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					                                       NHS Forth Valley

                   Learning Disability Community Residential Services
                               Support Worker x 3 posts

                  Part-time 28 hours per week plus sleepover, permanent
                  Band 2, Salary: £14,258 - £17,003 per annum, pro rata

                                         Ref: 1011191

We are seeking to recruit enthusiastic and motivated individuals to work as Support Workers
within our community residential services for people with learning disabilities. We provide a
range of residential and supported living services for adults with a learning disability
throughout Forth Valley.

Applicants should be committed to the principles of community care and preferably have
experience of supporting people with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential as
equal and valued members of society. However, training & support can be offered to suitable
applicants without experience who demonstrate appropriate qualities and enthusiasm.

The overall aim of the service is to support people to live in their own home, in ways that are
responsive to individual needs and which encourage people to realise their ambitions and
achieve their aspirations.

The Support Worker is required to actively participate as an integral member of a team
providing person-centred support to the highest possible standards, in order to improve the
quality of life of each individual service-user, both within their home and as part of their local

The position demands considerable flexibility in terms of work patterns and includes shift
work, weekend work, and sleepover duties for which an additional allowance is payable.
Additional hours may be required on occasion to meet individual support needs, and to allow
attendance at staff meetings or in-house training.

Support Workers should have the ability to contribute effectively as part of a small staff team.
They must also be able to demonstrate initiative and confidence to work alone and in an
unsupervised capacity when required. A Keyworker system is in operation and staff members
are required to actively participate when supporting service users in all aspects of daily living
and individual lifestyle activities where this is deemed necessary. A person centred approach
to service delivery, putting the needs, wishes, and choices, of the people who use our services
first, is required.

Evidence of relevant study such as values based training, SVQ Level 2 / 3 although not
essential is desirable. Training will be provided to achieve a relevant SVQ as a requirement of
the post and applicants must be willing to undertake this.

In line with best practice arrangements, service users may be involved in interview and
selection procedures if they so choose.
Informal enquiries can be made to:

Helen Macdonald      Local Service Manager            Tel. 01324 639936
Joe Woods            Community Residential Resources Manager Tel .01324 637642

Application forms and job descriptions (quoting relevant post title and reference
number) are available by e-mailing FV-UHB.Recruitment@nhs.net or by telephoning
the recruitment answerline on 01786 447488.

The duties of this post require the successful candidate to be a member of the Protecting
Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme. More information on this scheme can be found at

Closing Date:        Friday 28th October 2011 at 12 noon

Redeployment - 12th July 2011
Internal – 22nd July 2011
SHOW – 11th October 2011

                                     JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:             Support Worker [Care Home, Care at Home, Housing Support

Responsible to:        Team Leader, Local Service Manager, or Community Residential
                       Resources Manager

Department:            Community Residential Resources (Learning Disability Services)

Job Holder Reference:                  P-SSC-NSEB-LD-CRR-new

No. of Job Holders: 41


The overall aim of the service is to support people with a learning disability to live in their
own homes in the community or in specialist accommodation, in ways that are responsive to
individual needs and which encourages the individual to fully develop their potential.

The Support Worker will actively participate as an integral member of a team providing
person-centred care and support to the highest possible standards. The service aims to
improve the quality of life of each individual, both within their home / accommodation and in
their local community.

The Support Worker will be responsible for helping individuals to plan their own support in a
manner which promotes their equity, rights and choices, whilst enabling them to maintain a
tenancy or occupancy agreement, build independence within their personal capabilities and
sustain their chosen lifestyle.



Forth Valley Primary Care Operating Division provides in-patient and community services
for people with a learning disability. In-patient services include specialist in-patient facilities,
assessment services, and respite care, which are located at Lochview, Larbert. Community
learning disability services are provided from a number of locations across Forth Valley and
consist of two teams who link closely with primary care teams and local authority staff.
Additional community services in the form of residential care home accommodation and
housing support / home care services are provided throughout the Forth Valley Area.

The post is located within the Community Residential Resources area of learning disabilities
services. This service provides a range of residential services to people with learning
disabilities living in local communities throughout the Forth Valley area. These include
registered care home accommodation and shared supported housing accommodation as well
as services to individuals living in their own tenancies. Care services such as Care Home
provision are registered with the Care Commission and are provided to individuals following
assessment of needs in registered care home accommodation. Housing Support services and
Care at Home services are also registered where required through the Care Commission and
are provided to people living in their own homes to support them in maintaining their own
tenancies in the community.


                                         NHS Forth Valley Primary Care Division
                                    Community Residential Services - Learning Disabilities
                                        [Care Home; Housing Support; Care at Home]
                                                              Manager SSC

                                                              Service Manager
                                                              Elderly & Learning
                                                              Disability Services

                                                              Community Residential
                                                              Resources Manager

              Local Service Manager                                                                   Local Service Manager
              Community Residential Resources                                                         Community Residential Resources
              Area 2                                                                                  Area 1

                                                                                                                                        Stirling Council
Falkirk Council       Falkirk Council           Falkirk Council                     Falkirk Council         Stirling Council
                                                                                                                                        Local Service
Local Service         Local Service             Local Service                       Local Service           Local Service Stirling
Falkirk               Falkirk                   Falkirk                             Falkirk                                             Dunblane
                                                                                    Housing Support         Housing Support
                                                                                                                                        Housing Support
Housing Support       Care Home                 Care Home                           Care at Home            Care at Home
Care at Home          7 service-users           6 service-users                     7 service-users         6 service-users             Care at Home
                                                                                                                                        5 service-users
5 service-users
                      Team Leader               Team Leader                         Team Leader             Team Leader
Team Leader                                                                                                                             Team Leader

SUPPORT               SUPPORT                    SUPPORT                            SUPPORT                 SUPPORT                     SUPPORT
WORKER                WORKER                     WORKER                             WORKER                  WORKER                      WORKER

Whilst in general the post holder will have allocated responsibility to a local service, there
may be requirements to deliver support within other areas of the overall service, which
comprises tenant’s / service user's homes within the Falkirk/Stirling District areas.

A local service may consist of one or more properties / homes where service users either share
accommodation or live alone in a single tenancy.

The post holder will not have any members of staff reporting directly to them and will work
within a team typically providing a care/support service to between 5 and 7 service-users.

The post holder will not be directly responsible for any budgets but must be aware of the need
to work within them.

All clients /service users have a learning disability, many also have mental health problems
and some have physical disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

The post-holder is frequently required to work in an unsupervised capacity and although
working as part of a team also has some periods of lone working e.g. sleepover duty.

5      MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES to service users

   To assist in the general support of individuals with a view to maintaining or enhancing
    their physical and emotional well being and to undertake any personal care or support
    identified in individual support plans to achieve this.

   Provide direct practical help, advice and guidance to individuals in all areas of their life as
    required. This support should at all times respect the person’s rights and personal dignity
    as a valued individual and should be provided in a manner that is entirely non-
    discriminatory, sensitive (to needs and wants), image enhancing and empowering.

   Areas of support activity provided may include; personal care (including intimate areas of
    self-care such as washing, dressing or using the toilet); domestic home care (including
    cooking, cleaning, personal laundry, ironing); financial matters (including managing
    expenditure and budgeting, paying bills, shopping, help with benefits).

   To support individuals with issues relating to volunteering, work and lifelong learning
    (including education or employment) where this is required.

   To support service users with social skills development and maintenance (including using
    leisure time, making choices, dealing with conflicts and arguments, communicating with
    people, making and maintaining friends/relationships, living together with other people
    where this occurs).

   To actively promote engagement and inclusion within the local community.

   To support service users in all social, recreation and leisure pursuits, including holidays,
    and to actively participate along with them where this is deemed necessary.
   Support individuals in matters of Health and Hygiene (including issues such as alcohol
    and smoking, healthy eating, personal hygiene, cleaning rooms & shared areas, including
    full support with taking and using medication, health and safety within the home, personal
    security/keeping safe outside the home, any other physical and mental health issues).

   To work creatively to help individuals recognise achievements, celebrate successes, assist
    informed decision making, identify problems and find ways of resolving them, and to take
    advantage of opportunities, gain new experiences, and develop life-skills and confidence.

   To be involved in person-centred planning processes to help individuals (along with other
    important people in their lives) identify current support needs and preferences as well as
    future aspirations, and consider how these can best be met.

   To support individuals to co-ordinate their own formal and informal support (families,
    friends and other interested people), or where necessary or desired to co-ordinate this
    support on their behalf.

   To liaise with other agencies (including social work, health, advocacy services) together
    with and on behalf of individuals to enable access to appropriate resources and services
    (including specialist services).

   Where individuals share accommodation, to be aware of the effects, limitations and
    opportunities this may present and to assist them to live together positively, to share
    responsibilities (including running their home), identify common issues and concerns and
    to find solutions to problems

General Responsibilities

   To maintain all necessary documentation and records such as Support Plans or Essential
    Lifestyle Plans, which highlight service-user observations and which identify current
    support needs, future aspirations and consider ways to best achieve these. (As well as
    written records this may include alternative formats such as graphics/photos, audio/visual
    tapes, computers etc.)

   To understand and respect all issues of confidentiality in relation to the service users
    whom you support as well as any other organisational or employment issues and ensure
    this is maintained.

   To provide support, or be available to provide support, in line with agreed practice/local
    arrangements which meets the needs of individual service users. This will involve
    participating in a highly flexible rota system, which includes shift and weekend working,
    sleepover duties, and a range of fixed time or flexible time arrangements.

   Effectively consider both personal and professional development (this will involve active
    participation in staff supervision, staff development and training, and where appropriate
    any other relevant meetings)

   To share knowledge, skills and experience with any new staff members, agency / bank
    staff or learners.
   To be aware of your responsibilities and to adhere to Health and Safety at Work
    legislation and all associated organisational policies and procedures.

   To help ensure that people’s homes are safe, secure and comfortable by offering support,
    undertaking tasks directly, and where appropriate arranging servicing/repairs, and/or
    advising service management of concerns or reporting direct to relevant others.

   To undertake any appropriate duties and responsibilities consistent with the overall job
    purpose as requested by the people you support or as identified by service management or
    work colleagues.

   To inform service management of any relevant issues which affect service-users or the
    service in general e.g. complaints from service-users, neighbours or public,
    accidents/incidents, staff absences/alterations to rota (this is not exhaustive).

   To conduct yourself in a manner which is consistent with the expectations of, and which
    assists in delivering a service which meets the national care standards issued by Scottish
    Ministers and monitored by the Care Commission as well as Codes of Conduct of the
    Scottish Social Services Council and agreements / contracts with local authority funding


   Be familiar with the use, storage and maintenance of any equipment used within the
    service area / client’s homes (e.g. moving/handling equipment, wheelchairs, stairlift)

   Service-user/client records (recording of client information).

   Service-user and organisational finance procedures and records (recording transactions).

   Medication procedures and completion of medication records.

   Domestic & household equipment (Washing machine, tumble dryer, oven/cooker,
    fridge’s/freezers, iron, hoover, gardening equipment)


   Assignment of work by Team Leader, Local Service Manager and by reference to
    individual care support plans.

   Post-holder is expected to work frequently in an unsupervised capacity and exercise
    initiative and some degree of discretion when providing service-user support & personal
    care. On-site supervision is limited up to a maximum of 37.5 hours per week from a single
    Team Leader.

   Management support is limited on-site due to the geographical nature of service provision
    but is available via telephone and on-call 24 hours per day.

   Acknowledging changes in service-users condition with ability to know when to seek
    advice from senior staff and/or relevant professionals.

    Post-holder will have continual communication with service-users and regular
     communication with service management.

    Communication as necessary will also be required with agencies such as health and/or
     social work, and relatives.


    Skills and ability to safely manoeuvre wheelchairs, moving/handling equipment, furniture
     where required.

    Stand/walk for lengthy periods of shift.

    Exposure to body fluids, faeces when assisting with personal care (Frequent )

    Exposure to verbal aggression (2-3 times weekly)

    Exposure to physically aggressive behaviour (Very occasional)

    Requirement to support service users outwith home environment exposing to prevalent
     weather conditions (Regular)


    Concentration required when undertaking personal care with service-users [Daily]

    Concentration required to ensure service-users take correct medications appropriately and
     timeously and to record this [Frequent].

    Concentration required supporting service-users with finances, adding, subtracting,
     recording, and advice with appropriate use and budgeting [Frequent].

    Concentration required in using local service budget finances, adding, subtracting,
     recording and appropriate use [Frequent].

    Communicating with service-users who have a learning disability with associated
     communication deficits and limited understanding [Frequent].

    Lone-working in ‘sleepover’ component of service provision [Minimum once weekly].



    Good communication skills (verbal & written).

    Good social and inter-personal skills.
    Ability to work on your own as well as being a member of a team.

    Ability to work in an unsupervised capacity where required

    Good observational skills.

    Recognition and maintaining of confidentiality.

    Ability to use own initiative.

    Flexible approach to work patterns driven by service-user/client needs & service

    Personal values based on inclusion and equality.

    Ability to recognise and balance the domestic requirements of maintaining a home in
     addition to providing for the individual support needs of clients.

    Good housekeeping skills

    Recognition of own lifelong learning needs

    Willingness to evaluate and reflect own and others practice

    Recognition of the relevance of leisure, recreation, education and other activities in the
     pursuit of social inclusion and a willingness to participate

    Recognition of National Care Standards principles

    SVQ II or the willingness to undertake training to minimum SVQ level II
     [This will become a mandatory minimum social care qualification to allow registration
     with the Scottish Social Services Council]

11      Job Description Agreement

Job Holder Name                              Signature                                    Date

Head of Department                           Signature                                    Date
                               NHS FORTH VALLEY

Terms and Conditions:     The terms and conditions of service are those laid down by the
                          Agenda for Change Handbook.

Salary Scale:             Band 2, £14,258 - £17,003 per annum, pro rata

                          Staff taking up a new appointment with NHS Forth Valley will
                          normally enter the scale at the minimum of the pay band/range.
                          Any appointments above the lowest point of the pay band/range
                          will be subject to verification of previous NHS service, or
                          experience outside the NHS, which is given in recognition of
                          relevant complete years of experience.

Hours:                    Part-time 28 hours per week

                          Employees may be required to vary the pattern of their working
                          week subject to the exigencies of the service.

H.C.S.W Mandatory         Your performance must comply with the “Mandatory
Induction standards       Induction Standards for Healthcare Support Workers in
(if applicable)            Scotland” 2009; and with the Code of Conduct for Healthcare
                          Support Workers, both as amended from time to time. These
                          documents can be found at

Duration:                 Permanent

Annual Leave:             27 days rising to 29 days after 5 years service and to 33 days
                          after 10 years service plus 8 public holidays (pro rata).


                          202.5 hours rising to 217.5 hours after 5 years service and to
                          247.5 hours after 10 years service plus 60 hours public holiday.

Superannuation:           The post is superannuable under the Scottish Public Pensions
                          Agency Scheme and your remuneration will be subject to
                          deduction unless you choose to opt out of the scheme.

Right to Work in the UK   NHS Forth Valley has an obligation to ensure it does not employ
                          any worker who has not been granted the relevant permission to
                          work in the UK. This permission is without exception granted
                          by the UK Border Agency. We are required to check the
                          entitlement to work in the UK for all prospective employees,
                          regardless of nationality or job category.

Medical Examination:      No appointment can be confirmed until a satisfactory medical
                          examination has been undergone.
Protecting Vulnerable     From 28th February 2011 the Scottish Government
Groups Scheme             introduced a new membership scheme to replace and
(if applicable)            improve upon the current disclosure arrangements for people who
                          work with vulnerable groups. If the duties of this post involve
                          regulated work with children and young people and/or protected
                          adults, the successful candidate will be required to be a member of
                          the PVG Scheme and consent to NHS Forth Valley obtaining a
                          Scheme Record or a Scheme Record Update if they are already a
                          member of the Scheme. More information on the PVG Scheme
                          can be found at www.disclosurescotland.co.uk

Police Act                If the duties of this post require the declaration and
Disclosure Check:         validation of criminal convictions, the successful
(if applicable)           candidate will be required to complete a standard or enhanced
                          Police Act Disclosure Scotland check prior to any offer of
                          appointment being made. In the event of employment, any
                          failure to disclose such convictions could result in the
                          withdrawal of any offer, disciplinary action or dismissal by
                          NHS Forth Valley.

Secondments               Employees of NHS Forth Valley who are interested in
(if applicable)           pursuing a secondment opportunity should initially discuss the
                          implications of this with their immediate line manager in order
                          to gain their support. Please refer to the secondment policy of
                          the NHS Forth Valley intranet for more information.

NHS Knowledge and         The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)
Skills Framework          defines and also describes the knowledge and skills that NHS
                          employees need to apply in their work in order to deliver quality
                          services. It provides a single, consistent, and comprehensive
                          framework on which to base review and development for all

                          KSF will apply to all NHS employees except doctors, dentists
                          and senior and executive level managers. The purpose of the
                          KSF is:
                              To support the effective learning and development of all
                                 staff, providing the resources to do so.
                              To support the development of individuals in the post to
                                 which they are employed, so that they are effective at
                                 work and are clear about what is required of them.
                              To promote equality and diversity.

Confidentiality:          In the course of your duties you may have access to confidential
                          information concerning patients or staff. Unauthorized
                          disclosure or removal of information may lead to consideration
                          of disciplinary action.

Equality in Employment:   NHS Forth Valley fully supports the principle of equality in
                          employment and opposes all forms of unlawful and / or unfair
                         discrimination which cannot be shown to be justified. NHS
                         Forth Valley is committed to ensuring equality of treatment for
                         both present and potential employees.

Tobacco Policy:          It is the policy of NHS Forth Valley to discourage the habit of
                         smoking within the organization and to provide a smoke free

                         The NHS Forth Valley policy is to establish no smoking as the
                         norm and smoking is not permitted anywhere within NHS Forth
                         Valley premises including residences and grounds.

                         The Occupational Health Service will assist members of staff
                         who wish to stop smoking by providing or facilitating the
                         following services:

                                Information on smoking and ways to stop
                                Personal support
                                Health Education materials and helpline numbers
                                Nicotine replacement therapy
                                Smoking Cessation support

                         Copies of the Tobacco Policy are available from HR Advisors or
                         via the NHS Forth Valley Intranet.

Health & Safety:         All employees have a responsibility for their own health &
                         safety and the health & safety of others who may be affected by
                         what they do. Employees also have a duty to co-operate with
                         their employer by following NHS Forth Valley policies and
                         procedures and safe systems of work; by using equipment safely
                         and by bringing any shortcomings in health and safety
                         arrangements to the attention of their employer. Where
                         something is provided in the interests of health & safety
                         employees must not interfere or misuse it. All employees have a
                         legal responsibility to report any shortcomings in terms of this in
                         their area. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility for
                         monitoring health & safety arrangements and ensuring staff are
                         following policies and procedures and safe systems of work.

Partnership Agreement:   Contributing to the development of partnership working by:
                         supporting NHS Forth Valley in delivering its goals and
                         objectives; supporting continuous improvement in own
                         performance and the performance of the department, directorate
                         and NHS Forth Valley; attending training, development and
                         other activities aimed at improving own skills and for the benefit
                         of the organisation and patient care.

Nursery Facilities:      There is an independently run on-site nursery at Stirling Royal
                         Infirmary. With places open to staff and the general public. For
                         further information please contact:
                            Chapter One Childcare (SRI site): 01786 465112

Parking Permits:            Limited staff parking permits are available for Forth Valley
                            Royal Hospital. Staff need to apply for these and further details
                            of how to apply will be available should you be successful in
                            obtaining a post based at FVRH.

                            Upon receipt of your application you will be added to the
                            waiting list for consideration, it may take some time for
                            approval and you may need to consider alternative methods of
                            travel to work pending approval of any parking permit.
                             Information on public transport and bus times to the hospital
                            are available at:

Completed application forms should be returned to:

Recruitment Office
Hut 7
Falkirk Community Hospital
Major’s Loan

Closing Date:        Friday 28th October 2011 at 12 noon

Ref No:              1011191

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