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					                                                Volume 17 Number 3
                                                     November 2006

      Savor the Memories       Untraditional Thanksgiving
Sweet November       Learn a Highly Coveted Skill in Just 5 Days
     In the Pines - A Lasting Relationship    Pitching PR
          “Women Building Better Communities”
    2006-2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                     THE BRIDGE                                                      NOVEMBER 2006/VOLUME 17 NUMBER 3

VP PERSONNEL.............KIMBERLY KENNEY            SAVOR THE MEMORIES ..............................................................................................7
VP FINANCE............................ROBIN DEYO    KNEADING LESSON ..................................................................................................13
FUND DEVELOPMENT...MARY GLYNN TOOMEY                WHO’S JAMES BEARD? ............................................................................................14
NOMINATING/PLACEMENT................KATHY POTTS     COOKBOOK UNIVERSITY ..........................................................................................15
PROJECT DEVELOPMENT.....DELYNN TRIVISON             10 REASONS TO BE THANKFUL WE LIVE IN THE USA ............................................41
P.R./MARKETING........................ELYSA ELK     10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR GOOD CHOLESTEROL ....................................................42
SUSTAINING ADVISOR....CINDY KREBSBACH               PEBBLES & SAND ....................................................................................................43

       PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE                       DEPARTMENTS:
EDITOR.............................KRISTIN CALDER   PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE ..........................................................................................5
CHAIR-ELECT.......................REAGAN SUCH       LETTER FROM THE EDITOR ..........................................................................................6
ASSISTANT EDITOR.........LEALA DICKENSON            HATS OFF ..................................................................................................................9
ASSISTANT EDITOR.......ADRIANA FINNVOLD             CARING HEARTS ........................................................................................................9
ASSISTANT EDITOR................KAREN GROSS         ROVING REPORTER ..................................................................................................10
ASSISTANT EDITOR ..............KRISTINA RIZK        COOK’S POINT OF VIEW............................................................................................16
                                                    SUSTAINER NEWS......................................................................................................38
LAYOUT & ADVERTISING.......ROBIN PHILPIT            HEALTH NEWS ..........................................................................................................42
    THE BRIDGE IS PUBLISHED MONTHLY                 TRANSITION REPORT ................................................................................................45
         (ONCE DURING THE SUMMER)                   BULLETIN BOARD ....................................................................................................45
 BY THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON, INC.           LIST OF ADVERTISERS ..............................................................................................45
                                                    LINES OF COMMUNICATION/ADVERTISEMENT RATES ................................................46
DECEMBER BRIDGE DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 7TH            CALENDAR OF EVENTS..............................................................................................46
                                                    NEWS FROM COMMITTEES:
                                                    FAMILY PORTRAIT DAY ..............................................................................................4
      JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON                   COOKBOOK ..............................................................................................................12
    (561) 620-2553 FAX: (561) 620-2554              CHOCOLATE DECADENCE ..........................................................................................18
           EMAIL: INFO@JLBR.ORG                     FUND DEVELOPMENT ................................................................................................19
  OFFICE HOURS: MON. - FRI., 9:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.   WOMAN VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR ..........................................................................20
       OFFICE MANAGER: JUDY CRUDEN                  COMMUNITY COUNCIL ..............................................................................................22
           COOKBOOK OFFICE                          IN THE PINES ............................................................................................................23
   (561) 620-0765 FAX: (561) 620-0767               PUBLIC ISSUES & ADVOCACY ..................................................................................26
       TOLL FREE: (866) 574-9229                    VCRC PROGRAMMING ............................................................................................28
      EMAIL: COOKBOOK@JLBR.ORG                      HOMETOWN HISTORIES ............................................................................................29
  OFFICE HOURS: T, W, TH, 9 A.M. - 1 P.M.           COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND ....................................................................................30
COOKBOOK OFFICE MANAGER: MARY LAVALLE               KIDS IN DISTRESS ....................................................................................................30
                                                    DONE IN A DAY ......................................................................................................31
NEWMAN-CRASKE GRANT RESOURCE LIBRARY                NOMINATING/PLACEMENT ........................................................................................32
    TUES., THURS., 9 A.M. - 1:30 P.M.               INTERNAL P.R. ..........................................................................................................34
        LIBRARIAN: LIZ LOCKE                        PR/MARKETING ........................................................................................................35
                                                    MEMBERSHIP SATISFACTION & TRAINING ..................................................................36
          WEB SITE: WWW.JLBR.ORG                    MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ....................................................................................36

                                                    VOLUNTARISM, DEVELOPING THE POTENTIAL OF WOMEN AND                       IMPROVING THE COMMUNITY THROUGH THE
                  MEMBERSHIP MEETING
                                                    EFFECTIVE ACTION AND LEADERSHIP OF TRAINED VOLUNTEERS.                    ITS   PURPOSE IS EXCLUSIVELY EDUCATIONAL
                  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH            AND CHARITABLE.
                SOCIAL 6 P.M. - MEETING 7 P.M.

                                                                                                                                               www.JLBR.org                        3
4   The Bridge   November 2006
                                                  PRESIDENT ’S MESSAGE

                                                  President’s Perspective
                                           It is inevitable that      I am thankful to be part of an organization that has given me
                                           this time of year          incredible friendships. My membership with the Junior League
                                           our thoughts turn          has strongly connected me with the community and introduced
                                           to our blessings.          me to the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I am so fortu-
                                           With the Thanks-           nate to have such an amazing group of friends that are so car-
                                           giving holiday we          ing, so supportive and always make me smile. You are my
                                           naturally assess           “Florida Family” and I treasure each of you.
                                           and give thanks for
all that we have received throughout the year. I would like to        I am so very thankful for my wonderful family. My husband
share the following quote from W.T. Purkiser with you . . .           Paul and daughters Lauren and Caroline continue to be so sup-
                                                                      portive of my League endeavors. Their laughter and smiles are
“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is         contagious and always keep me going. I am grateful for the
the true measure of our Thanksgiving.”                                opportunity to show my daughters the value and importance of
                                                                      volunteering and helping others. It was something my parents
As this quote states, it really is how we act that shows our          shared with me that has had a lasting impact on my life and I
understanding, recognition and appreciation of the blessings we       hope the very same for my girls.
have received. That could not be truer than with the members
of our organization – past, present and future. I am continu-         Have a wonderful month of Thanksgiving! Take the time to
ously amazed by the dedication, commitment and energy that            give thanks for your blessings and value their significance.
our membership puts into their volunteer work and our collec-         Share your appreciation with your family, friends, co-workers,
tive goal of improving the community. Whether it is a member          neighbors, committee members and community supporters. It
who has double placed, someone who spent their lunch hour             will make a difference!
making phone calls, a committee that is determined to surpass
their fundraising goal or a member that has completed three           I wish you and your families a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
Done in a Days, the unselfish gift of your time speaks volumes.       With gratitude and appreciation,
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to express my gratitude and
tell you that I am thankful to be part of an organization that is
widely respected and exceptionally effective in our community.
We are an organization of caring, thoughtful and determined
women making a difference in so many lives of the families and
                                                                                              Be Thankful
children in our area.                                                     Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire,
                                                                               If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
I am thankful to be part of an organization that has given me the
opportunity to work with such a dynamic and experienced Board                      Be thankful when you don’t know something,
of Directors, dedicated members who share their time and talents                      For it gives you the opportunity to learn.
and enthusiastic new members who have made a commitment to                                 Be thankful for your limitations,
voluntarism. I am also grateful for our sustainers who continue to            Because they give you opportunities for improvement.
be an incredible resource, always sharing their wisdom and lend-                          Be thankful for each new challenge,
ing a hand, effective community partners working side by side                       Because it will build strength and character.
with us to find solutions to ever growing needs and our supporters                          Be thankful for your mistakes,
who help us accomplish our mission through their generosity.                             They will teach you valuable lessons.
I am thankful to be part of an organization that has such a remark-                  Be thankful when you are tired and weary,
able history and lasting legacy. Over 100 years ago Mary                            Because it means you’ve made a difference.
Harriman and her friends, recognized the needs in their communi-                     It’s so easy to be thankful for good things.
ties and were willing to work hard to find solutions that would                    A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who
assist those people. I am equally thankful to our 27 founding                              Are also thankful for the setbacks.
members that sprang into action 35 years ago and formed the                        Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive.
Junior League of Boca Raton. These determined ladies were                           Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
thinking BIG and their actions had tremendous results. The                               And they can become your blessings.
impact their vision has had on our community continues to grow
                                                                                                             - Author Unknown
and reach more needy people each and every year.

                                                                                                                   www.JLBR.org            5
                                                  LETTER FROM THE EDITOR

    LETTER FROM THE EDITOR                                                BY KRISTIN CALDER

                           So many moments of entertaining have            of our members to share how untraditional ways of celebrating
                           been savored a little more, thanks to the       this special time have become new or favorite traditions.
                           recipes for sensational food and creative
                           table settings from our League's cook-          Do you ever have questions about your Done In A Day or
                           book, Savor the Moment: Entertaining            fundraiser shifts? Or wonder about what committee you'd like
                           without Reservations. It is for these spe-      to serve on next year? Our wonderful Nominating/Placement
                           cial memories, created in part by this mar-     committee, which acts as the human resources of our League, is
                           velous book, and the many great memo-           profiled in this issue. Each member of this committee serves as
                           ries still to be made, that we dedicate this    an advisor for a group of our members. Your advisor can help
                           issue to our award-winning masterpiece          answer your questions, provide direction based on your interest
                           that helps fund our community projects.         and determine the best way to fulfill your commitments for the
                                                                           League year. I'm sure you already know your advisor, but I
    When I flip through the pages, I'm blown away by how beauti-           think you'll enjoy getting to know even more about her and the
    ful the book really is. It made me think back to the years when        rest of this awesome committee in this issue.
    the book was in production – the many details, endless hours
    and unlimited energy that went into each component of the              As you'll notice this year, we've really focused on capturing the
    cookbook. I remember submitting recipes, even sampling a few           JLBR's good times in photos this year. Enjoy the center spread
    myself, but I wondered, do you know what really happened               and the great photos that accompany many of the articles. If
    behind the scenes in making one of the best things to ever come        you have comments or photos you want to submit, please e-mail
    out of the JLBR? I spoke to several League leaders who were            high resolution photos to me at kriscalder@aol.com or Robin
    instrumental in the cookbook's creation and you'll be fascinated       Philpit at bridge@jlbr.org.
    by some of the stories they shared. We are grateful to these
    members for all of their contributions to our League and com-          We certainly have so much to be grateful for. Thanks to the
    munity.                                                                Woman Volunteer of the Year committee for planning another
                                                                           amazing event! Thanks to you for giving of yourself to make a
    We've also featured cooking experiences, cookbook recipes and          difference in our community! And, thanks to the most loving
    how you can get a copy of the cookbook in its third printing. As       and supportive family and the best friends a girl could have!
    we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we also asked a few           Best wishes to you and yours for a happy Thanksgiving holiday.

6          The Bridge        November 2006
                                                        FEATURED ARTICLE

                                              Savor the Moment:           ship was behind us so we researched dozens of forms, came up
                                              Entertaining without        with ours and had them printed for that General Membership
                                              Reservations printer,       Meeting. We took a written vote so we would get an accurate pos-
                                              Favorite Recipes Press      itive count. We counted the “yes” votes and then we handed every
                                              (FRP), has published        member ten forms, which were clipped with a “chip clip” that
                                              numerous books for          read: JLBR Chip in Recipes! The Souper Sizzling Summer
                                              nonprofit organiza-         Testing Contest took place during the summer of 1998. The Spice
                                              tions including more        Girls (Kris Killip, Shelly Hedge, Ann Schauer) were the winners!
 Cindy Krebsbach, Chair; Lisa Mulhall, Sales; than 150 for Junior         The Happy Cookers (Cindy Dunay, Carol Lawley, Cathie Smaga
    Marti Kinsel, Finance; (back row) Julie   Leagues across the          and Janet Little) were second and the Kitchen Magicians (Sheila
  Talerico, Recipes; Kelly Husak, Marketing
                                              country. When it            Aucamp, Susan Diener, Julie Finnigan and Brenda Sulmonetti)
comes to promoting our beautiful cookbook, FRP pours on the               were third. All the teams tested so many recipes and went through
compliments, which on behalf of all the talented people who               so many forms trying to decide what to test. The Chapter Chairs
contributed to this book, I accept, read on:                              and Recipe Doctors worked so hard with the forms. I would go to
                                                                          the office every couple of days just to see what surprises had come
“Exquisite photography, beautiful design, and hundreds of inspira-        in. Mary Lavalle was the JLBR Office Manager at the time and we
tions for entertaining with Florida flair are just some of the features   loved seeing everyone that came in. Sometimes Mary would stop
that made the Junior League of Boca Raton's cookbook, Savor the           at Publix on the way home from work and try out a recipe that had
Moment: Entertaining without Reservations a tremendous success.           come in that day. It was the “buzz” and kept us so entertained!
Published in September 1999, the cookbook earned great praise
from critics and in 2001 was presented the James Beard                    Kelly Husak remembers: As the token non-cook on the cookbook
Foundation/KitchenAid Book Award. This prestigious award was              task force, and later the core cookbook committee, I early on won-
the first of the many accolades that have helped sell more than           dered if I had landed in the best placement. I was among women
40,000 cookbooks and resulted in a third printing last fall.              who cataloged their dinner party place settings in scrapbooks
                                                                          (complete with Polaroids) and kept files of menus served! I won-
“Savor the Moment illustrates the art of entertaining by assembling       dered if I would be found out -- that I didn't read a cookbook like
all of the ingredients to create special occasions at any cook's fin-     a novel, and in fact, didn't even own that many that I used.
gertips. South Floridians pull from northern traditions and south-
ern hospitality with equal grace and in Boca Raton, the blue sky          I was wrong. I had found the best placement in the oddest place.
and water, the sound of the surf, and the tropical air temper the culi-
nary experience to create a cuisine that is at once Mediterranean,        The cookbook became a celebration of the Junior League, and
classical French, and uniquely American and fresh.                        it was incredibly fabulous to watch it unfold. Not only is it an
                                                                          award-winning nod to countless contributors (of recipes, time,
“Savor the Moment is a multi-sensory tour of entertaining, with           props, and dollars too), it is a showcase for amazing talents and
color photographs to enhance extensive tips on setting the mood           it brought the best out in everyone involved.
of a party, planning the menu, accessories, and creative ideas
for table settings – everything from the invitation to the after-         In our committee's task force days, this non-cook became a con-
glow. Thoroughly tested recipes are selected with care to                 noisseur of cookbooks. Cindy Krebsbach, who was our chair,
inspire cooks to try something new and to prepare something               made sure we saw all the top cookbooks, and for hours we
old in a new way.”                                                        debated their merits. While I was looking at the photos (or lack
                                                                          of), the typeface, the book cover size, and whether the recipes
         Cookbook Memories – From the Beginning                           had sub heads, the great cooks on our committee (like Julie
How did the book go from a simple concept to an award-winning             Talerico and her legions of recipe testers) were checking the
cookbook? Do you know how many people it took to make it hap-             recipe references. By the end of our first summer, we knew a
pen? How was the name chosen? When you choose a committee                 cookbook could succeed in Boca, and we knew what we liked.
placement, do you ever know the impact it will have on the League,
the community and your life? I asked a few members of the cook-           Top on our list – excellent recipes – and we called for the finest.
book task force and committee and here's what that had to say:            Take a peek at pages 274-275 in your book. Recognize any names?
                                                                          More than 3,000 recipes were submitted and had to be tested – the
Cindy Krebsbach remembers: I still dream about all the pink               best, a few times. Only the amazing ones made the cut.
recipe collection forms and the potential for another book just
from the reject recipes! Those little pink forms were our “life”          As for the look of the book – one of our most difficult mandates
from the 1997 November General Membership Meeting until we                was food on location. We wanted a book that celebrated our
turned in the recipes in March 1999. The committee really went
for it at that November meeting. We really felt like the member-                                                   . . . continued on page 8

                                                                                                                     www.JLBR.org               7
                                                           FEATURED ARTICLE

    community, but photographing food in the hot Florida sun is not         21st century and put it on CD!” and the idea went from there.
    always the easiest task. Again, our committee of stylists and chap-     Winning the prestigious James Beard award still stands out as
    ter chairs saw to it that we had a platform for the most incredible     one of the best moments for our League and for all the hard
    food in the most spectacular settings. With all its long hours (did     work each member put into the finished product. It was a blast
    you know the twilight shots on the chapter opener pages of              being in NY, especially at an awards show. We were definitely
    “Appetizers and Beverages” were shot at dawn after a very long          the most excited group there! Most nominees nodded their head
    night of prepping food and styling shots?), trials and impulsive        and quietly rose to accept their award. When JLBR was
    leaps of great faith, it really was a recipe for success.               announced as the winners Brenda Lusher, Cindy, Lisa and I
                                                                            jumped for joy and screamed and hugged and basically carried
    Now turn to pages 5 and 272. The unstoppable combo of Cindy             on like schoolgirls not able to contain our excitement. We did
    and Lisa Mulhall had its beginnings on those very critical              finally pull ourselves together and floated up on stage where
    pages. The two led an effort to tout this book, and all the good        Cindy made a beautiful acceptance speech.
    it would do for our community, to each of the names listed on
    that page. Marti Kinsel kept all our finances in line – and the         Karen Edwards remembers: My favorite time during the early
    dollars came rolling in. From our guest of honor, the E.M. Lynn         years of the cookbook days were helping with the CD ROM.
    Foundation, to the Notable guests, and past president participa-        The photoshoot we did at Darcy Sims house was incredible - we
    tion, they convinced Boca Raton, a cookbook publishing com-             actually had people cook each recipe and then we prepped the
    pany, and some of the Leagues best allies today, to support this        food to look pretty for the shoot. Everyone brought items they
    great effort. I feel certain that all are still proud to see their      thought would look good either with the food or in the back-
    name included – especially now, with all the award stickers on          ground shot. Most of the time, we even got to sample the food.
    the cover!                                                              I still think the CD ROM is a neat tool since every recipe has a
    So while my placement on the cookbook committee happily
    chose me, I couldn't be more grateful! Even as a sustainer, I           Lynn Holcomb remembers: I remember exactly how the name for
    stay in close touch with so many of the women on that com-              the cookbook came up! I originally thought of it as we were all try-
    mittee. I'm really proud of all the work that we did, and I'm           ing to name the book, and I threw it out there as a possibility. The
    grateful to those of you whom I haven't yet met, but who keep           night before what we thought was going to be our last photo shoot
    the sales going and the funds coming in. And while I still don't        (we added Town Hall afterwards), I said to Cindy, “Well, I can't
    catalog my dinner parties, I make a mean “Magical Toffee”               believe that this is going to be our last one! It has been so much
    (page 265).                                                             work, but so much fun! We all better Savor the Moment! I still
                                                                            think that that would be a great name for the book!” She looked at
    Wanda Harrold remembers: It was three wonderful action-                 me with a BIG smile, and said, “I think you're right!” And that was
    packed years. Definitely a labor of love.                               it! I remember it like it was yesterday!
    I know my family has never eaten so good as when the tasting                                   What's in A Name?
    of recipes was a high priority in our house for quite a while. I
    can still remember meetings at playgrounds so our kids could            What's in a name, anyway? Well, Lynn shared the story of how the
    run around and have fun while we got a little work done. The            name came to be, but have you ever wondered what were some of
    CD ROM production was exciting as this idea was generated at            the other titles considered? Cindy shared with me a list from 1998
    a General Membership Meeting by a member who said “join the             of more than 50 suggestions the group considered (maybe one of
                                                                            these could be the title for that reject cookbook!). Here's just a few
                                                                            of the varied titles: A Bite of Boca, Seasoned with Sun, So Boca,
                                                                            Tropical Pleasures, Boca Decadence, White Gloves and Pearls
                                                                            and Exquisite Tastes, A Colorful Palette of Elegant Tastes, A Well-
                                                                            Stocked Pantry, Champagne Bubbles and Moonbeams, Settings in
                                                                            the Sun and From the Kitchens of Sandcastles.
                                                                            So many moments of entertaining have been savored a little
                                                                            more, thanks to the recipes for sensational food and creative
                                                                            table settings from Savor the Moment. What a fitting name –
                                                                            it's perfect!
                                                                            On behalf of the entire League, thank you to all of the wonder-
                                                                            ful women of our League who were instrumental in the creation
     A James Beard Sponsor, Cindy Krebsbach, Lisa Mulhall, Brenda Lusher,   of this magnificent cookbook. It is truly a pleasure to recognize
             John Ritter, Wanda Harrold & Fonzie (Henry Winkler)
                                                                            your contributions in this issue.

8          The Bridge          November 2006
                                             HATS OFF & CARING HEARTS

Cottage Meeting Hostesses Elysa Elk, Kimberly Kenney,                adults in Kids@Home regarding banking and finance.
Denise Elia, Kathy Adkins, Dorothy MacDiarmid, Kim
Flittner, Phoebe Chapman, Nancy Dockerty, Kristin Calder             Public Issues & Advocacy Committee, for coordinating, orga-
and Cindy Krebsbach for their graciousness and hospitality.          nizing and hosting an amazing SPAC Conference weekend in
                                                                     Boca Raton at the VCRC and surrounding sites.
Linda Donoghue for graciously agreeing to help MSAT take
reservations for Moët & Manicures.                                   Karen Harwood did a phenomenal job preparing for the 75
                                                                     participants who came to hear Terry Axelrod’s Raising More
Robin Philpit for bringing creativity, patience and brilliance to    Money presentation.
the first ever WVOY Calendar and larger than ever Souvenir
Program book and beautiful invitation.                               DIAD volunteers and the SPAC Conference participants for
                                                                     volunteering their time entertaining the children at the Kids In
Melinda DeHoff for graciously volunteering to make all of the        Distress’ first Foster Parent Training Session.
copies for Nominating/Placement for the September General
Membership Meeting (GMM).                                            Emily McMullin for faithfully updating all the many DIADs
                                                                     on the JLBR website! The DIAD Committee appreciates her
Robin Philpit for creating a fabulous Moët & Manicures invi-         hard work and quick response time!
tation/flyer and making copies for the GMM.
                                                                     Michelle Toomey for being a great advisor to the DIAD
Sustainer Lou Ann Such for generously helping to hand out year-      Committee! She has gone above and beyond! She assisted the
books to sustainers at the Sustainer Party and Sustainer Luncheon.   committee with personally chairing DIAD events and recruiting
                                                                     new committee members!
Jamie Wicker, for assisting Lisa Warren in contacting commu-
nity organizations to inform them that JLBR had computers to         Shalise DeMott for doing such a great job with the bulk mail-
donate to area non-profits.                                          ing of yearbooks to sustainers.
Holly Studt, for presenting a Life Skills Seminar to the young

The Junior League of Boca Raton gratefully acknowledges the          John and Marit Fitzpatrick from Fitzy’s in Delray Beach for
following people and/or companies for their “Caring Hearts:”         their generosity in helping MSAT create a fabulous first boot
Norman Shapiro for contacting the JLBR with the news that
computers were available to us to distribute to non-profits as
needed and also for organizing the pick-up of the machines.
Thank you to American Heritage School for donating the com-
puters to the JLBR. Kids@Home, The Haven and the Wayne                         JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON
Barton Center received a total of 56 MAC computers!                                    “Women building better communities”

Sherry Ferrante for taking the fabulous photos at our 35th                                    WHO WE ARE
Birthday party at the September General Membership Meeting.            A group of women committed to improving the lives of children
                                                                       and families in the Boca Raton area since 1971.
The Kids In Distress Committee would like to thank Temple
Beth El for offering their classrooms and playgrounds for our                                 WHAT WE DO
first Foster Parent Training Session.                                  Provide trained volunteers and funding for community agencies
                                                                       and partners.
                                                                                           HOW WE DO IT
                                                                       Proceeds from fundraising events and grants are given back to
                                                                       the community.
                                                                               OUR IMPACT ON THE COMMUNITY
                                                                       Total Membership of more than 700. Last year the Junior
                                                                       League of Boca Raton members provided more than 5,000 vol-
                                                                       unteer hours and raised more than $500,000 over the last two
                                                                       years for grants to our community partners while helping
                                                                       147,000 women and children in South Palm Beach County
                                                                       through our placements and collaborations.

                                                                                                                    www.JLBR.org        9
                                                             ROVING REPORTER

     UNTRADITIONAL THANKSGIVING                                                          COMPLIED BY REAGAN SUCH

                              Everyone loves Thanksgiving. Many of            Finally, we would complete our meal with an array of desserts.
                              us celebrate in a very traditional way          Of course we needed to take a break between courses, and as
                              with the Macy’s Parade, football, and           children we were full after the lasagna. There were numerous
                              family. Of course the main event                years as a child I never had a bite of turkey with Thanksgiving
                              includes piles of the customary foods           dinner! I am happy to say this is a tradition I have kept through
                              like turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry         the years . . . my children probably wouldn’t think of Thanks-
                              sauce and pumpkin pie. There are others         giving any other way. ~ Samantha Vassallo
                              who do things a bit differently. We
                              asked Junior League members to share            My dad fries turkeys for friends and neighbors every
                              their unique stories of Thanksgiving.           Thanksgiving morning. He usually has three fryers going,
                                                                              everyone has a time slot (he likes to call it “the flight pattern”)
     We have a nice Thanksgiving tradition. My husband Mike and I             for their turkey, and he’s never without his “Real Men Fry
     have been going on a Caribbean vacation (with Hawaii mixed in            Turkeys” apron. It’s always a big party at my parents’ house
     one year) for the past six years every Thanksgiving - just the two       and that morning it makes a great start for a big day of eating!
     of us. It made more sense when we lived in Washington, D.C.              ~ Elizabeth Murdoch
     and we were escaping the cold weather, but even when we moved
     to Boca in 2005, we couldn’t bear to end the tradition and head-         Mine is a turkey tradition with a South Florida twist. With our
     ed to Anguilla last year. This 7th year is a little different. We will   first Thanksgiving living together, my husband and I decided to
     be bringing our 6-month-old boy Jackson with us to St. Croix for         create the tradition of naming our big birds like hurricanes! It
     our first Rhine family vacation! ~ Caroline Rhine                        began in a small apartment on Brickell Avenue in Miami with
                                                                              turkey ‘Alberto’ in 1998. Then came Bertha ‘99, Cubano ‘00,
     My mom’s family is Italian . . . so Thanksgiving for us was an           and Dolores in 2001 in honor of the woman from whom we had
     all day affair. There were always tons of cousins to play with           just purchased our first home. 2002 was Edito, or little Eddy if
     and the food was never-ending. We started early in the after-            you speak Spanglish and ‘03 was the year of Flo-’eat my grits’
     noon with huge antipasto platters, followed by lasagna, and              (after the diner waitress from TV’s Alice). November 2004 was
     meatballs and sausage. Our third course consisted of the tradi-          George, of course, for the President’s second term. For 2005,
     tional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings,            we served two turkeys in our new Boca home, one fried and one
     including stuffed artichokes, and fried zucchini and cauliflower.                                              . . . continued on page 11

10          The Bridge          November 2006
                                                    ROVING REPORTER

UNTRADITIONAL THANKSGIVING                                                      CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10

baked. Since the letter was “H” and it is a year we won’t ever       bly at the original Thanksgiving Feast) wanted no part of it. So
forget, we went with Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma.          . . . I spend my day off toiling in the kitchen. Mom was really
This year we will pick a male name starting with the letter “I,”     onto something. ~ Anne Henderson
and hopefully it won’t be after a real hurricane! If we make it to
“Z,” we’ll be very lucky and happy to look back over a quarter       About four years ago, we decided it would be fun to travel out
century of marriage. ~ Tina Towery                                   west for the holidays. We decided to go to Texas, Arizona, New
                                                                     Mexico and Nevada. With no ‘real’ plans for Thanksgiving we
It has become tradition in my neighborhood to have a “Bloody         made our minds up to land at the Grand Canyon for our
Mary party” on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. We all            Thanksgiving dinner at one of the resorts. You couldn’t have
bring the makings for a Bloody Mary bar and meet at a neigh-         asked for a better main course - amazing vistas, a light snow,
bor’s house at 10 a.m. with whatever family and friends are vis-     deer running through the roadways, breathtaking sunsets. It
iting for the holiday, all are welcome! We play horseshoes,          was remarkable and totally made up for the less than desirable
football in the yard, listen to Jimmy Buffett (sometimes             turkey dinner! To conclude our Thanksgiving weekend we
Christmas Carols) and celebrate with the neighbors. Then             decided to head to Las Vegas . . . the land of everything else
around 2:00 p.m. or so, everyone goes their separate ways and        that the Grand Canyon is not! We really enjoyed our trip that
puts their own turkey in the oven, starts the mashed potatoes,       year and for us, who usually celebrate two traditional
deep fries our turkey. This has been such a great tradition and      Thanksgiving dinner events on the same day, it was as non-tra-
continues to grow with each holiday, now there are kids and          ditional as you can get! ~ Lisa Warren
babies to add to the group. We look forward to it every year and
now so do our “out of town” guests. ~ Emily Roberts                  Years ago, when my husband and I lived in Roslyn, New York
                                                                     (Long Island), we decided to go into New York City to see the
Not a tradition, but my extended family will be spending             famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As a child growing
Thanksgiving in the Bahamas this year celebrating my par-            up in Miami, I had always gone to the Orange Bowl New Year’s
ents’ 50th wedding anniversary where they spent their honey-         Eve Parade to watch the floats and marching bands strut their
moon. ~ Wanda Harrold                                                stuff down Biscayne Boulevard, so going to Macy’s Parade,
                                                                     was big time. We found our spot on the corner around 45th and
My family has an unusual tradition. My family moved to the           Broadway and were wired with excitement along with freezing
States in 1970 from England, so Thanksgiving was not a holi-         our fannies off (didn’t have that problem in Miami). Here came
day that my parents grew up with. My mother, who hates cook-         Big Bird, wow! Then Garfield, double wow! Then came the
ing anyway, quickly caught on that this new American Holiday         silent marching bands, not one band played a single note (we
meant spending her day off toiling in the kitchen and quick as a     found out that they only played in front of the cameras.) All of
flash, she set up her own tradition. It goes like this: Mom would    a sudden, our corner became a “village.” We set up a cheering
spend the morning lounging around in her PJ’s while we               squad (or hecklers) made up of people from Memphis, Arizona,
brought her pastries and cups of tea. Then about 2 p.m. we           New York, chanting, “Please play something!” Then we start-
would all get dressed up and go to a restaurant that my father       ed singing standard march tunes. Even though we never got a
had painstakingly chosen by pouring over the paper to get the        single note out of the bands, we made an instant family which
one with the best menu and most variety of food (usually a buf-      we will never forget. On the way back to our home on the train,
fet at a posh hotel). A few days later my mother would get           the tickets were free because the conductor didn’t have change
around to cooking a turkey and the trimmings - mainly so we          for a customer and declared it “free ride” day. I am thankful for
would have leftovers. When I married, I tried to install this tra-   great memories and I love New York! ~ Robin Philpit
dition in my home, but my husband (whose family was proba-

                                                           Kindly and highly recommended by
                                                     JLBR Sustainers Gail Hackett & Joanie Robertson

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                                 call your local team of experts for a free estimate and ask for Felix or Juan at:
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                                    HOME IMPROVEMENT & REPAIRS OF BOCA RATON CORPORATION
                                               Office (561) 955 9550 – Cell (561) 305 5178

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                                                       SAVOR THE MOMENT

     SAVOR THE SUCCESS                                 BY MARY LAVALLE

                             This month The Bridge is highlighting       Awards:
                             our award winning cookbook Savor the
                             Moment. Ladies we have sold over            ! 2001 James Beard Award – only 2nd nonprofit to win
                             42,000 copies of this fabulous cook-        ! 2001 Foreword Magazine – 2nd place
                             book. Everyone involved with this pro-      ! 2001 Benjamin Franklin Award - Finalist
                             ject is to be congratulated first for the   ! 2001 Writer’s Digest “National Self-Published Book”
                             vision and then for the hard work to          Award
                             make that vision become a reality.          ! 2001 Independent Publisher Book Award – Finalist
                                                                         Now that the holiday season is approaching, Savor the Moment
                             A few quick facts about Savor the Moment:
                                                                         makes a perfect gift for a special mother, grandmother, sister or
     ! Self published by the Junior League of Boca Raton                 friend. Pairing it with your favorite specialty cooking item or
     ! Perfect hardcover, coffee-table quality, 288 pages                food adds that special touch.
     ! Stunning, four-color photography throughout                       Don’t forget when you are doing your holiday shopping to ask
     ! More than 300 menu choices                                        shop owners if they carry Savor the Moment. A member of the
     ! Features 10 celebrations showcasing complete menus with           cookbook committee will be happy to visit the shop and follow
       unique “how to” ideas                                             up for you.
     ! Creative cooking and entertaining tips
     ! First ever Junior League cookbook presented on CD-ROM             For further information call Mary Lavalle, Cookbook Manager,
     ! Currently in its third printing                                   at 561-620-0765 or Toll Free at 866-574-9229.

     STM DINNER CLUB - A GREAT WAY TO CONNECT                                                                    BY STEPHANIE MISKEW

                                                                         The Second Annual Savor the Moment Dinner Club will be
                                                                         Saturday, February 10, 2007. Stay tuned for further details or
                                                                         contact me directly at 561-317-6663. Don’t miss a perfect
                                                                         opportunity to promote our cookbook and enjoy a great evening
                                                                         of food, fun and friends – both old and new!

     The Savor the Moment Dinner Club is a great way to have fun
     with friends on your Junior League committees and, as my
     Diner Club co-chair Lynne Gayle and I found, it is also a great
     opportunity to connect with Sustaining members of the League.

     During the First Annual Savor the Moment Dinner Club on
     April 29th of this year, Lynne and I found ourselves connecting
     with two Sustainers who were involved in the creation of the
     cookbook itself - Caron Dockerty and Brooke Qualk. Over fab-
     ulous Grilled Tuna with Rosemary Butter, Shrimp with Cajun
     Remoulade Sauce, and Key Lime White Chocolate Cheesecake
     (and not to mention many bottles of wine), we learned of the
     great efforts that went into creating our award-winning cook-
     book from the lengthy recipe testing process, to logistical chal-
     lenges with photo shoots and procuring props for the beautiful
     photo vignettes. By the end of the night, we had a whole new
     perspective on Savor the Moment and a great appreciation for
     those who worked so hard to make it happen. Oh, and did I
     mention the food was spectacular!

12          The Bridge        November 2006
                                                  SAVOR THE MOMENT

“KNEADING” A LESSON                                  BY MORGAN GREEN

                       Cooking hasn’t always been my strong        “Would you like a rest?” Nan comes over and touches my
                       suit. Sure, I can whip up some pasta        shoulder. “It’s hard work when you’re not used to it.” This,
                       and stir fry as good as the next girl. I    coming from my 83-year-old grandmother!
                       can scramble, poach, and fry an egg. I
                       don’t even mind doing the dishes most       “I think that’s enough kneading,” she says after seeing me huff-
                       of the time. But one lazy Sunday after-     ing and puffing, taking the dough from me and patting it into a
                       noon I was in the mood for a challenge.     round shape.

                      I decided I would try to take it to the      “Now what?” I say. “Put it in the oven?”
                      next level. I was going to make some-        “Not yet. Now we wait for the yeast to rise and work its magic
                      thing fabulous. Something I’d never          on the dough. A small miracle is happening.”
done before. But I was going to need some help. Who to call?
My grandmother, of course.                                         She glides through the kitchen, not even breaking a sweat from
                                                                   the hard work and puts on a pot of coffee. The best part is now.
I arrive at my “Nan’s” with my favorite apron in tow. It’s quite   We talk, we reminisce and catch up on all the latest gossip. We
adorable with fun pink and green stripes from Williams             discuss my “cooking” specialties: toast (anything in a toaster
Sonoma. Very Junior “League-y” I must admit. Anyway, I             really), cereal and how I can heat up a mean can of soup. She
digress. As I enter her home, I hear the sweet sound of “Hello,    laughs. At that time, I’m about to get married and she takes this
Mo!” (Hey, some nicknames, you just can’t kick). I’m excited       time to tell me more of her cooking prowess. How to slice an
to learn from this cooking master. “We’re going to make            onion finely, turn it the other way and produce a tiny die. I learn
bread!” Did I hear her right? I was going to make bread? From      that pastry has to be made with quick, cold hands by an open
scratch? Well, how hard could it be, really?                       window. I learn the trick of blanching French beans in boiling
“I’ve started us off already,” says Nan, going over to a large,    water before sautéing them in butter.
old-fashioned mixing bowl on the table. “Yeast, warm water,        In between cooking we have such beautiful moments and I actu-
melted butter and flour. Mix together and you have your dough.     ally introduce her to something, Savor the Moment. She is mes-
Now, you’re going to knead it.”                                    merized at the beauty and quality of the book. In fact, she’s
“Right,” I say, looking blankly at the dough.                      making a couple of recipes from the book for Thanksgiving!
                                                                   What is better in life than a grandmother and a cherished copy
“I know people have machines to do this for them,” she says,
                                                                   of Savor the Moment?
hefting the dough onto the table. “But this is how we make it
the old-fashioned way. You’ll never taste better.”
She kneads it briskly a couple of times. “You see? Fold it over,
make a quarter turn. You need to use a bit of energy.”
Cautiously I plunge my hands into the soft dough and try to imi-
tate her.
“That’s it. Get into a rhythm and really work it. Kneading’s
                                                                     Offering                                            Students
very good for releasing stress,” she adds with wry humor.                                                                 3 years
                                                                     a morning
“Pretend you’re bashing all your worst enemies.”                                                                         through
“I’ll do that!” I manage a cheerful tone. This is hard!             playschool

                                    Recommended by:
                                    Debbie Abrams
                                    Chrissy Biagiotti
                                    Kristin Calder

                                                                                                              www.JLBR.org               13
                                                       SAVOR THE MOMENT

     WHO IS JAMES BEARD?                                    BY CRISTY STEWART

                              Published in September 1999, Savor the     immersed in the culinary community. Between 1945 and 1955
                              Moment earned tremendous praise from       he published:
                              critics. In 2001, Savor the Moment won
                              The James Beard Foundation Award for       " Fowl and Game Cookery " The Fireside Cookbook " Paris
                              the Entertaining and Special Occasions     Cuisine " James Beard’s Fish Cookery " How to Eat Better for
                              category. As members of JLBR, most of      Less Money " The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery " The
                              us know that our cookbook is an award      Casserole Cookbook.
                              winning cookbook. However, if you          He appeared in his own segment on television’s first cooking
                              joined the League after 2001 would you     show on NBC in 1946, and then on many other spots on televi-
     know what the James Beard Foundation Award is? Many of us are       sion and radio. He contributed articles and columns to Woman’s
     familiar with the golden seal emblazed on our treasured cookbook,   Day, Gourmet and House & Garden, served as a consultant to
     but do not know the history behind the prestigious award.           many restaurateurs and food producers, and ran his own restau-
     The James Beard Foundation Awards are the nation’s preemi-          rant on Nantucket. He became the focal point of the entire
     nent honors for culinary professionals. More than 60 awards         American food world.
     are given out each spring in the categories of cookbooks, restau-   In 1955, he established The James Beard Cooking School. He
     rants and chefs, design and graphics, broadcast media, journal-     continued to teach cooking to men and women for the next 30
     ism, and achievement. Nominees and award winners are select-        years, both at his own schools (in New York City and Seaside,
     ed by their industry peers, with more than 600 culinary profes-     Oregon), and around the country at women’s clubs, other cook-
     sionals involved in the voting process. Award winners receive       ing schools, and civic groups. He was a tireless traveler, bring-
     a bronze medallion engraved with the image of James Beard,          ing his message of good food, honestly prepared with fresh,
     the late journalist, cookbook author, chef and cooking teacher.     wholesome, American ingredients, to a country just becoming
     In 1940, James Beard penned what was then the first major           aware of its own culinary heritage.
     cookbook devoted exclusively to cocktail food, Hors d’Oeuvre        When James Beard died at 81 on January 21, 1985, he left a lega-
     & Canapés. In 1942 he followed it up with Cook It Outdoors,         cy of culinary excellence and integrity to generations of home
     the first serious work on outdoor cooking.                          cooks and professional chefs. He was hailed as “The Dean of
                                                                         American Cookery” and his name remains synonymous
     When he returned from the War in 1945, Beard became totally
                                                                                                               . . . continued on page 15

14          The Bridge        November 2006
                                                    SAVOR THE MOMENT

COOKBOOK UNIVERSITY                                          BY CRISTY STEWART

                         At the end of April I attended Cookbook      #   Distribution Sales - Find out why distribution is an impor-
                         University. Kurt, my fiancé, was so              tant part of our sales mix. Learn what a distributor is, how to
                         excited when he saw it on the calendar.          choose the right one to work with, and how to make the most
                         He had visions of me coming back as a            of that relationship in order to sell more books.
                         gourmet chef. You can imagine his dis-
                         appointment when he found out that this      In addition to the breakout sessions, a couple of Junior Leagues
                         event had nothing to do with learning        were asked to speak about what makes them so successful. The
                         how to cook; instead it was a seminar        Junior League of Baton Rouge who has sold more than two mil-
                         about how to develop and market cook-        lion copies of their cookbook, River Road Recipes, spoke about
                         books.                                       how they run their sales like a business with paid staff members
                                                                      and how important their membership is in their continued sales.
The printer of our very own Savor the Moment cookbook,
Favorite Recipes Press (FRP), hosts an intense two day seminar        From the moment I checked in I was so proud to be a member
every year. Last spring it was hosted in Nashville, TN. By the        of the JLBR. Almost every FRP employee came up to me to say
end of day two we all affectionately called the seminar Cookbook      congratulations on all of our success and said that they love
boot-camp. FRP publishes a host of “community cookbooks”              working with our League. During every break, women from
that are all self-published (meaning that the organization pays for   other Leagues came up to me to say how much they love our
the printing and development instead of the publishing house like     cookbook. If you ever have an opportunity to go to a seminar
a traditional best seller). 80% of the organizations represented      with the Junior League, I would recommend going, as it is an
were Junior Leagues from around the country.                          incredible experience. I came home even more excited about
                                                                      our League and motivated to sell Savor the Moment.
FRP team members host breakout sessions on cookbook devel-
opment, working with FRP publicity, budget and plans & goal           Did You Know?
setting. Other breakout sessions included Cookbooks are a             #   The United States is the leading market for cookbooks.
Business 101, Pre-Sales 101, Sponsorship & Underwriting 101           #   The 3rd best-selling book in the world after the Bible and the
and the list goes on. I attended:                                         dictionary is the Better Homes and Garden’s Cookbook, with
#   Cookbook Marketing 101 - To freshen up on the basic prin-             34 million copies sold.
    ciples of marketing and how to apply them to Savor the            #   The Joy of Cooking was self-published in 1931 and still sells
    Moment. During the session we heard success stories that              over 100,000 copies per year with 15 million copies sold. It
    illustrated the tremendous opportunities associated with self-        was started as a fundraiser just like Savor the Moment!
    publishing cookbooks.                                             #   The average American woman owns 15 cookbooks.
#   Wholesale 101 - Discussed how to work with local retail out-      #   80% of all cookbooks are sold by word of mouth.
    lets, who to approach, and what to expect in order to get your    #   52% of all books are not sold in bookstores. More books are
    books on their shelves.                                               sold in gift stores, culinary stores and hair salons.
#   Retail Sales & Special Events 101 - Learn how to pull in the      All these fun facts are great motivators to get us out there to sell
    most profit per book through retail sales. Capitalize on sales    Savor the Moment! As always, thank you for celebrating this
    through members of JL, friends, and community supporters.         truly elegant, amazing book with us.
    We also heard stories of successful events.

WHO IS JAMES BEARD?                                      CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14

with American food.
Since 1986, the James Beard Foundation has been at the fore-
front of America’s culinary revolution. The Foundation was                      Send your precious photos in a wonderful
                                                                                photo card. Make an appointment to see a
established that year in honor of James Beard, the late cooking
teacher, journalist, and food consultant who is widely consid-
ered the father of American gastronomy. The James Beard                        wide selection of festive designs to personalize
Foundation is a national not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization
                                                                                  with your Holiday message and name.
                                                                                       Janie Lott Inc. 561-391-8638
based in New York City. The Foundation’s mission is to cele-
brate, preserve, and nurture America’s culinary heritage and
diversity in order to elevate the appreciation of our culinary                                  JLBR Sustainer
excellence. Savor the Moment is truly honored to have been
selected for this important award.

                                                                                                                  www.JLBR.org               15
                                                        SAVOR THE MOMENT

     FROM A COOK’S POINT OF VIEW                                                   BY MARY LAVALLE

                            Sometimes cookbooks become old                or until cooked through. Keep warm.
                            friends you can count on them every
                                                                          Melt the butter in a large skillet over low heat. Stir in the flour until
                            time to help you out. One favorite
                                                                          well blended. Add the chicken broth and whisk with a wire whisk.
                            recipe makes a book worth having in
                                                                          Add the milk and whisk until well blended. Stir in the cheese.
                            your collection. I have a friend who
                                                                          Cook over low heat for 30 minutes or until the liquid is reduced and
                            instead of keeping a recipe card box
                                                                          the mixture is thickened, stirring frequently. Stir in the spinach and
                            keeps a recipe “made” file on her com-
                                                                          red pepper. Simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve
                            puter. She can pull up a recipe or cate-
                                                                          over the baked chicken with pasta or rice. Serves 6
                            gory, like chicken and her file will tell
                            her exactly what cookbook the recipe                                   Baked Fudge
     came from. Also a nice way to keep track of the recipes we cut       2 cups sugar
     out of the newspaper and try. I have a long time “friend” to         ½ cup flour
     reintroduce you to and a new potential “pal.”                        ½ cup baking cocoa
                                                                          4 eggs
                      Two years ago the League swapped Apron
                                                                          1 cup butter, softened
                      Strings, with the JL of Little Rock, for the sec-
                                                                          2 teaspoons vanilla extract
                      ond time and it flew off the shelves. With all of
                                                                          1 cup chopped toasted pecans
                      the New Members this year, I thought this
                                                                          1 cup whipping cream, whipped
                      would be a good time to bring back this little
                      gem. Apron Strings ($26.95) has suggestions         Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Mix the sugar, flour and bak-
                      for everything from a simple meal or a holiday      ing cocoa in a bowl. Add the eggs and mix until smooth. Add
     shopping drop-in to a cocktail buffet for fifty. There is helpful    the butter, vanilla and pecans and mix well. Spoon into a 9” x
     party planning forms, a nutritional profile and a herb chart to      9” inch baking pan. Set in a larger pan of hot water. Bake for
     name just a few of its features. With little effort, Apron Strings   45 minutes or until it has the texture of custard when tested with
     will make the inexperienced cook look like a gourmet chef.           a knife; fudge will become more firm as it cools. Cool on a wire
                   Chicken and Feta Spinach Sauce                         rack. Cut into squares. Serve with the whipped cream. Serves
                                                                          8 to 10. This dessert will really please chocolate lovers!
     6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
     salt and pepper to taste                                                             When I attended the 2004 Cookbook University
     1 teaspoon paprika                                                                   with Carolyn Arnold, Once Upon a Time, from
     ½ cup butter                                                                         the JL of Evansville, IN ($26.95) caught my eye.
     ½ cup flour                                                                          Not because it was a national winner of the
     1 ½ cups unsalted chicken broth or water                                             Tabasco Cookbook Awards, but because of its
     1 cup milk                                                                           whimsical cover and drawings throughout the
     8 ounces feta cheese, crumbled                                                       book. I knew the recipes had to be good because
     1 ½ chopped spinach                                                                  it was a winner, right? Believe me, I have not
     ¾ cup chopped red bell pepper                                        been disappointed. This year Evansville was willing to swap and
     cooked pasta or rice                                                 so far Once Upon a Time has been well received.

     For the chicken: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Rinse the                                 Queen of England
     chicken and pat dry. Season with salt, pepper and paprika.                             (A quick and tasty main course)
     Arrange in a greased baking dish. Bake, covered for 20 minutes       2 (4-ounce) chicken breasts
                                                                          flour for dredging
                                                                          1 tablespoon vegetable oil
                                                                          1 cup honey
      Carolyn Cole Arnold, Psy. D., P.A.                                  ½ red grape halves
                                                                          ¼ cup chopped walnuts
      Intelligence Testing                 7300 West Camino Real          Dredge the chicken in flour. Heat the oil in an ovenproof skillet.
      Psychotherapy                         Boca Raton, FL 33433          Add the chicken. Cook on both sides until brown. Remove the
                                                                          skillet to the oven. Bake at 325 degrees for 30 to 45 minutes or
                                                                          until the chicken is cooked through, checking at 30 minutes.
      Licensed Psychologist                          (561) 338-6995
      #PY4850                                                             Cook the honey, grapes and walnuts in a saucepan until warm.
                                                                          Pour over the chicken. 2 servings. Yum!

16          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                       SAVOR THE MOMENT

FROM A COOK’S POINT OF VIEW                                                         CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16

              Lorenzo’s Chocolate Bourbon Cake                            The following League books would make wonderful hostess
                                                                          gifts for your Thanksgiving dinner chef:
1 ¾ cups hot brewed coffee
¼ cup bourbon                                                             Secret Ingredients, JL of Alexandria, LA ......................$26.95
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces                   Amarillo JL Cookbook, JL of Amarillo ..........................$18.95
5 ounces unsweetened chocolate, cut into small pieces                     Of Tide & Thyme, JL of Annapolis ................................$21.95
2 cups sugar                                                              The Bountiful Arbor, JL of Ann Arbor ..........................$21.95
2 cups flour                                                              True Grits, JL of Atlanta ................................................$29.95
1 teaspoon baking soda                                                    River Roads III, JL of Baton Rouge ..............................$19.75
Pinch of salt                                                             Charleston Receipts Repeats, JL of Charleston ............$22.95
2 eggs, at room temperature                                               Dallas Dish, JL of Dallas ..............................................$32.00
1 teaspoon vanilla extract                                                Colorado Colore, JL of Denver......................................$29.95
                                                                          Once Upon A Time, JL of Evansville ............................$26.95
Combine the coffee, bourbon, butter and chocolate in a large
                                                                          Made In The Shade, JL of Ft. Lauderdale ......................$22.95
metal bow. Let stand, covered, until the butter and chocolate
                                                                          Apron Strings, JL of Little Rock ....................................$26.95
are completely melted. Whisk until blended. Whisk in the
                                                                          Always Superb, JL of Minneapolis ................................$29.95
sugar. Cool to room temperature.
                                                                          Bay Tables, JL of Mobile................................................$26.95
Sift the flour, baking soda and salt together in a bowl. Whisk half       California Fresh Harvest, JL of Oakland - East Bay ....$28.95
at a time into the chocolate mixture. Whisk in the eggs and vanil-        Lone Star to Five Star, JL of Plano ................................$28.95
la. Pour into two greased and floured 8 or 9 inch round cake pans.        Oh My Stars!, JL of Roanoke, VA..................................$24.95
Bake at 275 degrees for 50 minutes or until a wooden pick insert-         California Sol Food, JL of San Diego............................$29.95
ed into the center comes out clean. Cook in the pans on wire              Downtown Savannah Style, JL of Savannah ..................$17.95
racks. (May be used immediately or refrigerated in the pans, cov-         Savannah Style, JL of Savannah ....................................$21.95
ered with plastic wrap. It is easier to decorate a cool cake.)            Capital Celebrations, JL of Washington, DC ................$26.95
                                                                          Take Five for Every Occasion, Independent ..................$21.95
To remove from the pans, run a knife around the inside edges and
                                                                          Kansas City Barbeque Society, Independent..................$24.95
invert, tapping on the bottoms of the pans to loosen the layers. Spread
                                                                          Cooking Up A Classic Christmas, Independent ............$19.95
your favorite chocolate butter cream icing or chocolate ganache
                                                                          Granny’s Taste of Christmas, Independent ....................$21.95
between the layers and over the top and side of the cake. 12 servings.

                                                                                                                               www.JLBR.org                  17
                                                                         COMMITTEE NEWS

     SWEET NOVEMBER                                              BY LESLIE KEYES

                                  November is a time of remembrance                We are getting ready to light up the Shops of Boca Center on
                                  and Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful          February 1, 2007 where the chocolate will be abundant, the VIP
                                  for all we have and to do all we can to          tent will be expanded, and we will have more vendors and raf-
                                  help others. In a recent trip to New             fles then ever before, as we have been hard at work contacting
                                  Orleans, I witnessed first hand the still        chocolatiers, selecting community sweethearts and arranging
                                  lingering affects of Hurricane Katrina           for some of the most eligible “bachelor and bachelorette sweet-
                                  and I was challenged to find anything            hearts” to be part of the biggest “Boca Chocolate bash” yet!
                                  that compared to the will of the people I
                                                                                   We are grateful for our donors and sponsors; Anne and Peter
                                  worked with, most of whom had lost
                                                                                   Vegso have generously agreed to support the event again this
                                  almost everything, yet were grateful for
                                                                                   year, as has the J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation and other fine
                                  the one pair of shoes, or the one suit that
                                                                                   organizations. Check out www.bocachocolate.com for our full
     was spared.
                                                                                   list of sponsors. This website which is dedicated to our event,
     While in Chicago last week, I was shopping at the old Marshall                was designed last year and has been updated with the new infor-
     Fields (now Macy’s). I learned that the largest box of choco-                 mation on the 2007 event. Tickets can be purchased online too,
     lates ever made was a Frango Mint chocolates box weighing                     so be sure to check it out!
     3,226 lbs. created by Marshall Field’s, Chicago, Illinois, USA                The cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, is a symbol of food and
     on November 14, 2002. The box contained 90,090 individual                     abundance dating back to the 5th century B.C. The cornucopia
     chocolates! (Unfortunately, I was four years late to that party!)             has come to be associated with Thanksgiving and as a mytho-
                                                                                   logical symbol, it was believed to have the power to give to the
     But when we compare and contrast the abundance or lack in
                                                                                   person in possession of it whatever he or she wished for, magi-
     either situation it made me stop and think that there is always
                                                                                   cally replenishing itself with whatever the bearer requested. So
     something to be thankful for and always something to celebrate
                                                                                   as you set your Thanksgiving table, take time to enjoy the holi-
     no matter how dire the circumstances. It’s perspective that gets
                                                                                   days, be grateful for what you have, remember those less fortu-
     you through it.
                                                                                   nate and when you make your wish, hope to make a difference
     The Chocolate Decadence committee is fortunate and grateful                   in someone’s life.
     to have such wonderful members on our team and leadership in                  We leave you with this wonderful recipe from Savor the
     our League as we plan what will be the sweetest party in town                 Moment, in time for the holidays and in honor of my new friends
     and the best one yet!                                                                                               . . . continued on page 19

                                                                                                    Happy Holidays from
                                                                                                 Formal Accents, LLC

                                                                                                                Cocktail Dresses
                                                                                                                Holiday Attire
                                                                                                                Formal Gowns

                        Our Smiles Shine!                                                   Shoes, Jewelry Accessories & more
            Dr. Moroco, a Junior League of Boca Raton member, is a graduate of
            Pennsylvania State University and Northwestern University Dental                             By Appointment
            School. She completed advanced specialty training in Orthodontics at         7108 S. Military Trail # Lake Worth, FL 33463
            Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, Texas. Dr. Moroco has practiced
                                                                                                 Call for hours and appointments
            orthodontics in Boca Raton/Delray area since 1993.
                          The Linton Medical Park
             4800 Linton Boulevard, Suite D-505 # Delray Beach                                    Leslie Keyes JLBR Member

18          The Bridge              November 2006
                                                     COMMITTEE NEWS

HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU KID . . .                                                BY BRENDA BROWNING

                        What do Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman        ing, hors d’oeuvres,
                        and Katharine Hepburn have in com-           open bar and of course a
                        mon? Bogart of course!                       movie, first come, first
                                                                     serve. Did I mention
                      The Fund Development Committee is              Stars? Look for your
                      proud to announce the Grand Opening of         favorite    Hollywood
                      Bogart’s Bar and Grille, Boca’s newest         Impersonators as they
                      themed restaurant located in the Premier       meet and greet the
                      at Muvico on Airport Road. Burt Rap-           guests.
                      paport, from the Rappaport Restaurant
                      Group, is ready to showcase the new            Invitations will be mailed soon but don’t delay in responding,
                      restaurant with a star-studded Grand           tickets are limited and in high demand.
Opening Event with proceeds going to our Junior League.
                                                                     HAVE AN IDEA FOR A FUN OPENING?
Join us as we spend the evening celebrating Hollywood style!
This star-studded event will be held on Thursday, November 9th       The Fund Development Committee is always looking for ideas
from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. with tickets priced at $30 per       for grand opening events. If you have a suggestion please con-
person in advance. Your red carpet ticket includes: valet park-      tact Mary Glynn Toomey at mg@mgtelectronics.com.

SWEET NOVEMBER                                   CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18

on Bourbon Street, who showed me the true meaning of spirit.         bourbon. Chill in the refrigerator.
                  Triple Chocolate Brownies                          For the topping, cream the butter, rum and confectioners’ sugar in
                                                                     a bowl until light. Spread on the cooled brownies and chill until
You don’t need a “designated driver” after eating these spirited
                                                                     firm. Melt the chocolate and shortening in a sealable plastic bag
brownies; they just taste like you should!
                                                                     in the microwave. Knead the bag to mix the chocolate. Cut a
Triple Chocolate Brownies                                            small hole in the comer and drizzle the chocolate over the brown-
6 (1-ounce) squares bittersweet chocolate, chopped                   ies. Chill until serving time and cut into bars. Makes two dozen.
2 (1-ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate, chopped
                                                                     Chocolate flirty fact: The melting point of cocoa butter is just
3/4 cup (11/2 sticks) unsalted butter
                                                                     below the human body temperature (98.6 degrees) - which is
1 1/2 cups sugar
                                                                     why it literally melts in your mouth. Maybe that’s why they
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
                                                                     named them Hershey’s kisses.
4 eggs
1 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt                                                                               Original Cr eations
6 ounces semisweet chocolate chips                                                                           b y R obin Philpit
1/4 cup bourbon
                         Rum Topping                                                             “One of a Kind Invit ations”
1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine, softened                                                                 Business Car ds
3 tablespoons rum
                                                                                                       Pr ogr ams, Br oc hur es
2 cups confectioners’ sugar
6 ounces semisweet chocolate chips                                                                          Magazine La y out
1 tablespoon shortening                                                                                    N e w sle tt er La y out
                                                                                                           Emer gency Car ds
For the brownies, melt the bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened
chocolate and butter in a double boiler or in the microwave, stir-                                  f or mor e inf ormation call
ring until smooth. Cool to lukewarm. Stir in the sugar and
                                                                                                       R obin at 561-750-9036
vanilla. Stir in the eggs one at a time. Add the flour and salt
and stir just until combined. Stir in the chocolate chips.                                                        JLBR Member
                                                                                                                (JLBR BRIDGE
Pour into a greased and floured 9x13-inch baking pan. Bake at                                             and WVOY Program
350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes or until a wooden pick insert-                                               Layout Designer)
ed in the center comes out with moist crumbs. Drizzle with the

                                                                                                               www.JLBR.org               19
                                                      COMMITTEE NEWS

     A MILLION THANK YOUS TO OUR SUPPORTERS                                                                BY WVOY COMMITTEE

     The Junior League and the Woman Volunteer of the Year committee would like to thank the following benefactors for their gener-
     ous gift to our wonderful event.

     PLATINUM SPONSOR                          Elysa & Scott Elk                          We are also grateful to all of the following
     Woolbright Development                    Stacey & Mike Quinn                        businesses and individuals who donated
                                               Jillian Hasner                             items for our beautiful raffle baskets.
     AWARD SPONSOR                             Fabiola M. Hooker
     Wachovia Bank                             Susan Kaelin                               32 East
                                               Kimberly Kenney                            Acqua Moon Interiors
     GOLD SPONSOR                                                                         After Hours Formalwear
                                               Diahann Koshi
     Gordon Homes                                                                         Al Stephen’s Salon
                                               Derinda Lewis
                                               Crystal McMillin                           Anti-Aging Clinics of Florida
                                               Lisa Moss                                  Atlantic Paradise Island
     Opus South
                                               Davida Nelums                              Basil Garden Restaurant
     CHAMPAGNE SPONSOR                         Jeanne F. Nolan                            Beatrice Beckers, Indigo Studios
     Stacole Fine Wines                        Palm Beach Community College               Boca Raton Museum of Art
                                                 Foundation, Inc.                         Boca Raton Historical Society Fire Bay
     SILVER SPONSOR                            Kathy & John Potts                           Gift Shop
     Boca Raton Resort & Club                  Lisa & Paul Romanowski                     Brecashe Jewelers
     Devcon Security Services Corporation      Diana Swords                               Brewzzi
     Feeney & Printz Families                  Catherine Toomey                           Café Boulud
     Kolter Communities                        DeLynn & Kenneth Trivison                  Carole Putman, The Carlisle Collection
     Marta Rendon, M.D.                        Candace Vaughn                             CBS Outdoors
     Publix Supermarket Charities              Lisa Warren                                Centre for the Arts
     Thomas Produce                            Michele Weizer                             Cindy Sperling
                                               Willcaro Communications                    City Oyster
     BRONZE SPONSOR                                                                       Coal Mine Pizza & Marcello Restaurants
     Amzak International                       We also want to thank our past JLBR        Creative Design Group
     Cendyn                                    WVOY nominees, JLBR Presidents and         Custom Murals
     FirstLantic Healthcare                    Honorary Chairs who accepted our invi-     Dana Buchman
     HLN Company                               tation be on our first ever Host           Delia Weiss, M.D.
     Jacqueline Moroco Maloney, D.D.S.,        Committee.                                 Duck Tours - Miami
      M.S. P.A.                                                                           Eden Day Spa
     Pilates of Boca                           Debbie Abrams                              Elizabeth Murdoch
     Seasons 52                                Kathy Adkins                               Eye Catcher’s Optique
                                               Denise Alman                               Fabiola Hooker
     GRAND PATRON                              Carolyn Arnold                             Faconnable
     Jamie Snyder                              Arlette Baker                              Family Chiropractic & Nutrition,
     Mr. & Mrs. S. Ruzika                      Yvonne Boice                                 Dr. Derek Friedman
     The John Henry Foundation                 Lillian Clarke                             Fountainebleau Resort
                                               Pattie Damron                              Ginny Page, Doncaster
                                               Katharine Dickenson                        Good Year Blimp
     Amy Kazma
                                               Annie Green                                Guy La Ferrera’s International Designs
     Blake MacDiarmid
                                               Peggy Henry                                Holistic Therapies Inc.
     Lawless, Edwards & Warren
                                               Teri Kennedy                               Ileana Moreno
     FRIEND                                    Cindy Kresbach                             Jacqueline Moroco Maloney, D.D.S., M.S.
     Caroline Angstadt                         Mary Lavalle                               John Speacht
     Carol Auerbach                            Marta Batmasian                            Kristen Ross & Michele Toomey,
     Lisa Bariso                               Lynn Lawless                                 Etcetera
     Amy Brand                                 Jayne Malfitano                            Laure Carter, CMT
     Kathleen Buerosse                         Carole Putman                              Leon Loard Portraits
     Becky Carlsson                            Michelle Rubin                             LF Stores
     Lara Carter                               Elizabeth Pankey-Warren                    Lilly’s
     Pam Disher                                Eleanor Zacagnini                          Linen Closet

20         The Bridge        November 2006
                                         COMMITTEE NEWS

A MILLION THANK YOUS TO OUR SUPPORTERS                                                   CONT. FROM PAGE 20

Little Miss Priss                   Peter Ballas, II, M.D.                Serendipity
Madison Avenue Salon                Pilates of Boca                       Sonoma Café
Marta Rendon, M.D.                  Pippo Italia                          Starbucks
Michael’s Body Scenes               Potions In Motion                     The Crystal Leaf
Monogram Closet                     Pulse Pilates                         The Grille on Congress
Morton’s Steakhouse                 Rascal’s Fine Jewelry                 The Rustic Cellar
Heather McMechan, My Little Black   Rejuvenate Day Spa                    Town Center at Boca Raton, Simon Malls
 Dress                              Saint Andrew’s School                 Tropical Totes
Native Sun Boutique                 Salon Cielo & Spa                     Vineyard Vines
New York Prime                      Salon Duda                            Vintonio of Boca Hair Salon
Palm Beach Opera                    Salutations
Pandora Jewelers                    Sarah’s Sweets                        Finally a very special thank you to Leon
Paradise Café                       Seasons 52                            Loard Portraits for donating an oil por-
Paradise Salon                      Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hollywood   trait to the 2006 WVOY winner.
Perfume Mania                       Seminole Museum & Swamp Safari

                                                                                            www.JLBR.org             21
                                                                               COMMITTEE NEWS

     COMMUNITY SUCCESS EXPERIENCE FIRST HAND                                                                                                     BY LISA WARREN

                              As I was getting on the elevator in the                             ed programs which are proven to have positive effects on
                              lobby of the Boca Raton Community                                   improving an individual’s health and development. Many of
                              Hospital, I noticed a man and woman                                 you may remember their guest appearance at last year’s gener-
                              being escorted by a dog through the                                 al membership meeting.
                              halls and thought, “what on earth could
                              this dog be doing at the hospital?” The                             I mentioned to Tom that I was a member of the Junior League
                              man and woman appeared healthy and                                  and familiar with his organization as a result. He profusely
                              looked very joyful. Knowing what                                    thanked JLBR again for the grant opportunity and caught me up
                              amazing strides have been made by the                               to speed on the organization’s progress. They are doing won-
                              hospital in many areas, I actually                                  derfully and have two dogs “on assignment” at the Boca Raton
                              thought they might have opened an                                   Community Hospital. My Mom was delighted to learn of this
     Emergency Room just for animals! After realizing I was com-                                  news and shared how impactful and uplifting even this short
     pletely insane and really happy that I didn’t share this thought                             visit was to her.
     out loud, I dismissed it, walked onto the elevator and headed to                             Not only was it wonderful to witness what I already know the
     the 7th floor to visit my Mother who was admitted rather unex-                               JLBR does so magnificently, but it was exceptionally rewarding to
     pectedly. While sitting and visiting with my Mom and family,                                 see the success of our community outreach efforts as they serve
     I saw the dog again – this time on the 7th floor and immediate-                              members of our community -- in this example, my Mom, a patient
     ly had a flashback to my once religiously watched sitcom, Ally                               at the hospital and recipient of Pet Therapy during her stay.
     McBeal, and believed that this dog may be my version of the
     dancing baby (hopefully those of you who followed the show                                   The JLBR has been involved with and facilitated so many of
     get this!)                                                                                   these successful opportunities for all facets of our community.
                                                                                                  Get connected! I invite you to join in on experiences that are
                                        Just as I was really purchasing                           truly changing lives and communities on a daily basis. We have
                                        my one-way ticket to La-La                                some amazing opportunities to share with you. Please be sure
                                        Land, the dog and its escort                              to read our community articles in The Bridge, our announce-
                                        came into the room and began                              ments at general membership meetings, League-wide e-mails
                                        introductions. Charley, a yellow                          and log onto the website to participate in one or more Done-In-
                                        friendly Labrador Retriever,                              A-Day (DIAD) shifts. It is an amazing and rewarding feeling
                                        and Tom DeCicco of Pet                                    to be a part of this kind of change.
                                        Therapy of South Florida wel-
                                        comed us and asked if the
                                        patient would like to visit with
                                        Charley. My Mom was very
                                        excited about this opportunity
                                        for many reasons. It was com-
                                        pletely unexpected, a non-med-
     ical visit/procedure, a little more cozy and with an at-home feel-
     ing and more important, an incredibly wonderful distraction!
     As I was enjoying Charley’s visit and talking to Tom - it hit me!
     The JLBR’s community support fund had awarded Pet Therapy
     of South Florida a $1,000 grant last year to fund animal-assist-

              Individuals   #   Couples   #   Groups   #   Children   #   Adolescents
      #   Psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, relationships, self-esteem
      #   Hypnotherapy to decrease stress and increase fertility, childbirth
      #   Life Coaching, career development, Myers-Briggs, college prep and life skills
          for teenagers
      #   Groups, “Parenting Your Teenager” “Marriage Enrichment” “Attract and
          Maintain a Healthy Relationship”
     Sandra Shern, LMHC                                Kelly O’Meara Hampton, LCSW
                    Free initial 15 minute consultation to “meet & greet”
     7301 W. Palmetto Park Rd.,                                            (561) 330-8250
            Suite 205A,                                                           Email:
       Boca Raton, FL 33444                                           attainingdreams@yahoo.com

22            The Bridge                  November 2006
                                                      COMMITTEE NEWS

IN THE PINES - A LASTING RELATIONSHIP                                                                  BY DENISE O’SULLIVAN

                         This month, the In The Pines (ITP)            national evaluations every three years. The center reaches up to
                         committee wanted League members to            sixty-eight children at any given time.
                         learn more about the relationship we
                         have with Kay Larche, our primary liai-       The forty new apartments at In The Pines-South came to be,
                         son to the families at In The Pines, and      because of the genuine efforts of the JLBR being a community
                         the 2005 Wachovia Woman Volunteer of          partner. You could hear the appreciation in Kay’s voice when
                         the Year nominee for In The Pines. We         she was telling me about all of the work that was needed to raise
                         also wanted to talk about the need she        funds, deal with architects, planning and zoning, builders, etc.
                         has for volunteers to help out at the after   The families are in much better living conditions, and the fam-
                         school program.                               ilies take pride in taking care of their gardens and homes.
                                                                       The beauty of ITP is the relationships that families have with
When I called Kay for our scheduled inter-
                                                                       our organization and the other individuals on campus. Some
view, she was so excited to talk about her
                                                                       children have moved on to college, begun families of their own,
relationship with the JLBR and ITP. I was
                                                                       and built careers. It is known that the volunteers have assisted
looking forward to learning about Kay, yet
                                                                       with their success.
I learned things about the relationship that
members of the League have with ITP that                               Well, now that you have heard about the history and the positive
I didn’t know including: Lisa Mulhall,                                 impact that has been made, some more help is needed. The volun-
Dorothy MacDiarmid, and Paul Adkins                                    teer Homework Help program is in need of tutors. The tutors help
(Kathy’s husband) sit on the Board of                                  with vocabulary building and literacy. Many of the children’s par-
Directors. Through the years, many members of the ITP commit-          ents do not speak English, so the volunteers assist with the children’s
tees have continued to stay in touch with the families they interact   comprehension of the English language. The elementary students
with, even after their League placement is over.                       need assistance from 2:30 p.m. - 4 p.m., and the middle school stu-
                                                                       dents from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.. If you can volunteer one day a week, for
Kay has always had a love of voluntarism. She is a graduate of         either the elementary students and/or the middle school students, you
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida. After graduation, she spent   can impact the future of these migrant workers’ children. Please call
two and a half years in the Peace Corps in Chile, South America.       Kay at (561) 637-1108, or e-mail her at ChileNorte@aol.com.
It is during her time in the Peace Corps that Kay learned Spanish,
and when she returned to the United States she was involved with       If you would like to help ITP, but cannot commit to one day a
community organizations in Miami assisting Cuban Americans.            week, please check the DIAD sign-up for the upcoming Animal
Kay is married and has two children. Megan is a Florida State          Adventure or future events in early 2007. Also Kay has requested
University graduate and a Broadway Casting Director, and Will is       if anyone has family oriented videos or DVD’s that they no longer
currently a student at The Boston Conservatory of Music.               need, please consider donating them to ITP. Friday is “rewards
                                                                       day” for the children and they get to watch a movie for all of their
While working with volunteers at a Soup Kitchen in Boynton             hard work throughout the week. The videos/DVDs can be dropped
Beach, Kay heard about a position at In the Pines. This year marks     off at the League office and put in the ITP mailbox.
the ten-year anniversary of Kay becoming the Outreach
Coordinator, working with volunteers and running the after school      I hope that you agree with me. The JLBR and ITP have a last-
homework assistance program. Kay also wanted to mention that           ing relationship and have made a positive impact for thousands
it has been 10 years with her partnership with the JLBR.               of migrant workers’ families. League members have gained
                                                                       much satisfaction from volunteering at ITP as well. Here’s to a
Soon after Kay started her new position, she was advised that          job well done!
Sports Day was coming up, and she had to coordinate getting
the ITP families to participate. As she told me, she thought that
it would be overwhelming, but little did she know that the JLBR
has Sports Day down to a science. To this day, Kay is amazed
how nothing is ever forgotten, it runs smoothly, and the families
look forward to it every year.

The “extraordinary relationship” between ITP and the JLBR has
allowed for some great successes. “The impact on the farm
worker’s families is incredible,” Kay said. The R.C.M.A.,
Child Development Center on the ITP site, is a nationally
accredited Day Care Center. The center has a curriculum simi-
lar to Head Start, with strict training, and the center has to pass

                                                                                                                     www.JLBR.org                23
                                  JLBR’s Photomontage
                                  Happy Thanksgiving!

24   The Bridge   November 2006
JLBR’s Photomontage
Happy Thanksgiving!

                      www.JLBR.org   25
                                                            COMMITTEE NEWS

     FALL SPAC CONFERENCE RECAP                                                   BY JAMIE WICKER

                                                                         the Boca Raton League for putting on a fantastic conference.

                                                                         The weekend started off with a reception at the beautiful home
                                                                         of Kathy Adkins, President of the Junior League of Boca Raton.
                                                                         Steve Abrams, the Mayor of Boca Raton, welcomed conference
                                                                         attendees. Also honored in the audience was Representative
                                                                         Anne Gannon, the member of the Florida Legislature who filed
                                                                         human trafficking legislation last session aimed at increasing
                                                                         criminal penalties for human traffickers. Everyone enjoyed the
                                                                         delicious food and the one-on-one time with elected officials,
                                                                         which is so important to the work SPAC does.
         SPAC President Melissa Fritsch, Fla. House Rep. Anne Gannon,
                        Kathy Adkins and Jamie Wicker
                                                                         Saturday was an extremely busy day that started off at the
     The Fall Conference that the Public Issues and Advocacy             Vegso Community Resource Center, home to the Junior League
     Committee has been preparing you for has finally happened!          of Boca Raton. The entire day was spent learning about the life
     The JLBR hosted the Junior Leagues of Florida State Public          of a foster child. Our morning began with the Director from
     Affairs Committee, and it was a great success. We were able to      Children’s Place at Home Safe, a shelter for infant foster chil-
     introduce Leagues throughout Florida to our community pro-          dren. Our next stop was Temple Beth El to play with children
     jects and partners and share our passion for children and fami-     from Kids in Distress, a foster care program for children of all
     lies. As a result, many wheels have started turning. League         ages. We played with the toddlers and elementary aged chil-
     members throughout the state have been contacting our com-          dren, fed bottles to the infants and held a therapeutic session
     munity partners to learn more, find out how they can help and       with the preteen girls. Following our play date, we sat in on
     inquire about how they can start projects in their areas. Another   training sessions for foster parents and also had the opportunity
     resulting letter is seen below. Great work PIA! Thank you to        to learn about Kids in Distress from the Executive Directors.
     Pattie Damron, Barbara Hill, Debbie Abrams, Michelle Rubin,         We then followed that by having a working lunch with Senator
     Lisa Mulhall, Kathy Adkins, Kristin Calder, Dorothy                 Dave Aronberg and Representative Shelley Vana, who held
     MacDiarmid, Melissa Fritsch, Amy Brand, Kellie Mejia, Nicole        breakout sessions for the group on health and criminal justice
     Biscuiti, Jane Rea, Debbie Dersnah, Shannon Caruso, Ezra            issues and education issues, respectively.
     Krieg, Ellyn Okrent, Jami Guttenberg, Andria Cunningham,
     Dan Brannen, Don Stewart, Donna and Jerry Goray,                    We then returned to Vegso Community Resource Center and
     Representatives Adam Hasner, Anne Gannon and Shelley Vana,          spent the afternoon learning about older children aging out of
     Senator Dave Aronberg and Mayor Steven Abrams.                      foster care from the Executive Directors of The Haven, a home
                                                                         for boys in foster care, and Kids at Home, an organization pro-
            JUNIOR LEAGUES OF FLORIDA                                    viding independent living and self sufficiency care for teenagers
         STATE PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE                                  who are 18 and aging out of foster care. The afternoon con-
           FALL CONFERENCE A SUCCESS                                     cluded with Representative Adam Hasner, who came out to help
          by Melissa Fritsch, Chair, Junior Leagues of Florida           us with an “idea raiser” on children and family issues.

     September 15th thru September 17th, 2006 was a great weekend        A dinner was held Saturday evening at The Bridge Hotel and
     for League members attending the State Public Affairs               Restaurant in Boca Raton. The view from the top floor was
     Committee’s Annual Fall Conference in Boca Raton. Many              amazing – overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. Our guest of
     thanks to Jamie Wicker, Fall Conference Chair, and her team from    honor was Mary Wyatt Allen, a sustainer from the Junior
                                                                         League of St. Petersburg. Ms. Allen was the 2006 recipient of
                                                                         the Berte Blecke Award for Outstanding Advocacy. With a
                                                                         community service career expanding over more than 50 years,
                                                                         the crowd rose to its feet as Ms. Allen was presented with her

                                                                         Following the award presentation, past presidents from the
                                                                         Junior League of Boca Raton spoke to us about their AJLI
                             WVOY Official Florist                       award-winning project, In the Pines, and the important role
                                                                         advocacy played in developing this project: an after school-
                                                                         homework program for children of migrant workers. In the

                                                                                                               . . . continued on page 27

26          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                   COMMITTEE NEWS

FALL SPAC CONFERENCE RECAP                                                  CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26

Pines recently submitted a proposal to Extreme Makeover:           Booster Seats, and Guardian Ad Litem funding.
Home Edition to remodel the current facility. The Directors
from In the Pines spoke passionately about the work they do        A huge thanks to the Leagues who sent delegates to the confer-
and the plight of the migrant family.                              ence. The more women we have attending these conferences,
                                                                   the more effective we will be. Also, a gigantic thanks to all of
After a good night’s sleep, the conference attendees were raring   the Executive Directors, staff, and elected officials who took the
to go on Sunday morning as we started off listening about the      time to meet with us. And a special thanks to Temple Beth El
needs of the Guardian Ad Litem program from the local              for allowing us the use of their gorgeous facility.
Executive Director, Arlene Friedman. The Guardian Ad Litem
program provides a voice for children in dependency court pro-     Next up: Child Safety Week – February 12th, 2007 –
ceedings and represents children who are abused, neglected or      Tallahassee – SPAC is working with numerous organizations to
abandoned.                                                         host a Child Passenger Safety Day at the Capitol. The Capitol’s
                                                                   Rotunda and Courtyard have been reserved and off site booster
The day ended with the development of our 2006/2007                and car seat safety inspections will take place. Attendance is
Legislative Agenda. Our top three priorities for this upcoming     optional. Further information will be provided at a later date.
session will be: Young Adults Emerging from Foster Care,

                                                                                                             www.JLBR.org               27
                                                           COMMITTEE NEWS

     LEARN A HIGHLY COVETED SKILL IN JUST 5 DAYS                                                                     BY JACQUI NICHOLSON

                             Attend the TGCI Grantsmanship                 new sources of support, maintaining relationships with funders
                             Workshop . . .                                is of prime importance. When an organization applies for a
                                                                           grant, non profits are hoping to establish a relationship with
                         As a part of the Vegso Community                  that funder for years to come. The grant report provides a
                         Resource Programming Committee                    vehicle to build that association. While you are telling the fun-
                         whose goal is to provide workshops for            der how you will spend their money you are also making a con-
                         improving the management and gover-               nection between the organization’s program and their mission.
                         nance of nonprofit organizations in
                         south Palm Beach and north Broward                More good reasons for writing grants include:
                         Counties. We are offering this intensive
                                                                           • The development of a grant proposal requires creating a clear
     workshop to the community and our membership.
                                                                             plan of what an organization is going to do. Grant writing
     This is a highly coveted skill in many organizations and this is        instills discipline to plan something from beginning to end.
     your opportunity to learn how, but . . .                              • Additional valuable collaborations and partnerships are
                                                                             formed through developing proposals. All but the largest
     Why Learn to Write Grants? Nonprofit organizations have dif-            organizations usually need to join forces with others to
     ferent strategies to raise money for their programs and organiza-       achieve a grant’s goals.
     tion. Grant writing can be one of the most popular means because      • A solid proposal can be used as the basis for other funding
     it provides large sums of money and can be a way to establish rela-     proposals. Applying to other funders also promotes further
     tionships that provide ongoing fiscal stability to organizations.       refinement of the plan.
     Grants can be written to fund general operating expenses, program     • Grant proposals open the door to additional and sustained
     and project expenses, event planning expenses and any facet of an       funding.
     organization that needs dollars for survival and/or maintenance.
                                                                           So, Power Up Your Grant Writing Skills - The Junior League of
     Currently, there are over 40,000 foundations that give money.
                                                                           Boca Raton is proud to host an outstanding TGCI Grantsmanship
     That’s incredible! (Charity Channel)
                                                                           Training Program on November 27 – December 1, 2006, 8:30 a.m.
     Together, We Can Accomplish More … Relationship building is           to 5:30 p.m. except on Wednesday, November 29th, the hours are
     one of the most important secondary gains of grant writing.           from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. This program is not just a “fast track”
     Although non profit organizations are continually looking for                                                . . . continued on page 29

28          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                     COMMITTEE NEWS

THANKS FOR BOCA!                                 BY KRISTEN HUZE

                                I love Boca and have lived here      named after him) former bean fields. As we begin the holiday sea-
                                most of my life – I could not        son, many of us start gearing up for holiday shopping. If you are
                                imagine living elsewhere. I          a Boca resident, chances are, your preferred shopping destination
                                even transferred to Florida          is the Town Center Mall, but how much do you know about the
                                Atlantic University in college       mall’s beginnings? The first store to open was Burdines in 1979,
                                because I missed my city so          but Town Center’s official opening was not until 1980 with Jordan
much; there is no place like it. So with Thanksgiving around         Marsh and Sears. Following that in 1986 Town Center saw the
the corner what a great time to think about all there is to be       openings of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s. 2005 brought
thankful for within our great city of Boca Raton and its             the newest addition of Neiman Marcus. It is estimated that 35,000
founders. The Hometown Histories committee is diligently             to 50,000 shoppers visit the mall daily.
working on the curriculum for our local students, and I thought
I’d share some history that we can all be thankful for.              With the weather beginning to cool, we cannot spend all our
                                                                     time at the mall – we need to get outside and enjoy the beauty
The earliest known settler in Boca Raton was Thomas Moore            Boca has to offer. Mizner Park is one example. Jamie Snyder
Rickards. He made the area’s first real map in 1896 for              was the driving force in the idea of this new “art park.” Crocker
Flagler’s Model Land Company. When his family moved here,            bought the property which was the old Boca Mall, and then the
they built Boca’s first home just south of today’s Palmetto Park     Community Redevelopment Agency bought it and leased it
Bridge. By 1917, a manually operated bridge at Palmetto              back to him to develop the architecturally Mizner inspired park.
allowed for easy access to the beach. Rickards acted as an agent     The design was approved in 1989, and opened in 1991.
and oversaw transactions for land and crops.
                                                                     Hometown Histories looks forward to sharing more with you
Speaking of crops, Boca was known as the “Bean Capital.” In          about our great city!
fact, Town Center Mall is built on August Butts’ (yes the road was

LEARN A HIGHLY COVETED SKILL IN JUST 5 DAYS                                                                    CONT. FROM PAGE 28

grant writing course but an intensive, total immersion workshop      For further information, or to sign up for this workshop, please
that covers funding research, program planning and proposal writ-    call 800-421-9512 or you can enroll online at www.tgci.com.
ing. There is a “hands on” component whereby you will prepare
and critique real grant proposals during the class.

A few highlights of the program:                                                       Home         Health Care...
    Interpret grant instructions and requirements
    How to write a foundation “letter of inquiry”
                                                                               By     Those Who Care
•   How to find grants specifically for your agency                                                 We offer
•   How to design a program evaluation                                                              Home Health Aides
•   Budgeting direct and indirect costs                                                             Certified Nurse Aides
•   Latest developments in electronic grant writing                                                 HomeMaker / Companions
•   Free follow up support –access to TGCI’s Funding Databases                                      Live-ins
•   How to become a grant reviewer and much more                                                    Case Management
                                                                                                    Assistance with Shopping &
Tuition: $825 ($775 for each additional registrant from the                                         Appointments
same organization)                                                                                  Household Accounting
TGCI’s Grantsmanship Training Program was the first grants-                                         Monthly Reports
manship training ever offered. Designed for both the novice                              PERSONAL
and experienced grant seeker this intensive 5-day workshop                                SENIOR
combines expert instruction with practical exercises that takes                             SERVICES, INC.
the participant step by step through all phases of planning pro-      A Nurse Registry Lisc # NR 30211019
grams, locating funding sources and writing proposals.
                                                                                                    References Provided
The TGCI Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants                Mary Kelly             190 West Palmetto Park Road
who successfully complete the Program. This is the most wide-                President              Boca Raton, Florida 33433
ly recognized and most highly regarded certificate among grant           (a Junior League Member)   (561) 368-7422
professionals world wide.                                                                           www.personalseniorservice.com

                                                                                                               www.JLBR.org              29
                                                           COMMITTEE NEWS

     COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND                                                BY MICHELE WEIZER

                             The Community Support Fund Com-               is open to all socioeconomic
                             mittee (CSF) approved one grant               backgrounds. The organiza-
                             request this month.                           tion has never received a CSF
                             Sunflower Creative Arts, Inc. has been
                             awarded a $1,000 grant to provide             The Community Support
                             scholarships for the creative art’s pro-      Fund Committee continues to
                             gram also known as the “Seedlings             encourage charitable organi-
                             Scholarship Fund.”                            zations whose mission and
                                                                           program request meet the
                               “Seedlings” is a parent co-operative,       Junior League of Boca
                               arts and language enrichment program        Raton’s mission and vision
     for children ages three to six years. Parental involvement in         and are aligned with the League’s position statements.
     their children’s activities is a program requirement and nonvio-      Organizations may request up to a $2500 grant every other
     lent conflict resolution is taught to the participating parents.      League year to assist with bylaws approved programs. Public
     Additionally, the program utilizes a significant amount of vol-       schools may apply for up to a $500 grant each year to support
     unteer hours to support its existence. Sunflower Creative Arts        onetime activities such as an educational program or for Project
     has been in existence for 14 years, but didn’t become a charita-      Graduation. A CSF grant application can be found on the JLBR
     ble organization until three years ago. The Seedlings program         website www.jlbr.org under community projects.

     TOUCHING THE LIVES OF FOSTER FAMILIES                                                                      BY KELLIE MEJIA

                             To say our first “Enrichment Session”         The activity we planned for the school aged children was to
                             with the foster children of Kids in           decorate pencil pouches and then fill them with school supplies.
                             Distress [KID] was a success would be         We were amazed by the creativity of the children and they real-
                             understating its value and ignoring the       ly enjoyed being able to express themselves and to have the
                             profound effect it had on the Junior          opportunity to have choices regarding the school supplies.
                             Leaguers in attendance. The purpose of
                             these monthly enrichment sessions is to       Another important part of the day was that SPAC [State Public
                             entertain and enrich the lives of the chil-   Affairs Committee] was in attendance as a field trip as part of
                             dren whose families are involved in the       their Fall Conference that JLBR hosted [see Jamie Wicker’s
                             foster parenting program. Foster par-         article for more information on the conference]. This field trip
     ents are required to do continuing education in order to contin-      gave the SPAC committee the opportunity to see and “feel” our
     ue foster parenting and they need help with child care We are         newest project in action. There was no doubt about why JLBR
     using our time with the children not just as child care, but to       was there and how much there is to be accomplished.
     help cultivate “family traditions.” Each month we will have an        The Kids in Distress committee would like to encourage the mem-
     activity and a theme, for September we focused on back to             bership to come see and feel this project. You will not be bored! It
     school, October will focus on Halloween, and November will            will fulfill your DIAD shift and give you the opportunity to meet
     focus on Thanksgiving, and so on for the months ahead.                and interact with really great kids! We’ll see you there!
     On September 16th we had our first monthly enrichment ses-
     sion. The day started out a bit chaotic. Parents began arriving
     and dropping off their children about thirty minutes before we
     were anticipating. Luckily we had DIAD volunteers arriving at
     the same time and jumping right in! Temple Beth El hosted our
     event; it was a fabulous facility to host the 73 children, 23 of
     which were two or under, and nearly 100 adults were in atten-
     dance. This was the first opportunity for the Foster Parents to
     attend a continuing education session since May and since it
     was a Saturday we had really high attendance! We had the chil-
     dren split into three different preschool classrooms and had
     direct access to an amazing playground. After the first hour,
     things settled down and everyone seemed to be having a good
     time playing in the classrooms or outside on the playground.

30          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                  COMMITTEE NEWS

DONE IN A DAY: ‘TIS THE SEASON OF GIVING                                                               BY JAMIE VECCIA

                       November is an exciting month for          to sign up for this DIAD is at the November General
                       DIAD. There are many events that took      Membership Meeting. When you pick the ornaments up, check
                       place this month including the Caring      to see which drop off time works for you. Keep checking the
                       Kitchen Sandwich Day, Palm Beach           League website for other DIAD shifts. There are many great
                       Literacy Coalition Fall Fest and Kids In   events coming up and we are counting on you to support our
                       Distress Enrichment Seminar. The           local organizations and show them how great the Junior League
                       Junior League also helped with the         is. After all isn’t volunteering a main reason you joined the
                       playground restoration at Twin Palms.      League?
                       Everyone who helped had a great time
                       while helping a great facility. Along      The DIAD committee is hard at work organizing our great
with these events we have our annual Thanksgiving in a Box        DIAD events. If you want to join the fun and be a part of this
and new this year, Spirit of Giving Ornaments. Just take two      spectacular committee, please contact your Nominating
ornaments and fulfill the wishes of the children and receive      Placement Advisor. Any of you gals thinking about double or
your 2-hour DIAD credit. Quite fabulous I know. What a great      triple placing, we would love for you to consider our committee.
way to send some love to some very special kids. The only way     Come drop by for a glass of wine and be a part of a terrific team.

                                                                                                            www.JLBR.org               31
                                                           COMMITTEE NEWS

     GET TO KNOW YOUR N/P ADVISOR                                                       BY LESLIE JACKSON

                              As we all know, Nominating/Placement         Canal and beyond. She is currently reading The Year of Yes
                              is the human resource branch of the          with her fabulous book club and highly recommends it. She has
                              League. We not only help make sure           been a vegetarian for 22 years, growing up on a farm will do
                              that your League year is going smooth-       that to you. And yes, her hair is NATURALLY CURLY!
                              ly, but we also help you plan for next
                              year. If you are unsure which direction                           Dorothy MacDiarmid, Committee Advisor:
                              you want to travel, whether it is in a                            Dorothy and her husband Blake have one
                              community placement or an in-league                               child, Ian (7) and another one due on
                              placement, or if you want to give lead-                           Valentine’s Day! She has been in Boca on
                              ership a try – whatever your questions                            and off since 1988. She graduated from
     or concerns may be, your Nominating/Placement advisor is the                               Pope John Paul II, and then returned to fin-
     person you need to contact. Willingness to serve forms will be                             ish her last two years of college at Lynn
     filled out in January, but feel free to contact your advisor prior                         University. She met her husband here and
     to that to discuss your options. Now that November is here and        was glad to move back about six years ago. Dorothy just fin-
     we’ve all settled into our committee responsibilities, it is a good   ished a fascinating trilogy by Penny Vincenzi – No Angel,
     time to get to know your Nominating/Placement committee.              Something Dangerous and Into Temptation. It’s about a pub-
                                                                           lishing family in London in the early 1900’s. When asked what
                        Kathy Potts, Chair Nominating/Placement:           she likes to do on Friday night, Dorothy replied “Being preg-
                        Kathy, a Boca Raton native, and her husband        nant, I like to sleep!” As far as music goes, you can catch her
                        John, a Delray Beach native, have been mar-        listening to Gwen Stefani 50 cent, all kinds of 80’s and Latin
                        ried for six years. They have two loveable                              jazz.
                        children, Lindsey (2) and Justin (10 months)
                        and four “four-legged” children (two dogs                             Kim Flittner, Member at Large: Kim has
                        and two cats). Kathy is an Exercise                                   been married to John for five years and they
                        Physiologist at Holy Cross Hospital in Ft.                            have a two-year-old son, Jack. She has lived
     Lauderdale. She and her husband were both competitive swim-                              in Boca on and off for almost 20 years. She
     mers and continue to love the sport as well as the swimming                              and her family love the beach (that’s proba-
     community. Kathy loves to exercise and in October ran her first                          bly where you’ll find them on Friday nights)
     race since having her children, be sure to ask her how it went!                          and spending time with friends. Kim is
     In addition to the League, Kathy volunteers as “Room Mom”             presently reading Once Upon a Day by Lisa Tucker and she’s
     for her daughter’s preschool class.                                   not sure if she would recommend it yet. She enjoys listening to
                                                                           Jack Johnson, Dido, The Cure, Raffi and The Wiggles!
     In addition to the newspaper and People magazine, Kathy is
     presently reading 1*2*3 Magic – A Toddler Discipline Book –                                Meg Enright: Meg is a Florida native who is
     she’ll let you know how it turns out! In her car, you can catch                            married to John and has two wonderful sons,
     her listening to her daughter’s favorite artist Dan Zanes, if                              Andrew (2½) and Aidan (8 months). With
     Lindsey is in the car she won’t listen to anything else! While                             two young boys, Meg doesn’t have much
     Kathy is exercising, she likes to listen to anything upbeat –                              spare time to read but enjoys suspense novels
     country (loves Miranda Lambert!) 80’s and Hip Hop, anything                                from author Stuart Woods. Okay – she con-
     that makes her exercise a little faster and a little longer! On                            fesses “I’m a celebrity gossip magazine
     Friday nights you can catch her with take out food and catching                            addict!” Meg enjoys a variety of music, but
     up on missed episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.                              her favorites are jazz and R & B. She loves to go out to dinner
                                                                           with her husband, but being a homebody, a Friday night at home
                       Melinda DeHoff, Chair-elect Nominating              ordering dinner in and renting a movie is also quite enjoyable!
                       /Placement: Melinda has been in the Boca
                       Raton area for almost fourteen years. She is                              Kara Donvito: Kara has lived in Boca since
                       single, and in case you’re wondering, there                               she was six years old so she’s pretty much a
                       was no love connection on the Bachelor                                    native Floridian! She is married to David
                       Date she won last year at the May dinner                                  and they have a 19 month old son, Michael.
                       meeting! She works selling telephone sys-                                 She loves to cook, organize closets and
                       tems and voice mail to businesses for TCS                                 drawers (she insists that she finds this fun!)
     Group. Melinda shares her home in Deerfield with her six-                                   and hanging out with family and friends.
     year-old Yorkie-Pekinese named Co Co. Just ask her and she’ll                               She is anxious to read The Devil in the
     show you his picture! Melinda loves to travel and her most            Junior League because she has heard from a fellow Leaguer
     recent trip was to Panama where she explored the Panama               that it is very entertaining! While driving in her car she will lis-

32          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                      COMMITTEE NEWS

GET TO KNOW YOUR N/P ADVISOR                                                        CONTINUED FROM PAGE 32

ten to a variety of music including Carly Simon, Rolling Stones,                           of Florida. Their paths had crossed many
Jimmy Buffet and of course the necessary kid songs for                                     times before, although they had never met
Michael. Come Friday night, you will probably find Kara and                                until that day in Europe. For this reason they
family strolling around the neighborhood, or if she’s lucky and                            felt their meeting was a divine intervention.
“Grammy” is babysitting she might be able to sneak out for a                               They dated from then on and married three
rare “grown-up” dinner.                                                                    years later. Their life together stays very
                                                                                           busy with three little ones (Sarah Katharine
                    Kirsten Stanley: Kirsten was raised in Boca                            5, Wyatt 2, and Anna Claire 15 months).
                    and she now lives in Delray with her hus-          Katharine is currently reading Boundaries with Kids (Dr. Henry
                    band Tom. Aside from attending Duke                Cloud) and highly recommends it as it has helped her tremen-
                    University and living in New York City for         dously with her son who appears to be very strong willed! She
                    five years, she has lived in the greater Boca      also just started The Female Brain and will let us know . . .
                    area most of her life. Her husband’s family        Katharine likes to spend Friday nights with her husband and
                    has a cattle ranch about 1½ hours from             kids and they usually do some sort of activity like a neighbor-
                    Boca, so most weekends you will find her           hood football game or dinner/ice cream at a local restaurant.
riding horses on the ranch. They usually drive there Friday            After the kids are asleep she and Scott will enjoy a movie.
evening or early Saturday, so Fridays are generally quiet fami-
ly time when Tom cooks (which he does most nights!). Kirsten                             Michele Toomey: Michele and Ted have
is a voracious reader, but rarely remembers the titles of what she                       been married for almost six years. They
has read. However, her paternal grandfather just had a book                              have two wonderfully behaved four legged
published, Beyond Madagascar. So since she has read several                              children, Bruno the Beagle and Charlie the
drafts she is anxious and excited to see it in print.                                    Cocker Spaniel. They enjoy dining with
                                                                                         friends, traveling . . . all the fun stuff!
                     Stacey Hannan Quinn: Stacey and her hus-                            Michele loves to hunt down goodies at local
                     band of nine years, Mike, have 2 daughters                          antique and thrift stores, decorating and
                     Courtney (7) and Caitlin (4 in December).         cooking. She is presently reading The Devil in the Junior
                     They also share their home with Shelby (9-        League and is very glad it is fiction although a little concerned
                     year-old yellow lab), Sydney (11 year old
                     cat), Stitch (beta fish) and Danny                                                             . . . continued on page 34
                     (Courtney’s hamster that she wanted for her
                     birthday). Stacey’s family moved to Boca in
1971 and her daughter is attending the same school that Stacey
did – Courtney’s pre-K teacher was Stacey’s 2nd grade teacher!                                     Gift bags, be gone!
Stacey is constantly busy as homeroom mom, Brownie Leader                                     Just in time for the holidays,
and keeping up with Junior League commitments. Stacey loves                                       MSAT brings you
                                                                                           Wrapping that Rocks
to read, but is too busy lately to finish a book. She enjoys listen-
ing to everything from Disney’s Greatest Hits to Bon Jovi.
Friday nights are family time and the girls get to choose –                    Wednesday, November 15th, from 7 p.m. -9 p.m. at the VCRC
whether it’s going to a movie, watching a DVD or playing games.                   See the finest papers imported from Italy and Asia.
                   Dayna Coffer: Dayna has lived in Boca for                   Learn the secrets to the finest gift wrap presentations from
                   6 ½ years. She and her husband Preston have                 Renee Feder of Renee’s Paperie & Wrap, Inc., including:
                   two children – Loren (5) and David (almost
                   4). Dayna enjoys cooking, reading, spending                         The French method of tapeless wrap !

                   time at the beach and spending time with her                    ! Making luscious bows ! Using fresh flowers !

                   family. She is presently reading Teri                                 ! Cutting the perfect size paper !
                   Hatcher’s book Burnt Toast. “It’s total fluff
                   but it did have a couple of good points about                                         $15/person
remembering not to put yourself last on the list.” On Friday                     includes exclusive gift wrap, ribbon and embellishment,
nights, Dayna loves to go out with her husband for a great dinner.                     as well as refreshments. Seating is limited.
Katharine Moss: Katherine met her husband, Scott in Prague,                            RSVP to Robin Schnars at (561) 393-6364.
Czech Republic on a train to Vienna, Austria. Ironically, they                              Bring a gift to wrap and scissors!
had grown up 2 miles away from one another in Fort
Lauderdale and they both attended the same college, University

                                                                                                                         www.JLBR.org            33
                                                           COMMITTEE NEWS

     GET TO KNOW YOUR N/P ADVISOR                                                        CONTINUED FROM PAGE 33

     that it is loosely based on the author’s personal experience with                           Candace Berry-Vaughn: Candace and her
     the League. “It is a very easy, entertaining read, but kind of dis-                         husband Reginald have an 8-year-old son,
     turbing too.” She enjoys listening to everything from Ella                                  Nygel. She has lived in Boca for six years.
     Fitzgerald to Nelly. She says her ipod has several personalities                            Candace enjoys playing the piano, traveling,
     – she thoroughly enjoys music from Big Band to Country to                                   reading and playing scrabble. She is current-
     Contemporary. On Friday nights she and her husband like to                                  ly reading Running with Scissors by Augusten
     open a bottle of wine, throw some steaks on the grill and crank                             Burroughs and although she just started it she
     up the ipod! Their neighbors LOVE them!                                                     finds it hilarious and a little twisted! Candace
                                                                            enjoys listening to jazz, gospel, some rap (clean rap!), R&B and
                          Phoebe Chapman: Phoebe and her husband            classical music. On Friday nights it’s usually bowling or some-
                          David just celebrated their 11-year anniver-      thing with the family or occasionally dinner with friends.
                          sary. They have two children Chase (8) and
                          Sally (5). They have lived here for five years;   Leslie Jackson: Leslie and her husband Jeff have three children
                          however, Phoebe grew up in Boca. She              – Courtney (11), Griffin (9) and Devin (6). She has lived in
                          enjoys running, needlepoint, her children and     Boca since 1983 when she came down to attend FAU and just
                          getting a babysitter and going out with her       couldn’t go back to the cold, cold north. Leslie enjoys reading,
                          husband. Phoebe can’t remember the last           needlepoint and volunteering at her children’s schools. At the
     book she read, but she can definitely recommend a book she             recommendation of Holly Yeager, she just finished My Sister’s
     reads often – the bible. She listens to whatever crazy music her       Keeper and if you’re in the mood for a good cry, this is the book
     husband puts on her mp3 player, but when she’s in the car with         for you! While walking the dog or cleaning the kitchen, you
     her kids she will listen to 88.1. The music is great and uplifting     will catch her listening to anything from Billy Joel to The
     and her kids will not hear anything inappropriate. Friday night is     Killers (sorry had to delete Eminem). Friday nights are for chill-
     family night which will include a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or           in’. Stay home, grill out and prepare for the hectic weekend!
     maybe a fun dinner at Ichiban followed by family movie night.

     SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP                                  BY JOANNE GOLDEN

                                                                            again, be sure to sign-up early!

                                                                            While we are in the thankful spirit, thank you to Shalise
                                                                            DeMott of Palm Beach Papers, Bizarre Avenue Café, and
                                                                            Boca Nails for the terrific raffle items in our gift baskets at
                                                                            the September General Membership Meeting (GMM). We
                                                                            are planning some fantastic raffles at the next GMMs, so
                                                                            bring your cash and look for the ticket gals. September’s
                                                                            GMM was sponsored by Golden Group Florida, Realtors
                                                                            from Keller Williams Boca Raton.

                                                                            A special thanks to those of you who shared your kind words with
                                                                            the Internal PR team after our first GMM. It meant so much you
                                                                            would take the time to express your congratulations and good
                                                                            wishes. It’s just the fuel we need to keep this party going!
     Internal PR is having a busy, but fun, pre-holiday season! First
     a huge thank you to our October Cottage Meeting hostesses:             November 14 is our General Membership Meeting at the
     Elysa Elk, Kimberly Kenney, Denise Elia, Kathy Adkins,                 Marriott at Boca Center. We invite you to “Shop in the City!”
     Dorothy MacDiarmid, Kim Flittner, Phoebe Chapman, Nancy                (Think Manhattan with palm trees and reasonable tempera-
     Dockerty, Kristin Calder and Cindy Krebsbach. Our hostesses            tures.) Start your holiday shopping off right with fabulous finds
     were amazingly gracious and flexible - opening their homes and         from our fantastic vendors. Old favorites will be back along
     adding more chairs! Cindy (Sustainer to the rescue!) offered her       with lots of new treats. When you buy from our vendors you
     house when we realized how tremendous our turnout would be.            are supporting our meetings, so please put your plastic where
     Elysa switched her meeting to meet our demand for evenings.            your heart is! Please come to shop, have a bite and a cocktail
     Thank you to Emily McMullin and Cendyn for putting the                 at 6 p.m., our meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Our vendors will
     meeting sign-ups online. The success of the Cottage Meetings           stick around until after the meeting so you can shop some more,
     is also dependent upon the enthusiasm of the guests; thank you         then join us for cocktails in the shopping lounge! A Very Happy
     for attending! Remember, February is Cottage Meeting month             Thanksgiving to all of you from Internal PR.

34          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                      COMMITTEE NEWS

PITCHING PR                      BY LESLIE KEYES

                        Extra - Extra – read all about it! – Junior   necessary releases.
                        League of Boca Raton is batting a thou-       DO: Remember to submit them to us in a JPEG format as we
                        sand and getting major League PR!             must submit them to the papers as attachments so we don’t
                                                                      strike out.
                        Ok – so it’s a corny beginning – but it’s
                        baseball time – the World Series is on        DO: PLEASE REMEMBER – when submitting photos to give us the
                        our minds and in PR, like baseball, the       names of the people in the photo from left to right; top to bottom.
                        right pitch can make all the difference.
                                                                      Here is a list of whom to contact about your upcoming events
                         The goal of a great pitch is to get your     to help us help you pitch your best game:
                         attention – and with all the enthusiasm on
our small but dynamite committee we are getting great hits in the     THE LINE UP:
world of publicity – just look at all the clips about our previous
                                                                      On first base and team captain we have Elysa Elk – Elysa’s back-
fundraisers like FunKey Nutz and the Woman Volunteer of the
                                                                      ground as a nonprofit consultant makes her a great PR coach –
Year luncheon which was featured in several publications. As a
                                                                      she motivates the group – monitors the local media with a great
matter of fact, the Sun-Sentinel, Boca News and Palm Beach Post
                                                                      eye for catching headlines and besides we love the meetings at
all featured the 19th anniversary event in their publications and a
                                                                      her house – the meals are awesome! Elysa’s team consists of:
recent issue of the Sun-Sentinel even featured our very own nomi-
                                                                      JLBR Board # JLBR Endowment Fund # Community Support
nee – Kate Toomey in their “Unsung Hero” section. Our commu-
                                                                      Fund # Fund Development # Membership Satisfaction and
nity committees have been getting good hits too – like the Kids In
                                                                      Training # Membership Development # Cookbook # VCRC
Distress and Kids@Home publicity. We will be hitting it out of the
park(ing lot) when the news of 6th Annual Chocolate Decadence         At second base is Laura McMullen – a marketing professional
reaches the airwaves!                                                 for whom raising two kids and a full time job just isn’t enough
If it sounds simple – you might think again – behind the scenes       – she’s got to get in the game! Laura’s team consists of: Public
this team of women has been hard at work trying to keep up            Issues and Advocacy # Family Portrait Day # DIAD #
with an entire League of activities. If you want to get in the        Hometown Histories
game – here are the details:                                          At shortstop (yes, we said short) is Leslie Keyes – she’s no PR
THE GAME:                                                             professional, but she has been known to throw a pitch or two to
                                                                      the local media. Leslie’s team is made up of: In The Pines #
Each of your committees has been assigned a PR/Marketing              Kids in Distress # Chocolate Decadence # Kids@Home
committee team member as a liaison to assist in getting the
word out about your activities and coach you in your PR game.         And Sarah Flynn, our pinch hitter, has done an outstanding job
If you have activities that are open to the public - we want to       covering WVOY!
know about them so we can submit calendar listings and get a
                                                                      We want to thank the other JLBR committees for their hard
good audience. We will pitch them with a press release to the
                                                                      work and cooperation and we want to wish everyone a happy
local media – which are available to review in the news section
                                                                      Thanksgiving from the PR/Marketing Committee.
of the JLBR website. If your activity is not open to the public
– we still want to know about it – and we will write a post-event     Get in the game we all love to play and remember, the great thing
release about all the good works being done!                          about pitching PR for the Junior League is that every team wins!
The entire PR/Marketing team actively watches the media for           For more information – contact your PR team!
clips and blurbs about not only League events but also other
events in the community where our members are involved.
Articles are then posted on the bulletin boards in the League
office for everyone to see. If it seems like a lot to read – just
remember there are two boards – one of our activities and one           ALMAN & KATZ, D.M.D., P.A
of activities of our members.                                            FAMILY & COSMETIC DENTISTRY   #   BLEACHING   #   CROWNS   #   BRIDGES # IMPLANTS


Think you can handle it? In order to get effective coverage –
                                                                              Steven R. Alman, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
there are a few do’s and don’ts when submitting your informa-
tion to our committee:                                                  7820 Glades Road, Suite 250                                 (561) 460-0007
                                                                        Boca Raton, Florida 33434                           Beeper: (561) 936-5798
DO: Remember to take photos of your events and obtain the

                                                                                                                              www.JLBR.org                   35
                                                            COMMITTEE NEWS

     IT’S A WRAP                    BY KRISTEN ROSS

                              Have you ever given a gift with such           challenged wrapper to create beautiful and unforgettable gift
                              sloppy wrapping that you told the recip-       presentations that will turn heads and do your presents proud.
                              ient your three-year-old “helped” you
                              wrap it? Do you consider a Nordstrom           You will learn the secrets to the finest gift-wrapping techniques,
                              box with the matching sleeve and gauze         including the French method of tapeless wrap, making luscious
                              bow a wrapped gift? Have you become            bows, using fresh flowers and cutting the perfect size paper. And,
                              a slave to the no frills, no-fuss gift bag?    you’ll rock the latest and finest quality papers, imported from Italy
                              Let’s see … yes, yes and yes. Oh, snap!        and Asia, and ribbons from France. Who knew? I sure didn’t.
                              There is something wrong with this pre-        To be part of this wrap session, you’ll need $15 and a reserva-
                              sent-giving picture.                           tion in advance, plus a gift to wrap and a pair of scissors that
     Well, gift bags be gone and crappy wrap jobs no more! Just in           evening. Exclusive wrap, ribbon, embellishments and refresh-
     time for the holidays, Membership Satisfacton and Training              ments will be provided. RSVP by calling Robin Schnars (561)
     (MSAT) brings you gift wrapping as an art form. Join us on              393-6364, and do so soon because seating will be limited to 25
     Wednesday, November 15th, from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Vegso             people.
     Community Resource Center for boot camp #2: “Wrapping that              Get ready to channel your inner Martha and hand out haute cou-
     Rocks.” During this hands-on demonstration, Renée Feder of              ture holiday packages this season. Oh, snap! It’s a wrap.
     Renée’s Paperie & Wrap, Inc., will inspire even the most craft-

     ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN                                                 BY NANCY DOCKERTY

                              115, what does that number represent?          Member projects that they were allowed to sign up for, kinda
                              Well it could be the temperature on a          like a mini placement fair.
                              hot summer day somewhere in Arizona,
                              or it could be the cost of a facial at your    Be on the lookout for some great New Member projects this
                              favorite spa, but that’s in no way as          year. These ladies are ready to roll up their sleeves and make
                              exciting as telling you that 115 is the        things happen!
                              number of amazing ladies in our New
                                                                                                  Junior League of Boca Raton
                                                                                                     Endowment Fund, Inc.
                              Member class!

                              The entire Membership Development                 Established to further the mission of the Junior League of Boca Raton, Inc. by
     committee is thrilled to have the opportunity to guide these              providing a permanent fund to maintain the Vegso Community Resource Center.
     ladies through their first year in our incredible organization. As
     everyone has heard, we started off the year with a great Kick            Enclosed is my tax deductible contribution to the JLBR ENDOWMENT
     Off Party, and we had our first New Member Core Meeting in a             FUND INC. $
     very packed room at the Vegso Community Resource Center,                     (make checks payable to the Junior League of Boca Raton Endowment Fund, Inc.)
     but it was full of excitement.                                           In Honor of
     This is a diverse group of New Members and they are ready to                 (Occasion: birthday, anniversary, graduation, marriage, birth, accomplishment, other)
     volunteer. We’ve had several members already sign up for                 In Memory of
                                                                              Please send acknowledgment to:
     shifts and one of the first DIAD events in September, the Kids
     in Distress Foster Care event, was packed with new members.
     In addition to signing up for shifts, these ladies are also coming
     out in full force to meet other League members. We had a great
     turn out for the General Membership Meeting in September, they           City, State, Zip:
     were well represented at the Cottage Meetings, they were some            Contributed by:
     of the first ladies to sign up for the Membership Satisfaction event,
     Moet & Manicures, and they’ve even planned some happy hour
     events to get to know their class even better.                           Address:
                                                                              City, State, Zip:
     We had a great turn out for Super Saturday, which always has
     such an impact on our New Members. We visited some former                                    Please mail form to: JLBR Endowment Fund
     and current League projects and the most exciting part of the                              261 N.W. 13th Street # Boca Raton, FL 33432
     day was when the class was presented with some amazing New

36          The Bridge          November 2006
www.JLBR.org   37
                                                            SUSTAINER NEWS

     SUSTAINER SCOOP                                BY LOU ANN SUCH

                               EXCITEMENT! As I write, part of my           luncheon which once again surpassed our wildest expectations.
                               new kitchen is being installed, the gran-    Dorothy MacDiarmid, the chair and her able committee outdid
                               ite counter tops to be exact. That means     themselves from centerpieces to raffle baskets. The style show
                               I will be able to cook a turkey for          consisted of St. John’s Knits which suited the more mature fig-
                               Thanksgiving, I hope. Of course, that        ure. Of course, the models probably weighed 100 pounds or
                               means that I will have read through my       less, but we could still sort of see ourselves in some of the out-
                               two volume explanations of how to use        fits. Congratulations to all five Junior League nominees, Pam
                               my new convection ovens. Also I still        Begelman, Joyce DeVita, Ann Rutherford and our own Kate
                               have to hope that a cook top will be         Toomey. Somehow, an active, Michelle Duffy managed to
                               installed, a disposal would be nice, and     sneak into that group. Congratulations ladies. (Remember, I am
     even a microwave could help. I need all the help I can get             writing this October 1st, so I have no idea who won. Too bad it
     preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. That usually comes in the             can’t be a five-way tie.)
     form of my daughter Reagan, who has taken over the turkey
     since her college days. For anyone who has not had a kitchen           If you joined Caron Dockerty on the red carpet or even if you
     replaced, it is a long, arduous process. No matter what compa-         didn’t, a half hour show will appear on BRET, our local Boca
     ny you hire, they all stretch the truth as to how long it will take    cable channel in about three weeks. We will email you League-
     from beginning to end. Maybe they actually believe that a              wide to let you know the times. That way you can see what the
     kitchen can be installed in six weeks as they claim. A better          “beautiful” people wore that day.
     approximation would be six months. Most women don’t care
                                                                            I have to digress again to first thank LuAnn Warner-Prokos for giv-
     because that means we get to go out more or order in or buy pre-
                                                                            ing a great, impromptu party at her house in September. Hopefully
     pared food from Fresh Market. Most husbands act as though
                                                                            another crazy sustainer will offer her house for an equally casual
     they are: 1) Starving to death and 2) going to the poor house by
     having to go out so much. In the end, they are usually extreme-        and fun evening this spring. Thank you, too, to Brooke Qualk and
     ly happy to have a new kitchen, at least that’s what I have been       Lynn Lawless for a great fall luncheon. The center pieces were a
     told. Anyhow, I digress as usual. I hope you all have a satis-         riot, with footballs and pompoms from the Florida Gators and the
     fying and happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.                  Florida State Seminoles, and they each wore a football jersey from
                                                                            those schools. They already have a new and crazy idea for a theme
     Our big event last month was the Woman Volunteer of the Year           for next year’s luncheon. I keep telling you guys that you need to

                                                           Tired of Your Glasses or Contacts?
                                                                 Consider LASIK at the
                                                  Cohen Laser and Vision Center
                                                                     “Florida’s First Choice for LASIK”
                                                                           Serving Boca Raton since 1985

          G. Richard Cohen, M.D.                     #    IntraLase® “All-Laser” - Blade Free Technology #
         3020 North Military Trail                                    # High Definition Vision #
                 Suite 150
                                                                # Custom Laser Vision Correction #
          Boca Raton, FL 33431
                                                                         # NearVision CK® #
            www.bocalasik.com                            # Specializing in Cornea and Refractive Surgery #

                           Endorsed by Kathy Adkins & Elizabeth Pankey-Warren

38          The Bridge         November 2006
                                                        SUSTAINER NEWS

SUSTAINER SCOOP                                 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 38

come and have fun with us. We had lots of you sign up for the inter-    Book Group II: Hostess Barbara Williams, RSVP at 391-2491.
est groups. This year Michele and Diana have us going to the bal-
                                                                        Evening of Giving: Simon Town Center Mall on Sunday,
let instead of a play, Lucille Gioia has three new restaurants, and I
                                                                        November 19th from 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. A special, private shop-
may be able to put together a third book group. If you would like
                                                                        ping event with entertainment, food, special discounts and
to sign up for any of these, and museum tours, flower shows, house
                                                                        more. See the JLBR website (www.jlbr.org) for details. Come
tours, etc. please call me or email me. I’m in the book.                join us at something we are all good at, shopping.
              NOVEMBER’S SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                             The Junior League of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Hospitality
Family Portrait Day: November 2 – 13 and 20. For information            presents “Philadelphia’s Art, Antiques and Antiquities,” April
call Anna Parrott at 561-274-2174 or annaparrott@bellsouth.net          12-15, 2007. Stay at The Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel in the
                                                                        Ritterhouse Square area. $1140 per person double occupancy.
Bridge Group: Day, Friday, November 3rd at Katie Stack’s                Call 1-800-714-3287 or email Marlyn Lucov at lucov@phila-
RSVP 561-391-1270. Night, Tuesday, November 14th at                     hospitality.org Highlights include Tutankhamun and the Gold
Nancy Schwaderer’s RSVP 368-8759                                        Age of the Pharaohs, Belmont Mansion tour, Pennsylvania
                                                                        Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia Antiques Show,
Opening: Bogart’s Bar and Grill at the premium level of                 Philadelphia Museum of Art, National Constitution Center, and
Muvico Theater, Thursday, November 9th, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.,               tour of the elegant Powel House.
$30.00 at League office or $35.00 at the door.
                                                                                           Happy Thanksgiving!
Dinner Group: Tuesday, November 7th, 6:00 p.m., Cucina
D’Angelo at Boca Center. Mail a check for $45.00 made out to
Lucille Gioia, 6574 Newport Lake Circle, Boca Raton, FL
                                                                         NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS
33496 or call her at 561-988-0811.                                       5    Betsy Bleich              18   Janet Accetta Fuchs
                                                                              Kerry LoBello             19   Patricia Cayce
General Membership Meeting: Tuesday, November 14th,
                                                                              Sharon Shubin             22   Betty Schulz
Social Hour 6 p.m. and holiday shopping followed by the meet-
                                                                              Honey Steiner             23   Maryann DeShields
ing at 7 p.m. Note: There is always a Sustainer table for us and
                                                                         9    Susan Hutchens                 Wendy Horton
lots of vendors at this meetting!
                                                                         10   Susan Doyle                    Beth Janser
Book Group: Thursday, November 16th at 12:00 Noon. This                  11   Laura Applewhite          23   Daphne Maingot
month’s book is White Ghost Girls by Alice Greenway. It is a                  Rhoda Cobb                24   Kelly Husak
story of two teenage American sisters living in Hong Kong in             14   Marsha Love                    Emily Schelter
1967 during the turmoil of the Maoist revolution.                             Virginia Page             28   Kristin Viets
                                                                         15   Jan Andrew                30   Maureen Workman
Book Group I: Hostess Andrea Kornblue, RSVP at 395-0758.


                                                                                                                www.JLBR.org             39
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                                                                                     While Supporting the Community Focused
                                                                                          Junior League of Boca Raton

                                                                                        ADVERTISE IN THE BRIDGE
                                                                                   THE BRIDGE is the magazine of the Junior League
                                                                                   of Boca Raton. More than 1,000 people read this
                                                                                   32 - 36 page magazine which is published monthly
                                                                                   from September through May. Also, THE BRIDGE
                                                                                   is posted on our web site at www.jlbr.org.

                                                                                   Since the magazine is designed in PC format, all
                                                                                   ads should be sent in either .tif., .jpg or .pdf (300
                                                                                   d.p.i) format and emailed to Bridge@jlbr.org.
                                                                                   We will be happy to design your ad at a minimal
                                                                                   fee if you are unable to design one yourself.

                                                                                   For more information, please contact Robin Philpit
                                                                                   at the Junior League at Bridge@jlbr.org or 561-
        BRIDGE ADVERTISEMENT RATES (2006 - 2007)                                            ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM
     The following are the advertisement rates of THE BRIDGE maga- Deadline for ads for THE BRIDGE is the last Tuesday of the
     zine. Please note that there are annual and tri-monthly discounts. month.
     Payment is due when ads are submitted.
     Business Card: B/W - horizontal only (3.5” x 2”)
     Single Run:                                        $50
     3 or more runs (10% discount):                     $45/each               Address:
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     Double Business Card: B/W - vertical (3.5” x 4”), horizontal (7.25” x 2”)
     Single Run:                                        $100                   Email Address and/or Web Site:
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     3 or more runs (10% discount):                     $126/each                 be paid by credit card on a monthly basis!)
     Annual Rate (9 issues - 20% discount):             $100/each              Size: ___________________ Payment: $________________
     Full Page: B/W - (7.25” x 9.75”)                                              % Check (made out to the JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON)
     Single Run:                                          $250                     % Credit Card: %Master Card %Visa %American Express
     3 or more runs (10% discount):                       $225/each                Account #:
     Annual Rate (9 issues - 20% discount):               $200/each                Expiration Date:
     Color Full Page:                                                              Signature:
     Back Inside Cover: $375 (Single run) $350 (3 or more runs)
                                                                                              Please send payment and form to:
     Front Inside or Back Outside Cover: $400 (single run) $375 (3 or more runs)
                                                                                              THE BRIDGE Magazine
     Design Fee: $35 for business card or double business card size                           Junior League of Boca Raton
                 $50 - half page or b/w page size                                             261 N.W. 13th Street & Boca Raton, FL 33432
                 $75 - color cover ad                                                         or fax it to 561-447-9173

40           The Bridge           November 2006


Junior League of Boca Raton Board of Directors meeting was           member will be made at the November 2006 membership meet-
called to order on October 3, 2006 at 9:35 a.m. by President         ing.). Community Council moved the approval of several new
Kathy Adkins at the VCRC. In attendance were Kathy Adkins,           DIAD events: Caring Kitchen, YMCA (two events), Palm
Kristin Calder, Nancy Dockerty, Robin Deyo, Kathy Potts,             Beach County Coalition, Spirit of Giving and Kids in Distress.
DeLynn Trivison, Stacey Hannan Quinn, Lisa Warren, Elysa             The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Finance
Elk, Cindy Krebsbach, Mary Glynn Toomey and Lisa Mulhall.            Council moved the use of PKG surveys as a find development
Absent was Kimberly Kenney. Remarks from the President:              tool. The purpose is to make money on each survey—the
Kathy moved approval of the consent agenda. Seconded by C.           amount varies per survey. No identifying information is placed
Krebsbach. Motion passed unanimously. Personnel Council:             on the survey. It is an AJLI recommended fundraiser.
A member of the month was chosen and will be announced at            Participation is voluntary. The motion was seconded and
the November General Membership Meeting. Jody Cruden has             passed.     Cues and Clues-Membership Connection and
been hired for the position of Office Manager. She will begin        Retention. Discussion regarding methods to improve retention
on October 16. Thank you to Kimberly Kenney and Kathy                of our membership. Kathy moved a confirmation of the two e-
Adkins, who worked very hard to interview job candidates and         mails votes made between September and October—one
select the best person for the job. A motion was made to select      approving DIAD activities and one approving the Bogart’s
a new honorary member of the JLBR. The motion was second-            restaurant opening. Motion was seconded and passed. There
ed and approved. A motion was made to accept th enew hon-            being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.
orary member into membership was made. The Motion was
seconded and passed (The announcement of the new honorary                                    Respectfully submitted by Lisa Mulhall


The Junior League of Boca Raton Cottage Meetings were called         invitations for the Bogart's opening at Muvico on Nov 9th.
to order on October 10, 2006. A motion to approve consent            Membership Satisfaction and Training announced a League
agenda made and seconded. Motion passed. (Due to a clerical          social, "Moet & Manicures," to be held on October 19th at 7
error, the Treasurer's report will be voted on again at the next     p.m. at Fitzy's. Also another social, Wrapping that Rocks, gift-
General Membership Meeting in November. Woman Volunteer              wrapping session, will be held on Wednesday, at 7 p.m. on Nov
of the Year update: the luncheon will be held on October 27th,       15th at the VCRC. Nominating Placement process overview
centerpieces are available for $35, volunteer shifts available and   given and committee highlights discussed. Hometown
tickets are on sale. Family Portrait Day still has slots that are    Histories presented a crossword puzzle activity. Finally, a
open. Please contact Anna Parrott for more information. Fund         Junior League of Boca Raton Vision Statement was brain-
Development announced a fundraiser shift on Wednesday, Oct           stormed and discussed at this meeting. There being no further
11th at the Vegso Community Resource Center (VCRC) to stuff          business, the meeting adjourned.

10 REASONS TO BE THANKFUL WE LIVE IN THE USA                                                                     BY REAGAN SUCH

                          10.    2.5 million miles of well-paved     4.   TiVo and the marvelous and tacky TV shows it help us
                                roads to take you from coast to           record and watch.
                                                                     3.   Target - so many bargain items under one roof. You can
                          9.    The Grand Canyon, Rocky                   get lost in there for hours!
                                Mountains, Old Faithful, Napa
                                Valley, and beautiful blue           2.   Shoes in every shape, color, fabric, heel height and variety
                                oceans.                                   a gal could ever dream of.
                          8.    Matthew McConaughey, Brad            1.   Turkey, mashed pota-
                                Pitt, GEORGE CLOONEY, the list            toes, fried chicken,
                                goes on!                                  apple pie, Krispy Kreme
                          7.    Blue jeans.                               doughnuts,       melted
                                                                          chocolate soufflé, and
                          6.    Disney World!                             all of the other deli-
                                                                          cious foods available
                          5.    A nice glass of wine after a long
                                                                          to us at any time!

                                                                                                               www.JLBR.org              41
                                                                HEALTH NEWS

                                   WebMD Weight Loss Clinic - Feature        are now being tested.
                                                                                                How Does HDL Help?
                                  At the risk of sounding like a certain
                                  20-something socialite, HDL is hot!        Experts aren’t yet sure exactly how HDL cholesterol helps
                                  Recent advances in research have           reduce the risk of heart disease. But a few possibilities have
                                  brought more attention to the blood        emerged.
                                  lipid (or fat) we often called “good”      The NCEP says that high HDL levels appear to protect against
                                  cholesterol.                               the formation of plaques in the artery walls (a process called
                                                                             atherogenesis), according to studies in animals.
                               “Good” cholesterol doesn’t refer to
                               the cholesterol we eat in food, but to        Lab studies, meanwhile, suggest that HDL promotes the
                               the high density lipoprotein choles-          removal of cholesterol from cells found in abnormal tissues, or
                               terol circulating in our blood. It’s          lesions, in the arteries.
     one of the blood fats measured in the lipid panel blood test doc-
     tors perform. And it’s the component you want more of,                  “Recent studies indicate that the antioxidant and anti-inflam-
     because increasing HDL helps lower your risk of heart disease.          matory properties of HDL also inhibit atherogenesis,” says the
                                                                             NCEP report.
     A recent report from an expert panel of the National Cholesterol
                                                                                         10 Ways to Increase Good Cholesterol
     Education Program (NCEP) notes that although LDL or “bad”
     cholesterol has gotten most of the attention, there’s growing           What many people don’t know is that some diet and lifestyle
     evidence that HDL plays an important role.                              changes may help to increase “good” cholesterol levels.
     Here are a few fast facts about “good” cholesterol from the             Here are some of the contenders:
     NCEP panel:
                                                                             1. Orange Juice. Drinking three cups of orange juice a day
     "   HDL cholesterol normally makes up 20%-30% of your total                increased HDL levels by 21% over three weeks, according
         blood cholesterol.                                                     to a small British study (at 330 calories, that’s quite a nutri-
     "   There’s some evidence that HDL helps protect against the               tional commitment). This study could be highlighting an
         accumulation of plaques (fatty deposits) in the arteries.              effect from high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables. Stay
     "   Research suggests that a 1% decrease in HDL cholesterol is             tuned in the years to come.
         linked to a 2%-3% increase in heart disease risk.
     "   In prospective studies - that is, studies that follow partici-      2. Niacin. There is some evidence niacin (vitamin B3) helps
         pants for a certain period to watch for outcomes -- HDL usu-           increase HDL. Michael Poon, MD, chief of cardiology at
         ally proves to be the lipid risk factor most linked to heart dis-      the Cabrini Medical Center in New York, says people with
         ease risk.                                                             low HDL levels might benefit from taking 500 milligrams
     "   HDL cholesterol levels are thought to have a genetic factor in         of niacin each day, building up to 1,000 milligrams a day.
         some people.                                                           But he warns that supplemental niacin “can have some side
     "   Women typically have higher HDL cholesterol levels than                effects and is not for everybody, particularly for people who
         men. About a third of men and about a fifth of women have              already have high HDL levels. “He says anyone taking
         HDL levels below 40 mg/dL. (Doctors consider levels of                 niacin supplements should be monitored by a doctor. Short
         less than 40 mg/dL to be low.)                                         of supplements, many foods contain niacin as well. Here
                                                                                are a few:
     Researchers from the Netherlands who analyzed 60 studies
     concluded that the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL (in which                             Food - Amount of niacin:
     your total cholesterol number is divided by your HDL number)
     is a better marker for coronary artery disease than LDL mea-            #   White-meat chicken, 3.5 oz cooked - 13.4 mg
     surement alone.                                                         #   Mackerel, 3.5 oz cooked - 10.7 mg
                                                                             #   Trout, 3.5 oz, cooked - 8.8 mg
     “Boosting HDL is the next frontier in heart disease prevention,”        #   Salmon, 3.5 oz cooked - 8 mg
     says P.K. Shah, MD, director of cardiology at Cedars-Sinai              #   Veal, 3.5 oz cooked - about 8 mg (ranges from 6.4 - 9.3)
     Medical Center in Los Angeles. Shah says that if the new drugs          #   Dark-meat chicken, 3.5 oz cooked - 7.1 mg
     designed to increase HDL levels prove effective, they could             #   Lamb, 3.5 oz cooked - 6.6 mg
     potentially reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes by           #   White-meat turkey, 3.5 oz cooked - 6.2 mg
     80% to 90% -- and save millions of lives. HDL-boosting drugs            #   Ground beef, 3.5 oz cooked - 5.3 mg

42           The Bridge         November 2006
                                                          HEALTH NEWS

#   Peanuts, 1/4 cup - 5.3 mg                                             fat), and a possible enhancement in blood vessel function.
#   Pork, 3.5 oz cooked - about 4.8 mg (ranges from 4.1 - 5.4)            Other studies have shown a decrease in LDL cholesterol
#   Peanut butter, 2 tablespoons - 4.4 mg                                 (about 3%) and triglycerides (about 6%) with about three
#   Beef steak, 3.5 oz cooked - about 4.1 mg (ranges from 3.6 - 4.5)      servings of soy a day. That adds up to 1 pound of tofu, or
                                                                          three soy shakes.
3. Glycemic Load. The glycemic load is basically a ranking of
   how much a standard serving of a particular food raises your        6. Enough Time. Make sure you give soy some time. An
   blood sugar. And as the glycemic load in your diet goes up,            analysis of 23 studies on soy found that improvements in
   HDL cholesterol appears to go down, according to a small               HDL cholesterol were only seen in those studies lasting
   recent study. Along these lines, the NCEP report recom-                longer than three months.
   mends that most of our carbohydrate intake come from
   whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and fat-free and low-fat          7. Alcohol in Moderation. Drinking moderate amounts of
   dairy products. These foods tend to be on the lower end of             alcohol, especially with meals, appears to do two things to
   the glycemic scale.                                                    help reduce heart disease risk. According to researcher
                                                                          Byung-Hong Chung, Ph.D., it increases HDL cholesterol
4. Choosing Better Fats. Replacing saturated fats with mono               levels, and enhances the movement of cholesterol deposits
   unsaturated fats can not only help reduce levels of “bad”              out of cells in the artery walls.
   cholesterol, it may also increase levels of “good” choles-
   terol, according to the Food & Fitness Advisor newsletter           8. Aerobic exercise. At least 30 minutes on most days of the
   from Cornell University’s Center for Women’s Healthcare.               week is the exercise prescription that can help raise your
                                                                          HDL, according to many health care professionals.
5. Soy. Add heart health to the list of potential benefits from
   soy. A recent analysis found that soy protein, plus the             9. Stopping smoking. Experts agree that kicking the habit can
   isoflavones found in soy “raised HDL levels 3%, which                  increase your HDL numbers a bit, too.
   could reduce coronary heart disease risk about 5%,” says
   Mark Messina, Ph.D., a nationally known soy expert.                 10. Losing weight. Being overweight or obese contributes to
   Messina notes that soy also may lead to a small reduction in            low HDL cholesterol levels, and is listed as one of the caus-
   LDL cholesterol and triglycerides (another type of blood                es of low HDL, according to the NCEP.

               When things in your life seem almost too much           table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively fill-
               to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not               ing the empty space between the sand. The students laughed.
               enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the
               coffee.                                                 “Now,” said the professor, as the laughter subsided, “I want
                                                                       you to recognize that this jar represents your life The golf balls
               A professor stood before his philosophy class           are the important things -- your family, your children, your
               and had some items in front of him. When the            health, your friends, and your favorite passions-- things that if
               class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very            everything else was lost and only they remained, your life
large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with           would still be full.
golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They
agreed that it was.                                                    “The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your
                                                                       house, your car. The sand is everything else -- the small stuff,
So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured            “If you put the sand into the jar first,” he continued, “there is
them into the jar He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled         no room for the pebbles or the golf balls The same goes for life.
into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the          If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you
students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was.                will never have room for the things that are important to you.”
                                                                       Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.
The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into
the jar Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked        Play with your children. Take time to get medical checkups.
once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a           Take your partner out to dinner. Play another 18 holes. There
unanimous “yes!”                                                       will always be time to clean the house, and fix the disposal.
                                                                       Take care of the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set
The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the          your priorities. The rest is just sand.”

                                                                                                                   www.JLBR.org                43
44   The Bridge   November 2006
                                                                          BULLETIN BOARD

LIST OF ADVERTISERS                                                                          NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS
                       Absinthe........................Front Inside Cover                    2    Elizabeth Gallo             22 Kyle Meade
                       APC Interiors ................Back Inside Cover                       3    Nancy Dockerty                 Kari Soltys
                       Attain Your Dreams ................................22                 7    Diana Swords                23 Jennifer DeWolff
                       Barbara Hill ............................................14           10   Priscilla Missita           25 Jaime Veccia
                       Ber-KirA Learning Center ......................13                     13   Laurie Dankowski            26 Lori Fertel
                       Carolyn Cole Arnold, Psy.D., P.A ..........16                         16   Lara Carter                 27 Lizzy Bush
                       Cendyn ....................................................22
                                                                                             17   Derinda Lewis               28 Mary Margaret Gentile
                       Cohen Laser and Vision Center ..............38
                                                                                             22   Michelle Duffy              29 Leslie Jackson
                       Devcon..........................Front Inside Cover
Dr. Derke Friedman................................................................44
Formal Accents, LLC ............................................................18           LITTLE LEAGUERS
From Roehm with Love ........................................................26
Home Improvements ..............................................................11           THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON MEMBERSHIP WOULD LIKE TO
Jacqueline Moroco, D.D.S., M.S. ..........................................18                 CONGRATULATE THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS ON THE ARRIVAL OF THEIR
Janie Lott, Inc.........................................................................15   LITTLE LEAGUER:
Leon Loard ............................................................................27
Lynn University Family Holiday Concert................................6                      Kimmie and Matt Whelchel on the birth of their daughter,
Lynn University’s Tom Kelley Lecture..................................10                     Makayla Rose, born September 16th, 6 lbs. 4 oz.
Krumholtz Orthodontics...........................................................9
Monogram Closet ..................................................................28         Christiane and Tom Head on the birth of their daughter, Awbrey
Mark Wilt ..............................................................................13   Miquette-Elizabeth, born October 4th, 7 lb, 5 oz., 20 in.
Michele Broadfoot........................................Back Inside Cover
Opus South Corp. ..................................................................23
Personal Senior Services, Inc.................................................29             PASSINGS
Pilates of Boca........................................................................12
Reagan Such & Lou Ann Such ..............................................31                  THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF BOCA RATON MEMBERSHIP WOULD LIKE TO
Robin Philpit ..........................................................................19   EXTEND THEIR SINCERE CONDOLENCES TO THE FOLLOWING MEMBER
Steven R. Alman, D.M.D., F.A.G.D. ......................................35                   AND HER FAMILY:
Tips on Trips & Camps ..........................................................17
Woolbright Developments, Inc. ............................................37                 Millie Strickroot on the death of her beloved great aunt.

                                                                                                        “Sometimes our light goes out but is
CHANGES:                                       TRANSFER OUT:
                                                                                                      blown into a flame by another human being.
Laurie Dankowski (NRA)                         Chrissy Biagiotti (S)                                  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those
2440 Concord Creek Trail                       609 Willoughby Blvd.
Cummings, GA 30041                             Greensboro, NC 27408                                         who have rekindled this light.”
770-205-2332                                   336-545-0956                                                     ~ Albert Schweitzer
                                               to JL of Greensboro, NC
Janet Nodine (S)
JNodiCPA@aol.com                                                                                                  Linda Donoghue
                                                                                                           you have rekindled all of our flames
                                                                                                       by your kindness, helpfulness, cheeriness,
                           We extend a
                                                                                                     and humor. You set an example for all of us to
                       SPECIAL WELCOME
                                                                                                      aspire. Thank you for coming into our lives,
                   to our new Office Manager,                                                               we love you and wish you all the
                         JODY CRUDEN.                                                                          happiness life has to offer.
                        The Membership of the                                                                      Your friends always,
                      Junior League of Boca Raton                                                                  JLBR Membership

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     NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                                                                                                                     October 2006
          Sunday                Monday                 Tuesday          Wednesday Thursday                                 Friday       Saturday
                                                                                                                                                          S     M      T    W    T    F    S
                                                                        1                      2                      3             4
                                                                                  All Saints        Family Portrait                                       1     2      3    4    5    6    7
                                                                                        Day            Day Begins                                         8     9      10   11   12   13   14
                                                                                                                                                          15    16     17   18   19   20   21
     5                     6                       7                    8                      9                      10            11
                                                         Election Day                                 Bogart Event                            Veteran’s   22    23     24   25   26   27   28
                                                                                                         7-10 pm                                   Day
                                                        Board Meeting                                                                                     29    30     31

     12                    13                      14       General     15                     16                     17            18
                                                                                                                                                                     December 2006
                                                         Membership           Wrapping that
                                                            Meeting           Rocks 7-9 pm                                                                S     M      T    W    T    F    S

              Evening of
                                                                                                                                                                                      1    2
     19                    20
                                 Family Portrait
                                                               New      22                     23                     24            25
               Giving at                                     Member                                   Thanksgiving                                        3     4      5    6    7    8    9
            Town Center               Day Ends                                                                Day
                                                             Meeting                                                                                      10    11     12   13   14   15   16
     26                    27                      28                   29                     30                                                         17    18     19   20   21   22   23
                                                                                                                                                          24    25     26   27   28   29   30

46            The Bridge                  November 2006
                           Happy Thanksgiving!                      Nonprofit Org.
                                                                     U.S. Postage
                        November General Membership Meeting         Boca Raton, FL
                                                                    Permit No. 163
                                Tuesday, November 14th
                              Social 6 p.m. - Meeting 7 p.m.
                               Marriott Boca Raton at Boca Center
 261 N.W. 13th Street         5150 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton
Boca Raton, FL 33432

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