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					                                                                          DATSCG12 (05)03

E-Accessibility Certification Workshop – Notes of Telephone Conference of 7th September 2005.
Gill Whitney

Present: Shadi Abou-Zahra, Yves Chauvel, Stephen Furner, Dave Sawdon, Luc Van Den Berghe
and Gill Whitney

The following notes contain the initial ideas for the workshop, please read and provide your
comments to Gill Whitney. A second telephone conference will be held in approximately two weeks
time to discuss this draft and to work on the plans for this meeting. Please note in order to hold the
workshop as initially planned we will need:
   a) To have access to one main room and several (two?) breakout rooms for the main meeting
        and breakout sessions.
   b) To produce the flyer in time for the eAccessibility launch on the 21st October.
   c) To collect the relevant information on examples of real world schemes (certification etc) that
        work and write them up into a suitable background pack for the breakout sessions.

Title: Methods for Ensuring E-Accessibility within the Public Procurement Process (or do we want a
title that actually refers to certification).

Date: Wednesday 22nd March or Thursday 23rd March or Friday 24th March or Monday 27th March
(preferred day Wednesday or Thursday).

Location: Brussels (if possible – we need one large room and two smaller rooms so that we can run
the practical workshop sessions).

Aim: The aim of this workshop is to bring together the interested parties to hold a practical
workshop which can address the question of how accessibility requirements can be incorporated into
the public procurement process. The workshop is being held as a response to both the mandate and
communication on accessibility. It will be held to address the following issue from the

   Certification and assessment: A certification mechanism for accessible products and services
   should be set up, providing guidance to customers and recognition to manufacturers and service
   providers. Guidelines should be developed to assess the accessibility consequences of information
   society policies in order to avoid creating new barriers and to improve inclusion.

The meeting will focus on accessibility within the ICT field and will look at how accessibility can be
ensured in hardware and software products and services.

Scope: This meeting is intended to be a positive contribution to the debate on certifcation and to
enable users and industry to discuss their hopes and fears concerning certifcation in a positive and
useful way. It is hoped that the meeting will result in a increased understanding by industry and users
of each others point of view.
Content of Meeting: The meeting will include an overview of the requirements for accessibility to
be included within the public procurement process and of the public procurement process itself. The
main part of the meeting will be a series of smaller break out workshops where the benefits and costs
of the different methods used to ensure accessibility (such as certification) are discussed with
reference to practical examples.

Publicity: The workshop will be announced at the e-Accessibility launch on the 21st October. A one
page flyer needs to be produced for the October meeting, the text of this can also be used in
appropriate web sites, email lists etc.

Attendees: We will get some attendees from the e-Accessibility launch – how are we going to get
the rest of the attendees?

Planning: We can use the November meeting of DATSCG and telephone conferences to plan it.

Timetable for Meeting: The meeting needs to be strictly/strongly timetabled to ensure that the
meeting is as constructive as possible. We need to enable both the users and industry to present the
reasons behind their positions not just their positions.

Draft Timetable:

9.30           Registration and coffee

10.00          Welcome and Introduction by the Commission – on the use of certification and
               assessment to promote best practise standards on accessibility and ensure that those
               standards are followed.

10.30          Session 1: How can accessibility be incorporated into the procurement process?
               a) The Procurement Process and methods by which accessibility can be incorporated
               into it.
               b) User and Industry needs (??)
               c) Alternatives – Practical schemes that work (and those that don’t) – introduction
               further information to be introduced in information pack for Session 2.

12.30          Lunch

13:30          Session 2: Practical Workshops
               The delegates will be spilt into a number of workshops that will focus on how to
               ensure accessibility within hardware and software products and services. To aid the
               groups discussions a practical pack of real world examples will be produced and
               distributed to the attendees. (Possibly distribute pack in advance?)

15.30          Tea
16.00          Session 3: Plenary Session
               The conclusions from each breakout group will be presented and a joint statement
               produced. This statement will be intended for the commission but will hopefully also
               be interest to the standard bodies as an indication of the required direction of
               standardisation (???).

17.00          Close

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