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                                                                             INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS

                                                    Linedata Hosting provides hosted delivery of Linedata’s entire
 − Over 20 Years Proven Hosting Experience          front- to back-office solutions, with no compromise in
                                                    functionality, service or support. Offering improved efficiencies,
 − Lowered Total Cost of Ownership                  reduced operational risk and overhead for the buy-side industry,
                                                    Linedata Hosting enhances firms’ return-on-investment with
 − Improved Product Release Quality
                                                    systems that are kept up to date, available and managed by
                                                    Linedata’s industry experts.
 − State-of-the-Art SSAE 16 Level II / ISAE
   4302 Data Centers
                                                    Linedata Hosting offers multiple levels of access, from the basic
 − Global, Robust, Scalable and Highly              application service provider (ASP) delivery model, where clients
   Available                                        access the system via a web-based deployment from a service
                                                    provider’s facility, up to a fully hosted solution with dedicated
 − Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity        servers and service personnel for maintenance, updates and
 − Dedicated Global Operations Team
   Available 24x7

 − Secure Network and Operational Controls
                                                    FROM THE SMALLEST TO THE LARGEST
                                                    Through access to this highly scalable solution, clients that use
 − Isolated Domain Authentication
                                                    Linedata Hosting span the globe and include financial institutions,
 − Client-Specific Data Controls
                                                    hedge funds, mutual funds, third party administrators, pension
                                                    funds, custodians and insurers. Linedata Hosting is suitable for
 − No “Lite” Version – Single Code                  major financial institutions and small start-up firms alike, and
                                                    uniquely, Linedata Hosting provides the entire IT infrastructure for
 − Regular Product and Hardware Upgrades            its solutions hosted at multiple SSAE 16 Level II / ISAE 4302
   and Maintenance Included                         compliant data centers in North America, UK, Europe and Asia.
                                                    Trusted by over 110 firms, clients of Linedata Hosting have access to
 − Fully Customizable
                                                    a team of dedicated technicians to manage interfaces, to provide
                                                    custom development and offer dedicated support and IT staff.
 − Deployed at the World’s Largest Global
   Institutions and Custodians
                                                    Linedata’s continued commitment to developing best-of-breed
                                                    products and services is evident through Linedata Hosting, allowing
                                                    firms to focus on managing their business, leaving the technology
                                                    burden to our experts.

                                               Copyright and sole property of Linedata

ABOUT LINEDATA                                        STABLE AND SCALABLE TECHNOLOGY
Linedata is a global solutions provider                                                      DEPLOYED       LINEDATA
with 700 clients operating in 50 countries.                                                                 HOSTING
                                                       Dedicated Global Operations
With more than 900 employees across the
                                                       Team Available 24x7                                     
globe, Linedata is dedicated to the
investment      management       and    credit
community. Linedata has been at the service
                                                       Global, Robust and Scalable                             
of the financial industry from day one, and
                                                       State of the Art SSAE 16 Level II/
applies its market and client insight to
provide innovative and tailored mission-
                                                       ISAE 4302 certified data centers                         
critical software and services that help its
                                                       Disaster Recovery and Business
clients grow. As a pioneer for over 20 years
                                                       Continuity                                               
with the set-up of hosting infrastructure for
the financial industry, Linedata has preached          Hardware and software
and spread this model throughout the global            upgrades, maintenance and                                
financial community, for its full range of             Dedicated servers
products. Headquartered in France, Linedata                                                                     
achieved revenues of EUR 137.8 million in              IT Administration
2011. Linedata is listed on Euronext Paris
FR0004156297-LIN - Reuters LDSV.LN -                   High availability
Bloomberg LIN:FP.
                                                       Available test regions

                                                      HOSTED DELIVERY FROM FRONT TO BACK
                                                      Linedata can deliver its entire front-to-back office solution as an
                                                      integrated, hosted offering, including:
                                                          • Linedata Longview, a powerful, electronic, global, multi-
                                                              asset class order management system developed to support
                                                              the needs of portfolio managers, traders, compliance officers
                                                              and operations personnel.
                                                          • Linedata Lynx, a full service electronic trading package,
                                                              which includes FIX connectivity, broker certification
                                                              services and monitoring and support services for Linedata
 LINEDATA                                                 • Linedata Beauchamp, a suite of hedge fund-specific
                                                              products that manages investment workflows for portfolio
 Northern Europe: + 44 (0)20 7469 8600
                                                              managers and traders.
 Southern Europe: + 33 (0)1 46 11 70 00
                                                          • Linedata Compliance, a global compliance monitoring and
 North America: + 1 617 912 4700
                                                              risk management system, which focuses on the complex
 Asia: + 852 35 83 7900
                                                              business requirements and workflows of compliance officers
 Contact us:                         • Linedata Reporting, a robust reporting package seamlessly
 or visit:                                   integrated with every component in Linedata’s comprehensive
                                                          • Linedata Mfact, Linedata Icon and Linedata Chorus are our
                                                              diversified and global back office accounting solutions to
                                                              support all your operations.
                                                          • Linedata Mshare, and Linedata Icon Retail provide fund
                                                              managers, third-party administrators and back office
                                                              executives with robust administration and accounting tools.

                                                 Copyright and sole property of Linedata

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