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					Ministry of Industry & Trade National Product Protection Directorate Antidumping Application Note: ‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬ Please attach any additional sheets to this application should you require further space for furnishing all relevant information. Two copies of the application shall be enclosed together with other documentations; one copy shall be considered as Classified, and the other shall be considered as Unclassified. Any classified information provided by applicants shall be treated as such, and shall not be disclosed, subject to liability, by the Competent Authority without specific permission of the submitting party. Please ensure that all financial data and documents attached, including budgets and balance sheets should only pertain to the investigated product and should be duly certified. Please verify that all supporting documents are duly signed, (and that each sheet has been signed and stamped according to regulations), and that all supporting documents are attached. Send the application together with all documents to the following address: Director of the National Production Protection Directorate National Production Protection Directorate Ministry of Industry and Trade Amman - Jordan P.O .Box (2019) , Zip Code 11181 Tel.: 562-9030 Fax: 568-5116



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Ministry of Industry & Trade Antidumping Application – Basic Information Required Application No.: Date: Your Excellency Minister of Industry & Trade, We hereby present this application, in accordance with the articles set forth in the National Product Protection Law and the Antidumping and AntiSubsidies Regulations in full force and effect as at this date. We kindly request your approval. Application Information Protection Measures Immediate Protection Measures Applicant(s) Company Name (Entity): Authorized Representative: Domestic Product's Name: Imported Product's Name: Country of Origin (Source): Title: _____

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Domestic Producers Information a. Please list all domestic producers of the subject product. ___________________________________________________________ b. Please provide names of all companies supporting this application, relevant addresses, company's registration date and production volume for each company. ___________________________________________________________ c. Please provide details of the company’s type and ownership. ___________________________________________________________ d. Please provide your company’s representatives’ details; their names and functional titles, provided that those representatives will officially handle the follow-up of your company’s application and will be contacted for any related inquiries. ___________________________________________________________ e. Please provide the company’s fiscal year. ___________________________________________________________ f. Did your company import the investigated product(s) in the past 3 years? ___________________________________________________________ Required Documents 1. Notarized Power of Attorney Signed as Requested. 2. Copy of Company's Registration Showing, Type, Ownership, and Other Shareholder Details. 3. Certified Copy of Recently Audited Financial Statements (past 3 years including current year). 4. A Letter Supporting the Application, Signed Individually by Each Company. General Note In case of large number of domestic producers, please specify which producers have the largest volume of production of the specified product along with providing each producer’s volumes (separately).

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Product Specifications State the Custom Code (Main or Sub Code) for the imported product under investigation and Custom Tariff imposed on product as at date of application submission. ___________________________________________________________ ‫ـ‬ Describe in detail the domestic product and the imported product(s) that has/have caused injury; indicating how your products are considered similar or greatly identical to imported products (information should include: product characteristics, manufacturing process, used technology, final usage as well as indicating any or all differences in detail if available). ‫ـ‬

Attached Requirements Samples of both imported and domestic products, and any available pamphlets. Information of Country of Export ‫ـ‬ Indicate the country of origin and/or the country of export of the subject product. State any other country you know of that exports the product(s) to Jordan. Indicate names and addresses of manufacturers or foreign exporters known to you who export this specific product(s) to Jordan. Indicate names and addresses of importers of the specified product(s) and indicate the importer(s) business nature (whether wholesaler or retailer... etc).

‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬

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Export price Definition of Export Price: The Retail Price decided for the imported product when offered for sale in the local market. If Evidence Found: Calculate in precise, the export price of the alleged dumped product(s); this calculated price represents the price paid or should be paid by importer of the subject product(s) listed below in point (a) minus total expenses listed in points (b & c). In case several products exist, kindly present kinds, models and samples for each. a. State the price paid or should be paid by the importer of the mentioned product(s). ___________________________________________________________ b. State any additional expenses encumbered from shipping the product(s) to Jordan; such expenses are considered additional to other relevant costs such as packaging for export purposes, which are usually bared by the manufacturer when selling for local retail… etc. ___________________________________________________________ c. State any other additional expenses that may occur during or after the product(s) export such as: sea and inland freight, insurance, admission fees to port or harbor, port demurrage and storage charges… etc. ___________________________________________________________ Required Documents Price List, Invoices, Commercial Correspondences and Examples of Competitive Prices that were the basis of loss in sales. If Evidence Not Found: a. If detailing specifications above was not possible, it shall be permissible to determine the export price on a derived (Inferential) Basis, and based on the first transaction of retail of the alleged anti-dumped product(s) in the Jordanian local market, and as shown in the inferential export price.

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b. If any connection (relation) between the exporter and the importer exists, then the most precise indication of the export price shall be as indicated in the inferential export price.

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Inferential Export Price In case of several products, types and models, a separate list must be prepared to cover the sample as follows: Kind / Model The export price calculated on the basis of first sale to an independent trader, (which is the basis of the first retail price in Jordan), minus the following charges: 1. Freight Charges 2. Insurance 3. Custom Tariff 4. Sales Tax 5. Commission Fees 6. Inland Freight Charges 7. Additional Industrial Expenses (if existent) 8. Sales and Administrative Costs 9. Other Expenses (Specify) 10. Net Profit / Loss 11. Calculated Export Price

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Normal Value Definition of Normal Value: The Value decided for the imported product when offered for sale in the country of export or country of origin. If Data and Evidence Found: State Retail Price of product(s) (allegedly imported at dumped prices) in its country of origin; in case of several products, types and models, samples must be provided to match export price(s) mentioned above. (For more information refer to application instructions). ___________________________________________________________ For prices mentioned above, indicate accurately the trade level(s) of the buyer; for example: buyer is the final consumer, wholesaler or retailer. ___________________________________________________________ Are there any differences that might affect both export price and normal value; for example: sold quantities, selling terms and conditions, trade level, please state details and address to the Ministry. ___________________________________________________________ Required Documents (Price Lists, Invoices, and any other pertaining evidence) to support and prove the normal value. If Data and Evidence Not Found: ‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬ If detailing specifications above was not possible, an evaluation of the normal value should be calculated: Either by a total cost analysis for products in their country of export / origin; such as: materials, wages, indirect industrial costs, general, sales and administrative costs (GSA) as well as profit margin. Or by providing specific information and evidence through Exporter regarding retail prices in a third country. ‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬


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Note Information stated should include in detail calculation methods with all values and data required; for example, estimated industrial cost for an exporter could be based on your production cost after settlements related to technologies, machinery, labor, economies of scale, operating system used in relation to production, operating systems used by exporters as well as profit margins and GSA expenses. Dumping Margin Definition of Dumping Margin: The Difference between the Normal Value and the Export Price. State the calculated differences between the normal value and the export price for each product, kind and model. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ‫ـ‬

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Injury Definition of Injury: Is any caused material injury to the local industry or the threat thereof. Start of Injury: State when the subject imports (allegedly dumped) have caused or threat to cause material injury or have implied any significant negative overall impairment on an existing domestic industry. ___________________________________________________________ Increase in Illegal Imports’ Volumes ‫ـ‬ Please submit detailed information regarding imports (at dumped prices by quantity and value) for the last three fiscal or calendar years in addition to current year if possible. Year Year Year Year ‫ـ‬

Year Qty of imported goods Value of imported goods ‫ـ‬

If the application concerns a product(s) that is imported from several countries, detailed information should be submitted separately and accurately for each country apart.

Economic Impact and Estimating Injury ‫ـ‬ Please complete below table with required information regarding similar product(s) for the last three fiscal or calendar years in addition to current year (eliminate information regarding export volumes and their impact on price and profit).

Year Quantity of Domestic Sales Value of Domestic Sales (Revenue) Volume of Domestic Production Cost of Domestic Production Total Profit (Loss)

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Sales and General Expenses Sales Cost Net Profit (Loss) Maximum Production Capacity Used Production Capacity End of Period Inventory End of Period Inventory Value No. of Employees (Laborers) Wages Minimum Reasonable Profit Margin per Unit Volume of Domestic Sale per Unit Value of Domestic Sale (Revenue) per Unit Domestic Production Cost per Unit Total Profit (Loss) per Unit Sales and General Expenses per Unit Cost of Goods Sold per Unit Net Profit (Loss) per Unit

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Damage Exports If the company effected any export transactions, please complete the list below: Unit of Quantity: Unit of Value: Year Quantity of exported goods Value of exported goods If the product(s) is exported to more than one country, please submit the above data accurately and individually for each country. Production & Sales ‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬ Please detail any or all lost sales opportunity due to direct competition from imported products. State names of the main clients and/or distributors whose sales opportunities had been lost, specifying quantities and values lost due to these transactions. State details about the cancellation of orders from your clients (or other information regarding imported products from other sources). State any decrease in local company's production of subject product, with complete and detailed information for the last three fiscal or calendar years in addition to current year. Importing country:

‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬

Profit & Loss ‫ـ‬ ‫ـ‬ Please provide in detail the extent your net profit has been affected from the import of the similar product in Jordan. What is the minimum reasonable profit margin for similar product(s) your company produces, indicate margin for each kind and model. In addition, indicate how your company’s total profit was effected from the subject product. Please submit accredited and certified financial

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statements for the product, showing the net profit/loss of this product for the last three fiscal or calendar years in addition to current year. Production Cost ‫ـ‬ Please detail the extent of damage on production cost of the subject product(s); indicate the cost of production for each item, kind and model separately, for the past three fiscal or calendar years in addition to the current year.

Utilized Production Capacity ‫ـ‬ Please detail to what extent your company's production capacity was affected by the subject product(s) for the past three fiscal or calendar years in addition to the current year, indicating the reasons behind the increase/decrease in the utilized production capacity.

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Damage Market Share Please complete the table below for purpose of knowing the market share of your company’s compared product in the Jordanian market. Unit of Quantity: Year Total sales of your company Total sales value of your company Total sales of Jordanian producers Total sales value of Jordanian producers Total sales of alleged dumped imported goods Total value of alleged dumped imported goods Total sales of other sources Total sales value of other sources ‫ـ‬ Please state and explain the extent your sales volume and value were affected by the imported product in the Jordanian market (market share) in comparison to the volume a value of sales of other producers and imports. Unit of Value:

Other Forms of Injury ‫ـ‬ Please submit financial statements and related accounting records and statements that confirm the material or serious injury or threat thereof for the last three fiscal or calendar years in addition to the current year.

a. Actual and probable effect on labor and inventory. b. Actual and probable reduction to the return in investment. c. Actual and probable effects on cash flows, capital investments, growth and wages.

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Page 11 Price Effect on the Jordanian Market ‫ـ‬ With the three concepts in mind: price undercutting, price depression and price suppression, as mentioned in the application instructions, please detail to which extent did the imported product prices lead to these three conditions? Accompany your justification with any/all supporting evidence such as: price lists, commercial invoices… etc. Please indicate in the below table the retail prices for both the domestic and the imported product:


Year Domestic products retail price Imported product retail price Causal Link ‫ـ‬ Please clarify the causal link between the caused injury on the Jordanian industry and the dumped imports, and whether this injury was caused directly by the existence of dumped imports or because of other causes?

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