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                                               Essay Structure
    Essays come in many shapes and sizes, but for this unit, we are going to use a basic five paragraph essay

            o Thesis
        3 Body Paragraphs
            o _____________________
            o Rewording of claim
            o Reasons in separate sentences

     Starts with a ______________ that needs to be ___________catching and _______ in the reader.
       (See Essay Writing __________.)
     Next, give general statements (       ) that move the essay from ______________ to
     Setting up the ________________ made in your thesis. Explain the ___________________ of your
       theme or _________________.
     General statements give any background information needed, including ________________________
       and title of work in the _____________________ sentence. No ________________________ belongs in
       the introduction. (                               )
     Includes ________________________: ____________________ that you are proving (including
       _______________) and three _____________________ (can be ______________ titles or reasons) in
       _____________________________order or in order from least to most ______________________.

Thesis Statement
    Tells the reader how the writer will _________________________________ of the subject matter under
    Is a road ___________ for the paper; in other words, it tells the reader what to _____________ from the
       rest of the paper.
    Directly answers the question asked. A thesis is an _____________________ of a question or subject,
       _____ the _____________________ itself.
    Makes a claim that others might ________________.
    Is usually a single sentence at the _________________________________________.

        Four parts (in logical order)
           o Uniting theme
           o Reason 1
           o Reason 2
           o Reason 3

Body Paragraphs
    Paragraphs 2-4
    Develops the argument by elaborating on the parts of the thesis statement.
    Provides _________________, explanations, and _____________________.
    Follows the order created by the thesis statement.
    They should build on each other.
        Each paragraph needs an introduction sentence, which begins with a sophisticated
         _____________________ and contains the “reason” or _______________ title and the _____________.
        Then, include context, ______________ support with your ______________________of how it
         supports your claim, and a conclusion sentence that reminds reader of topic and ______________.

    The wrap-up of the entire argument.
    Begin with a transition and ONLY the ____________________.
    No need to ______________________, just restate them in different words (eg. Your three
      ________________or vignettes in same order). *Be sure to use different phrasings than before this
    Make sure the unifying theme for the details is made ___________________.
    Restate the thesis and end with a _________________!
    See Essay Writing 101 for wrap up sentence ideas.
    Should be five sentences minimum!

                                                           MLA Format
   _________________________________
    Provide guidelines for writing and documenting research.
   Purdue OWL
        o Choose MLA and input the ISBN number from back cover of book!

General Guidelines:
    ____________________
    12 point font
    1 inch margins on all sides of the paper, _____ alignment
    Double spaced (no extra spaces in between paragraphs) = _____ spacing
    ___________________
First Page

       Drew Brees

       21 Oct. 2012

       English II GT (or GS)

       Mrs. Burrows or Ms. Samuel

                                                 Practice Makes Champions

                 Every once in a while, a group of passionate people come together to accomplish feats. After Hurricane

       Katrina, the city of New Orleans needed some inspiration. In order to help New Orleanians overcome this

       catastophe, the people of the city had to come together in a unified effort. One example of this camaraderie is the

       New Orleans Saints football team, the 2010 Superbowl champions. However, becoming a champion requires hard

       work, determination, and focus.
Second Page

    Header on top right of the page
         Last name page number

Works Cited

                                                                                              Brees 3

                                       Works Cited (or Bibliography)

Brooks, Jonathan. “Sean Payton: Why I Think He Should be Coach of the Year.” Sports Illustrated. 29 Feb.
      2010: 35-39. Print.

Shockey, Jeremy. A Magical Season. 1st ed. New Orleans, LA: Red Stick Publishing, 2010. Print.

      Header: sequential after essay using only ___________name and page __________. *Change to Times
       New Roman 12 pt. font. Be sure to check the box for “Different first ________.
      Use ______________ indent. 1.0 spacing within entries and 2.0 spacing between entries.
      Sources are alphabetized WITHOUT bullets or other headings. Follows ____________format.

In-text Citations
     Every time a __________________ is used, an in-text citation must follow the sentence. (aka a
        parenthetical citation w/ the punctuation __________________ the closing parenthesis.

      Every time information is paraphrased and an ___________________ is used, an in-text citation must
           o Does not include _______________________

How to use in-text citations
   Sentence introducing direct quote “quoted words” (Author’s last name #).
   For ___________, use author’s last name page number (if there is more than one source in the essay).
   For ____________, use author’s last name and line numbers (Angelou lines 202-203). (Again if more
      than one author, include the last name).
   For ____________, use (Act.Scene.Line) as in (3.2.101-103).

       Example: Although nobody is certain what happened that day, one reporter believes that “the coach
       made all the difference” (Brooks 32).
      Brief introduction “quoted material,” explanation of the quote (Author’s last name #).

       In Brees’ opinion, “Jeremy was superstitious” and later explains that Shockey always follows the same
       pre-game routine (Brees 73).

    The colors of the New Orleans Saints are black and gold. *Why is no citation needed?

      He wanted to “beat up the opponents” and “finish the season by winning the Super bowl” (Brees 12 and

      Brees and the team went on a cross-country celebration tour, including the state of Indiana (Brooks 34-

Changes to Direct Quotes
   Direct quotes must fit into the ____________of the paper and make __________.
   In other words, the quote combined with your words must still be a complete sentence.
   In order to adjust verb tenses, pronouns, and other small grammar issues, use _____________________
     [ ].

       -Never before had Jeremy “see such determination from him” (Shocky 12). *AWKWARD!

       -Never before had Jeremy “see[n] such determination from [Brees]” (Shocky 12). *Tweaked for v.t.

      In order to omit parts of long quotes or __________________________, use brackets [ ] and an ellipsis
       … (only three dots, unless a period is needed afterwards, then it would be four dots.)

       -According to the head coach, his players had to “attend practice, unless one of them was hurt because
       then I would let them sit out, and eat with the team after the game” (Payton 28-29).
       -According to the head coach, his players had to “attend practice […] and eat with the team after the
       game” (Payton 28-29).

       (The bracket is used to indicate that YOU added it and that it is not part of the original text from which
       you are quoting.)

The House on Mango Street
    For this paper, you will not be using any outside resources. Therefore, your Works Cited page will only
      have one entry, ______________________.

      Because there will only be one entry, there is no need to use the __________________ in the in-text

       Esperanza felt like a “red balloon, a red balloon tied to an anchor” (9).

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