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Melissa Savignano
MAG 409
Third Manuscript
Words: 713

Few places on the Internet exist where food trucks, customized playing cards, and college film

projects can cohabit peacefully. That’s where Kickstarter comes in. Kickstarter has launched

projects ranging from the completely innovative to the questionably useless, providing a

platform for the broke but artistically hungry to fund their ideas into fruition. Family, friends,

and strangers, can donate money to projects, whether their personal favorites or projects they’ll

never actually see. Incentives such as free downloads, tickets to fashion shows, or the possibility

of a kid’s band finally leaving his parent’s garage keep people entering their credit card

information. While some bands and artists would rather raise money the more natural way, with

tours or showcases, Kickstarter provides a way to be innovative with your money. There is a

catch: only fully funded projects get pledged money and about 46 percent of them make it.

Kickstarter has rebuilt a legendary giant and kept Ramen on a film students’ table, all in our


Ty Marshall (artist): Ty Marshall, the current artist in residence at The Tech Garden, wanted

his next project to be somewhat of a joke. The local artist likes to focus on installation art, public

space, theatrics, and semiotics.. Hoping to explore the history of hoaxes and the geography, he

set out to replicate the Cardiff Giant, a 10-foot figure from the famous 1869 hoax in nearby

Cardiff. Marshall rose over $3000 to bring this piece of CNY history back to Syracuse in late

2011. Despite the success, he remains reluctant to continue with the website. “It’s not as easy as

it appears. It takes a lot of work – the video, the description. They all need to be thought out. As

an artist, I want to spend most of my time creating the art.” The website might put him off but he

knows the community will always provide the support he needs: “CNY is a great place to create

your own projects. I couldn’t do projects like this other places because the cost of living is too


Benjamin Bogosion (musician): Hang drum, an instrument usually reserved for yoga retreats or               Comment [H1]: He also looks like someone who
                                                                                                           would play the hang drum, but I was trying to find a
                                                                                                           natural way to include a description
jam sessions, inspired Bogosion to create a whole album after picking one up in 2007.. He

recorded the album in More Sound Studio downtown. Because his job working for international

education programs and as a wilderness therapy instructor keeps him traveling year round, he

enjoys that Kickstarter provides an outlet to fundraise without interfering with his work schedule.

“Besides some friends and family living in the area, most of my contributors were from all over

the states, and even some international contributors,” he says. The website’s wide audience helps

him reach his goal: of keeping readers at peace and inspired. Bogosion’s first encounter with

Kickstarter is a group effort; the artwork for album Building Bridges features design from

Edward Tasick, a Syracuse artist.

Just a Memory (band): Fans of Evanescence or Shinedown can look to Just a Memory for that

“modern rock feel” with a local twist. The band, which originally started out as Augustine, went           Comment [H2]: Now, I don’t see these bands as
                                                                                                           “modern rock” but that’s how Leila described them.
                                                                                                           That can definitely change (probably should bc our
through lineup and name changes and in 2011, they needed funds for a mini tour and EP. Unlike              readers won’t think that).

Marshal, the band’s violinist Leila Dean, offers the website’s process nothing but praise. “Any

questions we had, they answered quickly. They provided us samples of other people’s work.

They were very acceptable, which was nice because nowadays, you don’t know what you’re

going to get.” They used the funded $2500 to mix and master Augstine: The EP in Strangeland

Audio in Phoenix, NY. Dean says that the money also helped them get out of town, bringing the

Syracuse rock flair to as close as Utica and as far as Virginia Beach.                                Comment [H3]: I realized I want to ask her more
                                                                                                      about these shows so I’m going to do another
                                                                                                      interview while this gets top edited.

Jamil Munoz (filmmaker): Munoz, a SU film graduate, continued using Kickstarter after

successfully funding his senior film project. He’s currently raising money for his film xxx, about

xxxx. “I know just about every senior film major at VPA this semester has done a Kickstarter to

make their thesis films, raising anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars,” Munoz

says. “The Sublet,” is a film about roommates that mixes melodrama with improv. Munoz hopes

outreach and publicity from the website can continue to jumpstart his career as an independent

filmmaker in Syracuse.


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