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					Conference Exhibits Coordinator
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The Conference Exhibits Coordinator invites exhibitors to exhibit at the annual conference,
solicits sponsorships from exhibitors for conference events, and promotes exhibits as an
important function of the annual conference.

The Conference Exhibits Coordinator is appointed to a three-year term of office and reports to the
Board through the President-Elect.


1. Maintain a current list of publishers and other vendors who are potential exhibitors at the
   annual conference and a list of publishers at each conference during term of appointment.

2. Obtain from the President-Elect a copy of the hotel contract.

3. Solicit bids from at least two drayage companies. Hotel staff can supply names of companies
h they have worked with, but seek bids from competitors, as well. Send bids and
o recommendations to President-Elect with copies to Board members before the February
   Board meeting. Make arrangements for booths to be set up in coordination with On-Site
   Chair and President-Elect.

4. Share conference information with potential vendors and exhibitors and advertise the various
   opportunities available to exhibitors. Through the webmaster, post current information on the
conference website, including a list of exhibitors and vendors with brief information about the
services of each.

5. Solicit sponsorship for the various conference functions in coordination with the

6. Manage a budget for any seed money that may have been provided by the Board for exhibit
   expense, and send a report to the Treasurer within 30 days of the conference.

7. Track payment from exhibitors in coordination with Treasurer.

8. Work with President-Elect to include invitations in at least two CRLA newsletter, and
   the Call to Conference for CRLA members who have written books and professional
   materials to participate in a book signing event at the conference. Determine policies for
   authors, publishers, drayage, and hotel staff for this event.

9. Provide chart of exhibitors and vendors at least monthly through the summer for the
   President-Elect and On-site Chair. Beginning July 15, provide updates weekly or on request
   until the conference. No later than the July 15 deadline, the President-Elect will need to know
   what paid ads will be included in the conference program. No later than the September 15
   deadline, the On-site Chair will need to know what paid flyers will be included in the
   conference totebags.
10. Assign the location of each exhibitor in the exhibition hall in accordance with published     p
o policy.

11. Work with President-Elect to identify which organizations will be given free exhibit space in
    accordance with the CLADEA protocol or other agreement. The CLADEA protocol states,
    “Each CLADEA member organization will provide, upon request, an exhibit space (at cost)
    at its annual national conference to each of the Council’s voting member organizations as
    long as this space does not replace that of a paying exhibitor.”

12. Work in concert with the On-site Conference Manager, the President, and the
    President-Elect to highlight the exhibits as a vital service at the annual conference.

13. Provide Registration with a list of Exhibitor attendees, so that they will receive nametags
    and conference materials.

14. Maintain Exhibits’ Chair Handbook or electronic files with information such as lists of
    exhibitors, costs of booths, lists of sponsors with level of support, and sample of
    correspondence to be transferred to next Exhibits Coordinator.

General Responsibilities

   Attend annual conference (or notify President-Elect as soon as possible if unable to attend).

   Send annual report to President by date due.

   Work with President-Elect to submit a projected budget to Treasurer, prior to November 30,
    to include both expected income (booth fees, sponsorships, paid ads, flyers) and anticipated
    expenses (drayage, booths, banners, postage/supplies/telephone, copying and printing, food
    events, book signing, and special events, which may include providing books authored by
    keynote speaker).

   Maintain current membership in CRLA throughout term of office.

   Work with the Board one year before end of term to identify and mentor a successor.

   Contact Executive Assistant for any suggested changes to job description during term and
    update this job description at end of term.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, school address and school phone number
of the coordinator.

Approved revision March 3, 2008.

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