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									                                     Faculty Directory

                             Dr. Chad Depperschmidt, an Assistant Professor in Aviation and
                     Space Education, Oklahoma State University. Dr. Depperschmidt
                     completed his 4th year of OSU instruction, in May 2009, and is in his first
                     year as an Assistant Professor.
                             Dr. Depperschmidt has developed and instructed the following
                     undergraduate courses during his tenure at OSU: History of Aviation,
                     Aviation/ Aerospace Management Principles, Aviation Marketing, Airport
                     Planning and Management, Corporate and General Aviation
                     Management, and International Aerospace Issues.
                             Dr. Depperschmidt has peer-reviewed scholarly publications in
academic journals, and has presented his scholarly work to academic and professional

                              Agribusiness Management
                                     J C. Hobbs has been with Oklahoma State University’s
                             Cooperative Extension Service since 1985. He holds the position
                             of Assistant Extension Specialist in the OSU Agricultural Economics
                             Department. His areas of emphasis are farm income tax
                             management, and estate planning, farm business management,
                             and farm transition planning. He received a Bachelor's of Science
                             degree in agricultural economics and accounting as well as a
Master's of Science degree in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University.

        Kim Anderson, Ph.D was raised on a grain and dairy farm in Muskogee County,
Oklahoma. Kim served four-years in the U.S. Navy before returning to
college and earning a Ph.D. in agricultural economics at Oklahoma State
University. After a brief stint at the University of Kentucky, Kim joined the
agricultural economics faculty at OSU in 1982 as a professor and crop
marketing specialist.
        He is well known throughout the southwestern U.S. for his
column, “Wheat Scoops,” which has been published in the Southwest
Farm Press for the last 20 years, and nationally and internationally for his
“Soap Box” and “Market Analysis” features on his Web site.
        Kim believes in hands-on learning. To enable him to share “war
stories” with his stakeholders and students, he managed a receiving grain
elevator during a wheat harvest and spent another summer selling John Deere tractors. He has
received 18 awards for outstanding teaching and extension programs, and currently holds the
title of Professor and Charles A. Breedlove Professor in Agribusiness in the Agricultural
Economics Department, Oklahoma State University.

                                 Gracie Teague came to work for the department of Agricultural
                         Economics in May of 1995 as a secretary. Started her trek toward a
                         Bachelors degree in Management of Information systems from
                         Oklahoma State University, at that time she was promoted to
                         Administrative Assistant in 1997 and again promoted to Programmer in
                         1999. Completed her Bachelors in 2000 and her Masters in
                         Management of Information systems in 2004 She is a jack of all trades
                         in the department whatever needs to be done concerning technology
                         she does it.
                                 From developing and writing programs to modifying off the
                         shelf products to meet the current needs of the client. She also works
with multimedia production from making videos to editing finished products to show our
department in its best light. She has received the Distinguished Staff Award. Her and her
husband live on a small acreage where we raise dogs, cats, horses, hay, and a vegetable garden.

                                     Professor Suzanne Bilbeisi has been a member of the
                             faculty at the OSU School of Architecture since 1993. Her
                             primary role has been to teach in the Architectural Design
                             Studios, and in her thirteen years at OSU she has taught
                             students at every level of the curriculum. In addition to the
                             design studio, Professor Bilbeisi has taught a general survey
                             course of architectural history entitled “Architecture and
                             Society” and the “Introduction to Architecture”, which is the
                             freshman orientation course for the School of Architecture.
Suzanne may be reached at Suzanne.bilbeisi@okstate.edu

        Professor Steven O’Hara has been a member of the
teaching faculty at the School of Architecture since 1988. His
primary areas of interest include the design and analysis of
masonry, steel and timber structures, with special interest in
classical numerical structural analysis and the design of concrete
structures. Professor O’Hara enjoys his close mentoring
relationship with the students in the AE program at OSU, as he
also performs the role of their academic advisor as well as one
of their primary instructors. Steven may be reached at

         Gloriana Barboza, Lauren Cadieux, Samantha Sanders, and Rachel Tucker, Architecture
All of the student teaching assistants who will be participating in Grandparent University have
been involved in the ASTEK program. In addition to being outstanding students of Architecture,
they have all served as ASTEK leaders, and understand the fundamentals of teaching
architectural concepts in a school based setting.

       Teresa Holder, illustration and watercolor artist, was born into a family of artist,
musicians and art educators. After graduating from Tulsa Central High School in 1974, she
enrolled in the Department of Art at Oklahoma State University. While a student she began
creating posters and logos for area businesses.
       In 1984 Teresa and her husband opened their property to the public, an historic site
known as Horse Thief Canyon, south west of Perkins, Oklahoma on the Cimarron River. Teresa
designed the logo, brochure, T-shirt designs and all other printed material for the business.
During this time period she continued to create designs for other businesses, a line of T Shirts,
Centennial murals in her community, the town logo, occasional illustrations for Western
Publications and other private commissions. Her work has been featured in The Tulsa World,
The Tulsa Tribune, The Daily Oklahoman, Cappers, Persimmon Hill Magazine and on all of
Oklahoma’s News Channels, 2,6 & 8 in Tulsa, 4, 5 & 9 in Oklahoma City and OETA.
       Teresa returned to Oklahoma State University to finish her degree in Art graduating in
2001 with a BFA in Studio, emphasis in watercolor, illustration and art history. After graduating
she was invited back to instruct Drawing I classes.
       In 2005 Teresa accepted the position of Assistant Gallery Director in Gardiner Gallery at
Oklahoma State University along with instructing Drawing I, Drawing II and 2D Foundation
courses. She continues to exhibit and actively work in large format watercolor.

                                     Athletic Training
                                  Dr. Aric Warren is the director of the Athletic Training
                          Education Program at OSU and the Coordinator of the Health and
                          Human Performance Department in the School of Applied Health and
                          Educational Psychology. Aric is a native of Nebraska and attended
                          the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Nebraska-
                          Kearney. He received his Masters degree from Michigan State
                          University and doctoral degree from DePaul University. His athletic
                          training experience includes practice in the Division I collegiate
                          athletics, high school athletics, and clinical settings. He comes by way
                          of the University of Kansas where he was the former Athletic Training
                          Program Director.
                                  He has presented various topics at regional and national levels.
His research interests include athletic training education and injury prevention. Dr. Warren is
a member of the National Athletic Trainers Association and the National Strength and
Conditioning Association.

       Ben Varilek, ATC, LAT, is a graduate student at Oklahoma
State majoring in Applied Exercise Science. Before attending OSU,
Ben attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he
majored in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Athletic Training
earning his Bachelors degree in 2008. Now at OSU Ben is working
along the Athletic Training Education Program faculty to gain a
deeper understanding of teaching Athletic Training students so that he may move on to
become an instructor himself one day.

                                      Mark Uhlman is Chief Flight Instructor at OSU. Originally
                              from Wichita, Ks., Mark received a B.S. in Bible/American History
                              at Oklahoma Christian University of Science and Arts in
                              Oklahoma City, an M.S. in Aviation and Space Education from
                              OSU, and is currently a candidate in the Aviation and Space
                              Doctoral program. Mark is a also a graduate of Spartan School of
                              Aeronautics (Tulsa), and has worked as a corporate pilot, aerial
                              patroller, flight instructor, and minister.
                                      He has approximately 5,000 hours of flight time and is a
                              board member of the Oklahoma Area Flight Instructor
Association and an FAA FAAst Team lead representative. Mark has been at OSU since Oct.
2001, and enjoys the opportunity to interact with students in the classroom and on the flight in

                                Jack Hodgson
                                Education: B.S. mass communication and philosophy, St. Cloud
                        State University, MN; M.A., journalism, University of Missouri-
                                Professional experience: 18 years professional experience at
                        seven different radio and television companies in small and medium
                        sized markets in Minnesota, Iowa and Missouri. Worked as a radio
                        announcer, advertising representative, radio news,
                        reporter/editor/news director and as a television
                                Courses taught: Media & Society, Fundamentals of Audio/Video
Production, Broadcast News Writing I & II, International Communication, Broadcast
        Professional Memberships: Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association, Oklahoma
Association of Broadcasters, National Broadcasting Society/Alpha Epsilon Rho, Central Eurasian
Studies Society.
        Since the summer of 1995, Hodgson has visited the Republic of Kazakstan seven times to
lecture at a number of universities and institutes, present workshops on American broadcasting
and consult with members of private and state-owned news media. In the summer of 2001, he
taught a course on American media and tourism at the Foreign Language Institute in
Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Australia
                              Chef Marc Dunham brings to The Ranchers Club a strong diverse
                      culinary background. He attended the Culinary Institute of America in
                      Hyde Park, New York where he received multiple awards. He holds a
                      Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Texas State University.
                              Marc has worked at many of the top restaurants in New York and
                      then returned to his native Texas to help open Austin’s Asti Trattoria. He
                      has an extensive teaching background having served as the Executive
                      Chef at Texas Culinary Academy’s Ventana and Bleu River Grille. Marc
                      holds the Certified Culinary Professional credential from the
                      International Association of Culinary Professionals.

                         Entomology and Plant Pathology
                                   Andrine Morrison recently graduated with her Ph.D and will
                           soon take up a full-time position in the OSU Department of
                           Entomology and Plant Pathology. Her job will be to maintain the
                           Insect Zoo and supervise educational programs on arthropods
                           presented to
                           school groups and civic groups throughout the state.
                                   Morrison earned a bachelor’s in Horticulture and Entomology
                           from Texas A&M
                           University and M.S. in Agricultural Biology from New Mexico State
                           She will be marrying another crazy bug-loving entomologist in
                           September and enjoys reading, movies, gardening, and working with
the Stillwater Children’s Museum.

       Greg Broussard is a doctoral graduate student in the
Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at OSU.
Additionally, Broussard works as an Insect Keeper and Educational
Outreach Assistant at the OSU Insect Adventure, where he helps
maintains the Insect Zoo facility and performs hands-on
presentations with live arthropods for school and civic groups
throughout the state. Broussard has accepted a professorship at
Connors State College, OK, slated to begin this fall.
       Broussard received his B.S and M.S. degrees in Biology at
Midwestern State University. His M.S research was on spider diversity in the Chihuahuan
Desert, resulting in the discovery of two new species. He enjoys sports, hiking, camping, and
National Parks.

                                     Fire Protection
       Jared Mason - I am currently in the Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology
program here at Oklahoma State University. Once I have completed my bachelors degree, I am
planning on getting my masters degree. I am 24 years old and am from Ponca City, Oklahoma.

       Caleb Eytcheson-I am a freshman at Oklahoma State and I am
majoring in fire protection and safety technology with a minor in
emergency management. I really enjoy this degree and the
opportunities it will present me with upon my graduation.

                                   Randy Mashburn- I'm a junior in
                           the fire protection and safety technology
                           here at OSU. I am a member of the
                           Fire Protection Society and I expect to graduate May of 2010. My
                           hometown is Bixby Ok. I am not sure if I am going to go into
                           sprinkler design or safety.

                                     Matthew Cline- I have 5+ years on
the fire service including attending the fire academy and am ranked as a
lieutenant. I have an associate degree in Fire Science. I am also in the
United States military and have spent time overseas. Now that I am back
home I am pursuing a B.S. in Fire Protection Engineering and look
forward to a lifelong career in the fire service.

                                    Anna M. Cruse has a B.S. (1994) and M.S. (1997) in
                            Geological Sciences from the University of Missouri, and a Ph.D. in
                            Marine Geochemistry (2003) from the MIT/WHOI Joint Program. As
                            part of her PhD research, she sailed on the R/V Atlantis and did two
                            dives on the research submersible DSV Alvin. She was a Mendenhall
                            Postdoctoral Fellow with the United States Geological Survey
                            Central Energy Team from 2002-2005. She is currently an Assistant
                            Professor in the Boone Pickens School of Geology at Oklahoma State
                                    Anna is a sedimentary geochemist, with a particular focus on
                            metal-organic interactions and paleoenvironmental reconstruction.
Her students are conducting research in Turkey, Botswana, the Midcontinent (Devonian and
Pennsylvanian black shales) and the Texas Gulf Coast. The work being conducted by her
students and colleagues on rocks and sediments has important implications for issues ranging
from predicting the effects of future climate change, sequestration of carbon dioxide and
discovery of new oil and gas resources. She is also interested in the interactions between
dissolved metals and organic matter in modern surface and ground waters. This work is
important for understanding how certain contaminants, such as uranium, can be best
remediated when designing clean-up strategies.
        She teaches a wide range of classes, ranging from introductory environmental geology
for non-science majors to graduate-level organic geochemistry. At OSU, she serves as the
faculty advisor to a departmental organization for women geoscience students and the campus
Episcopal students organization. She and her students conduct several outreach activities with
local K-5 elementary schools throughout the year. She currently serves on the OSU College of
Arts and Sciences Faculty Council, the Board of Directors for the Association for Women
Geoscientists and is the Secretary for the Stillwater Soccer Club. She and her husband have two
daughters, and end up spending a lot of free time on the soccer and tee-ball fields.


                               Shelley Mitchell is an Extension Associate in 4H and Youth
                      Development in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape
                      Architecture, and is the state coordinator for the Junior Master Gardener
                      program. She previously spent nine years as a high school Science teach
                      in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

        David Hillock is an Assistant Extension Specialist in the Department of Horticulture and
Landscape Architecture, and is the state coordinator for the Master Gardener program. He also
assists with the Oklahoma Gardening television program and develops educational programs
for the consumer of home gardener.

                                      Interior Design
                            Paulette Hebert, Ph.D. is currently the Chris Salmon Professor in
                    the Department of Design, Housing and Merchandising at Oklahoma State
                    University. Dr. Hebert holds 20+ years of experience teaching interior
                    design, lighting and other courses concurrently with 30 years of experience
                    as a professional designer. She received the Ph.D., M.S. and Bachelor of
                    Interior Design degrees from Louisiana State University. Dr. Hebert was
                    licensed as an interior designer in Louisiana and served on the Louisiana
                    State Board of Examiners of Interior Designers for many years. She is the
                    recipient of over forty lighting and other design awards for work
throughout the United States
       Dr. Hebert has developed numerous continuing education seminars for designers,
architects and engineers. She has guest lectured at institutions and at national conferences
throughout the United States as well as in Mexico, Canada, Italy and Japan.

                                  Veterinary Medicine
                          Carolynn MacAllister is an Associate Professor, Director of
                   Veterinary Continuing Education, Interim Director of Veterinary Extension,
                   and Companion Animal Veterinary Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State
                   University. MacAllister is a Texas native who earned a double BS and DVM
                   at Texas A&M University. MacAllister serves on the American Veterinary
                   Medicine Association, Phi Zeta and American Association Extension
                   Veterinarians, she is also active on a number of College, University, State
                   and National Committees and task forces.
        Along with teaching Veterinary courses MacAllister organizes and works with a number
of conferences, short courses and programs with public school systems, such as Adopt-A-Vet
and Animals in the Classroom training. Her interests include: basic animal care for children and
adults and equine medicine and surgery.

        Douglas L. Step is a Food Animal Clinical Sciences Associate
Professor at Oklahoma State University. Step is an Illinois native who
earned his DVM at the University of Illinois. Step has also received
certification in Beef Cattle Production Management, Instructional
Effectiveness Training and Beef Quality Summit Course. Before joining
Oklahoma State University, Step worked in private practice and at the
University of Wisconsin.
        Step is a Diplomate of the American College of Large Animal
Internal Medicine and is currently involved with the American Veterinary Medical Association,
Academy of Veterinary Consultants, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, American
College of Veterinary Internal Medicine; the Society of Phi Zeta Honor Society, and The
Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association. Currently, Step teaches courses in Food Animal
Bioterrorism/Agroterrorism and Biosecurity, Food Animal Production Diseases and Vaccination
Programs, Stocker and Feedlot Production, Food Animal Cardiovascular, Hemolymphatic and
Respiratory diseases; along with speaking at national, state, and local meetings and
conferences. Dr. D.L. Step can be reached at dlstep@okstate.edu

                               Jill Brunker is originally from southwest Oklahoma and received
                       her bachelor’s of science degree in biological science. She completed
                       veterinary school in 2000. Brunker subsequently completed a one year
                       internship followed by a three year residency. She is now board certified
                       in small animal (dogs and cats) internal medicine and is an assistant
                       professor at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
                               Brunker enjoys the opportunity to instruct and guide veterinary
                       students as well as caring for her patients and their owners. In her free
                       time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young
children. They also have two dogs, two horses, two miniature horses and a donkey.

       Dr. Larry Stein, Associate Professor of Anatomy
-Iowa State University - BS Botany
-University of Illinois - Chicago Medical - PhD Anatomy
-Harvard - Post Doctoral - Reproductive Biology

                        Dr. Holly Evers, Graduate Training Associate of Veterinary Pathobiology

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