You Can Help Name the Moons of Pluto

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					February 15th, 2013                                                                Published by: indmoss

You Can Help Name the
Moons of Pluto
  You can help name two tiny recently discovered moons.

You Can Help Name the Moons of Pluto
By Jason Jones on February 15th, 2013

Pluto Gets a Raw Deal
Back in 2006, Pluto got a raw deal. It lost it’s status as a planet. A group of scientist just
decided that Pluto was too small to be called a planet. So now, it is a “Planetoid.”
I don’t like the term “planetoid.” It is a very unattractive word. Pluto deserves better. If
planets could talk, the word “planetoid” would be a derogatory racial slur.
Well, the powers that be were generous in letting Pluto keep it’s moons. For a long time we
thought it only had three. Turns out, there are two more.
Traditionally, the discoverers of a planet (moon or “planetoid”) get to name it. Well, the
people who found the two moon want to share the honor with the rest of us.

Pluto’s New Moons
According to Astronomy Magazine:
The discoverers of Pluto’s two tiniest moons are inviting the public to help select names
for these objects that better match those of their larger brethren, Charon, Nix, and Hydra.
These three satellites all received names associated with Hades and the underworld:
Charon, the ferryman of Hades in Greek mythology; Nix, the Greek goddess of darkness
and night (and Charon’s mother); and Hydra, the nine-headed serpent that battled
You can find the whole article here.
Pluto's Two Tiny Moons

The Choices for Pluto‘s Moons
The discoverers have given us several choices that fit with the underworld theme of Pluto.
If you remember your classical myths, the Romans adopted the Greek gods and gave them

February 15th, 2013                                                           Published by: indmoss

Roman names. Hades (the Greek god of the underworld) became Pluto. So, all the names
on the list have something to do with Pluto‘s realm Your choices are:

   • Acheron-This was one of the headwaters of the styx
   • Alecto-The Fury who was in charge of punishing anger
   • Cerberus-That’s Pluto’s 3 headed dog
   • Erebus-The Portal to the Underworld
   • Eurydice-The wife of Orpheus
   • Hercules-Heracles-Remember he went to the Underworld as one of his tasks
   • Hypnos-The personification of sleep
   • Lethe-Another river of Hades
   • Obol-The Type of coin used to pay Charon (the Ferryman-he already has a moon)
   • Orpheus-This is the musician that went to the underworld to get his love (Eurydice)
   • Persephone-This is the daughter of Hestia that Pluto kidnaped to be his wife
   • Styx-This is the river around the underworld
   • Vulcan-Not sure why he’s on this list. Vulcan was the god of smiths, metalworking, and
     fire. He did pal around with Pluto though because he was ugly and none of the other
     gods on olympus wanted to hang with him. Kind of sad.
   • Elysium-This is the part of the underworld that was a reward for a good life
   • Hecate-goddess of witches and sorcerers
   • Melinoe-One of the Nymph responisble for nightmares
   • Orthrus-Two headed dog that was Cerberus’s lesser known brother. He was killed by
     Hercules in one of his labours.
   • Sisyphus-King of Corinth who was an absolute jerk. He was sentenced to push a boulder
     up a hill for eternity.
   • Tantalus-Another King who was a jerk. He was sentenced to stand in water and never
     be able to drink and under a grapevine but never being albe to eat
   • Tartarus-The predececor of Pluto
   • Thanatos-The personification of death.

If none of these choices appeal to you and you want to break with tradition, you can submit
a write in ballot. There are instructions on the website. You have till February 25. 2013 to
vote. Please don’t vote more than once per day.
You can vote Here:
February 15th, 2013                                                         Published by: indmoss

Well, my choices are Persephone and Cerberus
Please leave a comment and let me know what your choices are.
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Description: Two tiny moons have been recently discovered around Pluto. We get to help name them