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					      Towards a

Secured Organization

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 Malware from UN's security STEALING MILLIONS N.J. U.S. CREDIT
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 MasterCardblame in USFOR failurecredit card data
  Massive warns of massive credit-card breach
  Symantecbank security breach
 HACKER SENTENCED customer uncovered in FROM
 By Staff, ZDNet UK CNET2005-06-17
 By Michelle Meyers,
 Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus
  By Elinor
 CARDSMills, CNET 08:44 AM
 Thursday, January 22 2009 11:37 AM
  Wednesday, April 2008 11:15 AM
 Monday, March 31,01, 2009 Staff
  Bank employees implicated in conspiracy; 500,000 victims alleged
 Data thieves|breached the systems of credit-card processor CardSystems Solutions and made
 23 Feb 2009
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  Jersey's biggest banks, including Bank of America,
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 implications for business continuity. A determined, informed opponent could have
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 seemingly blind.
Today’s Problem?
 Insecure Data at Rest

80% of information theft and frauds are caused
              by internal users
                    - IDC -
Insecure Data in Motion

   70% - 80% of electronic fraudulent
activities are committed by the Trust User.
               - Gartner -
Insecure Identities

Losses resulting from internal theft are 500%
     more costly than external attacks.
               - FBI report -
 Weak Authentication

  Growing list of applications forces users to
remember more than 10 different passwords.
Repudiation of Actions

Users deny their actions or involvements.
 Today’s Concerns in Security….

                           A PAIN !
   • be sure you know who you are communicating with

   Privacy (Confidentiality)
   • keep secrets secret

   • ensure users do not exceed their allowed authority

                     Integrity (of the Data)
   • be sure nothing is changed behind your back

   • have the evidence in the event of a dispute
  What are the
Options we have
to address these
   concerns ?
The Best Option we have today to address
these issues is …

  Public/Private Key (PKI) based
     Enterprise-wide Security
At least protect your Data in Motion AND
       authenticate the users with

      Digital User Identity
        Data Encryption
  Main components of PKI
• Public Key
• Private Key
• Digital

• Security Application
• CA & RA (not necessarily in-house)
• IT Infra (depends)
    How to achieve A PAIN….

Use of Digital Signatures/Certificates.

Use of Digitally Signed Event/Operation Logs.

Encrypting Data Communication Channels.

Usage of proper Anti Virus, Anti Spy-ware Tools.

Usage of effective Firewalls.
How to achieve A PAIN….

     Manage Users on Applications and Systems.

     Usage of Licensed Software with support.

     Imposing Application Level Security.

     Imposing Web Server Level Security.
Recommended Steps towards building a
      Protected Organization
• Discover and Classify the Data.
• Establish consistent Data Protection Policies.
• Educate the Users.
• Roll-out Data Protection Solutions (to protect Data
  at Rest and Data in Motion).
• Roll-out effective User Identity Management
  Solutions (Public-Private Keys and Digital IDs).
• Automate Enforcement.
          Today’s Organizations

How you think
              Today’s Organizations

How I think

Are your Information
Systems Secured and
adequately protected   ?
Thank You
Public/Private Key: Encryption + Authentication for
                                       Data in motion
 Alice                  B’s public             B’s Private                   Bob
     Plaintext          key                    key                Plaintext
      Bob:                                                         Bob:
      Take                                                         Take
      the                                                          the
      day off                                                      day off
                                       3X7b          Decrypt                    Check
                Encrypt                 Mbd0           message)                   the sig-
                                        2zQO                                      nature
                                        3Gh7           Decryp                         
                 Sign it                                                Signed   Signature
                                        @$?4            t
                 again)                 Uv%r            the sig         Alic        OK?

                                      Signature                         e
    A’s private key
                                               A's public key

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