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          PAGES to DOC | Zamzar - Free online file conversion

Do you want to convert a PAGES file to a DOC file ? Don't download software - use
    Zamzar to convert it for free online. Click to convert your PAGES file now.

              Tags : PAGES DOC Zamzar Free online file conversion
                            forums.macrumors. ...

  View Word doc in Pages without converting to .pages - MacRumors

I'm attempting to minimize my use of MS Word and use Pages as much as possible for
              reading/editing .doc, .pages, .rtf (etc.) files. Something ...

     Tags : View Word doc Pages without converting pages MacRumors Forums

   Download iCloud Pages 09 Doc to...: Apple Support Communities

  Aug 30, 2012 ... How do you download a Pages 09 document from iCloud to a PC
     running Microsoft Word 2010? I've tried to convert it to Word, Notepad, ...

        Tags : Download iCloud Pages Doc to: Apple Support Communities
             4:13 How To Convert a Pages Document - YouTube

Feb 13, 2012 ... In this short Video Tutorial I show you a step by step process on how to
      convert a Pages document into a Microsoft Word .doc file. Many times ...

                 Tags : 4:13 How Convert Pages Document YouTube
                               www.icreatemagazi ...

       Tutorial – Save a Pages Document in Word Format | iCreate

  Aug 26, 2009 ... Did the same thing with Pages 09 to Word. After the 'Save copy as
    Word doc', I get a perfectly saved Word, but the Pages document is saved ...

              Tags : Tutorial Save Pages Document Word Format iCreate

       Convert Pages Docs to Word Docs En Masse - Esquire | Mac

  Sep 28, 2009 ... After I started at my new firm last month, I decided to rethink my
  workflow. I began working with Pages (the '08 version), and have found it to be ...

              Tags : Convert Pages Docs Word Docs Masse Esquire Mac

                 iWork '09 Pages .doc Support » Lee Findlow

   A guide to configuring iWork '09s Pages to work natively with Microsoft Word (.
  doc/.docx) files, without having to use the export wizard when attempting to save ...

                 Tags : iWork #39;09 Pages doc Support Lee Findlow
                                    www.askdavetaylor ...

 How to save an Apple Pages file in Microsoft Word .doc format? from ...

   I have switched from Microsoft Office on my Mac OS X system to Apple's iWorks
    package, which works great except every so often someone complains that my ...

          Tags : How save Apple Pages file Microsoft Word doc format from

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