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                                              ‘Second Disney’                                                                                                                               GUEST COLUMN
                                                                                                                                                                                       classic types
                                              in big trouble?                                                                                                                          of workplace
                                                      he Scripps Research Institute         nomic development grant to pay
                        Pitts                         deal is in trouble — tied up in
                                                      lawsuits filed by anti-growth
                                                                                            for salaries for Scripps workers,
                                                                                            and Palm Beach County — where
                                                                                                                                         THE PUBLIC SECTOR                             By Francie Dalton
                                                      environmental groups.                 the firm decided to locate after                                                           Dalton Alliances Inc.

                                                    No one has a crystal ball powerful      doing a search of the state —                                                                   n any workplace, there are seven
                                              enough to foretell how this one will          agreed to pay about $200 million                                                                classic styles of behavior:
                                              end. Possible outcomes range from             to build facilities for Scripps. It                                                             Commander, Drifter, Attacker,
                                              Scripps establishing its research center      was set to be the biggest govern-                                                               Pleaser, Performer, Avoider and
                                              at the originally planned site in western     ment incentive package for a sin-                                                          Analytical. When at their worst, and
                                              Palm Beach County all the way to              gle business in Florida history.                                                           depending on whether the individual is
                                                                                                                                                                                       your subordinate or your boss, each of
                                              Scripps leaving Florida altogether.                 Now it appears the promise                             Larry Thornberry              these styles of behavior make you vul-
                                                    The Scripps deal was announced          of more than a half billion govern-                          Florida Real Estate Journal
                                              with maximum fanfare in the fall of           ment dollars may not be enough                                                             nerable in different ways.
                                              2003. Gov. Jeb Bush and economic              to make the project happen. The
                                              development officials from across the         deal doesn’t impress the Florida             said after a Dec. 7 Cabinet meeting.          Commanders
                                              state were involved in enticing the San       Wildlife Federation, 1000 Friends of         “The decision was made to go to Palm                Demanding and domineering,
                                              Diego-based Scripps Research Institute,       Florida, the Loxahatchee River Coalition     Beach because they thought they could         Commanders are the stereotypical con-
                                              a flagship biomedical research firm, to       and a group formed by former state           recruit would-class scientists and they       trol freaks. Bossy and abrupt to the
                                              set up a similar operation in Florida.        representative and Boca Raton lawyer         could raise a lot of money from the pri-      point of rudeness, they’re crisp and
                                              The hope was that Scripps — a huge            Barry Silver, called the Palm Beach          vate sector and philanthropy.”                direct, and not terribly tactful. They
                                              enterprise — would be a prosperity            County Environmental Coalition.              Maybe so.                                     don’t intend offense. It’s just that
                                              machine for Florida, creating thousands       Beginning in late August, they went to             If Scripps is driven out of the state   they’re otherwise mentally engaged, and
                                              of high-paying research jobs at Scripps       court. As a result, the done deal is         by delaying lawsuits, it would be a           the softer side of human interaction
                                              and at the other biomedical firms that        floundering.                                 major victory for anti-growth forces,         isn’t a priority for them.
                                              would coalesce around the Scripps                   Sources close to the controversy       and could well mark Florida as a less               As your boss, the Commander
      “Time is the coin of your life. It is   campus.                                       say there is still a good chance the         desirable place for business and indus-       makes you vulnerable by not delegating
the only coin you have, and only you                So convinced was Bush of the eco-       Scripps project will be built on the         try to try to locate. A lot is at stake.      substantive assignments. To get such
can determine how it will be spent. Be        nomic magic that Scripps Florida could        Mecca site, but none of them are put-        One lawsuit attempting to block the           assignments, you’ll need to work to
careful lest you let other people spend       produce, he compared Scripps’ coming          ting their mortgage money on it. The         South Florida Water Management                earn the Commander’s trust. Do this by
it for you.”                                  here to the arrival of “a second              project booster projecting the most          District from issuing water-use permits       looking for every opportunity to
                         Carl Sandburg,       Disney.” Very big medicine indeed.            confidence is Jeb Bush. “At the end of       for the proposed Mecca Farms site —           demonstrate initiative in ways that show
             U.S. biographer and poet         Bush was able to persuade the Florida         the day, all this complicated land use       formerly orange groves 18 miles west          you’re thinking as the Commander
                         (1878 - 1967)        Legislature in special session to vote to     stuff will subside, and world-class sci-                                                   would.
                                              spend $310 million from a federal eco-        entists will be front and center,” Bush           ■ See SCRIPPS, Page 20                         As your subordinate, Commanders
                                                                                                                                                                                       may exhibit behavior that you interpret

                                              Dedicated account managers                                                                                                               as an attempt to take over your job, but
                                                                                                                                                                                       which in their view is merely a demon-
                                                                                                                                                                                       stration of initiative and drive. Delegate

                                              enhance security operations                                                                                                              substantively to your Commander sub-
                                                                                                                                                                                       ordinate. Articulate the desired result,
                                                                                                                                                                                       and then stand aside and let them fig-
                                              By Mike Melhorn
                                                                                                                        SECURITY UPDATE
                                                                                                                                                                                       ure out the “how to’s.”
                                              Allied-Barton Security Services, Tampa                                                                                                         Value and validate Commanders

                                                         as your security officer pro-                                                                                                 for their ability to overcome obstacles,
                                                         gram grown both in size and        billing, we have a dedicated account         What are the benefits?                        to implement, and to achieve results.
                                                         responsibilities? Today’s eco-     manager responsible for the overall
                                                                                                                                               The benefits of having a dedicated
                                                         nomic requirements can             management of the security program in
                                                                                                                                         account manager include:                      Drifters
                                              impact the hours-per-week coverage            these three buildings.
                                                                                                                                               ■ On-site accountability                      Free spirited and easy going, dis-
                                              that your security program demands. It              The results have been excellent.
                                                                                                                                               ■ Singular focus                        organized and impulsive, Drifters are
                                              also can impact the management and            Communication with the property man-
                                              the ability to have a successful and pro-                                                        ■ Greater customization                 virtually antithetical to Commanders.
                                                                                            agers is enhanced, as is service delivery
                                                                                                                                               ■ Enhanced performance and              They have difficulty with structure of
                                              ductive security program.                     and support. Although it took some
                                                                                                                                         service delivery                              any kind, whether it relates to rules,
                                                                                            time to sell the idea of a billable dedi-                                                  work hours or deadlines. Although
                                                                                                                                               ■ On-site training resource
                                              What is a dedicated                           cated account manager, the client has
                                                                                                                                               ■ Immediate management                  warm and friendly, their behavior can
                                                                                            seen the return on their investment
                                              account manager?                              over and over, as well as very positive
                                                                                                                                         response                                      be a source of extreme exasperation for
                                                    This security professional, in                                                             ■ Asset-to-facility management          their workplace colleagues.
                                                                                            tenant feedback.                                                                                 As your boss, the Drifter makes
                                              essence, becomes your security direc-                                                      team
                                                                                                  General guidelines for considera-                                                    you vulnerable by not providing any
                                              tor. A dedicated account manager is                                                              ■ Improved client intimacy
                                                                                            tion of a dedicated account manager                                                        structure. To cope successfully, you’ll
                                              typically a client-billed, salaried profes-                                                      ■ On-site management of client
                                                                                            include:                                                                                   need to provide your own structure.
                                              sional that is responsible for the day-to-                                                 processes
                                                                                                  ■ Multiple sites                                                                     The bad news is that you’ll have to
                                              day management of your security pro-                                                             ■ Lower turnover
                                                                                                  ■ 504 to 1,000 hours per week                                                        write your own job description, your
                                              gram. Not to be confused with a site                                                             ■ MIS and technology resources
                                                                                            single-site accounts should at least                                                       own performance review, etc. The good
                                              supervisor, the dedicated account man-                                                     on-site
                                                                                            explore the option for a dedicated                                                         news is that they’ll sign and approve
                                              ager is not a working security officer or                                                        ■ Improved understanding of
                                                                                            account manager                                                                            pretty much anything you write.
                                              supervisor.                                                                                client and tenant requirements
                                                                                                  ■ 1,000 and greater hours per                                                              As your subordinate, Drifters
                                                                                            week at multiple sites should have, as             ■ Enhanced communication                make you vulnerable by causing others
                                              Who should consider a                         mandatory, a dedicated account man-                ■ Client security consultant.           to question your managerial effective-
                                              dedicated manager?                            ager                                               The philosophy and practices are        ness. To successfully manage a Drifter,
                                                    Allied-Barton has accounts from               If you fall into one or more of        proven. Again, if your existing security      you have to keep assignments short,
                                              336 hours per week that have utilized a       these categories, you may wish to ask        provider has not suggested this               provide lots of fun and variety, flexible
                                              dedicated account manager. As an              your current security provider if they       approach in the past, perhaps you might       work schedules, etc. Others may ques-
                                              example, we have a client that has            have the resources to provide a dedi-        want them to address the possibility of a     tion why you’re treating the Drifter dif-
                                              awarded us three Class A office build-        cated account manager and can                dedicated account manager and develop         ferently than others. Your response
                                              ings. In order to provide uniformity in       demonstrate where they have been suc-        a program and investment versus bene-         must be that you manage everyone as
                                              scheduling, training, employee support,       cessful with this service delivery option.   fits analysis for future consideration.          ■ See BEHAVIOR, Page 24

January 1-15, 2005                                                                                         Page 4                                                                               FLORIDA REAL ESTATE JOURNAL

From Page 4
individuals, while simultaneously ensur-       grow and develop. It’s useless to attempt      the wallflowers of the world. They cre-     pushing a fear-based individual toward        make you vulnerable by overwhelming
ing that work products are completed           to persuade Pleasers to criticize you; so      ate warm, cozy nest-like environments       increased responsibility.                     you with information. Manage this by
to spec.                                       you’ll need to get such feedback from          and prefer to work alone. If forced to            Value and validate your Avoider         highlighting selected sections of the
       Value and validate the Drifter for      other relevant internal colleagues.            work on a team or committee, they           for their reliability, for their meticulous   data, asking meaningful questions, and
their innovation and creativity, their abil-         As your subordinate, Pleasers            speak only to validate what others have     attention to your instructions, and for       expressing appreciation that you can
ity to improvise on a moment’s notice,         make you vulnerable by subordinating           said. Any type of criticism makes them      getting the job done right the first time,    rely on him/her for fluency with the
and their out-of-the-box thinking.             what’s best for the company to the             feel threatened and insecure. They fear     every time.                                   entire document.
                                               maintenance of relationships. If keep-         taking initiative, and shun increased                                                           Value and validate your Analytical
Attackers                                      ing you informed will get someone else         responsibility because of the attendant     Analyticals                                   for their commitment to accuracy, and
                                               in trouble, they’ll feign ignorance to         visibility and accountability. They’ll do                                                 for their ability to anticipate and evalu-
       Angry and hostile, cynical and                                                                                                           Cautious, precise and diligent,
                                               protect the other person. To manage            precisely what they’re told — no more,                                                    ate risk far enough in advance to allow
grouchy, Attackers are often the most                                                                                                     Analyticals are the personification of
                                               this, you’ll need to continually stress        it’s true, but no less either.                                                            risks to be reduced.
demoralizing influence in the work-                                                                                                       procrastination, checking everything
                                               the concept of the “greater good.”                    As your boss, the Avoider makes                                                          Of course, these descriptions are
place. They are highly critical of others                                                                                                 thrice. They even proof-read photo-
                                                     Value and validate Pleasers for the      you vulnerable by not taking on any new                                                   general and stereotypical. Some of your
in public, using demeaning and conde-                                                                                                     copies. It is this near obsession with
                                               way they humanize the workplace, and           or high-profile projects through which                                                    associates might seem to fit a particular
scending tones. Attackers view them-                                                                                                      detail that incapacitates Analyticals in
                                               for their helpful, collaborative work style.   you could distinguish yourself. Manage                                                    profile exactly, while others may reflect
selves as superior to others, continually                                                                                                 times of urgency. No matter what new
                                                                                              this by seeking opportunities to become                                                   a combination of several styles. There is
expressing contempt and disgust for the                                                                                                   idea anyone has, Analyticals have
                                               Performers                                     a member of selected teams within the                                                     no cookie-cutter approach to dealing
incompetence and inadequacy of their                                                                                                      scores of reasons why it won’t work
                                                                                              organization, or by volunteering to take                                                  with human behavior; but these tips
fellow workers.                                      Flamboyant and loud, jovial and                                                      and shouldn’t be done. They’re socially
                                                                                              on special assignments for others.                                                        should help you customize your inter-
       As your boss, the Attacker makes        entertaining, Performers are often the                                                     awkward, and prefer to distance them-
                                                                                                     As your subordinate, Avoiders                                                      actions to optimize workplace results.
you vulnerable by pushing you to the           most favorite personality in the work-                                                     selves from people.
                                                                                              make you vulnerable by not taking any
point that you lose your composure. To         place. Their wit and mental quickness                                                            As your boss, Analyticals make you
                                                                                              initiative whatsoever. This can be so                                                          Francie Dalton (fmdalton@dal -
manage this, you’ll need to minimize           makes us laugh. They charm and delight                                                     vulnerable by not letting you out from
                                                                                              frustrating as to make you lose your                                             is founder and
your time with this person, ignore the         others with ambassadorial sophistica-
                                                                                              temper. Doing so, however, is disabling     under the microscope. You’ll need to          president of Dalton Alliances Inc.
belittling comments, consistently pro-         tion. Performers are self-promoting hus-
                                                                                              and unproductive for your Avoider.          earn your way to increased independ-          (, a busi -
viding android-like responses. If you          tlers who use others as stepping stones
                                                                                              Instead, understand that you’ll always      ence by making sure the work you sub-         ness consultancy specializing in the
cannot bring yourself to do this, you          on their path to the limelight. They cre-
                                                                                              need to provide detailed instructions,      mit is error free.                            communication, management and
need to report to someone else —               ate a false impression of their productiv-
                                                                                              and don’t expect to be successful in              As your subordinate, Analyticals        behavioral sciences.
because going toe-to-toe with an               ity by claiming ownership of high-profile
Attacker, unless you are made of very          projects, and they try to inflate their sta-
strong stuff, isn’t advisable.                 tus by always seeming to be in a hurry to      PRICE
       As your subordinate, Attackers          get to something important.                    From Page 3
decimate the morale of the rest of your              As your boss, the Performer won’t        year. The South Atlantic states were        es over four quarters” noted Amy Crews        and San Diego together saw more than
staff. To leverage this vulnerability, reas-   remember, much less acknowledge                fourth in growth with an annual appre-      Cutts, Freddie Mac’s deputy chief econ-       575,000 jobs disappear over a period
sign work to minimize others’ interac-         your contributions to work outcomes.           ciation rate of 14%.                        omist. “This means that the wealth-           of three and a half years — house
tion with the Attacker, counsel others on      They’ll also try mightily to avoid                   The Mountain states followed with     building benefits from homeownership          prices should not see significant
how to cope successfully with Attacker         accountability for any negative outcome        an annual home-price growth rate of         are being enjoyed broadly across the          declines.
behavior, and evaluate the cost/benefit        by blaming you. You’ll need to docu-           10.9%. After the Mountain states, the       U.S., not just among those living in the            “We are forecasting annual home
of keeping the Attacker on board.              ment every instruction, and keep a             West North Central states posted an         prime locations.                              price appreciation nationally at 8 per-
       Value and validate the Attacker for     record of your achievements.                   increase of 8.8%, followed by the East            “The house price gains lead to the      cent in 2005,” Cutts said.
their ability to take on the ugly, unpop-            As your subordinate, Performers          North Central states with an increase of    natural question of whether these gains             “Strong home sales and higher
ular assignments no one else has the           make you vulnerable by distorting the          7.6%. Finally, the East South Central       are sustainable. Thus far, the annual         home values should propel purchase
mettle to do, and for their ability to         truth to make themselves look good.            states showed gains of 5.8% while the       growth rates are largely consistent with      money mortgage originations to anoth-
make unemotional decisions.                    Don’t take action on anything the              West South Central states ended the list    the market fundamentals of low interest       er record high next year — at around
                                               Performer tells you until you have veri-       with a 4.5% annual growth rate.             rates, a lack of buildable land that          $1.52 trillion, up from 2004’s estimat-
Pleasers                                       fied the facts! Link incentives to                   “The CMHPI regional series has        restricts the amount of new supply hit-       ed $1.47 trillion — but total mortgage
     Thoughtful, pleasant and helpful,         improved teamsmanship.                         shown house price appreciation in           ting the market, and job growth. I am         originations will likely fall a bit due to
pleasers are easy to get along with on a             Value and validate your Performer        every Census division for 32 consecu-       hesitant to use the word bubble               smaller refinance volumes with the pre-
personal level. They view their work           for their ability to establish new rela-       tive quarters and since 2000 we haven’t     because the fundamentals are still            dicted rise in interest rates. Purchases
associates as extended family members,         tionships, and for their persuasive and        seen any notable year-over-year losses      strong, but it is hard to believe that        of single-family houses will likely top
and have a high need for socialization         public speaking skills.                        in home values in the 163 metro areas       these very large increases will continue.     7.8 million units in 2004, and we are
at work. Pleasers can’t handle conflict.                                                      covered by the CMHPI except for San         However, absent significant job losses        expecting more than 7.6 million in
     As your boss, Pleasers won’t give         Avoiders                                       Jose, Calif., which was affected by the     in a region — like we saw in California       combined new and existing homes
you the critical feedback you need to               Quiet and reserved, Avoiders are          fall of the sector and saw loss-    in the early 1990s when Los Angeles           sales in 2005.”

January 1-15, 2005                                                                                           Page 24                                                                             FLORIDA REAL ESTATE JOURNAL

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