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					     Table of Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste distribution in the five districts:

      District            SCs                   STs               General             Total

                    Population     %     Population    %     Population     %     Population
     Ananthapur     451,810        14    111,207       3     2,620,799      82    3,183,814
     Kurnool        518,108        17    56,455        2     2,398,461      81    2,973,024
     M’nagar        542,380        18    227,405       7     2,307,265      75    3,077,050
     Prakasam       522,640        20    98,854        4     2,107,672      76    2,759,166
     Nalgonda       504,206        18    275,638       10    2,072,248      73    2,852,092
     TOTAL          2,569,144      17    769,559       5     11,506,445     77    14,845,146
     State          10,594,725     16    4,196,655     6     51,716,628     78    66,508,008

     Table showing percentage of Female Headed Households

     District              Percentage
     Kurnool               9.8
     Prakasam              9.8
     Ananthapur            11.3
     Mahaboobnagar         9.5
     Nalgonda              9.5

     Selection of PIAs - Criteria and Procedure Reiterated.
     APRLP is attempting to improve the quality of implementation of Watershed Development Programme. In
     pursuance of the objectives of the programme the significance of selecting the right Project Implementation
     Agencies is further recognized. Thus it is envisaged to follow the procedure delineated below while selecting
     the PIAs.

     Short listing of NGOs/GOs based on the objective criteria.
     1) Experience in Rural Development work with awareness about watershed related aspects and NRM.
         (Yes / No). If yes:
         a) A minimum experience of 3 years.
         b) Name of the organisation / department
         c) Name of the scheme
         d) Activities in particular

     2)   Whether working locally, if yes,.
          a) Whether there are any disciplinary cases / inquiries pending or disposed for
             manufacturing / misappropriation / indiscipline
          b) Any other offence

     3)   Whether black listed in any other project or any other district

4)   Have experience in formation and mobilisation of community especially women (Yes / No) If yes:
     a) How many groups are formed?
     b) Total Corpus
     c) Major income generating activities by these groups

5)   Have experience in micro plans / peoples plans in other development
     activities. (Yes / No) If yes:
     a) Which project micro plan has prepared
     b) How much area treated
     c) No. of persons benefited

6)   Whether proved capacity in capacity building of staff and people and have sufficient
     staff / infrastructure to facilitate watersheds.
     a) Can facilitate Training Centre.
     b) Location of Training Centre from watershed habitation (Near / Far).
     c) How many trainings conducted.
     d) No. of persons trained.
     e) No. of resource persons / field staff available
     f)    Kalajatha Troops (Yes / No). If yes how many programmes conducted

7)   Focus on gender programs and coverage of poorest of poor in other activities.

8)   Have accountability and good transparent systems of management.
     a) Submitted 3 years of auditing statements.

9)   Experience in collective participatory processes.

10) Organisation is willing to adopt the APRLP / Watershed Agenda in its Bylaws.

11) Antecedents to be verified.
    • Interview verifications of their credentials
    • Seeking approval of the provisional list by the District Collector and Chairman of DPAP  .
    • For new livelihood watershed habitations entrusting the following tasks and entrustment in decision
        support system:
        i) Mobilisation of the community for exposure visit at (50%) own cost within
             one month.
        ii) Shramadanam for habitation sanitation, protection for drinking water, own office
             with women etc.
        iii) Baseline / Bench Mark survey, PRA + current situational analysis.
        iv) EPA’s of simple nature like CPR identification and development, backyard
             poultry and kitchen garden, Bio-Mass presentation etc.,
        v) SHG existing consolidation and next to be formed.
        vi) An MOU with the community for collaboration at two stages i.e. initial and
             after probation (see annexure—)
    • Review of PIAs based performance within three months and confirmation / declaring probation.

                                                                           Revised Selection Criteria for Livelihoods Watershed
                                                                                          and Project Implementation Agencies
     List of Acronyms
     AP         Andhra Pradesh
     APRLP      Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihoods Programme
     APSRAC    Andhra Pradesh State Remote
                Sensing Application Centre
     BILWRU    Basic Integrated Land and Water Resource Units
     CBO        Community Based Organisations
     CBCS      Community Based Convergence of Services
     CDSA       Centre for Development Studies and Activities
     CPR        Common Pool of Resources
     DCBC      District Capacity Building Centre
     DFID       Department for International Development
     DPAP       Drought Prone Areas Programme
     DPIP      District Poverty Initiative Programme
     DWACRA    Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
     EAS        Employment Assurance Scheme
     GO         Government Organisation
     GIS       Geographic Information Technology
     IMSD      Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development
     INM        Integrated Nutrient Management
     IPM        Integrated Pest Management
     JFM       Joint Forest Management
     IWDP       Integrated Wasteland Development Project
     KVK       Krishi Vigyan Kendra
     M&E        Monitoring and Evaluation
     MDO        Mandal Development Officer
     MRO        Mandal Revenue Officer
     NGO        Non Government Organisation
     NR        Natural Resources
     NRM       Natural Resources Management
     NTGCF     National Tree Growers Cooperative Federation Limited
     NWDPRA    National Watershed Development Programme for Rain-fed Areas
     PD-DPAP   Project Director, Drought Prone Area Programme
     PIA        Project Implementation Agency
     PMIAS      Participatory Monitoring and Impact Assessment Systems
     PSA        Participatory Situation Analysis
     PSU        Programme Support Unit
     RDF       Rural Development Fund
     RIDF      Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
     SHG        Self Help Group
     SRTRI     Sri Ramananda Tirtha Rural Institute
     UG         User Group
     VAO       Habitation Administrative Officer
     VDO        Habitation Development Officer
     WA         Watershed Association
     WDF        Watershed Development Fund
     WDT        Watershed Development Team
     WS         Watershed
     WSC        Watershed Committee


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