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									ICCD Newsletter
Islamic Center of The Capital District

A note from the editor
B y Azra Ha qqie
 Assalam alaikum. This is the     New Orleans following Hur-       time about her thoughts on
 fourth issue of the ICCD         ricane Katrina. The young        interfaith and about the Chil-
 Newsletter. Alhumdulillah,       man makes us aware how           dren of the Well, an inter-
                                                                                                    Volume 1, Issue 4
 we have managed to put out       one can serve fellow human       faith storytelling group for
 one issue every three            beings in the country.           youth that she participated
 months, thanks to the sub-                                        in. We invite other youth to     Summer 2008
 missions from the commu-         Brother Saeed Khan pens          submit articles on contem-
 nity and the efforts of the      the trustee column for this      porary topics.
 newsletter team. We were         issue and shares his
 nervous when we undertook        thoughts about the signifi-      Our Readers' Response
 this responsibility and we       cance of interfaith activities   question ("What would make
 are grateful for your support.   and how there are common-        the youth come to the
 We appreciate the positive       alities in Judaism, Christian-   mosque?") did not bring in
 feedback we have received        ity and Islam. He stresses       the e-mails we had hoped
 regarding the newsletter.        how important it is to learn     for. We thank Shuaib Khan
 We welcome comments and          from other religions and also    for his response. If you
 submissions. If you would        share a little about Islam.      would like a question fea-
 like to write for the newslet-                                    tured in a future newsletter,
 ter, or to submit a commu-                                        please forward it to us.
 nity announcement, please        From this issue, we intro-
 give us a call at 462-3671 or    duce participation in the        We have a lot of community
 e-mail:                          newsletter by students of        announcements this time,         Inside this issue:
                                  the ICCD Weekend School.         including awards and hon-
 newsletter@iccdny.org            They chose to write com-                                          Diary of a German Muslim   2
                                                                   ors received by community-
 In this issue, Brother Mah-      ments about Father's Day,        members. Also, we include        Starting Young             3
 moud ElFayoumy, who fills        to complement those about        announcements by the
 in as imam on the Jummah         Mother's Day in the last is-     ICCD Board of Trustees.          Spring Break 2007          4
 rotation schedule, writes        sue from students of AnNur
 about what inspired Murad        School. And fifth graders at     And a big thank you, local       ICCD Interfaith activity   5
 Hofmann of Germany to            AnNur School have submit-        business owners, for adver-      Earth day                  6
 study Islam and eventually       ted their responses on "Why      tising in the newsletter. We
 embrace the religion.            We Should Take Care of the       appreciate your business.        Father’s Day               7
                                  Earth." We are publishing
 In our "Serving the Commu-       one essay.                       Your ICCD Newsletter team:       ICCD announcements         8
 nity" column, Dartmouth                                           Zohra Ahmed, Azra Haqqie,
 College student Kareem           Samar Khan, a high school        Nesrin Morsy, Sherif Mo-         Community announcements    9
 Niazi shares his experi-         student at Niskayuna High,       hamed and Maliha Nazeer.
 ences during cleanup in          writes for us again---this                                        Ads                        10
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From the Diary of a German Muslim
by Mahmoud El Fayoumy, Niskayuna

                   In June of 1951 in a hospital in    started studying their religious   during the time of struggle,
                   Holy Springs, Miss., a surgeon      book, the Qur’an. I have never     from his confidence in Allah’s
                   was injecting morphine into the     stopped reading it, to this very   victory, and from his desire to
                   body of a deadly car accident       day.”                              achieve his goal to conclude
                   victim when he said, "Normally                                         his life as a Muslim. Allah says
                   in this kind of car accidents the   What Dr. Hofmann said sheds        in the Holy Qur’an: “O who you
                   survival rate is really very low;   light on some important points:    believe, observe your duty to
                   God must have saved you for                                            Allah with right observance and
                   something special.” Lying in                                           do not die except as Muslims”
   The             bed with a broken jaw and se-                                          (Aal Imran, 4:102).
  character of     vere injuries all over his body,
  a true           Wilfried Hofmann could not                                             3. The fruit of effort that any-
  Muslim is        comment on the surgeon’s                                               one of us makes to support
  derived from     words.                                                                 Islam might not come during
  his obligation                                                                          one’s life. Dr. Hofmann re-
  to observe       Twenty nine years later in                                             verted to Islam almost more
  his duties to    Bonn, Germany, Hoffman real-                                           than eighteen years after the
                   ized why God had saved him:                                            Algerian war.
  Allah during
                   in September 25, 1980, after
  all the times
                   much reading and reflection he
                   made his decision to revert to                                         Although Muslims have not had
                   Islam from Roman Catholicism.                                          any organized collective effort
                   He changed his name to Murad                                           to spread Islam, Islam is still
                   Hoffman. His decision met with                                         the fastest-growing religion in
                   some controversy due to his       1. There is no doubt that the        the world. While the number of
                   high profile in the German dip- top priority of the Algerian peo-      Muslims is important, the qual-
                   lomatic corps.                    ple was to gain independence         ity of Muslim individuals is
                                                     from the French Colonization;        much more important. In the
                   What attracted my attention is converting people of other              Holy Qur’an Allah shows us the
                   what Dr. Hofmann, who is a        faiths to Islam was not in their     means by which Muslims can
                   Union College graduate, men- agenda. Unintentionally, it was           attain good qualities. Allah
                   tioned about factors that guided their character during their          says: “O who you believe, per-
                   him to revert to Islam. He said: striving for independence that        severe, and excel in persever-
                                                     deeply impacted Dr. Hoffman.         ance, and be ever ready, and
                   “I witnessed the patience and     Their character represented a        fear Allah, in order that you
                   resilience of the Algerian peo- natural reflection of their Is-        may succeed (Aal Imran,
                   ple in the face of extreme suf-   lamic beliefs.                       4:200)”.
                   fering, their overwhelming disci-
                   pline during Ramadan, their                                            It is the character of a true
                   confidence of victory, as well as 2. The character of a true           Muslim that has a substantial
                   their humanity amidst misery. I Muslim is derived from his obli-       positive impact on people of
                   felt it was their religion that   gation to observe his duties to      other faiths.
                   made them so, and therefore, I Allah during all the times even
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Starting Young: Interfaith
By Samar Khan, Niskayuna High School

  This winter, youth from the ICCD          help them improve. In the few           told a Buddhist story.
  participated in the Children of the       weeks of practice, all of our stories
  Well, an interfaith storytelling group    dramatically changed for the better.   We all learned a lot about other re-
  for young people. This was the third                                            ligions, but in a casual way. We did-
  year for the program which involves       We had coaches who were very          n’t think of each other differently be-
  young storytellers from different faith   helpful. They were storytellers them- cause of our religions. The conver-
  traditions. This year, participants       selves and knew effective storytel-   sations we had were similar to the
  were Christian, Catholic, Jewish,         ling methods. They                    ones with friends at school: staying
  Hindu, and Muslims. We ranged in                                                away from topics too religious. We
  age from 12 to 17, with different lev-                                          saw each other as just people, not
  els of experience.                                                              people with radically different be-
  When I walked into the first meeting
  for the Children at the Well, I didn’t                                             Interfaith is extremely important to
  know what to expect. I had never                                                  be a balanced person. Mostly, adults
  even heard of the group until a few                                               have interfaith meetings with differ-
  weeks earlier. I thought there would                                              ent groups,
  be people a lot different from me,                                                 but interfaith can be even more im-
  people I wouldn’t really connect with, would give us tips on how to im-           portant for children. We are the fu-
  people I would never see other than prove our stories. Training sessions          ture and if we learn about other re-
  at the story-telling meetings.         were every Sunday afternoon for            ligions,
                                         two-and-a-half hours for 10 weeks.         Our similarities as well as our differ-
  I joined the group with two of my      Most of our training was at An-Nur         ences, we will be more knowledg-
  friends, Hira Nazeer and Sarah         Islamic School.                            able and not have misinterpretations
  Syed. At the beginning, we would                                                  about religions. Of course interfaith
  stay together during practice. Gradu- The final performance of Children of        is important for adults, but it can be
  ally, we connected with the rest of    the Well was on March 16 at the            even more valuable for younger
  the group. In the training sessions,   Hindu Temple of Albany. We all told        people to be involved in.
  we would hear stories from others,     stories from our faiths, and one boy
  and                                    who didn’t really practice a religion

  Reader’s Question

  The American flag is proudly displayed outside every school in this country. The students are
  taught to respect the flag, to raise it up the flagpole at the start of the day and to bring it down at
  the end of the day. They are also taught to honor the flag and what it represents.
  The AnNur School does not yet have a flag.
  Our question is: Do you think that AnNur School should display the American flag outside its
  Please submit your responses to:
  Comments are welcome, but even a "yes" or "no" response will do.
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Spring Break 2007
By Kareem Niazi, junior at Dartmouth College

           Last year I had the opportunity to     What shocked me most about the         ple and get their stories of what
           help with the relief efforts following state of the ninth ward was that       happened in the
           Hurricane Katrina as part of the Al-   even two years after the 2005 hur-     wake of the hurricane. Hearing
           Nur Muslim Student Association of      ricane, most of the houses were        people talk about losing their
           Dartmouth College.                     untouched. One of the reasons          homes was very moving. I could
             I accompanied about 20 other         that people did not move back into     tell that many of the residents of
             Dartmouth students to New Or-        their houses was they could            the camp were still in a state of
             leans during our spring break. We not afford the cost to have them          despair and agitation.
                    worked with Islamic Relief as professionally gutted.
The trip really
                    our organization to help us                                          Overall the trip was an eye open-
                    find meaningful work in New One of our first projects was gut-       ing experience. People always talk
made me
appreciate                                        ting a madrassah. This was espe-       about helping the less fortunate in
                    Orleans. The expenses of
everything I                                      cially meaningful to us since we       poor countries and while that is a
have and gave this alternate spring break         were helping reestablish a place of    noble effort, there are millions of
me some             trip were funded by the
                    Tucker Foundation             Islamic learning and worship. Gut-     people in the United States who
perspective on                                    ting houses was hard work physi-       are in need of help as well. While
the state of less at Dartmouth College and        cally, but I was surprised by how      our relief team only gutted a few
fortunate           fundraising by our relief
                    team.                         emotionally taxing it was. One         homes on our trip, our efforts were
people in the
                                                  house we gutted still had              not in vain. The trip really made
United States.
                    We worked mainly in the       many of the owner's possessions        me appreciate everything I have
                    ninth ward, the part of the   in it including clothes, books, mov-   and gave me some perspective on
                    city that suffered the most   ies, and even pictures. One of the     the state of less fortunate people in
             damage from the hurricane. We        rooms was clearly a nursery; there     the United States.
             were housed in a recently reno-      was a children's mural on the wall
             vated                                and a crib in the room.
             apartment, which had no furniture                                           -----Kareem Niazi, Clifton Park,
             and only one working shower. The Another meaningful job we were             junior at Dartmouth College
             work that Islamic Relief arranged    assigned to was distributing
             for us was gutting houses and dis- canned food at a FEMA (Federal
             tributing canned food.               Emergency Management Agency)
             Islamic Relief provided us with      trailer camp. We worked all
             simple tools like shovels, crow-     day unpacking boxes of canned
             bars, and disposable air filters. We food and delivering them to peo-
             gutted four buildings completely,    ple's trailers. The food was do-
             starting with the furniture and end- nated by manufacturers because
             ing with the drywall and nails. We they could not be sold due to
             did not have to worry about trans- bumps in the cans or tears in
             porting all the debris to a landfill boxes. The food items ranged
             since New Orleans had a clean up from snacks to full meals.
             system which only required the
             debris to be placed beside the       I really enjoyed working at the
             road.                                FEMA camp because it gave me a
                                                  chance to talk to some of the peo-
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Why we need interfaith activity at the ICCD
By Saeed Khan, Secretary, ICCD

    People have frequently questioned        unique opportunity to educate not      Bethesda House, a shelter for the
    the need for interfaith activity at      only regular people, but also reli-    homeless in Schenectady. Other
    ICCD.                                    gious leaders in our community.        interfaith activities include a re-
    I strongly feel that it is absolutely    These meetings allow non-Muslims       cently concluded successful story
    necessary for our survival in the        to ask questions about Islam which     telling project for teenagers that
    United States. From a religious          helps them to understand Islam         ICCD has been involved in.
    standpoint, I feel that interfaith ac-   better. To build bridges, we have to
    tivity gives us a unique opportunity     know what is common between us    So, whether it is explaining Islam
    to learn about other religions and                                         to non-Muslims, improving the im-
                                             and other monotheist religions, not
    also to teach non-Muslims about           what is different.               age and political strength of Mus-
    Islam.                                                                     lims or helping the poor and needy
                                           When it comes to political identity (both Muslims and non-Muslims) in
    As Muslims, we are obligated to        in a democratic community, num-     the community, interfaith alliances
    understand and learn our religion      bers matter. With the blessings of  provide a unique forum for us. This
    and this is a lifelong process. I al-  Allah (SAT), the number of Mus-     is not only consistent with the
    ways felt that in order to under-      lims in the community has in-       teachings of Islam but I feel that
    stand my religion, I should learn      creased exponentially in the last   this is obligatory on us as Muslims.
    about other religions, specially       few years. This gives us an oppor- We need a strong and active inter-
    Christianity and Judaism.              tunity to have a voice of our own.  faith group at ICCD.
     Learning about other religions has ICCD has been pursuing this goal (With special thanks to Sisters
    helped me understand Islam bet-        for the last few years by getting   Maliha Tipu, Sausen Salama, Sofia
    ter. For example, after I studied      more involved in local and even     Chaudhry, Brothers Tipu Nazeer,
    Christianity and Judaism, I under- national elections.                     AbdurRahman Al-Khalidi, Karim
    stood why Allah (SAT) has so                                               Aggour, and to all those not named
    strongly advised us not to allow        We have joined ARISE, a faith      here who put more effort and time
    innovations in Islam.                  based political group. ICCD repre- in this                         cause
    Innovations just take us away from sentatives, Sausen Salamah and          than I                         do).
    true spirit of Islam.                  Tippu Nazeer now have seats on
                                           its board. In keeping with this Is-
    We live and work in a predomi-         lamic teaching, ICCD has been
    nantly non-Muslim society where        participating in the Muslim Soup
    most people around us either do        Kitchen Project, distributing free
    not know about Islam or know very lunches to the less fortunate. We
    little. Interfaith activity gives us a have also been involved with the

Muslim foster families are urgently needed

     Some Muslim youth may need to be removed from their homes because their parents are not able to take
     care of them. Muslim foster parents can provide these children/youth with a temporary home within the
     community by providing love and care temporarily. They have to attend training classes. Foster parents
     receive a monthly care allowance to take care of the foster child.

     For more information, call Albany County Department for Children, 447-7324, or the Department of Social
     Services in your county.
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Why we should take care of earth
By Annur School students

  Last quarter, 5th graders focused on      copies. We are also insha’Allah go-        Nur School giving advices about
  the theme of taking care of the           ing to donate and sell used clothes        how we could save the Earth.
  Earth. While thinking of ways to be       and school supplies that we don’t                  Habibah, Toobah, Saffura
  better khalifahs on Earth, we culmi-      need. My family and I also recycle
  nated the quarter with a project that     and carpool. I gave my used clothing       If you have the energy, ride your
  involved teaching others what we’ve       that I’ve outgrown to my smaller           bike instead of using a car, unless
  learned. Here, some 5th graders           cousins.                                   it’s far away. Recycle paper, plastic,
  would like to share their thoughts                                                   and bottles. Plant more. When you
  and concerns with the community.                                                     go shopping, bring reusable bags
                                                                                       with you.
  We know each and every one of you
  care about the Earth. Unfortunately,                                                                           Nazya
  some people pollute a lot with cars                                                  I help the Earth by using old school
  and plastic. The reason we should                                                    books over again for another school
  save the Earth is because animals                                                    ear, if I barely use it. If it has no
  are dying and global warming is                                                      space left for another school year, I
  causing ice to melt in the North and                                                 use it as a drawing notebook.
  South Pole. If it melts any place
  near, seal level will start to flood.
  Here are some ways to help save       We know you care about the Earth,
  the environment.                      so please try to save it.
                                                                            When making wudhu or washing
  Recycle paper and plastic.                                  Yunus D.      hands, don’t blast the water. If
  Use recycled material.             In school, we turn off the lights when you’re going to use plastic uten-
  IF you need to go somewhere within the sun is bright. Our families don’t  sils, wash them after you’re done
  walking distance, walk.            waste water, especially when mak-
                                                                            using them.
                                            ing wudu and brushing teeth.
  Buy more fuel efficient cars or use a                                                Zenath, Fatimah, Maymunah
  hybrid car.                                        Safiyyah, Cemile, Shadeh

  If you don’t need something, pass it      Allah sent us down here for a test
  on.                                       and one part of the test is to care
                                            about the Earth.
  If you and someone else are going
  to the same place, carpool.                                  Abdul-Khalik

  Islam teaches us to take care of the      My family helps the environment by
  Earth and everything in it. Allah (swt)   turning off the lights after getting out
  told us that we are khalifahs on this     of the house, turning off the engine
  Earth and it is made manageable for       when waiting, and not wasting wa-
  us. He told us to keep it lush and        ter.
  green.                                                 -Natalia
  In our school, we recycle paper in        One of the ways we help save the
  our class and make double sided           Earth is we put up flyers around An-
Volume 1, Issue 4                                                                                                       Page 7

Reader ’s response to question in last issue
By Shoaib Khan, Clifton Park
Q:What would attract you to the ICCD?

 A few years ago, my Sundays at the       community center for young adults.     internships, advice and even jobs in
 ICCD Weekend School were full of         Establishing a mentoring program       their desired fields.
 enlightening Islamic education, child-   between professionals and col-         It is necessary especially in today’s
 ish “class clown” pranks, long bas-      lege/high school students through      job market to create a Muslim net-
 ketball games, and bonding with my       the masjid will strengthen our com-    work to ensure all our graduates will
 Muslim brothers. Although I still go     munity.                                be content with their career choices.
 to the masjid regularly for Jummah, I
 miss the time I used to spend just       Many Muslim brothers and sisters     A mentoring program will lead to a
 hanging out with my friends in Sun-      aspire to become doctors, lawyers,   more close-knit Ummah of Muslim
 day School.                              engineers, and other professionals,  Americans in the future, Insha’Allah.
 It is important to motivate our Sun-     but they don’t have a guide to help
 day School alumni to return to the       them achieve their goals. Creating a
 masjid and become active in making       network between adults and young
 it not just a place of prayer, but a     adults will allow students to obtain

  Father ’s day
  ICCD weekend School students
  Firas Cheema
  I love my dad because he takes me places; once he          Faizan Murtaza
  took me to San Diego. He is very cool.                     I love my father. My father is funny.
                                                             We watch movies together, we go
                                                             shopping together, we go to parties
  Riaz Rao
                                                             together. We learn together.
  I love my father, He helped my mother give birth to me
  and has cherished me.
                                                             Norene El-Kady
                                                             I love my dad because he plays with me Cadoo, he
  Nada Mohamed
                                                             takes me biking, he is always with me. He gets me lots
  I love my dad! He gets me whatever I want! My dad          of presents, he takes me places, he takes me to
  makes me my favorite food. He makes me safe. On            school and that is why I love him and he loves me.
  Saturdays he lets me stay up late. He is the best in the
  world. He is so cool!
                                                             Auerman Atif
                                                             I love my father. He is going to take me to his work
  Hussein El Fayoumy
                                                             place! He’s also fun when he pays money to take us
  I love my dad. He really, really, really likes me and he   on a trip, and sometimes video games. He can cook if
  makes me safe and takes me to places and restau-           my mom is resting or can’t cook. He is a really good
  rants.                                                     cook.
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ICCD Announcements

  Young imam leaving                                        Imam Search continues

 Br. Waliyullah Amin is heading to Syria. He had been        Imam Mahrous Zineldin, one of the
 offering regular halaqas, classes on tajweed and reading   imam candidates for ICCD, is sched-
 Quran and also filled in as imam for Jummah. We will       uled to return for a second round of
 miss him.                                                  interviews June 20 - 22. He will do
                                                            the khutbah at Jummah and offer a
                                                            halaqa on Friday evening. There will
 Community gatherings                                       be a community meeting on Saturday
                                                            evening that includes a one-hour talk by Imam Mahrous.
 A community meeting is scheduled at ICCD after asr for     (Topic will be announced closer to his visit.) He will also
 the third Saturday in June, which is June 21.              have a halaqa from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. His pro-
 For July and August, picnics are scheduled. Dates and      gram is tentative.
 locations will be announced soon.
                                                            ICCD Summer Camp
 Community gatherings and meetings will be held on the
 third Saturday of the month. Community members are         July 7-August 1, Monday –Thursday
 requested to not plan other activities on those days. They 10:00 am-3:00 pm (early bird available)
 are requested to attend the ICCD events.
                                                            For more information contact
                                                            Fatma Badawi 374-3834
                                                            Huda Elminyawi 783-2038

 Community Announcements

  GRADUATES                                                 stitute in Troy.

 Khurram Mehtabdin, son of Durdana and Khalid Me-           Hadi Minhas, son of Nargis and Jamshaid Minhas of
 htabdin of Guilderland, has graduated from Syracuse        Niskayuna, has graduated from Niskayuna High School.
 University. He will attend Touro College of Osteopathic    He will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy.
 Medicine in New York City.
                                                         Hasan Nomani, son of Fauzia and Tariq Nomani of Lou-
 Shara Azad, daughter of Jasmine Siddiqua and Abul       donville, has graduated from Shaker
 Kalam Azad of East Greenbush, has graduated from        High School.
 Emma Willard School in Troy. She will attend Brown Uni-
 versity in Providence, Rhode Island.
                                                         Asim Khan, son of Shagufta and Ab-
                                                         dul Waheed Khan, has graduated
 Owais Memon, son of Rukhana and Iqbal Memon of          from Colonie Central High School.
 Latham, has graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic In-
Volume 1, Issue 4                                                                                                    Page 9

Community Announcements

                                                               Spirituality category of Blogged.com.
                                                               Teachers Noura Badawi of Niskayuna and Durre Shah-
  Zarina Jainulabudeen, daughter of Sha-                       war Mahmood of Clifton Park were among those honored
  jarath and Jalal Jainulabudeen of Slin-                      by their students in the Scholars’ Recognition supplement
  gerlands, and Mohamed Kader were                             in the Times Union on May 8. Noura teaches at
  married on Jan. 2 in India .                                 Schenectady High School and Durre Shahwar at Bethle-
                                                               hem Central High School.
  Aamir Chaudhry, son of Zarina and Mohammad Ashraf
  of Cohoes, Nokhair Yousaf were married on May 23 in
  Boston.                                                      NEW BOOK
  May Allah bless the new couples with much happiness.         "Have a Passion for Success" is the title
  ameen.                                                       of a new book by Dr. Zoser Mohamed of Schenectady. It
                                                               contains beautiful color pictures and charts and informa-
                                                               tion about dealing with situations that life throws at you.
  AWARDS AND HONORS                                            The book costs $25, from which Brother Zoser donates
                                                               $10 to ICCD.
   Dr. Durdana Mehtabdin of Guilder-
  land has been named by as Best Doc-
  tor Preceptor of the Year for 2008 by                        DEATHS
  the graduating class at Albany Medical College.
                                                               The mother of Dr. Tanweer Sultan of Latham passed
  · Dr. Nazir Memon of Clifton park, has been promoted to      away in Pakistan in February.
  Lead physician for the community clinics of Stratton V.A.    The mother of Tanveer Jamil Mian of Rotterdam passed
  Medical Center in Albany. He has received faculty certifi-   away in Pakistan in April.
  cation from the National Institute of Communication and
  conducts training workshops for VA physicians on Clini-               Inna lilla he wa inna ilaihi ra-
  cian-Patient communication. He serves as a District Presi-   jioon.
  dent of American college of physicians, and served as
  judge for the downstate annual ACP Meeting in March.
                                                               New Baby
  Shalimar Restaurant in Albany has been named one of
  the 10 Hot Restaurants in Albany, NY by the MSN City        Zarina and Rab Nawaz of Latham have welcomed a son,
  Guides.htm. Also, the Shalimar Restaurant in Albany, and Mudaser, on May 13.
  Shalimar Restaurants in Clifton Park and Troy, have been
  selected by the Metroland Readers' Poll as the “Best Paki-
  stani-Indian Restaurant” and “Best Pakistani-Indian Buffet”
  in the Capital Region for 17 years in a row.                To contribute a community item, call Zohra Ahmed, 462-
                                                              3671, or e-mail the announcement to:
  The Muslim Women's blog                                      newsletter@iccdny.org.
  (http://blogs.timesunion.com/muslimwomen/) has been
  given an 8.5 score out of 10 in the Society/Religion &
Page 10                                                                                                                   ICCD Newsletter

Extra Credit
By Naseem Haqqie

   I have heard lectures from imams and         sa'i, Ibn Majah, and Al-Hakim.              sleep, fails to do that, he will
   scholars about how great and important       Imam Hamad Chebli, who led our hajj         have recorded for him what he
   it is to perform hajj. I have also read      tour group, told us to pray 2 rak’aas at    has intended, and his sleep will be
   and heard from hajis about their hajj        Mosque of Quba and come back to the         reckoned as a charity (an act of mercy)
   experiences. Here is a different take:       bus. I prayed 4 rak'aas. Does that          for him from his Lord.” (An-Nasa'i and
                                                mean I get the reward for 2 Umrahs?         Ibn Majah)

   I was blessed to perform hajj in Decem-                                                  I had never prayed tahajjud in my life
                                                 From `Abdullah bin `Aamir that Abu
   ber 2007. As someone who loved get-                                                      before I went on this journey. I didn’t
                                                Umaamah and `Utbah Bin `Abd related
   ting any type of extra credit in school, I                                               realize it was just nafila prayers done
                                                that Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said:
   figured I would share all the extra credit                                               after going to bed, but before fajr.
                                                “Whoever prays as-subh (fajr prayer)
   opportunities that one has while going
                                                in congregation then sits until he prays
   for hajj.                                                                                 According to Hazrat Anas, the Prophet
                                                for Allah the prayer of Dhuha has the
                                                                                            (pbuh) has also said: "The person who
                                                reward like that of a haajj (pilgrim per-
    A hadith narrated by the prophet's                                                      offers 40 prayers consecutively in my
                                                forming Hajj) and a mu`tamir (pilgrim
   companion Abu al-Dardaa states: "The                                                     Mosque, without missing a prayer in
                                                peforming `Umrah), complete reward of
   Prophet of Allah Muhammad (pbuh)                                                         between, will secure immunity from the
                                                his hajj and his `umrah” (narrated by
   said a prayer in the Sacred Mosque (in                                                   fire of Hell and other torments and also
   Mecca) is worth 100,000 prayers; a                                                       from hypocrisy." (Musnad Ahmad)
   prayer in my mosque (in Medina) is
   worth 1,000 prayers; and a prayer in al- I never prayed or heard of Salatul              Sadly, our hajj tour operator, Dar Es
   Masjid al-Aqsa (in Jerusalem) is worth Dhuha until the Day of Arafat. We                 Salaam, didn’t offer a package to make
   500 prayers more than in any other       prayed fajr in congregation, and then           use of this. I added this to the list of
   mosque.”                                 the imam gave a short lecture. After            suggestions I sent to the Dar Es Sa-
                                            that, he took some Q&A. I asked him             laam when I returned home. Inshallah,
                                            when we could perform this prayer. He           I would like to make use of this at some
   Doing some math:
                                            said shortly after sunrise which was            point.
                                            approximately 7:15 a.m. I found my
   365 days a year with 5 prayers a day = mother roaming around and I told her                It has been established that the
   1,825 prayers a year.                    about this. At this point I thought, ‘why       Prophet (pbuh) said, "An Umrah per-
                                            not?’ What better day for your first            formed in Ramadan is equal in reward
   1,000 prayers ÷ 1,825 prayers a year     Salatul Doha then the Day of Arafat?            to Hajj." [Related by AlBukhari and
   = .5479 year ≈ 6 months                  And to think, you could do this EVERY           Muslim). In another version the Prophet
   Praying once in Masjid al-Nabawi is the DAY!                                             (pbuh) said, "The same (reward) as
   equivalent of praying five times a day at                                                performing Hajj with me."
   home for 6 months.                        Our beloved Prophet Muhammad
                                             (pbuh) has said: "In Paradise there is a       I was surprised to learn that the Mecca
    100,000 prayers ÷ 1,825 prayers a        castle reserved for those who read             hotel rates are actually higher during
   year = 54.79 years ≈ 55 years             Tahajjud." He adds, "Those who pray            Ramadan than the rates during hajj.
                                             at night will enter paradise without hav-      Having read the hadith above, I can
   Praying once in Masjid al-Haram is the ing to account for their acts in this life."      now see why. Inshallah, I would like to
   equivalent of praying five times a day at The nafils of tahajjud are read after the      go to Mecca again during Ramadan
   home for 55 years!!                       Isha prayer, but it is important to sleep      (when it falls in the winter months) and
                                             before performing Tahajjud. The prayer         hope to receive the reward. May Allah
                                             consists of a minimum of 2 rak'aats,           bless us all with the opportunities for
     Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said,
                                             and a maximum of 8 or 12 rak'aats              extra credit. ameen.
   "Whoever makes ablutions at home
   and then goes and prays in the Mosque (according to ones capacity).
   of Quba (a masjid in Medina), he will
   have a reward like that of an umrah."         “Whoever goes to his bed with the
   This Hadith is reported by Ahmad, Na-        intention of getting up and praying dur-
                                                ing the night, but, being overcome by
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