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Sprint Protege voice mail by I086Dh1


									           Sprint Protege voice mail
To access the voice mail system administrator mailbox:
Press the V MAIL key, then press *,then press #, then enter
mailbox 555, then the password is 0000
While listening to messages:
Dial 1 to listen
Dial 2 to save a message
Dial 3 to delete a message
Dial 5 to Date/Time stamp the message
Dial 6 to copy a message to send to another extension
Dial 7 to rewind
Dial 8 to pause
Dial 9 to fast forward
To check your messages:
When your message light is flashing, press the MSG button, enter
your password and press 1 to listen to messages
To check messages from outside the office:
Call the main number and wait till the auto attendent (voice mail)
picks up then press #, dial your extension number and enter your

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