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					February 2013: McLane Logistics Technology is a global vendor of Microsoft software
committed to providing Microsoft Dynamics AX- driven Supply Chain Management
systems. The company develops these applications based on the individual needs of its
customers, and further assists in their incorporation into the logistics and supply chain
needs of these organizations. Established by Drayton McLane, Jr. in 1992, the company
puts into practice century-long expertise in the trade, ensuring the best-possible
logistics solutions for business owners. McLane Logistics Technology aims at decreasing
cost, boosting revenue, and improving customer satisfaction.

The solutions provided by McLane Logistics Technology include-

       Warehouse 3g- Based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP application,
        Warehouse 3g is dedicated to improving warehouse functionality with the help
        of its efficient set of features. With its similarity to Microsoft applications,
        Warehouse 3g is easy to understand and apply for small and complex
        businesses alike. Most business owners manage to install and begin using this
        software right from the get-go. Having been developed after decades of
        understanding the logistics needs of companies, Warehouse 3g incorporates the
        best of processes and features for warehouse functioning.
       Logistics consulting- McLane Logistics Technology has been in the trade for
        decades, which explains its strong industry expertise. The service of logistics
        consulting gives small and medium business owners a chance to utilize this
        expertise in their own businesses, for the development of customized logistics
        solutions for their business. The experts at McLane Logistics Technology
        perform a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by a particular business, and
        work on developing the best-possible supply chain solutions for the business.
        These services include warehouse layout and design, network analysis, WMS
        selection and implementation, time studies, equipment justification, etc.
       Microsoft dynamics AX- Microsoft dynamics AX brings together the simplicity
        and advanced functionality of Microsoft software, providing a comprehensive
        solution for SMEs. Right from management and distribution to wide spanned
        functions of Supply Chain Management, this business management solution
        goes a long way in improving productivity and streamlining functionality of
        various businesses. The familiar interface, when combined with the robust
        features makes this a go-to solution for all types of businesses.

     For more information about their services, visit them at 4001 Central Pointe
        Parkway, Temple, TX 76504. You can also call them at 1-800-989-7568.

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