.
Mary Stevenson wrote ‘Footprints in the sand’ about such footprints, you may wish to dig it out and read
May your beach memories and visits be blessed times!
                                                                             Sue Wilcox (Reader)

                                          St. Teath Flower Festival
 As last year we will be having a Tombola stall instead of a Raffle. We would be grateful for do-
 nations of prizes big and small, as we have to have prizes for three days. If you have anything
 you would like to donate please let Yvonne have it. It can be left in her porch or at the back of
             the church (with a note attached). Thank you for your help and support.
                            NEWS FROM THE CHURCH HALL.
 The Hall Management Committee is due to meet on19th June (after the deadline for this
 issue): if you have any comments or suggestions to make about the hall please contact one
 of the members listed below:

Rupert Down [Chairman]         01208 852039                 For hall bookings please contact Lon Evans on
Lon Evans [Treasurer]          01840 212400                                 01840 212400.
Eileen Treby                   01208 850964
Jean Nicholls                  01840 212201                    [In the event of Lon being unavailable, please
David Jasper                   01208 850650                  contact Rupert Down on the number given above]

                 Some magazines have been                         Rings have significance in differing contexts:
          promoting this Summer as the ‘Great               for instance the rings given and received by a
          British Summer’ not because of the                bride and groom at a Wedding are symbolic of
          weather but the range of events                   love, trust, pledging oneself to the other, and
          including the Diamond Jubilee                     continuity and eternity. Putting these facts
          Celebration, the European Cup and the             alongside each other leads me to some thoughts
Olympic Games.                                              about each of us, our relationships to each other,
      Now that the Olympic Torch is on its journey          and our sense of our life span. The fact that the
to London via most parts of the British Isles the           Olympic rings are inter-connected causes me to
interest in the Games is being built up. In recent          question my valuing of others. The true spirit of
weeks I have found it interesting that the use of the       the Olympic ideal is that we see others as equal
familiar Olympic logo – the five rings – is being           participants – do we really see other people from
monitored and discouraged by the National                   other backgrounds as our equals, brothers and
Organising Committee. You may have read of the              sisters created by God? A Christian song from the
Shopkeeper in Devon who was asked to remove                 mid-sixties asserts that we ‘belong to a family, the
five hoops arranged as the rings from his window            biggest on the earth --- the family of man’
display. Apparently the rings are always arranged                 Nothing in God’s creation is created without
in an emblem designed by the host country for use           a purpose, and the fact that rings are symbolic of
on all promotional materials, by the sponsors, and          continuity and eternity leads me to ask myself if I
on the uniforms of the athletes.                            am always conscious of the eternal dimension of
      As I have been thinking about the Olympic             our lives. The Apostle Paul writing of what he
Games the origin of the familiar logo has been              believed the Way of God was for all of us to people
puzzling me. The ‘five rings’ apparently date from          in Rome who were not known by him wrote – see
the time of the Stockholm Games in 1912. The                Romans 6:23 “God’s free gift is eternal life in union
rings denote the participation of athletes from the         with Christ Jesus our Lord”
five continents, and the traditional colours (blue,         Some points to ponder as you enjoy the Great
yellow, black, green and red on a white                     British Summer, Every blessing,
background) include all of the colours of the flags
                                                                               Bryan Ede
of the participating nations at that time.

             St Teath Church Flower Rota                    CAMELFORD SPIRITUALIST CHURCH
July   1/8         Mrs B Heath
July   15/22       Mrs P Pluess
       29          FLOWER FESTIVAL                          There is a service at Clease Hall, Camelford,
                    Cleaning Rota                           every Sunday at 6. 30p.m. All are welcome.
July   Mrs P Pluess & Mrs P Williams

                Services in June                            Mass 10 am Weekdays     Sunday 4 pm
3rd     11.00am    Parsons                                  Fr. Storey 01840 770663
10th    11.00am    Elson
17th    11.00am    Sleep                                    ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH Wadebridge
24th    11.00am    Smith                                    Mass; Sunday 8.30 am & Friday 9.30 am
ST. TEATH GARDENING CLUB.                                    LETTER to the EDITOR
The Gardening Club had a very                                We would like to say a BIG "Thank you" to all the
successful outing to The Hidden Valley                       people who put in so much effort to make our Jubi-
Gardens at Treesmill, near Fowey, on Tuesday,                lee Celebrations so enjoyable. It was great that
June 13th. The owners, Tricia and Peter Howard               the Bells chimed as the party started, and in all it
have worked very hard since buying the property              was a splendid afternoon - and we were so lucky
about 12 years ago, and now have a succession of             with the weather.
delightful gardens, which are very easy to walk              However, we were appalled to learn that someone
around and enjoy. And before leaving, you can                in their wisdom refused to allow the tables and
enjoy a cup of tea, and some of Tricia's home                chairs to be used from the Village Hall. The village
made cake. This is well worth a visit, and not too           people contributed to the refurbishment of the Hall,
far to travel                                                and after all, this was a Village event.
Many thanks to CLIFF for arranging the visit,                To top it all, there was a charge for the Hall, even if
transport etc., and giving us a lovely evening.              it wasn't used - absolutely disgusting.
Now we must concentrate on the Village Show -                We are St. Teath people, born and bred, and as
  good luck to all the exhibitors. Let's have a              long as we can remember, the village has always
record number of entries this year.                          worked together. So what has happened?
Please remember, our next meeting will be on                 Richard and Gill Davey.
Tuesday, September 4th., and this will start at
7p.m. with our A.G.M., followed by a talk on                 ST. TEATH has TALENT
growing and looking after Apples and Pears given
                                                             She certainly has! Many thanks to ELAINE and
by Lorraine Turnbull.
                                                             the Jubilee Committee for organising the Concert,
SPRING PLANT SALE                                            and to Mr. ALAN DAWE, the maestro at the key-
We held another very successful Plant sale at the            board.
end of May, and raised about £180 which will be a            What a wonderful show, and well done to all the
real fillip for our funds. Thank you to all                  acts - everyone a winner! It certainly gave us a
concerned, CYNTHIA, CHRISTINE, WINNIE, and                   wonderful selection of so many talents. It certainly
DI especially, for the plants you grew for us, and           was a Talent Show, and a Show of Talent.
the effort you put in to help on the day.                    I hope you all enjoyed showcasing your own par-
                                                             ticular skill.
                                                             Was the Millennium Concert the last time we had
The Centre continues to be well used, and saw                such a show? Please don't leave it so long until
loads of "action" as the Jubilee Committee pre-              the next one - please!
pared for the Jubilee Party, and we send our heart-
felt thanks to all concerned for giving us such a            If you enjoyed taking part in this Concert, why not
wonderful day. And weren't we lucky with the                 consider joining the DRAMA GROUP for our next
weather? The amount and variety of food provided             Panto production, script and timing to be de-
was "awesome", the decorations fantastic, and the            cided. We take the show seriously, BUT not our-
atmosphere was just lovely - pity we couldn't bot-           selves.
tle it!                                                      We will always welcome new members on stage,
So, a huge "Thank You" to all those hard working             or back stage. We hope to increase the singing
people, who not only prepared the food, decora-              and dance content of our Pantos.
tions etc., but also cheerfully carried around tables        For more information , and to be added to our
and chairs from one end of the village to the other,         members list, please contact DAVID - 01208
so that we could all sit together as one big family.         850650. Thank you.
If you saw the Centre for the first time at the party,
                                                             THANK YOU
if you are free on Tuesday mornings, drop in be-
tween 10 - 12 noon, for coffee and a chat. It's a            JEAN, RICHARD and WENDY would like to thank
great way to get to know the village, and your new           friends, and neighbours of the village, who sent
neighbours. If you would like to book the Centre for         messages of sympathy, both when JOHN was ill,
a meeting, get-together etc., please ring 01840              and after he died.
212 270, and speak to either CLIFF or GINA                   They were truly heart warming, and so much ap-
SWETTENHAM, and they will help you. The Cen-                 preciated.
tre is open throughout the Summer, though several
organisations cease activities throughout this busy          Many thanks.      Mrs. JEAN LITTLE,
period, but we are always there on Tuesdays.                                   19, Valley View.

July Crossword
                                                               Copper, for instance, appearing in crime tale ... (5)
                                                               Stealing article connected to Financial Times. (5)
                                                               *Debate endlessly. (6)
                                                               Employs terrier to hide seafood. (6)
                                                               A maths problem to take your breath away. (6)
                                                               Gripping fabric from Dior, cleverly reversible. (6)
                                                               "see 7 down
                                                               Mountain not half a laugh for a Greek. (8)
                                                               Odd function of a bank, i.e. flower arranging. (7)
                                                               One of them made Titanic a big hit. (8)
                                                               Pandemonium occurring during protest? quite the
                                                               opposite. (4)
                                                          1. * You will come to no harm at this. (8)
                                                          2. A stew, cooked then thrown away. (5)
                                                          4. Six or more balls, then a party, is to take things too far.(6)
                                                          5. see above.
                                                          6. Nut cracked by David's great granny? It's a lie. (7)
                                                          7. * (with 21 across) Extreme arctic roofing system.
Apologies to anyone who is seeking refuge from the
Olympic five down: this crossword includes half a dozen 8. Astute placement of monumental portrait. (6)
events (clues marked with an asterisk).                   13. Old soprano has recipe for roast cat. (B)
CLUES                                                     15,20. *Chelsea in trouble after very uphill opening. (12)
Across:                                                   17. Old-fashioned Russian veto is off. (6)
1. Up-market address, sounds like the cats' home. (4) 18. *Having a noisy argument. (6)
3. *Her Majesty knocked off a knee-length pullover. (4,4) 22. See us grow older; it's normal practice. (5)
9. Chopped up trees to get badge of merit. (7)            23. Dress allowing air to circulate after sweating starts. (4)

               Answers page 14

Fill in the squares in the grid so that every row,
    column and each of the nine 3x3 squares
       contain all the digits from one to nine
It's a strange fact that while gardeners tend to be patient people, who take the long
view, and always think that everything will turn out fine - and it usually does, they also
love a good moan. This year they have had plenty to moan about from the weird
weather patterns to the growth of the snail population to epic numbers. It has been,
and indeed continues to be, a year when a gardener rips up the rule book, and follows his instinct. Our
plants are still growing, even if it is at the "wrong" time. This year, just enjoy them when they
appear. Meanwhile keep the Village Show in mind, and keep dead-heading and weeding and feeding,
so that we may astonish the judges with our ability to cope with anything that Nature throws at us.

Keep sowing salad crops at fortnightly intervals,and you can still sow carrots if you missed them
earlier. Remember to remove the tendrils from your tomatoes, and keep them tied to their
supports. Check your wallflowers, foxgloves etc. sown earlier, and prepare to pot them on, but don't be
too hasty. Let them develop a good root system. Pick sweet peas as they appear, in order to keep those
beauties flowering for as long as possible.

Remove flowers from delphiniums, lupins and other perennial plants as they die off, and keep a daily
watch for aphids, bugs and infestations like rust and Black Spot, and remove immediately., burning
diseased material if possible.

Runner beans seem to have been particularly badly hit by this very odd season, and if your first planting
has suffered, and you have a few beans left over, pop them in now. Monty Don himself said a few days
ago that now that the soil has warmed up, and conditions are a little more settled, a second sowing
should be fine. Make sure that they are well fed and watered, support them well, so that they are not
snapped off in a high wind, and you should be enjoying these lovely vegetables in early Autumn. They
will taste very good.

Our flower beds are full of colour at the moment, with roses, day lilies, lilies and clematis, as well as
lupins, delphiniums, foxgloves and poppies all flowering and giving us vibrant shades of every hue.
Some gardeners have room for the Oriental Poppy, which is about as "showy" as you can get, with its
great, silken blooms.However, they are soon gone, but if you cut the stems right down, it lets in light and
air, and enccourages the plant to give a second flowering later in the summer. If you have a particularly
lovely specimen, and would like more of the same, try some root cuttings. Pick out your favourite plant,
and lift it in August or September. Cut off pieces of the root, about as thick as a pencil, and about 2ins.
long. Plant these around the edge of a pot filled with very gritty compost, so that the tops are just below
the surface. Then put them in a cold frame or a greenhouse till the spring, when the rooted cuttings can
be potted on into individual pots. Leave them in the pots till the Autumn, when they can be planted out,
ready to flower the following year.

Retire to the shed, with a cup of hot tea!

JUBILEE LUNCH                                                       JULY VILLAGE LUNCH
     We are delighted to announce that the                         Wednesday, July 4th
"Red, White and Blue" Lunch raised £1,000 for                    Roast Pork with Apple Sauce
Help for Heroes - far more than we had ever                         Sage and Onion Stuffing
hoped for. Thank you to the Lunch Team for                              Roast Potatoes
creating a great party atmosphere and working               £6.50
so hard on the day, to Alan Dawe for the                                   Vegetables
music and to all the people who came to
support this very special charity. We are                               Vegetarian Dish
also very grateful to all the people who gave
                                                                         Chocolate Tart
donations, enabling us to achieve such a
marvellous result.                                                    Lemon Cheesecake
                                                                           Fruit Salad

                   Please note:
      There will not be a Lunch in August
           Mon 2 July             TRURO       9.30am
           Mon 9 July             TRURO       9.30am
           Mon 16 July            TRURO       9.30am
           Mon 23 July            TRURO       9.30am
           Mon 30 July            TRURO       9.30am
The bus is available for private hire: please phone Bob Fox on 01208 850401 to make your booking.
We apologise to the Community Bus Committee for omitting the Bus Timetable from last month’s news-
letter. It obviously fell through a hole in the Editor’s sieve-like mind – sorry! ED. (Anne)

                    The W.I. ladies met in the Community Centre on Wednesday, June 13th., and after
                    the singing of Jerusalem, Barbara introduced our speaker - Mr. MICK RYAN from an
                    organisation known as CHICKS. When this group was founded 20 years ago, it was
                    intended to let people know what they were for - namely Country Holidays for Inner
                    City Kids, and the children involved in this were usually the victims of poverty, but
                    today the organisation exists to help any child who desperately needs a respite - for
whatever reason. Some of the children's stories are pitiful, some are shocking, and some are almost
unbelievable. They all benefit from their stay lasting a week. There is a "camp" in Cornwall, and one in
Devon. The children are housed in buildings, rather like a Youth Hostel. There they are looked after by
teams of caring volunteers, given home cooked wholesome food, given new experiences such as horse
riding and rock climbing, and when they leave, they are given Memory Bags, containing photos of all
their wonderful experiences, along with contact nos. for other caring agencies. Every child has
benefitted from this respite from a daily life that we cannot comprehend. The talk certainly gave us much
to think about, and to be thankful for our own families.
After the talk, Yvonne suggested that next year, we could raise funds for them through a Cream Tea at
Pencarey. A suggestion instantly accepted, with the W.I agreeing to run this event.
Business matters followed, and as there was no competition his month, Flower of the Month was as
follows -
           1st.   ANN    2nd.   DAPHNE       3rd.MAUREEN.
Before closing the meeting, BARBARA thanked MARGARET for chairing last month's meeting, and gave
our results from Royal Cornwall - very creditable.
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 11th.

      Saturday 19th May saw the annual Village Fete in St. Teath. There
were a good variety of local crafts and produce for sale and, with a bouncy
castle and coconut shy among the entertainment available for the children, a
real family atmosphere was created.
       It was not a day for watching your waistline however as the abundance
of food was too good to be missed. Homemade burgers from Alice in Burger-
land, local pasties, hot donuts, a sweet stall and Cornish cream teas - not
forgetting the delicious cupcakes from Kelly's Cupcake Creations.
                                        The fete is organised by the Carnival Committee and we must
                                 say a big thank-you to last year’s Queen and attendants for doing
                                 such a good job promoting the Carnival, their hard work on Saturday
                                 means we should have two queens’ groups again this year.
                                        The day was extremely well attended and we were able to
                                 raise nearly £500 to go into the carnival pot.
                                       We hope everyone had a good time and look forward to seeing
                                 you again next year.
                                                                      Photos: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

  Dear Elaine and your Jubilee Committee,
                What a fantastic afternoon we all had to
  celebrate our wonderful Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
         We cannot begin to thank you for everything you
  did for St Teath and even the weather did its bit with
  sunshine for the whole afternoon, We enjoyed every
  minute and we are sure that everyone else did too.
         Thank you so much for our lovely flowers that
  we’re sure we didn’t deserve, as we only cut that mag-
  nificent cake to earn them!                               The Three P’s cutting the cake
         The children who dressed up in the competitions did themselves proud and we were happy to hear their
  ‘thank-you’s’ as we handed over their prizes. It was good to be able to have extra St Teath coins even when some
  of us had forgotten to order them – so yet another Thank you!
        So this comes with all our love and grateful thanks for a ‘never to be forgotten’ Diamond Jubilee Celebra-
  tion in St Teath
                      From the Three P’s – and on behalf of everyone in St Teath –
                                            Phyl, Pearl & Peggy

       Lunch L                                                                                    y&J      ean
                  adies –d
                          ru                                                                 Wend
                  success nk with

                                                                                Photos: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

                                                                                Sprightly maids

View of Square
Photo; Rod Keat

                                                                     Young Lady
                                                                    Emma. with
                                                                    Minted Jubile

                             By Kind permission of the British Legion our Carnival royalty were crowned
                             at a Cream Tea held at Pencarey, Trevilley Lane on 17th June.
                             Carnival committee spokesperson Dave Garner started by thanking Emily,
                             Alisha, Megan, Lillie, Brooke and Jenna (last years royalty) for doing such a
                             good job in representing St. Teath. This
                             was followed by the crowning of this year’s
                             royalty, by Phyllis and Pearl.
                      Our Carnival Queen for 2012 is Alisha
                      Weeks, with Phoebe Harris and Bethie
                      Hewitt as her attendants. As we are lucky
enough to have two groups again this year our Fairy Queen is Kiya
Parkes, with Kayleigh Wren and Zarna Lucia Gwynn as her
attendants.                     Photos: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

A GOOD READ                       BRING UP THE BODIES by Hilary Mantel

England is in turmoil, rumours, intrigue and gossip are the order of the day in the corridors of power, the Royal
family is at the centre of a sex scandal and it never seems to stop raining.
Again and again, throughout this rich and exciting story of the last days of Henry VIII's doomed Queen Anne Boleyn
in 1536 there are disturbing - and often amusing - parallels with our own time. Hilary Mantel manages to breathe
life into the Tudor court and the chief spin doctor of the day, Thomas Cromwell so effectively that we realise that
English politics (and the weather) have not changed as much as you might expect in 400 years.
You don't have to have read Mantel's Booker Prize winning Wolf Hall to appreciate this shorter, sharper, sequel
and you don't have to be a fan of historical fiction to enjoy the story either. Mantel has a great gift for creating three-
dimensional characters who crash through her pages and make the past come alive.
 Here, Cromwell the son of a blacksmith who has risen to become the King's chief advisor, is a brutal power-broker
and the most powerful politician in the court. But he knows that to remain in the ascendant he has a delicate prob-
lem to solve: How to get Henry out of his marriage to Anne and how to persuade reluctant Jane Seymour to be-
come Henry's third Queen.
One of the things that make the story so compelling is that it is also a deeply satisfying story of personal venge-
ance. As Cromwell wheels and deals to bring about the downfall of Anne, he uses the opportunity to level scores
with old enemies. Yet he never looses his humanity completely. His home is a sanctuary for waifs and strays and
misfits and, even amidst the chaos of a Royal marriage crisis, he is trying to steer England towards a fairer society
by drafting laws which will help to shape the world we know today.
Beautifully written, painstakingly researched and finely drawn, there is intense drama in Bring Up the Bodies, but it
doesn't take the shape of battles, of monasteries being robbed or rebellious subjects marching. Jousts are reported
but we don't go to them. Violence is imagined and even acted out in a mime but we don't see it. What happens to
those who are interrogated is left disturbingly vague. In this clever, subtle, novel, lives are lost with careless words,
with the glance from a lady, the lusty smile of a king, the mockery of a dangerous man.
(Thanks to Shan for this review. Please could other avid readers share their favourite books with us?)

      HOPE                                                           Look ahead, the path is smoother,
      Nothing's gained without an effort,                            There will come a brighter day.
      No battles won without a fight.
      Never let your heart be heavy                                  Never let the worries harm you,
      Dawn will always follow night.                                 Or the doubt and fear begin,
                                                                     There will be a new tomorrow,
      Never a road without a turn,                                   Keep the light of hope within.
      Seek and find a better way,                                                            J.C.P.

                                      Carnival Week Diary.
                                            22nd -28th July.
         Sunday 22nd          2.30pm-5pm            Cream Teas      @ Pencarey, Trevilley Lane.

                        Monday 23rd 7.30pm eyes down Bingo           @ Church Hall.

               Tuesday 24th 7.30pm           Military Whist Drive. @ Community Centre

                Wednesday 25th 4.00pm Punch & Judy Show                  on Village Green

                      Wednesday 25th 7.30 start Quiz.                   @ Church Hall.

                      Teams of 4. Entries and enquiries call Geoff 01208 850600.

                      Thursday 26th    7.30pm        Live Music.         @ White Hart
                                              Various musicians.

              Friday 27th       6.30pm       Children’s Skittles.    @ Community centre.
                               **Football Club event. Details to follow**

                                       Saturday 28th Carnival Day.
                         **Refreshments available @ football field from 4pm**
                                 4 - 4.45pm. Entries @ football field.
                                             5 - 5.30pm. Judging.

                                      6pm           Procession starts.

                        9pm Live Music @ White Hart. “The wives Aren’t Happy”

 PLEASE NOTE: Carnival entries can be registered before Carnival Day by phoning TRACY on
               01840 211786 (or between 4 & 5pm at the Playing field on the day.)

                                        MILITARY WHIST DRIVE
On Tuesday 24 July at 7.30pm in the Community Centre we’re holding a Military Whist Drive
as part of the Carnival Week. Teams of four. Please contact Mike Narraway on 01208 850592
                                      for information.

                                              VILLAGE QUIZ

As part of the Carnival Week the Annual Village Quiz will be held on Wednesday 25thJuly at 7.30pm in
the Church Hall. There is no entry fee but donations and profits from the Raffle (prizes very welcome!)
will go to the Precious Lives Appeal. There will be a Guest Appearance in the interval by Mr Foley, the
     Appeal’s special dog. Teams of four to register with Geoff and Sandra Piper on 01208 850600.

  Calling everyone who lives along the St Teath Carnival route ! The Carnival committee
 would like to offer a prize to the best decorated house, business or building along the
route on carnival night ! Please help us make the village look festive for our Carnival ! The
                          winner will be announced at trophy giving.

                         ROAD CLOSURE
                     CLOSED FROM 5 – 8.30pm

      The children at St Teath have been very busy this month learning about the Olympic
Games and preparing for and celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. The whole school celebrated
the jubilee with a themed Jubilee lunch. The playground was decorated and all pupils made
crowns to wear to the celebration. A good time was had by all.
      We took part in ‘Walk to school’ week. Many pupils made an extra special effort to walk to
school each day and those who lived too far away to walk parked and strode. Pupils in Year
Two have taken their SATs this term. They worked extremely hard and we are proud of them for
their effort and achievements. Pupils in Years Three to Five have also been being assessed this
term. Pupils and staff in Class Three had a great time during their first surfing lesson this week.
The class will be continuing with these lessons weekly until the end of term.
      Staff from St Teath and St Breward schools met up this month to plan a joint Sports Day
which will be taking place on the 25th June. Pupils are looking forward to next week when they
will have the opportunity to take part in a Capoeira dance workshop at school.
      We were expecting our visitors from Uganda this month, however unfortunately due to cir-
cumstances beyond our control this has been postponed until September. We will hopefully be
able to confirm the dates in the next issue of Timepiece, as we know all of the community will be
keen to be involved in making our visitors feel welcome in St Teath. We will set up a timetable
at the school for residents in St Teath to sign up to for offers of accommodation, invites to family
meals and taking them on daytrips, so that we can provide our visitors with as rich an experi-
ence as possible of the culture in Cornwall.
    Visitors are still welcome to see how we work and can join us for school lunch. To contact
school, you can phone on 850516 or email on head@st-teath.cornwall.sch.uk

                                                     BUBBLES & BITES EVENING
          Graded ‘Outstanding’
                                                     The Committee and staff of St.Teath Pre-
         by Ofsted March 2012                        school would like to thank everyone who sent
                                                     congratulation messages and who came to
             Pre-school,                             our ‘Bubbles and Bites’ evening to celebrate
    Stay and Play and Baby Group                     our recent OFSTED inspection. We had a
                                                     wonderful evening.
         Pre-school Monday – Friday,
              9.15 am – 12.45 pm
      Pre-school Wednesday and Friday,
                12.45 – 3.00pm
                                                              Messy church
     Stay and Play (babies and toddlers)                               3.30 pm
            Tuesday, 1 – 2.45 pm                                          on
                Baby Group                                     WEDNESDAY 25th JUly
    Wednesday, drop in from 9.30– 11.45am
             More information on
       www.stteath.co.uk and on Facebook                     ST. TEATH CHURCH HALL
   Read our Ofsted report Reg No EY307272
        Contact Sarah, 01208 851548                             All Are Very Welcome
                 Charity no. 1038819
      June has been a busy month for the country. In spite of the grey skies, there seems to have been colour
everywhere with the procession on the Thames, the magnificent concert outside Buckingham Palace and the
service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, In the towns and villages we all got together with street parties and other events that
brightened our lives for a while. My personal high spot was the journey of Gary Barlow, who visited many countries
and gathered singers and instrumentalists without formal training, whose music was part of their lives and part of
the world around them. That he then translated all that experience into song and even brought the original
performers to the Jubilee concert was a feat of magnificent proportions and the whole production was the highlight
of the show, particularly that little African girl who started the song.
      All very inspiring, particularly to a choir that has already produced its Autumn schedule. We have a variety of
concerts and they kick off with a visit to St.Merryn Church, at 7.30 p.m. on September 15 th. We enjoy our
performances in this church and hope that you will put the date in your diary for a good evening of singing.
     We have a social evening on Tuesday 31st July for members and their friends and families at the home of our
Musical Director, as informal evenings are a good opportunity to meet, chat, eat (and possibly drink!), just for fun,
without so much as one ‘note’ to ‘bash’. However singing will still be on the Agenda, this time in the form of a
karaoke evening, a new experience for most of us, which will make for an interesting event.
     If you would like to join our choir, or make a booking, please contact our Musical Director, Janette Man,
Telephone 01208 841784,
All other queries to Dr. Joyce Hargrave-Wright, Publicity, Telephone 01208 264004
The choir’s busy season is now well underway with the following scheduled concerts.
                                 2nd Summer Concert: Thursday, July 19th, 8pm.
                                 3rd Summer Concert: Thursday, August 2nd, 8pm.
The venue for these concerts is Tintagel Social Hall.
On Sunday, July 15th at Tregadillet Church, 7pm we will be joining Launceston Male Voice Choir for a memorial
concert to remember the life of Clifford Jenkin who was a member of both choirs for many years. Everyone is wel-
At the time of writing this, our Hon. Sec., Bob Fox, has had to stand down (with immediate effect) for health rea-
sons and as yet no replacement has been appointed but you can always ring me if you want more information
about concerts, transport to venues or would like to come along to choir practice and see what it is all about. You
would receive a very warm welcome and a cup of tea. No auditions, just join in.
John: 01840 213558.

We continue our busy rehearsals, with no concerts scheduled until August, we are learning several new pieces.
Should you be interested in booking our choir, Dave Phippen, 01208 880127, or Sue Coster, 01208 880332, would
be happy to talk to you about dates and venues.

       Moor Harmony goes from strength to strength. As we approach the summer time we have been pleased to
perform at a variety of venues including Bodmin Hospital fete, a surprise birthday party, and a fund raising dinner
for the Mayor of Wadebridge and a performance package to St Tudy W.I. where we used barbershop song and
techniques to explain the singing and history of Barbershop. We also held a very successful Open Evening during
a rehearsal night where we extended an open invitation for people to come and see a typical rehearsal. Our visi-
tor’s book recorded many enthusiastic comments and we are hoping to make this event bi yearly. Look out for in-
formation in the autumn for our next invitation!
      We have been delighted at the warm response and support our singing has received and are looking forward
to 7.30pm on Friday 27th July, when we will be performing at St Minver Church for a combined concert with the St
Minver Silver B Band.
      We sing in A Cappella, barbershop style and are pleased that we continue to steadily extend our repertoire,
singing in a variety of styles and tempo. Please contact us if you would like us to sing at your event.
      Moor Harmony Ladies Barbershop Chorus extends a warm welcome to any lady who loves to sing. We have
great fun practising at our rehearsals and performing in public and welcome any lady who would like to join in with
the camaraderie and thrill of learning this fantastic singing style. We meet on Thursdays at the Wadebridge Ambu-
lance Hall, Fairpark Road (behind the cinema). Just turn up on the night (at 7.15pm) or phone to find out more details.
Pauline Gobbitt (secretary) 01208 851872 moorharmony@live.co.uk
Tickets for concert Laura 0774758757584 or Pauline
      I smile on Sundays - it's a day I like;                   If you like to write a journal,
      I smile on Mondays as I ride my bike;                     Then your story it will chart.
      I smile on Tuesdays, as everyone knows,                   If you love recalling people,
      I smile on Wednesdays as the wind blows;                  Keeping photos can be smart.
      I smile on Thursdays, as I shop in town,                  But, oh! please do remember
      I smile on Friday - why wear a frown?                     Though such records play their part
      When it rains on Saturday, I smile then, too,             Memories keep freshest when
      If you were as happy, you would, too!                     They're tucked inside your heart.
                                     J.C.P.                                           J.C.P.

                                    CAMLANN BATTLE DATES 2012.
                          Annual Dark Age & Medieval Battle Re-enactments
on the site of the Camlann Battle between Arthur & Mordred (AD540).
                    Sat 28th & Sun 29th July          Sat 11th & Sun 12th August 2012.
                              This is a fantastic day out for all the family.
The programme includes Battle re-enactments, archery competitions, falconry displays, music, story-
telling, living history demonstrations, archaeological dig – have a go! – plus authentic traders, gift shop,
food, drink and beer tent. The price for each day includes access to the exhibition room as well as the
Battlefield and King Arthur’s Stone.
                        Adults £ 5.00, Concessions £ 4.00, Family ( 2+3) £ 15.00.
                                  The Arthurian Centre, Slaughterbridge,
                                   Camelford, Cornwall. PL32 9TT. UK.
                                            Tel : 01840 213947.
                                   e-mail : joeparsons@btconnect.com

For more info please contact Joe using the details above.


                     Gentle Homeopathy                                        ATLANTIC BOILER SERVICE St Teath
                                                                             Tony Brinklow     Gas & Oil Specialist
                     Gentle effective remedies for the 21st Century
                                                                                      DOMESTIC GAS & OIL
                                   Sheila Cooper                                    SERVICING & BREAKDOWN
                                          LCCH. Ba Hons. PGCE
                                          39 High Street, Delabole.
                                                                            Boilers-Fires-Cookers  Warm Air Units
                                              Cornwall. PL33 9AA            Water Heaters          Caravan Winterising
                Clinic: 01840 211268                                        Swimming Pool Boilers  Landlord Gas Safety
Mob: 07970771010                                                                                          c Certificates
                                                                                Tel: 0800 6 123 089

              W.E.LUGG & SON                                                            Telephone
          Rockland Garage, Delabole, Est 1925                                     Bodmin (01208) 850996
               Telephone: (01840) 213284                                      Producer and Buyer of Quality
        Your local Petrol & Diesel Station.                                      Hormone - free MeatDeep
                                                                                     Freeze Orders
                       MOT for
    cars, vans, three wheelers and Motor Cycles.                                         ST TEATH BUTCHERS
                                                                                                (Kevin Schofield)
                Free collection service                                                 Butcher’s Shop, St Teath, Bodmin
               for your vehicle repairs.                                                            Cornwall

           Paths End, St Teath                                                          BRADLEY’S DAIRY
                                                                                     SHELTON FARM, DELABOLE
         Bed & Breakfast                                                                A local independent business,
                                                                                     Producing and supplying fresh milk
           All Rooms En Suite                                                                     And cream daily

                                                                           Eggs, yoghurt, fruit                        juices and

                Rosie Robinson                                              Dairy sundries at                       competitive prices
                                                                                     Delivered to your door or local shop
                 01208 850441                                                          Telephone: 01840 212578

      St Teath Post Office                                                         RELIABLE LOCAL PLUMBER/
         & Village Store                                                                 TRADESMAN
     Groceries & Off-licence
     Freshly baked bread                                                      Specialising in bathrooms, showers, wet
     Pasties Newspapers & magazines                                             rooms tiling and general plumbing,
     Logs & coal & Kindling                                                                 maintenance.
     Stationery Dept & Cornish Gifts!                                         Property repairs, decorating, renovations.
     Tools, DIY and Gardening Supplies!
     Opening times 7.30am-8pm Mon-Sat,                                      25 years trade experience. No job too small.
     8.30am-1pm & 6pm-8pm Sun
     Tel: (01208) 850220/851558                                            No call-out charge. Call JON on 07544 483714

                                                                           Ross Commins                     Telephone: 01208 850340
                                                                                                                Mobile: 07837784336
                                                                           Stock fencing, post &
                                                                                                             Treroosal Farm, St Teath
                                                                           rail, gates, handling
                                                                           pens, fence repairs, all        Bodmin, Cornwall PL30 3LA
                                                                           other fencing work
                                                                           agricultural & domestic

              A. DAVIES
         Reliable, Trustworthy and
         Fully Qualified Electrician                                                                  SPROULL
From replacement light switch to a full re-wire                                                       SOLICIT ORS

                                                                                            Sproull Solicitors LLP
  testing            Tel; 01208 851933                         testing
                                                                               ACCIDENT CLAIMS                CONVEYANCING
                                                                                     PROBATE                        WILLS
                                                Muts Cuts                           BUSINESS                DIVORCE/CHILDREN

                             Qualified City & Guilds Groomer

                                                    Gable Cottage                        www.sproullllp.co.uk
                                                    Newhall Green
                                                        St Teath                8 Fore Street   42 Fore Street          The Rock
                                                        PL33 9ES                 Camelford         Bodmin               Port Isaac
                                                                                  PL32 9PG        PL31 2HW              PL29 3RN
                                  Phone:       01840 211786
                                                                              Tel 01840 212315 Tel 01208 72328      Tel 01840 212315
                                  Mobile:      07921 637055                   Fax 01840 212792 Fax 01208 77881      Fax 01840 212792
                                  Website: www.mutscuts.co.uk

       Double Award Winning
                                                                                 The White Hart Hotel
               Florist                                                                           ST TEATH
                                                                                              Mine Host - Barry
FLOWERS FROM.....                                                                         En Suite Accommodation

                                                                                           Open All Day Weekends
                                                                                          Children & Pets Welcome
                                                                                          A La Carte Specials Daily
               WINNER 2009

                                           Winner of the                                  Small Parties catered for.
                                           West Country                                   Telephone (01208) 850281
                                           Awards 2009!
         Award winning Florist for your Special Occasion
                   “Flowers for all Occasions-
                  Weddings, Gifts & Funerals”                                                                           Lyle
            Large Selection of Plants all year round

               Daily Deliveries, Local & National.
          Qualified and Experienced Team to help for
                  All your Floral Requirements.
                              69 High Street, Delabole,
                                Cornwall, PL33 9AH
                                                                                         p h o t o g r a p h y
                                                                               Weddings-Family Portraits-Events-Commercial
                       TEL: 01840 212555                                                All types of Photography
                                                                              10% discount for all
     flowersfrombruallen@googlemail.com                                       residents of ST TEATH             07989 714416

        R.MEARS     & Sons
           CHIMNEY SWEEP
           Vac & Brush
        Cowl fitting service
 CCTV investigation work carried out                               HENGAR LANE, ST TUDY PL30 3PH
                                                                       (OPP HENGAR MANOR)
   01840 261 221     ·   07737 533392                                    TEL: 01208 851072
            www.sweepcornwall.com                                     OPEN MON TO SAT 9AM—5PM
          Covering Cornwall & West Devon
                 Est. Over 30 years                                SUN AND BANK HOLS 10AM—4PM
                                                                           UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

                                                                    BUY CORNISH!
            CLARK                                          ALL CORNISH SOURCED - SHRUBS,
           GENERAL BUILDERS                                  CLIMBERS, ROSES, ALPINES,
      PROPERTY MAINTENANCE                                  PERENNIALS, FRUIT TREES AND
                07788 497598                                            MORE.
                01840 214678                              POP IN FOR A FRIENDLY CHAT AND A
       clarkbuilders@tesco.net                                   QUIET WANDER………

Lettings and Property Management
All aspects of Residential
Lettings undertaken

   Call Maria for a free market appraisal
               0844 272 4950

                    BREAKFAST. LUNCHES. SUNDAY
                   ROAST.CREAM TEAS.HOME-MADE
                  BEEF AND LAMB.FREE RANGE EGGS.
                     FRESH FRUIT AND VEG.LOCAL
                                                            COWL FITTING
                                                            APPLIANCE SERVICING
                                                            CHIMNEY LINING
              OPEN DAILY FROM 9.30AM
                                                            WOODBURNER INSTALLATION
                                                            PLEASE RING FOR A FREE QUOTE

  **ANNUAL TASTING DAY **                                   01840 212499

WEDNESDAY 25TH JULY 10AM-4PM                                07591866176
      everyone welcome
    Home grown ready picked and PYO
     RASPBERRIES, REDCURRANTS,                                    Trade Advert Enquiries for Timepiece
 BLACKCURRANTS ready now... (depending
                                                                               Please contact;
   on the weather!!) please ring to check
                availability                              Rick Everitt
                                                          Tregwethin Cottage, Trehannick Road, St Teath, PL30 3LG
  FIND US ON THE B3314 AT ST ENDELLION, PORT ISAAC        Tel; 01208 851381
    TELEPHONE: 01208 880164 www.trevathanfarm.com
                                                          Email; rickeveritt@tiscali.co.uk
                  PETS CORNER.

C Wheeler

Gable Cottage
Newhall Green

01840 211786 07737 699647

                M J SHARPE
                ELECTRICAL                                              Proper Job
          (City & Guilds Qualified)
                                                                 Property & Garden Services
     New installations; storage heaters;
    Showers; PAT testing and fault finding                Plastering, Painting & Decorating, Tiling,
                                                          General Repairs, Lawn care, Hedge cutting,
         Over 30 years experience
                                                          Planting, Garden sitting service. Fully insured,
             NICEIC registered
                                                          RHS qualified, Registered Waste Carrier.
                 Tel: 01208 851197
                Mobile: 07989984409                       Call David Williams on 01208 851222 or
                                                          07896 613472

                                                                 Richard Hughes & Robert Dagley
              Les Mewton & Sons
             Timber & Builders Merchants
                                                                     Electrical Contractors
            Trehannick Saw Mills, St Teath                        Domestic; New Installations
            Concrete Blocks; Gravel;                               Commercial; Agricultural
         Cement; Gates; Garden Tables;                        Rewires; Portable Appliance; Testing
         Garden Sheds; Fencing Panels;                          Showers; Night Storage Heaters
        Windows; Gas; Plumbing Fittings                                Supplied & Fitted
        Joinery; Dog Kennels; Digger Hire
                                                                    Free Estimates & Quotations
                     Wood Chips for the Garden
                                                            Over 30 years experience Working in the Electrical Trade
                          Tel: 01208 850238
                                                               Tel: 01208 851318 or 01840 213443

                     ST TEATH                                            Mike Nicholls
                 WINDOW CLEANING                                       WROUGHT-IRON CRAFT

                                                           Floral Stands for Floral Art & Plant Displays
                                                            Entrance Gates, Handrails & Fire Baskets
                MOBILE:07962164641                           Chandeliers, Wall Lights, Curtain Poles
   WINDOW       HOME: 01208 851599       WE CATER                                      œ

                                         FOR BOTH             Work done to customer’s own design
    SILLS                                DOMESTIC                                      œ

   ALWAYS              4 OR 6              AND                           LANAGAN HOUSE
  CLEANED              WEEKS            COMMERCIAL           DELABOLE CORNWALL PL33 9EZ Tel. 01840 212201

                                                                                     ST. TEATH
        CREAM TEAS AT PENCAREY                                                     PARISH CHURCH

  THE DATES FOR THIS YEAR’S TEAS ARE:                                          FLOWER
                                                                           Theme: The Olympic Games
                                                                       Friday 27th July to
                                                                     Sunday 29th July 2012
  Cream Teas and Strawberry Gateau will be
                  served                                        10.00 am - 8.00 pm ( 6.30 pm on Sunday)
   From 2.30 pm to 5.00pm               Cost: £3.50             Good food served continuously until 6.00 pm
                                                                 Morning Coffee : Lunches : Teas : Cakes
 There will be train rides on the 5 inch gauge
                                                                       Cakes * Crafts * Various Stalls
            railway round the field
                                                                   FOUR LANES MALE VOICE CHOIR
  All are welcome to support our local charities                         Sunday 29th July -7.30 pm
                                                                            Retiring Collection

                               DID YOU MISS THE JUBILEE CONCERT?
Don’t despair, you are going to get another chance to see the Entertainment Event of the
year! Since so many people were disappointed not to get seats for this special show, we have de-
cided to put on a repeat performance after the Summer Holidays. See next month’s TIMEPIECE
for the date and booking information. There will also be a DVD on sale of the entire show, for
those who couldn’t believe their eyes the first time round. Details next month. We have a healthy
sum of money left in the Jubilee Fund which we hope to supplement with the proceeds from this
Concert – we shall then be asking villagers how they would like to see this money used for the
benefit of the community.

                         Discover King Arthur
                                                                           HELP WANTED
                         at Slaughterbridge,
                                                                  The Flower Festival Committee
                        site of Arthur and Mordred’s             would be grateful for donations of
                           last battle of Camlann.
                                                                  home-baked cakes for the Cake
                                                                 Stall on the three days of the fes-
                         Open 7 days a week until the
                          end of the October ½ term,               tival which is from Friday 27th
                                 10am – 5pm.                          July to Sunday 29th July.
                                                                   Plain cakes, Decorated cakes,
 Exhibition/ DVD/ Brass Rubbing/ Children’s Quiz                       Small cakes, Tray bake
                  and Grail Trail.                               cakes,Scones and Biscuits would
 Beautiful walk past archaeological site to Battlefield,           all be very much appreciated.
 6th C. Memorial Stone and Lady Falmouth’s Garden.                If you are able to help us please
Play Castle/ Picnic Area/ Refreshments and Gift Shop.                          contact
                Dogs welcome on leads.
                                                                 Jean Nicholls on 01840 212201 or
 The Arthurian Centre, Camelford, PL32 9TT. UK.                    Yvonne Tew on 01208 850497
    Tel : 01840 213947.        www.arthur-online.co.uk

                                                          POLLY’S VILLAGE DIARY
EVERY MONDAY                             PT.ISAAC PRACTICE SURGERY                          2.00 - 3.30pm        THE STABLES ST TEATH
EVERY MONDAY                             DJEMBE DRUMMERS                                    7 pm - 9pm           COMMUNITY CENTRE
EVERY MONDAY                             SEQUENCE DANCING                                   7.30 pm              CHURCH HALL
EVERY TUESDAY                            COFFEE MORNING                                     10.00am- mid-day     COMMUNITY CENTRE
EVERY TUESDAY                            BABY & TODDLER GROUP                               1-2.45 pm            CHILDREN’S CENTRE
EVERY TUESDAY                            LINE DANCING                                       7.45 pm              CHURCH HALL
EVERY WEDNESDAY                          BABY GROUP                                         9.30 -11.45am        CHILDRENS CENTRE
EVERY WEDNESDAY                          YOGA      (School Term Only)                       7.30 - 9.00 pm       SCHOOL HALL
EVERY THURSDAY                           KEEP FIT (School Term Only)                        9.30 am - 10.30 am   CHURCH HALL
EVERY THURSDAY                           BADMINTON CLUB                                     8.30 pm              CHURCH HALL
EVERY FRIDAY                             FUN CLUB (7s-11s)                                  6.30-8.00 pm         COMMUNITY CENTRE
1st TUESDAY                              GARDENING CLUB                                     7.30 pm              COMMUNITY CENTRE
2nd WEDNESDAY                            WOMEN’S INSTITUTE                                  7.30pm               COMMUNITY CENTRE
4th WEDNESDAY                            CRAFTIN’ COMPANY                                   9.30 - 12 noon       COMMUNITY CENTRE

4th        Wed 12 noon                            VILLAGE LUNCH
 10th Tue                                         LAST DATE FOR ARTICLES, REPORTS & DATES FOR
                                                  AUGUST/SEPTEMBER TIMEPIECE (Double Issue)
11th Wed 7.30pm                                   WI MEETING
22nd Sun 2.30pm-5pm                               CREAM TEA at Pencarey. For Village Projects
23rd Mon 7.30pm                                   BINGO in the Church Hall
24th Tue 7.30pm                                   MILITARY WHIST DRIVE in Community Centre
25th Wed 7.30                                     QUIZ in the Church Hall
26th Thu 7.30pm                                   LIVE MUSIC in the White Hart
27th Fri to 29th Sun                              FLOWER FESTIVAL
27th Fri            6.30pm                        CHILDREN’S SKITTLES in Community Centre
28th Sat                                          CARNIVAL DAY
                    6pm                           PROCESSION STARTS
29th Sun 7.30pm                                   CONCERT by FOUR LANES MALE VOICE CHOIR in Church

                                   Full details of Carnival Week can be seen on Page 11

              Please Note                                                                    ST TEATH & DELABOLE OIL BUYING
  The next issue of Timepiece will be a                                                               CONSORTIUM
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                    In by Tuesday 10th July                                               date. Please remember the following order date
                                                                                          will not be until 4th December 2012
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and distributed free to households in the WARD OF ST TEATH ONLY, by the St                This is a voluntary service so please do not ask
Teath Timepiece Committee
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