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					                         KNAPP eFRIDAY NEWSLETTER
                         October 8th to 21st, 2010
               Don’t forget – NO SCHOOL MONDAY, 10/11

                                                           Dear Knapp Families:

                                                           So much for FALL! The weather broke
                                                           rather quickly this year and
                                                           temperatures are falling fast. Please be
                                                           sure the children come to school
                                                           dressed for the weather. Also, if you
                                                           have some gently used clothes you
                                                           could spare at home, later in this news
                                                           letter you will find opportunities to
                                                           donate to some needy local families.

                                                           Technology is always presenting some
                                                           new gadget that has the potential to
                                                           make life easier and usually grabs the
                                                           attention of our children. With those
                                                           “cool” technological devices comes a
                                                           great deal of risk. To help educate our
                                                           families on the risks of the Internet,
                                                           Detective Pat Hanrahan will be joining
                                                           us at our October Home & School
                                                           Meeting to share some of the latest
                                                           information with all of us. The night will
                                                           be our 5th P.A.S.S. workshop, where
                                                           parents and staff will share open
Click Calendar Image to Proceed to Full Knapp Calendar

dialogue in the best interests of our children’s Internet Safety. Hope to see you here in the Knapp
IMC on Monday, October 25th.

If you are a 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th grader, you should be spending some time each week testing your
newly learned skills on studyisland.com. Each student has a username and password and can log
on anywhere with an Internet connection. If you are unsure of which skills your child should be
practicing at home, click here to find this work has been done for you already. Good luck and go
for the B:UE RIBBON!!

Can’t make it over to Knapp? See the first month of school in pictures here! KnappTV returns this
week. Watch student council members Brittany and Nicole talk about upcoming events such as
Grade 3-6 Family Reading Night, our Environmental Club, the upcoming Fall Festival, RESPECT for
those around us and more. View today’s show from our Family Engagement Wiki here.

Kindest Regards,
Joe Mazza

Two Weeks of Character Counts Winners…
 Michael Benedict for helping a friend in art
 Jared Sands for completing his classwork
 James Fitzgerald for waiting patiently for others
 Kaelan Daly for her honesty
 Abby Broadhead for helping the substitute when Ms. Lee was gone
 Aidan Daly for sharpening his pencils
 Dillon Rowland for studying for social studies
 Charlie Harris for volunteering to join another team to make things even
 Nikki Willits for making good choices
 Markese Williams for holding the door for Mrs. Shaw
 Daniel Thomas for helping classmates at dismissal time
 Melleny Shajahan for helping kindergarten at dismissal time
 Jake Bavuso for being “out of this world” in science
 Tierra Page for making an amazing and responsible decision
 Kevin Kawano for helping a friend
 Kathleen Stevenson for sharing a pencil with someone
 Joey Silva for being responsible

 Top 5 Parenting Tips on Raising a Respectful Child
    1. You’ve heard it before but the most important thing when dealing with a child
       having, or about to throw a tantrum or any unwanted behavior is to stay calm.
       Learn to monitor your own behavior. With just a little practice you will know when
       you are about to blow your top! Take a step back, take a deep breath, gain your
       own composure and then you will be ready to take care of the kids. Stay calm
       and in charge and you will get your way much more effectively.
    2. Always attempt to get down to eye-level with the kids. Place your hand on the
       child’s arm or back when communicating calmly. This helps them to understand
       that you are not attempting to be an authority, but that you really love them and
       are teaching them how to calm down.
    3. Firm consistency is the answer to reducing any child’s behavior problems. 
       need to stay caring and calm, with a consistent approach to resolving problems.
       When your child is not listening or even misbehaves purposefully, you set
       consequence, not a punishment, and stick to it!
    4. Children look to you for your assistance and support. They learn by making
       mistakes, and suffering the consequences the same way adults do. If you calmly
       explain the reasons behind your requests and demands, it will give your kids more
       to think about. 
 When your child misbehaves, it is not a judgment on you or your
       parenting. Children will always test your resolve! It is your job to continue to
       teach, guide and model proper behavior.

          Knapp Elementary School      215.368.2054     www.npenn.org/knapp
  5. Finally, Give yourself TONS of credit!       Parenting is not always fun and easy!
     It’s challenging, and pushes you to grow, brings great joy and is the best thing
     you’ll ever do! Your efforts WILL be rewarded!

                            Knapp Elementary Literacy Night

             Explore New Worlds - Read!
                             Thursday October 14, 2010
                                   6:30-8:30 PM
                             Knapp Elementary School
                                    Grades 3-6                                      ???
         Enter to win a                                                      Find your perfect
         Barnes &                                                           book match – take a
         Noble                                                                reading review!
         gift card!

Parents and students are invited to learn more about different types of
literature in a fun, and informative atmosphere. Come and learn about . . .

                         fantastical places like "Hogwarts"!
                         mysterious clues like "Chet Gecko's lunch bag"!
                         realistic problems like "report card grades"!
                         historical events like "the Civil War"!
                         poetic rhythm like "Jack Prelutsky"!
                         facts about people and places like "rain forests"!

                  Parents are encouraged to donate any additional used books to the
                  NEW Knapp Shared Library.

                                        Bring a favorite “used”
                                          book and exchange it
                                        for a new “used” book!!

        Knapp Elementary School         215.368.2054       www.npenn.org/knapp

Our "Yankee Candle" Catalog Fundraiser has begun!!!
Your child has brought home a catalog packet featuring Yankee Candles
and Holiday Gift Wrap. Yankee Candles make great holiday gifts,
housewarming gifts, and teacher gifts.
-Enjoy the scented pages of your favorite candle,
just scratch & sniff.
-The Fall/Holiday brochure can be viewed online
at www.yankeefundraising.com
http://www.yankeefundraising.comfor out of town
friends and family.
-Look for the $10 coupon on the back of the prize
brochure to be used in Yankee Candle stores - not
in this fundraiser.
The sale ends October 18th and goods will be
delivered before Thanksgiving.

Please support Knapp School by participating in

       Knapp Elementary School   215.368.2054   www.npenn.org/knapp
this fundraiser. Thank You !!!

        Knapp Elementary School   215.368.2054   www.npenn.org/knapp

Knapp Elementary School   215.368.2054   www.npenn.org/knapp

              5th Annual

                      Friday, November 5th, 2010
                              6 pm- 9 pm
                  Location: KNAPP ELEMENTARY GYM
                  698 Knapp Rd. Lansdale, PA 19446

Come out and support our annual vendor & craft show and get a
 jump on your holiday shopping! Vendors will have various crafts
        and goods available for all your gift-giving needs.
      Stop by our RAFFLE tables & see what you could win!
                          REFRESHMENTS by:
               For additional information please go to:
                                    Wiki address

****If you still haven't returned your book or money, please do so as soon as
possible, thank you!

        Knapp Elementary School   215.368.2054     www.npenn.org/knapp

                         KNAPP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                              HOLIDAY SHOP

                            Friday, November 5th from 6pm – 9pm
                            Location: KNAPP ELEMENTARY GYM

Your Home & School Association is seeking your help for our Holiday Shopping Event on
Friday, November 5th. There are a number of ways you could help. We need help with:
advertising including putting up yard-signs & flyers, set-up the day of the event, people to help
staff tables during the event and help with clean up after the event. If you are available to
assist in any way, please fill out the bottom portion of this form and return it by October 8th to
the attention of Home & School – Holiday Shop. Setup times are: after school Friday,
beginning at about 3pm in the Gym. Questions? Ideas? Contact Kim Sands at: 215-412-
3181 pchefkim@comcast.net OR Maria Lohan at: 215-361-1659 marialohan@msn.com

       Please return by Friday, October 8th -Attn: Home & School - Holiday Shop
Name: _______________________________

I can help with the following:
       ____Placing signs in the following location(s): my yard, I live on (street
       name):____________________ my workplace: _________________________
       another location : _____________________________
       ____Posting flyers in my area/at places I frequent (copies avail. via email or KN office)
       ____Setting-up tables Friday afternoon, 3:30-6pm.
       ____Decorating Committee
       ____Friday Evening general helper
       ____Staff a table: hourly shifts starting at 5pm (please circle) - 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm
       ____Cleaning up Friday Evening beginning at 9pm
       ____Donating Indoor or Outdoor decorations (please circle the type) – they should be
       generic, winter-themed items (snowmen, icicles, snowflakes, etc). If you wish items to be
       returned, please be sure your name is on them.

If there is another way you’d like to help, please indicate it here &/or contact Kim or
________________________________________________________________________THANK YOU!!!

          Knapp Elementary School         215.368.2054        www.npenn.org/knapp

                             HOLIDAY FAMILY PORTRAITS

                   By Dlutz Photography, Inc.

                                           Would you like to have a
                                             family portrait
                                   or a picture of the kids for the holidays?

                                   Dlutz Photography will be taking pictures during
                                   our 5th annual Knapp Holiday Shopping Night on
                                   Friday Nov. 5th from 6-9pm.

There will be 11 spots available in each time slot: (6-7, 7-8 and 8-9pm). Please
return the bottom coupon with sitting fee and preference of a time slot.

You may view and approve the digital proof after your picture is taken. All
pictures should be returned to you before Thanks giving break.

Packages range in price from $18 - $28 & greeting cards are available for $1.35
or $1.10 each, depending on quantity ordered.

A sitting fee of $5.00 will reserve your spot, please make payable to Knapp H & S.
Dlutz Photography is donating all sitting fees to Knapp.

Family Name: _______________________
Phone # or e-mail:_____________________________
Time slot: 1st pref:__________ 2nd pref:___________
Any questions please contact:

Jennifer Marshall – jenniferbmarshall@hotmail.com OR
Maria Lohan – marialohan@msn.com

   **** Return to home and school mailbox by Nov. 2nd.****

         Knapp Elementary School     215.368.2054     www.npenn.org/knapp
Dear Knapp Families,

Knapp Home & School Association is hosting a “Used Clothing Collection”
to benefit those in need and to help raise money at the same time. As you
are changing your wardrobes for the fall/winter seasons, we will happily
take all of the clothing that your little one(s) may have outgrown, or any
other items in your closets that you no longer use. Items we are looking for
include: men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and gently worn shoes,
linens, stuffed animals and hard toys. You can drop your items off in tightly
sealed plastic bags in the Knapp lobby the evening of Thursday October
14th (Gr. 3-6 Family Reading Night) and until 5:00 pm on Friday October

If you have any questions, please contact Lilian Harrell at: (215)284-3296 or

Thank you for your support!

             Teamwork, Creativity, Problem Solving, Cooperation,
                   Friendships, Fun, and so much more!

Knapp Elementary School wants you! Are you interested in problem
solving? Friendship? Team Work Skills? If so, contact the Knapp office and
we will direct you to other interested families. Signing up now just shows you
are interested in an OM team, it does not guarantee a team right now.
Parents and Teachers are also needed to be coaches or judges.(You can
get act 48 credits as a teacher if you coach a team)

(Knapp Elementary is also looking for a coordinator to help keep this
wonderful club afloat for its 3rd year)

Contact the office at 215.853.1510 for more info on the upcoming interest session.

         Knapp Elementary School      215.368.2054     www.npenn.org/knapp

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