Oral Presentation Rubric : Spanish 1 Meets the Fine Arts by ms43T2r


									       Oral Presentation Rubric : Spanish 1 Meets the Fine Arts

      Teacher Name: Ms. Wilson and Ms. Lucas

      Student Name:   ________________________________________

  CATEGORY        4                      3                      2                     1
Preparedness      Student is             Student seems          The student is       Student does not
                  completely prepared    pretty prepared but    somewhat prepared, seem at all prepared
                  and has obviously      might have needed a    but it is clear that to present.
                  rehearsed.             couple more            rehearsal was
                                         rehearsals.            lacking.

Vocabulary        Uses new               Uses vocabulary        Uses vocabulary       Does not use
                  vocabulary             appropriate for the    appropriate for the   vocabulary
                  appropriate for the    audience. Includes     audience. Does not    appropriate for the
                  audience. Extends      1-2 words that might   include any           audience. Does not
                  audience vocabulary    be new to most of      vocabulary that       include any new
                  by defining words      the audience, but      might be new to the   vocabulary.
                  that might be new to   does not define        audience.
                  most of the            them.
Uses Complete     Always (99-100% of     Mostly (80-98%)        Sometimes (70-80%)    Rarely speaks in
Sentences         time) speaks in        speaks in complete     speaks in complete    complete sentences.
                  complete sentences.    sentences. Mostly      sentences. Uses       Does not use
                  Correctly uses the     speaks correctly       some preterit, but    preterit.
                  preterit tense when    using the preterit.    incorrectly.
                  speaking about the

Content           Shows a full         Shows a good         Shows a good              Does not seem to
                  understanding of the understanding of the understanding of          understand the topic
                  topic.               topic.               parts of the topic.       very well.

Time-Limit        Presentation is 7-10 Presentation is 5-6      Presentation is 4     Presentation is less
                  minutes long.        minutes long.            minutes long.         than 3 minutes

Comprehension     Student is able to     Student is able to     Student is able to    Student is unable to
                  accurately answer      accurately answer      accurately answer a   accurately answer
                  almost all questions   most questions         few questions posed   questions posed by
                  posed by classmates    posed by classmates    by classmates about   classmates about
                  about the topic.       about the topic.       the topic.            the topic.

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