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					                                          Gecko Skins 2012-13

Gecko Ski Skins

                              100% mohair for maximum glide with proprietary plush for optimum climbing traction.
                              Available in 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm, and 140mm (2012-13) widths.
                              Available in adjustable lengths with adjustable steel tail clip either pre-installed
                         (riveted) to durable nylon webbing on “Size Matters” pre-sized skins, or with tail clips un-
                         installed/optional but included with either 170cm or 200cm length “Freetour” skins.
                              Available as simple skins (“Raw Hides”) at 100mm by 175cm w/o tip or tail clips.
                              Tail clips are adjustable up to 10cm to accommodate like-shaped skis.
                              Size Matters lengths: 145-155cm (only available in 130mm width), 153-163cm, 161-
                         171cm, 169-179cm, 177-187cm, and 185cm-195cm.
                              Includes storage bag, tail clip instructions, (no knife – recommend dealer trims).
                              Hydrophobic materials dry quickly and adhere to both wet and dry skis while debris (pine
                         needles, dirt, grass, hair, etc.) is easily washed away with water.
                              Skins easily separate, and with no glue to protect, no “cheat sheet” necessary.
                              Weights (with tail clips, per pair, untrimmed and with factory protective wrappers).

 Wt. +/- 0.125oz    145-155cm       153-163cm       161-171cm       169-179cm        177-187cm       185-195cm
 100mm              N/A             18.3oz          19.1oz          19.9oz           20.6oz          21.6oz
 110mm              N/A             19.6oz          20.6oz          21.6oz           22.6oz          23.5oz
 120mm              N/A             21.7oz          22.6oz          23.5oz           24.5oz          25.3oz
 130mm              21.6oz          22.7oz          23.8oz          24.8oz           26oz            26.9oz

Gecko Split Hair Split Board Skins

                           100% mohair for maximum glide with proprietary plush for optimum climbing traction.
                           Angled, pre-attached tip loop fits all factory split boards, contoured for skin contact.
                           140mm wide, yet lightest split board skin available – 19.1oz(120cm); 20.5oz(130cm);
                        21.9oz (140cm); 23.2 (150cm) – per pair. I.e. 18.6 oz. cut to 137cm and trimmed to a 161cm
                        Jones’ Solution split board for maximum coverage and perfect custom fit.
                           No pre-installed tail clip for swift transitions and perfect custom to board fit.
                           Skins barely adhere to themselves for effortless separation and transitions.
                           Includes storage bag, tail clip instructions, (no knife – recommend dealer trims).
                           Hydrophobic materials dry quickly and adhere to both wet and dry skis while debris (pine
                        needles, dirt, grass, hair, etc.) can be washed away with water.
                           Skins easily separate and with no glue to protect, no “cheat sheet” necessary.
                           Accommodates boards any length up to 190cm (yes, there are some!).

Gecko Rando Race Skins

 Race plush is 13% lighter than regular Geckos = the lightest skins in the world!
                             Available with regular Gecko tip loop in 100mm width at 170mm length and tail clip free
                        for the fastest, ski-on transitions.
                             Also available without any front or tail clips in 59mm and 61mm widths at 150cm length
                        for individual, customized rando tip clip configuration.
                             Hydrophobic materials dry quickly and adhere to both wet and dry skis.
                             Debris (pine needles, dirt, grass, hair, etc.) can be washed away with water.
                             100% mohair race plush offers enhanced glide with unrivaled climbing performance.
                             Skins easily separate and with no glue to protect, no “cheat sheet” necessary.
                             Example weight: 100mm x 170mm with tip loop = 18.25 oz per pair!
                                                       Gecko Skins 2012-13

Gecko Trab Skins

                                  Available with traditional Trab tip and tail clip kits unattached, but included.
                                  Available in 100mm and 110mm widths of standard (black) Gecko mohair plush.
                                  Hydrophobic materials dry quickly and adhere to both wet and dry skis.
                                  Debris (pine needles, dirt, grass, hair, etc.) can be washed away with water.
                                  100% mohair race plush offers enhanced glide and climbing performance.
                                  Skins easily separate and with no glue to protect, no “cheat sheet” necessary.

          Gecko Accessories

                                                     Gecko GUTT (Gecko Ultimate Trim Tool).

                                                   Replaceable razor blades. Use both sides of each blade before replacing.
                                                   Blade guide keeps blade perfectly positioned to trim 2mm in from ski edge.
                                                   Place skin on center on ski, and then trim both sides in SECONDS perfectly.
                                                   Handle designed for comfort, ease and safety.
                                                   Rugged construction for years of use.
                                                   Comes with one blade; spare blades sold separately.

                                                      Gecko Tail Clips

                                                   Attaches securely with rivets.
                                                   Adjustable up to 10cm for similar shaped skis.
                                                   Rugged nylon webbing.
                                                   Steel clip securely attaches to ski tail
                                                    and works with most twin tips.
                                                   Weighs 1.75 oz per pair.
                                                   Available by the pair.
                                                   Tail clips available for splitboards and compatible with most, if not all models.
(splitboard tailclips not pictured here).

                                                     Gecko Tip Loop

                                                   Pre-attached to most models.
                                                   Works with ski and split board skins.
                                                   Fits even the fattest skis.
                                                   Fits all commercially produced split boards.
                                                   Available by the pair.
                                                   Attaches securely with rivets.

Even More…

          Split Clips tail clips for splitboard skins.                                 Kicker Skins (race plush).
          Spare Rivet Sets (8 pieces per set).                                         Spare Blades (box of 10 blades) for GUTT.
          Skin Bags (Black with Gecko logo).                                           Sample plates with mini Gecko skin.
          Hole punch (for rivets, tip & tail clip kits).                               Gecko touring apparel and accessories.
          Bottoms Ups – twin tip adaptor tail clip kits.                               Dynafit-specific skins.
                                               Gecko Skins 2012-13

                                     Recent Reviews and Testimonials

                                                                                                 “Ski On skin removal”

                                                                                                 From Off Piste Magazine –


“I posted a video clip and information about the the new Gecko glueless climbing skins back in November. At the time, I
had yet to use the skins on snow. With the season underway, I have now had the Gecko skins in about every condition
possible except bitter cold. The results have been great. They work every bit as good as any skin I have used. In fact,
they function incredibly similar to a typical glued skin, in a good way. The biggest difference being that they are very easy
to peel apart from one another.

 Although they are called glueless, the Geckos are still adhesive. It's just not a skin glue like we all know. It's a proprietary
tacky silicone adhesive and, according to the specs, requires no reapplication. Debris like pine needles, leaves and dirt
can be washed off with warm water.

 Will it last forever? I don't know. The adhesion has been great for the two months I have had them, and I plan to keep
testing them (if we could just get some more snow). They work every bit as good as they did the first day I opened the
box, and the adhesive side is every bit as clean and smooth as it was when new. Interestingly, they actually stick to my
skis better than some of the glued skins I have used. Not that I have really had trouble with glued skins staying on my
skis, but the Gecko's grip to the ski is actually more vigorous than a glued skin when it comes time to rip skins for the
descent. They still peel just fine, but it's comforting to know they are securely attached.

 One characteristic the Geckos share with traditional glue skins is that you need to keep them out of the snow. Snow on
the adhesive side has the same effect as snow on a glued skin. So when dropped in the pow, they need some attention.
The good news is they are easy to clean, just rub them along your ski edge or pop them inside your jacket, and they
return to full functionality just fine.

The bottom line thus far with the Geckos is all good. The tip and tail work well and the mohair plush glides (and climbs)
very nicely. The glueless adhesive has been treating me great, and I look forward to more time with them, not to mention
some fresh snow for the forecast!”

   -Dave Waag, Off-Piste Mag,, January 2012
                                               Gecko Skins 2012-13

Gecko Climbing Skins Review Update – Lou Dawson –
User friendly climbing skins? That’s like claiming a tire rotation system for your truck you can do in your kitchen. Yeah,
we’ve all gotten used to climbing skin glue that was probably invented during WWII to secure uniform badges. We’ve
made the stuff work, though doing so has engendered phrases such as “climbing skin hygiene.” I mean, hygiene? I have
enough trouble remembering to brush my teeth twice a day, let alone handling climbing skins with heart surgeon

                                                                               Gecko climbing skins review abuse, they held
                                                                               up fine. I tore into the things like a mountain
                                                                               lion dining on mice. For comparison, I also
                                                                               ripped apart a pair of old nylon skins I had
                                                                               laying around. Gecko and nylon were of
                                                                               similar strength. In the field, I skied them over
                                                                               some rocks just to make sure. They came
                                                                               through with no more damage than any other
                                                                               quality skin I've used (though we of course
                                                                               don't recommend skinning on rocks.)

Gecko skins use a different kind of adhesive, a sticky silicone formulation that adheres to smooth non-porous surfaces
such as ski bases. Yet it’s not “sticky” in the conventional sense. For example, you can use Geckos as a head turban if
needed,and they’ll part from your hair with hardly pulling apart one small bit of your coiffure. Or, let the wind blow them to
your fleece jacket — no stickum. You could even let your dog sleep on them, adhesive side up, and they’d still work.
Perhaps best, Gecko skins come apart easily after storage, and come off your skis much easier than some of the
positively molecular glues on some climbing skins these days (little concern if you’re a sasquatch, but smaller guys and
gals may have a struggle with conventional glue.)

Brief history: A few years ago, the Gecko developer, a ski tourer, noticed that the sticky cell phone tray on his car
dashboard. In an aha moment, he thought, “I wonder how that stuff would work on climbing skins?” Development ensued.
The adhesive appeared to work, but a few years of hit and miss with their skin textiles put a damper on what was
otherwise a viable alternative to conventional stickum.

We’ll, I’m here to tell you that any concerns about Gecko skin durability should be put aside. The test skins I have here
have no raveling on the edges after trimming, and plush that’s holding up as well as any other mohair skin I’ve used
(though we do need to realize that no mohair, which is goat hair, will last like synthetic). Thing is, because of its glide,
mohair is the latest greatest thing in skin technology, even though it’s been around for at least 40 years. With today’s
wider planks, one simply doesn’t need to haul rugs on his feet with the glide of steel wool. When it comes to glide, mohair
rules. (Caveat: Most mohair skins are built to optimize glide; don’t expect them to provide the climbing traction of nylon. If
you like super steep skin tracks, mohair of any brand is not your best choice unless you have world-class skinning
technique and strong arms.)So, with durability questions out of the way, how do these things work? The adhesive is
virtually unchanged from several years ago, when I tested a pair of Gecko with about 30 days of backcountry skiing in
Europe and Colorado. Following is from previous review, edited: Gecko adhesive is viable alternative to conventional
skins, but follow directions to the letter. Moisture on the adhesive surface of the Gecko skin also compromises adhesion,
as it does with conventional skin glue. Thus, you still have to practice a modicum of care if you’re doing multiple laps and
thus changing out your skins in the field.

Though some folks are running Gecko skins without tail fix, we strongly recommend you use a tip and tail fix that lightly
tensions the skin. Also, when trimming, be sure the skin is centered on the ski, so later you won’t inadvertently tension the
skin to the side while applying to your ski base (this true of skin with any type of glue). For single laps or fitness uphilling,
Gecko type adhesive should be anyone’s top choice. It’s that nice and I have no hesitation giving the stuff my highest
recommendation for that type of use. Indeed, I’d predict that within a few years nearly anyone doing fitness uphilling or
fairly simple backcountry days will be yearning for a pair of skins with Gecko adhesive — or already have a pair.

   -Lou Dawson,, November 2011
                                              Gecko Skins 2012-13


The biggest thing to hit skin design in the last couple of years has been the Gecko 'glueless' technology. Without going
into an extensive description of the chemistry, the short description is that Gecko skins do not use a traditional glue, but
they do use an adhesive. Confused? Read on.

                                                      The adhesive on the Geckos is a rubbery compound that works by
                                                      sticking to smooth, flat surfaces only. The skin does adhere to itself,
                                                      though the effort required to pull your the two sticky interfaces apart is
                                                      far easier than any type of traditional glue skin. The make up of this
                                                      adhesive has not been advertised, but the words 'molecular fusion'
                                                      have been floating around various online discussions. The closest
                                                      description I think of is the patch of rubbery glue that magazine
                                                      publishers use to stick Cds and booklets onto the front of their
                                                      publications. When you peel that yellow strip off the magazine it
                                                      leaves no residue, you can screw it up into a ball and then unfurl it
                                                      again. It sticks to flat things and doesn't get contaminated with hair,
                                                      dust and other inconveniences, such as snow. So too with the
                                                      Geckos. Dropping your skins in the snow is no longer an issue, as
                                                      you simply pick them up and brush them off. They stick back onto the
                                                      ski as if the careless rookie mistake of skin contamination never
                                                      happened. In terms of utility, the Geckos are unmatched. Where
                                                      before you had sit down with tweezers to pull off the pine needles,
                                                      with geckos you just have to brush them off, or if you really want,
                                                      rinse them with warm water. The adhesive doesn't out-perform regular
                                                      skin glue in stickiness, but the time and effort saved makes transitions
                                                      that much easier.

                                                      Geckos also come with the advantage of weighing less and packing
                                                      down into a smaller volume. The fast and light crowd will find this a

                                                       All All Geckos skins are mohair and the plush has a similar glide to
                                                       grip ratio to Dynafit Speedskins or Black Diamond Pure STS. I'll not
                                                       bother with comparisons to nylon plush, as this information can be
                                                       easily found elsewhere. One note on the Gecko plush, it doesn't fray
                                                       (unless cut improperly) and will not require sealing or burning. The tip
                                                       attachment is permanently fixed and it had no trouble fitting over the
tips of every ski in the the local backcountry store. There may be an issue on the 'round noses' of the K2 freeride/twin tip
models, (such as the Obsethed or Hell Bent) though anyone spending over $220 on a skin is probably looking to use it on
a light dedicated touring ski. The biggest drawback on the Geckos is the tail attachment. It uses a clasp to secure a nylon
strap, which works effectively on backpacks. But because there is almost no stretch in the the strap it is difficult to
maintain tension. The strap is more durable than the rubber and plastic tail attachments, but with just a bit more elasticity
the tail would not be such a weak point in the system.
The conditions for testing were a mix of wind affected snow, dry powder and breakable crust. While the skin fared well in
these conditions, a follow up review will be posted after testing the skins in wet, coastal snow.

Verdict: Gecko Skins have an innovative design with their adhesive and they just make life easier. But they are not
immune to snow contamination. All the same tricks need to be used for long hauls in the backcountry.

                                            Gecko Skins 2012-13

Gecko Climbing Skin Trimmer (GUTT, Ultimate Trim Tool)
-This post by blogger Lou Dawson
Other climbing skin trimmers do work, but this stellar example of industrial design takes all. Gecko cutter (GUTT,
Gecko Ultimate Trim Tool) has replaceable blade; flexible tangs hold the edge of the skin down while you cut; even
looks nice in your Audi center console.

                                                                                 Gecko GUTT climbing skin cutter,
                                                                                 hidden blade is replaceable, can be
                                                                                 used either right or left handed but
                                                                                 appears to be configurable to change its
                                                                                 'hand.' Stellar design work!

Gecko climbing skin cutter can be configured for right or left handers. Blade safely hidden to avoid flaying yourself. I
got as good or better skin trims than with other methods, had a bit of trouble keeping the cut as far back from the
edge as possible since the trim action is somewhat hidden from sight. A bit of practice should make that a non-
issue. One has to wonder if this is some sort of adaptation of an upholstery or textile tool. Whatever, it works. recommended tool. Christmas gift for the skier who has it all?

                                                                                  Gecko GUTT climbing skin cutter in
                                                                                  action. The base rides on the ski with
                                                                                  an offset for the blade, plastic tangs
                                                                                  hold down the skin for smoother cut.
                                                   Gecko Skins 2012-13

                                                                                                           2011-12 Buyer’s

“I will never touch a glue skin again. Gecko skins are the only skins I’ll use.”
    -       Scot Schmidt, Skiing Icon, Film Star
“Hundreds of miles from nowhere in frozen, isolated wilderness with 70 pounds of camera equipment and backcountry
gear, your skins CANNOT FAIL - and need to be quick on the transition. I rely on Geckos – the thought of going back to
glue skins scares the pants off me.”
    -       Matty “Moo” Herriger, Cinematographer, TGR/Oakley/Backcountry TV,
“I have skinned everything from cold smoke to man-made at the resort. The skins have performed exceptionally well in all
conditions. The glide is much better than other skins I have used in past seasons, but they are also climbing very well. I
am a fan of euro-style low angle skin tracks, but I have followed some near vertical paths this month and not had any
moon-walking experiences. In my book they climb as well or better than anything I have ever used. The adhesive is better
than anything I have seen and the low weight is just an added bonus in my book. I would be very confident to take this as
my only skin on any BC mission, anytime.”

    -       Sven Brunso, Professional Skier, Gecko R&D Team

“Geckos are the most progressive skins on the market and their light weight/mohair combination makes them perfect for
extra wide freeride touring setups - and they are by far the easiest skins to use! They are extremely easy to apply,
remove, and manage quicker transitions. The other advantage is that they don’t strip the wax and moisture out of the
bases of your skis.”
        -    Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson, Professional Freeskier, Ski Film Star, Backcountry Innovator & Product Tester, Gecko
             R&D Team
"The biggest innovation in climbing skins since they stopped making them out of seals!"
   -        Sam von Trapp, Professional Skier & Instructor, Trapp Family Lodge,
                                              Gecko Skins 2012-13

“The last critical piece of the hardware puzzle: skins. Gecko's mohair splitboard skins are welterweight and stick to your
board via silicone adhesive. Get dog hair or pine needles on 'em? You can stick them under the faucet, unlike most skins.”

     -   Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide 2012 & as seen nationally on Outside Television

“When you take skins off and on three times a day, every day, the little things make a difference. Gecko skins are light
weight, low bulk with exceptional adhesion and glide. Gecko skins are a vast improvement in the world of ski touring.
Exceptional glide combined with light weight and ease of use will change your view on traditional skins. Gecko's
revolutionary glue-less technology takes the hassle out of ski touring."

     -   Steve Banks, IFMGA/AMGA International Mountain Guide,

 “it was an idea the folks at Gecko never stopped believing in, and thanks to a new technology, they have developed a
better glueless climbing skin. Rather than using glue to adhere to the base of your ski, these skins use a proprietary
suction technology that sticks to any smooth, flat surface, and they stick in all conditions: wet or dry, extreme cold or
extreme pine needles.”

     -   Vermont Sports Magazine &, December, 2011

As seen in 2011-2012 national ads in:                             Gecko Skins N.A., Inc.

Backcountry Magazine (full page ad, every issue)                  Ian Lamphere, President
Telemark Skier Magazine (full page ad, every issue)               Elizabeth Codevilla, VP of Sales
Kronicle (full page ad, premier issue)                  
Mountain Magazine (full page ad, 2012 Resort Guide)
Elevation Magazine (1/3 page ad)
Mountain Sports & Living Magazine (1/2 page ad)
                                                                  Phone: 303.325.2613
And on: Outside Television, Gear Guide;                           Fax: 303.325.2613
                                                                  Gecko Skins N.A., Inc.
                                                                  PO Box 2244
                                                                  Crested Butte, CO 81224
                                       Gecko Skins 2012-13

                                Gecko Research & Development Team

                            Steve Banks
                          Steve Banks grew up in the Mountains of New England before settling in
                          Crested Butte, CO. He expertly guides expeditions with rock, ice and alpine
                          climbing as well as skiing, both in the US and abroad. He teaches AIARE
                          Avalanche Safety courses and in the winter forecasts backcountry
                          conditions for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center as well as working on
                          the Crested Butte Professional Ski Patrol and guiding for CS Irwin snowcat
                          skiing. His summers are split between guiding in Colorado and the
                          European Alps. Steve has climbed, skied and guided all over the world
including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Italy and Chile. Closer to home
he has guided in Vermont, New Hampshire, California, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.

                           Sven Brunso
                           Sven Brunso grew up as a beach bum in Huntington Beach, Califoria. His
                           freshmen year of college he attended Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado and
                           became obsessed with skiing. More than 3,000 ski days later, Sven is one
                           of the most published skiers in the business. With more than 1,000
                           published images, including 50 covers worldwide, Sven has graced about
                           every glossy piece of “Snow Porn” available on the global newsstand. Sven
has found a niche sharing his time between photo shoots, product testing, and design. “My ability to
live this dream is a combination of hard work, a good education, some luck, and the support of my
sponsors.” says Sven.

                            Eric Hjorleifson
                            Erick Hjorleifson is arguably the best big mountain skier in the world right
                            now. Hjorleifson grew up in Canmore, Alberta and began his career in
                            racing. Quickly realizing ski racing was not his passion his coach Guy
                            Mowbray started what was maybe the very first free skiing program in
                            North America built around big mountain riding. For the past five years,
                            “Hoji” has scored major segments in all of MSP’s award-winning movies
                            and has developed an incredibly fast, fluid style that makes moving down
                            massive mountain faces look effortless.
More Gecko Tourons…. Scot Schmidt (, Jeremy Jones (, Dean Decas, Brian
Harder, Ashley Maxfield, A.J. Linnel, Susan Mol and more.
                               Gecko Skins 2012-13

                         Gecko North American Dealers

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Confluence Kayaks                         Sawatch Backcountry

Crested Butte Mountain Guides             Skiershop

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