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                 ♦ Welcome to our Spring & Summer Programs Brochure for 2008 ♦
                                                           ♦ Table of Contents ♦
                  Page   3…………………………………….……………………………………………….Registration Form
                  Page   4…………………………………….……………………………Summer Camp Registration Form
                  Page   5…………………………………….……………………………....Counselor in Training Program
                  Page   6…………………………………….……………………………………….Swimming Lesson Levels
                  Page   7…………………………………….…………………………….……..Swimming Lesson Schedule
                  Page   8…………………………………………………………………….….Preschool & Youth Programs
                  Page   9……………………………………….……………………………..Youth Programs/Youth Sports
                  Page   10-12………………….………………………………………………..Youth Sports/Youth Camps
                  Page   13-14………………………………………………………………………….………..Adult Wellness
                  Page   15………………………………………………………………………….……………....Adult Sports
                  Page   16………………………………….…………………………………….……………..Adult Programs
                  Page   17…………………………………………………………………..White Elephant Sale & Triathlon
                  Page   18……………………………………………………………….…..….……..Rec Happenings/Trips
                  Page   19……………………………………………………………………..…………….Tolland Trail Days
                  Page   20………………………………………………………………………..……….General Information


                                                  Tolland Resident                 NON-Resident
                           Mail-in               Monday, April 14th               Monday, April 21st
                           On-Line               Monday, April 14th               Monday, April 21st
                           Fax                   Monday, April 14th               Monday, April 21st
                           Walk-in               Monday, April 21st               Monday, April 21st
♦ MAIL-IN Accepted on a first come/first serve. DO NOT DROP OFF REGISTRATIONS AT THE OFFICE. Mail your
completed form with separate checks for each program to:         Tolland Recreation Department
                                                                 21 Tolland Green
                                                                 Tolland, CT 06084
Consider yourself registered if you do not hear from us. Include your email address or a self addressed, stamped
envelope with registration if you would like a copy of your receipt.
♦   ON-LINE       (http://tollandrecreation.recware.com)
              Participants registering on line will be confirmed on-line. Not all classes can be registered for on-line, however
              you may view all classes.
♦   FAX-IN       860-871-3689
         •    Be sure to complete all information when registering.
         •    PAYMENT: Registration is not considered valid until the program fee is paid. We accept cash, checks,
              American Express, Visa or MasterCard.
         •    NON-RESIDENTS : Add $5.00 per participant, per program.
         •    REFUNDS: Programs less then $15.00 receive an account credit. Refunds are given only prior to the start of
              classes or if we cancel the program. Requests for refunds must be in writing and are subject to a $5.00
              processing fee. TRIP CANCELLATION: You will be refunded only if the spot can be filled.
         •    We reserve the right to limit class size and to cancel classes failing to meet minimum requirements. Tolland
              residents are given preference for all programs during 1st week of registration.
         •    AGE REQUIREMENT: To participate, children must meet minimum age before the class starts.
         •    SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS: It is our policy that residents of the Town of Tolland who can not afford to
              participate in programs or activities can make confidential inquiries for assistance to the Recreation Director.
         •    INCLEMENT WEATHER: Program cancellations due to inclement weather are announced on our information
              line (871-3625) and are broadcast on Channel 3’s Early Warning Announcements.
                                                                                         Cub Scout Pack 15-
                  Public Service Agencies
                                                                                  COMMUNITY EVENTS♦
Tolland Library………………………………………….(860) 871-3620
Tolland Senior Center………………………………….(860) 870-3730                      April 12th……………………...……White Elephant Sale@ Hick’s Gym
Tolland Human Services…………..........................(860) 871-3648     April 16th …………............................Children’s Day@ Birch Grove
                                                                       April 12th - May 9th ………………………...………..Tolland Trail Days
      Tolland Youth Sports Leagues & Groups                            May 3rd - mid Nov……..Farmer’s Market on the Green(Saturday’s)
Tolland Little League…………….………….www.tollandbaseball.us                 May 10th ……………………...………Tolland Trail Days Grand Finale
Tolland Soccer Club………….………………www.tollandsoccer.com                    May 25th …………….…………………...…….....Memorial Day Parade
Tolland Ftball &Chrlding…..www.tollandeaglesyouthfootball.com          June 13th &14th …………………......Relay for Life@ Old High School
Tolland Lacrosse.…………………………..Lisa Kelly (860)870-8811                  June 14th……………….............................Triathlon@ Crandall Park
Tolland Girl Scouts…………………...Sheryl Bradley (860)212-2249              June 14th ………………..………………………Book Fair@ Hick’s Gym
Tolland Boy Scouts………….Troop 2-David Grulke (860)870-8802              June 27th …………………………………………….Truck Day@ Library
                            Troop 15-Carl Koplin (860)872-4582         September 27th.……………..……………………………Cider Mill Race
                 Cub Scout Pack 915-Jim Desilets (860) 997-4592        September…….............................Girl Scout Registration Kick Off
                                                                                             (watch for flyer distributed through schools)
                                          PROGRAM REGISTRATION FORM
           Please DO NOT drop off registrations at the Recreation Office during the mail-in/on-line only registration.
  Write separate checks for each program to avoid delay in registration process. Consider yourself registered if you DO NOT hear from us. If
      you would like confirmation of registration include your email address on this form or include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Parent/Guardian Name:                                                           Home Phone:                                      Work Phone:

Address:                                                                Email:

Participants Name                    Grade      DOB       Age     M     Activity name                  Level      Session     Start        Time      Day      Fee
                                                                  F                                   (swim)                  Date

Visa/MC #: __________________________ Exp. date __________                                                                                    Sub-Total
                                                                                                      Non Resident        Add $5 per person / per activity
Cash _________Check #(s)_____________
Will you need an accommodation because of disability to enjoy this program? Yes No

Waiver & Medical Release – I recognize that there are inherent risks in participating in any recreational or sports activity. In consideration of
your accepting this entry, I hereby, for myself, my child, my heirs, executors and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for
damages I or my child may have against the Town of Tolland or Tolland School District and its representatives, successors and assigns for any and all
injuries suffered by myself or my child during participation in the registered activity. In case of an accident occurring during my or my child’s participation I
hereby grant permission to the Town of Tolland to utilize any emergency medical care it deems necessary to treat any injuries suffered by myself or my
child. I further understand the Town of Tolland Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph facilities, activities and program participants for
potential future use. All photos remain the property of the Town of Tolland Recreation Department and may be used for publicity or promotional purposes

SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN                           date
Summer Camp 2008 Registration Form

                                         Extended day                   Full day
                                        7:30am-5:30pm               8:00am-4:00pm
                                       Ages       Ages             Ages        Ages              •    Register for this program on-line, by
                                       5 - 11    12 – 15           5 - 11     12 – 15                 mail, or fax or bring to the
Week 1: June 24 – June 27            $ 107.00 $ 132.00            $ 87.00 $ 107.00                    Recreation office
           Tuesday – Friday                                                                      •     Sorry, phone-in registrations cannot
Week 2: June 30 – July 3             $ 107.00       $ 132.00      $ 87.00        $ 107.00             be accepted.
   No camp Friday, July 4th                                                                      •    Camp runs Monday – Friday
Week 3: July 7 – July 11             $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00              (except 1st & 2nd week) for Grades
Week 4: July 14 – July 18            $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00              K – 10th
Week 5: July 21 – July 25            $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00         •    Participants are grouped by grade
Week 6: July 28 – Aug 1              $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00              entering Fall 2008
Week 7: Aug 4 – Aug 8                $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00         •    Staff members CANNOT administer
Week 8: Aug 11 – Aug 15              $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00              medication of any kind during
Week 9: Aug 18 – Aug 22              $127.00        $162.00       $107.00        $142.00              camp.

We’re sorry, due to limited amount of space we cannot accept Non-resident registrations.
Parent/Guardian Name                                       Home #

Address                                                                                       Work #

Email address                                                                                 Cell #

Participants name                                       Age      DOB                   M         Week(s)           Ext day (E)           Fee
                                                                                       F                           Full day (F)
What grade will this participant
be in Fall 2008 ?
Participants name                                       Age      DOB                   M         Week(s)           Ext day (E)           Fee
                                                                                       F                           Full day (F
What grade will this participant
be in Fall 2008 ?
Participants name                                       Age      DOB                   M         Week(s)           Ext day (E)           Fee
                                                                                       F                           Full day (F
What grade will this participant
be in Fall 2008 ?
Visa/MasterCard/Amex # _________________________________________                                                                  TOTAL
Exp date________________
                            Cash             Check #
Will you need an accommodation because of disability to enjoy this program?    Yes No
Explanation ______________________________________________________________________________
Waiver & Medical Release                 -   I recognize that there are inherent risks in participating in any recreational or sports activity. In
consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby, for myself, my child, my heirs, executors and administrators, waiver and release any and
all rights and claims for damages I or my child may have against the Town of Tolland or Tolland School District and its representatives,
successors and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by myself or my child during participation in the registered activity. In case of an
accident occurring during my or my child’s participation I hereby grant permission to the Town of Tolland to utilize any emergency medical
care it deems necessary to treat an injuries suffered by myself or my child. I agree that pictures of my child may be taken for camp use only. I
further understand the Town of Tolland Recreation Department reserves the right to photograph facilities, activities and program participants
for potential future use. All photos remain the property of the Town of Tolland Recreation Department and may be used for publicity or
promotional purposes only.
SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN                            date
                                           Come Explore Tolland
                                       Compete in an exciting game discovering
                                           the trails of Tolland
                                        Grand Finale Family Fun Day
                                                   May 10th
    Prizes will be awarded to teams who complete tasks for one or more of the trails. To qualify for the grand
                                   prizes teams must complete all four trails

                                                 Hiking takes place April 12th thru May 9th

                                                Cross Farms Trail – Rhodes Road
                                            Campbell Peaceful Valley Trails – Hunter Road
                                                    Shafran Trails – Eaton Road
                                                      Tobiasson - Noah Lane

                         For full details visit www.conservingtollandct.org or call Amy 432.7386,
                                            Roseann 896.1502, or Linda 875.1446
         Brought to you by Conserving Tolland, Tolland Junior Women,
    Tolland Public Library Foundation and Tolland Recreation Department

                                                                  Sponsored by:
Hosted by: Tolland Junior Women, Inc.

Event:   4 person Scramble                                                  Mail In Registration Form
Place:   Blackledge Country Club                                              ($125 per golfer)
         180 West Street
         Hebron, CT                                               Foursome and/or Individual Sign-Ups Welcome!
Date:    Thursday, June 5 , 2008
                                                                  1. Name: ___________________________________
                Registration begins at 8:30 am
                  Tee off time at 10:00 am                        Address: ____________________________________

                 $5,000 Hole-In-One                               Phone: __________________ Handicap:_________
                    Cash Prize                                    2. Name: ____________________________________
                                                                  Address: ____________________________________
  100% of the profit from the golf tournament will fund Tolland   _____________________________________________
   Junior Women, Inc. community projects and allow for cash
              donations to various organizations.                 Phone: __________________ Handicap:_________
                                                                  3. Name: _____________________________________
$125 per golfer includes: ($150 after 5/22/08)
                                                                  Address: _____________________________________
    18 Holes of Golf and Cart
    All you can eat Filet Mignon dinner                           Phone:___________________ Handicap:_________
                                                                  4. Name: _____________________________________
               Sponsorship packages available.                    Address: ____________________________________
                    Call Sue at 870-0258.
Checks payable to:
        Tolland Junior Women, Inc.                                Phone:________________ Handicap:_________
         P. O. Box 8, Tolland, CT 06084

CRANDALL PARK BEACH PASSES - Tolland residents can purchase a season family pass for $30.00
which will allow you beach access for the entire summer. Residents interested in applying for a season pass should
contact the Recreation Department at 871-3610. Proof of residency is required. The beach is scheduled to open for
swimming starting in mid June. The regular fees during weekend open swim hours from 1:00 – 7:00pm on Saturdays
and Sundays will be $2.00 per person per day for Tolland residents and $5.00 per person per day for non-residents.
Rental of the Pavilion does not include beach access.

SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND TICKETS - Available at the Recreation office – end of May, 2008 during
regular office hours. Tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis. Good during entire season for one single use.
Only Cash/Checks accepted. Sorry credit cards not accepted. $27.00 per ticket.

HERSHEY’S TRACK & FIELD MEET - Thursday, May 22nd (Rain date May 23rd) Check-in at 4:00pm.
Meet starts at 4:30pm at the OLD Tolland High School Track. All participants, ages 9 – 14, must be pre-registered
and submit a copy of their birth certificate by Monday, May 19th. Each participant can participate in a maximum of
three events, either two field and one track or two track and one field event. There are running, jumping and throwing
events. Qualifying local winners will be eligible to compete in the regional meet. Regional qualifiers will advance to a
state meet with a chance of qualifying for an all expenses paid trip to the National meet. Age as of 12-31-2008.

Saturday, May 31st – It’s your choice to spend the day at the zoo or touring the botanical gardens. The Bronx
Zoo is home to more than 4000 animal species. Your Zoo Venture Pass includes all the exhibits, the Zoo Shuttle,
Bengali Express Monorail, Skyfari Cable Car (one way), Children’s Zoo, World of Darkness, World of Reptiles, Jungle
World, Tiger Mountain, Congo Gorilla Rain Forest and the Butterfly Gardens. Or visit one of the oldest and largest
botanical gardens in the world. The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is a museum of plants and a National
Historic Landmark with 250 acres of gorgeous grounds including 47 gardens. A 45 minute guided tour of the
spectacular Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is included as is the tram tour. Lunch is on your own at the zoo or gardens.
The bus will leave Lot W Uconn at 7:30 am and return approx. 8:00 pm. FEES: ZOO: Adult $57, Child/Senior (ages
2-12 or 65 and up) $54. GARDENS: Adult $56, Student (12-18/Srs 65 and up) $52, Child (ages 2-12) $45. Children
under 2, $30 in bus seat. Free admission to the zoo or gardens.

                             JAMES TAYLOR at TANGLEWOOD
Friday, July 4 – Celebrate your Independence! We’ll stop for a meal en route and plan to arrive at
Tanglewood by 5 pm. Tickets are on the lawn with fireworks after the show. Make this a holiday to remember and
“shower the people you love with love, show them that you feel.” Bus leaves Lot W Uconn at 1:00 pm and will return
at approx. midnight. FEE: $60 for residents/$70 for non-residents (includes bus and ticket to the show)

                             WHALE WATCH – PLYMOUTH, MA
Sunday, July 27 – Watch Humpback Whales breaching, Minke and other species of whales playing, swimming
and feeding in their natural environment in the Atlantic Ocean. This four hour tour along Cape Cod Bay offers
spectacular scenery. Registration deadline is July 3rd. FEE: Ages 2 and up, $60 for residents/$70 for non-residents.
Children under 2, resident $40/non-resident $50, in bus seat. Bus leaves lot “W” at 7:00 am and returns 7:00 pm.

                      39th ANNUAL BOURNE SCALLOP FESTIVAL
Saturday, September 20th – Every year in September, along the banks of the Cape Cod Canal, Bourne is host
of the Annual Scallop Festival. This event is one of the “Top 100 events in North America”. The festival showcases a
professional Arts and Crafts show and Home Expo show, featuring over 130 vendors, rides and games, free musical
entertainment from some of the Cape’s most popular bands and of course great food! Tickets for a full Scallop dinner
are included for you to enjoy any time during your visit (11:30am-4pm) to the Festival. Prior to attending the Festival,
we will enjoy a relaxing 90 minute morning cruise (9:30am-11am) from Onset, MA through the tranquil harbor into the
Cape Cod Canal. Bus leaves Lot W UConn at 6:30am and returns approx. 6:15pm. FEE: $82.00

White Elephant Sale for Youth Hall Fund
Cleaning out your basement or attic and have lots of good things you
don’t want to throw out, then donate them to us and get a tax deduction
and a warm feeling inside that you helped raise money for the new
Youth Hall. The Sale will take place on
Saturday, April 12th in the Hick’s Gym from 10am – 2pm.
Everyone is welcome to come and buy a bargain!

All Donations should be useable items, not junk.
Donations are tax deductible. For large items in good shape we can make arrangements to pick up. Otherwise
donations will be accepted at the Recreation Office during regular hours and on the weekends by appointment. We
will start accepting donations immediately. For a list of items we won’t accept check the Town website under Parks
& Recreation at www.tolland.org or call the Recreation Department at 871-3610
                                            SPONSORED BY THE Tolland Recreation Department

                                   TOLLAND BOOK FAIR
                   Saturday, June 14th 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
                              Hicks Gymnasium
                 Pre-Sale Thursday, June 12th         5:00 pm – 7:30 pm ($5 admission)
The library will gratefully accept donations of your gently used books, CD’s and DVD’s until May 31st
(during normal business hours). Please no textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines or Reader’s Digest
condensed books, they just don’t sell. If you would like to volunteer for the sale, please talk to Joan at the library

                                   Tolland                          •    Bike Services before & during the
                                 Recreation                         •
                                                                         race offered by TOLLAND BICYCLE
                                                                         Reflexology Offered to racers by
                                 Department                              THE SOLE CONNECTION, LLC
                                                                    •    Swim caps provided by
                               SUMMER SOLSTICE
                                                                        TOLLAND PEDIATRICS & GIGUERE
                                  TRIATHLON                                 FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS
                            swim ● bike ● run
Saturday, June 21st, 2008 8:00 am                                        This is a NON-Sanctioned Event
Starts and ends at Crandall Park in Tolland, CT
Proceeds from this event will benefit the Recreation Scholarship fund and the Youth Hall Building Fund.
To register, participants must mail their completed entry form with fee to:
the Tolland Recreation Department, 21 Tolland Green, Tolland, CT 06084. Checks should be made payable to the
“Tolland Recreation Department” or register on-line at http://www.tolland.org
•   Start time for adults is 8:00am - ages 15 & up – 300 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
    Cost: $55.00 per person by June 9th - $65.00 after June 9th
•   Start time for kids is 12:00pm - ages 9 to 14 – 50 yard swim, 1 mile bike, ½ mile run
    Cost: $28.00 per person by June 9th - $38.00 after June 9th
All distances are approximate – t-shirts, swim caps and gift bags provided for both age groups
                                         ADULT PROGRAMS
       CLASS                           RUNS                     Fee            TIME            AGE          LOCATION
                                                             # of wks                        MIN/MAX
Learn to                          TUESDAYS                    $26.00                          16 & up         Parker
Knit Beg/Int                     May 6 – June 10               6 wks      6:30 – 8:00pm        8/12           RM #46
CPR-Adult/Child &         Sess 1: June 4 (wed)
AED                       Sess 2: August 4 (mon)              $42.00      6:00 – 9:00pm                        Hicks
                                                                                               16& up        Community
CPR                       Sess 1: May 12 (mon)
                                                                                                6/12           Room
Adult/child/Infant        Sess 2: July 8 (tues)               $48.00      6:00 – 9:30pm

Youth/Adult                       THURSDAYS                   $48.00                           12 & up       TMS Room
Guitar Lessons                    May 1 – June 5              6 wks       6:00 – 7:00pm          5/8           #221
Adult Guitar                      THURSDAYS                   $48.00                           18 & up       TMS Room
Lessons                           May 1 – June 5              6 wks       7:00 – 8:00pm          5/8           #221
Ballroom                          TUESDAYS                    $63.00                           18 & up          TMS
                                                             per couple
Basics                           May 6 – June 10                          7:00 – 8:00pm         9/12            Café
                                                               6 wks
Triathlon 101                    TUES & THURS                 $52.00                           16 & up         THS
Clinic                           May 6 – June 12              6 wks       6:00 – 7:30pm         9/15          Rm # 47

LEARN TO KNIT: New, novice or intermediate knitters; this is your class! We will cover what you need to know
when you need to know it. Bring your problems, questions, projects you never finished. Learn the basics of knitting,
casting on & binding off, knitting & purling and simple combinations, simple cables, reading and interpreting patterns
and abbreviations, different yarns and their uses and how the internet can help with knitting. Materials needed for
class are a skein of worsted weight yarn and needles sizes 6, 7 or 8 to practice stitches & techniques. Bring
patterns and materials needed for individual project. Instructor Lori D’Andrea

CPR -ADULT/CHILD & AED: This American Heart Association (AHA) course teaches what to do in a life
threatening emergency. These emergencies include not breathing, choking and cardiac arrest (heart stopping) and
most occur in or near the home. With knowledge and skills you will learn warning signs of hear attack, stroke,
cardiac arrest and choking; CPR and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction for adults/child(ren).
CPR –ADULT/CHILD/INFANT: This American Heart Association (AHA) course covers the knowledge and skills for
emergencies that require CPR for all victims. The course teaches what to do in a life threatening emergency. Most
emergencies occur at home or near home. These emergencies include choking and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).
Certification upon successful completion of all skills

Youth/Adult GUITAR BEGINNER 1: Students will learn the basics of guitar playing, how to read music and play
simple songs in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. No previous musical experience necessary.
ADULT GUITAR LESSONS: Learn the basics of guitar playing, how to read music and play simple songs in a fun
and relaxed atmosphere. Instructor Barry Grieka

BALLROOM DANCING BASICS – Learn steps and techniques for Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing plus Tango, Cha Cha
and salsa! Instruction by Emerald Ballroom staff

TRIATHLON 101 CLINIC: Interested in trying the sport of triathlon? Don’t know where to begin? Interested in
bringing your fitness to the next level? This class will focus on the basic skills of triathlon along with endurance
training. Classes will involve lecture topics along with workout sessions. Instructor Steve Soucy

 ■■■■■■■■■■■ Learn to Play Disc Golf Clinic ■■■■■■■■■■■
                       Where: New Disc Golf Course at Cross Farms
                                When: May 24th or June 21st
                                  Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
      Meet at Hole #1. Topics include course layout and rules of play, disc selection
           drivers/midrange/putters, etiquette, technique, upshots and putting.
 After class, stick around for a casual round of play. Instructor Les Sinnock, member of
                           New England Flying Disc Association
                                           ADULT SPORTS
       CLASS                         DAY                    FEE             TIME            AGE         LOCATION
                                    RUNS                  # of wks                        MIN/MAX
Adult Basketball                  MONDAYS
                                Apr 28 – Jun 9             $20.00      7:00 – 9:00pm       21 & up       TMS Gym
                         No class May 26                   6 wks                            10/18
Adult Basketball               WEDNESDAYS                  $22.00                          18 & up
                                Apr 30 – Jun 11            7 wks       7:00 – 9:00pm        10/30        TMS Gym
Power                            TUESDAYS                  $20.00                          18 & up
Volleyball                      Apr 29 – Jun 10            6 wks       7:15 – 9:15pm        11/30        TMS Gym
Coed Volleyball                   MONDAYS
                         Sess 1: Apr 28 – Jun 9            $20.00      7:00 – 9:00pm       16 & up       TMS Gym
                         No class May 26                   6 wks                            11/18
                         Sess 2: Jul 7 – Aug 11            $18.00      6:30 – 8:00pm       16 & up       Crandall
                                                           6 wks                            11/18       Sand Court
Coed Golf                Sess 1: May 6 – May 27 (t)                    6:00 – 7:00pm
Lessons                  Sess 2: Sept 2 – Sept 23 (t)      $60.00                                      Skungamaug
                         Sess 1: May 8 – May 29 (th)       4 wks       5:00 – 6:00pm                    River Golf
                         Sess 2: Sept 4 – Sept 25 (th)                                     16 & up       Course
                         Sess 1: Jun 5 – Jun 26 (th)                   6:00 – 7:00pm         6/8        (End of Goose
Ladies Golf                                                                                                 Lane)
Lessons                  Sess 2: Jul 1 – Jul 15 (t)        $60.00
                              Jul 3 – Jul 17 (th)          4 wks       5:00 – 6:00pm
Tolland/Coventry                                                          6:30pm
Slow Pitch                       MON - THURS               Fees by           Or            18 & up        Crandall
                                 Starts in May              team          8:00pm                           Park
Softball League
Over 35 Slow                                                              6:30pm
Pitch Softball                     FRIDAYS                 Fees by           Or            35 & up        Crandall
                                  Starts in May             team          8:00pm                           Park

ADULT BASKETBALL: Pick up games using short courts. Must register with the Recreation Department prior to
playing. Instructor Phil Doucette

POWER VOLLEYBALL: Coed pick up games for players with prior experience. Must register with the Recreation
office. Instructor Sandy Willis

COED VOLLEYBALL: Enjoy friendly pick-up games with men and women of various skill levels. This informal
volleyball program is for participants to bump, set & spike in a friendly atmosphere. Instructor: Larry Delisle

COED OR LADIES GOLF LESSONS BEGINNER: Learn the basics of golf, proper grip, alignment, swing,
etiquette and rules. Covers fundamentals of driving, chipping and putting.
Instructor Rick Nelson, PGA Professional

 TOLLAND/COVENTRY SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE: Weeknights at Crandall Park starting in May. A
good competitive league for adults 18 and over. Some resident restrictions apply. To put your name on the list to be
placed on a team, call the Recreation Department at 871-3610.
OVER 35 SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE: Plays Friday nights at Crandall Park. Tolland residents only. Fun,
friendly competition and good exercise. To put your name on the list to be placed on a team, call the Recreation
Department at 871-3610.
                                           ADULT WELLNESS
   CLASS                        DAY                      FEE               TIME               AGE          LOCATION
                               RUNS                    # of wks                             MIN/MAX
                             WED/FRI                                                         16 & up
AM Fitness        Sess 1: May 2 – June 20               $48.00        9:15 – 10:30am          16/30           Hicks
                  No class June 13                      7 wks                                                 Gym
                  Sess 2: June 25 – July 30             $40.00                               16 & up
                  Sess 3: Aug 6 – Sept 5                5 wks                                 14/30
                  No class July 4
                            MON/WED                     $48.00                               16 & up
PM Fitness        Sess 1: Apr 28 – June 18              7 wks                                 16/30           Hicks
                  Sess 2: June 23 – July 23             $40.00        7:30 – 8:45pm          16 & up          Gym
                  Sess 3: July 28 – Aug 27              5 wks                                 14/30
                  No class May 5 & 26
PM Pilates        Sess 1: May 20 – June 26
                  Sess 2: July 8 – Aug 14               $63.00        6:30 – 7:15pm          16 & up          Hicks
                  Sess 3: Aug 19 – Sept 25              6 wks                                 12/25           Gym
AM Pilates               May 19 – June 23               $35.00        9:15 – 10:00am         16 & up
                  No class May 29                       5 wks                                 9/25            Hicks
                  Sess 1: June 30 – Aug 4               $42.00                               16 & up          Gym
                  Sess 2: Aug 11 – Sept 22              6 wks                                 9/25
PM Hatha          Sess 1: May 12 – June 23
                  Sess 2: June 30 – Aug 4               $30.00        6:00 – 7:00pm          16 & up          Hicks
Yoga              Sess 3: Aug 11 – Sept 22              6 wks                                 10/25           Gym
                  No class May 26 & Sept 1
Family                     THURSDAYS                   $48.00                                 4 & up
Yoga                     July 10 – Aug 14             per family      9:00 – 10:00am          10/15           Hicks
                                                        6 wks                                families         Gym
                   TUESDAY OR THURSDAY
Family                   July 1 – Aug 5 (t)            $20.00         5:00 – 6:15pm           4 & up          Hicks
                        July 3 – Aug 7 (th)           per family                              10/15           Gym
Zumba             No class July 22 & 24                 5 wks                                families

AM & PM FITNESS: A total body fitness class consisting of: emphasis on back safety through proper alignment,
cardiovascular and muscular conditioning and strengthening, body sculpting, deep muscle toning, core stabilization,
stretching and flexibility. A mixed variety of aerobic workouts are offered on a rotating schedule including Hi/Lo, Cardio
Step, Cardio Interval Circuit (using fitness “toys:” balls, jellybeans, bands, weights and benches-provided), Step Interval
with resistance training, Swedish workouts and Pilates precision toning. All ages and fitness levels welcome!
FOR AM FITNESS ONLY- A play area will be available for children in the gym.
AFAA Certified Instructor: Jeanette Dellaripa

AM/PM PILATES: Referred to the “powerhouse” as the muscles comprised of the rectus-abdominos, the internal and
external obliques, the lower back muscles and the gluteus maximus. All of these muscles are forming a support for the
spine and the pelvis. Essentially all exercise in the pilates mat work are activating the “powerhouse” which leads to a
stronger core. Bring a mat. Instructor Davender Khokhar

PM HATHA YOGA: Yoga posture, gentle stretching and exercises are designed to increase strength as well as
decrease stress. If possible avoid eating before class. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring exercise mat to class.
Instructor Sara Koziol

FAMILY YOGA: Have fun with your family while learning yoga postures gentle stretches and exercises designed to
increase strength, as well as decrease stress. Do not eat ½ hour before class. Instructor Davender Khokhar

FAMILY ZUMBA: Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow
the Zumba participants to move and dance the day away. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN
AND EASY TO DO” allowing Zumba participants to stick to the Zumba fitness program and achieve long-term health
benefits. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind. Water is a must!
Instructor Chelsea Jasek
                                         ADULT WELLNESS
     CLASS                       DAY                     FEE               TIME             AGE          LOCATION
                                RUNS                   # of wks                           MIN/MAX
Adult                Sess 1: Apr 29 – June 10           $31.00        8:00 – 9:00pm        16 & up          Hicks
                     Sess 2: June 24 – Aug 19           7 wks                               8/24            Gym
Jukido               Sess 3: Sept 2 – Sept 30           $22.00
                                                        5 wks
Kokondo              Sess 1: Apr 30 – Jun 11 (w)        $27.00                                         S1-TMS
Karate               Sess 2: June 24 – Aug 19 (t)       7 wks         8:00 – 9:00pm        16 & up     S2-Hicks Gym
                     Sess 3: Sept 3 – Oct 1 (w)         $20.00                              8/24       S3-TMS
                     No class July 1, 29, Aug 27        5 wks
AM Cardio                     TUESDAYS
Kick Boxing                Apr 29 – June 10             $32.00       9:15 – 10:00am        16 & up          Hicks
                     No class May 6                     6 wks                               8/25            Gym
                           WEDNESDAYS                   $42.00
PM Cardio            Sess 1: Apr 30 – June 18           8 wks         6:15 – 7:00pm        16 & up          Hicks
                     Sess 2: June 25 – Aug 6            $32.00                              8/25            Gym
Kick Boxing          Sess 3: Aug 13 – Sept 17           6 wks
                     No class July 23
Eagle                      TUES & THURS                 $52.00                             14 & up           New
Exercise                   May 6 – June 12              6 wks         6:00 – 8:00pm         7/25             THS
                              MONDAYS                   $28.00                             16 & up
AM Zumba             Sess 1: Apr 28 – June 23           8 wks        10:15 – 11:30am        16/30           Hicks
                     Sess 2: July 7 – July 28           $16.00                             16 & up          Gym
                     Sess 3: Aug 4 – Aug 25             4 wks                               14/30
                             THURSDAYS                  $35.00
PM Zumba             Sess 1: May 1 – July 3             10 wks                             16 & up          Hicks
                     Sess 2: July 10 – July 31          $16.00        7:30 – 8:45pm         16/30           Gym
                     Sess 3: Aug 7 – Aug 28             4 wks
Mommy & Me
Powering                     TUES/THURS                 $58.00       9:30 – 10:30am        16 & up      Old THS track
                            May 6 – June 12             6 wks                               9/15
ADULT JUKIDO: A coed self-defense course that incorporates the most practical principles of Judo, Aikido & Karate. It
is a jiu-jitsu system designed for maximum efficiency. This course emphasizes safety and doing one’s best.
KOKONDO KARATE: This form of self defense emphasizes perfection of technique. Helps build mental and physical
toughness. Instructor Joaquin Betancourt

AM & PM CARDIO KICK BOXING: A total body workout combining aerobics with basic kickboxing moves followed by
body sculpting to tighten and tone the hips, thighs and abs. All fitness levels are encouraged to join. Instructor Natasha
Wilczewski, certified black belt

EAGLE EXERCISE: Come out and take advantage of all the wonderful new exercise equipment at the New Tolland
High School. Get a good aerobic workout using ellipticals, stair steppers and other state of the art machines.
Supervision only on use of machines. Personal training assistance is NOT available. Enter through the BACK DOORS.

AM/PM ZUMBA: Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music – dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting,
effective fitness system. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow
rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba utilizes the principles of fitness interval training and resistance training
to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to
follow dance steps. FOR AM classes only: a play area and baby sitter available in the gym, $1.00 per child.
AFAA and ZUMBA Certified Instructor Jeanette Dellaripa

MOMMY & ME POWER WALKING: Weather permitting. This class will provide a total body workout. Moms or Dads
will push their baby in a stroller. (ages 6 weeks to 4 year olds) This 60 minute class involves warm-up, intervals of
power walking with toning exercises in between (push-ups, dips, lunges etc). End class with cool down and stretching
period. All strollers will do except umbrella strollers. Bring a towel or mat for ground exercises and water to drink. Also
arrive early to allow yourself to get set-up and settled before class. AFFA Certified instructor Laura DeMartino
                                                   YOUTH CAMPS
          CLASS                        DAY                  FEE              TIME            GRADE/AGE         LOCATION
                                       RUNS               # of wks                            MIN/MAX
 Skyhawks Mini &                                                                              Ages 5 –7
 Mighty Hawks Camp              MONDAY – FRIDAY           $125.00     9:00am – 12:00pm          15/25             TMS
 soccer/baseball/                 Aug 4 – Aug 8            1 wk                               Ages 7 – 9        Gym/fields
 basketball                                                                                     15/30
 Skyhawks                       MONDAY – FRIDAY           $125.00                              Age 6 – 12          TMS
 Cheerleading                    July 7 – July 11          1 wk       9:00am – 12:00pm           15/30             Gym
 Skyhawks                       MONDAY – FRIDAY           $125.00                              Age 6 – 12
 Flag Football                   July 7 – July 11          1 wk       9:00am – 12:00pm           15/30             TMS
 Skyhawks                       MONDAY – FRIDAY           $125.00                              Age 4 – 7
 Soccer                          July 28 – Aug 1           1 wk       9:00am – 12:00pm          15/30              TMS
 Skyhawks                       MONDAY – FRIDAY           $125.00                             Age 10 – 14          TMS
 Volleyball                      July 28 – Aug 1           1 wk       9:00am – 12:00pm          15/30              Gym
 Mad Science®
 Secret Agent Lab               MONDAY – FRIDAY           $144.00     9:00am – 12:00pm         Age 7 – 12         Parker
 CSI Camp                        June 30 – July 3          4 days                                12/20            Rm #90
 Mad Science®
 Young Wizards Science          MONDAY – FRIDAY           $175.00     9:00am – 12:00pm        Age 7 – 12          Parker
 Academy                         Aug 11 – Aug 15           1 wk                                 12/20             Rm #90
 Performing Arts                MONDAY – FRIDAY           $225.00                             Ages 7 – 12          TMS
 Camp                            July 14 – July 18         1 wk        9:00am – 2:30pm          15/40              Café

• MINI & MIGHTY HAWKS MULTI-SPORT (soccer, baseball, basketball): An introductory program for young
children. Helps children explore soccer, baseball and basketball in a day-program setting. No pressure, just lots of fun.
Our coaching staff is trained to meet the special needs of young children. Staff is committed to helping children start off
on the right foot as they take their first steps into athletics. Participants should bring: snack, water bottle, sunscreen, shin
• CHEERLEADING – A week of chants and fun games. Participants will be taught proper motions and jumping
techniques for all aspects of cheering. May also be cheering on the sidelines for other skyhawks programs. Will end
with a performance for family/friends. Bring snacks and water bottle. Participants will receive pom poms, t-shirt and merit
• FLAG FOOTBALL – A great way to introduce young athletes to the popular sport rich in tradition. Players learn
catching, passing and blocking as well as the rules of the game and the strategies of offense and defense.
• SOCCER – Progressively teaches the fundamental skills and allows the player to experience the excitement of playing
soccer. Skills, exercises, games and scrimmages are utilized to teach passing, dribbling, shooting and offensive and
defensive techniques of the worlds most popular sport.
• VOLLEYBALL – Focuses on serving, hitting, spiking and setting using fun games and activities to engage the
enthusiasm of the novice or experienced player. This program is co-ed and skill based. Participants should bring knee
pads, snack, water bottle. Participants will receive a volleyball and T-shirt. Instruction by Skyhawk’s Staff
MAD SCIENCE® Secret Agent Lab CSI Camp – Sharpen your secret agent skills in this exciting hands-on look at crime
scenes. Discover how chemistry and the science of forensics can come to the aid of a secret agent. Identify and collect
evidence - from fingerprints to tracks to trash. Recreate the scene of a crime using clues and detailed observations.
Campers will use science and awesome technology tools to connect the dots and help sniff out the suspects in this
investigation into the science of sleuthing.
MAD SCIENCE® Young Wizards Science Academy – Become a student of Wizardry with this magical science week.
Great for Harry Potter fans! Uncover the scientific principles behind magic. Students will create the dreaded “portion of
drought”, live a day in the life of a wizard’s best friend, create some instant “invisibility”, and whip up some troll boogers
with magic tricks which have been passed on from wizards to magicians will be revealed to you. Instr Mad Science Staff
PERFORMING ARTS CAMP: This energetic and exciting program teaches the fundamentals of acting and dance. A
great experience for the young drama and dance enthusiast. Provides a creative and nurturing environment for each child
to come out of their shell, gain confidence and express themselves. Program concludes with performance for family and
friends the last day. Instructor Performing Arts Staff
                                               YOUTH CAMPS
      CLASS                     DAY                    FEE               TIME           GRADE/AGE        LOCATION
                               RUNS                  # of wks                            MIN/MAX
Mini Munchkin             MON/TUES/THURS               $21                               Ages 2 & 3     Hicks Gym /
Camp                       June 30 - July 3           3 days     10:15am – 11:45am         10/15        Comm Rm
American Girl             MONDAY – FRIDAY             $15 per                            Grades 1 - 4      Hicks
Doll Camp                  July 7 – July 11             day        1:15 – 3:15pmm           8/12         Comm Rm
Camp Hodge                  MON – THURS               $43.00                              Ages 4 & 5       Hicks
Podge                       June 30 – July 3          4 days      12:30am – 2:30pm          11/15        Comm. Rm
                            MON – THURS
Messy Play            Sess 1: July 7 – July 10        $58.00      9:30am – 12:30pm        Ages 6 – 9    Hicks Comm
                      Sess 2: July 14 – July 17       4 days                                12/16          Room
Camp                  Sess 3: July 21 – July 24
                      Sess 4: July 28 – July 31
                      Sess 5: Aug 4 – Aug 7
Tennis Mini            MONDAY – THURSDAY              $35.00                             Ages 6 & up       Tolland
Camp                       Aug 11 – Aug 14            4 days      9:00am – 12:00pm         12/30         Tennis Crts
                         MONDAY – FRIDAY
Tennis Camp           Sess 1: June 30 – July 11       $50.00       8:30 – 10:15am        Ages 6 & up       Tolland
                      Sess 2: July 14 – July 25       2 wks              OR                15/30           Tennis
                      Sess 3: July 28 – Aug 8                     10:15am-12:00pm                          Courts
                      No class July 4th
Baseball Camp            MONDAY – FRIDAY              $75.00                             Grades 3 – 5        TMS
                            July 14 – July 18          1 wk         8:30 – 11:00am          13/25         Field/Gym
Drills & Skills          MONDAY – FRIDAY
Basketball            Sess 1: Jul 7 – Jul 11          $106.00      8:30am – 2:30pm       Ages 9 – 14    Tolland High
                      Sess 2: Jul 14 – Jul 18          1 wk                                10/40          School
MINI MUNCHKIN CAMP: During this parent/child class children will have fun with the balance beam, rope, tumbling,
parachute, games and a craft. Bring a snack. Instructor Carol Therrien

AMERICAN GIRL DOLL CAMP: Make new friends while learning what growing up was like in times past. Based on the
American Girl Doll series. Craft and games included. Dolls are welcome. You may register for one class or all five .
Monday-Kirsten, Tuesday-Felicity, Wednesday-Josefina, Thursday-Molly, Friday-Julie. Instructor Christine Browning

CAMP HODGE PODGE: During this class children will have fun creating great craft projects as well as playing a variety
of games. A good way for your child to meet new friends and socialize. Bring a snack.
Instructors Carol Therrien & Amy Heitala

MESSY PLAY CAMP: A wonderful collection of projects will be made using a variety of materials and formats. This
program combines arts and crafts projects, games and fun. A great way for your child to socialize and have fun with
messy projects. Bring a lunch. Instructors Carol Therrien & Tami Copeland

TENNIS MINI CAMP & TENNIS CAMP: A good instructional program designed to cover all aspects of the game. Learn
or improve your game. The second Friday of each session will be used for a make up day. Bring your own racquet and a
new can of tennis balls. Instructor Greg Emerson

BASEBALL CAMP: A good program for learning and improving your baseball skills. Learn through the use of specially
designed skill development drills and hands on instruction. Good instructor to student ratio. Students grouped by age
and ability. Bring sunscreen and water. Instructor Scott Curtis

DRILLS & SKILLS BASKETBALL CAMP Coed: THS Eagles drills and skills camp. This camp will emphasize
basketball fundamentals, off season conditioning and general knowledge of sport nutrition. Campers will be challenged
offensively and defensively through selected skill activities and drills. Bring lunch & water.
Instructor Rocky Sansone/Wayne Hapgood (THS coaches)
                               YOUTH SPORTS & YOUTH CAMPS
      CLASS                        DAY                    FEE               TIME           GRADE/AGE          LOCATION
                                   RUNS                 # of wks                            MIN/MAX
SkyHawks Multi                                                         5:45 – 6:30pm                             Birch
Sports                         TUESDAYS                  $61.00             OR               Ages 4 – 6          Grove
T-ball/Soccer                May 13 – June 10            5 wks         6:45 – 7:30pm           10/20             Gym
Youth Golf             Sess 1: June 3 – June 24 (t)      $60.00        5:00 – 6:00pm        Ages 8 – 15      Skungamaug
Lessons                Sess 2: Aug 7 – Aug 28 (th)       4 wks         6:00 – 7:00pm           6/8           Golf Course
Tennis Team &              MONDAY – FRIDAY               $83.00                             Ages 8 & up         Tolland
Ladder                      June 30 – Aug 14             7 wks         1:00 – 3:00pm          25/45           Tennis Crts
Archery –              Sess 1: May 6 – June 3                          4:30 – 5:30pm
                       Sess 2: Sept 9 – Oct 7            $51.00                             Ages 8 & up         Hicks
Beginner               Sess 1: June 17 – July 15         5 wks         5:00 – 6:00pm                           Gym /
                       Sess 2: July 29 – Aug 26                                                               Outside by
Archery –                      TUESDAYS                                                                        Library
Intermediate           Sess 1: May 6 – June 3            $51.00        2:30 – 3:30pm       Ages 11 & up
                       Sess 2: Sept 9 – Oct 7            5 wks         3:30 – 4:30pm       Ages 8 & up
                       Sess 1: June 17 – July 15                       6:00 – 7:00pm       Ages 8 & up
                       Sess 2: July 29 – Aug 26
LEGO –                                                                                                          Parker
Pre-                       MONDAY – FRIDAY               $144.00      8:00 – 11:00am         Age 5 & 6         School
                            July 28 – Aug 1               1 wk                                11/22            Rm # 90
LEGO –                                                                                                          Parker
Engineering                MONDAY – FRIDAY               $144.00     11:45am - 2:45pm        Age 7 – 9         School
                            July 28 – Aug 1               1 wk                                11/22            Rm # 90

SKYHAWKS MULTI SPORTS: Young athletes learn the fundamental skills of T-ball and Soccer through fun games
and exercises, then get a chance to test their new skills and strategy with interactive group activities and games.
Instructors Skyhawks Staff

YOUTH GOLF LESSONS-BEG: A chance to learn or improve your golfing skills. This beginner course will cover
different aspects of the game necessary to play good golf including driving, putting, irons, etc. Clubs available if you do
not have your own. Instructor Rick Nelson PGA Professional

TENNIS TEAM & LADDER: Three different levels of competition: lower, middle and upper. Participants will compete in
challenge matches according to skill levels. Involves some travel to matches with other towns. Schedules will be
handed out with dates and times. Instructor Greg Emerson

ARCHERY- BEGINNER: A great activity for kids. Students will enjoy shooting each week and learn the history of
archery and proper technique. It teaches patience, attention to detail and concentration. Last class includes a “carnival
day” when archery games will be played. Equipment is provided.
ARCHERY- INTERMEDIATE: Held in conjunction with the Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD) this
class provides more advanced teachings about proper archery technique, as well as lessons on goal setting and
positive self-image. Students will be able to qualify for JOAD awards and advance their distance from the target.
Must have completed the beginner archery program with Mr. Hall. Instructor-William Hall

LEGO –Pre-Engineering: Using LEGO™, we’ll create, play and learn. Build a town, city or star base with houses,
buildings, pyramids, bridges, tunnels, towers and more. Build motorized cars, trains, buses and trucks; race them; crash
them; repair them. Explore the many possibilities of LEGO® building systems while learning useful construction
LEGO- Engineering FUNdamentals: Using LEGO™, we’ll explore concepts in physics, mechanical engineering,
structural engineering, and architecture while playing with your favorite creations. Learn how to design and build
motorized machines, catapults, demolition derby cars, truss and suspension bridges, buildings and other constructions.
Each session will include directed projects with instruction, performance oriented projects with guidance, and free-
building time to construct that “really great project” with huge quantities of LEGO®. These are fun, challenging, hands-
on and minds-on camps suitable for LEGO® novices to “maniacs”. Instructor Play-Well TEKnologies Staff
                                  YOUTH PROGRAMS & SPORTS
      CLASS                        DAY                    FEE              TIME            GRADE/AGE            LOCATION
                                  RUNS                   # of wks                           MIN/MAX
 Mystery                       MONDAYS
 Writing              Sess 1: May 5 – May 19             $32.00       6:00 – 7:00pm         Age 8 – 12      S1-Parker School
                      Sess 2: July 28 – Aug 11           3 wks                                6/15          S2-Hicks Conf Rm
 Babysitter           Sess 1: May 6 & May 8 (t/th)
 Safety               Sess 2: Jun 2 & Jun 4 (m/w)        $44.00       2:45 – 5:45pm        Ages 11 & up          Hicks
                      Sess 3: July 8 & July 10 (t/th)     1 wk        1:30 – 4:30pm           6/12           Comm Rm / Gym
                      Sess 4: Aug 4 (m)                             10:00am – 4:00pm
 Science®                     TUESDAYS                   $94.00       3:30 – 4:30pm        Grades 2 – 4        Parker School
                             May 6 – June 10             6 wks                                                   Rm # 90
 Chem Works
 Guitar                       THURSDAYS                  $48.00       6:00 – 7:00pm        Ages 12 & up           TMS
                              May 1 – June 5             6 wks                                 5/8               Rm # 221
 Lessons Beg
 Intro –                       THURSDAYS                 $32.00                            Ages 5 – 10             Hicks
 Tae Kwon Do                  July 10 – Aug 7            5 wks        1:00 – 2:00pm          10/20                 Gym
                            WEDNESDAYS                   $31.00
 Jukido –             Sess 1: Apr 30 – June 11           7 wks        6:30 – 7:30pm         Ages 6 -10             TMS
                      Sess 2: Sept 3 – Oct 1             $22.00                               10/24              Mini Gym
 Beginner                                                5 wks
                              TUESDAYS                   $31.00
 Jukido –             Sess 1: Apr 29 – June 10           7 wks
                      Sess 2: Sept 2 – Sept 30           $22.00       6:30 – 7:30pm        Ages 8 & up           TMS Gym
 Youth                                                   5 wks                               10/24
                      Sess 3: June 24 – Aug 19           $31.00       7:30 – 8:30pm                             Hicks Gym
                      No class July 1, 29, Aug 26        7 wks

MYSTERY WRITING WORKSHOP: Come be creative and learn to write your own mystery story.
Instructor Andre J Garant – Tolland Children’s Author

BABYSITTER SAFETY COURSE: There is more to babysitting than playing with children. Caring for them is an
important job that requires knowledge, skills and responsibility. Learn the skills necessary to care for children of all ages in
various settings. Covers first aid, rescue breathing, obstructed airway management for the conscious choking child.
Includes CPR training only for infants and children and does not include certification. Books and course completion
certificate included. Must be 11 by the start of class. Bring snack. CPR O’Heart staff

MAD SCIENCE®CHEM WORKS: Hands-on science fun! Cool program topics and take home projects. Educational and
entertaining science for children. Chem works topics are lab works, ph phactor, slime time, dry ice capades, chem in a
flash, glow show super sticky stuff, junior reactors. Topics and sequence may vary. Instructor Mad Science Staff

YOUTH/ADULT GUITAR LESSONS: Learn the basics of guitar playing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. No previous
musical experience required. Bring your own guitar or rentals are available (indicate at time of registration)
Instructor Barry Grieka

INTRO TO TAE KWON DO: This is a Korean Martial Art translated in English means the art of kicking & punching. What
truly distinguishes Tae Kwon Do is the use of varied and powerful kicking techniques. Wear comfortable clothing.
Instructor David Nelson, 4th degree black belt

JUKIDO-BEGINNER: This coed class is for first timers who want to learn the fundamentals of self-defense. It includes a
combination of Karate, Judo, Aikido and teaches mental as well as physical toughness. Karate contributes strikes, blocks,
punches and kicks, Judo contributes many throws, holds and unbalancing techniques, Aikido also contributes unbalancing
methods in addition to pressure points and choking techniques. This course emphasizes safety and doing one’s best.
JUKIDO-YOUTH: This class builds on the fundamentals taught in beginner Jukido and combines Karate, Judo and Aikido
in a safe program aimed at building mental and physical toughness. It is a jiu-jitsu system designed for maximum
efficiency and doing one’s best. Instructor Joaquin Betancourt –a black belt and certified by the International
Kokondo Association
                           PRESCHOOL & YOUTH PROGRAMS
                                    DAY                  FEE                                 GRADE/AGE
       CLASS                       RUNS                # of wks            TIME               MIN/MAX          LOCATION
Puppet Pals                    THURSDAYS
                         Sess 1: May 1 – May 22         $28.00       11:00 – 11:30am       6 mths - 4 years    Hicks Gym
                         Sess 2: May 29 – June 26       4 wks                                   8/20
PB & J Kids                    THURSDAYS
                         Sess 1: May 1 – May 22         $32.00       10:15 – 10:55am          Ages 2 – 4       Hicks Gym
                         Sess 2: May 29 – June 26       4 wks                                   8/15
Ultimate Gym &                 THURSDAYS
Ball Time                    May 29 – June 26           $20.00        5:30 – 6:15pm           Ages 2 – 5       Hicks Gym
                         No class June 12               4 wks                                   6/15
Rhythm & Fun                   THURSDAYS                $20.00                                Ages 2 – 5
                              May 1 – May 22            4 wks         5:30 – 6:15pm             6/12           Hicks Gym
Skyhawks                    MONDAY - FRIDAY
Tiny-Hawks               Sess 1: Jul 7 – Jul 11                                                                  Parker
(soccer, baseball,       Sess 2: Jul 14 – Jul 18        $115.00     9:00am – 11:30am          Ages 3 – 5       School Gym
basketball)              Sess 3: Jul 21 – Jul 25         1 wk                                   15/24            Fields
                         Sess 4: Jul 28 – Aug 1
                         Sess 5: Aug 4 – Aug 8
Martial Art Tiger             WEDNESDAYS                $32.00        12:30 – 1:30pm           Age 3 & 4          Hicks
                              July 9 – Aug 6            5 wks                                    5/9              Gym
                                WED & FRI
Kidz Zumba                    June 27 – Aug 8           $40.00     10:45am – 12:00pm          Age 8 – 16          Hicks
                         No class July 4, 23, 25        5 wks                                   10/24             Gym

PUPPET PALS: A great parent/child class designed to develop listening skills and to enhance early literacy skills.
Children will love participating in familiar songs and stories and learning some new ones all while being entertained
by silly hand puppets and props.
PB & J KIDS: Play parachute games, Bop to fun dance movements and Join silly puppets singing familiar songs.
An exciting class mixed with active movement games and relaxing sing-a-longs. Parent/child class
Instructor Diane McHugh, Early Childhood Educator

ULTIMATE GYM & BALL TIME: This parent/child class is an informal introduction to the basics of gym games and
sports. Your child will play with soccer, kick, and nerf balls, basketballs and games like; duck, duck, goose and red
light all teaching hand-eye coordination, balance and teamwork. There is bound to be lots of running, playing,
kicking and bouncing!
RHYTHM & FUN: This parent/child class is designed to help promote good listening skills, gross motor skills and
coordination using movement, musical instruments, hoops, parachute, tumbling and more.
Instructor Sheryl Bradley

SKYHAWKS TINY HAWKS: An introductory program to help children fine-tune, motor skills through various
sporting activities and games. Skyhawks goal is to introduce general aspects and skills needed for sports and life;
hand-eye coordination, teamwork, sportsmanship, foot-eye coordination, cooperation and balance. No pressure,
just lots of fun while these athletes learn the basic in soccer, baseball and basketball through unique Skyhawks
games. Age appropriate games and equipment will be used. Child must be potty-trained to attend.
Instruction by Skyhawks staff

PRESCHOOL MARTIAL ART TIGER TOTS: Introduction to Martial Arts. Tae Kwondo is a Korean Martial Arts
which uses kicking and punching techniques. Wear comfortable clothing.
Instructor Darcy Nelson, 4th degree Black Belt

KIDz ZUMBA: Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations. It allows
participants to move freely, let loose and dance! It is based on the principle that fitness should be “fun and easy to
do”. Zumba is a “feel-happy” experience that is great for both the body and the mind. Participants will enjoy
learning, practicing and creating fun routines to “kid” friendly Latin and international music/dance rhythms as well as
sound tracks from popular movies. Be sure to bring with you water, a smile and positive attitude.
Instructor Chelsea Jasek

                                                  SWIM LESSON SCHEDULE
Swimming lessons cannot be registered
for on-line. Mail-in registration offers the   Session 1: June 25 – July 9
earliest opportunity for registration.         No lesson Friday, July 4th

                                                           TIME             LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL
♦ Lessons are $37.00 per session.              9:00-10:00am                   5      6
♦ Infant classes are parent/child classes.     9:30-10:00am
                                               10:00-10:30am                  2      3    4
♦ Infant and levels 1 – 4 are 30 minute        10:30-11:00am                  1      2    4
   classes, levels 5 & 6 are 1 hour classes.   11:00-11:30am                  2      3    4
   All include water and land safety skills.   11:30am-12:00pm                1      2    3
                                               12:00-12:30pm                  1      2    3
♦ Lessons are filled on a first come, first    4:30-5:00pm                    3
   serve basis with a maximum of 7 per         5:00-5:30pm                    1
   class.                                      5:30-6:00pm                    4      3
                                               6:00-6:30pm                    2      1
♦ You may indicate a second choice in
   case your first choice is filled.           Session 2: July 14 – July 25
                                                      TIME         LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL
♦ Infant classes-age 18 months and up.         9:00-10:00am                   5      6
                                               9:30-10:00am                   3
♦ Levels 1-6 are not determined by age.        10:00-10:30am                  2      3    4
   Use check list to determine what level      10:30-11:00am                              4
                                                                              1      2
   your child should be in.                    11:00-11:30am                  1      2    3
                                               11:30am-12:00pm                1      2    4
♦ Sessions are nine working days.              12:00-12:30pm                Infant   1    3
If a lesson is cancelled, the 2nd Friday of    4:30-5:00pm                    4
each session will be used as a make up.        5:00-5:30pm                    2
                                               5:30-6:00pm                    1
                                               6:00-6:30pm                    3      2

                                               Session 3: July 28 – August 8
                                                      TIME         LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL
                                               9:00-10:00am                   5      6
                                               9:00-9:30am                    3
                                               9:30-10:00am                   4
Crandall’s Pond will open:                     10:00-10:30am                  2      3    4
Saturday, June 14th & Sunday, June 15th        10:30-11:00am                  1      2    2
1:00-7:00pm.                                   11:00-11:30am                  1      2    3
We will open for the season:                   11:30am-12:00pm                1      2    3
Saturday, June 21st – Friday, August 22nd      12:00-12:30pm                Infant   2    3
Open swim is:                                  4:30-5:00pm                    1
Monday – Sunday - 1:00 - 7:00pm
                                               5:00-5:30pm                    3
Resident beach charge is $2.00 per person
                                               5:30-6:00pm                    2
Non-Resident beach charge is $5.00 per
                                               6:00-6:30pm                    4
                                     SWIM LEVEL DESCRIPTION
The American Red Cross offers six comprehensive course levels that teach participants how to swim skillfully and
safely. The prerequisite for each level is successful demonstration of the skills taught in the preceding level. Beginners
start at level 1, which has no prerequisite. Lessons are not determined by age.
Use this checklist to find the appropriate class level for your child. Each level of Learn-to-Swim includes training
in basic water safety and helping a swimmer in distress, in addition to the skills outlined below. Check off what skills
your child CAN do. If all skills are checked in one level your child is ready to move to the next level. This list serves as
a guide to help choose appropriate level at registration time. This will help minimize the switching of participants and
Infant -Parent and Child Aquatics
Age 18 months & up. Parent/Child class. Familiarizes child with water.
Must be able to keep face comfortably in water to move to L1.

Level 1 -Intro to Water Skills                               Level 2-Fundamental Aquatic Skills
□ Basic water safety rules                                   □ Moving in the water while wearing a life jacket
□ Using a life jacket                                        □ Submerging entire head
□ Submerging mouth, nose & eyes                              □ Front and back glide
□ Opening eyes underwater & picking up                       □ Treading water using arm and leg motions
    submerged object                                         □ Recognizing a swimmer in distress and getting help
□ Swimming on front & back using arm & leg                   □ Bobbing in water
   actions                                                   □ Jellyfish float
□ Recognizing a swimmer in distress, getting help            □ Swimming using combined stroke on front & back
□ Exhaling underwater
□ Floating on front & back
 Level 3 -Stroke Development                                 Level 4 -Stroke Improvement
□ Reaching assist                                            □ Safe diving rules
□ Submerging and retrieving an object                        □ Dive from stride position or shallow dive
□ Front & back glide, crawl                                  □ Survival float, back float
□ Kneeling or standing dive (shallow dive                    □ Elementary backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly
   progression)                                              □ Throwing assist
□ Rotary breathing in horizontal position                    □ Feet-first surface dive
□ Survival float, back float                                 □ Front and back crawl
□ Butterfly-kick and body motion
Level 5 -Stroke Refinement                                   Level 6 -Swimming and skill proficiency
□ Survival swimming                                          Refines the strokes so students swim them with ease,
□ Standing dive (diving progression)                         efficiency, power and smoothness over greater
                                                             distances. Such as Water Safety Instructor and
□ Open turns on front and back                               Lifeguard Training.
□ Front and back crawl
□ Performing rescue breathing
□ Tuck surface dive and pike surface
□ Front flip turn and backstroke flip turn
□ Elementary backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke,
LESSONS ARE $37.00 per session. You CANNOT register for this class on-line.

    Mail-in                         is the earliest possible opportunity for
                                                  Counselor in Training Program
This program is designed to prepare individuals for working in a summer camp setting. The curriculum includes training in
working with children, first aid, CPR, safety, problem solving, how to plan and run activities, rainy day programs and other
skills needed to be a good camp counselor. The program will run for two weeks with the first week strictly for training and
the second week actually getting involved in the camp for part of the day, helping with camp activities, and running a
special event. There will be some fun activities and informative field trips as well. The class size for the CIT program will
be limited to ten participants per class. There is a screening process which requires those interested to fill out an
application and go through an interview. The program will run Monday through Friday from 8:30am till 4:00pm. There is a
separate program for those entering 9th and 10th grade this coming school year. If interested fill out the application below
and return it to the Recreation Department by the first week of May. The actual interviews will be conducted in May. We
are looking for individuals that have a strong interest in working with children, have the ability to work as part of a team,
think they can be a positive role model for children and are dependable, on-time and responsible. Participants if chosen
for the program will be charged a $100.00 fee, which includes all class materials, training, field trips and a t-shirt. All 9th
graders who successfully complete the program with passing grades will be automatically accepted into the 10th grade
program the following year. All 10th grade program participants who successfully complete the program with passing
grades will be automatically granted an interview for a camp counselor position upon turning age 16.
Dates for the training are                           10th grade program – July 7th – July 18th
                                                      9th grade program – July 21st – August 1st

                                         Application for Counselor in Training Program

Name ______________________________________________grade entering in fall ____________

Mailing Address _________________________________________ Phone # __________________

Complete the following questions, if more space is needed attach a page to this form.
School activities you participate in

Volunteer experience

List any skills or hobbies

1. Why do you want to be a CIT?

2. What experience have you had working with children? __________________________________


3. How do you plan to be a positive role model?

4. How would you describe an excellent camp counselor?

********Please provide 3 adult references (not relatives) from people who would have knowledge of your
leadership skills, ability to serve as a role model, level of responsibility and judgment, and ability to be a
positive member of the community. Attach references and return completed application to the
“Tolland Recreation Department”, 21 Tolland Green, Tolland, Ct. 06084 by May 9th.

                             GENERAL INFORMATION
OPEN SWIM AT CRANDALL PARK Opens June 23rd daily 1:00 – 7:00pm weather permitting.
BEACH & PARK RULES – No glass allowed, no dogs allowed on ball fields or beach area, no loitering or
soliciting. No alcohol allowed. Beach balls not allowed. Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed.
Fees for Saturday & Sunday- $2.00 per person per day for Tolland Residents, $5.00 per person per day for Non-
Residents. Tolland residents can purchase a season family pass for $30.00 which will allow them access for the
entire summer. Contact the Recreation Department at 871-3610. Proof of residency is required. Groups must
reserve the Pavilion with the Recreation office in advance.
INSURANCE All persons participating in Recreation programs should carry their own personal health
insurance. The Town of Tolland is not responsible for personal injuries. Participants in all Department sponsored
programs do so at their own risk. Only those enrolled in the program may attend. Sorry, children will not be
allowed in the class room or gym during adult programs and siblings must remain seated and not disturb youth or
adult classes.
ADA The Town of Tolland does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or
disability in provision of programs and services. We are committed to assuring equal access to programs,
activities, and services to all individuals.
If you or a family member need special assistance, please let us know when you register.
RECREATION STAFF: Director- Tom Ainsworth, Asst. Director-Kim Grimes
                                    Parks Supervisor- Clem Langlois, Jr.
                                    Secretaries- Leann Soucy & Shannon Gallo
PARKS & RECREATION BOARD Chairman-Jeff Maron, Doug Domian, Larry Gramling,
John Gallic, Ray Milvae & Elaine Rooke. The Board meets every second Monday of the month. All
meetings are open to the public.
RECREATION OFFICE 21 Tolland Green, Tolland, CT 06084, 860-871-3610,
                                  info-line: 860-871-3625, fax: 860-871-3689
Office hours: Monday-Wednesday -8:30am-4:00pm, Thursday-8:30am - 7:30pm, Friday-8:30am-12:00pm.
Email us: tainsworth@tolland.org, kgrimes@tolland.org, lmorse@tolland.org or sgallo@tolland.org
                                         PARK FACILITIES
     All parks are open sunrise to sunset. Dogs are required to be on a leash.
                    DOGS are NOT allowed on athletic fields !!
CRANDALL PARK: 64 Cider Mill Road- 350+ acre Town Park containing 3 lighted tennis courts, a lighted
basketball court, softball & baseball fields, 3 acre swimming pond, bathrooms, 2.5 miles of marked hiking trails
and large picnic pavilion.
PAVILION: Rental by reservation only through the Recreation Office.
Is an open air shelter with picnic table seating for groups of up to 100. Facilities include a large charcoal grill,
horseshoe pits and a sand volleyball court. Use of a softball field is possible depending on availability. A 6’ gas
grill is available to rent for a nominal fee. Call the Recreation Department for fee schedule and available dates.
“THE LODGE” at CRANDALL II: The Lodge is a year round rental facility available to groups of 100 or less for
special events such as weddings, showers, picnics, parties or meetings. Rental rates vary for residents, non-
residents, businesses, daytime, nighttime and weekends. Building contains fireplace tables & chairs, a warming
oven, microwave, and double door fridge. Call the Recreation office for available dates, fees & more information -
RIVER PARK: South River Rd- 2 Little League size baseball fields, River access

HERON COVE PARK: 125 South River Rd.-Small soccer field, multipurpose field & canoe launch, new
basketball court and Ice Skating Rink.

TENNIS COURTS: Old Cathole Rd -Six all weather tennis courts across from Tolland High School.

CROSS FARMS RECREATION COMPLEX: Rhodes Rd -3 baseball and 3 soccer fields, Hiking Trails,
exercise stations, 18 hole disc golf course.

                  The Town of Tolland is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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