How credit cards on your credit score?

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					                          How credit cards on your credit score?
Many elements of their financial activity are used to calculate your credit score. Credit cards affect
credit score factors several, such as the use of credit, types of credit and payment. Credit cards are
divided into two types of credit - regular credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa logos and store
cards such as those issued by the Target and Old Navy.

The use of credit cards, which is the percentage of available credit you're using at any given time, can
have a significant effect in the short term and long term in your credit score. If your credit utilization
is high - about 80 to 90 percent - lower your credit score. You earn points for use is reduced, so that
the payment of balances of credit cards can be an effective way to quickly raise your credit score. The
use of credit is calculated by dividing the balance of your credit card to your credit limit. It is better
for your credit score to keep your credit card accounts open rather than closing not using. If you
close the account card credit card limit are not counted in the number of uses, it reduces your
available credit and its utilization rate is higher than it would be if it had kept the account.

Each account has a history of paying by credit card associated with it, if the card is opened or closed.
Negative credit card accounts, including as late payments or repay, it will remain on your report for
seven years. Positive credit cards can remain on your report forever, even if the card account is
closed. Your payment history has a huge impact on your credit score. If you have a late payment on
your credit history, your score will be. If you make your payments on time for a long positive credit
history brings your score slowly.

Diversity of credit is another area in which credit cards can help your credit score. Considers the
diversity of credit types on your credit report, such as mortgages, car loans and credit cards. Have a
wide range of types of credit increases your credit score. If you have any type of credit card - credit
card and store card - which is a positive factor for the credit of diversity.

Credit cards can be used to establish a positive credit history after a foreclosure, repossession or
bankruptcy. When a new positive credit account is added to the file after the negative event, your
credit score receives reinforcements, both payment and factors account movements. Some credit
cards and credit card companies offer services to restore credit scores, although lower credit limits
and higher interest rates to offset the risk.

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