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					Donate Your Used Bridesmaid

     By: Alexander Anmark
           Donate Your Used Bridesmaid Dresses
                                     By: Alexander Anmark

You can not wear used bridesmaid dresses in everyday life, at home or at work. You would look a
little silly, don't you think so? Most of the time your used bridesmaid dress is just hanging there in
your wardrobe... Why don’t you donate it to a charitable organisation who is specialised in giving
your used dress a new life?

Charities are a possibility to give something back to the community. Out there are lots of charities
and they all reflect different causes. I know that a lot of us want to get involved. These are the
charitable organizations that we all seem to be aware of, whether it’s supporting the research to
find a cure for cancer, or donating money to local music schools.

There is another nice charitable idea that is popping up in more and more communities
nowadays. This idea is wonderful, very inventive and it uses an item that many of us toss away.
As a result it brightens the life of a young woman. Donate used bridesmaid dresses to
organizations that will clean them, tailor them and give them to young ladies who cannot afford a
prom dress.

It’s truly a remarkable idea. Many young women pass up on the opportunity to attend their own
prom because their family simply cannot afford to buy a new dress. Prom dresses are really
expensive and in a household where money is rather tight, it’s just not regarded as important
enough to purchase. These charity organizations collect used bridesmaid dresses and convert
them to prom dresses so that every young woman can have something beautiful to wear on her
special night.

For women who have held the role of bridesmaid they know that the dresses are generally not the
type that can be worn just anywhere. Most brides want their brides maids to wear elegant gowns
that are sometimes in colors such as pink, baby blue or light yellow. Many used bridesmaid
dresses actually closely resemble prom dresses already so it’s easy to see how effective this idea
could be.

If you’ve been attending a wedding party recently and have wondered what to do with the gown
maybe this is really a wonderful solution. The best way to determine where you can donate your
dress is to do some research on local charities. Some organizations that collect clothing in
general are also participating in this used bridesmaid dresses idea so it’s best to inquire with
them first. An other ideas is to ask at any local high schools. They may also have a program in
place that allows community members to donate used bridesmaid dresses for prom.

Just imagine the joy on the face of a young woman who can wear your dress to her senior prom.
She won’t have to sit at home just wondering what the night could have been like. Instead she’ll
be joining in the fun and creating memories that she’ll carry with her for the rest of her life.

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