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Google Apps for Government - GTRA


									February 16, 2012
Google Apps for Government

Peter Kassab
Google Apps Specialist
Government challenges are changing

        Information overload
        • Volume of information is increasing radically
        • Sort, file, and find is a broken paradigm

        Collaboration is central
        • Work with distributed teams
        • Connect with agency partners

        Enterprise Delivery Model is Broken
        • Security patching and management
        • Software updates and upgrades
Google is Committed to Meeting those

        • FIPS 199 Authority to Operate
        • Moderate Baseline (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
        • Issued by General Services Administration

        Google Apps for Government
        • US Government only cloud
        • GSA Schedule 70 pricing via
        • Pending GSA BPA

        Leader in Public Sector Cloud
        General Services Administration, NOAA, USAID, Dept of Energy
        labs, State of Colorado, New Mexico, City of Orlando, City of Los
        Angeles, Treasury, Multonomah County, Smithsonian, Tennessee
        Valley Authority, MACPAC, Wyoming, Advanced Distributed
        Learning (US Army), Naval War College, US Coast Guard
Two Phases of the next Technology Revolution

    Do the same things   Do the things you could
         cheaper             never do before
Unique value for our Government Customers

     Pure & Proven Cloud            Designed for Teams
        100% browser based            Real-time collaboration
          Rapid innovation                 Socially aware
    FISMA Moderate Level Security    Across department borders

     Simple & Affordable            Productive Anywhere
           Simple licensing                Device agnostic
        Supported for everyone           Viewing AND Editing
              Low TCO                Interchangeable experience
Incremental Innovation

Google Apps in           Google Apps in 2011
Integrate your existing architecture to start your journey





                       Secure Data
How will Google Integrate with

                         Enterprise integration
                         • Active Directory/LDAP
                         • Exchange free/busy
                         • Multi-factor authentication (HSPD-
                           12, CAC, PIV, RSA)
                         • SSO integration

                         Client connectivity
                         • MAPI-based Outlook
                         • Blackberry integration
                         • ActiveSync

                         Support and Reliability
                         • 99.9% SLA (no scheduled downtime)
                         • 24/7/365 support
U.S. General Services Administration

   Competitive RFP in 2010
   Completed Deployment June 2011
   • 17,500 users successful live on June 20, 2011

   • Migration from LotusNotes led by Unisys/Tempus Nova

   • "In addition to the cost saving benefits, the new email
     environment provides our agency with an easily
     accessible suite of services including email and
     collaboration tools that help GSA employees become a
     more mobile and more efficient workforce."
         o Martha Johnson Administrator U.S. GSA
U.S. Dept of Commerce NOAA

   Competitive RFP in 2010
   Award in June 2011 for 25,000 Users
  • 25,000 users will migrate from Sun Messaging and
    Exchange led by Earth Resources Technology and

  • This system will allow us to share information and
    strengthen collaborative productivity..."

  • It's faster, it's easier, the technology is mature, and
    security can be addressed. I like the idea of reducing
    my commodity IT to a bill, and we'll be able to provide
    a better service at a reduced cost."
          o Joe Klimavicz CIO of NOAA
Few can benefit more than government

Google Confidential & Proprietary
Thank You!
Product Slides

Manage information better
• 25GB quotas per user - never waste time managing quotas
• Search your email -- find what you need quickly and easily
• Use labels to filter and sort messages
• Conversation threading to help manage your inbox

Anytime, anywhere access
• Web access from any connection
• Mobile access: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows
• Outlook Connector: allow users
• to keep their existing client

Real-time communications
• Instant messaging with text
• Simple voice and video communications
• IMs archived and searchable with email
• Integrated directly into the Inbox

Simple to deploy and manage
• No client applications
• Built right into the web-browser
• Video available on any machine with a webcam

Simple configuration by users
• Users can create and manage groups -- without help from
• Rich capabilities to customize groups
• IT can control access to some features

Use groups everywhere
• Groups serve as email distribution lists
• Full searchable archive online for users
• Also useful for defining access controls on documents,
  sites, and videos

Rich functionality
• Quickly add meetings and find available times and
• Sync to Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile

Share calendars for easier
• Corporate calendars
• Team calendars
• Launch calendars
• Even external calendars

Essential editing capabilities
• Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation
• Unique features like forms for spreadsheets and remote
  viewing of presentations

Focused on collaboration
• Real time co-authoring built into all of the applications
• Control access to documents at user, group, and
  company levels

Simple creation of rich sites by users
• No knowledge of HTML required
• No need for admin assistance
• WYSIWYG editor
• Use templates to define default Site and page types
• Embed Docs, Calendars, Maps and other content

Lots of use cases
• Personal sites
• Team sites
• Project sites
• Department sites
• Even public sites

Easy to upload and share
• YouTube-like interface for uploading
• Share with individuals, groups, or the whole company
• User can rate and comment on videos
• Variable speed play-back to save time

Lots of use cases
• Internal messages
• Executive communications
• Internal training
• Team motivation
     Dramatically lower costs

Source: Microsoft Online Services Business Value White Paper (Microsoft, 2009)
Source: Should Your Email Live In The Cloud?’ (Ted Schadler, Forrester, 2009)
•"If you look at the total industry spend, most
of it is on activities where there’s no value
added. Every dollar you spend on software
from Microsoft, you spend $6 trying to get it
to do anything."

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