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					          endangered species is being undertaken in the scheme. Facilities for nature
          education, guided tours and bird-watching will be developed. Camping sites and
          nature trails will be established to promote eco-tourism. Eco-development activities
          will be undertaken for human habitations living in the corridor area between Rajaji
          National Park and Kalesar National Park. The wild animals like Tiger, Panther,
          Elephants etc. use this corridor for migration between the two National Parks, Eco-
          development activities in the corridor will help to develop peoples participation for
          protection of migrating wildlife population.
    (iv) Bir Shikargah Wildlife Sanctuary: Bir Shikargah Wildlife Sanctuary is close to
          cities of Chandigarh and Panchkula, easily accessible, densely covered with tree
          vegetation and having sizeable population of ungulates and birds. Since it does not
          have perennial water sources, artificial water sources will be provided. Lantana
          weed is required to be removed regularly to improve the habitat of the sanctuary.
          Gaps in the pockets of existing Eucalyptus plantations will be filled by planting
          fruit trees with a view to phase out Eucalyptus gradually. A grant of ` 20.65 lakh
          has been received from MOEF during 2010-11 (` 10.05 ) and 2011-12 (` 10.60) for
          construction of water guzzler, construction of watch tower, purchase of night
          vision, uprooting of lantana and nature education awareness camp.
    (v)   Khol-Hi-Raitan Wildlife Sanctuary: An area of 2226.58 Hectares of R.F, has
          been declared as Wild Life Sanctuary vide Haryana Government notification No.
          S.O.269/ C.A.53/ 1972/S.26- A/2004 dated 10.12.2004 w.e.f 10.12.2004. This area
          will be developed. The availability of Water and fodder will be improved in the
          sanctuary. A grant of ` 7.095 lakh unspent balance of 2009-10 has been received
          from MOEF during 2010-11 for digging of ponds for drinking and mud bathing
          purpose for wild animals.
    (vi) Nahar (Rewari) Wildlife Sanctuary, Saraswati (Kaithal) & Bir Bara Ban
          (Jind) Conservation Reserves and Berwala (Panchkula) Bird Safari : Adequate
          protection would be provided to these sanctuaries. The basic requirement of food
          and water of the resident animal population would be met. Habitat will be improved
          by planting grasses, fodder and fruit trees.


1.     Share Capital to Credit Cooperatives (LTO Fund)
       Under this scheme entire amount is provided by NABARD as loan to the State
Govt. at the cheaper rate of interest for further contribution to the share capital of the
various credit cooperatives in the State. During the year 2012-17 the credit cooperatives
will be provided this assistance, accordingly the department proposes a token provision of
` 3550.00 lakh for this scheme. An amount of ` 600.00 lakh is proposed during the year
2012-13. The amount will be released in the shape of share capital to the credit
cooperatives. 100% amount will be provided by NABARD as loan to the State
Government, which will be released as share capital to the Credit Cooperatives.
2.     Interest Subvention Scheme for Harcobank & HSCARDB
       This is continuing scheme which has been converted from non-plan to plan during
the year 2010-11. To inculcate the habit of timely payment, the loanee members of
PACS/DPCARDB in the State of Haryana who will repay their dues on or before due date
to PACS/DPCARDB, it has been decided to give rebate to them in rate of interest so that
they are encouraged to make it a habit to pay their dues in time in future. This scheme will
be called State Interest Subvention Scheme for the members of the DPCARDB. For this
purpose, the Haryana State Cooperative Agriculture & Rural Development Bank Ltd.,
Panchkula will be provide ` 23500.00 lakh in the 12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 and during
Annual Plan 2012-13, the department has proposed ` 3040.00 lakh. Out of the total
amount, an amount of ` 90.00 lakh will be spent on Scheduled Castes Members.
3.     Computerization of Cooperative Department
       Haryana Govt. has taken steps to computerize its official work. Accordingly, the
Cooperative Department has also decided to computerize its most important branches
along-with field offices for effective controlling of the administration. The benefit of the
scheme will be that the work of the department both in Head Office & field office will be
computerized and it will improve the efficiency of the work. The cooperative structure of
the state is segmented into various categories. The enabling amendments to rules would be
made to meet the requirements of I.T. enabled processes and the online submissions of
annual data to gain the benefits of efficiency and effectiveness. Keeping in mind the main
objectives of reforms and government’s E-governance thrust Registrar Cooperative
Societies, Haryana has decided to leverage Information and Communication Technology to
make it quality efficient and effective, free from redundancies and able to deliver quality

information for decision making. It also sees in this an opportunities to strengthen its
monitoring and supervision role over the cooperative units. The Registrar Cooperative
Societies, Haryana is looking to adopt the best systemic practices embedded in time tested
software packages and technology solution. It will facilitate all stakeholders for availing
various data and hassle free services in a transport manner in any way and any time. It will
also reduce the operating and maintenance costs involved with various works and
procedures by incorporating efficiency-oriented mechanisms. The I.T. Plan of the
department has been approved by the I.T. Department of State which will cost to the tune
of ` 1272.00 lakh. The State Government will provide 100% amount as subsidy. During
12th Five Year Plan 2012-17 the department proposes a budget provision of ` 1300.00 lakh
for this scheme.
4.     Interest Subsidy to members of Scheduled Castes.
       CBs/PACS/DPCARDBs/UCBs are advancing loans to the members belonging to
the scheduled castes. In order to reduce the burden of interest of these members it is
proposed to give subsidy in the rate of interest by 7% to non-defaulter members of the
societies. In this way the non-defaulter members of scheduled castes will get loan 7%
cheaper than others. The State Government in the shape of subsidy will provide 100%
amount and benefit of the scheme will be that Scheduled Caste members of the societies
will get financial help and these members will have a faith in obtaining loan from the
societies in future. Accordingly, the department proposes a provision of ` 500.00 lakh for
interest subsidy to the SC members of the PACS/DPCARDB/CCBs/UCBs and L/C
Societies for 12th Five Year Plan 2012-17. During the year 2012-13, an amount of ` 60.00
lakh is proposed under this scheme. This benefit will be applicable on all types of loans
advanced to scheduled caste members.
5.     Share Capital to Urban Cooperative Banks
       There are many Urban Cooperative Banks working in Haryana. Most of these
banks are running in profit and these are providing better banking services to its members.
But in most of the banks no share capital has been invested or if invested that is very
meager amount. To strengthen the share base of these Urban Cooperative Banks the State
Govt. has a planning to contribute share capital to these banks. Some Urban Cooperative
Banks are also to be shifted to Core banking solutions. Accordingly, the Department
proposes an amount of ` 400.00 lakh for this scheme during 12th Five Year Plan 2012-17
and ` 65.00 lakh during the financial year 2012-13.


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