Grit Bin Locations – 14th December 2010 - Sheffield City Council by wangnianwu


									              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12

                       Grit Bin Locations – 30th January 2012

Road                      Location                                          Area            Post Code
Abbey Brook Close         o/s 15 in cds                                     Abbeydale       S8 7UQ
Abbey Brook Court         Adj no 21 on corner                               Meadowhead      S8 7UU
Abbey Brook Drive         Above 134 - side of car park area                 Greenhill       S8 7UR
Abbey Brook Gardens       o/s No 17 (in the car park) TEST                  Meadowhead      S8 7UQ
Abbey Lane Dell           nr Abbey Lane jct (Bin 1)                         Abbeydale       S8 0BF
Abbey Lane Dell           nr Abbey Lane jct - opposite bin 1 (Bin 2)        Abbeydale       S8 0BZ
Abbey View Road           Jct Abbey View Drive                              Woodseats       S8 8QX
Abbeydale Park Rise       jct Abbeydale Park Crescent (adjacent post box)   Totley          S17 3PA
Abbeydale Road South      Ranulph Court - in car park                       Millhouses      S7 2QN
Abbeyfield Road           Jct Scott Road                                    Burngreave      S4 7AW
Abney Drive               before flats - nr Abney Road jct                  Gleadless       S14 1PB
Abney Road                o/s 67                                            Gleadless       S14 1PD
Acorn Drive                jct Friar Close                                  Stannington     S6 6EP
Acorn Drive               Jct Lomas Lea                                     Stannington     S6 6EW
Acorn Drive               opp jct Spoon Glade                               Stannington     S6 6FB
Acorn Drive               jct Robin Hood Chase                              Stannington     S6 6FH
Acorn Drive               jct Spoon Way                                     Stannington     S6 6FD
Acorn Hill                Adj No. 38                                        Stannington     S6 6AW
Acorn Way                 Jct Spout Lane                                    Stannington     S6 6EQ
Acre Gate                 Opp rear of 9 Smithey Close                       High Green      S35 4FT
Acre Lane                  jct Owler Gate, Oughtibridge                     Oughtibridge    S35 0GE
Addison Road              Outside 1 s/o green box                           Firth Park      S5 6WE
Addison Road              o/s 49                                            Firth Park      S5 6WE
Addy Close                cul de sac                                        Netherthorpe    S6 3GS
Adelaide Road             o/s 27                                            Nether Edge     S7 1SQ
Albert Road               Jct Kent Road                                     Meersbrook      S8 9RB
Albert Road               Jct Plantation Road                               Meersbrook      S8 9QW
Albion Street             opp the side of 296 Martin Street                 Upperthorpe     S6 3DW
Aldam Road                opp 87                                            Totley          S17 4GF
Aldene Road               opp Aldene Avenue                                 Wadsley         S6 4DA
Aldene Road               Jct Bland Lane                                    Wadsley         S6 4BR
Aldred Road                top of road in car park opp 41                   Crookes         S10 1PD
Alexandra Road            o/s 155                                           Heeley Green    S2 3EH
Allenby Drive             o/s 38                                            Greenhill       S8 7RS
Alms Hill Crescent        Between No 2 & Jct Alms Hill Road                 Parkhead        S11 9RS
Alms Hill Crescent        o/s 22                                            Parkhead        S11 9QZ
Alms Hill Glade           opp 6                                             Parkhead        S11 9SS
Alms Hill Road            o/s 18                                            Whirlow         S11 9RS
Alpine Road               10m west of Alpine Lodge                          Stocksbridge    S36 1AD
Alpine Road               25m away from bin near Alpine Lodge               Stocksbridge    S36 1YB
Andover Street            opp no 80                                         Burngreave      S3 9EF
Andover Street            jct with Fox Street                               Burngreave      S3 9EG
Angel Street              Below Argos                                       City Centre     S1 2GH
Angerford Avenue          opp church                                        Meersbrook      S8 9BD
Angram Road                o/s 25                                           High Green      S35 4GB
Angram Road               o/s 75                                            High Green      S35 4GB
Ansell Road               o/s 8                                             Greystones      S11 7PE
Ansell Road               o/s 43                                            Greystones      S11 7PE
Applegarth Close          Opp 36-39                                         Intake          S12 2DN
Applegarth Close          o/s 48-53 (Bin 1 of 2)                            Intake          S13 8AB
Applegarth Close          o/s 48-53 (Bin 2 of 2)                            Intake          S12 2DN
Archer Lane                jct Brincliffe Edge Road                         Millhouses      S7 1RJ
Ardsley Close             o/s 6                                             Mosborough      S20 6SS
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Ardsley Drive             o/s 12                                         Mosborough         S20 6RZ
Ardsley Drive             Jct Moorthorpe Way                             Mosborough         S20 6RA
Argyle Close              top of cul de sac                              Meersbrook         S8 9HL
Armthorpe Road            o/s 29                                         Ranmoor            S11 7FA
Arran Road                opp No 5 at bottom                             Crookes            S10 1WD
Artisan View              o/s 97 top of cul de sac                       Heeley             S8 9TP
Arundel Gate              Opposite Millenium Galleries (top of Howard    City Centre        S1 2LX
Arundel Gate              jct Charles Street                             City Centre        S1 2NB
Arundel Gate              nr Esperanto Place                             City Centre        S1 2PN
Arundel Gate              opp Surrey Street                              City Centre        S1 2LH
Ash House Lane            o/s bungalow                                   Whirlow            S17 3ET
Ash Lane                  Bottom of hill - just below No 1               Stocksbridge       S36 2PD
Ash Street                Grassed area on left hand side                 Walkley            S6 2UQ
Ashbourne Grove           o/s 12                                         Oughtibridge       S35 0FA
Ashbourne Road            side of 63, bottom of gennel                   Richmond           S13 8NF
Ashdell Road              Junction with Fulwood Road                     Broomhill          S10 3DA
Ashfurlong Close          o/s 19                                         Dore               S17 3NN
Ashgate Road              Jct Ashgate Close                              Broomhill          S10 3BZ
Ashland Road              Jct Glen Road                                  Nether Edge        S7 1RJ
Ashleigh Drive            o/s 16                                         Gleadless          S12 2SA
Ashurst Close             junction Ashurst Drive                         Stannington        S6 5LJ
Ashwood Road              Opp 64                                         High Green         S35 4EY
Ashwood Road              Jct Renshaw Close                              High Green         S35 4EY
Athelstan Close           first parking bay, opp No 2                    Richmond           S13 8JA
Auckland Avenue           bottom of hill, top of steps                   Loxley             S6 6QA
Auckland Way              Junction with Streetfields (25m further up)    Halfway            S20 4TU
Aukley Road               jct Athol Road                                 Woodseats          S8 0PA
Austin Close              Woodstock Road Jn                              Loxley             S6 6TG
Avisford Road             Nr No. 1 & The Shops                           Parson Cross       S6 1LH
Back Lane                 Just below Stephen Drive                       Walkley            S10 5NX
Back Lane                 jct Hollin House Lane                          Loxley             S6 6RG
Backfield Rise            o/s 1                                          Chapeltown         S35 2YR
Backfield Rise            o/s 40                                         Chapeltown         S35 2YJ
Badger Close              jct Badger Road                                Woodhouse          S13 7TF
Badger Place              opp 2                                          Woodhouse          S13 7TL
Ballifield Road           Opp 16                                         Handsworth         S13 9HX
Balmain Road              Junction Far Lane                              Hillsborough       S6 4EP
Bank Lane                 Outside entrance to Bank Cottage (top)         Bolsterstone       S36 3SS
Banner Cross Road         jct Button Hill                                Ecclesall          S11 9HQ
Bannerdale Road           opp 149                                        Carter Knowle      S7 2DT
Bannerdale Road           o/s 230                                        Carter Knowle      S11 9FE
Bannerdale View           jct Bannerdale Close                           Carter Knowle      S11 9FG
Bannerdale View           end of cul de sac                              Carter Knowle      S11 9FG
Bard Street               Community Centre                               Hyde Park          S2 5PE
Bard Street               o/s block No's 42-49                           Hyde Park          S2 5PE
Barholm Road              o/s 28 on gennel                               Sandygate          S10 5RS
Barkers Pool              jct Balm Green                                 City Centre        S1 1EQ
Barncliffe Close          Just below 1                                   Fulwood            S10 4DH
Barncliffe Glen           opp 5                                          Sandygate          S10 4EB
Barncliffe Road           Jct Barncliffe Crescent                        Sandygate          S10 4DF
Barnes Hall Road          jct Bracken Hill                               Burncross          S35 1RE
Barnfield Avenue          Top                                            Crosspool          S10 5SL
Barnfield Close           Jct Barnfield Drive                            Crosspool          S10 5TB
Barnfield Drive           Ringstead Avenue jct                           Crosspool          S10 5SL
Barnfield Road            Outside 1                                      Crosspool          S10 5TD
Barnsdale Avenue          Outside 6                                      Mosborough         S20 6RD
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Barnsdale Avenue          Opp Ryhill Drive                                   Mosborough     S20 6RD
Barnsley Road             Jct Stubbin Lane                                   Firvale        S5 6QA
Barnsley Road             Lane Top - jct Hatfield House Lane                 Firvale        S5 6LH
Barnsley Road             o/s 212                                            Firvale        S4 7AF
Barrie Crescent           o/s 87                                             Parson Cross   S5 8RP
Bartlett Close            opp No 5                                           Stannington    S6 6EL
Basegreen Road            Jct Lister Avenue                                  Basegreen      S12 3FH
Baslow Road               opp 184 o/s flats                                  Totley         S17 4DT
Baslow Road               Bus terminus infront of Cross Scythes PH           Totley         S17 4AE
Batemoor Road             1 of 2 at the Ambulance Station                    Batemoor       S8 8FJ
Batemoor Road             2 of 2 at the Ambulance Station                    Batemoor       S8 8FJ
Batemoor Road             On bus gate slip road from chesterfield rd south   Batemoor       S8 8FJ
Bates Street              Jct Springvale Road                                Walkley        S10 1LH
Batworth Road             o/s 10                                             Shirecliffe    S5 8XY
Bawtry Road               Jct Yew Tree Drive                                 Tinsley        S9 1WF
Baxter Drive              Side of 14                                         Wadsley        S6 1GH
Baxter Mews               o/s 21                                             Wadsley        S6 1LG
Beacon Close              jct Wincobank Lane                                 Wincobank      S9 1AA
Beauchief Rise            Adj 11 Folds Lane                                  Beauchief      S8 0ER
Becket Road               opp 115 Atlantic Road                              Lowedges       S8 7HD
Bedford Road              Opp 13                                             Oughtibridge   S35 0GB
Bedford Road              jct of Newstead Avenue                             Oughtibridge   S35 0JL
Beech Hill Road           Jct Broomfield Rd                                  Broomhill      S10 2SB
Beechwood Road            opp 20                                             Stocksbridge   S36 1AG
Beely Road                Outside 19                                         Oughtibridge   S35 0FD
Belgrave Road             jct Storth Lane                                    Fulwood        S10 3LL
Bellhagg Road             Jct Compton Street                                 Walkley        S6 5BP
Bellhagg Road             Jct Rivelin Street                                 Walkley        S6 5BS
Bellhouse Road            Outside 492 doctors                                Shiregreen     S5 0RG
Bellhouse Road            Jct Butterthwaite Crescent                         Shiregreen     S5 0ES
Belmont Drive             Top of Belmont Drive / Jct Victoria Road           Stocksbridge   S36 1FW
Belper Road               Opp 2 Southcroft Walk                              Nether Edge    S7 1FZ
Ben Close                 o/s 12                                             Wadsley        S6 4SG
Ben Lane                  o/s Loxley Court                                   Wadsley        S6 4SD
Ben Lane                  Jct Woodstock Road                                 Wadsley        S6 6TF
Benson Road               Bottom, near children's centre                     Wybourn        S2 5EE
Bents Green Road          o/s 53                                             Bents Green    S11 7RA
Bents Green Road          o/s Bents Green Shops                              Bents Green    S11 7RA
Bernard Road              Jct Cricket Inn Road - on bridge over Sheffield    Parkhill       S2 5LU
Bernard Street            jct Cricket Inn Road, o/s St. Johns Church         Parkhill       S2 5LU
Bernard Street            Blackwell Close jct                                Parkhill       S2 5PU
Bertram Road              Outside 37                                         Oughtibridge   S35 0FF
Bevan Way                 o/s 24                                             Chapeltown     S35 1RP
Beverleys Road            At the top                                         Meersbrook     S8 9BR
Binfield Road             opp 9 - o/s Meersbrook Bank school                 Meersbrook     S8 9FA
Bingham Park Crescent     opp 54                                             Greystones     S11 7BH
Bingham Park Road         o/s 31                                             Greystones     S11 7BD
Bingley Lane              opp Wood Bank Road                                 Stannington    S6 6GA
Binsted Drive             Jct Binsted Road                                   Wadsley        S5 8LJ
Binsted Glade             Jct Binstead Way                                   Wadsley        S5 8NW
Binsted Grove             Adj 46                                             Wadsley        S5 8PD
Birch Avenue              opp 40/42                                          Chapeltown     S35 1RR
Birch Avenue              opp 80                                             Chapeltown     S35 1RQ
Birch House Avenue        opp 19, jct Birch Grove                            Oughtibridge   S35 0FH
Birch House Avenue        Jct Ashbourne Grove                                Oughtibridge   S35 0FA
Birchitt Road             o/s No 2                                           Bradway        S17 4QP
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Birchvale Road             Brackenfield Grove jct                         Frecheville        S12 4XS
Birkendale Road            o/s 26                                         Upperthorpe        S6 3NL
Birkendale Road            On Remote F/P @ Top of Road                    Upperthorpe        S6 3NL
Birkendale View            o/s 32                                         Upperthorpe        S6 3NN
Birkendale View            Outside 24                                     Upperthorpe        S6 3NN
Birkendale View            Just below 18 (opp Jct)                        Upperthorpe        S6 3NN
Birks Wood Drive           Opp Skelton Rise                               Oughtibridge       S35 0HY
Birks Wood Drive           Jct Hawksley Rise                              Oughtibridge       S35 0JE
Birks Wood Drive           Highcliffe Drive jct                           Oughtibridge       S35 0JD
Birley Moor Close          Outside 11                                     Birley             S12 3BQ
Birley Moor Road           Outside the Co-Op on Service Road adj no 70    Birley             S12 4WF
Birley Rise Road           Fox Hill Road Jn                               Wadsley            S6 1HF
Birley Rise Road           Cul de Sac end                                 Wadsley            S6 1HR
Birley Spa Lane            Top of lane leading down to Birley Spa Bath    Hackenthorpe       S12 4EB
                           House & Rose Cottage
Birley Vale Avenue         Nr New Houses @ Jct Birley Moor Road           Intake             S12 2AX
Birley Vale Close          on bend opp Estate Wire Ltd                    Intake             S12 2AX
Birley View                Between 11 & 18 - end of c.d.s                 Worrall            S35 0AL
Bishopscourt Road          o/s 61                                         Meersbrook         S8 9HN
Bishopscourt Road          o/s 11                                         Meersbrook         S8 9HP
Bishopscourt Road          o/s 39                                         Meersbrook         S8 9HN
Bishopscourt Road          o/s 80 - jct Norton Lees Lane                  Meersbrook         S8 9HP
Bishopscourt Road          Adj 12 Argyle Road                             Meersbrook         S8 9HN
Bishopscourt Road          Adj 10 Argyle Road                             Meersbrook         S8 9HP
Bishopscourt Road          o/s no 25                                      Meersbrook         S8 9HN
Bishopsholme Road          jct Bishopsholme Close                         Shirecliffe        S5 7DF
Blackbrook Avenue          o/s 37 - end of cul de sac                     Sandygate          S10 4LT
Blackbrook Drive           Jct Blackbrook Road                            Sandygate          S10 4LQ
Blackbrook Road            Jct Moorside                                   Sandygate          S10 4LN
Blackburn Crescent         o/s 18                                         Burncross          S35 2EF
Blackburn Crescent         Opposite no 51- jct Chamberlain Court          Burncross          S35 2EG
Blackburn Drive            Jct Burncross Road                             Burncross          S35 1SJ
Blackstock Road            o/s 29 (Doctor's surgery)                      Gleadless          S14 1AB
Blackwell Close            Jct Blackwell Place                            Hyde Park          S2 5PX
Blake Grove Road           Just round corner from 22                      Upperthorpe        S6 3JX
Blake Street               above jct Boyce Street                         Upperthorpe        S6 3JR
Blake Street               Opp 13                                         Upperthorpe        S6 3JQ
Bland Street               Adj Entry to Crown Hill Car Park               Grimesthorpe       S4 8DG
Bluebell Road              jct Lavender Way                               Wincobank          S5 6GD
Bochum Parkway             1st bin top of subway                          Norton             S8 8GX
Bochum Parkway             2nd bin top of subway                          Norton             S8 8GX
Bocking Hill               Opp Lee Avenue                                 Stocksbridge       S36 2GB
Bocking Rise               o/s 2                                          Beauchief          S8 7BJ
Bole Hill Road             jct Heavygate Avenue                           Walkley            S6 5DD
Bolehill Lane              opp 85                                         Crookes            S10 1SA
Botanical Road             o/s No 39                                      Broomgrove         S11 8RQ
Bower Road                  jct Barber Place                              Netherthorpe       S10 1EG
Bowman Close               opp 26                                         Charnock           S12 3LR
Bowman Drive               o/s 25                                         Charnock           S12 3LF
Bowman Drive               o/s 17                                         Charnock           S12 3LE
Bowness Road               jct Lonsdale Road                              Walkley            S6 2PQ
Boynton Road               jct Shirecliffe Road                           Shirecliffe        S5 7HN
Bradley Street             o/s 28                                         Crookes            S10 1PB
Bradway Close              opp flats 2-18                                 Bradway            S17 4PD
Bradway Drive              o/s Sir Harold Jackson School                  Bradway            S17 4PD
Brailsford Road            opp 26 nr telegraph pole                       Ecclesfield        S5 9DJ
Bramall Lane               Jct St Mary's Gate                             Highfield          S2 4QA
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                Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Bramwith Road               jct Armthorpe Road                              Ranmoor            S11 7EZ
Bransby Street              Opp 4                                           Netherthorpe       S6 3JS
Bressingham Road            nr 16 (side of parking area)                    Burngreave         S4 7HP
Bretton Grove               opp Hayfield Cres                               Frecheville        S12 4XJ
Briarfield Avenue           o/s 24                                          Gleadless          S12 3LA
Briarfields Lane            Opp No 31                                       Worrall            S35 0AA
Brick Street                outside 57-73                                   Crookes            S10 1WR
Bridby Street               o/s 7                                           Woodhouse          S13 7QE
Bridge Hill                 nr Cock Inn car park                            Oughtibridge       S35 0FL
Bridge Inn Road             o/s 28                                          High Green         S35 2YJ
Bridle Close                o/s 18                                          Chapeltown         S35 2QY
Bridle Stile Gardens        o/s 29                                          Mosborough         S20 5EH
Briers House Lane           1st right hand bend up - approx 100m from New   Dungworth          S6 6HD
Bright Meadow               o/s 2                                           Halfway            S20 4SY
Brightholmlee Lane          jct Brightholmlee Court                         Wharncliffe Side   S35 0DD
Brightside Lane             15 Jessop's Riverside                           Attercliffe        S9 2RX
Brimmesfield Drive          End of CDS - nr No. 24                          Arbourthorne       S2 2NA
Brincliffe Crescent         jct Psalter Lane                                Brincliffe         S11 9AW
Brincliffe Edge Close       Jct Brincliffe Edge Road                        Brincliffe         S11 9DG
Brincliffe Edge Road        Nr jct Bannerdale Road                          Brincliffe         S11 9DA
Brincliffe Edge Road        opp 382                                         Brincliffe         S11 9DA
Brincliffe Edge Road        Nr Jct Archer Lane                              Brincliffe         S7 1RS
Brincliffe Hill             Bottom of hill                                  Brincliffe         S11 8WA
Brindley Close              jct Brindley Crescent                           Norton Woodseats   S8 8PZ
Brindley Close              top of cul de sac                               Norton Woodseats   S8 8PX
Brindley Crescent           end of cul de sac in parking area               Norton Woodseats   S8 8PZ
Bristol Road                Dover Road jct                                  Broomgrove         S11 8RL
Broad Elms Lane             opp 55                                          Parkhead           S11 9RQ
Broad Elms Lane             Jct Broad Elms Close                            Parkhead           S11 9ST
Broad Inge Crescent         Jct Chestnut Drive nr No. 4                     Burncross          S35 1YZ
Broad Oaks                  100m from Jct Jessell Street                    Attercliffe        S9 3HJ
Broadhead Road              Verge Above Garages                             Stocksbridge       S36 2PL
Broadlands Avenue           o/s 52                                          Hackenthorpe       S20 6RL
Broadlands Rise             opp 4, side of lamp                             Hackenthorpe       S20 6RL
Brook Close                 o/s 3                                           Grenoside          S35 8NP
Brookhouse Hill             Just above 92                                   Fulwood            S10 4GA
Brookhouse Hill             jct Whiteley Lane                               Fulwood            S10 3TE
Brookhouse Hill             Nr Entrance to Playground                       Fulwood            S10 3TE
Brooklands Avenue           o/s 64                                          Fulwood            S10 4GD
Brooklands Crescent         o/s 90                                          Fulwood            S10 4GG
Brooklands Crescent         o/s 142                                         Fulwood            S10 4GF
Brooklyn Place              Jct Brooklyn Road                               Meersbrook         S8 9QL
Brookside Bank Road         in bend near cottage                            Dungworth          S6 6GU
Broomfield Court            Jct Broomfield Road                             Stocksbridge       S36 2AR
Broomhall Road              opp Broomhall Nursery                           Broomhall          S10 2DN
Broxholme Road              Jct Hackthorn Road                              Norton Woodseats   S8 8TD
Brunswick Road              jct Andover Street                              Burngreave         S3 9EE
Buck Wood View              opp 3 on footpath                               Gleadless          S14 1LX
Bunting Nook                Front of Alms Houses                            Norton             S8 8JU
Burbage Grove               Outside 1                                       Frecheville        S12 4SR
Burcot Road                 Junction with Beeton Road - o/s 80              Meersbrook         S8 9FF
Burgoyne Road               Whitehouse Road jct                             Walkley            S6 2WB
Burgoyne Road               opp 202                                         Walkley            S6 3QF
Burgoyne Road               o/s 272                                         Walkley            S6 3QF
Burlington Road             Junction with Ashfurlong Road                   Dore               S17 3NQ
Burlington Street           Jct Oxford Street                               Upperthorpe        S6 3GB
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                Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Burnaby Crescent            jct Grouse Croft                                  Walkley            S6 2TS
Burnaby Green               Jct Burnaby Crescent                              Walkley            S6 2QZ
Burngreave Road             o/s 120a (Doctors)                                Burngreave         S3 9DE
Burngreave Street           Nr Cemetery Gate                                  Burngreave         S3 9DN
Burns Drive                 opp 9                                             Burncross          S35 1SP
Burns Drive                 o/s 23 on grass area                              Burncross          S35 1SP
Burnside Avenue             Outside 20 (top of c.d.s)                         Meersbrook         S8 9FR
Burnside Avenue             o/s 2 - bottom of c.d.s. nr Meersbrook Park       Meersbrook         S8 9FR
                            Road jct
Burnt Stones Close          o/s 25                                            Sandygate          S10 5TS
Burnt Stones Drive          jct Sandygate Park                                Sandygate          S10 5TZ
Burnt Stones Drive          opp 11                                            Sandygate          S10 5TT
Burton Lane                 jct Boggard Lane - o/s church                     Oughtibridge       S35 0FS
Burton Street               Outside 57 - bin 1 of 2                           Hillsborough       S6 2HH
Burton Street               Outside 57 - bin 2 of 2                           Hillsborough       S6 2HH
Bushey Wood Road            o/s 101 (opp Gillleyfield Avenue)                 Dore               S17 3QD
Butchill Avenue             On Island Verge Opp No 12                         Ecclesfield        S5 9DH
Butterthwaite Lane          Opp 110 - 114 (approx 150m south of               Ecclesfield        S35 9WA
                            Butterthwaite Farm)
Butterthwaite Road          o/s 100                                           Shiregreen         S5 0AU
Button Hill                 jct Dunkeld Road                                  Millhouses         S11 9HH
Calder Way                  below 1                                           Firth Park         S5 6SW
California Drive            side of 34                                        Chapeltown         S35 1QT
Callow Drive                between Newfield & Parkfield Block                Gleadless          S14 1PP
Callow Mount                o/s Handbank Flats 98-192                         Gleadless          S14 1PJ
Callow Mount                o/s Pemberton Block 2-96                          Gleadless          S14 1PH
Callow Place                (Callow Block) 1-111                              Gleadless          S14 1PL
Cambridge Road              in turning head - opp 22                          Heeley             S8 9SN
Cambridge Road              o/s Cambridge Court                               Heeley             S8 9SN
Camm Street                 jct Greenhow Street                               Walkley            S6 3TR
Canterbury Crescent         opp 26                                            Fulwood            S10 3RX
Capel Street                Bottom Nr Post Office                             Walkley            S6 2HN
Cardoness Road              jct Cardoness Drive                               Sandygate          S10 5RU
Cardoness Road              o/s 17                                            Sandygate          S10 5RT
Cardoness Road              o/s no 2                                          Sandygate          S10 5RU
Cardwell Avenue             o/s No 24                                         Stradbroke         S13 7XA
Carfield Avenue             jct Meersbrook Rd                                 Meersbrook         S8 9HW
Carfield Place              Jct Carfield Avenue                               Meersbrook         S8 9JA
Carley Drive                o/s Kidz Kingdom                                  Waterthorpe        S20 8NQ
Carlton Rise                opp 42, Wharncliffe Side                          Wharncliffe Side   S35 0EE
Carr Bank Close             Carr Bank Lane jct                                Fulwood            S11 7FJ
Carr Bank Lane              jct Armthorpe Road                                Fulwood            S11 7FB
Carr Bank Lane              o/s Clarendon Court                               Fulwood            S11 7FB
Carr Forge Lane             Jct Carr Forge Terrace                            Hackenthorpe       S12 4FB
Carr Forge Road             Jct Rainbow Avenue                                Hackenthorpe       S12 4FN
Carr Grove                  Carr Road jct                                     Stocksbridge       S36 2NR
Carr Road                   Hillcrest Road Jn.                                Stocksbridge       S36 2QL
Carr Road                   bottom of hill on corner nr Royal Oak pub         Stocksbridge       S36 2PQ
Carr Road                   Jct Carr Close                                    Stocksbridge       S36 2RW
Carrfield Court             o/s No 23                                         Heeley             S8 9RP
Carrfield Drive             jct Carfield Road                                 Heeley             S8 9RT
Carrfield Drive             top of cul de sac o/s 24                          Heeley             S8 9RT
Carrfield Road              Jct Gleadless Road                                Heeley             S2 3AJ
Carsick Hill Crescent       Jct Carsick Hill Way                              Sandygate          S10 3LT
Carsick View Road           jct Tom Lane/Pitchford Lane (Opp Hillcote Rise)   Sandygate          S10 3PL
Carson Mount                End of CDS                                        Basegreen          S12 3GA
Carter Road                 o/s 27                                            Heeley             S8 9SR

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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Carterknowle Avenue         end of cul de sac                             Carter Knowle      S11 9FU
Castledine Croft           side of 9                                      Brightside         S9 1DW
Castlewood Drive           opp 15                                         Fulwood            S10 4FH
Cat Lane                   jct Northcote Avenue                           Gleadless          S2 3AY
Cat Lane                   Outside Medical Centre                         Gleadless          S2 3AY
Cavendish Avenue           o/s 27 (Jct Ashfurlong Road)                   Dore               S17 3NJ
Cavendish Road             jct Chelsea Road                               Brincliffe         S11 9BR
Cavill Road                jct Abbey View Road                            Norton Woodseats   S8 8RJ
Cawston Road               Opp 17                                         Pitsmoor           S4 7DH
Cawthorne Close            o/s 32                                         Norton Woodseats   S8 0NA
Cedar Road                 Opp jct with Cedar Close                       Stocksbridge       S36 1AS
Cedar Road                 Jcn with Poplar Avenue                         Stocksbridge       S36 1GP
Celandine Court            o/s No 1                                       Bradway            S17 4JL
Challoner Green            opp 15                                         Westfield          S20 8NJ
Challoner Green            o/s No 30                                      Westfield          S20 8NJ
Challoner Way              Jct Westfield Northway                         Westfield          S20 8NL
Challoner Way              Jct Challoner Green                            Westfield          S20 8NJ
Chancet Wood Drive         Jct Abbey Brook Drive                          Greenhill          S8 7UT
Chancet Wood Rise          Opp No. 1                                      Greenhill          S8 7TR
Chantrey Road              o/s 50, nr jct cross Chantey Road              Norton Woodseats   S8 8QW
Chantrey Road              o/s 62                                         Norton Woodseats   S8 8QW
Chapel Walk                Nr Norfolk Street                              City Centre        S1 2JB
Charles Ashmore Road       o/s 12                                         Meadowhead         S8 8GJ
Charles Street             jct Pinstone Street                            City Centre        S1 2HJ
Charlton Drive             o/s 40                                         High Green         S35 3PE
Charlton Hill Rise         o/s 34                                         Burncross          S35 2PU
Charlton Hill Rise         Mount Road                                     Burncross          S35 2WB
Charnley Avenue            jct Charnley Close                             Carter Knowle      S11 9FP
Charnley Avenue            o/s 80 at bottom of cul de sac                 Carter Knowle      S11 9FS
Charnock Dale Road         Opp 1                                          Charnock           S12 3HP
Charnock Hall Road         o/s 68                                         Charnock           S12 3HG
Charnock Wood Road         Jct Arnold Avenue                              Charnock           S12 3HN
Charter Row                opp Trafalgar Street                           City Centre        S1 4JD
Charter Square             o/s Debenhams                                  City Centre        S1 3WZ
Chase Road                 Jct Hanson Road                                Loxley             S6 6RA
Chelsea Court              Jct Chelsea Road                               Brincliffe         S11 9BL
Chelsea Road               jct Union Road                                 Brincliffe         S11 9BP
Cherry Bank Road           jct Cavill Road                                Norton Woodseats   S8 8RB
Cherry Tree Drive          o/s 11/15                                      Nether Edge        S11 9AE
Cherry Tree Road           jct Union Road                                 Nether Edge        S7 1PB
Chessel Close              o/s 14                                         Woodseats          S8 8SS
Chesterfield Road          Heeley Retail Park, jct at lights              Woodseats          S8 0RN
Chesterfield Road          near 273                                       Woodseats          S8 0RT
Chesterfield Road South    Start of Batemoor Road slip road               Batemoor           S8 8EF
Chorley Drive              o/s 60                                         Fulwood            S10 3RR
Chorley Drive              o/s 2                                          Fulwood            S10 3RR
Chorley Road               Stone Delf jct                                 Fulwood            S10 3QX
Chorley Road               Jct Stumperlowe Hall Road                      Fulwood            S10 3QR
Chorley Road               Jct Chorley Place                              Fulwood            S10 3TB
Chorley Road               Jct Canterbury Avenue                          Fulwood            S10 3RU
Church Close               opp 24                                         Oughtibridge       S35 0JP
Church Street              jct Church Close                               Oughtibridge       S35 0ZU
Church Street              jct Whitley Lane                               Ecclesfield        S35 9ZD
Church Street              jct Vicar Lane                                 City Centre        S1 2GL
Churchill Road             jct Winston Avenue                             Stocksbridge       S36 1FN
Cinder Hill Lane           opp Jct Grenfolds Road                         Grenoside          S35 8NG
Cinder Hill Lane           o/s 68                                         Grenoside          S35 8NG
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Claremont Crescent        o/s hospital                                      Broomhill          S10 2TB
Claremont Crescent        Jct Tree Root Walk                                Broomhill          S10 2TA
Claremont Place           Jct Glossop Rd                                    Broomhill          S10 2TB
Clarke Dell               jct Clarkehouse Rd                                Fulwood            S10 2LN
Cliffe Farm Drive         o/s 4                                             Ecclesall          S11 7JW
Cliffe Road               Opp jct with Walkley Terrace                      Walkley            S6 5DR
Cliffefield Road          Top of road, jct with Norton Lees Lane            Meersbrook         S8 9BS
Clough Wood View          Opp 2                                             Oughtibridge       S35 0HZ
Clumber Road              o/s 8                                             Ranmoor            S10 3LE
Coal Pit Lane             jct Ralph Ellis Drive                             Stocksbridge       S36 1AW
Coal Pit Lane             at Stocksbridge Youth Centre entrance             Stocksbridge       S36 1QQ
Cobnar Avenue             o/s 24                                            Norton Woodseats   S8 8RL
Cobnar Road               o/s 54                                            Norton Woodseats   S8 8QB
Cobnar Road               o/s 103 at top of the cul de sac                  Norton Woodseats   S8 8QD
Cobnar Road               Bottom - jct Chesterfield Road                    Norton Woodseats   S8 0RT
Cobnar Road               o/s no 121 - top of road above steps              Norton Woodseats   S8 0RT
Cockayne Place            Jct Cliffe Field Road (bottom)                    Norton Lees        S8 9DL
Cockayne Place            Opp 89                                            Norton Lees        S8 9DG
Cockshutt Drive           jct Westwick Road                                 Greenhill          S8 7BT
Cockshutt Road            jct Crawshaw Avenue/Grove                         Greenhill          S8 7DY
Cockshutts Lane           100yds up on left at Entrance to Coumbes          Oughtibridge       S35 0FX
Coisley Hill              opp 181                                           Woodhouse          S13 7ES
Coldwell Hill             Top of Hill - s/o Low Fold Farm                   Oughtibridge       S35 0HJ
Coldwell Hill             60yds above 3 Coldwell Cottage                    Oughtibridge       S35 0FY
Coldwell Hill             o/s Coldwell House                                Oughtibridge       S35 0FY
Coldwell Hill             o/s Coldwell Farm                                 Oughtibridge       S35 0FY
Coldwell Lane             jct Moorbank Drive                                Crosspool          S10 5TR
Commercial Street         on Supertram Stop                                 City Centre        S1 2AT
Common Side               o/s flats ie 136                                  Walkley            S10 1GG
Constable Close           opp 34                                            Gleadless          S14 1AW
Constable Place           opp 4                                             Gleadless          S14 1BG
Cooks Wood Road           jct Rutland Road                                  Shirecliffe        S3 9PZ
Cooks Wood Road           o/s 65                                            Shirecliffe        S3 9AA
Coppice Rise              Opp no 14                                         Chapeltown
Coronation Road           Opp Jct Rundle Road                               Stocksbridge       S36 1FQ
Cortworth Road            On pavement at steepest part of road              Ecclesall          S11 9LN
Coultas Avenue             o/s 12                                           Deepcar            S36 2PT
Cowley Lane               Outside flats at Cowley Court                     Chapeltown         S35 1SY
Cowley Lane               50m West of opp Jct Nether Lane                   Chapeltown         S35 1SU
Cowley View Road          Outside no 2                                      Chapeltown         S35 1SZ
Cowper Avenue             adj 103 Carrill Road                              Parson Cross       S6 1AG
Crabtree Close            Opp Cannon Hall Road                              Firvale            S5 7BJ
Crabtree Close            Opp Hampton Road                                  Firvale            S5 7AQ
Crabtree Road             o/s Grabtree Grange                               Firvale            S5 7BL
Crabtree Road             Rear of 68 Norwood Road - near Crabtree Lane      Firvale            S5 7BD
Crag View Close           o/s 7                                             Oughtibridge       S35 0GA
Crag View Crescent        S/o 42                                            Oughtibridge       S35 0GD
Cranworth Road            Jct Cranworth Place                               Burngreave         S3 9DT
Crawford Road             jct Cliffefield Road                              Meersbrook         S8 9BS
Crimicar Drive            o/s 47                                            Fulwood            S10 4EF
Crimicar Lane             Jct Crimicar Ave                                  Fulwood            S10 4EQ
Crimicar Lane             Jct Castlewood Road                               Fulwood            S10 4FE
Crofton Avenue            Jct Middlewood Road                               Hillsborough       S6 1TH
Crookes Road              jct Lydgate Lane on island centre of road - o/s   Crookes            S10 5BZ
                          Grindstone Pub
Crookesmoor Drive         o/s 33                                            Upperthorpe        S6 3FX

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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Crookesmoor Road          Jct Highnam Crescent Road                      Upperthorpe        S10 1BJ
Cross Hill Close          adjacent electrical sub station                Ecclesfield        S35 9WW
Cross House Road          Opp 98                                         Grenoside          S35 8RX
Cross Lane                Jct with Green Lane on grassed area            Stocksbridge       S36 1AY
Cross Lane (Crookes)      Jct Forres Road                                Crookes            S10 1WF
Cross Lane (Crookes)      opp 86                                         Crookes            S10 1WL
Crossland Drive           Jct Ridgeway Road                              Gleadless          S12 2JU
Crowland Road             On island                                      Southey Green      S5 7UD
Cruise Road               o/s No 1                                       Fulwood            S11 7ED
Cumberland Crescent       Jct Broadway Ave                               Chapeltown         S35 1RW
Cundy Street              Bottom                                         Walkley            S6 2WJ
Cyprus Road               halfway up road                                Meersbrook         S8 9HF
Dalewood Avenue           o/s 3                                          Beauchief          S8 0EG
Dalewood Drive            jct Dalewood Rd                                Beauchief          S8 0BY
Dalmore Road              Top - jct Montrose Road                        Carter Knowle      S7 2EF
Daresbury Drive           o/s No 48                                      Arbourthorne       S2 2BJ
Darnall Road              o/s Fire Station                               Darnall            S9 5AF
Darnall Road              Jct Barnardiston Road                          Darnall            S9 5AN
Darwin Lane               o/s 110                                        Ranmoor            S10 5RH
Darwin Lane               Darwin close                                   Ranmoor            S10 5RG
Darwin Road               Jcn Overton Road                               Hillsborough       S6 1WD
David Lane                top - at Jct Harrison Lane                     Fulwood            S10 4PH
Dearden Court             o/s no 11                                      Ecclesfield        S35 9ZR
Dearne Court              opp 3                                          Wincobank          S9 1GE
Deepwell Bank             opp 37                                         Halfway            S20 4SN
Deepwell View             against wall opp No 6                          Halfway            S20 4SP
Deer Park Place           Car Park Area                                  Stannington        S6 5NG
Deer Park Road            o/s 277A                                       Stannington        S6 5NR
Deer Park Road            o/s 22-24, access road to rear of flats        Stannington        S6 5NJ
Deer Park View            Car Park                                       Stannington        S6 5NN
Deerlands Avenue          o/s 17                                         Parson Cross       S5 7WQ
Den Bank Close            jct Den Bank Drive                             Sandygate          S10 5PF
Den Bank Drive            o/s 52                                         Sandygate          S10 5PG
Den Bank Drive            Jct Hagg Lane                                  Sandygate          S10 5PJ
Derby Street              top of Penns Road                              Heeley             S2 3NG
Derby Street              Adj Playground, near Flat 246                  Heeley             S2 3NP
Derby Street              jct Heeley Green                               Heeley             S2 3DY
Derbyshire Lane           Jct Norton Lees Crescent                       Meersbrook         S8 8SR
Derbyshire Lane           Jct Norton Lees Lane                           Meersbrook         S8 8SE
Derbyshire Lane           Jct Cobnar Road                                Meersbrook         S8 8QE
Derbyshire Lane           o/s Meersbrook Primary School                  Meersbrook         S8 9EL
Devon Road                o/s Grosvenor Residential Home                 Pitsmoor           S4 7AJ
Devonshire Grove          end of CDS - o/s No. 3                         Abbeydale          S17 3PG
Devonshire Street         nr Forum nightclub                             City Centre        S3 7SF
Dewar Drive               side of 24                                     Carter Knowle      S7 2GQ
Dewar Drive               o/s no 2                                       Carter Knowle      S7 2GQ
Dixon Drive               opp 27                                         Wharncliffe Side   S35 0DG
Dobbin Hill               jct Greystones Drive                           Ringinglow         S11 7JB
Dobcroft Avenue           o/s 126 Abbeydale Road South                   Millhouses         S7 2QR
Don Avenue                OS 29 Top of Steps                             Wharncliffe Side   S35 0DH
Don Road                  Car Park Area - Side of Unit 17                Brightside         S9 2TJ
Dore Close                Dore Road Jct                                  Dore               S17 3NA
Dorothy Road              Jct Upwood Road                                Hillsborough       S6 4FQ
Dorset Street             Suitable location                              Broomhill          S10 2FW
Douglas Road              nr bridge                                      Neepsend           S3 9SR
Dover Street              Jct Dover Gardens                              Netherthorpe       S3 7JB
Dowland Avenue            opp Jct Taverner Way                           High Green         S35 4LA
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Dowland Avenue             Top (Jct Greaves Lane)                             High Green      S35 4DE
Dransfield Close           os jct Dransfield Rd                               Crosspool       S10 5RL
Dryden Road                Jct Southey Hill - (o/s No 1)                      Southey Green   S5 8BA
Dryden Road                Jct Southey Hill (o/s No. 78)                      Southey Green   S5 8HJ
Duke Street                opp No 10                                          Mosborough      S20 5DG
Duncombe Street            Bottom of Street (Walkley Street end)              Walkley         S6 3RJ
Dunkerley Road             o/s 17                                             Loxley          S6 6RB
Dwarriden Lane             200m from jct with Canyards Hills Lane on          Bolsterstone
                           sharp bend.
Dyche Drive                end of cul de sac - Front of Chantry Tower block   Jordanthorpe    S8 8DN
Dyche Road                 In shopping precinct car park                      Jordanthorpe    S8 8DX
Dykes Lane                 jct Hibberd Road                                   Hillsborough    S6 4RE
Dykewood Drive             jct Worrall Road                                   Hillsborough    S6 4BD
Dykewood Drive             side of lamp 026171                                Hillsborough    S6 4BD
Dykewood Drive             Opp SL 026174 (2nd bin in from Worrall Road)       Hillsborough    S6 1RJ
Dykewood Drive             Opp 1 to 5 on bend                                 Hillsborough    S6 4BD
Dykewood Drive             Opp 75 & SL 086808                                 Hillsborough    S6 4DD
Eagleton Drive             Rear of 8 - in turning head                        High Green      S35 4GQ
Eagleton Drive             Opp 4                                              High Green      S35 4DS
Eagleton Rise              (against fence, side of No 8 - in turning head)    High Green      S35 4DR
Earl Marshal Road          jct Grimesthorpe Road on island                    Grimesthorpe    S4 8FB
Earl Marshal Road          Opp Whiteways Road                                 Grimesthorpe    S4 8LB
Earldom Close              o/s 4                                              Pitsmoor        S4 7GA
East Bank Road             jct East Road                                      Arbourthorne    S2 3PQ
East Coast Road            Farady Road Jct                                    Brightside      S9 3XN
East Glade Avenue          o/s 35                                             Hackenthorpe    S12 4QH
East Glade Way             opp 11                                             Hackenthorpe    S12 4QT
Eastcroft Way              Jct Shortbrook Close                               Westfield       S20 8JN
Eastern Avenue             o/s driving centre                                 Arbourthorne    S2 2FZ
Eastern Avenue             Opp East Bank Place                                Arbourthorne    S2 2GS
Eastern Drive              Jct Eastern Walk                                   Arbourthorne    S2 3WN
Eastwood                   opp 20                                             Middlewood      S6 1TU
Eastwood                   opp 10                                             Middlewood      S6 1TU
Ecclesall Road South       o/s Broomcroft House                               Ecclesall       S11 9PY
Eckington Way              Jct Station Road Rbt - in front of New Housing     Halfway         S20 8GD
Edale Road                 o/s 6                                              Ecclesall       S11 7PG
Edale Road                 Jct High Storrs Drive                              Ecclesall       S11 7LL
Eden Drive                 opp 25                                             Loxley          S6 6TE
Edenthorpe Grove           o/s 8                                              Waterthorpe     S20 6TG
Edenthorpe Grove           o/s 12                                             Waterthorpe     S20 6TG
Edge Lane                  Fox Hill Road Jn                                   Fox Hill        S6 1BL
Edge Lane                  Nr garages opp Edge Close                          Fox Hill        S6 1BL
Edge Well Close            Nr garages                                         Fox Hill        S6 1FF
Edge Well Rise             in cul de sac - o/s 7                              Fox Hill        S6 1FB
Edgebrook Road             jct Union Road                                     Nether Edge     S7 1SD
Edgehill Road              jct Brincliffe Edge Road                           Nether Edge     S11 9BW
Edward Street              O/S Stocksbridge Legionairres Club Opp No 10       Stocksbridge    S36 1BA
Edwin Road                 jct Penns Road                                     Gleadless       S2 3NA
Edwin Road                 top of cul de sac nr flats 23-29                   Gleadless       S2 3ND
Elcroft Gardens            o/s 8                                              Sothall         S20 1GY
Elliot Lane                Penistone Road jct                                 Grenoside       S35 8NA
Elliot Lane                o/s Whitley Hall Hotel                             Grenoside       S35 8NR
Elliott Road               Jct Crookesmoor Road                               Crookes         S6 3FS
Embankment Road            o/s 7                                              Crookes         S10 1EZ
Emerson Crescent           o/s 128                                            Southey Green   S5 7SX
Endcliffe Vale Avenue      between 12/14 at top of cul de sac                 Fulwood         S11 8RX

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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Endcliffe Vale Road        opp No 16                                        Fulwood            S10 3EN
Endcliffe Vale Road        Jn The Glade/The Glen                            Fulwood            S10 3FN
Erskine Crescent           opp 172 in parking area                          Arbourthorne       S2 3LR
Essendine Crescent         jct Ketton Avenue                                Norton Woodseats   S8 8PB
Europa Link                Jct Europa Court                                 Tinsley            S9 1XE
Evelyn Road                Jct Ryegate Crescent                             Fulwood            S10 5FE
Everard Avenue             o/s 71                                           Bradway            S17 4LY
Everingham Place           o/s 20                                           Southey Green      S5 7JY
Everingham Road            Nr old peoples bungalow's                        Southey Green      S5 7LA
Everton Road               jct Rossington Road                              Brincliffe         S11 8RY
Evesham Close              Turning area by houses                           Wincobank          S9 1JU
Exchange Street            Opp jct with Castle Street on Waingate           City Centre        S2 5TR
Eyre Street                o/s Fire Station                                 City Centre        S1 4QZ
Eyre Street                jct Matilda Street                               City Centre        S1 4QY
Fairbarn Drive             Jct Fairbarn Place                               Stannington        S6 5QL
Fairbarn Drive             Side of entrance to drying area, block 1-23      Stannington        S6 5QH
Fairbarn Road              o/s 14                                           Stannington        S6 5PP
Fairbarn Road              Colby Place Jct                                  Stannington        S6 5PQ
Fairfax Road               jct Harborough Avenue                            Manor              S2 1BP
Fairfax Road               jct Prince of Wales Road                         Manor              S2 1BQ
Fairhurst Lane             Jct Carr House Lane o/s Fairhurst Farm           Stocksbridge       S35 0DE
Fairthorn Road             nr jct with Sicey Avenue & Foremark Road         Firth Park         S5 6LX
Falkland Road              o/s No 4                                         Ecclesall          S11 7PL
Falstaff Road              o/s 19                                           Parson Cross       S5 8DF
Far Lane                   Jct Wadsley Lane                                 Hillsborough       S6 4ED
Far View Road              Jct Swanbourne Road                              Southey Green      S5 7TA
Farm Bank Road             o/s 79                                           Norfolk Park       S2 2RW
Farm Road                  jct Norfolk Park Road                            Highfield          S2 2RL
Farm View Drive            opp 5                                            Hackenthorpe       S12 4JE
Fellbrigg Road             o/s 28                                           Arbourthorne       S2 2GX
Fern Road                  o/s 39 in recess                                 Walkley            S6 5AX
Ferrars Road               nr Highgate                                      Wincobank          S9 1SA
Fife Street                Fife Way                                         Wincobank          S9 1NP
Fife Way                   End of c.d.s                                     Wincobank          S9 1QB
Finchwell Crescent         o/s 32                                           Handsworth         S13 9DE
Fir Street                 jct Bank House Road                              Walkley            S6 3TH
Firshill Crescent          o/s Flats 933/939                                Pitsmoor           S4 7DW
Firshill Crescent          Jct Firshill Avenue                              Pitsmoor           S4 7AA
Firshill Croft             Opp 17                                           Pitsmoor           S4 7BQ
Firshill Croft             Main Entrance to Firshill Croft - (Bin 1 of 2)   Pitsmoor           S4 7BS
Firshill Croft             Main entrance to Firshill Croft - (Bin 2 of 2)   Pitsmoor           S4 7BS
Firth Park Road            o/s library                                      Firth Park         S5 6WS
Fitzalan Square            in the square, at the taxi rank                  City Centre        S1 2AY
Fitzalan Square            Jct Barkers Hill (o/s ex post office)            City Centre        S1 2AY
Fitzwalter Road            o/s 100 (on bend)                                Norfolk Park       S2 2SP
Fitzwalter Road            o/s 104                                          Norfolk Park       S2 2SP
Fitzwilliam Gate           Jct Bishop Street - o/s Wickes                   City Centre        S1 4JQ
Flash Lane                 Bottom - Jct Riggs High Road                     Dungworth          S6 6GR
Fleury Road                jct Spring Close Mount                           Gleadless          S14 1QZ
Flockton Drive             Halfway along                                    Handsworth         S13 9QT
Flockton Road              jct Beaver Hill Road                             Handsworth         S13 9QB
Folds Lane                 o/s 89A jct Dalewood Road                        Beauchief          S8 0ER
Footgate Close             o/s 29 & 30 - end of c.d.s                       Oughtibridge       S35 0JA
Footgate Close             jct Birks Wood Drive                             Oughtibridge       S35 0HY
Ford Road                  o/s 1 - Jct Tullibardine Road                    Greystones         S11 7GZ
Fort Hill Road             jct Sandstone Avenue                             Wincobank          S9 1BB
Fossdale Road              Dovedale Road jct (o/s school)                   Nether Edge        S7 2DA
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                  Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Fox Glen Road                 Armitage Road                                       Deepcar        S36 2PW
Fox Glen Road                 Junction with Heath Road                            Deepcar        S36 2PX
Fox Lane                      Nr Thornbridge Drive                                Frecheville    S12 4XE
Foxhall Lane                  between Old May House and New May House             Ringinglow     S10 4QA
Fraser Close                  o/s 18                                              Woodseats      S8 0JA
Fraser Drive                  opp 1                                               Woodseats      S8 0JG
Fraser Road                   o/s The Sheaf Pub, Above jct Periwood Lane          Woodseats      S8 0JP
Fraser Road                   Opp Jct Holmhirst Drive                             Woodseats      S8 0JJ
Fraser Road                   Opposite 147                                        Woodseats      S8 0JN
Frederick Drive               jct Bower Lane                                      Grenoside      S35 8NS
Frederick Road                Opp 18                                              Nether Edge    S7 1GA
Freedom Court                 Flats, (top side of 217)                            Walkley        S6 2TU
Freedom Road                  o/s 75                                              Walkley        S6 2XA
Freedom Road                  Nr steep section at top of road                     Walkley        S6 2NA
Frickley Road                 o/s No 52                                           Ranmoor        S11 7EX
Frith Close                   opp 12                                              Intake         S12 2ET
Fulmer Road                   o/s 5                                               Ecclesall      S11 8UF
Fulmer Road                   side of 55 - on footpath to Penrhyn Road            Ecclesall      S11 8UF
Fulney Road                   Hangingwater Road end                               Ranmoor        S11 7ER
Fulney Road                   Westwood Road end                                   Ranmoor        S11 7EW
Fulton Road                   o/s No 8 nr Daniel Hill Street                      Walkley        S6 3JN
Fulton Road                   opp 148                                             Walkley        S6 3JP
Fulwood Road                  Opp Tom Lane                                        Fulwood        S10 3QA
Fulwood Road                  Side of The Rising Sun PH                           Fulwood        S10 3QA
Fulwood Road                  Opp Fulwood Chase                                   Fulwood        S10 3QB
Furnace Hill                  jct Scotland Street                                 Shalesmoor     S3 7DB
Furness Close                 Bottom                                              Stannington    S6 6AX
Furness Road                  jct Ashwood Road                                    High Green     S35 4EZ
Furniss Avenue                opp 93                                              Totley         S17 3QN
Furniss Avenue                on verge opp No 8                                   Totley         S17 3QL
Furnival Gate                 Rbt jct Arundel Gate - central reservation - (Bin   City Centre    S1 4SL
                              1 of 2)
Furnival Gate                 R'bt Jct Eyre Street - central reservation (Bin 2   City Centre    S1 4QP
                              of 2)
Furnival Gate                 jct Matilda Way                                     City Centre    S1 4QP
Galley Drive                  opp 43 - jct Hill Top Crescent                      Waterthorpe    S20 7JA
Galsworthy Road               o/s 8                                               Parson Cross   S5 8QX
Garden Street                 o/s Imprints (32-38)                                City Centre    S1 4BJ
Garland Drive                 jct Alders Green                                    Loxley         S6 6SS
Garland Way                   Jct Westfield Southway                              Westfield      S20 8JF
Gaunt Close                   bordering parking area - end of cul de sac -        Gleadless      S14 1GF
                              outside 44
Gaunt Place                   end of cul de sac                                   Gleadless      S14 1GZ
Gaunt Road                    opp Gaunt Drive Jct                                 Gleadless      S14 1GE
Gaunt Way                     Opp no 7                                            Gleadless      S14 1GX
Gayton Road                   o/s SCC premises                                    Pitsmoor       S4 7DB
Gilleyfield Avenue            Devonshire Road Jn                                  Dore           S17 3NU
Gleadless Bank                jct Gleadless Avenue                                Gleadless      S12 2QJ
Gleadless Road                Jct Kent Road - o/s Pub                             Gleadless      S2 3AH
Gleadless Road                Hurlfield Hill - opp 687                            Gleadless      S14 1QP
Gleadless Road                jct Leighton Road                                   Gleadless      S14 1PR
Gleadless Road                opp Blackstock Road                                 Gleadless      S2 2BS
Gleadless Road                jct Gleadless Bank                                  Gleadless      S12 2QD
Gleadless Road                Nr 793b in car park                                 Gleadless      S12 2LG
Gleadless Road                o/s 475 - nr Daresbury Road                         Gleadless      S2 3AS
Gleadless Road                nr Housing Office/Library at Newfield Green         Gleadless      S2 2BT
Glebelands Road                o/s 63 on corner                                   Stocksbridge   S36 1BG
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Glebelands Road           Near playground at the top                     Stocksbridge       S36 1BH
Glen View Road            opp No 2                                       Greenhill          S8 7SF
Glen View Road            o/s 39 - jct Meadowhead Avenue                 Greenhill          S8 7SF
Glenalmond Road           Jct Dobbin Hill                                Greystones         S11 7JE
Glencoe Road              Jct Talbot Place                               Hyde Park          S2 2SR
Glenmore Croft            Head of Cul de Sac                             Intake             S12 2DS
Glenorchy Road            Jct Montrose Road                              Nether Edge        S7 2EE
Glenwood Crescent         opp 105                                        Chapeltown         S35 1YU
Glenwood Crescent         bottom, nr no.122                              Chapeltown         S35 1YX
Glover Road               jct Baslow Road                                Totley             S17 4HN
Goathland Drive           opp 17                                         Woodhouse          S13 7TD
Goathland Road            o/s 15                                         Woodhouse          S13 7RS
Goddard Avenue            jct Winston Avenue                             Stocksbridge       S36 1LD
Goddard Hall Road         o/s 21                                         Firvale            S5 7AP
Goodwin Road              Jct Thirlwell Road                             Meersbrook         S8 9TF
Graham Road               Jct Gladstone Road                             Ranmoor            S10 3HT
Granby Road               opp 8                                          Firvale            S5 6WD
Grange Farm Drive         o/s 19                                         Worrall            S35 0BD
Grange Farm Drive         jct Kirk Edge Avenue                           Worrall            S35 0BA
Grange Road               o/s 17 nr Jct High Street                      Beighton           S20 1BY
Granville Road            jct City Road                                  Hyde Park          S2 5HP
Grassington Drive         Outside 6                                      Hackenthorpe       S12 4NE
Grassington Way           o/s 44                                         Chapeltown         S35 2ER
Grassmoor Close           o/s 4                                          Intake             S12 2TX
Gray Street               Jct of Andover Street                          Burngreave         S3 9EL
Grayson Close             Outside No 2                                   Stocksbridge       S36 2BJ
Greaves Close             Jct Greaves Lane                               Stannington        S6 6AZ
Greaves Lane              20metres above Recycling Site                  High Green         S35 4GR
Greaves Lane              Opp 103                                        Stannington        S6 6BE
Greaves Lane              Below 125                                      Stannington        S6 6BD
Greaves Lane              o/s 76                                         Stannington        S6 6BA
Green Lane                opp 20                                         Wharncliffe Side   S35 0EL
Green Lane                Storth Lane Jn                                 Wharncliffe Side   S35 0EJ
Green Oak Road            (flats) opp 87                                 Totley             S17 4FT
Green Oak Road            o/s 1                                          Totley             S17 4FP
Green Oak Road            Opp Aldam Croft Jct                            Totley             S17 4GF
Green Street              Opposite No 92                                 Stocksbridge       S36 2PZ
Greenhead Lane            Nr Burncross Road                              Chapeltown         S35 1TG
Greenhill Main Road       nr Meadowhead roundabout next to Toilets       Greenhill          S8 7RH
Greenhill Road            opp 44 - top of cul de sac                     Greenhill          S8 7UD
Greenhow Street           o/s 114                                        Walkley            S6 3TP
Greenhow Street           O/S No 142                                     Walkley            S6 3TN
Greenwood Crescent        opp 42                                         Littledale         S9 4HE
Greenwood Road            Jct Worrall Road                               High Green         S35 3GU
Greno Crescent            Opp Co-op Pharmacy                             Grenoside          S35 8LY
Grenobank Road            jct Grenfolds Road                             Grenoside          S35 8NU
Grenoside Mount           Side of no 1                                   Grenoside          S35 8SL
Gresley Road              Entrance to hall (opp 31)                      Lowedges           S8 7HH
Greystones Close          o/s 13                                         Greystones         S11 7JT
Greystones Close          o/s 73                                         Greystones         S11 7JT
Greystones Close          o/s 33                                         Greystones         S11 7JT
Greystones Close          o/s 2                                          Greystones         S11 7JU
Greystones Close          o/s 91                                         Greystones         S11 7JT
Greystones Crescent       o/s 10                                         Greystones         S11 7JN
Greystones Crescent       o/s 31                                         Greystones         S11 7JN
Greystones Grange         o/s 6                                          Greystones         S11 7JL
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Greystones Grange Road    o/s 30                                         Greystones         S11 7JJ
Greystones Hall Road      Jct Bingham Park Crescent                      Greystones         S11 7BH
Greystones Hall Road      o/s 59, jct Bingham Park Road                  Greystones         S11 7BA
Greystones Rise           o/s 12                                         Greystones         S11 7JP
Greystones Road           o/s nursing home just above 144                Greystones         S11 7BR
Greystones Road           on bend near High Storrs Road                  Greystones         S11 7BW
Grimesthorpe Road         Side of 279 by steps                           Grimesthorpe       S4 7EX
Grimsell Crescent         o/s 38                                         Fox Hill           S6 1AQ
Grindlow Close            opp 2-28                                       Gleadless          S14 1PE
Grindlow Drive            50 yds from Calow Road                         Gleadless          S14 1PF
Grouse Croft              outside 1                                      Walkley            S6 2QU
Guest Road                Penrhyn Road o/s 31                            Greystones         S11 8UJ
Guildford Avenue          opp 14 near Jct Park Grange Road               Norfolk Park       S2 2PJ
Guildford View            in front of flats 1-41                         Norfolk Park       S2 2NZ
Hadfield Street           o/s 118 nr lamp                                Walkley            S6 3RS
Hadfield Street           o/s 16                                         Walkley            S6 3RR
Hagg Hill                 half way up on the left                        Walkley            S10 5PY
Hagg Hill                 Jct Bole Hill Road                             Walkley            S10 5PY
Hagg Lane                 o/s 48                                         Stannington        S10 5PJ
Hagg Lane                 Jct Den Bank Crescent                          Stannington        S10 5PJ
Hagg Lane                 o/s 2 Hagg Cottages                            Stannington        S10 5PX
Haggstones Drive          Opp 3                                          Oughtibridge       S35 0GL
Haggstones Road           Jct Boggard Lane                               Worrall            S35 0LN
Halfway Drive             in Blackberry Hamlet Car Park opp No. 42       Halfway            S20 4TD
Halifax Road              Fox Hill Road Jn                               Grenoside          S6 1HB
Halifax Road              Doe Royd Lane jct                              Grenoside          S6 1AA
Halifax Road              jct Southey Green Road nr White Horse          Grenoside          S6 1LH
Halifax Road              Jct Deerlands Avenue                           Grenoside          S6 1AB
Halifax Road              Jct with Chaucer Road                          Grenoside          S6 1AB
Hall Meadow Drive         o/s 15                                         Halfway            S20 4XE
Hall Park Head            aside flats 2-48                               Stannington        S6 5QT
Hall Park Head            aside flats 50-80                              Stannington        S6 6DS
Hall Park Hill            Adj 58                                         Stannington        S6 5QU
Hall Road                 Jct Chestnut Avenue                            Handsworth         S9 4AG
Hall Road                 Jct Larch Hill                                 Handsworth         S9 4AG
Hall Wood Road            opp 50                                         Burncross          S35 1TS
Hallam Chase              in cul de sac                                  Sandygate          S10 5SW
Hallam Grange Close       Near end of Close                              Fulwood            S10 4BN
Hallam Grange Crescent    o/s 94                                         Fulwood            S10 4BB
Hallam Grange Crescent    opp 51                                         Fulwood            S10 4BD
Hallam Grange Croft       opp 16                                         Fulwood            S10 4BP
Hallam Grange Croft       Traffic Island jct Hallam Grange Crescent      Fulwood            S10 4BD
Hallam Grange Rise        o/s 18                                         Fulwood            S10 4BG
Hallam Grange Rise        Jct Hallam Grange Crescent                     Fulwood            S10 4BA
Hallam Grange Rise        o/s YEDL sub-station (betw 101-103)            Fulwood            S10 4BE
Hallam Grange Road        o/s 15                                         Fulwood            S10 4BH
Hallamgate Road           Jct Tapton House Road                          Crookes            S10 5BT
Hallamshire Close         o/s 15                                         Fulwood            S10 4FJ
Hallamshire Close         Opp no 3                                       Fulwood            S10 4FJ
Hallamshire Drive         jct Hallamshire Rd                             Fulwood            S10 4FP
Halliwell Crescent        o/s 112                                        Parson Cross       S5 8LX
Hallyburton Close         o/s 3                                          Arbourthorne       S2 3BQ
Hamilton Road             Outside 4                                      Firvale            S5 6WH
Hammerton Close           o/s 16                                         Walkley            S6 2NF
Hammerton Road            Near to Police Station                         Hillsborough       S6 2NA
Hampton Road              o/s 46                                         Firvale            S5 7AN
Hampton Road              Jct Firvale place                              Firvale            S5 7AN
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Hands Road                Verge adj 8                                    Crookes            S10 1NB
Handsworth Avenue         o/s 117                                        Handsworth         S9 4BU
Handsworth Road           Jct Willow Drive                               Handsworth         S9 4AA
Hangingwater Close        nr end of c-d-s                                Fulwood            S11 7FH
Hangingwater Road         above bridge on l/h side                       Fulwood            S11 7FE
Hangingwater Road         jct Graham Road                                Fulwood            S10 3GP
Hanley Close              outside 10                                     Hackenthorpe       S12 4NP
Harbord Road              o/s No 45                                      Meadowhead         S8 0BB
Harbury Street            End of CDS                                     Woodhouse          S13 9WW
Harcourt Crescent         Jct Harcourt Road                              Crookes            S10 1DG
Harcourt Rise             o/s 14                                         Chapeltown         S35 1QD
Harcourt Road             o/s 109                                        Crookes            S10 1DH
Harleston Street          Halfway between East Earsham Street &          Pitsmoor           S4 7QB
                          Forncett Street
Harold Street             jct Wales Place                                Walkley            S6 3PU
Harris Road               just below No. 4                               Hillsborough       S6 1WA
Harrison Road             s/o 8                                          Hillsborough       S6 4NA
Hartley Brook Avenue      o/s 138                                        Shiregreen         S5 0HP
Harvey Clough Road        o/s 145                                        Woodseats          S8 8PG
Harvey Clough Road        jct Woodland Road                              Woodseats          S8 8PD
Harwood Close             Opp 14                                         Highfield          S2 4SR
Hastilar Close            On pebbled area - adj 44                       Manor              S2 1PG
Hastings Mount            outside 6                                      Millhouses         S7 2GX
Hatfield House Lane       o/s Verdant Way Housing Office                 Shiregreen         S5 6LE
Hathersage Road           jct Grindleford Road                           Dore               S11 7TY
Hathersage Road           Approx 0.3 miles from Stoney Ridge Road        Dore               S11 7TW
Haugh Lane                Opp jct Hoober Road                            Ecclesall          S11 9SA
Hawkins Avenue            jct Raleigh Drive, nr lamp                     Burncross          S35 1TU
Hawksley Rise             (private) opp 32                               Oughtibridge       S35 0JB
Hawley Street             opp 35 (1 of 2)                                City Centre        S1 2EA
Hawley Street             opp 47-57 (2 of 2)                             City Centre        S1 2EA
Hawthorn Road             opp 78                                         Hillsborough       S6 4LH
Hawthorne Street          Jct Walkley Bank Road                          Walkley            S6 5AN
Haybrook Court            Nr Jct Grove Road                              Totley             S17 4DJ
Hayfield Drive            Jct Hayfield Crescent                          Frecheville        S12 4XF
Hayfield Place            Jct Hayfield Drive                             Frecheville        S12 4XG
Haywood Avenue            30 yards from New Road                         Deepcar            S36 2RL
Haywood Lane              Outside No 2A (Holly Lodge)                    Stocksbridge       S36 2QQ
Haywood Lane              Opposite Water Trough (Jct Manchester Road)    Stocksbridge       S36 2QY
Hazelshaw Gardens FP      Outside 21 off Hurst Green                     High Green         S35 4NG
Hazlebarrow Crescent      Front of flats 72-88                           Jordanthorpe       S8 8AQ
Hazlebarrow Grove         Front of flats 38-54                           Jordanthorpe       S8 8AT
Heath Road                jct Maidstone Road                             Wadsley            S6 1JR
Heavygate Road            bottom - 150 yds below Joseph Road             Walkley            S10 1PE
Heavygate Road            Jct Aldred Road                                Walkley            S10 1PH
Heavygate Road            o/s 339 Heavygate Road                         Walkley            S10 1QD
Heeley Bank Road          o/s school opp Moffat Road                     Lowfield           S2 3GL
Heeley Green              car park to rear of 27 - off Denmark Road      Heeley Green       S2 3DY
Helliwell Lane            opp 53                                         Stocksbridge       S36 2NH
Helliwell Lane            opp 39                                         Stocksbridge       S36 2QH
Helmton Drive             o/s 40                                         Norton Woodseats   S8 8QN
Helmton Road              opp 81                                         Norton Woodseats   S8 8QL
Helston Rise              o/s 98 Springfield Road                        Millhouses         S7 2GF
Hemper Lane               o/s Library                                    Greenhill          S8 7FE
Hemsworth Road            in rise nr golf club                           Woodseats          S8 8LL
Herdings View             Outside 38                                     Gleadless          S12 2LF
Herdings View             Adj 2                                          Gleadless          S12 2LF
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Herries Road               o/s hospital gates                             Firvale            S5 7AS
Herries Road               o/s 575                                        Firvale            S5 8TN
Herries Road               Above Jct Norwood Road                         Firvale            S5 7DA
Heyhouse Drive             Opp Jcn Heyhouse Way                           Chapeltown         S35 3AN
Hibberd Place              o/s 25                                         Wisewood           S6 4RF
High Matlock Avenue        o/s 59/61 (New houses)                         Stannington        S6 6EG
High Matlock Avenue        jct Leawood Place,                             Stannington        S6 6FR
High Matlock Road          o/s 64                                         Stannington        S6 6AT
High Storrs Close          Above 2 on corner                              Greystones         S11 7LJ
High Storrs Crescent       opp 45                                         Greystones         S11 7JY
High Storrs Crescent       o/s 56                                         Greystones         S11 7JZ
High Storrs Drive          o/s 3                                          Greystones         S11 7LL
High Storrs Drive          jct Mylor Road                                 Greystones         S11 7LL
High Storrs Rise           entrance to Hornby Flats - opp No 2            Greystones         S11 7LA
High Storrs Road           jct Greystones Rd                              Greystones         S11 7LE
High Storrs Road           jct Highcliffe Road                            Greystones         S11 7LG
High Trees                 between 22-25                                  Dore               S17 3GF
High View                  in Cul de Sac                                  Firvale            S5 8YE
Highcliffe Drive           Jct Greystones Road                            Greystones         S11 7LU
Highcliffe Drive           o/s 27                                         Greystones         S11 7LT
Highcliffe Road            opp 109                                        Greystones         S11 7LQ
Highcliffe Road            jct Greystones Rd                              Greystones         S11 7BY
Highfield Rise             o/s 44 off Bankfield                           Stannington        S6 6BT
Hill Top Rise              Jct Hill Top Road                              Grenoside          S35 8PD
Hill Turrets Close         o/s 38                                         Parkhead           S11 9RE
Hill Turrets Close         between Kenilworth Court and Montrose Court    Parkhead           S11 9RF
Hill Turrets Close         opp Kenilworth Court                           Parkhead           S11 9RF
Hill Turrets Close         opp 23                                         Parkhead           S11 9RE
Hillcote Close             o/s no 1                                       Fulwood            S10 3PT
Hillcrest Rise             o/s 15                                         Stocksbridge       S36 2QJ
Hillcrest Road             opp 17                                         Stocksbridge       S36 2QL
Hillfoot Road              Above Crown Inn                                Totley             S17 4AP
Hillfoot Road              Opp Church of England School                   Totley             S17 4AP
Hills Road                 o/s 22 on the verge                            Stocksbridge       S36 2QN
Hillside Avenue            o/s 38                                         Ecclesfield        S5 9GL
Hinde House Lane           jct Willoughby Street                          Firvale            S4 8GX
Hindewood Close            jct Hinde House Lane                           Firvale            S4 8HD
Hole House Lane            jct Edward Street                              Stocksbridge       S36 1BN
Holkham Rise               o/s 11                                         Whirlow            S11 9QT
Hollin House Lane          Jct West Lane                                  Bradfield          S6 6SN
Hollindale Drive           o/s 25                                         Intake             S12 2EP
Holling Croft              Jct Haywood Lane                               Stocksbridge       S36 2QF
Hollins Drive              o/s 35                                         Stannington        S6 5GP
Hollins Lane               opp Holly Bush pub                             Stannington        S6 5GQ
Hollins Lane               o/s 1                                          Stannington        S6 5GQ
Hollinsend Avenue          opp 7                                          Intake             S12 2EL
Hollinsend Road            jct Ridgeway Road - opp No's 253/255           Intake             S12 2EE
Hollinsend Road            cul de sac nr Gleadless Road                   Intake             S12 2LG
Hollinsend Road            jct Alnwick Road, o/s Hollin Bush pub          Intake             S12 2EG
Hollis Croft               Jct Solly Street                               City Centre        S1 4BB
Holly House Lane           o/s cottage at the top                         Grenoside          S35 8PG
Holly Street               s/o City Hall near Division Street             City Centre        S1 4GF
Holly Street               Near Jct West Street                           City Centre        S1 4EQ
Hollybank Road             o/s Community Centre                           Intake             S12 2BW
Hollythorpe Road           jct Thorpe House Avenue                        Meersbrook         S8 9NF
Holmesfield Road           opp 5                                          Oughtibridge       S35 0GT
Holmesfield Road           Jct Cowley Road (Top)                          Oughtibridge       S35 0GT
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Holmhirst Close           opp 12                                              Woodseats      S8 0GY
Holmhirst Road            jct Holmhirst Drive                                 Woodseats      S8 0GX
Holmhirst Way             Jct Holmhirst Drive - near Garages                  Woodseats      S8 0GZ
Holtwood Road             Top - o/s 19                                        Pitsmoor       S4 7BA
Holy Green                Jct The Moor                                        City Centre    S1 4JA
Holywell Heights          Opposite no 42                                      Brightside     S4 8AG
Holywell Heights          Front of Lower Holywell no's 7 - 8                  Brightside     S4 8AG
Homestead Close           o/s 12                                              Shiregreen     S5 0NE
Hoober Road               o/s 9                                               Ecclesall      S11 9SF
Hoole Road                Jct Pisgah House Road                               Broomhill      S10 5BJ
Hoole Street              o/s bungalow No 113 half way up                     Walkley        S6 2WQ
Hoole Street              Jct South Road                                      Walkley        S6 3TB
Hope Road                 Jct Beely Road                                      Oughtibridge   S35 0GU
Hope Street               Opp 3                                               Stocksbridge   S36 1BR
Hopedale Road             o/s 58                                              Frecheville    S12 4XP
Horndean Road             Middle                                              Firth Park     S5 6UA
Horner Close              jct Park Drive                                      Stocksbridge   S36 1LN
Horninglow Road           Front of OAP flats jct Barnsley Road                Firth Park     S5 6SJ
Horninglow Road           o/s 221 near the green                              Firth Park     S5 6SG
Howson Road               bottom of road                                      Stocksbridge   S36 2RL
Howson Road               top of road                                         Stocksbridge   S36 2PZ
Humphrey Road             Outside No 8                                        Greenhill      S8 7SE
Hunshelf Park             top of gennel, opp 27-29                            Stocksbridge   S36 2BT
Hunshelf Road             Pea Royd Lane Jn                                    Stocksbridge   S36 2BU
Hunter Hill Road          Jct Roach Road                                      Greystones     S11 8UA
Hunter Hill Road          Jct Pinner Road                                     Greystones     S11 8UE
Hunter House Road         Jct Junction Road                                   Sharrow        S11 8XA
Hunter House Road         o/s 107                                             Sharrow        S11 8TX
Hunters Lane              Opp no 17                                           Richmond       S13 8LA
Huntingdon Crescent       o/s No 2, jct Sharrow Lane                          Sharrow        S11 8AQ
Huntingdon Crescent       opp 56, jct Sharrow Lane                            Sharrow        S11 8AX
Hurlfield Road            Access road to Hurlfield House (290) - bin 1 of 2   Gleadless      S2
Hurlfield Road            Access road to Hurlfield House (290) - bin 2 of 2   Gleadless      S2
Hutcliffe Drive           jct Hutcliffe Wood Road                             Millhouses     S8 0EW
Hutcliffe Wood Road       Nr shops                                            Millhouses     S8 0EX
Hyde Park Terrace         Harold Lambert Court                                Hyde Park      S2 5JH
Hyde Park Terrace         opp No 25                                           Hyde Park      S2 5LW
Hyde Park Walk            end of cul de sac (top of steps)                    Hyde Park      S2 5LY
Idsworth Road             o/s the old cinema                                  Firvale        S4 8JE
Industry Street           outside 142                                         Walkley        S6 2WX
Industry Street           outside 46                                          Walkley        S6 2WW
Ingfield Avenue           o/s community centre                                Tinsley        S9 1WZ
Ironside Road             opp 25/27                                           Gleadless      S14 1FF
Ironside Road             o/s 188 - 210                                       Gleadless      S14 1FF
Ironstone Crescent        opp 17                                              High Green     S35 3XZ
Ironstone Drive           Ironstone Crescent - Side of 62 Ironstone           High Green     S35 3XW
Ironstone Drive           Opp 51                                              High Green     S35 3XZ
Ironstone Drive           Adj 38                                              High Green     S35 3XZ
Ivanhoe Road              jct Rivelin Park Road                               Stannington    S6 5FT
James Walton Court        Jct James Walton Drive                              Westfield      S20 3GY
Jardine Close             Bottom junction with Jardine Street                 Wincobank      S9 1PS
Jaunty Lane               Welwyn Court Car Park                               Basegreen      S12 3DL
Jedburgh Drive            jct Stanwell Walk                                   Wincobank      S9 1QD
Jenkin Drive              Junction with Jenkin Close                          Wincobank      S9 1AR
Jenkin Road               Spare Land Opp 443                                  Wincobank      S5 6AS
Jenkin Road               Ridge View Drive                                    Wincobank      S9 1EF
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Jenkin Road               Opp 172                                        Wincobank          S9 1AW
Jepson Road               jct Leedham Road                               Wincobank          S5 6AH
John Calvert Road         o/s 68 end of cul de sac                       Woodhouse          S13 7PW
John Calvert Road         o/s No 21                                      Woodhouse          S13 7PU
Johnson Street            Jct Edward Street                              Stocksbridge       S36 1BX
Johnson Street            Medical Centre - Car Park                      Stocksbridge       S36 1FY
Jordanthorpe View         Jct Jordranthorpe Parkway                      Jordanthorpe       S8 8DY
Joseph Road               o/s 9                                          Walkley            S6 3RZ
Joseph Road               Bottom of Cul De Sac - o/s No's 18-35          Walkley            S6 3JP
Julian Road               Roman Ridge Road ind Estate - o/s Unit 18 -    Wincobank          S9 1FZ
                          side of Brook Bakery - near Jct Julian Way
Jumble Lane               Buttterthwaite Lane Jct (on small island)      Ecclesfield        S35 9XJ
Kent Road                 opp jct Nicholson Road                         Heeley             S8 9RH
Keppel Road               O/S No 33                                      Shiregreen         S5 0TW
Keswick Close             end of cul de sac o/s 10/11                    Loxley             S6 6TD
Kew Crescent              jct Adastral Avenue                            Charnock           S12 3LP
Kew Crescent              Opp 75                                         Charnock           S12 3LQ
Kilton Hill               jct Burngreave Road                            Burngreave         S3 9DA
King Street               nr to spare land at top of road                Chapeltown         S35 2YY
Kings Coppice             o/s 2                                          Dore               S17 3RZ
Kingsley Park Avenue      between 18-20                                  Millhouses         S7 2HG
Kingsley Park Grove       jct Button Hill (lower corner)                 Millhouses         S11 9HL
Kingswood Grove           Head of CDS                                    Owlthorpe          S20 6SL
Kinnaird Place            opp 15                                         Shiregreen         S5 0NJ
Kinnaird Road             Opp 113                                        Shiregreen         S5 0NT
Kirk Edge Drive           Opp 32 - side of garages                       Worrall            S35 0AF
Kirk Edge Road            Jct Worrall Road                               Worrall            S35 0AF
Kirkby View               opp 52                                         Gleadless          S12 2NB
Kirkstall Road            Jct with Cowlishaw Road                        Sharrow            S11 8XJ
Kirkstead Gardens         o/s No 26                                      Woodhouse          S13 9XG
Knab Close                Outside 14                                     Carter Knowle      S7 2ER
Knab Croft                outside 17                                     Carter Knowle      S7 2EQ
Knab Rise                 jct Knab Road                                  Carter Knowle      S7 2ES
Knoll Close               Opposite No 2                                  Stocksbridge       S36 2GB
Knowle Close              Jct Greaves Lane                               Stannington        S6 6BA
Kyle Crescent             o/s 76                                         Southey Green      S5 8HQ
Laburnum Grove            Side of street lamp no 2                       Stocksbridge       S36 1DA
Ladies Spring Grove       opp Ladies Spring Drive                        Beauchief          S17 3LR
Laird Avenue              Middle                                         Wadsley            S6 4BU
Laird Drive               opp 3                                          Wadsley            S6 4SA
Laird Road                 jct Wadsley Park Crescent                     Wadsley            S6 4BX
Lancing Road              o/s 139                                        Highfield          S2 4ET
Lane Head Road            jct Baslow Rd                                  Totley             S17 3BG
Lane Head Road            just below No 4                                Totley             S17 3BD
Lane Head Road            above bridge - Baslow Road side                Totley             S17 3BD
Langsett Avenue           o/s 32                                         Wadsley            S6 4AA
Langsett Crescent         Langsett Close Jct                             Hillsborough       S6 2TW
Langsett Road             Adj Langsett Cycles (No.s 130-142)             Walkley            S6 2UB
Larch Grove               opp 4                                          Chapeltown         S35 1QF
Lark Street               Nr Walkley WMC                                 Walkley            S6 5BH
Latham Square             end of c-d-s                                   Bents Green        S11 7RQ
Lathkill Close            o/s No's 27/29                                 Woodthorpe         S13 8DL
Lathkill Road             jct Masefield Road                             Woodthorpe         S13 8DP
Laverack Street           Top - Jct with Handsworth Road                 Handsworth         S13 9BX
Lavinia Road              Creswick Lane Jn                               Grenoside          S35 8NL
Lawson Road               Outside 15                                     Crookes            S10 5BU
Lawson Road               o/s No 5 - Broomhill Surgery                   Crookes            S10 5BU
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Laxey Road                o/s 15                                         Stannington        S6 5PF
Leader Road               Leader Court - Rear of surgery                 Wisewood           S6 4GQ
Leader Road               o/s Park View Lodge - sheltered housing        Wisewood           S6 4GG
Leaton Close              jct Hanson Rd                                  Loxley             S6 6RF
Ledstone Road             nr No 28 in cul de sac                         Woodseats          S8 0NS
Lee Road                  Head of cul de sac                             Loxley             S6 6RJ
Leebrook Avenue           opp 2                                          Owlthorpe          S20 6QD
Leebrook Avenue           Opp 38                                         Owlthorpe          S20 6QH
Lees Hall Avenue          o/s 80                                         Meersbrook         S8 9JF
Leighton View             Opp no 18                                      Gleadless          S14 1PR
Lemont Road               in Library car park                            Totley             S17 4FT
Leslie Road               Junction with Cotswold Road                    Wisewood           S6 4RB
Liberty Hill              Liberty Drive Jct                              Stannington        S6 5PX
Liberty Hill              Jct Stannington Road                           Stannington        S6 5QN
Lilac Avenue              Adj playground                                 Stocksbridge       S36 1DD
Limbrick Close            o/s loxley court 1st block                     Hillsborough       S6 2PH
Limbrick Road             o/s flat 49/55                                 Hillsborough       S6 2PE
Limpsfield Road           Junction with Stupton Road                     Brightside         S9 1BL
Linaker Road              Opp Bellhagg Road                              Walkley            S6 5DS
Linaker Road              jct Cliffe Road                                Walkley            S6 5DR
Lindholme Gardens         Outside 44                                     Waterthorpe        S20 6TD
Linley Lane               Grass Verge c.d.s - opp 97                     Frecheville        S12 4SL
Linley Lane               Jct Normanton Hill                             Frecheville        S13 7BG
Lismore Road              jct Carrfield Ave                              Meersbrook         S8 9JD
Lister Road               Jct Walkley Bank Road                          Walkley            S6 5AL
Little Common Lane        end of cul de sac, o/s 32                      Whirlow            S11 9NE
Little Common Lane        o/s Trent Palliative Care Centre               Whirlow            S11 9NE
Little Common Lane        opp No 12                                      Whirlow            S11 9NE
Little Norton Lane        opp 9                                          Norton             S8 8GA
Littlewood Drive          opp 22                                         Gleadless          S12 2LQ
Littlewood Road            jct Gleadless Road                            Gleadless          S12 2LH
Livingstone Road          Jct Wharfedale Drive                           High Green         S35 2UG
Lodge Lane                nr top jct hairpin bend                        Lodge Moor         S10 4LW
Logan Road                jct Senior Road                                Darnall            S9 4PF
London Road               opp Sitwell Place                              Heeley             S2 4NA
Long Acre View            Nr Jct New Street                              Mosborough         S20 3FU
Long Lane                 bottom of hill jct Liberty Hill                Stannington        S6 5SE
Long Lane                 In verge nr top (jct Oldfield Road)            Stannington        S6 6DU
Long Lane                 opp 6                                          Stannington        S6 6EE
Long Lane                 Jct Hagg Lane                                  Crosspool          S10 5PJ
Long Line                 o/s house called Stand Hill                    Ringinglow         S11 7TX
Long Line                 Jct Sheephill Road                             Ringinglow         S11 7TU
Longford Crescent          o/s 32                                        Bradway            S17 4LL
Longford Crescent         o/s 2                                          Bradway            S17 4LL
Longford Road             o/s 8                                          Bradway            S17 4LQ
Longley Farm View         Suitable Location                              Longley            S5 7JX
Longley Hall Rise         o/s 1 nr lamp                                  Longley            S5 7EQ
Longley Hall Road         o/s Blood Transfusion Centre                   Longley            S5 7ED
Longley Lane              o/s no 2                                       Longley            S5 7JD
Longstone Crescent        Opp 4a/6                                       Frecheville        S12 4WR
Loosemore Drive           Outside community centre - adj 73              Gleadless          S12 2UX
Lound Road                Jct Houstead Road                              Handsworth         S9 4BJ
Lound Side                Side of Cricket grounds                        Burncross          S35 2UR
Louth Road                o/s 42                                         Greystones         S11 7AW
Lowedges Crescent         jct Lowedges Drive                             Lowedges           S8 7LP
Lowedges Drive            Half Way Down the Hill                         Lowedges           S8 7LS
Lowedges Road             opp 123 (Jn Toppham Way)                       Lowedges           S8 7LD
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                Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Lowedges Road               o/s shops near Telephone box, side of Grennell   Lowedges           S8 7JD
                            Mower PH
Loxley Road                 Access road to retirement home on Loxley Park    Loxley             S6 4TF
                            - bin 1 of 2
Loxley Road                 Access road to retirement home on Loxley Park    Loxley             S6 4TF
                            - bin 2 of 2
Luke Lane                   Bland Lane Jn                                    Wadsley            S6 4BQ
Lump Lane                   Packmans Way Jn                                  Grenoside          S35 8PL
Lund Road                   o/s 5 facing down Birley View                    Worrall            S35 0AN
Lund Road                   end of cul de sac                                Worrall            S35 0AR
Lundwood Grove              o/s 57                                           Mosborough         S20 6SR
Lundwood Grove              Opposite no 25                                   Mosborough         S20 6SR
Lydgate Hall Crescent       o/s 18                                           Sandygate          S10 5NE
Lydgate Lane                opp 137                                          Sandygate          S10 5FP
Lydgate Lane                o/s 49 near Jct Tapton Crescent Road             Sandygate          S10 5FL
Lydgate Lane                opp 248 in police station grounds                Sandygate          S10 5FQ
Lydgate Lane                opp School                                       Sandygate          S10 5FT
Lyminster Road              o/s 55                                           Fox Hill           S6 1HW
Lyons Street                jct with Petre Street                            Pitsmoor           S4 7EL
Lytton Avenue               o/s No 1 jct Lytton Drive                        Parson Cross       S5 8AZ
Madehurst Rise              o/s 17                                           Lowfield           S2 3BJ
Madehurst View              Jct Madehurst Road                               Lowfield           S2 3BH
Mafeking Place               o/s 44                                          Chapeltown         S35 2UT
Main Avenue                 Jct Baslow Rd                                    Totley             S17 4DU
Main Avenue                 Jct Rowan Tree Dell                              Totley             S17 4FH
Main Road                   Above 137 bottom of steps                        Wharncliffe Side   S35 0DN
Main Road                   o/s "The Barn"                                   Wharncliffe Side   S35 0DQ
Main Street                 o/s community centre                             Hackenthorpe       S12 4LB
Main Street                 opp 87 (o/s community centre)                    Grenoside          S35 8PN
Malham Place                opp 25                                           Chapeltown         S35 2EW
Malinda Street              Nr Jct St Philips Road                           Netherthorpe       S3 7JW
Malinda Street              o/s 80 - Malinda Street Project                  Netherthorpe       S6 3BW
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 1                                       Stocksbridge       S35 7DA
Manchester Road             opp Lodge Lane                                   Crosspool          S6 5SN
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 2                                       Stocksbridge       S36 2UT
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 3                                       Stocksbridge       S36 2UT
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 4                                       Stocksbridge       S36 2PG
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 5                                       Stocksbridge       S36 2PG
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 6                                       Stocksbridge       S36 2UT
Manchester Road             A616 Bin 7                                       Stocksbridge       S36 2PG
Manchester Road             Police Station (No.70 - Deepcar end)             Stocksbridge       S36 2RD
Manchester Road             o/s 369                                          Stocksbridge       S36 2RB
Manchester Road             Fire Station - rear of building in car park      Stocksbridge       S36 1DP
Manchester Road             Opp Holmes Farm                                  Stocksbridge       S35 0BN
Manchester Road             A616 - Bin 8                                     Stocksbridge       S36 2PG
Manor Oaks Road             Jct Whites Lane                                  Wybourn            S2 5EA
Mansel Avenue               opp no 13                                        Parson Cross       S5 9QP
Mansfield Road              nr Fire Station                                  Intake             S12 2AE
Mansfield Road              1st at jct Hollinsend Road                       Intake             S12 2AL
Mansfield Road              Jct Applegarth Drive                             Intake             S12 2AE
Manvers Road                Adj 2A                                           Beighton           S20 1AY
Manvers Road                o/s Flats at No.1 - bottom of hill               Beighton           S20 1AX
Maple Grove                 Spare Land opposite no 27                        Stocksbridge       S36 1ED
Maplebeck Road              Outside 43                                       Tinsley            S9 1WJ
Marchwood Drive             o/s 35                                           Stannington        S6 5LH
Marchwood Road              o/s 112                                          Stannington        S6 5LE
Marchwood Road              o/s No. 1/Jct Wood Lane                          Stannington        S6 5LQ

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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Marden Road               Opp no 6                                        Carter Knowle     S7 1RE
Margate Drive             o/s 89/99                                       Grimesthorpe      S4 8FG
Margetson Crescent        opp Shops                                       Parson Cross      S5 9ND
Marion Road               low side of garage adj No. 3                    Hillsborough      S6 1WB
Market Place              Jct Castle Square                               City Centre       S1 2FZ
Marlcliffe Road           The Drive jct                                   Wadsley           S6 4AL
Marrick Court             jct Ancliffe Drive off Sherburn Gate            Burncross         S35 2BS
Marsh House Road          o/s 2, bottom of cul de sac                     Ecclesall         S11 9SP
Marstone Crescent         Just below 79                                   Totley            S17 4DG
Marstone Crescent         opp 6                                           Totley            S17 4DH
Martin Street             Side of The White Rails PH - opp the "Martin"   Netherthorpe      S6 3DY
                          block of Flats
Massey Road               Opp No 1 - Nr Jct Beighton Road                 Woodhouse         S13 7SA
Matlock Road              Outside Heavygate Inn                           Walkley           S10 1PJ
Matthews Fold             o/s 34                                          Norton            S8 8JT
May Road                  jct Clarence Road                               Hillsborough      S6 4QE
Mayfield Road             Jct Mark Lane                                   Ringinglow        S10 4PR
Mayfield Road             Outside Church                                  Ringinglow        S10 4EJ
Mcintyre Road             Outside No 19                                   Stocksbridge      S36 1DG
Meadow Bank Road          Nr Jct Cherry Tree Road                         Nether Edge       S11 9AD
Meadow Drive              opp 38                                          Burncross         S35 1UY
Meadow Gate Avenue        opp Mill Meadow Gardens jct                     Sothall           S20 2PF
Meadow Head Drive         Jct Greenhill Avenue                            Greenhill         S8 7TG
Meadow House Drive        o/s 12                                          Sandygate         S10 3NA
Meadowhead                o/s The Norton, nr roundabout                   Meadowhead        S8 7UP
Meadowhead                Adj 63                                          Meadowhead        S8 7UB
Meadowhead                o/s Natwest Bank (No.8)                         Meadowhead        S8 7AA
Meadowhead                o/s 19 (bottom near Abbey Lane)                 Meadowhead        S8 7UA
Meadway Drive             side of lamp o/s 10-12                          Dore              S17 3ED
Meersbrook Avenue         very top of road - adj No. 84                   Meersbrook        S8 9ED
Meetinghouse Croft        Jct Beighton Road                               Woodhouse         S13 7PF
Meetinghouse Lane         Jct Campo Lane (1 of 2)                         City Centre       S1 2EL
Meetinghouse Lane         Opp 6/8 (2 of 2)                                City Centre       S1 2DR
Melfort Glen              o/s 1                                           Crosspool         S10 5SU
Merbeck Drive             o/s 8                                           High Green        S35 4DB
Merlin Way                On the Green - o/s 9                            Firth Park        S5 6SR
Merton Rise               Outside 11                                      Wincobank         S9 1PQ
Methley Close             cul de sac                                      Arbourthorne      S12 2TY
Mickley Lane              o/s Cherry Tree Orphanage                       Totley            S17 4HE
Mickley Lane              opp 2                                           Totley            S17 4HB
Mickley Lane              outside Shepley Spitfire pub                    Totley            S17 4HF
Middle Hay Place          Nr Jct Fleury Road                              Gleadless         S14 1QG
Middle Lane               Stannington Road Jct                            Stannington       S6 5GA
Middle Ox Gardens         opp 2                                           Mosborough        S20 4SR
Middlefield Croft         Jct Middlefield Close                           Townhead          S17 3AR
Middleton Lane            Wheel Lane Jn                                   Grenoside         S35 8RN
Middlewood Drive          Opp Queenswood Drive Jct (Bin 1 of 2)           Hillsborough      S6 1TX
Middlewood Drive          Opp Middlewood Chase                            Hillsborough      S6 1TS
Middlewood Drive          Opp Eastwood                                    Hillsborough      S6 1TS
Middlewood Drive          opp 34                                          Hillsborough      S6 1TS
Middlewood Drive          Opp Queenswood Drive Jct (Bin 2 of 2)           Hillsborough      S6 1TX
Middlewood Drive          Opp 64                                          Hillsborough      S6 1TX
Middlewood Drive East     opp 100                                         Hillsborough      S6 1RS
Middlewood Drive East     Opp Northwood Place                             Hillsborough      S6 1RA
Middlewood Drive East     opp 62                                          Hillsborough      S6 1RS
Middlewood Drive East     Junction of Westwood Avenue (alongside wall)    Hillsborough      S6 1RW
Middlewood Road North     Opp 344                                         Oughtibridge      S35 0HF
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Midvale Avenue            o/s 18                                          Netherthorpe       S6 3HJ
Miles Road                Jct with Standish Road                          Shirecliffe        S5 8WX
Mill Dale Road            o/s 1                                           Totley             S17 4HR
Mill Road                 o/s Doctor's surgery                            Ecclesfield        S35 9XP
Millhouses Lane           Jct Ecclesall Road South - opp Medical Centre   Millhouses         S11 9HY
Millmount Road            o/s 39                                          Meersbrook         S8 9EG
Minto Road                Junction with Leader Road                       Hillsborough       S6 4GJ
Moffatt Road              Jct with Anns Road North                        Heeley             S2 3GP
Molineaux Road            Opp 105                                         Shiregreen         S5 0LA
Mona Avenue               opp westways sch opp 14                         Crookes            S10 1NE
Mona Road                 opp 34                                          Crookes            S10 1NF
Monckton Road             jct Tenterden Road                              Wincobank          S5 6AL
Monteney Gardens          o/s 46                                          Ecclesfield        S5 9DY
Montgomery Avenue         o/s 11                                          Nether Edge        S7 1NZ
Montrose Road             jct Carterknowle Road - near shops              Nether Edge        S11 9FU
Moonshine Way             o/s 23                                          Longley            S5 8RU
Moor Oaks Road            o/s 18                                          Crookes            S10 1BX
Moor View Drive           o/s 5                                           Woodseats          S8 0HL
Moor View Road            opp 97                                          Woodseats          S8 0HJ
Moorbank Road             jct Moorbank Close                              Sandygate          S10 5TQ
Moorcroft Avenue          o/s 1                                           Fulwood            S10 4GT
Moorcroft Close           Jct Moorcroft Avenue                            Fulwood            S10 4GU
Moorcroft Drive           between 5-7                                     Fulwood            S10 4GW
Moorland Drive            O/S Community Centre Opp Jcn Woolley Rd         Stocksbridge       S36 1EG
Moorland Place            jct Highfield Rise                              Stannington        S6 6BU
Moorland Place            o/s 12                                          Stannington        S6 6BU
Moorside                  side of lamp post, up from No 19                Fulwood            S10 4LN
Moorthorpe Dell           opp No. 6                                       Owlthorpe          S20 6QF
Moorthorpe Gardens        side of 8                                       Waterthorpe        S20 6RY
Moorthorpe Rise           Moorthorpe Gate Rbt - o/s new Doctors Surgery   Owlthorpe          S20 6PD
Moorthorpe Rise           Adj 25                                          Owlthorpe          S20 6QG
Moorthorpe Rise           opp 56 in CDS                                   Owlthorpe          S20 6QD
Moorthorpe Way            opp Darfield Avenue                             Waterthorpe        S20 6RY
More Hall Lane            Nr Jct Manchester Road                          Wharncliffe Side   S35 7DA
More Hall Lane            1st bend from Manchester Road                   Wharncliffe Side   S35 0BN
More Hall Lane            Driveway to More Hall                           Wharncliffe Side   S36 3ST
More Hall Lane            50m East of No. 2                               Wharncliffe Side   S36 3ST
More Hall Lane            o/s Brambledene                                 Wharncliffe Side   S36 3ST
More Hall Lane            o/s Sunnybank Farm                              Wharncliffe Side   S36 3ST
Morland Close             Opp 9                                           Gleadless          S14 1SZ
Morland Place             Top side of garages opp 30                      Gleadless          S14 1SX
Morland Road              Jct Leighton Drive                              Gleadless          S14 1ST
Morland Road              nr supermarket in car park (opp 74)             Gleadless          S14 1TD
Morland Road              O/s 146                                         Gleadless          S14 1TG
Moss Road                 entrance to rifle range                         Townhead           S17 3BB
Moss Road                 100 yds past Monnybrook House                   Townhead           S17 3BB
Motehall Road             Jct Harborough Avenue                           Manor              S2 1RE
Mount View Gardens        opp 9                                           Norton Woodseats   S8 8PH
Mount View Road           o/s 147 jct Woodland Road                       Norton Woodseats   S8 8PJ
Mount View Road           o/s 70                                          Norton Woodseats   S8 8PH
Mowson Crescent           jct Mowson Drive                                Worrall            S35 0AG
Mowson Crescent           jct Mowson Lane                                 Worrall            S35 0AJ
Mowson Lane               o/s 62                                          Worrall            S35 0AJ
Mowson Lane               just below jct Oakwood Cres                     Worrall            S35 0AJ
Mulehouse Road            top end, o/s entrance to cemetery               Crookes            S10 1ST
Mulehouse Road            opp no 133 (o/s crookes social club)            Crookes            S10 1TD
Musgrave Road             o/s 106                                         Shirecliffe        S5 8WQ
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Muskoka Avenue            o/s 13                                            Ringinglow         S11 7RL
Muskoka Drive             Nr Jct Ringinglow Road                            Ringinglow         S11 7QA
Myers Grove Lane          above 396 - Jct Ashurst Road                      Stannington        S6 5LP
Mylor Road                o/s 27                                            Greystones         S11 7PF
Mylor Road                o/s 39                                            Greystones         S11 7PF
Myrtle Road               jct Erskine Road o/s 380                          Lowfield           S2 3HS
Naylor Road               jct Haggstones Road                               Oughtibridge       S35 0GN
Naylor Road               opp 33                                            Oughtibridge       S35 0HG
Nether Avenue             Whitley Lane Jn                                   Grenoside          S35 8RP
Nether Avenue             Nether Crescent Jn (Jn closest to Whitley Lane)   Grenoside          S35 8PX
Nether Edge Road          Jct Brincliffe Edge Road                          Nether Edge        S11 9BW
Netherfield Close         Adj. No 5                                         Stocksbridge       S36 2RR
Nethergreen Road          jct Pendeen Road                                  Ranmoor            S11 7EH
Netherthorpe Place        Top, nr Meadow Street                             Netherthorpe       S3 7BN
Netherthorpe Road         Supertram Stop                                    Netherthorpe       S3 7JR
New Hall Lane             opp Green Farm Hamlet                             Stocksbridge       S36 4GG
New Mill Bank             Jct Race Lane                                     Bolsterstone       S36 3ZJ
New School Road           Opp 60                                            Beighton           S20 5ES
New Street                Half way down                                     Deepcar            S36 2RT
New Street                Opposite no 5                                     Deepcar            S36 2RT
Newbury Road              Jct Toyne Street                                  Crookes            S10 1HJ
Newent Lane                jct Newbury Road                                 Crookes            S10 1HD
Newfield Croft            o/s 3                                             Townhead           S17 3EW
Newfield Green Road       o/s 49                                            Gleadless          S2 2BQ
Newfield Green Road       o/s 68                                            Gleadless          S2 2BR
Newgate Close             o/s Sheltered Housing Complex                     High Green         S35 4PE
Newgate Close             o/s Sheltered Housing - near garages              High Green         S35 4JY
Newlands Road             Opp No. 1 (Nr Jct Mansfield Road)                 Intake             S12 2GB
Newlands Road             jct Newlands Drive                                Intake             S12 2FR
Newlands Road             Jct Ridgehill Avenue                              Intake             S12 2GQ
Newlyn Place              o/s 46                                            Norton Woodseats   S8 8SU
Newman Road               jct Merton Lane                                   Wincobank          S9 1NB
Newsham Road              side of No 30 - top of road                       Norton Woodseats   S8 9EA
Newstead Avenue           Opp 6                                             Stocksbridge       S35 0JL
Newstead Way              CDS @ Jct Newstead Avenue                         Frecheville        S12 3AY
Newton Avenue             back to boundary wall of no 13                    Stocksbridge       S36 1EL
Newton Avenue             verge top of road                                 Stocksbridge       S36 1EL
Newton Gardens            Opp 36                                            High Green         S35 2YF
Newton Lane               opp 4 in alcove                                   Stocksbridge       S36 1EL
Newton Lane               Coppice Close                                     Stocksbridge       S36 1LR
Nicholson Place           o/s 9                                             Heeley             S8 9ST
Nook Lane                 opp 34                                            Stannington        S6 6FP
Norfolk Hill              Opp 32                                            Grenoside          S35 8QB
Norfolk Park Drive        Top of cul de sac                                 Norfolk Park       S2 3QG
Norgreave Way             jct Halfway Drive                                 Halfway            S20 4TH
Normandale Avenue         jct Rodney Hill                                   Loxley             S6 6TG
Normanton Spring Court    opp no 7 on grass verge                           Stradbroke         S13 7BL
Northcote Road            jct Northcote Avenue                              Heeley             S2 3AT
Northfield Close          Opp No. 1                                         Crookes            S10 1PZ
Northfield Road           opp 139 in grounds of police station              Crookes            S10 1QS
Northwood Drive           o/s 12                                            Middlewood         S6 1RY
Northwood Drive           o/s 36                                            Middlewood         S6 1RY
Northwood Drive           o/s 58                                            Middlewood         S6 1RY
Northwood Drive           o/s 53                                            Middlewood         S6 1RX
Norton Avenue             Bus layby100yds past Bagshaw Arms away            Gleadless          S14 1AS
                          from roundabout
Norton Green Close        nr 8                                              Norton             S8 8BP
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Norton Lees Road           In Green, Jct Cliffefield Road & Crawford Road       Meersbrook            S8 9BY
Norton Park Crescent       on grassed area opp 48, jct Norton Park View         Norton                S8 8GN
Norwood Avenue             outside ex garage site 50m from jct Fairbank         Norwood               S5 7DE
Norwood Close              jct Norwood Drive                                    Norwood               S5 7BH
Norwood Drive              o/s 25                                               Norwood               S5 7BH
Nottingham Street          o/s 138                                              Burngreave            S3 9DR
Oak Hill Road              jct Brincliffe Edge Rd                               Nether Edge           S11 9BW
Oakbrook Road              Opp Oakbrook Court Flats                             Ranmoor               S10 3HR
Oakland Road               o/s 80                                               Hillsborough          S6 4LS
Oakwood Crescent           opp No. 1                                            Worrall               S35 0AW
Occupation Lane            jct Birley Spa Lane                                  Frecheville           S12 3AE
Occupation Lane            nr Jct Birley Moor Road                              Frecheville           S12 4QL
Ochre Dike Lane            Jct Pentland Gardens                                 Waterthorpe           S20 7NQ
Old Hay Close              o/s 7                                                Dore                  S17 3GP
Old Hay Close              o/s 88                                               Dore                  S17 3GQ
Old Hay Gardens            opp 2                                                Dore                  S17 3HG
Old Park Avenue            o/s 57                                               Greenhill             S8 7DQ
Old Park Road              jct Westwick Crescent                                Greenhill             S8 7DH
Old Park Road              jct Westwick Road                                    Greenhill             S8 7BU
Old Street                 opp No 1                                             Hyde Park             S2 5TD
Oldfield Close             Opp 22 - in grass verge                              Stannington           S6 6EB
Oldfield Grove             opp 1A                                               Stannington           S6 6DR
Oldfield Road              o/s 324                                              Stannington           S6 6EA
Oldfield Road              o/s 2 - in PH Car Park                               Stannington           S6 6AA
Oldwell Close              o/s 5                                                Totley                S17 4AW
Olive Road                 Jct William Crescent                                 Mosborough            S20 5DH
Olive Road                 Opposite 2/4/6                                       Stocksbridge          S36 1FW
Oliver Road                o/s 20                                               Millhouses            S7 2GN
Olivers Drive              o/s 15                                               Darnall               S9 4PD
Olivers Mount              opp 67                                               Darnall               S9 4PA
Olivet Road                on verge nr no 66                                    Woodseats             S8 8QS
Onchan Road                10 yards from Liberty Road                           Stannington           S6 5PT
Onksley Lane               bottom first right turn after Norfolk Arms pub (Jct Manchester Road A57)   S6 6GH
Onksley Lane               Halfway up on the bend                                                     S6 6GH
Onslow Road                Jct Greystones Road                                        Greystones      S11 7BN
Orange Street              Top - Jct West Street                                      City Centre     S1 4ET
Orchard Close              o/s 12                                                     Ecclesfield     S5 9GJ
Orchard Road               Jct Highton Street                                         Walkley         S6 3TS
Oriel Road                 opp 18                                                     Fulwood         S10 3TF
Ormond Drive               o/s 32                                                     Batemoor        S8 8FQ
Orphanage Road             Jct Roe Lane                                               Pitsmoor        S3 9AL
Osberton Place             o/s No 38                                                  Brincliffe      S11 8XL
Osgathorpe Crescent        jct Osgathorpe Rd                                          Pitsmoor        S4 7AQ
Osgathorpe Road            s/o 306 Barnsley Road                                      Pitsmoor        S4 7AH
Osmaston Road              o/s 5                                                      Woodseats       S8 0GT
Oughtibridge Lane          Sharp bend at Whalejaw Hill                                Oughtibridge    S35 8PH
Oughtibridge Lane          Opp junction with Stubbing House Lane                      Oughtibridge    S35 8QD
Overcroft Rise             o/s 6                                                      Totley          S17 4AX
Overend Close              Side of garage block opp no 28                             Gleadless       S14 1JG
Overend Drive              o/s 29                                                     Gleadless       S14 1JH
Overend Road               opp Overend Drive Jct                                      Gleadless       S14 1JH
Overend Road               o/s 1                                                      Gleadless       S14 1JJ
Owlthorpe Drive            bottom of road nr jct Mosborough Moor                      Owlthorpe       S20 5JX
Owlthorpe Rise             o/s 26                                                     Owlthorpe       S20 5PA
Oxford Street              Opp Shipton Street                                         Netherthorpe    S6 3DX
Oxford Street              Jct Crookes Valley Road                                    Netherthorpe    S10 1BA
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Oxley Close                jct Moorland Drive                                  Stocksbridge   S36 1LG
Oxley Close                Top of cul de sac                                   Stocksbridge   S36 1LG
Palm Lane                  opp No 6 in Hammerhead                              Walkley        S6 2XN
Palm Street                opp 45                                              Walkley        S6 2XG
Palm Street                jct Palm Lane                                       Walkley        S6 2XH
Park Avenue                outside 103 - verge                                 Chapeltown     S35 1EB
Park Avenue                jct Park Terrace                                    Chapeltown     S35 1WE
Park Avenue                opp 46                                              Chapeltown     S35 1WE
Park Avenue                Jct Ecclesfield Road                                Chapeltown     S35 1TE
Park Grange Croft          opp 81-91                                           Norfolk Park   S2 3QL
Park Grange Croft          Jct Park Grange Road                                Norfolk Park   S2 3QJ
Park Grange Road           Jct Spring Lane                                     Norfolk Park   S2 2NB
Park Grange Road           opp Jct Norfolk Park Road                           Norfolk Park   S2 3QG
Park Grange Road           o/s Housing Office                                  Norfolk Park   S2 3RD
Park Spring Drive          Near 46                                             Norfolk Park   S2 3RN
Park Spring Drive          layby opp 108                                       Norfolk Park   S2 3RQ
Park Spring Grove           jct Park Spring Close                              Norfolk Park   S2 3RQ
Parkgate Drive             opp 6                                               Mosborough     S20 5DD
Parkgate Drive             opp No 30                                           Mosborough     S20 5PE
Parkhead Crescent          o/s 20                                              Parkhead       S11 9RD
Parkhead Crescent          On the side which includes 39                       Parkhead       S11 9RD
Parkhead Road              o/s 70                                              Parkhead       S11 9RB
Parkhead Road              opp 1                                               Parkhead       S11 9RA
Parkhead Road              opp 83                                              Parkhead       S11 9RA
Parson Cross Road          Fox Hill Road Jn                                    Parson Cross   S6 1JX
Parsonage Crescent         jct Parsonage Court                                 Walkley        S6 5BU
Passhouses Road            jct Nr Firshill Road                                Pitsmoor       S4 7BB
Paternoster Row            Near Jct Howard Street/Pond Street                  City Centre    S1 2LW
Paterson Close             Opp 65                                              Stocksbridge   S36 1JQ
Paterson Court             Above 7                                             Stocksbridge   S36 1JN
Paterson Croft             o/s 2                                               Stocksbridge   S36 1JQ
Paterson Gardens           between 4-6                                         Stocksbridge   S36 1JR
Pea Royd Lane              jct Park Lane o/s Burton Under Edge Farm            Stocksbridge   S36 2BS
Pearson Place              Outside 73                                          Meersbrook     S8 9DE
Pedley Avenue              opp 24 in parking area                              Westfield      S20 8EZ
Pen Nook Close             jct Pen Nook Glade                                  Stocksbridge   S36 2TY
Pen Nook Drive             jct Pen Nook Close                                  Stocksbridge   S36 2TY
Pen Nook Gardens           end of cul de sac                                   Stocksbridge   S36 2TX
Pen Nook Glade             end of cul de sac                                   Deepcar        S36 2UB
Penny Lane                 nr Cricket Inn Pub                                  Totley         S17 3AZ
Penthorpe Close            Opp 1                                               Intake         S12 2GU
Penthorpe Close            opp 39 (bin 1 of 2)                                 Intake         S12 2GU
Penthorpe Close            Opp 39 (Bin 2 of 2)                                 Intake         S12 2GU
Perigree Road              opp No 4                                            Meersbrook     S8 0NE
Periwood Avenue            o/s 29                                              Millhouses     S8 0HY
Periwood Drive             Opp 1                                               Millhouses     S8 0HP
Petworth Drive             Opp no 9                                            Whirlow        S11 9QU
Petworth Drive             end of cul de sac at top                            Whirlow        S11 9QU
Petworth Drive             jct Wentworth Avenue                                Whirlow        S11 9QU
Philadelphia Gardens       o/s play area opp 21                                Netherthorpe   S6 3HQ
Phillips Road              jct Garland Drive                                   Loxley         S6 6SS
Pickmere Road              o/s St Vincent's Church                             Crookes        S10 1GY
Pinfold Lane               At Garages                                          Burngreave     S8 0ZJ
Pinfold Lane               o/s Flat 54                                         Burngreave     S3 9BB
Pingle Road                Outside 103                                         Millhouses     S7 2LN
Pingle Road                Opp 50                                              Millhouses     S7 2LL
Pingle Road                Just below 1                                        Millhouses     S7 2LJ
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Pinstone Street           jct St Paul's Parade                                City Centre     S1 2JL
Pitt Street               Jct Mappin Street                                   City Centre     S1 4DD
Pleasant Close            Jct Pleasant Road                                   Intake          S12 2BD
Pollard Crescent          o/s 22                                              Parson Cross    S5 8QB
Pond Road                 jct Cliff Road                                      Stannington     S6 6EG
Poplar Avenue             Jct Chestnut Avenue                                 Beighton        S20 1AL
Poplar Close FP           Opp No. 6 - side of garages                         Oughtibridge    S35 0HQ
Poplar Road               o/s 12                                              Oughtibridge    S35 0HR
Poplar Road               Jc Church Street                                    Oughtibridge    S35 0FU
Portland Street           on bend                                             Netherthorpe    S6 3ED
Portsea Road              Jct Hawthorn Road                                   Hillsborough    S6 4LH
Preston Street            Rear of 52 Chippinghouse Road                       Highfield       S8 0ZB
Prestwich Street          Jct Vauxhall Road                                   Wincobank       S9 1LF
Primrose Hill             top                                                 Walkley         S6 2UW
Pritchard Close           opp 14                                              Hackenthorpe    S12 4BU
Prospect Drive            opp No 1, jct Prospect Road                         Totley          S17 4JH
Prospect Place            o/s 2                                               Totley          S17 4HZ
Prospect Road             o/s 183                                             Totley          S17 4HY
Providence Road           bottom of cul de sac o/s flats                      Walkley         S6 5BH
Providence Road           opp Thrush Street                                   Walkley         S6 5BQ
Psalter Lane              Jct Kingfield Road                                  Ecclesall       S11 8XG
Quarry Hill               Just above Parkgate Drive on same side              Mosborough      S20 5DY
Quarry Hill               Jct Moor Valley                                     Mosborough      S20 5DX
Quarry Vale Road          opp 2                                               Basegreen       S12 3DG
Queen Street              Fire Station                                        Mosborough      S20 5BQ
Queen Victoria Road       jct Prospect Place                                  Totley          S17 4HU
Queenswood Drive          Opp 70                                              Middlewood      S6 1RJ
Queenswood Gate           Opp 6                                               Middlewood      S6 1RL
Queenswood Gate           Opp 14                                              Middlewood      S6 1RL
Queenswood Road           Jct Worrall Road                                    Middlewood      S6 1RU
Queenswood Road           In Courtyard to rear of No. 50                      Middlewood      S6 1RU
Queenswood Road           Opp 23                                              Middlewood      S6 1RU
Queenswood Road           o/s 27                                              Middlewood      S6 1RR
Queenswood Road           opp 37                                              Middlewood      S6 1RU
Queenswood Road           jct Queenswood Court                                Middlewood      S6 1RR
Quiet Lane                Jct Wood Cliffe                                     Fulwood         S10 4PR
Racker Way                in cul de sac opp 34                                Walkley         S6 5FD
Raeburn Road              jct Leighton Road                                   Gleadless       S14 1SS
Rails Road                o/s Sunnybank Cottage                               Stannington     S6 6GF
Rails Road                bottom nr nameplate - Jct Rivelin Valley Road       Stannington     S6 5SQ
Rainbow Road              Jct with Delves Avenue                              Hackenthorpe    S12 4BE
Raisen Hall Road          jct Raisen Hall Place                               Longley         S5 7NA
Raleigh Road              o/s 16                                              Heeley          S2 3AZ
Ramsey Road               Jct School Road                                     Crookes         S10 1GL
Ranelagh Drive            o/s 12                                              Carter Knowle   S11 9HE
Rangeley Road             Outside 33                                          Walkley         S6 5DW
Ranmoor Crescent          Jct Ranmoor Road                                    Ranmoor         S10 3GU
Ranmoor Crescent          Opp 33                                              Ranmoor         S10 3GW
Ratcliffe Road            opp Ashford Road Jct                                Sharrow         S11 8YA
Ravenscroft Road          opp 45                                              Stradbroke      S13 8PG
Ravenscroft Road          opp 75                                              Stradbroke      S13 8PH
Raynald Road              o/s No 75                                           Manor           S2 1PR
Raynald Road              o/s 101                                             Manor           S2 1PS
Rectory Close             In turning head of c.d.s. near No. 23               Stocksbridge    S36 2FX
Redcar Road               Jct Conduit Road                                    Crookes         S10 1EW
Redmires Road             opp 335                                             Lodge Moor      S10 4LD
Redmires Road             jct of Hallam Grange Road                           Lodge Moor      S10 4LB
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                Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Redmires Road               Bus terminus                                           Lodge Moor     S10 4NH
Redmires Road               o/s Three Merry Lads PH                                Lodge Moor     S10 4LJ
Redmires Road               opp bus layby - o/s Westminster flats 43-57            Lodge Moor     S10 4ER
Redwood Glen                o/s 1                                                  Chapeltown     S35 1EA
Redwood Glen                Adj No .9                                              Chapeltown     S35 1EA
Remington Drive             o/s 26                                                 Parson Cross   S5 9AH
Reney Walk                  leading from Reney Avenue - garage site no 12          Greenhill      S8 7FU
Renshaw Road                o/s 37                                                 Greystones     S11 7PD
Reservoir Road              o/s 3 on the corner                                    Crookes        S10 1EY
Revill Lane                 Jct Beaver Hill Road                                   Woodhouse      S13 7UA
Revill Lane                 opp No 9 (o/s sub station)                             Woodhouse      S13 7PA
Rex Avenue                  Outside 2                                              Millhouses     S7 2GS
Ribblesdale Drive           opp No 5                                               Ridgeway       S12 3XH
Ribblesdale Drive           o/s 22                                                 Ridgeway       S12 3XE
Ribblesdale Drive           Jct Teesdale Road (Betw 48-50)                         Ridgeway       S12 3XE
Richards Court              o/s 5                                                  Heeley         S2 3BW
Richards Road               nr jct Anns Road (entrance Heeley City Farm) - bin 1   Heeley         S2 3DT
                            of 2
Richards Road               nr jct Anns Road (entrance Heeley City Farm) - bin 2   Heeley         S2 3DT
                            of 2
Richmond Avenue             opp 27                                                 Richmond       S13 8TH
Richmond Park Avenue        jct Richmond Park Road                                 Richmond       S13 8HR
Richmond Park Drive         o/s 51                                                 Richmond       S13 8HH
Richmond Park Drive         o/s Athelstan Court OAP Housing                        Richmond       S13 8HH
Richmond Park Grove         opp 16                                                 Richmond       S13 8HX
Richmond Park Rise          opp 86-90                                              Richmond       S13 8HD
Richmond Park View          Side of No 2                                           Richmond       S13 8JN
Richmond Road               o/s 2 Richmond Park Road                               Richmond       S13 8HL
Richmond Road               Jct Handsworth Road                                    Richmond       S13 9BY
Richmond Street             jct Somerset Road                                      Burngreave     S3 9EH
Ridal Avenue                Outside No 36                                          Stocksbridge   S36 1EZ
Ridal Close                 bottom of ramp leading to flats, o/s 40                Stocksbridge   S36 1JB
Ridal Croft                 c.d.s below bench at Jct Ridal Close                   Stocksbridge   S36 1JB
Ridge View Drive            o/s 17                                                 Wincobank      S9 1EF
Ridge View Drive            o/s 43                                                 Wincobank      S9 1EF
Ridgeway Road               jct Hollinsend Road                                    Intake         S12 2EE
Ridgeway Road               Outside Graves Trust Homes Nr Shops                    Intake         S12 2TA
Riggs Low Road              jct Stopes Road                                        Stannington    S6 6AP
Ringinglow Road             nr fire station                                        Ringinglow     S11 7TF
Ringstead Avenue            o/s 57                                                 Crosspool      S10 5SL
Ringstead Crescent          o/s 83                                                 Crosspool      S10 5SJ
Rivelin Park Drive          nr Rivelin Park Crescent - o/s Hollins Court           Stannington    S6 5GG
Rivelin Road                jct Rivelin Terrace                                    Walkley        S6 5AS
Rivelin Street               o/s 60                                                Walkley        S6 5DL
River View Road             Opp 5                                                  Oughtibridge   S35 0JH
Riverdale Road              Opp Jct Graham Road                                    Ranmoor        S10 3FD
Riverside Close             opp 4 at bottom of cul de sac                          Loxley         S6 4TT
Roach Road                  jct Hunter House Road                                  Sharrow        S11 8TX
Robertshaw Crescent         end of cul de sac - front of no 4                      Deepcar        S36 2RX
Robertson Drive             jct Robertson Road                                     Walkley        S6 5DY
Robertson Road              o/s 49                                                 Walkley        S6 5DX
Rocher Close                Outside no 24 on bend                                  Grenoside      S35 8QP
Rochester Road              opp shops - 20yds from jct Worcester Road              Lodge Moor     S10 4JQ
Rockingham Street           nr site of old fire station                            City Centre    S1 4EB
Rockingham Way              Jct Rockingham Gate                                    City Centre    S1 4JD
Rockley Road                o/s 38                                                 Wadsley        S6 1WN
Rod Side                    Jct Manchester Road                                    Rivelin        S6 6GL

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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Roe Lane                  Jct Pitsmoor Road                                   Pitsmoor       S3 9AU
Roe Lane                  o/s 33                                              Pitsmoor       S3 9AJ
Roebuck Road              jct Burns Road                                      Crookes        S6 3GQ
Rojean Road               Opp Jct with Queensgate                             Grenoside      S35 8QL
Roman Ridge Road          o/s Pennine House                                   Wincobank      S9 1GB
Rookery Rise              opp 1                                               Deepcar        S36 2NA
Rookery Vale              o/s 1                                               Deepcar        S36 2NP
Roper Hill                in bad bend nr top                                  Fulwood        S10 4QR
Rosa Road                 End of Cul-De-Sac                                   Crookes        S10 1LW
Rosamond Avenue           Hardstand Nr No 74                                  Bradway        S17 4LT
Rosamond Avenue           Jct Rosamond Close                                  Bradway        S17 4NH
Rosamond Avenue           Outside no 77                                       Bradway        S17 4LT
Rosamond Close            opp 21 (in the hedge)                               Bradway        S17 4LU
Rosamond Drive            o/s 26                                              Bradway        S17 4LW
Rosamond Place            o/s 2                                               Bradway        S17 4LX
Rose Hill Avenue          Side of 57 - jct Rose Hill Mews                     Mosborough     S20 5PJ
Rose Hill Drive           Opp jct with Rose Hill View                         Mosborough     S20 5PN
Rosemary Road             Jct Lime Street                                     Beighton       S20 1BL
Roslin Road               o/s 36                                              Crookes        S10 1FA
Rowdale Crescent          opp 27                                              Frecheville    S12 4SJ
Rowdale Crescent          opp 6                                               Frecheville    S12 4SJ
Roxton Road               jct Strelley Avenue                                 Norton         S8 0BE
Royston Avenue            End of CDS - opp 51                                 Owlthorpe      S20 6SG
Royston Grove             jct Royston Close                                   Owlthorpe      S20 6SH
Rundle Road               Jct Pot House Lane                                  Stocksbridge   S36 1ES
Rundle Road               opp no 18                                           Stocksbridge   S36 1FA
Rural Lane                Jcn Ben Lane                                        Wadsley        S6 4BH
Ruskin Square             Jct with Albert Road - (side of 179 Albert Road)    Meersbrook     S8 9RE
Ryecroft Glen Road        off Dore Road opp Ryecroft Court                    Dore           S17 3NG
Ryegate Crescent           jct Ryegate Road                                   Sandygate      S10 5FD
Ryegate Road              o/s 57-71 Bramley Court                             Sandygate      S10 5FB
Sackville Road            Jct School Road                                     Crookes        S10 1GR
Sale Hill                 jct Manchester Rd                                   Broomhill      S10 3BL
Salt Box Lane             Just below Jct Salt Box Grove                       Grenoside      S35 8SG
Samuel Drive              Top                                                 Norfolk Park   S2 3RB
Samuel Road               Top                                                 Norfolk Park   S2 3UA
Sandstone Avenue          o/s 108                                             Wincobank      S9 1AJ
Sandygate Grange Drive    o/s No 44 - in turning head                         Sandygate      S10 5NW
Sandygate Grange Drive    o/s No 9                                            Sandygate      S10 5NW
Sandygate Grove            jct Sandygate Park                                 Sandygate      S10 5TZ
Sandygate Grove           1st bin in car park @ end of cul de sac             Sandygate      S10 5TZ
Sandygate Grove           2nd bin in car park @ end of cul de sac             Sandygate      S10 5TZ
Sandygate Park Crescent   Jct Sandygate Park Road                             Sandygate      S10 5TY
Sandygate Road            Opp benty lane o/s Shops                            Sandygate      S10 5NG
Savage Lane               opp Church - o/s Hare & Hounds PH                   Dore           S17 3GW
Scarsdale Road            opp Hackthorn Road                                  Woodseats      S8 8TD
Scarsdale Road            Jct Hackthorn Road                                  Woodseats      S8 8TB
Schofield Road            Opposite No 12                                      Stocksbridge   S36 2SN
Schofield Road            Jcn Armitage Road                                   Stocksbridge   S36 2SN
School Lane               opp 26                                              Norton         S8 8BL
School Road               o/s 203                                             Crookes        S10 1GN
School Road               Nr Jct High Street                                  Beighton       S20 1HB
Scott Road                Jct Abbeyfield Road                                 Pitsmoor       S4 7AW
Scraith Wood Drive        bottom ie jct Herries Road                          Parson Cross   S5 8TH
Scraith Wood Drive        Adj 113                                             Parson Cross   S5 8UP
Scraith Wood Drive        on bend - just below 1-19                           Parson Cross   S5 8UP
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Sedan Street              Jct Carwood Road                                    Pitsmoor       S4 7SD
Sevenairs Road            o/s 62                                              Beighton       S20 1NY
Severnside Gardens         in front of no 18 at rear of bollards              Stradbroke     S13 7GS
Severnside Place          o/s 26                                              Stradbroke     S13 7GT
Sharpe Avenue             o/s 12                                              Greenhill      S8 7SJ
Sharrow Lane              o/s 240                                             Sharrow        S11 8AS
Sharrow Vale Road         Nr Cemetery Road Roundabout                         Sharrow        S11 8YN
Shay House Lane           Pot House Lane                                      Stocksbridge   S36 1FD
Sheephill Road            nr Houndkirk Road                                   Ringinglow     S11 7TU
Sheephill Road            Hathersage Road Jn                                  Ringinglow     S17 3AB
Sheffield Road            opp Hollis Croft                                    Woodhouse      S13 7ED
Sheffield Road            Jct Brook Lane                                      Hackenthorpe   S12 4NQ
Sheffield Road            Between r/b at entrance to m/hall & tinsley r/b -   Tinsley        S9 1EW
(Meadowhall)              Approx 25m from Vulcan Road towards Tinsley Rbt
Sheldon Road              Marsdon Road                                        Stocksbridge   S36 1EE
Shepley Croft             Jct Charlton Drive                                  High Green     S35 3PD
Sherburn Gate             Yoredale Avenue                                     Chapeltown     S35 2EU
Sherde Road               opp 30-36 in cul de sac                             Upperthorpe    S6 3QQ
Shirebrook Road           Jct Kent Road                                       Heeley         S8 9RL
Shirebrook Road           Jct Albert Road                                     Heeley         S8 9RF
Shirebrook Road           o/s 169                                             Heeley         S8 9RF
Shore Lane                Masonic Hall                                        Ranmoor        S10 3BU
Shortbrook Drive          behind Roche Flats o/s No 6                         Westfield      S20 8NG
Sicey Avenue              opp s/o No. 35                                      Shiregreen     S5 6NJ
Silkstone Crescent        Nr 49 (Nr to garages)                               Frecheville    S12 4RE
Silkstone Road            Opp Wickfield Road                                  Frecheville    S12 4TT
Silverdale Close          o/s 11                                              Ecclesall      S11 9JN
Silverdale Road           Derriman Close jct                                  Ecclesall      S11 9LB
Silverdale Road           jct Derriman Glen                                   Ecclesall      S11 9LQ
Silverdale Road           jct Millhouses Lane                                 Ecclesall      S11 9HX
Skelwith Close            o/s 14                                              Brightside     S4 8BA
Skelwith Drive            Outside 19                                          Brightside     S4 8BN
Skew Hill Lane            jct Cross House Road                                Grenoside      S35 8QW
Skye Edge Road            o/s 73                                              Manor Park     S2 5HA
Slaidburn Avenue          Sherburn Gate                                       Chapeltown     S35 2EU
Slayleigh Avenue          opp 43-41                                           Fulwood        S10 3RB
Slayleigh Lane            jct Hallam Grange Crescent                          Fulwood        S10 4BN
Slinn Street              o/s St Timothy's Church opp 111                     Crookes        S10 1NY
Slinn Street              o/s 5, jct Heavygate Road                           Crookes        S10 1NW
Smith Road                l/h side up hill on steep part - approx 10m from    Stocksbridge   S36 1FG
                          Coronation Road
Smith Street              Turning Circle                                      Chapeltown     S35 1WY
Smithy Carr Avenue        o/s 45                                              Chapeltown     S35 2ZQ
Smithy Moor Avenue        Bottom of Cul-de-sac                                Stocksbridge   S36 1FH
Smithy Wood Crescent      o/s 39                                              Woodseats      S8 0NT
Smithy Wood Crescent      Jct Ledstone Road                                   Woodseats      S8 0NS
Smithy Wood Road          Opp 15                                              Woodseats      S8 0NW
Smithy Wood Road          Jct Auckley Road                                    Woodseats      S8 0UA
Snaithing Lane            Jct Ivy Park Road                                   Ranmoor        S10 3LN
Snaithing Park Road       Opp Snaithing Park Close                            Ranmoor        S10 3LJ
Snow Lane                 just below jct Scotland Street                      Shalesmoor     S3 7AR
Soap House Lane           Adj No 5                                            Woodhouse      S13 9US
Solly Street              Garden Street jct                                   City Centre    S1 4BB
Solly Street              Edward Street Flats Entrance - (Nr No. 101)         City Centre    S1 4BA
Somerset Street           Jct Brackley Street                                 Burngreave     S3 9DX
South Road                Opp Highton Street at side of pub                   Walkley        S6 3TQ
South View Rise           jct South View Close                                Loxley         S6 6SZ

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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
South View Rise            Opp 8                                                     Loxley          S6 6SY
Southbourne Road           o/s 34/36 @ Jct Melbourne Avenue                          Broomgrove      S10 2QN
Southbourne Road           o/s No 5 near Jct Clarkehouse Road                        Broomgrove      S10 2QN
Southey Avenue             Entrance to Hub near Fours Greens                         Southey Green   S5 7NN
Southey Crescent           jct Southey Place                                         Southey Green   S5 7LX
Southey Green Close        adj 258 Southey Green Road                                Southey Green   S5 7QA
Southey Green Road         o/s 282                                                   Southey Green   S5 7QA
Southwood                  Jct Middlewood Drive                                      Middlewood      S6 1TX
Spink Hall Lane            Outside No 54                                             Stocksbridge    S36 1FL
Spink Hall Lane            Outside no 26                                             Stocksbridge    S36 1FL
Spital Street              o/s 14                                                    Burngreave      S3 9LB
Spoon Mews                 o/s 7                                                     Stannington     S6 6NB
Spoonhill Road             o/s 31                                                    Stannington     S6 5PA
Spotswood Place            o/s 1 nr Spotswood Road                                   Gleadless       S14 1LE
Spout Lane                 opposite trough at the top of the hill - 100 yards down   Stannington     S6 6EF
                           from top
Spout Lane                 at bad bend - approx 150m from Rowel Lane                 Stannington     S6 6SH
Spring Hill                Jct Commonside                                            Crookes         S10 1ET
Springfield Close          opp no.2                                                  Carter Knowle   S7 2GB
Springfield Glen           o/s 14                                                    Carter Knowle   S7 2HL
Springvale Road            opp 208                                                   Walkley         S6 3NU
Springvale Road            o/s 162                                                   Walkley         S6 3NU
Springvale Road            o/s no 406                                                Walkley         S10 1LQ
Springvale Walk            top - near Ashberry Road                                  Upperthorpe     S6 3FY
Springwood Road            Opp Barton Road Jct                                       Heeley          S8 9TU
St Aidan's Way             Jct St Aidan's Road                                       Arbourthorne    S2 2NH
St Aidan's Way             o/s 14                                                    Arbourthorne    S2 2NF
St Albans Close            Jct St Albans Road                                        Fulwood         S10 4DJ
St Anthony Road            on bend opp 98                                            Crookes         S10 1SF
St Anthony Road            jct Tinker Lane                                           Crookes         S10 1SG
St George's Close          Suitable location                                         Netherthorpe    S3 7HJ
St Hilda Close             St Mathias Road Jn                                        Stocksbridge    S36 2TH
St Joan Avenue             Jct St Mary Crescent                                      Stocksbridge    S36 2TR
St John's Road             nr village hall                                           Stocksbridge    S36 2SF
St Lawrence Road           Jct St Lawrence Glebe                                     Tinsley         S9 1WG
St Leonards Court          o/s 8                                                     Longley         S5 7JR
St Margaret Avenue         o/s Deepcar St John's Junior School                       Stocksbridge    S36 2TE
St Mark Road               o/s no 14                                                 Stocksbridge    S36 2TF
St Martin Close            opp 11                                                    Stocksbridge    S36 2SJ
St Mary Crescent           Opp no 40                                                 Stocksbridge    S36 2TL
St Matthias Road           Junction with St David Road                               Stocksbridge    S36 2SG
St Michael's Crescent      Outside 46                                                Ecclesfield     S35 9YJ
St Philip's Road           opp Bramwell St jct                                       Netherthorpe    S3 7PR
St Philip's Road           Hammond Street jct                                        Netherthorpe    S3 7PP
St Quentin Drive           o/s 17 on bin stand                                       Bradway         S17 4PN
St Quentin Rise            Jct St Quentin Drive                                      Bradway         S17 4PR
St Stephen'S Road          Opp no 1                                                  Netherthorpe    S3 7PU
Stacye Avenue              o/s 15                                                    Woodhouse       S13 7RW
Stainton Road              o/s 1, jct Peveril Road                                   Greystones      S11 7AP
Standish Avenue            o/s 18                                                    Shirecliffe     S5 8XQ
Standish Way               Opp 2                                                     Shirecliffe     S5 8YB
Standon Crescent           Opp 67                                                    Wincobank       S9 1PN
Standon Crescent           opp 73                                                    Wincobank       S9 1PN
Standon Road               o/s No. 155 @ jct Standon Crescent                        Wincobank       S9 1PG
Standon Road               Jct Standon Crescent - Side of 78 Standon Crescent        Wincobank       S9 1PP
Stanley Road               o/s 26                                                    Stocksbridge    S36 2FQ
Stanley Road               jct Carrfield Avenue                                      Meersbrook      S8 9JB
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                  Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Stannington Glen              o/s 27                                                 Stannington        S6 6NA
Stannington Rise              Jct Stannington Road                                   Stannington        S6 5HH
Stannington Road              Pond Road Jct                                          Stannington        S6 6DP
Stannington View Road         just before bend @ top of road                         Crookes            S10 1SQ
Stanton Crescent              o/s 21                                                 Frecheville        S12 4XL
Stanwell Close                o/s 21 - near Stanwell Avenue Jct                      Wincobank          S9 1PZ
Stanwell Street               jct Stanwell Close                                     Wincobank          S9 1PA
Stephen Drive                 o/s 28                                                 Crosspool          S10 5NX
Stephen Drive                 opp 6                                                  Crosspool          S10 5NT
Stephen Hill                  above 23                                               Crosspool          S10 5NT
Stephen Hill Road             jct Marsh Lane                                         Crosspool          S10 5NQ
Stephen Lane                  nr Graven Close                                        Grenoside          S35 8QY
Sterndale Road                Jct Millhouses Lane                                    Millhouses         S7 2LD
Sterndale Road                Nr jct Whirlowdale Road                                Millhouses         S7 2LD
Stewart Road                  top - jct Beresford Road (o/s 51)                      Sharrow Vale       S11 8XS
Stockarth Lane                On Bend opposite no 26                                 Oughtibridge       S35 0HT
Stoneacre Close               o/s 15                                                 Hackenthorpe       S12 4NU
Stoneacre Rise                o/s 2                                                  Hackenthorpe       S12 4NX
Stonecliffe Drive             o/s 1                                                  Stocksbridge       S36 1FR
Stoneley Crescent             jct Stoneley Close                                     Charnock           S12 3JH
Storrs Hall Road              bottom, Walkley Bank Rd jct                            Walkley            S6 5AQ
Storrs Lane                   hairpin bend                                           Stannington        S6 6GY
Storrs Lane                   Opposite Storrs Hall                                   Stannington        S6 6GY
Storth Avenue                 Jct Storth Lane                                        Ranmoor            S10 3HL
Storth Lane                   opp 75                                                 Ranmoor            S10 3HP
Storth Lane                   opp No 33 under bridge                                 Ranmoor            S10 3HN
Storth Lane                   Opp no 11                                              Wharncliffe Side   S35 0DW
Stothard Road                 opp 52                                                 Crookes            S10 1RD
Stour Lane                    Luke Lane Jn                                           Wadsley            S6 4BL
Stowe Avenue                  opp 172 Springfield Road                               Carter Knowle      S7 2GH
Stowe Avenue                  Outside 9                                              Carter Knowle      S7 2GP
Stradbroke Crescent           Jct Stradbroke Drive - opp 4                           Stradbroke         S13 8RX
Stradbroke Road               side of garages at flats 154-158                       Stradbroke         S13 8ST
Stradbroke Road               side of garages at 112 flat                            Stradbroke         S13 8SQ
Strawberry Lee Lane           Opp Paddock Cottage (Approx 70m up on LHS from         Totley             S17 3BA
                              Lane Head Road)
Strelley Road                 Jct Strelley Avenue                                    Norton             S8 0BH
Strutt Road                   o/s 31                                                 Shirecliffe        S3 9AG
Studfield Drive               Jct Studfield Hill                                     Wisewood           S6 4SN
Studfield Hill                o/s 111                                                Wisewood           S6 6RY
Studfield Hill                opp 79                                                 Wisewood           S6 4SW
Studfield Hill                o/s 226 (Bin on 226's driveway as agreed with owner,   Wisewood           S6 6RS
                              most suitable location due to narrow footpaths)
Stumperlowe Crescent          o/s 48/50                                              Fulwood            S10 3PR
Stumperlowe Hall Road         Jct Slayleigh Lane                                     Fulwood            S10 3QS
Stumperlowe Lane              o/s flats near junction with Fulwood Road              Fulwood            S10 3QQ
Stumperlowe Park Road         jct Fulwood Road                                       Fulwood            S10 3QE
Stumperlowe View              jct Stumperlowe Croft                                  Fulwood            S10 3QU
Stumperlowe View              o/s 3                                                  Fulwood            S10 3QU
Sturge Croft                  below 2                                                Heeley             S2 3AE
Sturton Road                  Bottom of hill by green electric box                   Pitsmoor           S4 7DE
Sugworth Road                 Outside Sugworth Hall                                  Stocksbridge       S6 6JA
Sundew Gardens                opp 82                                                 High Green         S35 4DU
Sunningdale Mount             o/s 1                                                  Carter Knowle      S11 9HA
Sunningdale Mount             o/s 42, top of c-d-s                                   Carter Knowle      S11 9HA
Sunnyvale Road                o/s School (bottom of drive)                           Totley             S17 4FA
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             Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Surrey Street            o/s Montgomery Hall                                 City Centre        S1 2LG
Swaledale Road           o/s 54                                              Nether Edge        S7 2BZ
Swift Road               Jct Grenobank Road                                  Grenoside          S35 8NW
Sycamore Road            jct Park Crescent                                   Ecclesfield        S35 9YU
Sycamore Road            o/s 22                                              Ecclesfield        S35 9YW
Sycamore Road            Opposite No 11                                      Stocksbridge       S36 1FS
Sydney Road              jct with Burns Road                                 Crookes            S6 3GG
Sydney Road              opp 45                                              Crookes            S6 3GG
Tadcaster Crescent       Bottom (Side of 60 Tadcaster Road)                  Woodseats          S8 0RB
Tannery Close            o/s 150-156 nr subway steps                         Woodhouse          S13 7LR
Tansley Drive            jct Tansley Street                                  Wincobank          S9 1LJ
Tansley Drive            o/s 43                                              Wincobank          S9 1LH
Tapton Bank              jct Tapton Hill Road                                Sandygate          S10 5GD
Tapton Hill Road         Jct Ryegate Road                                    Sandygate          S10 5GA
Tapton Hill Road         Nr Car Park to flats behind church                  Sandygate          S10 5GB
Tapton Mount Close       10 yards into the Close                             Sandygate          S10 5BY
Taptonville Road         opp 17 against the wall                             Broomhill          S10 5BQ
Taptonville Road         Jct Fulwood Road Nr Bank                            Broomhill          S10 3AA
Taunton Avenue           Outside16                                           Wincobank          S9 1JS
Taverner Close           side of No 5                                        High Green         S35 4LF
Taverner Way             jct Merbeck Drive                                   High Green         S35 4DB
Taverner Way             Bottom                                              High Green         S35 4LL
Tenter Street            Jct Hawley Street                                   City Centre        S1 2EA
Tenterden Road           Leedham Road                                        Wincobank          S5 6BY
The Crescent             o/s 1                                               Totley             S17 4DF
The Dale                 opp 33                                              Woodseats          S8 0PS
The Fairway              o/s sub-station                                     Lodge Moor         S10 4LX
The Frostings            jct Norfolk Hill nr phone box                       Grenoside          S35 8NZ
The Frostings            Packmans Close Jn                                   Grenoside          S35 8QE
The Frostings            Jct Packmans Way                                    Grenoside          S35 8QF
The Green                o/s 3                                               Totley             S17 4AT
The Grove                opp 47                                              Wharncliffe Side   S35 0EA
The Grove                o/s No 1                                            Loxley             S6 6RE
The Lawns                 o/s 31                                             Carter Knowle      S11 9FL
The Meadway              Top - Jct Meadway Drive                             Dore               S17 3EB
The Moor                 pedestrian area o/s Manpower                        City Centre        S1 4PQ
The Moor                 Top of Moor - Jct Fitzwilliam Gate                  City Centre        S1 4PB
The Oval                 Side of 22 on path                                  Firth Park         S5 6SL
The Ridge                Jct Redmires Road                                   Lodge Moor         S10 4LY
The Rookery              opp Rookery Bank                                    Deepcar            S36 2NQ
The Rookery              opp 33                                              Deepcar            S36 2NE
The Rookery              jct Rookery Dell                                    Deepcar            S36 2ND
The Rookery              between 56 & 58                                     Deepcar            S36 2NE
The Rookery              opp 65                                              Deepcar            S36 2NA
The Rookery              between 68 & 70                                     Deepcar            S36 2NA
The Spinney              opp 3                                               Dore               S17 3AL
Thirlwell Road           Jct Barton Road                                     Meersbrook         S8 9TF
Thompson Hill            OS 291                                              High Green         S35 4JT
Thornborough Place       o/s No 13                                           Arbourthorne       S2 3PD
Thornborough Road        Jct Myrtle Road                                     Arbourthorne       S2 3PA
Thornbridge Close        CDS - o/s 9                                         Frecheville        S12 3AD
Thornbrook Gardens       Opp 2                                               Chapeltown         S35 2BB
Thorncliffe Lane         Ironstone Drive                                     High Green         S35 3XX
Thorp Close              opp No 9                                            Highfield          S2 4SL
Thorpe House Avenue      o/s 58                                              Meersbrook         S8 9NH
Thorpe House Avenue      on the Corner                                       Meersbrook         S8 9NH
Thorpe House Rise        o/s 2                                               Meersbrook         S8 9NL
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Thorpe House Rise          between Nos 154-113                                 Meersbrook     S8 9NQ
Tinker Lane                jct Bentley Road                                    Crookes        S6 5EA
Tithe Barn Avenue          Jct Tithe Barn Close                                Woodhouse      S13 7LJ
Tithe Barn Lane            opp 2 Tithe Barn Way                                Woodhouse      S13 7LN
Tithe Barn Way             o/s 1 Tithe Barn Avenue (grassed area)              Woodhouse      S13 7LG
Todwick Road               above No 63, Havecroft Road jct                     Meersbrook     S8 0NQ
Tofts Lane                 opp Rivelin Hotel                                   Stannington    S6 5SL
Toftwood Road              o/s 111                                             Crookes        S10 1SL
Toll House Mead            Opp 65                                              Mosborough     S20 5EL
Tom Lane                   o/s 137, jct Stumperlowe Hall Road                  Fulwood        S10 3PE
Top Road                   jct Kirk Edge Road                                  Worrall        S35 0AQ
Top Side                   Opp no 19 at the jct with Hill Top Lane             Grenoside      S35 8RD
Toppham Way                Rear of Shopping Precinct                           Lowedges       S8 7LD
Torbay Road                O/S 24                                              Pitsmoor       S4 7SN
Totley Brook Glen          o/s 10                                              Totley         S17 3PX
Totley Brook Road          above 270                                           Totley         S17 3QY
Totley Brook Road          jct Totley Brook Way - opp 203                      Totley         S17 3QX
Totley Brook Road          jct Totley Brook Grove                              Totley         S17 3PY
Totley Brook Road          o/s Police Station - (Adj No. 150)                  Totley         S17 3QU
Totley Hall Croft          Jct Totley Hall Lane                                Totley         S17 4AA
Totley Hall Croft          o/s 7                                               Totley         S17 4BE
Totley Hall Croft          o/s 21/23                                           Totley         S17 4BE
Totley Hall Lane           jct Stocks Green Drive                              Totley         S17 4AA
Totley Hall Lane           All Saints Church yard - rear of church             Totley         S17 4FB
Totley Hall Lane           jct Totley Hall Mead                                Totley         S17 4BD
Townend Lane               opp 12                                              Stocksbridge   S36 2NE
Townend Lane               jct St Helens Road                                  Stocksbridge   S36 2TQ
Townend Lane               opp 26                                              Stocksbridge   S36 2NB
Townend Street             opp 75                                              Crookes        S10 1NN
Townfields Avenue          opp 5, in cul de sac at the top                     Ecclesfield    S35 9ZP
Towngate Road              o/s Community Hall - Jct Top Road                   Worrall        S35 0AR
Townhead Road              Blackamoor View Jn                                  Townhead       S17 3AQ
Townhead Street            nr jct Campo Lane                                   City Centre    S1 2EE
Trap Lane                  opp 6                                               Bents Green    S11 7RD
Trap Lane                  o/s 147                                             Bents Green    S11 7RF
Tree Root Walk             Entrance to Jessop Wing car park                    Broomhill      S10 2SZ
Trippet Lane               side of Grapes pub                                  City Centre    S1 4EL
Truswell Avenue            o/s no1                                             Crookes        S10 1WH
Truswell Road              outside 30                                          Crookes        S10 1WH
Tullibardine Road          Jct Gisborne Road                                   Greystones     S11 7GP
Tullibardine Road          o/s 200/202                                         Greystones     S11 7GP
Tullibardine Road          Jct Strathay Road                                   Greystones     S11 7GN
Tunwell Avenue             jct Knowles Road                                    Ecclesfield    S5 9GA
Twentywell Lane            o/s 275                                             Bradway        S17 4QG
Twentywell Lane            Jct with Twentywell Road                            Bradway        S17 4PU
Twentywell Road            St Quentin Drive                                    Bradway        S17 4PP
Twentywell Road            Jct Twentywell View                                 Bradway        S17 4PT
Union Road                 jct Brincliffe Edge Road                            Nether Edge    S11 9EN
Upper Albert Road          jct Carfield Avenue                                 Meersbrook     S8 9HZ
Upper Albert Road          Jct Rushdale Road/Meersbrook Road on corner         Meersbrook     S8 9QD
Upper Allen Street         jct Radford St                                      Shalesmoor     S3 7PJ
Upper Allen Street         jct Brook Drive                                     Shalesmoor     S3 7HN
Upwell Hill                o/s 51                                              Grimesthorpe   S4 8GF
Vainor Road                o/s 7-9                                             Wadsley        S6 4AP
Vale Grove                 Woodstock Road Jn                                   Loxley         S6 6TB
Vale Road                  Bottom of Ski Village                               Neepsend       S3 9SJ
Valentine Crescent         o/s Church                                          Shiregreen     S5 0NW
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                Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Valley Road                 Outside 31                                          Hackenthorpe   S12 4LJ
Verdon Street               Opp The Furnival                                    Burngreave     S3 9QS
Vernon Delph                jct Marsh Lane                                      Sandygate      S10 5NS
Vernon Road                 Top of Road                                         Totley         S17 3QE
Vernon Terrace              opp 27, nr top                                      Fulwood        S10 5GJ
Vicar Lane                  opp 1G Vicar Court                                  Woodhouse      S13 7JH
Vicarage Crescent           Top - o/s 2                                         Grenoside      S35 8RE
Vicarage Crescent           Bottom - betw 56 & 58                               Grenoside      S35 8RE
Vicarage Lane               Dore Road Jn                                        Dore           S17 3GX
Vicarage Road               in cul de sac - between 57/59                       Grenoside      S35 8RF
Vickers Drive               Opp No 134 Vickers Road                             Firth Park     S5 6WB
Victoria Road               opp 7                                               Stocksbridge   S36 1FW
Victoria Street             Hope Street                                         Stocksbridge   S36 1GY
Victoria Street             Outside No 2 Victoria Close                         Stocksbridge   S36 1FU
Vivian Road                 Opp 31                                              Firth Park     S5 6WJ
Wainwright Avenue           Jct Wainwright Crescent                             Woodthorpe     S13 8EL
Wainwright Avenue           o/s 57                                              Woodthorpe     S13 8EL
Wainwright Crescent         Jct Spinkhill Avenue                                Woodthorpe     S13 8EN
Walders Avenue              o/s 38                                              Wadsley        S6 4AY
Walkley Bank Close          o/s 23                                              Walkley        S6 5AG
Walkley Bank Road           opp 421                                             Walkley        S6 5AQ
Walkley Bank Road           o/s 253                                             Walkley        S6 5AQ
Walkley Bank Road           jct Elliotville Street                              Walkley        S6 5BT
Walkley Lane                Jct Morley Street                                   Walkley        S6 2NJ
Walkley Lane                Jct Limbrick Road                                   Walkley        S6 2PB
Walkley Terrace             Top of road jct with Robertson Road                 Walkley        S6 5DN
Waller Road                 Bin o/s 95                                          Walkley        S6 5DP
Waller Road                 jct Rivelin Road                                    Walkley        S6 5DQ
Waller Road                 o/s 45                                              Walkley        S6 5DP
Walshaw Road                Jct Haggstones Road                                 Worrall        S35 0PB
Walshaw Road                middle o/s No 18-20                                 Worrall        S35 0AS
Walshaw Road                top o/s 44                                          Worrall        S35 0AS
Wardsend Road               100yds up on right, just before bend                Wadsley        S6 1RQ
Warminster Crescent         o/s 40                                              Meersbrook     S8 9NU
Warminster Road             o/s Nursing Home                                    Meersbrook     S8 8SQ
Warrington Road             Jct Beehive Road                                    Crookes        S10 1EP
Waterside Gardens           Jct Station Lane                                    Oughtibridge   S35 0JS
Watson Road                 opp 14                                              Broomhill      S10 2SD
Watt Lane                    jct Whitworth Road                                 Sandygate      S10 5RE
Weavers Close               o/s 13                                              Grenoside      S35 8RH
Webb Avenue                 jct St Paul Close                                   Deepcar        S36 2SJ
Webbs Avenue                jct High Matlock Avenue                             Stannington    S6 6AS
Weetwood Drive              o/s 6                                               Ecclesall      S11 9QL
Welbeck Road                o/s 71                                              Walkley        S6 5AY
Welbeck Road                Jct Fern Road                                       Walkley        S6 5AX
Well Green Road             o/s 50                                              Stannington    S6 6DF
Wellcarr Road               jct Cobnar Road                                     Norton         S8 8QA
Wellfield Road              opp 17                                              Crookes        S6 3GF
Wellington Street           Front of old Fire Station                           City Centre    S1 3FG
Wensley Street              o/s 145                                             Grimesthorpe   S4 8HN
Wensley Street              o/s 236                                             Grimesthorpe   S4 8HN
Wesley Road                 at intersection with carlthorpe Grove               High Green     S35 4PL
West Street                 Jct Bailey Lane                                     City Centre    S1 4DZ
West View Lane              Side of Flats 1 - 6 (Bin 1 of 2)                    Totley         S17 3RS
West View Lane              Side of Flats 1 - 6 (Bin 2 of 2)                    Totley         S17 3RS
Westbrook Road              Adj 33 - on grass area                              Chapeltown     S35 2YE
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              Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Western Bank              Exit pathway from Weston Park                       Broomhill      S10 2TJ
Westfield Centre          behind shops                                        Westfield      S20 8ND
Westfield Crescent        opp Ash St Jct (o/s 7)                              Westfield      S20 5AQ
Westfield Crescent        Adj 49                                              Westfield      S20 5AS
Westminster Avenue        opp 27-37                                           Lodge Moor     S10 4ER
Westminster Avenue        opp 181/191                                         Lodge Moor     S10 4ES
Westminster Crescent      opp Westminster Close                               Lodge Moor     S10 4FR
Westminster Crescent      opp 132-142 nr jct Westminster Avenue               Lodge Moor     S10 4EU
Westminster Crescent      opp 51 - Community Centre                           Lodge Moor     S10 4EU
Westwick Crescent         o/s Shops                                           Greenhill      S8 7DG
Westwick Crescent         o/s 58                                              Greenhill      S8 7DH
Westwick Grove            Jct Westwick Road                                   Greenhill      S8 7BU
Westwick Road             jct Crawshaw Grove                                  Greenhill      S8 7EB
Westwick Road             o/s 81                                              Greenhill      S8 7BU
Westwood Road             Jct Wortley Road                                    High Green     S35 4LW
Wharfedale Drive          jct Bowlands Drive                                  Chapeltown     S35 2QN
Wharncliffe Road          o/s 1                                               High Green     S35 4LH
Wheata Road               bottom of the hill                                  Parson Cross   S5 9FL
Wheatacre Road            Opposite 40                                         Stocksbridge   S36 2BB
Wheatfield Crescent       o/s 30                                              Shiregreen     S5 0JH
Wheel Lane                O/S No 116                                          Grenoside      S35 8RY
Whinacre Close            jct Batemoor Road                                   Jordanthorpe   S8 8ED
Whirlow Grange Avenue     o/s no 14                                           Whirlow        S11 9RW
Whirlow Grove             jct Whirlow Court Road                              Whirlow        S11 9NS
Whirlow Lane              o/s Whirlow Hall Farm Trust                         Whirlow        S11 9QF
Whirlow Lane              opp 44                                              Whirlow        S11 9QF
Whirlow Park Road         o/s 6-6a                                            Whirlow        S11 9NP
Whirlow Park Road         opp 13                                              Whirlow        S11 9NN
Whirlow Park Road         o/s 61                                              Whirlow        S11 9NN
Whirlowdale Close         Betw 4 & 6                                          Whirlow        S11 9NQ
White Lane                opp Briarfield Road                                 Gleadless      S12 2JY
Whitehead Avenue          o/s 16                                              Deepcar        S36 2SY
Whitehead Avenue          o/s 44 (Jct Lee Avenue)                             Deepcar        S36 2SY
Whitehead Avenue          Jct Haywood Avenue                                  Deepcar        S36 2SY
Whitehead Avenue          Jcn Broadhead Road                                  Deepcar        S36 2SY
Whitehouse Lane            JctTennyson Road                                   Walkley        S6 2WE
Whitehouse Lane           jct Hawksworth Road                                 Walkley        S6 2WA
Whitehouse Lane           Jct with Burgoyne Road                              Walkley        S6 2WA
Whitehouse Road           Jct Whitehouse Lane                                 Walkley        S6 2WB
Whiteley Wood Road        Jct Trap Lane                                       Fulwood        S11 7TJ
Whitelow Lane             Newfield Lane Jn                                    Dore           S17 3AP
Whitelow Lane             10 yards from Jct Hathersage Road                   Dore           S17 3AG
Whiteways Close           Jct Whiteways Road                                  Grimesthorpe   S4 8FN
Whiteways Road            Jct Whiteways Grove                                 Grimesthorpe   S4 8FL
Whitfield Road            opp No 3 on hardstanding                            Fulwood        S10 4GJ
Whitham Road              Jct Parkers Lane                                    Broomhill      S10 2SN
Whitley Lane              Jct Elliot Lane                                     Grenoside      S35 8RQ
Whitley Lane              Opp Childrens Nursery                               Grenoside      S35 8RQ
Whitwell Crescent         Jct Hole House Lane                                 Stocksbridge   S36 1BT
Whitwell Lane             Opposite No 46                                      Stocksbridge   S36 1GE
Widdop Croft              opp No 17                                           Richmond       S13 8EQ
Wilcox Road               jct Bullen Road                                     Fox Hill       S6 1BQ
William Crescent          o/s 54                                              Mosborough     S20 5DJ
Williamson Road           Between 12-14                                       Brincliffe     S11 9AR
Willow Crescent           jct Chapel Road                                     Chapeltown     S35 1QS
Willow Crescent           California Drive jct                                Chapeltown     S35 1QT
Wilson Road               Top near garages near no 1                          Stocksbridge   S36 2PF
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               Sheffield City Council – Street Force – Winter Maintenance Services 2011/12
Wilson Road                Side of No 50                                       Stocksbridge    S36 2SZ
Winchester Drive           jct Winchester Avenue                               Fulwood         S10 4EE
Wincobank Avenue           jct Bluebell Road                                   Wincobank       S5 6AX
Wincobank Lane             o/s 22                                              Wincobank       S4 8AA
Windmill Lane              Jct Bellhouse Road                                  Wincobank       S5 6FZ
Wingfield Crescent         Middle - opp 99                                     Frecheville     S12 4WA
Winn Gardens               Opposite Winn Grove                                 Hillsborough    S6 1UL
Wisewood Avenue            Jct Owlings Road                                    Wisewood        S6 4WG
Wisewood Road              Hallowmoor Road Jn                                  Wisewood        S6 4WD
Withens Avenue             low side of 3                                       Hillsborough    S6 1TJ
Withens Avenue             Opposite other bin - 2 bins here both on Jct        Hillsborough    S6 1WE
                           Middlewood Road
Wolfe Road                 near shops                                          Fox Hill        S6 1BU
Wollaton Road              o/s 100                                             Bradway         S17 4LG
Wollaton Road              opp No 1                                            Bradway         S17 4LD
Wood Cliffe                jct Hangram Lane/Cottage Lane                       Fulwood         S11 7TQ
Wood Fold                  opp 18                                              Burngreave      S3 9PE
Wood Road                  Rippon Road Jn                                      Hillsborough    S6 4LW
Wood Royd Road             opp 14A, aside public footpath                      Deepcar         S36 2QF
Woodbank Crescent          Side of communal garden beside gennel               Meersbrook      S8 9EF
Woodbank Crescent          o/s 1 near Jct Chesterfield Road                    Meersbrook      S8 9EE
Woodbank Crescent          Suitable Location                                   Meersbrook      S8 9EF
Woodbury Road              Nr jct unadopted road - opp No. 82                  Wincobank       S9 1NZ
Woodfall Lane              Brown House Lane Jn                                 Bradfield       S6 6LG
Woodfall Lane              Middle - approx 50m above Smallfield Lane           Bradfield       S6 6LB
Woodfarm Close             o/s 26-48 @ end of cul de sac                       Stannington     S6 5LU
Woodhouse Avenue           Jct Robin Lane                                      Beighton        S20 1BE
Woodhouse Gardens          Jct Meetinghouse Lane                               Woodhouse       S13 7PJ
Woodhouse Lane             opp 123/125                                         Beighton        S20 1AD
Woodland Place             jct Prospect Road                                   Totley          S17 4JG
Woodseats Road             opp 333, o/s sub station                            Woodseats       S8 0PP
Woodside Lane              Jct Wood Fold Lane, near new housing development.   Neepsend        S3 9AQ
Woodstock Road             Jct Eden Drive                                      Loxley          S6 6TG
Woodview Road              jct Elliotville Street (1st bin)                    Walkley         S6 5BT
Wooldale Drive             side of no 11                                       Hackenthorpe    S20 6RU
Wooldale Drive             opp 32                                              Hackenthorpe    S20 6TA
Woolley Road               Outside no 219                                      Stocksbridge    S36 1GF
Woolley Wood Road          Outside 137                                         Shiregreen      S5 0UF
Woolley Wood Road          Between 71 and 73                                   Shiregreen      S5 0UF
Wordsworth Avenue          Jct with Buchanan Road                              Parson Cross    S5 8NJ
Wordsworth Crescent        Jct Wordsworth Avenue (Nr No. 1)                    Parson Cross    S5 8NF
Worrall Road               The Yews entrance to hospital                       Worrall         S35 0AU
Worrall Road               bottom of Laird Road on grass verge                 Worrall         S6 4BT
Wortley Road               jct Markbrook Drive                                 High Green      S35 4LT
Wulfric Place              opp No 15                                           Manor           S2 1GZ
Wyatt Avenue               jct Bannerdale Road                                 Carter Knowle   S11 9FN
Wyvern Gardens             side of 26                                          Dore            S17 3PR
Wyvern Gardens             side of 58                                          Dore            S17 3PR
Wyvern Gardens             nr jct Bushey Wood Road                             Dore            S17 3QD
Youlgreave Drive           between 27 & 29                                     Frecheville     S12 4SD
Youlgreave Drive           Jct Alport Road                                     Frecheville     S12 4RX

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