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									                               GWENDRAETH VALLEY MOTOR CLUB LTD.
1. All contenders must be fully paid up members of Gwendraeth Valley Motor Club and will automatically be
registered for points when competing on qualifying rounds of the various Championships.
2. The Championship year begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December of that year. All events held
within that period will be eligible for points.
3. Contenders must enter all events under Gwendraeth Valley Motor Club and display two official
Gwendraeth Valley Motor Club decals on their competing vehicle; one affixed to either side of the vehicle,
below the level of the roofline, and may not be defaced in anyway. Decals may be obtained from the
Membership Secretary or from any of the Championship Secretaries.
4. Each contender must enter the qualifying events as a member of Gwendraeth Valley Motor Club. The
championship co-ordinator will allocate points as soon as they are in receipt of the qualifying events entry list
and final results sheet. Points will be made available on the Club website as soon as they become available.
5. Rounds of the Gwendraeth Valley Motor Club Championship will mirror those events set as qualifying
rounds in the corresponding Welsh Association of Motor Clubs clubmans championships. Qualifying rounds
will be listed on the club website at
6. Points will be allocated as follows: -
Each Championship Contender will receive one point for starting an event, even if he/she is a non-finisher.
(Starting an event is receiving an actual time at MC1). Further points will be awarded depending upon the
number of Championship contenders entered the event. For example, if six drivers or co-drivers entered an
event and all finish, the points awarded would be: -
1st Position - 7 Points (1 point for starting the event and 1 point for every
championship contender entered).
2nd Position - 6 Points
3rd Position - 5 Points
4th Position - 4 Points
5th Position - 3 Points
6th Position - 2 Points
If however only four Championship contenders finish, the points will be allocated: -
1st Position - 7 Points
2nd Position - 6 Points
3rd Position - 5 Points
4th Position - 4 Points
with the two non-finishers receiving 1 point each for starting the event.
This means a championship contender can only gain 2 points from entering an event without any other
championship contender starting the event.
7. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by the number of first positions achieved during the year,
where at least two Championship contenders have finished the event, then the number of second positions,
number of thirds, etc. Any points queries, contenders should contact the relevant championship co-ordinator
listed below. The points will be made final on the 31st December.
8. All award winners must attend the Annual Dinner presentation in person, to receive their awards.
9. All overall winners will receive an award and a £25 voucher.
10. A copy of the championship rules will be available for inspection on the club website and the
notice board located at the club meeting venue.

                                                                                         January 2012
                                 Championship Coordinators

Sprint Secretary-            Wyn Edwards
                             Cynhei dre,
                             SA15 5YF
                             (01269) 860942

Road Rally Secretary –       Arfon Griffiths
                             07807 361073

Tarmacadam Stage Secretary – Martin Henry
                             Ymdrech Deg,
                             Meinciau Road,
                             SA17 4PH
                             (01554) 890886

Forestry Stage Secretary –   Kevin Hughes
                             6 Penllwynrhodyn Road
                             SA14 9NL
                             07968 555324

                                                                           January 2012

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