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                            the Alliance of Beverage Licensees   Fall 2012
                                                                 Darby's Pub

                                                                 Using Events &
                                                                 Promotions to
                                                                 Attract New Clients

                                                                 The Power of
                                                                 Bar Stations:
                                                                 Ground Zero
                                                                 for Profitability

                                                                 Food Ordering
Agreement #40026059
                                                                                                                On the Cover
                                                                                                                 terry Lightheart
                                                                                                                      Darby's Pub

Quarterly Publication for the
Alliance of Beverage Licensees

2nd floor 948 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9
T 604-688-5560 F 604-688-8560
Toll free 1-800-663-4883
info@ablebc.ca www.ablebc.ca

2011-2012 Board of Directors
President             Ron Orr (Interim)

                                                                      12 18                               26                    30
Past President        Al Arbuthnot
VP Membership         Jonathan Cross
VP LP                 Poma Dhaliwal
VP Governance         John Lepinski
VP LRS                Ron Orr
Secretary/Treasurer Roger Gibson
Directors Brady Beruschi, Al Deacon, Mariana Fiddler,

                                                           PublicanFall 2012
Al McCreary, Mike McKee, Gavin Parry, Ronnie Paterson,     the
Kurt Pyrch, Danny Rickaby, Stan Sprenger
Director at Large     Dave Crown

The Publican Editorial Committee Damian Kettlewell,
Ralf Joneikies, Mike McKee, Gary McPhail, Cheryl
Semenuik, Jeff Tennant

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                             President's Message
                             by Ron Orr

“Our very survival depends on our ability                that ABLE was seeking, and while we are pleased          provide you with ways to adapt and evolve to
to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to                with this development, further work is required to       those changes. Our membership has seen steady
                                                         achieve formal, contractual stability.                   growth in the past fiscal year with thanks in part to
remain vigilant and to face the challenge
                                                         The association is continuing its support for            our new Hospitality Insurance Program (HIP), but
of change” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                               also from the growing understanding that there
                                                         the legal challenge pertaining to the impaired
                                                         driving legislation. As can be expected, the             truly is strength in numbers. September 1st marks
Facing the challenge of change is something that         legal process is a slow, complex, and somewhat           the beginning of another membership year with
our industry and association have come to know           frustrating one. In July, Justice Sigurdson ruled        ABLE and we look forward to welcoming existing
quite well. Most recently ABLE experienced a             that motorists fined or processed under BC’s             members back as well as continuing to see new
change not only in President but also Executive          tough drunk-driving legislation cannot recover           members join our ranks. We are always on the
Director. It is with great regret that in the past few   their costs - even though some aspects of the            lookout for ways to expand our member benefits
months we saw both Matt MacNeil and Raechelle            legislation were deemed unconstitutional. In a           and to provide more tools to help your businesses’
Williams step down from their posts to pursue            separate, but related matter, The BC Civil Liberties     bottom line. We welcome any suggestions or
respective personal interests. As I step into the        Association was granted leave to intervene in            ideas to bring added value to your membership
role of Interim President, I am determined to use        the Sivia appeal to argue the point that the ARP         with ABLE.
this situation as an opportunity for growth and to       regime violates s.11(d) of the Charter because            As noted above, ABLE has lost its President and
see that the association continues forward down          it creates a “true penal consequence”. While             Executive Director. I am happy to accept the
the path that Raechelle and Matt worked so hard          the legalities surrounding the impaired driving          position of Interim President until our AGM in
to build. I know I speak for the entire board of         legislation remain a priority for your association,      November and am already grateful for the support
directors, our membership, industry partners, and        it is important to recognize the permanent impact        and input of our diversified board. The board
the ABLE staff when I express our heartfelt thanks       this legislation has made. We must adapt to the          has constituted an Executive Search Committee
to Rae and Matt for the dedication they provided         new realities and seek new opportunities.                charged with the task of recruiting our next
and the sacrifices they made in order to drive our                                                                Executive Director. To assist in this process, I would
                                                         As more and more businesses receive licenses
association forward in such a challenging time.                                                                   encourage all members to direct any interested
                                                         to sell alcohol, it is imperative that we find ways
Moving forward in times of change is an essential        to distinguish our LPs and compete with other            or potential candidates to the ABLE website
aspect of adapting and adjusting to new ideas, and       operators. While the onus is on LP operators to          (www.ablebc.ca) for the job posting. Resumes
while it may bring uncertainty, we must remind           find ways to differentiate their own businesses,         will be accepted until August 31, 2012 at the
ourselves that it also brings opportunity. Our           ABLE is similarly seeking new opportunities for          ABLE office by fax at 604-688-8560, or by email
industry has changed dramatically in recent years,       LPs. Though in the early stages, there is new            at info@ablebc.ca. Your board is committed to
and while we have worked hard to fight some              engagement with BC Lotteries Corp. (BCLC) to             maintaining association business as usual during
aspects of change, we continue to explore ways           seek mutually beneficial programs that I believe         the transition, and I urge all members to maintain
to adapt to new changes in order to ensure that          will assist in enhancing the pub experience and          communication with the office. I also welcome any
our businesses continue to evolve and prosper.           encourage customers to visit our establishments.         comments and suggestions from our members.
                                                         While no panacea, I believe we need to seek out          Please contact me at ron@ablebc.ca. I look forward
Since February, when the BC government
                                                         all opportunities available and I look forward to        to hearing from members, potential members,
announced its intention to privatize liquor
                                                         working with BCLC on your behalf.                        and other industry stakeholders.
distribution, our ongoing efforts to secure stability
and long-term sustainability for our members has         Another opportunity for licensees is the business        In the meantime, your board will continue to
taken on much more significance and pushed our           of catering. On this front, ABLE is committed to         remain focused on what matters most to you.
mission into the public domain. Clearly, there are       ensuring that LPs receive the opportunity to             Specifically, we will strive to secure a written
many stakeholders who echo our concerns that             receive a catering endorsement, which will allow         agreement with the government that addresses
the proposed changes to the LDB could trigger            them to offer food and alcohol to offsite locations      the 10-year license moratorium, the 1 km
another series of unintended consequences for            and events. Further to this, ABLE feels strongly         separation rule, and a guarantee on pricing, which
our industry. Your board remains committed to            that LRSs should have the right to supply caterers       protects or enhances our financial model. This
protecting the infrastructure of our industry.           with alcohol for resale to the end customer. These       agreement will be the cornerstone of our industry
                                                         initiatives are natural extensions of our existing       for the next decade and will allow us to focus on
A key component of that stability is the 10-year
                                                         businesses and provide new opportunities for             other challenges that will undoubtedly arise. I
extension of the LRS license moratorium to
                                                         business development.                                    encourage all members to continue dialogue with
July 1, 2022, which came into effect on
                                                                                                                  MLAs to ensure this government recognizes the
June 22, 2012. The long-term moratorium was              As your industry association, it is our responsibility
                                                                                                                  importance and relevance of a contract.
one component of an overall plan for stability           to monitor changes in our industry and help

4 The Publican
                         Marketing Tips
                         by Rebecca Coleman

Using Video to Promote Your Pub or Bar                 how to use these programs. It’s amazing how           Commercials - Traditional commercials don’t
                                                       professional-looking a video you can make with        generally do well online. If you are thought to
“It’s too intimidating.” That’s what many business     these programs.                                       be trying too hard to sell something, it will be
owners tell me when I ask them why they are not                                                              more of a turn-off than a turn-on. What does do
creating video as part of their online marketing.      Okay, so you’re geared up, and you’ve been fooling
                                                                                                             well online are commercials that show a sense of
                                                       around with video editing software. Now you just
In addition to many people feeling shy or self-                                                              humour, and companies that are able to make
                                                       need some inspiration!
conscious in front of the camera, many people                                                                fun of themselves do well online. WestJet creates
are stymied by the technical aspects of shooting                                                             a yearly April Fool’s joke that is a fake commercial.
and editing video. And then there are the privacy      Video Ideas                                           It does well, because it’s funny (this year’s is called
issues.                                                                                                      “Kargo Kids”), and people want to share it.
                                                       Slide Shows - You don’t even need to have a video
However, video need not be something to be             camera to do these kinds of videos. All you need
afraid of. In fact, it is one of the most powerful     is digital photos of your bar, food, drinks, staff,   Final tips
marketing tools. It’s easy to watch a video, and       etc. Drag-and-drop your photos into your video
you can get a much clearer picture of the business                                                           Get Permission - In Canada, you can film people
                                                       editing program, and arrange them in the order
or the person behind the business through video                                                              who are in a public place without their permission.
                                                       you like. Make sure each photo is viewed for at
than any other way, even more than through                                                                   Restaurants and bars do NOT fall into that
                                                       least 4 seconds, and if you want, use transitions
photos or the written word. YouTube, the largest                                                             category. You’ll need to have people’s permission
                                                       between them, and add titles with explanations.
video-hosting social network in the world, gets                                                              to use the footage, and getting a signed waiver is
                                                       Put a rocking soundtrack beneath it all, and place
between 2 and 3 billion hits per day. Your potential                                                         the safest way. Be careful that the music you select
                                                       it on your website as an introduction to your
customers are there. You should be too.                                                                      for your video is royalty-free or that appropriate
                                                                                                             fees have been paid for music.
                                                       Interviews - Interview the owner of your business,
                                                                                                             Use YouTube as Video Storage - Create a “channel”
Shooting Video                                         your chef, your sommelier, or the server that’s
                                                                                                             and then post your videos to it. It will be searchable
                                                       been with you for eleven years. The point of these
Creating video has become more accessible over                                                               through Google and through YouTube’s internal
                                                       interviews is to tap into the person’s passion. Ask
the last few years as video cameras got smaller,                                                             search engines. You can then use the sharing
                                                       them a series of questions about their work, and
easier to use, and shoot higher resolution. They’ve                                                          tools that YouTube provides to post the video to
                                                       why it is they do what they do. You can throw some
also come down in price. Many digital cameras                                                                Facebook, Twitter, and your blog or website. Make
                                                       silly questions in as well.
allow you to also capture video, and even cell                                                               sure you include your business’ URL at the end of
phones these days have HD cameras. Investing in        How-to videos - Film your chef creating his or her    your video so that if someone stumbles across it,
a tripod is a must: a shaky, hand-held video will      signature dish. Get your bartender to demonstrate     they can find you.
not make you look professional.                        the construction of their killer mojito. Have your
                                                                                                             Now you’re ready to get out there and start
                                                       sommelier or wine buyer talk about pairings.
After you’ve shot your raw footage, you’ll want to                                                           making some video!
                                                       How-to videos rule on YouTube.
edit it. If you are on a Mac (which I recommend),
use a program called iMovie. On a PC, you can          Reviews - Ask your most faithful customers if
download free video editing software called            they would talk about their experience with your      Rebecca Coleman is a Vancouver-based blogger, teacher, social media
Windows Movie Maker. There are lots of tutorials       business on camera. Why are they regulars? What       enthusiast, foodie and lover of wine. www.rebeccacoleman.ca
online (search on YouTube!) that show you              is it that brings them back?

6 The Publican
                          Spotlight on Flavoured Tequila
                          by Trevor Kallies

The tequila industry has been steadily changing          and share everything with industry professionals        than the other Patrón styles on the shelves. Not
over the past 15-20 years. We have seen the rise         and consumers. This information has helped              long after the success of XO Café, Patrón’s next
of multiple premium and luxury brands, like              take tequila out of the hands of frat boys and          line extension came in the form of Citronge, an
Patrón, Cabo Wabo, or Don Julio. We have seen the        spring break parties and helped the category            orange-flavoured tequila liqueur competitively
evolution of a new style of tequila in that of Extra     grow to a point where it is considered alongside        aimed at curacaos and orange brandies. For years,
Añejo. We have been inundated with rumours of            fine brandy and whiskey. Armed with this extra          these were the only deviations from classic tequila
agave shortages every few years (rumours that            knowledge and a passion for fine flavour and            styles available. They were created to spark life out
never fail to result in the price of our favourite       quality, consumers are looking past the bottles         of a category that was failing in places outside of
bottle being raised a few dollars). The tequila          of gold mixto tequila and finding the premium           frat houses and Tommy’s restaurants. Tequila just
industry has introduced brand ambassadors                blends as well as the newest category - tequila         wasn’t in vogue at the time. Riding the coattails of
and hospitality training programs to drive agave         liqueur or flavoured tequilas.                          flavoured vodkas and rums, the tequila companies
awareness and education on the category as a                                                                     found a method to step away from the salt and
                                                         Throughout the tequila-producing states in
whole, which has been a great way to ensure the                                                                  lime training wheels and entice a new consumer
                                                         Mexico, you can find small artisan producers that
consumer grows up as the spirit does.                                                                            to try their spirit as-is or slightly chilled.
                                                         make and sell tequila in villages or on the side of
Tequila is split into six different styles. Blanco (or   the road. You won't find the usual information          As with any line extension, it will be up to the
silver) tequila is unaged, or aged for a maximum         on the labels such as NOM or CRT numbers (you           consumer to decide how far the tequila houses
of two months. This style of tequila can be either       may not find a label at all!). Often, these artisanal   are able to take these flavours. Will the world
mitxo (a mix of agave spirit with another neutral        tequilas are flavoured with a variety of fruits,        ever see Cupcake Tequila or Butter Ripple Blanco?
grain spirit) or 100% agave spirit. Gold tequila is      nuts, or herbs. The flavourings may be added to         The vodka industry has been keeping itself quite
primarily mixto, but in rare cases can be 100%           showcase a local product, but they may also be          healthy introducing candy and essences to the
agave. Reposado (rested) tequila is 100% agave           added to hide poor flavour, poor quality, or inferior   distillate as of late. Thankfully, the primary target
and can be aged in an oak barrel for up to one year.     production techniques.                                  of the tequila liqueur producers like Patrón and
Añejo (aged) tequila is 100% agave and will be                                                                   Onilikan have focused on keeping the agave
                                                         Of course, these tequilas are more of a tourist
aged from one year to a maximum of three years.                                                                  flavour in the driver’s seat and used the flavourings
                                                         trap and don’t really fall into the commercial
The newest category is Extra Añejo, or tequila that                                                              of espresso, citrus, orange, or mango to enhance
                                                         styles described above. That isn’t to say that
has seen more than three years inside a barrel.                                                                  that flavour, rather than mask it. This is the whole
                                                         flavoured tequilas should always be considered
                                                                                                                 point when you think of it - why drink a tequila if
Many tequila producers are employing brand               inferior products, they can in fact be a source of
                                                                                                                 you’re not looking to taste the agave?
ambassadors to travel to major markets and               tremendous flavour and quality. One of the first
teach hospitality workers their brand history            flavours that came to the Canadian market was
and practices. The ambassadors are armed with            XO Café from Patrón. The brand launched in the          Trevor Kallies is Bar & Beverage Director at Donnelly Group.
knowledge of all the ins and outs of production,         early 2000s and was marketed at a lower price

8 The Publican

Did the bank say no?
Victoria-based Company Capital offers
innovative loan alternative
According to Industry Canada statistics,         The structure of a cash advance has
the most frequently cited reason for             many advantages over the structure of a
seeking a small business loan is for working     traditional bank loan. Most importantly,
capital - cold hard cash for inventory, bills,   customers appreciate the percentage
marketing, payroll, or any other day-to-         of sales repayment model because
day business expense.                            payments fluctuate with the sales
Unfortunately, traditional lenders are           volumes, giving the business owner
hesitant to provide working capital loans        greater flexibility to manage cash flow,
to small businesses for a number of              particularly during a slow season.
reasons. First, most commercial lenders          In order to qualify, the business has to
treat small loans as if they were personal       process at least $5,000 per month in
loans to the owner(s) of the business.           debit/credit card sales and has to have
So regardless of your business idea,             been in business for at least 12 months.
growth, or overall performance, a small          There are no restrictions on the use of
business owner is typically “scored” on          capital and there are no requirements
his or her personal credit history. Second,      for assets as collateral.
lenders require security in the form of          Unlike a more traditional loan, the
collaterizable assets of the business - and      advance is not based on the credit history
they don’t consider inventory an asset.          of the small business owner - it is based
And third, the current global economic           on the sales history of the business.
situation has created a tightening within
the credit markets.                              For those businesses that have an ATM on
                                                 site, another option for working capital
A loan alternative that is gaining               financing is to get an advance based on
widespread popularity among the small            future surcharge revenues. So, instead
business sector is the “merchant cash            of earning revenues on a daily basis, an
advance” service. A merchant cash                ATM advance provides a lump sum cash
advance provides capital in exchange for         payment equal to 12 months of future
a small share of future debit/credit card        revenue.
sales. As such, they tend to be used by
retailers, restaurants, and other small          With high approval rates, a simple
businesses where a large number of               process (no business plans or audited
customers pay with cards.                        financial statements are required),
                                                 and quick turnaround, a merchant cash
Used primarily for short-term cash flow          advance provides the small business
emergencies or opportunities, the advance        owner with a convenient option for
amount is typically equal to 1-2 months          acquiring working capital to grow their
of expected future sales. The advance is         business.
paid back on a daily basis using a small
percentage of daily sales, so unlike a loan,
there is no fixed monthly amount.

For more information contact Company Capital
toll free at 1.877.595.2346 or visit www.companycapitalinc.com.
                   LIQUOR SALES AND TRENDS
                                               BC Market, Rolling 12 ending March 31, 2012
                                                         Volume          % Change          Gross Sales          % Change    Marketshare
                                                       Litre Sales
                    BC Liquor Stores                  80,818,500            -0.9%           $344,754,507           -0.3%      30.6%
                    LRS                              115,755,841             1.8%           $491,563,168            2.6%      43.6%
                    Licensee                           61,399,191           -1.0%           $228,714,110            1.7%      20.3%

                    Product Total from All Sources 272,468,536              0.0%         $1,127,313,500            1.1%

                                                         Volume          % Change           Gross Sales          % Change   Marketshare
                                                       Litre Sales
                     BC Liquor Stores                  31,675,848           0.7%          $440,356,541              4.0%       48.3%
                     LRS                               14,998,443           6.2%          $192,094,815              8.7%       21.1%
                     Licensee                           8,163,820           -0.3%         $135,934,522              2.7%       1 4.9%

                     Product Total from All Sources 61,618,281              2.4%        $912,292,868               5.3%

                                                         Volume          % Change           Gross Sales          % Change   Marketshare
                                                       Litre Sales
                     BC Liquor Stores                  11,758,318            0.1%           $378,700,914            1.8%       49.0%
                     LRS                                7,842,708            2.9%           $245,179,745            4.3%       31.7%
                     Licensee                           3,085,941           -0.4%            $99,876,831            0.9%       12.9%

                     Product Total from All Sources 24,178,684               0.8%          $772,375,478             2.0%

                     Refreshment Beverage
                                                         Volume          % Change           Gross Sales          % Change   Marketshare
                                                       Litre Sales
                     BC Liquor Stores                   8,943,529           -1.3%            $41,728,314            0.8%       33.3%
                     LRS                               13,207,380            3.9%            $63,988,918            6.1%       51.1%
                     Licensee                           2,239,946           -1.1%             $8,161,688            0.1%        9.0%

                     Product Total from All Sources 26,041,484               1.4%          $125,173,180             3.4%

                  Note: (1) Measured in Gross Retail Sales Dollars. (2) Report includes all liquor sales from BC market.
                  Source: BC Liquor Distribution Branch

10 The Publican
             Take Note—New $20
             Coming in November

         Are you ready?
         Ask your suppliers if new polymer notes work in your equipment.

           ABM             Vending machine              Self-serve checkout              Counter

For more information and free training: www.bankofcanada.ca/banknotes • education@bankofcanada.ca • 1 888 513-8212
by Terri Perrin

                    Photo courtesy of Berezan Hospitality Group

12 The Publican
Photo courtesy of Crow & Gate Pub

When Legacy Liquor Store opened in the Olympic Village in Vancouver in
November 2010, it was the only business operating there at the time and
only about half of the condominiums in the development were occupied.
Management knew that they would have to be creative in an effort to attract
customers to a store that was not exactly on anyone’s way home! They didn’t
just plan a grand opening celebration; they planned the entire store around
promotional events. Today, Legacy has earned an uncommon reputation as a
“destination” liquor store by offering an extensive selection of products and
some extraordinary beer, wine, and spirits tasting events too.

With a sprawling 8,600 square feet, Legacy is the largest privately owned liquor
store in BC. Agents from various suppliers are invited to the store to offer tasting
events Thursday through Sundays at their tasting bar. The store also has a
harvest table that can seat up to 36 people in the back by the wine section. It
has kitchen facilities that allows for creative food parings to go with specific
products. Events can be casual come-and-go tastings or more elaborate and
formal sessions led by professionals.

“The majority of our customers come
because of these promotions and we
have discovered that there is a real
demand for the informal education
that these events provide.”
“Without the tasting and special events, we simply could not have survived,”
explains Darryl Lamb, Legacy’s General Manager responsible for promotions
and events. “This provided the draw we needed to get established. The majority
of our customers come because of these promotions and we have discovered
that there is a real demand for the informal education that these events provide.
Our calendar is booked well in advance and the beer, wine, or spirits agents are
always eager to showcase their products.”

Lauren Mote, co-owner of Kale & Nori Culinary Arts, has worked with Legacy
right from the start. This catering and events company specializes in delicious,
                                                                                       Mote warns that whether you are running a beer, wine, or spirits tasting event
ethical and seasonal cuisine paired with avant-garde mixology. Mote explains,
                                                                                       at a licensed retail store, a public event, or a liquor primary establishment, all
“A lot of the projects I work on are a perfect fit with Legacy Liquor. Considering
                                                                                       of the same liquor serving regulations still apply. And be forewarned that it is
that we are a catering company and we don’t have permanent facilities, we
                                                                                       the host, not the food catering company, who must purchase the liquor and
needed a venue to showcase our services. Legacy Liquor was designed with
                                                                                       ensure the appropriate licenses are in place for the event.
this concept in mind.”

                                                                                                                                                      The Publican 13
                  “Regardless of the venue, following the rules relating to consumption serving
                  sizes is also very important,” cautions Mote. “This means that individuals can’t
                  consume more than 30ml of spirit in every cocktail, compared with two to three
                  ounces in traditionally purchased cocktails. On the very rare occasion when we
                  sample straight spirits, we only offer a little splash - about 1/4-ounce - so people
                  can see, smell, and taste what it’s like on its own.”
                  While Legacy had the added advantage of being able to plan their store around
                  events, and built-in space to accommodate them, Lamb readily admits that the
                  biggest factor for the smaller operators is physical space. “The typical cold beer
                  and wine store doesn’t have the room to offer events as elaborate as some of
                  ours,” he explains, “but they could offer weekend tastings on a smaller scale …
                  it is well worth the effort. We absolutely see a lift in sales based on whatever
                  we are tasting, especially for higher end products because people like to try
                  before they buy.”

                  “We absolutely see a lift in sales based
                  on whatever we are tasting…”
                  Considering that, in most cases, it should be the various beer, wine, and spirits
                  agents (not store staff ) who provide the samples and the education, sampling
                  events can be a challenge for retailers in more remote parts of the province.
                  Unfortunately, availability of agents does depend on your geographical location.
                  However, don’t be completely discouraged if you are operating a pub or liquor
                  store in a more remote locale. Get the word out to your agents and ask if they
                  would be interested in going “on tour.” Very often, agents will have themed
                  promo materials to help you plan your event and will be eager to expand their
                  geographic distribution and sales too. Be aware, however, that a liquor licensee
                  must not agree to sell only one manufacturer’s products in their establishment
                  (tied-house), or promote a particular product because of their association with
                  a particular liquor manufacturer or its agent.
                                                        Moving from liquor stores to pubs, and
                                                        skipping across the water from the
                                                        mainland to Victoria, Clive’s Classic Lounge
                                                        and executive bar keep Shaun Soole are
                                                        also making a name for themselves when it
                                                        comes to special events. Clive’s has earned
                                                        the distinction of being voted “Victoria’s
                                                        Best Hotel Bar”, “Canada’s Best Hotel Bar”,
                                                        and being one of the top ten hotel bars in
                                                        the world. They too have a room at the back
                                                        of their establishment that is set aside for
                                                        special functions.
                                                        Soole explains that Clive’s Classic Lounge
                                                        is themed after the cocktail lounges of the
                                                        1920s and 30s, and about 80% of their sales
                  are mixed drinks. It is also interesting to note that, despite the fact that it is a
                  hotel bar, the vast majority of customers - about 85% - are local people. “Most of
                  our events are based on forming long-term relationships and client education,
                  not making sales on a particular night,” clarifies Soole.
                  Clive’s hosts two types of events. First are their free 90-minute seminars that
                  are held throughout the year. They feature speakers from around the world
                  who represent various brands or are considered to be experts in a particular
                  field relating to a type of alcohol. These are smaller, more intimate events with
                  20-24 guests seated around a large boardroom-style table. The set-up allows
                  for plenty of questions and interaction and, of course, samples of the product.
                  They don’t usually decorate the room or cater food for the seminars, but they
                  make use of a projector and screen. By hosting the event for free, they know
                  that guests will come early to enjoy a meal with cocktails or stay afterward to

14 The Publican
indulge - and that’s where the potential profit
factors into the equation.
                                                        " Considerable effort put into a few really
Clive’s has two seasonal events: a New Year’s Eve       good promotions will result in better attendance
Party and a spring Tiki Party that is the official
launch of the summer cocktail menu. These events
                                                        (and higher profits)…"
are radically different from the seminars and they
pull out all of the stops for decoration and creating                                                           and they are generally sold out in less than 30
                                                        While special promotions can be fun, Soole has
a sense of fun. Again, there are no ticket prices or                                                            minutes. But when it comes to online promotion
                                                        also learned through experience that trying to
cover charge. Attendance is free and the profit                                                                 of your events, be forewarned that it is “user
                                                        plan too many events is taxing for you and your
comes from the patrons partaking of food and                                                                    beware!”
                                                        staff. Considerable effort put into a few really good
beverages - all offered at regular menu prices,
                                                        promotions will result in better attendance (and        Whether you have a pub, bar, or liquor store,
with no sales or discounts. Soole firmly believes
                                                        higher profits) and both staff and patrons will be      events and promotions engage current customers
that if you want your establishment to be known
                                                        more enthusiastic about them.                           to build loyalty while attracting new customers to
for good service and a good product, you must
stop the freebies and discounted drinks.                Clive’s Classic Lounge is making good use of            your business.
                                                        Facebook to promote RSVPs for the free seminars,

                                                                                                                                                The Publican 15
Product Showcase

UnO mAS teQUILA                    ISLAnDer                        CHOCOLAt rOUge                 BIg CABOOSe reD ALe                AVernA AmArO
BLAnCO                             Lager                           CreAmY CHOCOLAte               red Ale                            Alcoholic Bitters (Digestif)
tequila                            Canada                          red Wine                       Canada                             Italy
Mexico                                                             USA
                                   A classic North American                                       Named after the train that
Uno Mas Tequila starts with        style lager crafted with        Experience true decadence      whistles its way through the
                                                                                                                                     From the oldest spirit house
100% Blue Agave that's             100% barley malt. Islander      in a luscious blend of rich,   Rocky Mountain town of
                                                                                                                                     in Italy. Since 1868, Averna
steam-roasted in centuries-        exhibits a very pleasant and    chocolate flavours and fine    Fernie, BC, Fernie Brewing Co.’s
                                                                                                                                     Amaro from Sicily dominates
old traditional stone walled       mild flavour profile with the   red wine.                      Big Caboose Red Ale is an easy-
                                                                                                                                     the Alcoholic Bitters
ovens for 36-54 hours,             refreshing taste qualities of                                  drinking red ale, with robust
slow-fermented, and double-        a premium, unpasteurized        Deliciously different,         flavour and a rich red colour.
distilled in stainless steel pot   lager.                          Chocolat Rouge entices         Generously hopped, slightly
                                                                                                                                     Wine Enthusiast, Feb. 2011:
stills for an ultra-premium                                        with creamy richness. Serve    sweet, with a roasted dryness
                                                                                                                                     “Complex and appealingly
tequila at a value price. Our      GOLD Medal Winner at the        chilled or savour it on        in the finish, it’s made with
                                                                                                                                     herbal, this spirit is marked
Blanco offers a fresh agave        2012 Canadian Brewing           the rocks for the ultimate     6 malts including chocolate,
                                                                                                                                     by its coffee-brown colour
nose and taste with hints          Awards for Premium Style        indulgence.                    caramel, and Munich.
                                                                                                                                     and a scent like spearmint-
of sweet spice, and yields         Lager!
                                                                                                                                     spiked espresso. The flavour
a smooth silky finish. Drink                                                                      Also available in Fernie
                                                                                                                                     is sweet, faintly coffee-like,
it straight, in a premium                                                                         Brewing Co.’s Winter Sampler
                                                                                                                                     with warm Dutch licorice,
margarita, or mixed in your                                                                       12-pack along with the Griz
                                                                                                                                     anise, and sarsaparilla notes.
favourite cocktail.                                                                               Pale Ale, Buck Wild Blonde Ale
                                                                                                                                     The finish is minty, then
                                                                                                  and award-winning First Trax
2010 San Francisco World                                                                          Brown Ale.
Spirits Competition - Gold
Medal                                                                                             5% ALC/VOL

Reposado, Añejo, & other
Tequilas and Mezcals also
750ml $39.99                       8 x 355ml cans $10.99           750ml $15.99                   6 x 355ml $11.50
                                                                                                                                     700ml $31.07
SKU 022566                         SKU 257006                      SKU 451518                     SKU 814103
                                                                                                                                     SKU 29546

604-836-4319                       250-361-0007                    604-675-6987                   250-423-7797
www.agavespirits.ca                www.vibrewery.com               www.chocolatrougewine.com      www.ferniebrewing.com

 16 The Publican
16 The Publican
                                                                                                                                   Have a new
                                                                                                                                   you want to
                                                                                                                                   What better place
                                                                                                                                   than in the Product
                                                                                                                                   Increase sales
                                                                                                                                   to independent
                                                                                                                                   liquor stores
                                                                                                                                   and pubs with
                                                                                                                                   an effective and
                                                                                                                                   affordable ad in
                                                                                                                                   the next issue.
mArAnI tBILISUrI                 teQUILA CHAmUCOS                  rIO JUAneS                     emOtIVO PrOSeCCO                 Call to book your
White Wine                       BLAnCO eSPeCIAL                   temPrAnILLO SHIrAZ             Sparkling Wine
Georgia                          tequila                           red Wine                       Italy                            ad today!
                                 Mexico                            Spain
This white semi-dry table                                                                         New                              1-800-667-0955
wine is made from 90%            Chamucos (a local word            Rich aromas and vibrant        Best Value Prosecco in BC!
Rkatsiteli and 10% Mtsvane       for the Bogeyman!) is well-       flavours of juicy red
grapes grown in Kakheti          known by connoisseurs             cherries, ripe plums, dusty    Best Buy-Winescores.ca
Viticulture Region of            for its amazing purity and        cocoa and warm spices          “Here is a fresh, light
Georgia. It has colourful        balance. We use premium,          burst from this superb         and fruity Prosecco
personality and diversity        organically-farmed blue           blend of Tempranillo and       that presents plenty of
of Kakhetian traditional         agave, our own yeast for          Shiraz. The finish is smooth   appealing apple, pear,
wines - it’s young, fresh, and   natural fermentation, and         and well balanced.             white blossoms, sweet
fragrant.                        pristine mountain water.                                         citrus and honey aromas. It
                                                                                                  has a full mousse and sweet
Anthony Gismondi,                As Mexico’s highest
                                                                                                  fruit and citrus flavours on
Dec. 02, 2010:                   distillery in Mazamitla, we
                                                                                                  the palate with lively acidity
Rated 87/100                     have the perfect climate
                                                                                                  to help keep it in check.
“Open pear, quince, lemon,       for our small batch, eco-
                                                                                                  Great value”
anise, spicy aromas. Off dry     friendly production. The
entry with soft acidity but      Blanco rests for weeks in
                                                                                                  Call us for display posters,
full and elegant. Honey,         stainless steel and is filtered
                                                                                                  bottle neckers and shelf
orange peel, baked pear,         for remarkable smoothness.
quince, slate flavours. Solid    Reposado, Añejo and
fruit and fresh finish that      Combo Pack available.
is slightly austere to go
with various Asian cuisines.     restricted Spec
Somewhat akin to Chenin          750ml $79.99
Blanc. Solid value.”             SKU 192997
                                                                                                  restricted Spec
                                 Combo Pack (Spec)                 750ml $10.96
                                                                                                  12 x 750ml $14.49
750ml $12.00                     6 x 750ml $509.94                 SKU 16865
                                                                                                  SKU 153981
SKU 191304                       SKU 686022
604-924-6025                     778-279-8463                      www.markat.ca
www.osttrading.ca                www.newworldwines.ca              www.markatwines.com

                                                                                                                                         The Publican 17
by Chris McBeath

18 The Publican
Non-alcoholic martinis have always sounded like         Beverages with Benefits
a contradiction in terms, and although Virgin           Behind the bar, the healthy-drink movement
Caesars are still popular, bartenders would do          started a few years ago with the beneficial
well to take stock of current mocktail trends.          cranberry. It quickly advanced to the good-for-you
As inventive as their alcoholic counterparts,           pomegranate, and has since progressed to include
innovative booze-free drinks provide an upsell          a plethora of functional, super-fruit flavours and
opportunity over the ubiquitous soda-water-with-        artisanal syrups, all blended together for healthier
a-wedge-of-lime.                                        cocktails - even “Spatails”.
                                                        Creativity is the key ingredient. Where the 70s and
tracking teetotal trends                                80s were about volume, today’s martinis, bellinis,
                                                        and Shirley Temple-styled liquid libations are all
According to recent research conducted by
                                                        about quality and innovation. “People’s palettes
the UK-based research firm, Mintel, 40% of
                                                        are increasingly sophisticated and global, so
respondents indicated that they were drinking
                                                        whether you’re creating a cocktail with or without
fewer alcoholic beverages at bars and restaurants
                                                        alcohol, a bartender has to sometimes think like
than in the previous year. Reasons cited included
                                                        a chef,” describes Vancouver-based bartender            mocktails for more revenues
an overall desire to drink less alcohol, budgeting
                                                        David Wolowidnyk, whose numerous bartending
issues within the current economic climate, and                                                                 The cravings of stylish teetotalers are also
                                                        awards rank him among the world’s best. “Every
health concerns.                                                                                                boosting the bottom line in pubs and bars across
                                                        drink must have an intent of the taste you’re
The latter is becoming a driving force unto itself.     trying to achieve - salty, savoury, or sweet as well    the province.
New York City’s proposed ban on mega sodas              as a beginning, a middle, and an end. Similar           “For a while, I offered a printed mocktail list
notwithstanding, the concept of healthier options       to wine, the first sip may start as sweet or tart,      alongside the cocktail selection but found
is playing out in the beverage industry worldwide. In   depending on your intention, but it may finish          customers still ordered cranberry and soda as
the last seven years, Beverage Marketing Corporation    quite differently. And it’s the finish that defines     if there were no other choices,” Wolowidnyk
notes that sugary, bad-for-you soda sales have          a drink,” Wolowidnyk emphasizes. “For example,          explains. “When I questioned the service staff, I
been plummeting in favour of more healthy choices.      in a classic Negroni, Campari is initially bitter but   realized that they assumed their customers had
More mixologists are turning to organic, fresh, and     has residual sugar; sweet vermouth and gin also         read the list so didn’t introduce any options.
local produce over preserved juices, and initiatives    change in character, starting sweet but with a          As soon as I stopped printing the list, and had
such as the Canadian Beverage Association’s Clear on    bitter finish; but with a dash of amaretto, there       the servers suggest alternatives to sodas, the
Calories program underscores this health trend by       will be a sweeter end. So substitutions are chosen      turnaround was dramatic. Now, I always have two
promising consistent and reliable caloric information   with these dynamics in mind.”                           non-alcoholic, fun punches on offer, which include
of Canadian-made products.

                                                                                                                                                The Publican 19
                  a variety of freshly squeezed, organic juices with a dash of anything from berry
                  cordials, anise, vanilla and cardamom - the possibilities are endless.” Wolowidnyk
                  takes full advantage of BC’s natural abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables,
                  many of which are processed into a range of premium, not-from-concentrate
                  juices in organic, fortified, and all-natural varieties.
                  Fellow bartender Sean Patrick McClure is another proponent of non-alcoholic
                  choices, and is hired by restaurants specifically to upgrade their cocktail
                  program. “All the time, people come in who are pregnant or who don’t drink,
                  and if their dining partner is doing something like a full tasting menu with wine
                  pairings, I don’t want them to have to suck down Coke all night,” McClure says.
                  Hence, his options are creatively tantalizing, and might include soda flavoured
                  with a fresh yuzu (a zingy-tasting Asian citrus fruit) and rose syrup spritz, or a
                  base of orange juice and tonic water, with touches of agave nectar, kumquat, and
                  fennel for a dash of licorice flavouring. “These kind of unexpected drink blends
                  are especially good as daytime and lunch hour drinks, because they reflect the
                  adventurous spirit that gastronomes like to bring to their dining experience
                  without influencing their palate, or impacting their work focus in the afternoon.”

                  “People’s palettes are increasingly
                  sophisticated and global, so whether
                  you’re creating a cocktail with or
                  without alcohol, a bartender has to
                  sometimes think like a chef.”

                  niche Importance
                  Both Wolowidnyk and McClure have established experiences within their
                  drink selection that ensure soft drinks are as distinctive as their alcohol-spiked
                  cousins. Their shared preference to make original drinks from scratch, rather than
                  substituting cocktails with virgin varietals also paves the way for “freestyling”,
                  or in layman’s language: experimentation. “Freestyles can be personalized to
                  the preference of your customer and are a whole lot of fun,” notes Wolowidnyk.
                  “When there’s time, I’ll often start something on the fly, and if it passes my initial
                  taste test, I’ll offer customers a tasting spoon and get their input. Chances are,
                  we’ll end up with something entirely new - which we then have to name!”
                  Although not all watering holes or restaurants have the resources to concoct
                  these kind of star-studded creations, today’s bar should at least carry a range
                  of boutique sodas, sparkling soft ciders, and crafted de-alcoholized beer.
                  Depending on your market, you may also want to take a second look at that
                  healthy-drink trend. Beverage Marketing cites how high-end, wellness-oriented
                  beverages are carving out a sub-niche category with more affluent customers.
                  Traditionalists may shudder at the thought, but it looks like Detox Drinks are
                  coming to a pub near you!

                         Ideas for Healthful Cocktails
                      Anti-Oxitini - VeeV Acai liqueur, fresh pomegranate juice, sparkling wine
                      Bitter Sicilian - pomegranate syrup, lemon and lime juices, non-alcoholic
                      bitters and soda
                      Pineapple Julep - pineapple fruit, mint, lime and lemon juices, and
                      simple syrup
                      Bee Sting - apple cider, fresh ginger, a cardamom-honey syrup, lime
                      juice, and orange bitters

20 The Publican
The 8 Biggest Myths of Customer Service
(and What to Do About Them)                                                                   by Jim Sullivan

Do you agree or disagree with the following          "We've got to focus on the competition." What              Training people to be nice is almost impossible.
points? The way you think about each one will        you may not realize is that your competition is            Hire the personality, train the skills.
affect how you treat both your internal and          the customer, not other pubs and LRSs. So stop             "Invest first in building the brand." I disagree.
external customers.                                  looking across the street and focus on the face            Invest first in people, second in brand, third in
                                                     above the tabletop or at the counter. Spend more
“the customer comes first.” As far as leaders are                                                               bricks and mortar. Give me a grill and a tent in a
                                                     time managing the energy in your store rather              parking lot along with the best service-oriented
concerned, the customer comes third. Leadership
                                                     than focusing on what the competition is doing.            people who take care of the customer and each
comes first, and the team second. Never treat a
customer better than you do an employee. Instead     "Customer service never changes." I think                  other, and every shift I'll beat the pants off the
of ranking relationships between customers and       that most of us will agree that the customer               restaurant with the multi-million dollar building
employees, we should focus on establishing           has changed dramatically in the last five years.           next door.
equity instead.                                      Therefore the meaning of customer service has              There is no "silver bullet" that guarantees
                                                     changed too, mostly in this way: good service
"the customer is always right." No. The customer                                                                great service other than habitual consistency.
                                                     means the absence of complaints. Identify your             Remember this every day: "Keep it fresh, keep it
is not always right, but is always the customer,
                                                     customer's top five expectations and top five              focused, and remember to say thank you."
and it's alright for the customer to be wrong. The
                                                     complaints. Now ask your managers and servers
customer is usually right.
                                                     to make the same list. Compare them. If you're not
"A satisfied customer comes back." A satisfied       all on the same page, then someone's suffering as          Jim Sullivan is CEO of Sullivision.com. We deliver workshops on leadership,
customer doesn't necessarily ever come back,         a result - most likely the customer.                       service, selling, and iPod generation training. You can follow him at
but loyal ones do. Customers don't want to settle                                                               Sullivision on Twitter or email him at jim@Sullivision.com.
                                                     "People are our most important asset." The right
for "satisfied". They usually want fun, flair, and
                                                     people are your most important asset. The right
memorable experiences; they always want the
                                                     people are not "warm bodies". Hire nice people.
absence of complaints.

                                                                                                                                                                The Publican 21
                         Wine Report
                          by Adam Butler

The Big, Bold Reds of BC                                making the wines more rounded and balanced.
                                                        Each grape adds its own unique characteristics
BC's Okanagan Valley is well suited for producing       to the final wine that is being sought after. These
big, bold red wines. Climate is the main factor for     blends are often identified by the term “Meritage”
producing this style of wine the world over. In the     on the label.
Old World, the vineyards have adapted to certain
grape varieties and even certain styles due to the      With Cabernet Sauvignon being one of the world’s
climate and soil conditions that they possess.          most sought-after wines, it’s no wonder it often
Here in BC we have similar conditions. Desert-          stands alone. The grape produces a wine that is full
like conditions in the south provide hot daytime        bodied with lots of tannins. With ripening, these
temperatures during the growing season and              tannins should become finer and more supple.               Here are some exciting BC reds that you should
have the lowest average rainfall in Canada. The         The flavours have lots of black fruits with some           showcase in your establishment:
abundance of sunshine allows the grapes to ripen        herbaceous notes, spice, or vanilla notes from the         La Frenz Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best
to their fullest, and controlled irrigation keeps the   common practice of maturation in oak barrels.              examples of BC stand-alone Cabernet Sauvignon.
vines healthy and producing quality fruit.              Merlot usually has lighter tannins and lower               It is lighter on the nose than other big reds, but
Not all of the red varieties grow well in the summer    acidity, but it’s generally higher in alcohol and          has solid red and black fruit with notes of vanilla
heat that the Okanagan Valley can experience            fuller-bodied. This makes it a perfect grape to            and a little tobacco. With firm tannins, it is a perfect
year after year. The first wines grown here were        blend with Cabernet Sauvignon to round out the             match for smoky barbecued steak. The current
of the Mission varieties and local North American       wine. Merlot needs the tannins and high acids              vintage available is the 2009, and it would stand
varieties. With the spectre of free trade in the        that Cabernet Sauvignon has to offer to give it            another year or two cellared.
late 80s, the BC wine industry finally got serious      more structure.
                                                                                                                   Laughing Stock's Blind trust is a fun red blend
about what it was doing, and they went looking          Cabernet Franc has finer tannins with spicy                since you do not know which grape varieties are
for grapes suitable to this climate and selected        aromas and intense red and black berry flavours.           in it until you carefully remove the foil capsule. The
varieties consumers were familiar with. As with         Cabernet Franc can stand on its own as a wine, but         current vintage is the 2009, which has herbaceous
other New World wine producing areas, BC has            it is usually softer and less intense then its relative,   notes with stewed strawberries and licorice on
embraced the grape varieties and wine styles that       Cabernet Sauvignon. This shouldn’t discourage              the nose. On the palate it offers the same stewed
are found in France's Bordeaux region.                  you from trying some of BC’s Cab Francs available          fruit with some fig and vanilla and fine integrated
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc,             in our market (especially those from Oliver south).        tannins.
Malbec, and Petit Verdot are the grapes that            They are some of the world’s best examples and
                                                                                                                   Hester Creek has some of the oldest Vinifera
make up the big reds of BC that originally came         pair really well with summer BBQ cuisine.
                                                                                                                   vines in the Okanagan (dating back to the late
from Bordeaux. These grape varieties can stand          Malbec has come into its own, gaining fame as              1960s) and superior vineyard sites, so it is not
well on their own, but some can also lead to high       Argentina’s signature grape. You can find one or           surprising that they have their own share of big
alcohol, high tannin wines with little structure        two BC Malbecs from producers like Stoneboat               reds to choose from. The Character is a unique
or complexity. As with the wines of Bordeaux,           and The View, but mostly these grapes are blended          Bordeaux style blend as it uses Merlot, Malbec,
blending is not only an art form, it’s key to           to add more ripe fruit and a little earthy tone to         Petit Verdot, and Syrah. References to the use of
                                                        the finished blends.                                       Syrah in Bordeaux date back to the 18th century,
                                                                                                                   and it is great to have two of France’s best wine
                                                                                                                   regions come together in one wine. The nose is a
                                                                                                                   little reserved, but offers some black fruit with a
                                                                                                                   little vanilla and spice. The palate has lots of juicy
                                                                                                                   black cherry and plum with medium tannins and
                                                                                                                   hints of spice, chocolate, mocha, and a caramel
                                                                                                                   toffee undertone. The current vintage is 2010 and
                                                                                                                   comes with a restrained 13.8% alcohol.
                                                                                                                   When you’re selling these big bold BC reds, be sure
                                                                                                                   to suggest that your customers give these wines
                                                                                                                   lots of air and room to breathe, so they can fully
                                                                                                                   appreciate them.

                                                                                                                   Adam Butler is the Senior Dining Room Service Instructor at Pacific
                                                                                                                   Institute of Culinary Arts (www.picachef.com) at Granville Island. He
                                                                                                                   is a marathoner, wine expert (WSET Advanced - Merit), and service
                                                                                                                   professional with over 20 years of experience. Visit him Monday to Friday
                                                                                                                   at Bistro 101, the institute’s full service dining room.

22 The Publican
                         LCLB Report
                         by Karen Ayers

Licensee Quick Facts Sheet
In our continuing effort to assist you and your staff, we have produced a double-
sided, laminated 4.25 x 11” Liquor Licensee Quick Facts sheet. This handy quick
fact sheet is available through your local liquor inspector and contains important
terms and conditions and hints for staff. It is printed on heavy laminated paper
stock, so can easily hold up under use anywhere in your establishment.

In recent months the branch has received an increasing number of inquiries about
whether we are contemplating creating policy surrounding social media as it
relates to liquor promotions and advertising. The branch considers a licensee’s
social media web page, such as Facebook, or a social media application such as
Twitter, to be a form of advertising. Therefore, any social media produced by an
establishment or maintained by staff promoting their establishment must follow
liquor advertising rules.
Licensee advertising must also comply with the Canadian Radio-television and
                                                                                      New Liquor Violation Ticket
Telecommunications Commission's (CRTC) Code for Broadcast Advertising of
Alcoholic Beverages, no matter what the format is, whether radio, television,         On June 5th of this year police and liquor inspectors were given the authority to
Internet, social media, print, or billboards. Here is a link to the CRTC code: www.   issue $575 violation tickets to a person who is caught providing liquor to minors
crtc.gc.ca/eng/general/codes/alcohol.htm.                                             (unless that individual is the minor’s parent or guardian). This includes servers who
                                                                                      sell liquor to an underage customer. While servers may now be fined, the focus
In addition to the CRTC code, branch policy dictates that liquor ads cannot promote
                                                                                      of the branch’s compliance and enforcement program remains on the licensee.
contests and tournaments involving wet t-shirts, wet jockey shorts, bare-as-you-
                                                                                      Issuing a ticket to a server does not alter the fact that it is the licensee who is
dare, or similar themes or activities. An establishment’s social media site showing
                                                                                      accountable for the sale under the Act. This new violation ticket is an additional
or promoting these types of events would not be complying with advertising rules.
                                                                                      tool in the effort to promote compliance and public safety.
Regarding marketing websites such as Groupon, the Liquor Control and Licensing
                                                                                      To assist you, the branch has developed an 8.5 x 11” sign, which you can download
Act prohibits a person from selling liquor, advertising the availability of liquor,
                                                                                      from our website (see image above). The purpose of the sign is to give staff
or advertising liquor pricing without a liquor licence. Therefore companies like
                                                                                      something easy to point to when dealing with potentially underage customers
groupon.com cannot include liquor as part of a promotion. Bars can offer deals
                                                                                      who may bristle at being ID’d.
such as food, or an entertainment admission discount through this type of site -
provided they do not include liquor.                                                  The sign can be found at www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/lclb/resources/index.htm.

                                                                                                                                                       The Publican 23
Darby’s Pub
  by Chris McBeath

A Neighbourhood Institution
Established in 1981 by owner Terry Lightheart, Darby’s is arguably one of              weathered many industry changes. These have included the smoking ban,
Vancouver’s most successful neighbourhood pubs. And, having poured suds                the opening of more freestanding stores, shifting demographics, and most
for more than 30 years, it is also a beloved community institution, which unlike       recently, difficult economies. The latter prompted the Darby’s team to take a
other pubs has managed to retain a self-styled independence through the                more formal look at the business.
decades.                                                                               “Our planning session two years ago was serendipitous with my acquiring an
“Darby’s is all about Terry’s vision and passion,” explains Kiyo Godo, General         MBA,” says Kiyo, who also holds degrees in real estate and engineering. “With
Manager. “Although he no longer gets involved in the day-to-day operation,             sales plateauing and our customer base rapidly changing, we needed to reassess
Terry’s input, ideas and mentorship are still very much a part of where we are         who we were and what we wanted to become.”
going and how we’re getting there.”

                                                                                       Pacing for Success
Changing times                                                                         The answer was in their roots, but to be the “best local community pub” meant
Located on a busy Kitsilano intersection, Darby’s was initially a traditional burger   responding to a gentrifying neighbourhood that now caters as much to young,
and beer bar, with a bottle outlet barely larger than a closet. In those early         craft beer and Pinot Gris aficionados as to a customer base that remembers
years, Terry worked the bar, established a loyal following, and like all publicans,    Darby’s when it first opened.

24 The Publican
" We’re a boutique, neighbourhood
experience. We listen to our regulars, we
research new ideas by travelling to places
such as New York, Chicago, Portland, and Los

For Brendan Bonfield, Operations Manager, it was a question of moving
slowly, sourcing the right products, and training the staff. “Before taking
on the pub side, I worked in the liquor store, which is where we started
upgrading our product with more craft beer, local wines, and mixers. We
worked closely with local breweries to make this happen before introducing
specialty products into the pub. Patrons here can be quite set in their ways,
so pacing was all important.”
That said, Darby’s has had an exciting two years as these changes have since
grown into a full-fledged program. By returning the more labour-intensive
pub back to its original 90-seat capacity, the liquor store was expanded into
a vibrant 2,250 sq. ft. outlet with five doors of specialty and imported beer
as well as feature shelves of regional wines. Meanwhile, the pub doubled
the size of its rooftop patio (now 59 seats), which gave it a “destination”
cachet for being the only rooftop patio in the area.

responsive Appreciation
Rejigging of space aside, the pub has never lost its appreciation of the fine
line it treads in catering to old and new customers alike, and responded
quickly to customer feedback as it started to blend traditional favourites
with an imaginative cocktail program as well as multiple weekly and
seasonal keg rotations.
The food has evolved as well with old and new in mind, and while burgers
are still on the menu, the meat is now locally sourced, produce comes
from local growers, and French fries are listed alongside a quinoa salad.
“Al Jackson is a new addition to our team,” explains Kiyo. “As a Red Seal
Chef, he is helping us provide a top quality product as well as concepts like
pairing dinners that have huge appeal to new clientele without alienating
our regulars.”
The ability to integrate new ideas with tried-and-true standards has been
as important to Darby’s ongoing success, as is its clarity of identity. Brendan
continues, “We’re a boutique, neighbourhood experience. We listen to our
regulars, we research new ideas by travelling to places such as New York,
Chicago, Portland, and Los Angeles, and we’re open to try things whether it’s
a trivia night, giving a local band some play time, or finding new concepts.
For example, we see that beer cocktails are going to be the next big thing,
so we’re adding a few of our own recipes to the menu.”
Kiyo summarizes, “Obviously, we’re pleased with the results both in terms of
customer mix, service standards, and the bottom line. Essentially, though,
it all comes back to Terry’s commitment, vision, and ability to trust his team
to get the results, which is why so many staff members have stayed with
him for years. Terry’s not only had the stick-with-it-ness to keep Darby’s
fresh, he’s kept it relevant to the neighbourhood it serves.”

                                                                                  The Publican 25
GROUND                       by Robert Plotkin

                                                 Central City Bewring

26 The Publican
While there’s no such thing as the perfectly
designed bar, some are much easier to work in than
                                                       "When designing a bar, the objective is to position
others. Every misplaced step the bartender takes
costs the bar money in lost productivity. Beverage
                                                       nearly everything a bartender needs to prepare any
operators are passionate about the logistics of
drink production - how the workstations are
                                                       drink within a six-foot radius."
configured, where equipment is placed relative         their left. To maximize efficiency, glasses should     box. Reach-in doors should be hinged so they
to the workstation, and how the inventory is           be stored to the left of a workstation, allowing the   open toward the bartenders’ workstation for easy
merchandized. They are, after all, responsible for     bartender to pick up the glasses with their left       access. Shared equipment, such as an automatic
ensuring that the facility is designed to operate at   hand and add the ice using the scoop in the right      glass washer, a three or four compartment sink
peak efficiency; anything less negatively impacts      hand. Likewise, a hand sink is ideally positioned      unit, and the glassware drain boards should be
revenue and service.                                   to the right of the workstation, allowing the          positioned equidistant between the workstations,
“I think one explanation for poorly designed           bartender to dump the excess ice and fluid from        thereby reducing the amount of cross-traffic
bars is that operators are often forced to make        his mixing equipment, blender, or returned             between the bartenders.
compromises between concept and function,”             glasses with a minimum of movement.”
                                                                                                              It is important that bartenders have adequate
suggests Steve Goumas, owner of the Rula               Well liquors should be positioned in a speed           lighting behind the bar for drink making.
Bula Irish Pub in Tempe, Arizona. “While such          rack mounted to the front of the workstation for       Florescent lighting mounted underneath the
concessions are unavoidable, the result is often       immediate access. A speed rack is a stainless steel,   bar top and abutting the bar die is usually
a great looking bar that operates in chaos. Those      enclosed shelf designed specifically to hold liquor    sufficient. Track lighting behind the bar may also
design changes might work on paper, but the            bottles. Two-tiered (double) speed racks are also      be effective.
impact they have on bartender productivity may         available. Call brand liquors and liqueurs can be
result in lost sales for the life of the business.”                                                           The bar top area directly in front of the bartenders’
                                                       placed in speed racks to the left and right of the
                                                                                                              workstation serves several functions. The garnish
The operational hubs of the bar are the bartenders’    bartenders’ workstation. These speed racks are
                                                                                                              tray and frequently used single service items, such
workstations, which should always be facing            frequently mounted on the sides of top-loading
                                                                                                              as straws, sip sticks, sword picks, and cocktail
out to the bar top, so that the bartenders can         beer boxes or four-compartment sinks.
                                                                                                              napkins or drink coasters are placed on the bar
see what’s going on. When designing a bar,             Premium, super premium, and top shelf liquors          top in front of the station for easy access to both
the objective is to position nearly everything a       and liqueurs should be merchandized in display         the bartenders and servers.
bartender needs to prepare any drink within a          cases optimally located directly behind the
six-foot radius.                                                                                              This area is also where servers pick up their drink
                                                       workstation on the back bar above 42 inches. This
                                                                                                              orders and return dirty glassware. The surface
The focal point of the workstation is the ice bin.     will allow bar guests to easily see the products
                                                                                                              area for beverage pick-up must be large enough
It should be constructed of stainless steel with       while preventing bartenders from having to stoop
                                                                                                              for several drink orders to be placed on cocktail
a rigid frame construction. The balance of the         down to retrieve them. To save on storage space
                                                                                                              trays. Speed of service is impeded and a backlog
equipment and supplies should be positioned            behind the bar, design the shelves of the display
                                                                                                              can occur if there isn’t sufficient surface area
around the station to create an effective use of       case wide enough to accommodate positioning
                                                                                                              allocated for staging finished drink orders. Brass
space so that drink orders can be made with a          bottles two deep (approximately 12-16 inches).
                                                                                                              rails are normally used to delineate this section of
minimum of wasted motion, which negatively             This will allow you to shelve a backup of each
                                                                                                              the bar top as a service area.
impacts speed of service.                              brand - with few exceptions - and eliminate some
                                                       of the need for under-counter liquor storage.          It is also advisable to use the area adjacent to the
Since most bartenders are right-handed,                                                                       workstation for the sundry smallwares and the
equipment and supplies should be positioned                                                                   bartenders’ mixing equipment. This shelf area is
so that there is a minimum of cross-handed             Stations and Peak Productivity                         ideal for storing mixing tins, mixing glasses, bar
operations required for making drinks, according                                                              spoons, spring strainers, bottle opener, wine opener,
to David Commer of Commer Beverage Consulting          The other equipment that should be located
                                                       near the bartenders’ workstation includes the          cutting board, and paring knives. The surface of this
and former T.G.I. Friday’s beverage director. “For                                                            shelf should be covered with glassware netting to
example, right-handed bartenders naturally pick        draft beer system and refrigeration equipment,
                                                       such as the reach-in cooler and top-loading beer       allow the wet mixing equipment to air dry.
up bottles with their right hands and glasses with

                                                                                                                                                The Publican 27
                  “The physical layout of the bar largely determines the placement of equipment,
                  liquor displays and workstations, which in turn dictate the speed at which
                  bartenders can make drinks and provide hospitable service,” notes Jean-Pierre
                  Etcheberrigaray, vice-president of food and beverage for Intercontinental
                  Hotels. “A difference of three feet one way or another may not seem like much
                  when you’re deciding where to position a glass washer, but it can add up to
                  hundreds or even thousands of extra steps for bartenders a week. That’s a lot
                  of wasted time.”
                  After all, time is money.

                  Robert Plotkin is a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and author of 16 books on bartending and
                  beverage management, including Secrets Revealed of America’s Greatest Cocktails. He can be reached at www.
                  AmericanCocktails.com or by e-mail at robert@barmedia.com.

                            Bar Design
                        If you’ve ever worked behind a bar on a busy shift, then you already
                        know that there isn’t such a thing as a perfectly designed bar. Ill-devised
                        layouts and poorly placed equipment can prove to be insurmountable
                        obstacles and leave bartenders incapable of performing their duties
                        behind the bar in a timely and efficient manner.
                        While there’s no such thing as the perfect bar, some are much easier to
                        work than others. Operational folks are passionate about the logistics
                        of drink production - how the workstations are configured, where
                        equipment is placed relative to the workstation and how the inventory
                        is merchandized. They are, after all, responsible for ensuring that the
                        facility is designed to operate at peak efficiency; anything less negatively
                        impacts revenue and service.
                        However, from a design standpoint, the bar is the central focus of the
                        front of the house. The structure dominates the overall interior design
                        and therefore falls within their purview. They are, after all, responsible
                        for creating ambiance and visually delivering on the promise of the
                        concept. Where the bar is placed, the shape of the structure, and the
                        traffic flow around the bar are crucial design considerations.
                        The management point of view really is the prioritized melding of both
                        the operational and interior design perspective,” notes Jean-Pierre
                        Etcheberrigaray. “Add a few curves to a bar for effect and you could wind
                        up adversely impacting drink production, delaying service, increasing
                        labour costs, detracting from the ambiance, snarling traffic flow, or
                        undermining the concept.”

                        engineering in Speed
                        Scott Young is a celebrated bartending trainer. Having spent the majority
                        of his life behind bars, the Vancouver native and owner of Extreme
                        Bartending knows a workable bar design when he sees it. “I think most
                        bartenders would rather work a linear bar, one with a workstation
                        positioned every 10-15 feet or so. This configuration allows unrestricted
                        views of the guests and permits them to move freely behind the bar.”
                        Young adds that the most effective bar design is one that guides guests
                        to where you want them, instead of forcing bartenders to constantly
                        run back and forth wasting steps and precious time. He points out that
                        efficiency of movement is crucial even behind slower bars. The time
                        wasted on drink production is always better spent on service.
                        The linear bar allows for unobstructed vision of the patrons seated at
                        the bar and often can be worked by one bartender in non-peak hours of
                        business. The design is also the easiest of the various shapes in which to
                        position equipment, outfit with workstations, and properly merchandize
                        inventory. It typically requires less square footage to accomplish the
                        same volume of business and to accommodate the same number of
                        bar stools as other shaped bars.

28 The Publican
What's New?
 by Debbie Minke

Beer / RTDs                                            Wines
Fernie Brewing Co.’s Pumpkin Head - Pumpkin            Zighidi Passito Liquoroso 2010 is a dessert wine from the island of Pantelleria that boasts a full and
Brown Ale is brewed with organic pumpkins,             rich aroma of muscat, raisins, and apricot jam with hints of vanilla. The flavour is soft, full, and sweet,
cinnamon, nutmeg, and numerous spices to               a memory of sweet figs. 500ml $32.99 Spec
create a deliciously smooth and tasty beer. 650ml
bottles $5.50 Spec                                     Vecchio Florio Dolce marsala 2007 is aged at least 30 months in oak casts and vats. It’s extremely
                                                       fine with scents of raisins, licorice, dates, and vanilla, and boasts a warm and full palate with an
St. Peter’s g-Free is a clean, crisp, gluten-free      after-taste of ripe fruit. 750ml $16.99 Spec
ale with a pilsner lager style finish and aromas
of citrus from American Amarillo hops. 500ml           Jacob’s Creek moscato 2010 is a frizzante-style wine featuring vibrant sherbet-like flavours and a
$4.99 Spec                                             light spritz to balance the soft fruit sweetness. 750ml $10.75 Spec

Townsite Brewery’s tin Hat IPA is loaded with          Domaine de nizas rosé 2010 is a fruity blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre with cranberry
pungent, pine-y, citrus-y West Coast hops. Its         and strawberry notes. Enjoy crisp acidity and a hint of minerality in this vibrant wine. 750ml $18.99
strong bitterness is balanced with a malty body.       Spec
50L keg $190, 20L keg $95, 650ml bottle $4.90
                                                       Linen Chardonnay comes from Bergevin Lane Vineyards in the Columbia Valley. It boasts aromas
                                                       of candied apples and pears, with flavours of apples drizzled with honey and pears with a hint of
Betty Stogs is a classic pale amber from Skinner’s     minerality. It’s crisp and smooth. 750ml $16.99 Spec
Brewery in the UK, a mid-strength bitter with
                                                       marani tbilisuri is a medium dry white from Kakheti, Georgia. It offers tropical fruit aromas with
distinct hoppy overtones. Cornish Knocker Ale
                                                       melon and white flowers, and on the palate, the natural sweetness balances the acidity, resulting in
has a clean, strong taste leading to a fresh,
                                                       a generous peach and nectarine finish. 750ml $12.00 Spec
flowery aroma in the finish. Both 500ml $3.99
Spec                                                   La Poderosa Cabernet Sauvignon reserva 2011 is a succulent, hearty wine with aromas of
                                                       spicy black currants, grilled bell peppers, bittersweet cocoa, dried herbs, and an earthy core. The
mariachi is a smooth, fresh agave and lemon
                                                       Sauvignon Blanc 2011 has plenty of sweet fruit nicely balanced by brisk acidity. The Syrah 2010
flavoured beer from Turkey. 6x330ml $11.99 Spec
                                                       offers generous fruit, sweet spices and mocha flavours, which taper to cocoa on the finish. All
Calypso Vodka Spritz is a lightly carbonated,          750ml $14.99 Spec
gluten-free beverage that’s refreshingly good
                                                       San Felipe malbec 2010 is a deep and intense red wine, with morello cherry and strawberry
and naturally flavoured. Available in Star Apple
                                                       aromas, intermingled with floral notes of violets. The fruit character is echoed on the smooth
and Ruby Red Citrus flavours. 4x330ml bottles
                                                       palate. 750ml $15.99 Spec
$10.99 Listed
                                                       Wrongo Dongo monastrell 2010 shows raisins, figs, plums, mulberries, and cherries. Though there
                                                       is some gentle toasty oak, this wine is far more about unabashed fruit. 750ml $14.99 Spec

Spirits                                                madiran torus 2008 offers an intense and complex nose. This dry, full-bodied and woody red
                                                       showcases firm tannins on the palate and a broad mouthfeel with a long finish. 750ml $19.99 Spec
Azuñia tequila Platinum is the perfect choice for a
refreshing, mixable, USDA Certified Organic ultra-     La Sima tempranillo 2010 is a ruby red wine that’s lively on the nose and palate, with black cherry
premium tequila. Relish its smooth, drinkable,         and red currant. It’s well balanced with a dry finish, and offers great value. 750ml $9.13 Spec
award-winning taste. 750ml $79.99 Retail               La Jeannette Ventoux 2010 is 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah. It offers peppery aromas with a
Skyy Infusions Coconut Vodka is made with real         slightly baked nose, and spicy dark fruit notes on the palate. 750ml $16.99 Spec
coconuts to create a light and refreshing flavour,
complemented by aromas of citrus and vanilla
bean. 750ml $26.49 Retail Spec

Panama red 108 is a beautiful sipping premium
                                                       New Products
rum. Concentrated flavours of caramel and orange       ICe eXPreSS® from Canadian Ice Vending is Canada's first packaged ice vending machine. By
peel fade to vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and nuts.      internally producing its own ice and automating the retail process, it cuts a retailer's ice costs down
750ml $44.99 Spec                                      to only 25 cents per bag. It’s compact, attractive, and affordable.

Cupcake Vodka is a hand-crafted, quality vodka         The Bank of Canada has recently completed four free videos to help those in the retail and service
that is distilled six times for maximum purity. With   industry fight fraud. Fighting Fraud on the Front Lines addresses debit card fraud, identity crime,
natural flavours, it’s crisp and clean. 750ml $24.99   cheque fraud, and counterfeit bank notes. The free videos are available on DVD as well as on the
Spec                                                   Bank of Canada YouTube site.

                                                                                                                                                     The Publican 29
FOOD ORDERING     by Sheryl E. Kimes

30 The Publican
Online food ordering is growing in popularity
                                                          " Online ordering has been associated with increased revenue,
among both consumers and pubs and restaurants,
because it can benefit all concerned. Consumers           improved capacity management, and enhanced productivity
are embracing online ordering because of its ease,        as well as improved transactional marketing and customer
speed, and precision, while pubs and restaurants
see the potential for increased revenue and
                                                          relationship management…"
fewer errors - and they are responding to obvious
consumer demand.                                          (48.5% of all restaurants) and the quick-service     Order Frequency
                                                          segment (22.0%). Pizza (60.7%) and sandwich          On average, operators who used online ordering
Pubs and restaurants can offer online ordering
                                                          (61.9%) chains were most likely to accept online     saw an increase in order frequency, most
through their own website or app, through a
                                                          ordering, and Mexican restaurants are also active    commonly for takeout orders (42.5%), but also for
multi-restablishment site or app (e.g. Snapfinger,
                                                          in this area (44.4%).                                delivery (28.5%) and catering (14.2%).
c a m p u s fo o d. co m ) , by tex t, o r t h ro u g h
Facebook. Online ordering has been associated
with increased revenue, improved capacity                 Structure                                            Order Volume
management, and enhanced productivity as
                                                          Most respondents had started using online
well as improved transactional marketing and                                                                   The boost in online selling seems to come from
                                                          ordering during the past two years (within the
customer relationship management, but some                                                                     volume. Foodservice establishment using online
                                                          last year, 24.8%; one to two years ago, 30.5%).
operators have expressed concerns about                                                                        ordering reported more frequent orders and
                                                          About one-fifth (20.6%) of foodservice operators
increased costs, an overloaded kitchen, reduced                                                                increases in group and catering orders because
                                                          had been offering online ordering capabilities for
service quality, and possible commoditization.                                                                 of the ease of placing an order. On average,
                                                          over four years. Most respondents (78.0%) used an    operators had an increase in order volume. That
In the US, 23% of the 326 largest chains offered          outside vendor to develop their systems. Of these    average broke out as follows: About a third (29.1%)
online food ordering, and many foodservice                respondents, about 60% managed their online          reported an increase in order volume, 26.8% said
establishments experienced increased sales as a           site, while the remaining 40% used an outside        that their service had improved, and another
result of accepting online orders. Online ordering        vendor to manage their online ordering.              32.3% indicated that they had experienced both
was most frequent in the fast-casual segment
                                                                                                               increased sales volume and increased service.

                                                                                                                                               The Publican 31
                     Percentage of Operators Using Various Distribution Channels



                                                                                  3.3%           1.8%         1.4%




                                                                      bs nt







                                                                  we me








                                      Percentage of respondents reporting
                                          Various Online Order Benefits

                                 11.4                    8.4



                                 Labour Savings                          Easier Ordering Process

                                 Increased Accuracy                      Enhanced Marketing Opportunities

                                 Enhanced Convenience                    Higher Average Check
                                 for Guest


                         Online ordering can provide operators with key customer information
                         that can be useful for developing promotion strategies, including targeted
                         promotions designed to build off-peak demand, specials aimed at certain
                         customer segments, and couponing strategies. About one-third of
                         respondents had offered online promotions, and another third said they
                         were working on it. Of the respondents who had offered online ordering
                         promotions, one-half (52.4%) stated that these promotions worked better
                         than their regular promotions.


                         95.5% of respondents said that the ROI of online ordering had met or was
                         exceeding their expectations.

32 The Publican

The most frequent benefit seen with online
ordering was labour savings (38.1% of all
comments). Respondents mentioned “not having
to have labour tied up on the phone”, “no staff
time being used”, and how “it reduced labour
on the phone and at the cash register.” Along
with labour savings, respondents mentioned
the increased accuracy of online orders (21.4%)
and the enhanced convenience for the guest
(19.1%). Other perceived benefits included easier
order processing (13.7%), enhanced marketing
opportunities (11.4%), and a higher average
check (8.4%).

The most frequent negative comments about
online ordering were less guest interaction,
(22.0%), technology issues (17.1%), and guest           " The most frequent benefit seen with online ordering
errors (16.3%). A number of respondents
mentioned that they felt that were going through
                                                        was labour savings."
“growing pains” and that the issues they had            - and almost certainly will become a feature        Sheryl E. Kimes, Ph.D., is Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor
experienced would go away with time.                    that most customers expect to have available to     of Asian Hospitality Management at the Cornell University School of
The proven ability of online ordering to increase       them. Setting aside customer expectations, the      Hotel Administration, where she also served as interim dean. In teaching
order frequency, order volume, and average              advantage of online ordering will probably offset   restaurant revenue management, yield management, and food and
check, in conjunction with its ability to lower         the costs and operational challenges for most       beverage management, she has been named the school’s graduate teacher
labour costs, offers great potential for the industry   types of foodservice operators.                     of the year three times.

                                                                                                                                                           The Publican 33
                       Human Resources
                        by go2

A Systematic Approach to Employee Dismissal                                      • Did you maintain proper documentation of the employee’s unsatisfactory
                                                                                   performance, and are there any mitigating circumstances that may have
No employer enjoys the prospect of terminating employees, but once the
                                                                                   played a role in the employee’s actions?
difficult decision has been made to let someone go, following a series of best
practices can cushion the blow for all parties and avoid legal repercussions.    • Was any investigation into alleged misconduct conducted in a fair and
Employees are dismissed “for cause” or “without cause”, and each scenario          impartial matter? In short, is dismissal the most appropriate response?
demands a systematic approach.                                                   You should also consider the employee’s performance record and length of
                                                                                 service. Courts may determine that dismissal is extreme in cases where a long-
                                                                                 serving employee with an otherwise clean record is dismissed for just cause,
termination with Cause
                                                                                 depending on the circumstances of the case. Remember, dismissal for economic
Only those most serious incidents of wrongdoing (such as theft or workplace      reasons, such as a downturn in business volume, is not considered just cause;
violence) tend to warrant immediate termination of employment. In other          in such cases the employee must be provided with reasonable notice or pay
instances of employee misconduct, the employer should apply the practice         in lieu of notice.
of progressive discipline, a series of disciplinary steps that concludes with
                                                                                 termination without Cause
When considering a dismissal with cause, ask yourself the following questions:
                                                                                 The Employment Standards Act (ESA) provides minimum standards on what
• Were your requirements of the employee reasonable and directly related to
                                                                                 is considered reasonable notice as well as appropriate wages, vacation accrual
  the effective, orderly, and safe operation of the business?
                                                                                 and basic severance owed, but don’t simply rely on what’s outlined under the
• Was the employee forewarned of possible termination of employment?             ESA. Other considerations in determining your legal obligations include the

34 The Publican
employee’s age, position, length of service, and compensation level. These
factors can shape what the courts deem reasonable notice and appropriate

Review the employee’s written contract to determine if there is a clause
pertaining to termination of employment and severance entitlements. If there
is no written contract, it is wise to seek legal counsel on sufficient notice of
termination, appropriate severance, and the wording of a termination letter.

The ESA requires that all working notices be in writing. Even if you are issuing pay
in lieu of notice, the termination letter should be issued outlining the reasons
for the dismissal, all final payments, the status of the employee’s benefits plan,
and the employee’s obligations regarding the return of company property.

Incidentally, never dismiss an employee on medical or parental leave. The
former could result in a discrimination claim filed before the BC Human Rights
Tribunal. In the latter case, employers are obligated to reinstate employees to
their previous, or comparable, roles upon completion of parental leave.

effective and Considerate termination Practices

Whether you are dismissing an employee with just cause or without, consider
these best practices:

• Hold the meeting early in the week, never on a Friday or during
  the weekend, when the employee’s subsequent access to legal
  counsel may be restricted. Meet in a neutral place - not your
  office, where the employee might feel intimidated.

• Have a witness present to take notes, so you can maintain strict
  focus on the employee and the conversation at hand.

• Explain that this decision is final and irrevocable. Always be
  tactful and mindful of the sensitivity of the discussion. Stick to the
  facts, avoiding accusator y comments that could lead to
  aggravated or punitive damages in court.

• Keep the conversation brief - no more than five minutes. The
  longer the discussion, the more likely the employee may react

• D on’t compel the employee to sign the ter mination letter
  immediately. Offer a reasonable opportunity (up to 48 hours) to
  review and seek legal advice.

• Be respectful when the employee leaves the premises. You could
  end up paying heavily if the courts determine that the employee
  was treated in an excessively humiliating or demeaning manner.

• C o m m u n i c a t e t h e e m p l o y e e’s d e p a r t u r e i n a t i m e l y a n d
  respectful manner to your staff without going into personal

Ultimately, how you handle the unpleasant nature of employee dismissal will
shape your reputation as a manager, the reputation of your organization, and
the morale and productivity of your employees. Handling this sensitive issue
with deliberation, due diligence, and respect will ultimately save you stress,
time, and money in the long run.

go2 is BC’s tourism human resource association responsible for coordinating the Tourism Labour Market Strategy. For
more people management information, visit www.go2hr.ca.

                                                                                                                      The Publican 35
PUBS & LRSs       by John Johnson

                                    Back Eddy Pub

36 The Publican
Photo courtesy of Crow & Gate Pub

The pub industry has seen many changes over
                                                       Central City Brewing
the last 12 years. Previously known as Pubs and
Cold Beer and Wine Stores, over the last 8 years
we have morphed into Pubs and Private Liquor
Stores or Licensee Retail Stores (LRSs).

Valuation was usually determined using a cap rate
(the expected rate of return on an investment,
assuming no debt) or often calculated as a
multiple of net, net being EBITDA (earnings before
interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization,
and in most cases, owners’ draw or costs not
pertaining to the day-to-day operation of the
business). For example, before the separation of LP
and LRS licenses, we would use a cap rate of 18%,
or 5.5 times net on a leasehold operation (no land
or building, value is based on business only), and a
15% cap rate on freehold or 6.7 times net (includes
land and building). These cap rates were based
on the combined net from both operations and
the multiples are used in busy metropolitan areas
and surrounding suburbs. The more populated an
area, the more business can be done, the more
bottom line can be attained, and there is less risk
involved. The population and sustainability of a
community has a great effect on cap rate. Having
a pub or LRS in an outlying city that relies on a
sawmill to survive is much riskier than having a
pub or LRS in an outlying suburb of Vancouver.

                                                       The Publican 37
There are many considerations when evaluating a
pub and LRS business today. Beyond just location,
                                                     " For a pub to compete in this ever-changing service
each pub or liquor store has to be evaluated very    industry, it must stay focused on the bottom line,
carefully based on demographics as well. Smoking
by-laws, drinking and driving laws, road blocks,     have a venue that is both updated and exciting, and
and tolerance changes have all had a direct effect
on the industry and have made the bottom line
                                                     have staff members who deliver exceptional service."
difficult to maintain.

                                                     Separation of LP and LrS Licences                       Buyer beware: there are anticipated changes
Current Challenges
                                                                                                             coming to the way liquor is being distributed and
                                                     The separation of private LRS licenses was a leg
One of the biggest challenges in the pub business                                                            sold in BC. These changes are creating a degree
                                                     up for the industry, since you no longer needed
today is the competition created by leading                                                                  of uncertainty but until the ink is dry no one really
                                                     to own a pub to own a store. It included some
restaurant chains as they operate very much like                                                             knows what the end result will be.
                                                     concessions such as the 500 metre separation,
pseudo pubs. For a pub to compete in this ever-
                                                     and more recently, 1 km separation as well as           The number of sales transactions for pub and
changing service industry, it must stay focused on
                                                     the ability to relocate your store (with municipal      liquor store businesses still remains low in our
the bottom line, have a venue that is both updated
                                                     approval) as much as 5 km from its current              province. My guess is that there are less than 12
and exciting, and have staff members who deliver
                                                     location. There continues to be a moratorium on         transactions per year, and in some years there
exceptional service. The days of “if you build it
                                                     LRS licenses, which is directly related to supply and   haven’t been any at all. I have seen some pubs sell,
they will come” have gone by the wayside.
                                                     demand. In any real estate transaction, a limited       but the liquor store that was associated with them
Those who choose not to be so diligent with          supply and a growing demand will move the value         still remains in the hands of the original owners
their business will see it reflected on the bottom   of the asset upwards.                                   (for obvious reasons).
line. Effort equals reward. Each pub or LRS will
                                                     LRSs have been trading over the last few years for
continue to have its unique challenges, strengths
                                                     as much as 6.5 to 7 times net, and I have even seen
and weaknesses, which will reflect the bottom line                                                           John Johnson is a Realtor at Prudential Sterling Realty and is also a pub
                                                     8 times net in a busy metropolitan area. Again,
and hence the value.                                                                                         and liquor store owner. He can be reached at 604-319-2504.
                                                     demographics, location, and volume play a huge
                                                     role in success and bottom line.

38 The Publican
                        Names in                                                    Porter - Coffee Porter, R&B Brewing
                                                                                    North American Style Amber/Red Ale - Red Racer ESB, Central City Brewing

                        the News
                        by Debbie Minke
                                                                                    Scotch Ale - Swans Scotch Ale, Swans Brewery
                                                                                    English Style Pale Ale (Bitter) - Pale Ale, Yaletown Brewing
                                                                                    North American Style Pale Ale (Bitter) - Steamworks Pale Ale, Steamworks Brewing
                                                                                    Wheat Beer - North American Style - Sungod Wheat Ale, R&B Brewing
                                                                                    Barley Wine Style Ale - Woolly Bugger Barleywine, Howe Sound Brewing
ABLE welcomes the following new LP/LRS members: Beacon Landing Liquor               English Style India Pale Ale - Powell IPA, Coal Harbour Brewing
Store in Victoria, Rich and Soley Rothermel; Brigantine Inn Pub and Brigantine      Imperial India Pale Ale - Central City Imperial IPA, Central City Brewing
                                                                                    Fruit Beer - Mandarin Orange Amber Ale, Dead Frog Brewery
Inn Private Liquor Store in Duncan, Brian Lecky; Farside Inn in Fairmont Hot
                                                                                    Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beer - Thor’s Hammer Bourbon Barrel Barley
Springs, Phillip Cleland; murray's Pub & Kitchen in Chetwynd, Rob & Sally Link;     Wine, Central City Brewing
Bear Creek Liquor Store in Surrey, Amar Pamma; and White House Pub in               Experimental Beer - Dark Snout Bacon Stout, R&B Brewing
Windermere, Phillip Cleland. New associate members are: KIS Consulting Ltd.
                                                                                    Congratulations to Central City Brewing and russell Brewing for their medals
in Langley, Lynette Faye; and On the rocks Ice in Vancouver, Danielle Nesbit.
                                                                                    in the World Cup of Beer. Central City won gold for their ESB and bronze for
After 18 years with the LDB, Jay Chambers has resigned from his current             their Oaked Porter. Russell won silver for their IP'Eh.
position as General Manager. Jay joined the LDB in 1994, as the Director of Store
                                                                                    The following BC wineries received the 2012 Lieutenant Governor’s Awards
Operations, and in 1995 was confirmed in the position of Executive Director
                                                                                    for Excellence:
of Retail Services. In 1997 he assumed the position of General Manager, which
he has held for the past 15 years.                                                  Eau Vivre Winery - 2009 Pinot Noir
                                                                                    Gold Hill Winery - 2009 Cabernet Franc
Katie mcDonald from Veneto Tapa Lounge at Hotel Rialto won the annual               Hester Creek Estate Winery - 2008 Reserve Merlot
Dish n’Dazzle cocktail “shakedown” on May 16. Katie competed against five           Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate - 2008 Entourage Sparkling Chardonnay
other bartenders.                                                                   Laughing Stock Vineyards - 2010 Syrah
                                                                                    Painted Rock Estate Winery - 2009 Syrah, 2009 Red Icon
Clive’s Classic Lounge in the Chateau Victoria Hotel has been chosen as one of      Poplar Grove Winery - 2009 Cabernet Franc
the top 10 hotel bars in the world for the second consecutive year. Shawn Soole,    Road 13 Vineyards - 2011 Jackpot Viognier Roussanne Marsanne
head bartender, has been named as one of the 10 finalists at the International      Ruby Blues Winery - 2011 Viognier
Bartender of the Year by Tales of the Cocktail, considered the world’s premier      Thornhaven Estate Winery - 2011 Gewurztraminer
cocktail festival.                                                                  The Dublin Crossing Irish Pub offers two $1,000 scholarships to graduating
CedarCreek estate Winery is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new video       students in the Cloverdale area of Surrey. “I believe these scholarships have
blog and special performers at its 9th annual Sunset Concert Series. Proceeds       helped us to blend harmoniously with our neighbourhood,” says Jim MacIntyre.
from the concerts will benefit Kelowna's Rotary Centre for the Arts.                “As owner I feel blessed to make a small contribution in my Cloverdale
Congratulations to brewmaster gary Lohan and his team at Central City
Brewing, which was named “Brewery of the Year” at the Canadian Brewing              $10,500 was raised for the Children’s Charities of the United Way of the South
Awards for the second time in three years. The brewery won gold medals for          Okanagan and the BC Hospitality Foundation as wine-lovers, film makers
three beers: Red Racer ESB, Imperial IPA and Thor’s Hammer barrel-aged Barley       and media gathered in Osoyoos for the 3rd Annual Vinos Wine Film Festival.
wine, and a silver medal for its Thor’s Hammer beer.                                The weekend also marked the grand opening of the new $1 million Wine
                                                                                    experience Centre at Black Hills Estate Winery. Vino Winners were as follows:
Gold winners from BC and their categories were:
                                                                                    1st place BC Wine Video award - Larkyn Statten, “The Real Housewines of British
North American Style Premium Lager - Vancouver Islander Lager, Vancouver            Columbia”; 1st place Wine Tourism Video award - Michael Benedek, “Wine Tours
Island Brewing
                                                                                    with Valhalla Helicopters.”
North American Style Dark Lager - Hermann’s Dark Lager, Vancouver Island
Brewing                                                                             If you have any noteworthy community contributions, please email Debbie Minke at debbie@emcmarketing.com.

                                                                                                                                                                      The Publican 39
by CharLiCharger.co.uk

40 The Publican
There’s no getting away from it - times are tough in the hospitality trade at the
moment. There are lots of choices, lots of deals and not a lot of customers keen
to part with their money!

Here are a few ways that could help you increase your trade:

1. Do customers know you?

By making full use of social media you can reach parts of the community that you
may not otherwise know. Use Twitter, Facebook, and have a YouTube channel
to help get the word out there.

2. How effective is your signage?

Customers who haven’t been in before are highly unlikely to just walk in to ask if
you have a special on a Monday night, for example. If you’re good at something,
tell everyone about it. Have a chalkboard, nicely produced posters, and banners
telling people what you do. They need to be in good taste and in keeping with
your area, but look around - even the chains use this strategy.                      4. Curb appeal

                                                                                     How does your venue look from the customer’s first view? Is the area clean, tidy
                                                                                     and sparkling? Just 10 minutes a day picking up garbage, washing down the
3. Know your customers
                                                                                     area, and making sure it looks good will make a difference. Try it.
This simple concept will pay you dividends if you manage it properly. Capture
as many details about your customers as possible. For example, business card
draws, questionnaires for diners, and birthday clubs all allow you to get the        5. Staff training
email addresses for your customers. Add them into an online mailing tool (like       When your customers walk in, how are they greeted? Simple training will show
MailChimp, which is free) and send your customers news of what’s coming up.          your front-of-house staff how to greet and make all customers feel welcome.
A week before their birthday, offer customers the best table in the house, or        You would be surprised at how many venues miss this. It’s so important. It’s also
free appetizers. All of these will build a great and loyal customer base.            key to getting the best spend per head from your customers.

                                                                                                                                                   The Publican 41
                  6. Upsell                                                  and may not know what you do. Then, every
                                                                             time you have an event, change the menu or do
                  This is one of those skills that can be incorporated
                                                                             something that’s worth talking about, call the
                  by simple training and that so many places
                                                                             paper and tell them. I bet they will support you
                  miss. When a server is taking an order for steak,
                                                                             and run stories as they will be in the interest of
                  for example, make sure the customer is asked,
                                                                             the local community. It’s also worth asking them if
                  “Would you like peppercorn sauce or prawns with
                                                                             you can have a few extra copies of the paper every
                  that?” Or when the meal is finished, be sure the
                                                                             week to place on the bar, or in the lounge seating
                  server offers the dessert menu and coffee. Even
                                                                             area, as your customers will love this.
                  McDonalds get this right by asking, “Do you want
                  to supersize that?” Upselling can easily increase
                  the per-head spend, and it’s all about looking after       9. Speak to other business people/groups in
                  your customers’ needs. Check backs and drink               your area
                  refills are also part of this plan. make sure your staff
                                                                             Groups of people talk right? So speak to all your
                  members are doing this every time they serve.
                                                                             neighbours and share your menu, offers, and
                                                                             generally chat to them. Groups like the local
                  7. run events                                              church, service clubs, college or theater groups,
                                                                             chamber of commerce, and local business
                  Events in your venue will spread the word about
                                                                             associations are all very active in the same
                  you and bring you some extra customers. Try
                                                                             community as you. Work together and offer your
                  one of the following and see it change your sales
                                                                             venue for a meeting place, and you will quickly
                  figures almost instantly: business networking
                                                                             become a valuable part of the community and
                  breakfast or lunch, speed dating, business
                                                                             gain extra customers.
                  speed dating, wine tasting, cheese tasting, live
                  art painting groups, art exhibition/workshop,
                  fashion show, cooking demo, meet the brewer,               10. Above all, have fun!
                  meet the local farmer, or a cooking workshop.
                                                                             It’s not easy to say when times are tough, but make
                  The list is endless, and these events will fill your
                                                                             your business enjoyable and have fun. Share your
                  venue with new customers who will have fun and
                                                                             positivity and you will notice the difference in
                  spend money.
                                                                             people around you!

                  8. engage local press
                                                                             I hope this article has given you just one idea for boosting your business.
                  Does the local press know you? I am amazed at              If you want to find out how a CharLi Charger mobile device charger can
                  how many answer no to this question! Call the              also increase customer loyalty and customer spend, visit our website
                  local paper up and get them over to visit you.             www.charlicharger.co.uk.
                  Chances are they have never been to your venue

42 The Publican
Position your company
as a key supplier to the
hospitality industry
  THE PUBLICAN                ALBERTA HOSPITALITY                    INNFOCUS
The official publication of     The official magazine of         The official voice of the
the Alliance of Beverage          the Alberta Hotel &             BC Hotel Association
        Licensees                 Lodging Association



                                                           Call 1-800-667-0955
                                                           today to build your

                                                                                   The Publican 43
PEOPLE, PERFORMANCE, AND PROFITS                                                                                                                          by Jim Sullivan

Don't Hire Someone else's Deadwood                   tell 6 others each. Those 6 people tell 3 more         Leave Your troubles at the Door
                                                     each. That's over 300 people who hear the bad          Would you like to leave work each evening with
Perhaps the only bright spot in the global
                                                     news, until they go online. Go to the Internet         less stress - and feeling better about the day?
recession right now is that voluntary turnover
                                                     service-feedback site Yelp.com, TripAdvisor or         Managers should allot 10 to 15 minutes at the
is at an all time low in our industry. That means
                                                     urbanspoon.com to get a sense of the kind of           end of each shift to do something positive.
talented people are available in greater numbers
                                                     feedback you're generating in your community.          For example, text or write thank you notes to
now than anytime in the last ten years. Hold out
for finding and recruiting A and B players only.                                                            employees who provided extraordinary service
Don't get impatient and hire one of those C and D    resolving Complaints                                   or hard work. When you're finished, you'll end
players out there. There are a lot of them looking   We all make mistakes in customer interactions          the day in a much more positive frame of mind.
for work, not only because of the economy, but       eventually. The key is how we resolve those
because other companies have been trimming           instances. The first step is to recognize complaints   Continuous Improvement
their unproductive C and D team members.             as strengths. Now consider these tactics:              Two keys to better team performance are to
So now more than ever, make it a privilege for
                                                     • Empower the crew member to resolve                   1) eliminate the things that cause the most
someone to earn a spot on your team.
                                                       complaints                                           frustration in your team; and 2) continuously
                                                                                                            improve systems and processes. Here's a list of
Hire Power                                           • Listen! (with empathy and appropriate body
                                                                                                            ten questions to ask as you travel throughout your
The first thing you need to do is resolve to teach                                                          company and organization. Getting the answer to
                                                     • Repeat the problem back (clarify/verify)
the people who do the hiring (your managers)                                                                these questions on a regular basis can make your
                                                     • Offer a specific resolution with a timetable
how to get better at choosing the right people                                                              company better, stronger, and nimbler in these
                                                     • Obtain a tentative agreement
to bring onto your team. This skill is routinely                                                            challenging times:
                                                     • Deliver - plus one (solve the problem plus do
overlooked and undervalued, but results in huge
                                                       one thing more for them)                             •   What made you mad today?
backend costs in terms of management time,
                                                     • Follow up to make certain the customer is            •   What took too long?
discipline, and service issues. Hire tough, manage
                                                       satisfied                                            •   What caused complaints today?
easy. The repeat customer's experience is always
                                                     • Document/share/add what you learned to your          •   What was misunderstood today?
dependent on the weakest employee you allow
                                                       training                                             •   What cost too much?
on your team.
                                                                                                            •   What was wasted?
                                                     Beware of rising theft                                 •   What was too complicated?
Build a "raving Fan" Out of Your Customer                                                                   •   What was just plain silly?
                                                     The average foodservice employee swiped $248
Author Ken Blanchard defines these three service                                                            •   What job involved too many people?
                                                     from his employer last year, or more than double
strategies to transform occasional customers into                                                           •   What job involved too many actions?
                                                     what they took the prior 12 months, according
loyal ones: 1) Define what you want; 2) Define
                                                     to the latest annual survey by the NCS research
what the customer wants; now 3) Deliver Plus One.
                                                     and testing group. In canvassing more than 1,400       Jim Sullivan is CEO of Sullivision.com that creates service, sales, training,
                                                     restaurant workers, thefts of up to $52,000 were       marketing, leadership and e-learning resources for the foodservice and
Beware of "Word-of-mouth" Advertising                discovered. Last year's stealth-fingered activity      retail industries worldwide. See our free podcasts, articles, templates and
                                                     marks a sharp acceleration from the prior year's       product catalog at www.sullivision.com.
One person tells an average of 12 people about       average skim of $107 per staffer, and the four-year
their bad service experience. Those 12 people        per-person mean of $141.

44 The Publican
SUSTAINABILITY                                            Chile’s goal is to create sustainable practices
                                                          throughout the entire winemaking process
                                                          from wine to bottle, and guide the industry as
                                                          a whole toward production methods that are
                                                          environmentally friendly, socially equitable, and
                                                          economically viable.
                                                          To qualify for the right to bear the Certified
                                                          Sustainable Wine of Chile seal, each winery is
                                                          tested in multiple capacities to ensure their
                                                          practices are up to the standards of the Code.
                                                          The Code has three chapters:
                                                          1. Vineyard - focused on the handling of natural
                                                          resources, issues in the vineyard, agrochemicals,
                                                          and industrial safety.
                                                          2. Cellar - focused on energy efficiency, water
                                                          management, waste, recycling, and pollution
                                                          3. Community - focused on business ethics,
                                                          environment, working conditions, relationship
                                                          with the community, marketing, and consumers.
                                                          The Code’s comprehensive approach makes Wines
The organization Wines of Chile has created a             of Chile’s Sustainability Code the most ambitious
sustainability code with aims to be the number            and comprehensive code among wine producing
one producer of sustainable wine in the New               nations.
World by 2020. This unprecedented industry-wide
                                                          Currently, the certification covers only the
commitment brings green winemaking to the
                                                          Vineyard stage and has one-year validity. The
fore and is an example to other wine regions and
                                                          Cellar and Community chapters are being added
sectors on how an industry can work together
                                                          to the certification this year and the requirement
to encourage and facilitate responsible and
                                                          for the vineyards will progressively increase, with
sustainable development.
                                                          the new certification to be valid for two years.
                                                          Fourteen wineries bear the seal to date and more
                                                          vineyards are expected to join.

   ABLE BC 34                      Granville Island Brewing IFC        OST Trading 17
   Airgas 14                       Homelife Benchmark 31               PMA Canada 6, 13, 15, 31
   Bank of Canada 11               HOST 2012 33, 46                    Prudential Sterling 44
   Barnet Logic Group 31           James Bradley Consulting Inc. 28    Rising Tide Consultants 39
   BC Hospitality Fouindation 22   Johnstone's Benefits 41             Shaw Cablesystems 5
   BWI Business World 42           Kerrisdale Lumber Co. 41            SOCAN 32
   Company Capital Inc. 9          Lorenz Agave Spirits 16             Special Event Sales 27
   ContainerWorld 45               Markat Wines Ltd. 17                Sting Investigations Inc. 42
   David Herman & Son 17           Matthews Campbell 42                Sysco 10
   Diageo Canada 38, 47            McLelland Premium Imports 7         Time Access Systems Inc 14
   E & J Gallo 16                  MJB Law (Pulse) 8                   Vancouver Island Brewing 16, 21
   Eddie's Hang-Up Display 28      Molson Coors 35                     Vino Allegro 16
   EMC 43                          New World Wines 17                  WestCoast Cash Inc. 48
   Energy Wise 22                  Northwest Stoves 20                 Western Financial Group 37
   Fernie Brewing 16               Orca Dynamics (Action Systems) 19   Wine Cellar Depot 23

                                                                                                                The Publican 45
                        BC Hospitality
                         by Renee Blackstone

The wines of Argentina dazzled while dishes           nights. “The beauty of Tip Out to Help is that it is   for up to one year. A fundraiser held at the Reef
such as Argentinian chorizo with chapa bread,         a simple campaign that allows everyone - from          Restaurant yielded $7,700, which was topped up
charred chimichurri hanger steak, empanadas           floor worker to CEO - to take part. BC has over        with $5,000 from BCHF, money that will help Glen
and prawn tacos produced by 12 participating          250,000 people employed in the food, wine, and         offset living expenses while on the mainland.
restaurants gave the more than 400 people             hospitality industries. Imagine if each one gave       Finally, $10,500 was raised for the Children’s
attending the BC Hospitality Foundation's Dish        just one loonie. We'd reach and exceed our goal in     Charities of the United Way of the South Okanagan
n' Dazzle 2012 a chance to sample outstanding         no time,” says BCHF Executive Director Alan Sacks.     and the Hospitality Foundation as wine lovers,
cuisine representing the host country. As well, six   Meanwhile, the foundation has been able to             filmmakers and media gathered in Osoyoos in
of Vancouver's top bartenders gave cocktail lovers    help a number of hospitality industry workers          June for the 3rd Annual Vinos Wine Film Festival.
plenty of choice for tasting. Dish n' Dazzle, which   who are facing financial hardship due to medical       The weekend marked the grand opening of the
was held at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, raised     emergencies. Among them are Frank Clements             new $1 million Wine Experience Centre at Black
more than $30,000 for BCHF work.                      of the Pan Pacific in Vancouver and Glen Yuen of       Hills Estate Winery as the winery celebrated
It's part of the growing presence of the BCHF in      Victoria's Empress Hotel.                              its annual Nota Bene Release Party. The BCHF
the minds and hearts of those who support its                                                                received $5,500 of the funds raised.
                                                      Clements, a longtime head bartender at the Pan
mandate of “helping our own” in the hospitality       Pacific's Cascades Lounge, has stage IV bone           In other BCHF news, Bing Smith, a board member
industry, which this year includes the ever popular   cancer. A pub night fundraiser organized by his        since inception, was elected Chairman of the
golf tournament held in July and the Tip Out to       friends and co-workers at the Lion's Pub was a         foundation's board. Smith recently retired from
Help campaign, which is held year-round but has       huge success, raising more than $15,000. The           his post of VP Sales & Marketing Cellar Craft, Vice
a higher-profile in the fall.                         BCHF added another $5,000, topping the fund            President Sales Training NPV, Nestlé Professional
Last year's launch of Tip Out to Help was an          at over $20,000.                                       Vitality.
outstanding success, raising nearly $120,000.         Yuen, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid
This year's goal is $200,000 and the foundation's     leukemia earlier this year, required a bone marrow
website has a full banquet of fundraising ideas                                                              Renee Blackstone is a freelance journalist who sits on the BCHF Advisory
                                                      transplant as well as chemotherapy treatments          Board.
- everything from coin and bottle drives to           and transfusions at Vancouver General Hospital
auction-your-chef contests and speed-dating

46 The Publican

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