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									Individual Auto                                                                   List of documents
claim procedure                                                                   required to be completed
Important procedure in case of any claims occurred                                Police report is required in case of the following:

    1                         2                        3                          1.    Theft of Vehicle or Accessories
                                                                                  2.    Accident involving third party
                                     Complete              Claim Approved -
           Notify Claims                                                          3.    Damage due to malicious act
                                     Documents             Work order release
                                                                                  4.    Accident causing heavy damages or total loss
                                                                                        (constructive total loss)

                                                                                  Required original documents in case of constructive total loss
    1.      Client must immediately contact us by the hotline below, within       or theft claim
            5 working days.
                                                                                  1.    BPKB/ Vehicles Ownership Book
            Chartis Automobile Claims Hotline                                     2.    Original Purchase Invoice
            Call   : 021 299 11500 (JABODETABEK)                                  3.    STNK/ Vehicle Registration Documents
            SMS : 0815-13-200-500                                                 4.    Blank Receipts in Triplicate (signed on Rp.6.000 stamp duty)
            E-mail :                             5.    Ignition Key (2 pieces)
                                                                                  6.    Police Report
            When reporting claim by phone, or e-mail, the following               7.    Berita Acara Pemeriksaan (BAP)
            claim information should be submitted:                                8.    Statement Letter of Kadit Serse (surat keterangan hilang)
                                                                                  9.    Statement Letter of STNK Revocation (Tanda Pemblokiran)
            1.   Motor Insurance Policy Number                                    10.   Discharge Form
            2.   Name of Insured
            3.   Registration Number                                              Claim Involving Third Party
            4.   Extent of Damages
            5.   Circumstances of Loss                                            1.    Police Report (POLSEK)
                                                                                  2.    Copy of Third Party’s SIM and STNK
                                                                                  3.    Statement of claim from Third Party
    2.      Submit the documents immediately (see document                        4.    Photos of Damaged Vehicle
            requirement) and if required Chartis will conduct site
            inspection (survey) within 24 hours after receiving the First         Other Important Things
            Notice Of Loss.
                                                                                  1.    Workshop will be appointed by the Insurer based on nearest to
                                                                                  	     the	Client’s	residence	/office
            We will release approval following to complete review on the          2.    Client is not allowed to have the vehicle repaired without
            documents / or releasing work order /repair instruction to the              Insurer’s approval
            appointed garage*.                                                    3.    Insurer’s limit of Liability is based on the particular motor policy

                                                                                  For further queries, please contact our
*       Enclosed is our listed panel garage all over Indonesia
                                                                                  Chartis Automobile Claims Hotline
*       we implemented high service standard hence the list of panel garage can
                                                                                  at 021 299 11500 (JABODETABEK)
        exchanged and subject to further update.

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