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									Anno 1 numero 9 - Firenze                                                                                                 ������������������ 16 June 2005

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              Eat                                Ex-Roma                          Articles on Life                          The Florence
         Pecorino,                                 Coach                                  in Italy:                        Dance Festival
          Prevent                             Endorsed by                             “Anche il calcio                      by Vanessa Manko
                                                                                    dev’essere bello”
           Cancer                                    Fans                           by Linda Falcone
                            see pg. 4                              see pg. 7                               see pg. 15                                   see pg. 19

Code to Lost da Vinci?                                                                                                     MAYOR
                                                                                                                           DOMENICI - THE
                                                                                                                           ULTIMATE HOST
New discovery reignites hopes of finding Leonardo’s lost fresco
                                                                                                                           Mayor gives up
       enaissance master Leonardo
       da Vinci’s lost fresco has long
       been the subject of study and                                                                                       executive office for
investigation. Over the centuries
many historical references have                                                                                            benefit of tourists
been made to the Battle of Anghi-
ari that Leonardo painted inside the
Palazzo Vecchio of Florence. The
fresco is often referred to as one of
da Vinci’s masterpieces, but today
it no longer exists and in its alleged
place on the wall of the Salone del
Cinquecento is now another fresco,
the Battle of Marciano in Val di Chi-
ana by Giorgio Vasari.
    Last week’s discov-
ery of a cavity behind
Vasari’s fresco sparked
hope for the discovery
of da Vinci’s lost fresco.
Theories that Vasari did
not destroy the original
                                                                                                                            S    ince 1871, which marked
                                                                                                                                 the end of Florence’s brief
                                                                                                                            stint as the capital of Italy, the
frescoes, but had rather
                                                                          the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo Da Vinci
                                                                                                                            Mayor of Florence has had the
saved Leonardo’s work
                                                                                                                            privilege of occupying one of the
behind his own, resur-
                                                                                                                            most beautiful rooms in the Pala-
faced.                                                   the wall. Paolucci        Leonardo used a very uncon-
                                         Giorgio Vasari                                                                     zzo Vecchio, the Sala Clemente
    Director of the Mu-                                  went on to say that    ventional painting method that              VII. In an act of charity, the cur-
seums of Florence An-                                    although the splen-    turned out to be problematic, as is
                                                                                                                            rent mayor, Leonardo Domenici,
tonio Paolucci was quick to explain      did Battle of Anghiari might have      evidenced by his Last Supper fres-
                                                                                                                            decided last week that he would
that even if Vasari had been ordered     adorned the wall in question, it was   co in Milan, which started crum-            leave this splendid office, so that
to paint his fresco by fearsome ruler    most likely destroyed by Leonardo’s    bling shortly after it was completed.       tourists would be able to wander
Cosimo de’ Medici, he would never        own painting techniques long be-       Paolucci, along with other city offi-        through and view the room while
have destroyed a masterpiece of          fore Vasari started to think about     cials, believes that, at best, a bit of     visiting the Palazzo Vecchio.
Leonardo’s, had it actually been on      his fresco.                            colour might still be stuck on the
                                                                                                             see pg. 3                                   see pg. 3
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                        www.theflorentine.net

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                                                                                     European University (IUE), Institute of Fine & Liberal Arts, Institute of Italian Studies,
    In molti dimostrano di apprezzarla ritornando o, in non rari casi, decidendo
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    di non andare più via. E questo testimonia il loro grado di integrazione e       Restauro, ITC Alessandro Volta, James Madison University, Koinè Center, Machiavelli
    anche la nostra capacità di entrare in sintonia con loro.                        School, New York University, Perseo Scuola per l’Arte, Sarah Lawrence College, Scuola
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    culturali, artistiche, degli spettacoli presentati dal nostro territorio.
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    Come assessore al turismo non posso che evidenziare in positivo questo
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    lavoro e augurare a The Florentine il successo che merita.
                                                                                     Danny Rock Restaurant, Enoteca La Sosta del Rossellino, Il Chicco di Café, Il Cibreo
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    on the path toward a strong friendship between our city and it’s numerous        Salons, Health Clubs: Fon Bliù Spa, Hair Force, Palestra K Lab Wellness,
    English speaking guests.                                                         Vivarium Gym
    There is an age-old sentiment between Florence and it’s British, American        Art Galleries & Supplies: Art Under One Roof, Arti Orafe Jewelry Store, La Bottega
    and other Anglo-Saxon visitors. For many of them, the city of Florence is a      D’Arte, Il Tamarino Stampe d’Arte
    fundamental visit; they come to study, to appreciate our artistic wealth, to     Hotels: Casa Howard, Classic Hotel, Continental hotel, Gallery Hotel Art, Hotel Adler
    conduct business, and to just “live” in our city.                                Cavalieri, Hotel Benivieni, Hotel Cestelli, Hotel Byron, Hotel Evoi, Hotel Goldoni,
                                                                                     Hotel Loggiato Dei Serviti, Hotel Orafi, Hotel Pitti Palace, Hotel Privilege, Hotel Ritz,
    Many demonstrate their appreciation by returning, or, in more than a few
                                                                                     Hotel Tornabuoni Beacci, Martin Dago B&B, Plaza Hotel Lucchesi, Relais Santa
    cases, by never leaving. This is testimony to their capacity to integrate as     Croce,VivaHotel Capitol
    well as our capacity to welcome them to our community.                           Travel & Tourist: Airport of Florence, American Express, APT - Florence Tourist
    The Florentine helps this process by both improving our reception of             Office (3 offices), Centro Fiorenzo, Comune di Firenze, Florence For Fun, Regione
    foreigners as well as giving further value to the overall experience of          Toscana, Walking Tours of Florence
    visitors by offering a vast panorama of the cultural and artistic events that    Cultural Institutions: British Institute, British Library, Istituto Americano, Istituto
    occur within our territory.                                                      Gould, American International League (AILO)
    As Tourism Councillor for the Tuscany Region, I can’t help but highlight         Churches: St. James Church, St. Marks Church
    the positive work of this project and to wish The Florentine the success         Other: Chianti Estates, Dr. Stephen Kerr, Eli Lilly, General Electric - Nuovo Pignone,
    that it merits.                                                                  Piccini s.r.l., Pitcher & Flaccomio Estate, Concessionaria Volvo Empoli, Concessionaria
                                                                                     Volvo Firenze Nord
                                                                                     Prato:    Accademia Britannica di Prato, APT Prato, Art Hotel, Badiani Studio,
                                                                                     Fotoclub Il Bacchino, Gruppo Extrà, Hotel Datini, Hotel Flora, Hotel San Marco,
                                                                                     Libreria Marzocco, Monash University, Polimoda Prato, Punto Giovani Europa, Studio
                          Anna Rita Bramerini                                        BGS & Partners, Università Popolare, URP di Prato, International English Academy
                          Assessore al turismo                                       San Gimignano: La Costarella Gallery, La Francingia bookshop, La Stamperia,
                                                                                     Pro loco Tourist Office
                          della Regione Toscana

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                                                                                                  News                                                                                3
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                            Thursday 16 June 2005


                                                                                                                                              Florence NEWS
                                                                                                                       continued from pg. 1
                                                                                                                                                  Table of CONTENTS
                                                             Code to Lost da Vinci?
   via santa maria 32r - 50125 Firenze
           tel. fax 0552306616

                                                             New discovery reignites hopes of finding                                                3   FLORENCE NEWS
                                                                                                                                                        Code to Lost da Vinci?
               Azimuth s.r.l.                                Leonardo’s lost fresco                                                                     Mayor Domenici
                                                                                                                                                        The Ultimate Host
   direzione: via dei Fossi 14c. 59100 Prato
                                                             walls behind Vasari’s works. They          and has executed numerous tests                 Eat Pecorino,
            direttore responsabile
            Fabiana Ceccarelli
                                                             do not want to tamper with what
                                                             is considered another masterpiece,
                                                                                                        on the area in question. When he
                                                                                                        discovered that there was a wall be-
                                                                                                                                                    4   Prevent Cancer
                capo redattore                               Vasari’s existing 15th century work,       hind Vasari’s fresco, Seracini imme-            Nose Job for Dante
                 Carla Rossi                                 until they are assured that some-          diately pointed out that something
                                                             thing of value lies behind it.             must be hidden behind it.                       Tramway Work
               redazione                                                                                                                                Begins at Cascine
                                                                The Director of the Medieval and           Also supporting the existence
   Marco Badiani, Elia Della Chiesa,                         Renaissance Painting Department            of Leonardo’s fresco is the odd in-

 Giovanni Giusti, Antonio Lo Iacono,                         of the Uffizi, Alessandro Cecchi,           scription in Vasari’s own fresco that           Florence Nightlife Rocks
Tova Piha, Anthony Tucker, Nita Tucker                       also responded to the recent dis-          reads, “chi cerca trova” (who looks
      progetto grafico e impaginazione                        covery by stating that it was time to      finds), a clue that Seracini is con-             Free Press Boom in Tuscany
               agilelogica.it                                stop chasing after chimeras.               vinced refers to the masterpiece he
        Leo Cardini - Cathy Gale
                                                                There are scientific experts, how-
                                                             ever, who strongly disagree, the
                                                             most vocal advocate being Maurizio
                                                                                                        has now dedicated his life to discov-
                                                                                                           Although all research has cur-
                                                                                                                                                    6   NATIONAL NEWS
                                                                                                                                                        Low Turnout for
                                                                                                                                                        Referendum Vote
        La Marina, Calenzano (Fi)                            Saracini. Besides his claim-to-fame        rently come to a halt by ordinance of
                                                             as the only real-life character in         city officials, Seracini is hopeful that         Italy Comes
                                                             Dan Brown’s bestseller The Da              with newfound support from the re-              to Olympic Aid
                 iscrizione al ROC                           Vinci Code, Seracini is also a sort of     gional government, he may soon be
                                                             self-taught expert in technological        able to continue his work to reveal
     (reg. degli operatori di comunicazione)                                                                                                            SPORT NEWS
            n. 9927 reg. trib. di Prato                      art research. He has long advocated        the truth of this age-old myth.
             trasmessa il 19/04/05                                                                                                                      Ex-Roma Coach
                                                             that Leonardo’s fresco still exists                                                        Endorsed by Fans
                                                                                                                                                        Rossi Victorious Again
                                                                                                                      continued from pg. 1

                                                              MAYOR DOMENICI THE                                                                    8 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
                                                              ULTIMATE HOST                                                                         9 TOP PICKS
                                                                                                                                                      Events Highlights
                                                              Mayor gives up executive office for benefit of
                                                              tourists                                                                             10 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                                              Recent data shows that there has
                                                              been a 7.5 percent increase in tourists
                                                              visiting city-run museums in Florence,
                                                              and the highest increase of all was
                                                                                                                                                   14 CULTUREOurCUSTOMS
                                                                                                                                                      Sex and City:
                                                                                                                                                      the low-down on the
                                                              registered for Palazzo Vecchio. Con-                                                      Italian Stallion
                                                              sidering the data, opening one of the

                                                              monument’s still hidden attractions to                                                    ITALIAN VOICES:
                                                              the public seems to be a wise choice.                                                     A Window on Language
                                                              The Sala Clemente VII contains the                                                        and Customs in Italy
                                                              fresco Siege of Florence by Giorgio
                                                              Vasari and Giovanni Stradano.
                                                              An adjoining chapel, dedicated to the
                                                              Saints Cosma and Damiano, has also                                                   16   TRAVEL & LEISURE
                                                                                                                                                        San Gimignano Celebrates
                                                                                                                                                        its Mediaeval Past
                                                              been reopened for public viewing.

                                                                                                                                                   17   Low-Cost “Airlining”

                        ��������                                                                                                                   18   HOW TO DO?...
                                                                                                                                                        Exporting Antiques
                                                                                                                                                        Out of Italy
   �������                 ������������
                           �������������������                                                                                                     19   THE ARTS
                                                                                                                                                        The Florence Dance Festival

   � �� � � ����            ������������
                                                                     ����������������������������������������������������                          20   FOOD & WINE
                                                                                                                                                        Top of the ‘Pops’
                                                                                                                                                        Coming to an Enoteca
                                    �                                               �����������                                                         Near You…
                                                                                                                                                        USEFUL NUMBERS
                                                                                                                                                        CLASSIFIED ADS
4                                                                                   News
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                www.theflorentine.net

    Florence NEWS
      News in BRIEF                            Eat Pecorino,                                                                     NOSE JOB
                                                                                                                                 FOR DANTE
     Crucifix Stolen From Church
     A 16th century wooden crucifix was
     stolen from the Santissimo Nome           Prevent Cancer                                                                    Newly-discovered
                                               Eating sheep’s cheese may decrease
     di Gesù Church in Florence last
     week. The crucifix, which is not in-
     sured, was acquired in the 1980’s                                                                                           fresco depicts Dante
     and measures 83 by 95 centime-
     tres. It was discovered missing by        risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases                                        without his famous
     church priest Don Berlincioni, who
     has made a plea to the public and
     his congregation to come forward
                                                                                                                                 hooked nose
     with any information that might re-
     veal the crucifix’s whereabouts.
                                                      ccording to the
                                                      results of a re-
     Celine Joins Tornabuoni                          cent study by the
     Boutiques                                University of Florence,
     As an act of faith in Florence’s         sheep’s milk, and thus
     economy, Celine CEO Marc Loubi-          sheep’s cheese, might
     er recently welcomed the opportu-
     nity to open a branch of the French
                                              be a beneficial addition
     luxury boutique in Via Tornabuoni.       to a cancer-preventing
     The shop opened its doors with the       diet.
     company’s Spring/Summer 2005                Researchers studied
     collection. The luxuriously deco-        the effects a change in
     rated boutique is equipped with six      eating habits had on
     video screens displaying its most
     popular items, as well as the celeb-
                                              sheep being raised in
     rities who favour this brand name.       the Mugello Mountains
                                              outside of Florence.
     Actor Slays Lobster on Stage             Their discovery was that increasing       entirety at a world conference on
     Spanish actor Rodrigo Garcia was         the animal’s fresh grass intake and       animal science on July 27th in Cin-
     reported to police for his mistreat-     decreasing the dried fodder in their      cinnati, but the final conclusion is
     ment and killing of a lobster during
                                              diet could greatly reduce (on aver-       already evident. For a more nutri-
     his performance at the Contem-                                                                                                   or centuries now Florence’s
     poranea Festival held in Prato last      age by 40 percent) the amount of          tious Pecorino, sheep must return
                                              harmful acids in the milk they pro-       to grazing on fresh grass instead of          most famous poet, Dante Aligh-
     week. Organisers responded by
     stating that they did not feel the       duced. Meanwhile, these changes           the dried forage that is commonly        ieri, has been depicted with a most
     necessity to censor the piece. They      in diet greatly increased the con-        used as a substitute.                    noticeable feature, an markedly
     expressed regret that viewers left       centration in the milk of helpful             Pecorino is a cheese made of         hooked nose. However, a newly
     the performance having misunder-
                                              acids, like butirric and rumenic          sheep’s milk and is prevalently          discovered fresco by an anony-
     stood the actor’s intention, which                                                                                          mous 13th century Florentine has
     was to denounce an opulent and           acids, which, in addition to other        produced in Tuscany and Sardinia.
                                              beneficial qualities, combat cardio-       Eating one of Tuscany’s best chees-      depicted Dante with a much more
     greedy Western culture that nour-
     ishes itself even when it does not       vascular disease and the formation        es is now seemingly advisable not        classical, linear nose.
     need to.                                 of cancerous cells. The results of        just for its great flavour but also for       The fresco was discovered on
                                              this study will be presented in their     its health benefits.                      the walls of the mediaeval head-
     Outdoor Theatre at Boboli                                                                                                   quarters of the Lawyer’s and Nota-
     Opens for Opera Festival
     The Boboli Gardens will host a
                                                                                                                                 ry’s Guild, and it is now the oldest

                                              Tramway Work
     newly-constructed outdoor theatre                                                                                           painting that documents the poet’s
     for this Summer’s Opera Festival.                                                                                           features. It was painted about 70 to
     Organisers hope that this beautiful                                                                                         80 years after Dante’s death and
     location may become the perma-
                                                                                                                                 is currently being studied to deter-

                                              Begins at Cascine
     nent site for the festival that offers
     some of the best opera and clas-                                                                                            mine with certainty the identity of
     sical music performances in Flor-                                                                                           the painting’s subject.
     ence. Along with La Bohème and                                                                                                  Art historian Maria Monica Do-
     La Traviata, this year’s program will
     also include a range of events, like                                                                                        nato is certain that it is a portrait of
     the equestrian show “Cadre Noir”
     and Momix from the United States.         Tramway                                                                           Dante due to extensive documenta-
                                                                                                                                 tion from the 1500’s.
     Tuscan Students Go to Pot
     Tuscany has the highest percent-
     age of students who regularly use
     marijuana, according to a recent          pushes
                                               through green
     survey by CNR (National Research
     Centre). 35.6 percent say they
     smoke the drug on a regular basis,
     while on average, about 30 percent
     claim the same in the rest of Italy.
     The results emerged from a study
     based on 27,392 students between
     the ages of 15 and 19.

                                                      ven Florence’s parks will not     of a year, but in the meantime, Pi-
     Shop Til You Drop                                be shielded from tramway-re-      azza Vittorio Veneto, Viale degli
     The shops and art studios of Via                 lated construction projects.      Olmi, and Viale Stendhal will all
     Borgo la Croce will remain open
                                              This past week, works began on the        be partially closed as a result of the
     until 23:30 every Thursday for
     the entire Summer in an initiative       Cascine section of the tramway. In        project.
     to reach shoppers and art admir-         fact, the rail bridge that is set to be   The City assures that utmost care
     ers who prefer the cooler evening        constructed for the tram’s passage        has been taken with the park and
     hours for a bit of window shopping       from Scandicci to Santa Maria No-         that public administrators have con-
     or gallery viewing.                      vella, is being built right through the   ducted long studies to determine
                                              park.                                     how best to approach the removal
                                              Construction should last just short       of the park’s trees and plants.
                                                                                 News                                                                                             5
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                      Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                                                                Florence NEWS
  Florence Nightlife Rocks                                                                                                              TUSCAN
                                                                                                                                        ECONOMY FLAT
  The new summer festival in Piazza Ghiberti a hit                                                                                      Tourism and Industry
                                                                                                                                        below average
                                                                                                                                        n 2004 the Tuscan economy re-
                                                                                                                                        corded a growth of 0.9 percent,
                                                                                                                                      inferior to the national average
                                                                                                                                      growth of 1.2 percent, and fore-
                                                                                                                                      casts are not looking any better.
                                                                                                                                      Predictions are that growth could
                                                                                                                                      remain at 0 or even fall as far as
                                                                                                                                      -0.7 percent in 2005, lows that
                                                                                                                                      have not been reached since the
                                                                                                                                      end of World War II.
                                                                                                                                          The study conducted by IR-
                                                                                                                                      PET (Regional Institute for the
                                                                                                                                      Economic Programming of Tus-
                                                                                                                                      cany) declared the growth mod-
                                                                                                                                      est, but it did also note that ex-

          utdoor summer nightlife         Ambrogio Summer Festival, located            Given that admission is open to
                                                                                                                                      ports were up by 3.1 percent this
          events in Florence got off      in Piazza Ghiberti. The City, together    everyone, that the concerts are free,
                                          with neighbourhood representatives        and that the outdoor setting is re-               year.
          to a slow start this year,
                                          and the organisers of “Jazz&Co.”          freshing on hot, summer nights, it                    The suffering areas seem to
and when they finally did begin, the
                                          (the group that has successfully run      is not surprising that the tables and             be tourism, which has fallen by
opening weekend was hit with cold,
                                          events in Piazza Santissima Annun-        piazza were packed on its opening                 5.5 percent, and industry, which
windy weather. But after these few
                                          ziata for the past four years), has       weekend. The City is pleased with                 has recorded a 3.1 percent fall in
initial glitches, night-time activities
                                          created an attractive programme for       the results and hopes that it will be             production since the beginning
now seem to be in full swing all over     the newly-finished Piazza Ghiberti.        an example followed by other neigh-               of this year. Small, artisan busi-
the city.                                 A full bar and restaurant accompa-        bourhoods around Florence.                        nesses have been hit the hard-
   Possibly one of the most interest-     ny a long list of musical events that
ing new activities this year is the S.                                                                                                est, recording a 6.5 percent loss
                                          will run until July 31.                   KFFL r 13734           18/4/05      17:51      Page 1
                                                                                                                            o         in total earnings

      FREE PRESS BOOM IN TUSCANY                                                        Did you know that Knight Frank has
                                                                                        five offices in Tuscany and Umbria?
      An old medium has new success
    A    recent study by the Tusca-
         ny Region group Corecom
    (Regional Committee for Com-
                                          read a newspaper. Whether it is
                                          a problem of time, money, or edu-
                                          cation level, the free press seems
                                                                                        Heat WaveHeat Wave
                                                                                        Heat Wave
                                                                                        Record high temperatures last week caused alarm among health officials. When the
    munications) has demonstrated         to have solved it all by providing a          mercury rose above 30° C last weekend in Florence, making it one of the hottest cities
                                                                                        in the country, health centres were immediately on the alert. The considerably high hu-
    the success of free publications      free paper that offers, as City Di-           midity rates made the already high temperatures seem even more suffocating. Officials
    in connecting with new target         rector Bruno Angelico put it, “the
    groups. For many, this success is     vital news for the day.”
    a surprise considering that tradi-        Free newspapers tend to con-
    tional print paper is their chosen    centrate on covering all areas of
    medium instead of more modern         news and current events, but,
    instruments like the Internet.        as opposed to those not free-of-
       These free newspapers have         charge, in a very concise and syn-
    managed to reach a group of peo-      thetic way.
    ple that would otherwise never

                                                                                        Whether you are buying, selling, restoring or in need of estate
                                                                                        management advice, you will always find a local Knight Frank agent
                                                                                        close at hand.

                                                                                        For further information contact in complete confidence:
                                                                                        Rima Stubbs, Italian Head Office, 0577 731 120
                                                                                        London: Edward Rees, + (0) 44 20 7629 8171

                                                                                        Offices: London Florence Milan Rome Venice
6                                                                                    News
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                www.theflorentine.net

 National NEWS
      News in BRIEF                           Low Turnout for                                                                      ITALY COMES
                                                                                                                                   TO OLYMPIC AID
     Italian Buses Slowest
     in Europe
     Crucifix Stolen From Church
     A 16th century wooden crucifixhav-
     Italy takes the prize for was
                                              Referendum Vote                                                                      Italian government to
     stolen from the Santissimo Nome
     ing the slowest bus systems
     di Gesù Church in Florence last
     running in Europe. A not in- UITP        Complicated issues deter voters,                                                     aid Turin Olympics 2006
     week. The crucifix, which is
     (International Union the Public
     sured, was acquired in   of 1980’s
     Transport) study by 95 centime-
     and measures 83 clocked bus-
                                              referendum fails
     es in was discovered missing by
     tres. It Milan driving at an aver-                                                                   With the referen-
     age of 14.4 kilometres per
     church priest Don Berlincioni, who                                                                dum, Italians were be-
     hour, 14.5 in Bologna, and
     has made a plea to the public and                                                                 ing asked whether they
     his congregation to come forward                                                                  wanted to lift various
     15.4 in Rome. On the faster
     with any information that might re-                                                               bans. If the yes vote
     side, Prague buses averaged
     veal the crucifix’s whereabouts.
     25.9 km/h.                                                                                        had won, the bans on
     Celine Joins Tornabuoni                                                                           donor sperm and eggs,
     New U.S. Ambassador
     Boutiques                                                                                         on scientific research
     As Rome of faith in Florence’s
     in an act                                                                                         on embryos, on em-
     economy, Celine CEO Marc Loubi-
     A pioneer of George W.                                                                            bryo screening for cou-
     er recently welcomed the opportu-                                                                 ples with hereditary
     Bush’s electoral of the French
     nity to open a branch campaign,                                                                   diseases, and on the
     luxury boutique in Via set to be
     Ronald P. Spogli, isTornabuoni.
                                                                                                       rule than only three
     The new U.S. doors with the
     the shop opened itsAmbassador                                                                                                      he Italian government has de-
     to Italy, taking the place of
     company’s Spring/Summer 2005                                                                      embryos per treatment

     collection. The luxuriously deco-               he four point referendum on         can be created (all of which must be           cided to help the organisers of
     the current ambassador, Mel
     Sembler. Spogli will take six
     rated boutique is equipped withhis              artificial insemination and          implanted at the same time), would        the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics
     video screens displaying its most               stem cell research may have         have all been lifted.                     cover a funding gap of 160 million
     place at Villaas well as theRome
     popular items, Taverna in celeb-         addressed too complicated an is-              Another important factor in de-
     rities a fi favour ahead from the
     afterwhonal go this brand name.                                                                                               euro.
     U.S. Senate.                             sue for most voters, according to          termining voter turnout might have
                                                                                                                                       Although Italian law prohib-
     A California banker, Spogli
     Actor Slays Lobster on Stage             Prime Minister Berlusconi, a point         been the Vatican’s call to boycott
                                              which might explain the incredibly         the vote on moral grounds.                its the government from directly
     Spanish actor in venture capital
     specialized Rodrigo Garcia was
     reported to police Harvard Busi-
     and studied at for his mistreat-         low voter turnout. Only 25 percent            Advocates of the referendum            funding the games, Prime Minister
     ment and killing of a lobster during     of the total voting population ap-         have already organised an assembly        Berlusconi signed an agreement
     ness School alongside Bush.
     his performance at the Contem-           peared at the polls last Sunday and        to discuss the outcome of this refer-
     He raised overheld in Pratodol-
     poranea Festival 100,000 last                                                                                                 to give 130 million euro to the
     week. Organisers Bush’s presi-
     lars for both of responded by            Monday, obviously not reaching the         endum. Women’s groups and Italy’s
                                                                                                                                   games through the state-owned
     dential campaigns.
     stating that they did not feel the       50+1 percent necessary to pass the         Radical Party collected thousands
     necessity to censor the piece. They      referendum.                                of signatures just to have the refer-     development agency Sviluppo
     expressed regret that viewers left
     Italian Shoe Crisis                         The referendum had hoped to in-         endum, to have the chance to vote.        Italia. He was presented with the
     the performance having misunder-         crease access to artificial insemina-       They claim that Italian couples with      Olympic torch in Rome after sign-
     With a 700 percent increase
     stood the actor’s intention, which
     in imports from an opulent and           tion and stem cell research in Italy.      fertility problems are forced to go
     was to denounce China since                                                                                                   ing the agreement.
     January of this culturethe Italian
     greedy Western year, that nour-
                                              The current Italian law, passed un-        abroad for treatment, and so poorer
                                                                                                                                       On another positive note, after
     ishes itself even when it seems
     shoe-making industrydoes not             der Berlusconi’s centre-right gov-         couples who cannot afford to do so
     need to. next in line to crum-           ernment, is one of the most restric-       have been discriminated against.          a visit to Turin last Thursday, the
     to be the
     ble underneath the economic              tive in Europe.                                                                      International Olympic Committee
     Outdoor Theatre at Boboli                                                                                                     stated that they were satisfied
     crisis. Similar alarm has been
     Opens for Opera Festival
     raised throughout will host a
     The Boboli Gardens
     which has experienced a
     newly-constructed outdoor theatre
     close Summer’s Opera Festival.
     for this 681 percent increase
                                              Pizza Price Compromise                                                               with the organisation for the 2006
                                                                                                                                   games. They announced that the
     Organisers hope that this beautiful
     in Chinese shoe imports.                 Pizza dinner prices could be set at 7.50                                             city was making great progress
     location may become the perma-                                                                                                with venue construction, as well
     nent site for the festival that offers
     Recordthe best opera and clas-
     some of
                Number of
     Inmates in Italy
     sical music performances in Flor-
                                              I  n an attempt to combat sky-
                                                 rocketing consumer prices, the
                                              president of commercial group
                                                                                                                                   as with infrastructure and city
                                                                                                                                   beautification projects.
     Inmates in Italian prisons have
     ence. Along with La Bohème and                                                                                                    Athletes will begin arriving in
     reached this year’s program will
     La Traviata, record numbers.             Confcommercio, Sergiò Billé, has
                                                                                                                                   Turin in less than eight months’
     Overcrowding is at crisis lev-
     also include a range of events, like     proposed a Pizza Pact that would
     the equestrian show “Cadre Noir”
     el, causing officials to call an                                                                                               time.
                                              stabilize the costs of pizza and beer
     and Momix from the United States.
     emergency. Inmates reached               in restaurants throughout Italy. Billé
     a number of 59,000 this past
     Tuscan Students Go to Pot                has proposed that a dinner of pizza,       Restaurant Committee, Antonio
     June, 16,000 highest percent-
     Tuscany has the more than had            beer, and espresso should have a           Pace, it has not yet become official.
     age of students who As a pos-
     been predicted. regularly use            set cost of 7.50 euro. Although his        The initiative is yet another attempt
     marijuana, accordingincreasingly
     sible result of to a recent
     survey by CNR (National Research         proposal was accepted with enthu-          to quell fears of consumers and to
     uncomfortable conditions for
     Centre). 35.6 percent say they
     inmates, suicide rates have              siasm by the president of the Pizza        stimulate spending.
     smoke the drug on a regular basis,
     while increased, with percent
     also on average, about 3030 re-
     corded same in the rest of
     claim thealready in 2005. Italy.
     The results emerged from a study
     Broadband Internet between
     based on 27,392 students
                                                  Hostage Clementina Freed
     the ages of 15 and
     Costly Choice 19.                            Liberated after being taken hostage in Afghanistan almost a month ago
     Using broadband internet in
     Shop Til You Drop
     The costs more than of Via
     Italy shops and art studiosin any
     Borgo la Croce willcountry,open
     other European remain ac-
                                               I  talian aid worker Clementina Cantoni was liberated from her hostages last
                                                  week and returned to Milan amidst official visits and neighbourhood celebra-
                                               tions. She is in good health and immediately stated that, although she would be
     cording to every Thursday con-
     until 23:30 a study by          for       returning to Afghanistan, she has decided to take a vacation for the time being.
     sumer Summer in an Altro-
     the entirerights’ group initiative            Cantoni, who worked for the aid organization Care International, was ab-
     to reach shoppers and art admir-
     consumo. The group believes               ducted from her car at gunpoint last month in Kabul. In Afghanistan since 2003,     �����������������������������
     ers who prefer the cooler evening
     that Italy should consider fol-           she was running a programme supporting more than 10,000 widows and their
     hours for a bit of window shopping        children. Many of the women who had been helped by Cantoni’s programme
     lowing the example of their
     or gallery viewing.                                                                                                             �������������������������������
                                               staged demonstrations in Kabul for her release.
     French neighbours, who offer
     both competitive prices and
                                                   Cantoni’s captors had kidnapped her in order to trade her liberation for that         ��������������������
                                               of one of the abductor’s mothers, who was in prison. Italian and Afghan officials
     better technology.                        claim that they were able to liberate Cantoni without having to agree to kidnap-           ���������������������
                                               per’s demands. The abductors seem to have been part of a criminal organisation              �������������������
                                               and were not Islamic militants
                                                                               Sports                                                                                       7
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                  Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                                                                  Sports NEWS
Ex-Roma Coach                                                                       ITALIAN NATIONAL
Endorsed by Fans                                                                    TEAM TIES
                                                                                        The “Blues” tie 1-1
Cesare Prandelli to be new Fiorentina coach                                             against Ecuador
                                                                                           T  he National Italian football team tied again last weekend in its match
                                                                                              against Ecuador. Coach Lippi is content with the score and with the
                                                                                        generally well-played game.
                                                                                           The 30,000-strong crowd that filled Giants Stadium in New York was
                                                                                        mostly Ecuadorian, and both the supporters and the players themselves may
                                                                                        have seen this match as a retaliation for their 2-0 loss against Italy during the
                                                                                        2002 World Cup

                                                                                   Rossi Victorious Again
                                                            Cesare Prandelli       Phenomenon wins MotoGP Barcelona

        lorence welcomed Fioren-        A championship this past season.
        tina’s new head coach with         When Prandelli appeared at the
        open arms last week. In a       stadium, over 2,000 fans were there
move that seems to have satisfied        to welcome him with cheers, as well
team officials and fans alike, the ex-   as the usual Florentine wit. Amidst
Roma coach will now take his place      the crowd a banner was unfurled
as the leader of Florence’s team,       that read “A Cesare who refuses
which struggled to stay in the Serie    Rome! Dante Prandelli!”

   NAPLES STILL                         Ferrari Returns
   CRAZY FOR                            to Winner’s
   MARADONA                             Podium
   The city’s all-time star football    Schumacher and                                  Valentino Rossi
   player returns
                                        Barrichello claim
                                                                                             alentino Rossi won the
                                        victory in F1                                        Motorcycle Grand Prix
                                                                                             again last week. He easily
                                           After a long absence, Formula           cinched the victory at the Barcelo-
                                        1 star Michael Schumacher finally           na race, beating Spanish racer Sete
                                        made it back to the winning podi-          Gibernau in his own court.                                                  Sete Gibernau
                                        um last weekend by taking second              Although the race between the
                                        place in the Canada race. Even             two was breathtakingly close until                In the classifications, Valentino
                                        though Raikkonen was the winner            the end, Rossi came away complete-             Rossi has now earned 145 points,
                                        of the race, Schumacher’s close            ly satisfied with the performance of            followed by Marco Melandri (Italy)
                                        second and Barrichello’s come-             his Yamaha, while Gibernau com-                with 87, Massimiliano Biaggi (Italy)
                                        back from 12th place to third made         plained that his Honda just was not            with 77, and Sete Gibernau (Spain)
                                        them the highlight of the race.            up to par.                                     with 73 points.

                                                         Match Ball Tennis Club                                                         Services Include
     After 14 years away, Diego                          Located on the banks of the Arno                       Annual memberships with monthly payments
  Maradona returned to Naples on                         just minutes from central Florence
  the occasion of his old football                       Private club in a beautiful                               Shorter term agreements can be arranged
  coach’s final, farewell game be-                        serene Tuscan atmosphere.                                                    Daily usage available
  fore retirement.                                                                                                                    Very reasonable rates
     Maradona is considered one           Facilities include:
  of the greatest players to have
                                          16 tennis courts
  ever played for Napoli. He helped
  win the championship title under
                                          Large outdoor pool and lounge area                                                             Membership Plans
  Coach Ciro Ferrara in 1987. Al-         Kiosk adjacent to pool
                                                                                                                         Introductions and match coordination
  though Maradona and Coach Fer-          Restaurant
                                          Spa area                                                                                        Instruction available
  rara had had a nasty falling out,
  their reunion at the San Paolo          Exercise room                                                                      Tennis programs for young people
  Stadium in Naples last week was
  just what Neapolitans had been
  waiting for all these years.            Via della Massa - 50010 Candeli FIRENZE tel. 055 631 572 www.matchball.net email: info@matchball.net
8                                                                            Useful Information
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                                www.theflorentine.net

 Letters to the EDITOR
    Dear Readers, Thanks to all of you that have sent your
    best wishes and comments. There have been many “rave                                                                  �������������������������
    reviews” and we are very appreciative of your support. Fol-
    lowing are two letters we recently received, and we also
    want our readers to know that we welcome your comments.
    Should you wish to send a Letter to the Editor please send
    it to info@theflorentine.net.

    Dear “The Florentine,” RE: A Day In Florence (June 2) I am writ-
    ing to pass on my comments for the above article which I picked up at
    Instituto Gould hostel on 5th June. The article written by Nicoletta Cur-
    radi inspired us to take the walk as she described so brilliantly! Our tight
    schedule meant we only had a couple of hours left in Florence. It was
    just enough to give us a taster of Florence which is what we were after.
    The best part was the cafe on the top floor of the department store on
    Piazza Republica. We would have never known to venture there, and I
    wanted to thank the author by writing this email. I hope you will pass on
    my best wishes.
    Well done for a fantastic newspaper.
    Miss Jan Lee - Manchester, England

    Dear “The Florentine,” In defence of the Italian Stallion: In feel-
    ing that last week’s article was a little harsh on the ‘typical male Italian’
    (predators feeding off naïve ‘easy’ foreign girls), I thought I would come                                    ��������������������������
    to this stereotype’s defence. Something that most non-Mediterranean
    boys and girls take for granted nowadays is romance. And not only ro-
    mance, but beauty, art, dreams, fairytales, everything we want and imag-
    ine love to be. And I must say, that Italian boys are those who appreciate
    beauty and romance. Look all around us; we are in a city that houses a
    fifth of the world’s art treasures. Now this is a culture that appreciates            NATIONAL HOLIDAYS
    beauty and not just in art, but that extends to the Italian male’s apprecia-
    tion of female beauty as well. It’s in their blood; it’s been there all along,
    since Roman times, through to the Renaissance and beyond. Think of                  ���������                       �������������
    Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Dante and his Beatrice, Filippo Lippi and
    his incredible lust for women (including his nun girlfriend), even Roberto          ���������                             ��������
    Benigni and his better half, Nicoletta Braschi, who always plays his love
    interest and is in fact his real life wife.                                         ��������                        �������������
       I, for one, am partial to a little romance, something that is missing now
    in our hurried lives. What happened to the days of chivalrous courtship?
    Sonnets? Young lovers whispering sweet metaphors to each other off                  ��������                       �������������
    a balcony in Verona? Well, Italian boys are offering just a little of that to
    get your attention. And if these ‘easy foreign girls’ are ungrateful of this        ��������                       ��������������
    romantic attention now, you’ll realise that you’ll miss it once you leave this
    amorous country.
       The other side to this defence is that many of these so-called ‘Italian
                                                                                        �����                               ����������
    Stallions’ are actually quite shy. Now maybe the problem here is the girls
    who go to bars to meet boys. Of course any man you meet in a club or                ������                   �������������������
    a bar, regardless of nationality, is going to be after one main thing – that
    is why they are at a bar. But go and meet an Italian boy somewhere else,            ���������           �����������������������
    and you will find there are plenty of shy Italian boys out there that are
    looking for something more. Take Dante as the supreme example of this
    – he was in love with a girl he spotted outside the church near via del             ����������                       ��������������
    Corso, when they were both just nine years old. He never even spoke to
    her, yet she was the object of his love, his muse, for the rest of his life.        ����������          �����������������������
       So girls, if you meet a romantic Italian boy on your sojourn here, bask
    in his attention and loving ramblings as much as you can, since you are             �����������                     �������������
    certainly not going to find it so easily back home. It is every girl’s dream
    to find her Romeo, after all.
                                                                                        �����������         ������������������������
    Emiko Davies - Florence
                                                                                        �������                  ��������������������
                                                                                                         What’s on & Where to Go                                                                                               9
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                                                                   Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                                                                                        Events in FLORENCE
  Pic of the week
  Send your photo to info@theflorentine.net
  We will choose our favorite and publish it as our “Pic of the Week!”
                                                                                                                                OUR TOP PICKS
                                                                                                                                                                                                        t tt

                                                                                                                              t FIRENZESTATE
                                                                                                                                 Runs until September
                                                                                                                                 The annual Florence summer festival of music “Firenzestate” begins this June 18th and
                                                                                                                                 will be offering a long list of concerts and events throughout the summer. 18 concerts
                                                                                                                                 are on the program, 9 of which will be performed without charge in the Church of
                                                                                                                                 Orsanmichele. Tickets can be bought in advance at Box Office (via Alamanni 39, tel.
                                                                                                                                 055.210804, Tuesday - Saturday 10-19,30 and Monday 15,30-19,30), or at the Church of
                                                                                                                                 Orsanmichele (ore 10-13 e 15-21) on the day of a concert.

                                                                                                                              t OPERAFESTIVAL AT BOBOLI
                                                                                                                                 June - July
                                                                                                                                 This summer the Boboli Garden of Florence will host the “Operafestival 2005, a music
                                                                                                                                 festival proposing beautiful opera performances of La Bohéme and La Traviata as well
                                                                                                                                 as various other musical events. One of the highlights of the series will be the equestrian
                                                                                                                                 dance and music show titled “Cadre Noir De Saumur” (21, 23, 25 June). Tickets can be
                                                                                                                                 bought at the Boboli Gardens, Tel: 055 2399873, or at online Box office, www.boxol.it. For
                                                                                                                                 more information call 055 597 9005.

                                                                                                                              t THE SAN GIOVANNI NIGHT RACE
                                                                                                                                 June 18
  Author: Speedy Rice                              title: “Lemons & Arches”.                                                     Saturday, June 18th the classic 10 k race through the heart of Florence returns once
                                                                                                                                 again. It will start at Piazza San Lorenzo at 21, move along the Lungarni until it arrives
                                                                                                                                 at Porta Romana, then past Palazzo Pitti, Piazza Santa Croce, and finally arrive in Piazza
                                                                                                                                 Duomo. The national race is open for enrolment, and is divided into non competitive and
                                                                                                                                 competitive sections.
                               �����������������������������                                                                  t ETHNIC MUSIC FILM FESTIVAL
                                                                                                                                 June 18 to 23
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������              This film festival held at the outdoor theatre of the Poggetto cultural centre
  �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������      offers a chance to view some of the best music documentaries on ethnic music
  �����������������������                                                                                                        ever made. All films are shown in original language with Italian subtitles.
                                                                                                                                 Entrance is �5 euros, even for double features. For more information go to:
  �����������������            ��������
  ���������� ���� ������ ��������� �������� ���������� ��������� ��� ��������� ���������� �������� ��������� ����             t AREZZO HORSE RACE
  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                        Giostra del saracino Arezzo
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                    June 18, September 4
  ���������� ��� ������������ ��������� ������������ ������� ��� ��� ������ ���� ������������ ����� ����� ������������
  ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                     The Arezzo Horse race has its origins in knightly competitions of centuries past.
                                                                                                                                 Although the first documented competition dates at 1535, the tradition may
                                                                                                                                 have truly begun centuries earlier. Today, the festival entails not only horse
  ���������������              �������������                                                                                     races and games, but also ceremony and costumes. For more information go to:
  �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                          www.giostradelsaracino.arezzo.it.
  ����������� �� ��� ����� �������� ������� ��������� ��� ��������� ���� ����� ������������ ������ ���� ������������
  ��� ������������ ����������� �������������� ���� ��������� ����� ���� ������������� ��������� �����������                   t FIESOLE SUMMER
  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                        Estate Fiesolana
  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                 Runs until September
  �������������������������������������������                                                                                    A series of events ranging from theatre, to music, cinema, and dance all located in the
                                                                                                                                 spectacular Roman Theatre of Fiesole. Upcoming Excalibur Stories, a ballet in three parts,
  ����������������             ��������                                                                                          is sure to provide a magical summer evening combining contemporary of a medieval
  �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������                        theme. For more information go to: www.estatefiesolana.com.
  ������������ ������������������ ���� �������� ����� ��� �������� ���������� ��� ������ ��� ��������� ������ ��� ��

  �����������������           �������������������
                                                                                                                                                                                     see   t events list next pages >
10                                                                              What’s on & Where to Go
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                                    www.theflorentine.net

  Events in FLORENCE JUNE 17 to JUNE 23
 FRIDAY 17                                       n EXHIBITS                                       SUNDAY 19
                                                                                                                                                   Spar European Cup
                                                                                                                                                   Teams participating in this athletics event.
                                                 Gustavo Giulietti 1935-2003                                                                       Male: Czech Republic, France, Germany,
n DANCE                                          Palazzo Pitti, Galleria di Arte Moderna,         n CINEMA                                         Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain.
                                                                                                                                                   Female: France, Germany, Greece, Italy,
                                                 piazza Pitti 1, tel. 055.294883, Mon-Sun
Gustavo Giulietti 1935-2003                      8.15-13.50, € 5                                  Cuban Music (Cuba)                               Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine
Palazzo Pitti, Galleria di Arte Moderna,                                                          23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. A                Stadio Luigi Ridolfi, tel. 055.210804,
piazza Pitti 1, tel. 055.294883, Mon-Sun         Aerografica 4                                     passionate look at caribbean music               www.boxol.it, by reservation only
8.15-13.50, € 5                                  Limonaia di villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77, tel.   Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati
                                                 055.2267113, 11-20                               Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.            n THEATRE
Mediterranean Artists: in bronze and                                                              it, 21.00
marble                                           “Homage to Tuscany”                                                                               The Emperor of Florence
Photographic exhibit by Giacomo Roselli          By Alvaro Mangani                                Aerografica 4                                     Medici Month. The history of Cosimo I de’
Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Lungarno del           Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Piazzetta di Parte      Limonaia di villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77, tel.   Medici
Tempio 42, tel. 055.660241, 10-22                Guelfa, tel. 055.2616029-2616030, 9.30-          055.2267113, 11-20                               Chiesa di Santa Maria della Croce
                                                 19, free admittance                                                                               al Tempio, via San Giuseppe 10, tel.
n EXHIBITS                                                                                        n DANCE                                          055.6120205, www.mesemediceo.it,
                                                 n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                              Florence Dance Company: Excalibur
                                                                                                                                                   21.00, € 8-10
Aerografica 4
Limonaia di villa Strozzi, via Pisana 77, tel.   Fortezza Antiquaria                              Stories
055.2267113, 11-20                               Antique show and market                          Estate fiesolana                                  MONDAY 20
                                                 Piazza Indipendenza, all day                     Teatro Romano, Fiesole, 21.15, € 15/18
Ebe Stignani: costumes and jewellry
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino                       n MUSIC & CONCERTS                               n EXHIBITS                                       n CINEMA
Galleria del Costume - Palazzo Pitti, all day                                                                                                      Fela Kuti:Music Is The Weapon
                                                 Flamingo Road                                    Gustavo Giulietti 1935-2003
“Homage to Tuscany”                              Ottorino Jazz Bistrò, via delle Oche 12/16r,     Palazzo Pitti, Galleria di Arte Moderna,         (Nigeria/France)
Alvaro Mangani                                   tel. 055.215151, 21.30                           piazza Pitti 1, tel. 055.294883, Mon-Sun         23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. All forms
Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Piazzetta di Parte                                                       8.15-13.50, € 5                                  of contemporary black music (from funk
Guelfa, tel. 055.2616029-2616030, 9.30-          Lumieres de Toscana Festival: Modo                                                                to electronic) owe something to the
19, free admittance                              Antiquo                                          “Homage to Tuscany”                              irresistible sounds of Afro-beat
                                                 Tuscan Music of the 1300’s in                    By Alvaro Mangani                                Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati
n GUIDED TOURS                                   collaboration with Comune of Porto-              Palagio di Parte Guelfa, Piazzetta di Parte      Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.
                                                                                                                                                   it, 21.00
                                                 Vecchio (Corsica)                                Guelfa, tel. 055.2616029-2616030, 9.30-
Antonio Manzi Exhibition at Boboli               Auditorium Accademia Musicale di Firenze,        19, free admittance
Garden                                           via Adriani, 27/29, tel. 055.680487, 21.00                                                        Ali Farka Toure (Mali)
By Silvia Huober, art historian                                                                   n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                              23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. Self-taugh
Meeting at 10.00, giardino di Boboli di via      Centennial High School Band,                                                                      guitarist, Njarka player, Ali Farke has
Romana, ingresso “Annalena”, organised           International Music Festival. American           Summer Fair                                      adapted traditional music of Mali to the
by Akropolis, via S. Zanobi 84r,tel.             youth orchestra                                  “Fierucolina d’Estate o di S. Filippo e          electric guitar.
055.461428                                       Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore, piazza           Giacomo”                                         Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati
                                                 Santa Maria Maggiore, angolo via                 Piazza S.Spirito, tel. 055.3283550, all day      Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.
n MUSIC & CONCERTS                               Cerretani, tel. 055 2341049, 21.00, free         Cork Tree Birthday Celebration                   it, 22.00
                                                 admittance                                       Festival for tree celebratine 200th birthday
College Night Dj Set                                                                                                                               Batman Begins (English)
with Spike Dj and videos                         Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina                   Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici, tel.        Cinema Odeon, Piazza Strozzi, tel.
Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3,              Firenzestate 2005. Chamber music                 055.2757402, 11-16, www.unifi.it//msn             055.214068 , www.cinehall.it, 16.00,
tel 055.2479700; 22.15; membership               Chiesa di Orsanmichele, via Calzaiuoli, tel.                                                      18.45, 21.30
mandatory                                                                                         Portobello Market
                                                 055 783374, www.orcafi.it, 21.00                  “Do it yourself” Flea Market
                                                                                                  Piazza Elia Dalla Costa, 8.00-19.00
                                                                                                                                                   n MUSIC & CONCERTS
Pianoforte & Violin                              Janusz Olejniczak
Teatro del Sale, Via dei Macci 111r; tel         Maggio Musicale Fiorentino                                                                        Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina
055.2001492; www.teatrodelsale.com;                                                               Fortezza Antiquaria                              Firenzestate 2005
                                                 Teatro della Pergola, via della Pergola 18,      Antique market
19.00-21.15 buffet; 21.30 show; € 10 (1          tel. 055.22641, www.pergola.firenze.it,                                                            Chiesa di Orsanmichele, via Calzaiuoli, tel.
year membership mandatory); € 24 buffet                                                           Piazza Indipendenza, all day                     055 783374, www.orcafi.it, 21.00
                                                 20.30, by reservation only
& show                                                                                            Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament
                                                 Fly with Gipsy Show                                                                               Ludovico Einaudi
William Tatge, Vezzali, Viti                                                                      Card game tournament                             Estate fiesolana
                                                 Short live concerts                              Palazzo degli Affari, via Valfonda 1, tel.
Caruso Jazz Café, via Lambertesca 16r, tel.      Nuovo giardino dell’Argingrosso, via delle                                                        Teatro Romana, Fiesole, 21.15, € 14/20
055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.com,                                                               055.49721
                                                 Isole, 18.00                                                                                      Music Festival
                                                 Giacheros, Bolognesi, Cantini
                                                                                                  n GUIDED TOURS                                   Dance and music at Istituto Francese
n SPORTS & ACTIVITIES                            Caruso Jazz Café, via Lambertesca 16r, tel.      Richard Ginori Museum, Doccia                    Music from all over the world: from South
                                                                                                                                                   American rarities to Prokofiev, from
                                                 055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.com,              Factory in Sesto Fiorentino
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Cup                   22.00                                                                                             Brassens to Hip Hop and jazz Manouche
Golf Competition                                                                                  by Dott.ssa Rita Tambone
                                                                                                  Meeting at 10.00, via Pratese 31, bus n°         di Reinhardt, Becaud, Porter, Katscher,
Circolo Golf Ugolino, Strada Chiantigiana        n SPORTS & ACTIVITIES                            28, organised by Akropolis, via S. Zanobi        Ellington etc.
3, Grassina, tel. 055.2301009, last day for                                                                                                        Istituto Francese, piazza d’Ognissanti,
enrolments                                       Spar European Cup                                84r,tel. 055.461428
                                                                                                                                                   tel. 055.2718801. www.istitutofrancese.
                                                 Teams participating in this athletics event.     Il Giardino dei Semplici                         it. www.fetedelamusique.culture.fi. free
Spar European Cup                                Male: Czech Republic, France, Germany,                                                            admittance, air conditioning. 20.00 until …
Teams participating in this athletics event.                                                      A tour from a cork tree’s point of view
                                                 Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain.     Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici, tel.
Male: Czech Republic, France, Germany,           Female: France, Germany, Greece, Italy,                                                           “Gioacchino Rossini” Philarmonic
Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain.                                                      055.2757402, www.unifi.it//msn
                                                 Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine                                                                  concert for the citizens of Florence
Female: France, Germany, Greece, Italy,
Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine
                                                 Stadio Luigi Ridolfi, tel. 055.210804,            n MUSIC & CONCERTS                               Arengario Palazzo Vecchio, piazza
                                                                                                                                                   della Signoria, 055.6533084, www.
                                                 www.boxol.it, by reservation only
Stadio Luigi Ridolfi, tel. 055.210804,                                                             Barbara Casini, Alessandro Galati                filarmonicarossini.it, 21.00, free admittance
www.boxol.it, by reservation only                “Notturna di San Giovanni”                       Ottorino Jazz Bistrò, via delle Oche 12/16r,
                                                 “Night of San Giovanni” International race       tel. 055.215151, 21.30                           Goldberg Variations
n THEATRE                                        10 km classic race through hte heart                                                              Oratorio dei Vanchetoni, via Palazzuolo 17,
                                                 of Florencec. For info tel. 055.294174           Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina                   21.00
The Emperor of Florence                          – 055.5522957, www.sangiovannibattista.          Chamber music
Medici Month. The history of Cosimo I de’        net                                              Chiesa di Orsanmichele, via Calzaiuoli, tel.     n THEATRE
Medici                                                                                            055 783374, www.orcafi.it, 21.00
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Croce                Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament                                                                               Boris Godunov
al Tempio, via San Giuseppe 10, tel.             Card game tournament                             Sax For 4 – Iso Sax Quartet                      Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
055.6120205, www.mesemediceo.it,                 Palazzo degli Affari, via Valfonda 1, tel.       Auditorium della Clinica Medica di Careggi,      Teatro Comunale, Corso Italia 16, tel.
21.00, € 8-10                                    055.49721                                        viale Morgagni, www.agimusfirenze.it,             055.213535, www.maggiofiorentino.com,
                                                                                                  10.30                                            20.30, €20-75
Boris Godunov                                    n THEATRE
Maggio Musicale Fiorentino                                                                        Klimt Quartet
Teatro Comunale, Corso Italia 16, tel.           The Emperor of Florence                          Estate fiesolana. Schubert, Ligeti, Brahms,       TUESDAY 21
055.213535, www.maggiofiorentino.com,             Medici Month. The history of Cosimo I de’        Falconi
20.30, € 20-75                                   Medici
                                                 Chiesa di Santa Maria della Croce
                                                                                                  Istituto Universitario Europeo, sala             n CINEMA
                                                                                                  degli affreschi, Badia Fiesolana, tel.
                                                 al Tempio, via San Giuseppe 10, tel.             055.409373, 21.00, € 3/5                         Brasil: The Tropical Revolution (Brasil)
 SATURDAY 18                                     055.6120205, www.mesemediceo.it,
                                                 21.00, €8-10                                     n SPORTS & ACTIVITIES                            23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. A film on
                                                                                                                                                   the Tropicalismo movement and its effects
n CINEMA                                         How to Make a Movie in 60 Minutes                Multiethnic Football Tournament
                                                                                                  “Florence United for Peace”
                                                                                                                                                   on Brazilian music.
                                                                                                                                                   Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati
                                                 Teatro del Sale, Via dei Macci 111r; tel
“Moro No Brasil” (Brasil)                        055.2001492; www.teatrodelsale.com;              Centro sportivo, via Paisiello 131, Cascine,     Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.
23° Ethnic music film festival. A voyage          19.00-21.15 buffet; 21.30 show; € 10 (1          tel. 055.2352038, free admittance, final          it, 21.00
through the musical traditions of Brazil         year membership mandatory); € 24 buffet          match, 15.00
Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati           & show
Michele 24b, tel. 055.487145, www.flog.
it, 21.00
                                                                               What’s on & Where to Go                                                                                     11
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                                   Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                          Events in FLORENCE JUNE 17 to JUNE 23
Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part
Harmony” (South Africa/USA)                     n THEATRE                                       THURSDAY 23                                     ONGOING
23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. Audience        Galateo by Maria Cassi
Award and Freedom of Expression Award           Teatro del Sale, Via dei Macci 111r; tel       n CINEMA                                         n DANCE
winner at Sundance Film Festival 2002,          055.2001492; www.teatrodelsale.com;
the film tells the story of South African                                                       The Blues: dal Mali al Mississippi               Buenos Aires...Tango!
                                                19.00-21.15 buffet; 21.30 show; € 10 (1                                                         Milonga: Argentinian dance and music
liberation through music.                       year membership mandatory); € 24 buffet        (Mali/USA)
Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati                                                         23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. Cult             Parco dell’Anconella/Albereta, via di
                                                & show                                                                                          Villamagna, until September 11, every Sun,
Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.                                                          director Martin Scorsese travels from the
it, 22.00                                                                                      banks of the Niger in Mali to the cotton         21.00
Sin City (English)
                                                WEDNESDAY 22                                   fields and juke joints of the Mississippi
                                                                                                                                                n EXHIBITS
                                                                                               Delta on a search for the origin of the
Cinema Odeon, Piazza Strozzi, tel.
055.214068 , www.cinehall.it, 17.40,            n CINEMA                                       Blues.
                                                                                               Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati
                                                                                                                                                Maya Marcovic paintings
                                                                                                                                                Galleria Gruppo Donatello, via degli Artisti
20.10, 22.45                                    When the Spirits Dance Mambo                   Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.            2r, tel. 055.579207, www.associazioni.
                                                                                               it, 21.00
n DANCE                                         (Cuba)
                                                23° Ethnic Music Film Festival.
                                                                                                                                                comune.fi.it, June 15-21, 17.30-19.30
                                                Documentary on impact afrocuban religion       Million Dollar Baby (English)                    Urban Village
Ecoute moi                                                                                     Cinema Odeon, Piazza Strozzi, tel.
Cantieri Goldonetta, via Santa Maria 25,        had on civil society.                                                                           Photo exhibit of people in people’s places
                                                Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati         055.214068 , www.cinehall.it, 16.00,             Parterre, piazza della Libertà, until June 21,
tel. 055.697883, 21.00                                                                         18.45, 21.30
                                                Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.                                                           19-23, free admittance
n EXHIBITS                                      it, 21.00                                      n DANCE                                          Semi in volo
Photos of the Holy Land                         “A Lion’s Trail” (South Africa)                My day, my day, my day. Sterile Poison           Paintings, books and photos by E. Salvini
Un album sabaudo, con coperta in pietra         23° Ethnic Music Film Festival. A              Teatro della Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, via      Pierallini
dura e foto della Terra Santa                   surprising musical voyage through South        Pisana 77, 21.00                                 Accademia dei Georgofili, Logge degli
Museo dell’Opificio delle Pietre Dure, via       Africa and the U.S., with exclusives                                                            Uffizi Corti, tel. 055.213360, www.
degli Alfani 78, tel. 055.26511, 17.30,         Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and of                Oltrarno Atelier                                 georgofili.it, until June 30
www.beniculturali.it                            Manhattan Brothers, by Pete Seeger.            Museo della Specola, via Romana 17, tel.
                                                Arena estiva del Poggetto, Via Mercati         055.2288251, 20.00                               “The Long Line of Art in Florence of
n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                             Michele 24b tel. 055.487145, www.flog.                                                           the 1900’s”
Pantagruelian Banquet                           it, 22.00, €5                                  n EXHIBITS                                       Exhibition of Raffaele Monti and Piero
Medici month. A banquet inspired by the
recipes of the secret cook of Cosimo and
                                                n DANCE                                        Conteporary Art Show
                                                                                               Rinko Kawauky, M.Maoloberti, Luca
                                                                                                                                                Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi, tel.
                                                                                                                                                055.2776461, www.palazzostrozzi.info,
Eleanora                                        Cobalt Rouge                                   Stoppini                                         until June 26
Hotel Relais Certosa, via di Colle Ramole       Louise Lecavalier (Canada)                     Piazza Bartali, Centro Commerciale Coop
2, Galluzzo, tel. 055.2047171, 20.00, by        Teatro Romano, via Portigiani 1, Fiesole,      Gavinana, 18.00                                  Pedaling Through Time
reservation only                                21.15                                                                                           Pedalando nel tempo
                                                                                               Exhibition by Donatello Group and                Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza,
n GUIDED TOURS                                  n EXHIBITS                                     others in Piazza Donatello                       piazza dei Giudici 1, tel. 055.265311,
                                                                                               Piazza Donatello tel. 055.579207, all day        www.galileo.ims.fi.it, until June 30, 9.30-17,
Discovering Paradise                            Exhibition by Donatello Group and                                                               Tues 9.30-13, € 6,50
After the success of the Culture Week,          others in Piazza Donatello                     n FESTIVALS & FAIRS
the Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro Palazzo   Piazza Donatello tel. 055.579207, all day                                                       Francesco Carone, Giacomo Costa,
Spinelli organizes, at 14.30, an additional                                                    68° Pitti Immagine Uomo
guided tour to the XIV century frescoes         n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                            Men’s clothing and accessories show.
                                                                                                                                                Alessandro Casati
                                                                                                                                                Painting exhibition
in the ex-monastery of the Paradiso degli                                                      Entrance for sector operators only               Quarter, Centro Produzione Arte, Viale
Alberti                                         XLVIII Baglioni Uomo                           Fortezza da Basso, viale Strozzi Filippo,
                                                Men’s clothing and accessories show.                                                            Giannotti 81, www.quarterfirenze.com, until
Paradiso degli Alberti, via del Paradiso                                                       tel. 055.49721 www.firenze-expo.it, www.          June 30, Tues-Sun 16-20, free admittance
88, by reservation only, tel. 055 282951        Entrance for sector operators only             pittimmagine.com
- 216086                                        Grand Hotel Baglioni, piazza dell’Unità                                                         Art Series: The Soul of the Bicycle
                                                Italiana, tel. 055.23580, www.                 Wednesday Aperitivo at La Torre                  Art Nest, via Delle Ruote 23 r, www.
n LECTURES & CONFERENCES                        hotelbaglioni.it                               Caffè La Torre, lungarno Cellini, 65r, tel.      artnest.it, until June 30, 18-20, closed
                                                                                               055.680643, www.caffelatorre.it, 19.00           Tues, Sun, free admittance
International Poetry Festival:                  68° Pitti Immagine Uomo
“Faraway Voices, Sisterly Voices”               Men’s clothing and accessories show.           n MUSIC & CONCERTS                               Giuseppe Mazzini: the thought and
Vicky Feaver (Great Britain), Kimiko Hahn       Entrance for sector operators only                                                              myth in the artistic collections of G.
(Usa), Ghassan Zaqtan (Palestin), Elisa         Fortezza da Basso, viale Strozzi Filippo,      Orchestra della Toscana Summer
                                                                                               Concerts                                         Spadolini
Biagini (Italy)                                 tel. 055.49721 www.firenze-expo.it, www.                                                         Fondazione Spadolini Nuova Antologia,
Orto Botanico Giardino dei Semplici, via        pittimmagine.com                               Giardino di Boboli, Grotta del Buontalenti,
                                                                                               Parco Reale, www.orchestradellatoscana.          until June 30, Mon-Thur 9.30-17.00
La Pira 10, tel. 055.2757402, www.unifi.
it/msn, 21.30                                   Wednesday Aperitivo at La Torre                it, 21.00                                        “Città ad ovest di una stella”
                                                Caffè La Torre, lungarno Cellini, 65r, tel.                                                     Painting exhibition by Mafonso
n MUSIC & CONCERTS                              055.680643, www.caffelatorre.it, 19.00         Opera Festival: Le Cadre Noir De
                                                                                               Saumur                                           Galleria Varart, via dell’Oriuolo 47/49r, tel.
Orchestra della Toscana, summer                 n MUSIC & CONCERTS                             French equestrian and music show. Italian        055.284265, May 20 to July 30
concerts                                                                                       Premier                                          Figurative painting of the 1900’s in
Giardino di Boboli, Grotta del Buontalenti,     Watercolors In Musica                          Parco Reale del Giardino di Boboli, tel.
                                                Cappella della Misericordia di Settignano,                                                      Tuscany and Florence
Parco Reale, www.orchestradellatoscana.                                                        055.2718820. June 21, 23, 25, www.               Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi, tel.
it, 21.00                                       16.30                                          istitutofrancese.it                              055.2776461, www.palazzostrozzi.info,
“Gioacchino Rossini” Philarmonic                Semyon Bychkov, Lang Lang                      Perfidia Quartet, Cuban music                     until June 30, 10-19
concert for the citizens of Florence            Teatro della Pergola, via della Pergola, 18,   Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3, tel.
                                                tel. 055.22641, www.pergola.firenze.it,                                                          Elisabetta Benassi “Abandoned in
piazza della Signoria, tel. 055.6533084,                                                       055.2479700, 22.15                               place”
www.filarmonicarossini.it, 21.30, free           20.30
                                                                                               Religious Spiritualità and Lay                   Base. Progetti per l’arte, via San Niccolò
admittance                                      Suites for violoncello solo by J. S.                                                            18/r, tel. 055.679378, www.baseitaly.org,
“O flos colende”                                 Bach                                           L’Homme Armé. Berio, Massiaen,                   until June 30
Renaissance and Baroque music concert           L’Homme Armé                                   Sostakovic music
                                                Oratorio dei Vanchetoni, via Palazzuolo 17,                                                     Orlando Furioso
Battistero di San Giovanni, Cattedrale di                                                      Oratorio dei Vanchetoni, via Palazzuolo 17,      Galleria Moretti, Piazza Ottaviani, 17r, tel.
Santa Maria del Fiore, tel. 055.2302885,        21.15                                          21.15                                            055.2654277, until June 30, 10-13, 15-18
21.15, free admittance                          Giachero, Goloubev, zanoli
                                                Caruso Jazz Café, via Lambertesca 16r, tel.
                                                                                               n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                             Snake Space. Nio architecten
Opera Festival: Le Cadre Noir De                                                                                                                SESV-Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana,
Saumur                                          055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.com,            The Yoga of laughing
                                                22.00                                          Group laughing techniques by Dott.               Piazza Ghiberti 27, tel. 055.666316, www.
French equestrian and music show. Italian                                                                                                       sesv.net, June 6-24, 10-18
Premier                                                                                        Madan Kataria, with goal of diminishing
                                                College Night Dj Set                           negative effects of stress.
Parco Reale del Giardino di Boboli, tel.        with Spike Dj and videos                                                                        Semi in volo
055.2718820. June 21, 23, 25, www.                                                             Parco Di Villa Il Ventaglio, Via Aldini 10/12,   Painting, book and photo exhibition of E.
                                                Jazz Club, via Nuova de’ Caccini 3,            18.30, free admittance
istitutofrancese.it                             tel 055.2479700; 22.15; membership                                                              Salvini Pierallini
God’s Apocalypse                                mandatory                                      n THEATRE                                        Accademia dei Georgofili, Logge degli
                                                                                                                                                Uffizi Corti, tel. 055.213360, www.
L’Homme Armé                                                                                   Boris Godunov                                    georgofili.it, June 8-30, 15-18
Oratorio dei Vanchetoni, via Palazzuolo 17,                                                    Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
21.15                                                                                          Teatro Comunale, Corso Italia 16, tel.           August Ohm
                                                                                               055.213535, www.maggiofiorentino.com,             Variationi da Lucas Cranach, nuovi dipinti
The Tears of San Pietro di Orlando di                                                                                                           Atelier Ohm, via dei Tosinghi 1 (2nd floor),
Lasso (1594)                                                                                   20.30, €20-75
                                                                                                                                                until July 8, www.atelier-ohm.de
Estate fiesolana. Choral Group from                                                             Galateo by Maria Cassi
Berkeley, California (USA)                                                                     Teatro del Sale, Via dei Macci 111r; tel         “Espaces Poétiques” by Michéle Gallo
Cattedrale di Fiesole, 21.00, free                                                             055.2001492; www.teatrodelsale.com;              Painting exhibition
admittance                                                                                     19.00-21.15 buffet; 21.30 show; € 10 (1          Istituto Francese, Palazzo Lenzi, Piazza
                                                                                               year membership mandatory); € 24 buffet          Ognissanti 2, tel. 055.2718801, www.
                                                                                               & show                                           istitutofrancese.it, until July 14
12                                                                              What’s on & Where to Go
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                                   www.theflorentine.net

  Events in FLORENCE JUNE 17 to JUNE 23
“Grande formato quadrato”
Painting exhibition by Arturo
                                                  Forms of David. Baselitz, Fabro,
                                                  Kounellis, Morris, Struth                       n FESTIVALS & FAIRS                            Anconella Park
                                                                                                                                                 Restaurant, bar, concerts, films, games
CarmassiGalleria Il Ponte, via di Mezzo 42        Galleria dell’Accademia, via Ricasoli 58,       Rime Rampanti 2005                             and activities for children.
b, tel. 055.240617, www.galleriailponte.          tel. 055.294883, www.polomuseale.               Live music, dance, food and drink tasting,     From May to September, Associazione
com, until July 15                                firenze.it, until September 4, Tues-Sun          and talk show                                  Culturale Fiesolana 32, via di Villamagna,
                                                  8.15-18.50, € 8                                 Rampe di Piazza Poggi, San Niccolò             program: Mon-Tues, large screen movie
Enzo Butera. Sculpture and painting                                                                                                              projections; Wed, concerts and meetings
exhibition                                        The Number and Its Shapes                       (Piazzale Michelangelo), until September
                                                                                                  4, 19.00 open, 22.00 shows, tel.               with Novaradio; Thurs, Dj and Vjing; Fri, live
Genio fiorentino                                   Il numero e le sue forme                                                                       music; Sat, theatre, cabaret and folkloric
Saletta Costantini del Museo                      Museo di Storia della Scienza, piazza dei       348.5804812, free admittance
                                                                                                                                                 shows; Sun, Milonga dance night and
Archeologico, Fiesole, tel. 0555978373,           Giudici 1, tel. 055.265311, www.galileo.        Summer Zero                                    events with Buenos Aires Tango
www.comune.fiesole.fi.it, until July 3              ims.fi.it, until October 9, 9.30-17, Tues        Live music, cinema, pizzeria, high quality
                                                  9.30-13, € 7,50                                 beer, artisan fair and more…                   Pratolino Park
Art in the Library                                                                                                                               Organisation of cultural, theatrical,
Ten years of acquisitions and donations to        Ideas, Models, Inventions. The Patents          Zero, V.le Dell’Olmatello 2 (angolo v.le
                                                                                                  Guidoni), tel. 055.2469353, June 1-30          musical, food and film evenings
the Marucelliana Library                          of Ferragamo 1929-1964                                                                         Villa Demidoff, via Fiorentina 282, Pratolino,
Biblioteca Marucelliana, Via Cavour 43-47,        Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, via                  “Festa biancoverde”                            Vaglia, tel. 055.409155, June-September,
tel. 055.27221, www.maru.firenze.sbn.it,           Tornabuoni 2, tel. 055.3360456, www.            Events, music ,food stands and sports          10-19.30, Thurs-Frid free admittance, Sat-
until July 16, Mon-Fri 8.30-19.00                 museoferragamo.it, open until December          competitions                                   Sun € 3
                                                  31, Mon-Fri 9-13, 14-18, free admittance        Viottolone della Villa Medicea di Castello,
Michele Dantini, Chené Gómez,
Alessandro Casati                                 Food and Flavours in the Ancient                via Reginaldo Giuliani 518, until June 26      n SPORTS & ACTIVITIES
Quarter, Centro Produzione Arte, viale
Donato Giannotti 81, www.quarterfirenze.
                                                  Cibi e Sapori nel mondo antico
                                                                                                  n GUIDED TOURS                                 Le Pavoniere
                                                                                                                                                 Pool, bar, restaurant and music.
com, until July 17, 15-20                         Museo Archeologico, via della Colonna           Guided visits to the park of                   Le Pavoniere, via della Catena 2, Parco
                                                  36, tel. 055. 294883 /23575, until January      Montececeri and to Fonte Sotterra              delle Cascine, tel. 055.308160, open all
When God Lived in Ife. Masterpieces               15 2006, Mon 14-19, Tues, Thur 8.30-            every Sunday in April, May, June,              the summer every day
of Ancient Nigeria                                19, Wed, Fri, Sun 8.30-14, € 4, www.            September, October, tel. 055.5978373,
Quando Dio abitava a Ife. Capolavori              firenzemusei.it/archeologica                     www.comune.fiesole.fi.it
dell’antica Nigeria                                                                                                                              UPCOMING
Palazzo Strozzi, piazza Strozzi 1, tel.           Maria de’ Medici: a Florentine                  Città Nascosta
055.22645155, www.anticanigeria.it, until
July 3, Mon-Sun 10-20, €8
                                                  Princess on the French Throne
                                                  Maria de’ Medici: una principessa
                                                                                                  Discover the best-kept secrets of
                                                                                                  Florence and Tuscany through exclusive,
                                                                                                                                                 n FESTIVAL & FAIRS
                                                  fiorentina sul trono di Francia                  individually planned guided tours              DigiFestival.net: First Annual Video
Follia d’autore                                   Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti,             Associazione culturale città nascosta,         Multimedia Festival
Volumes, manuscripts and printings                piazza Pitti 1, tel. 055.2388709, www.          lungarno Cellini 25, tel. 055.6802590,         The purpose of the Festival is to extend,
exhibition                                        polomuseale.firenze.it/argenti , until           until December 31                              through the web video technology ,the
Biblioteca Riccardiana, via Ginori 10, tel.       September 4, Mon-Sun 8.15-17.30, € 4,                                                          reach, popularity and diffusion of Artistic
055.212586, July 15                                                                               Craftsmen of the Oltrarno 2005.                Productions to and from the whole
                                                  Vittoria Colonna and Michelangelo               Itineraries to discover artistic crafts        planet. There will be no selection of
Secret Rooms. The Artists of the                  Casa Buonarroti, via Ghibellina 70, www.        Oltrarno starting point in Piazza Pitti,
Riccardi                                                                                                                                         who participates in the festival and all
                                                  casabuonarroti.it, May 24 to September 12       reservations C.A.T. tel. 055.3036108, May      have a chance at the final evaluation and
Genio fiorentino                                                                                   2 to July 29
Palazzo Medici Riccardi, via Cavour 1,            27 May 1993                                                                                    prizes. Prizes will be in cash and will be
www.palazzo-medici.it, tel. 055.2760340,          Drawings and water colors by Luciano            Secret Rooms. The Artists of the               calculated on the 40% of the entry fee
until July 17, Mon-Sun 9-19, Wed closed,          Guarnieri                                       Riccardi                                       paid by artists to enroll in the festival. All
€4                                                Accademia dei Georgofili, Logge degli            Genio fiorentino. Guided tours in English       artists and companies from all disciplines
                                                  Uffizi Corti, tel. 055.213360, www.              11.30, 14.00                                   can participate with their productions and
From Parmigianino to Tiepolo                      georgofili.it, until September 30, 15-18         Palazzo Medici Riccardi, via Cavour 1,         works realized and/or documented in
Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, piazza Pitti                                                    www.palazzo-medici.it, tel. 055.2760340,       video.
1, tel. 055.2654321, www.firenzemusei.             Gianni Cacciarini “Corps”                       open until July 17, Mon-Sun 11.30, 14.00       subscriptions are now open up to July 9,
it/palatina, until July 24, Tues-Sun 8.15-        Museo Marino Marini, Piazzo San                 (in English), Wed closed, € 4                  www.digifestival.net
18.50, € 4,25/8,50                                Pancrazio, tel. 055.219432, www.
                                                  museomarinomarini.it, until July 22, 10-17      La Limonaia and the Botanical                  The championship of...wine
American artists in Florence and                                                                  Gardens                                        A popular competition for wine tasters.
Siena                                             The Island of Treasures                         Giardino di Boboli, tel. 055.2298732, until    There are sections for both amateurs and
Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, via Maggio            Archaeological exhibition of ancient and        June 30, Tues, Frid 10-12.30, 17-19            professionals
58r, tel. 055.212131, www.galleriabagnai.         modern ceramics for the table                                                                  Teatro Romano di Fiesole, via Portigiani 1,
it, until July 30                                 Museo Archeologico, via della Colonna,          Extraordinary openings and guided              tel. 055.591.87 /055.684405, September
                                                  36, tel. 055. 294883, www.firenzemusei.          visits to the Jewish Cemetery                  10-11, organised by Comune di Fiesole
Marco Lodola “Lighthouse”                         it/archeologica, until 15 January 2006,         Cimitero Monumentale Ebraico, tel.             and Slow Food. Enter for the competition!
Mirabili Galleria, Lungarno Guicciardini 21       Mon 14-19, Tues, Thurs 8.30-19, Wed, Fri-       055.2346654, until December, every 1st         segreteria@slowfoodfirenze.it
r, tel. 055.294257, until July 25, Tues–Sat       Sun 8.30-14                                     Sun of the month
9.30-13, 15-19.30                                                                                                                                Giostra del saracino
                                                  Devoted Voyages to the Medici                   “Forme for David”                              Horse races
“Stone Prayers, Sacred Architecture“              Courts. A portable altar from the XVII          Galleria dell’Accademia, via Ricasoli 58,      Arezzo city center, June 18, evening.
Mario Botta                                       century                                         tel. 055.294883, www.polomuseale.              September 4, second part of the fair first
Istituto Statale d’Arte di Firenze, Piazzale di   Palazzo Pitti, Galleria Palatina, sala Arca,    firenze.it, until August 30, Tues 19.22, free   part, daytime
Porta Romana 9, tel. 055.220521, www.             piazza Pitti 1, tel. 055.2388614, www.          admittance
isa.firenze.it, until July 30, 10.00-19.00,        polomuseale.firenze,it, until September 25,                                                     n LECTURES & CONFERENCES
free admission                                    8.30-18.30, free admittance                     The Markets of Firenze
                                                                                                  Free visits and food tastings at San           Florence International Music Campus.
“The Designs of New York and Other                Art cycles: Ira Becocci, Gianantonio            Lorenzo and Sant’Ambrogio                      Classic music and jazz
Works”, Matteo Pericoli                           Ossan                                           Until July 29, Tues-Wedn morning,              The Campus is thought for musicians
Genio fiorentino                                   Art Nest, via delle Ruote, 23r, www.artnest.    reservations: C.A.T. tel. 055.3036108          from all over the world who would like to
Basilica di Sant’Alessandro, Fiesole, tel.        it, until June 15, 18-20                                                                       deepen the knowledge of their instrument
800.414240, until July 31                                                                         n MUSIC & CONCERTS                             and to improve technical and stylistic
                                                  Futurism and Bon Ton: the brothers                                                             aspects by means of collective workshop
Giuseppe Giliberto “Jazz...in Paint”              Thayant and Ram                                 Organ and instrumental concert                 Scuola di musica Il Trillo, piazza Salvemini
Caruso Jazz Café, Via Lambertesca 16r,            Gabinetto di Disegni e Stampe degli Uffizi,      Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Ricci, via del       21, te. 055.2341049, www.il-trillo.com,
tel. 055.281940, www.carusojazzcafe.              via della Ninna 5, tel.055.2340940, until       Corso, tel. 055.289367, until December         enrolment compulsory
com, until September 3                            September 18, 8.30-18.30                        31, Mon-Sun 21.15, Sat 18.00, € 11
                                                                                                  Concerts at English Church of St.
                                                                                                                                                 n MUSIC & CONCERTS
Boboli Garden “Antonio Manzi at                   “Media, Mente, Monti” by Silvio Monti
court”                                            Maison Enrico Coveri , Lungarno                 Mark’s                                         Pistoia Blues 2005
Sculpture exhibition                              Guicciardini 19, tel. 055.281004, until July    every day, Chiesa Anglicana di St. Mark’s,     Piazza del Duomo, Pistoia, http.//www.
Giardino di Boboli, Orto Botanico                 7, 11-19                                        via Maggio 16-18, tel. 340.8119192             pistoiablues.com, July 8-10, € 27-35, by
(Giardino degli Ananassi-Tepidarium), tel.                                                                                                       reservation only
055.307454, until September 18, 9.00-             Roxi McCloskey and Dino Castelvecchi            n PARKS
19.30                                             Art Nest, via delle Ruote, 23r, www.artnest.                                                   26° Festival delle Colline (Hills
                                                                                                  Renai Park                                     Festival)
                                                  it, 18-20                                       A bike path follows the Arno River from
Lorenzo Banci                                                                                                                                    International music concert located in
Painting exhibition “La luce oltre la siepe”      Marithé & Francois Girbaud                      the end of the Cascine park all the way to     various splendid spots throughout the hills
Palazzo Antinori Corsini, piazza Antinori         Stazione Leopolda, viale Fratelli Rosselli 5,   the entrance of the Renai park. Activities:    of Tuscany
3, until September 10, 9-19.30, free              tel 055.693407, until July 10, all day          swimming, free climbing walls, nature          Friday June 24 to Friday, July 15. Villa
admittance                                                                                        walks, cycling, sailing, etc.                  Medicea di Poggio a Caiano. l’anfiteatro
                                                  Art and Shopping                                Parco dei Renai, Signa, all the summer, 12-    di Bacchereto (Camignano), la Chiesa
Anthological exhibition by Jean-                  Art exhibits and late night shopping until      20, Sat, Sun 9.00-20.00.                       di Bonistallo (Poggio a Caiano), il
Michel Folon                                      23 every Thursday in Via Borgo la Croce.                                                       Parco Museo Quinto Martini di Seano
Genio fiorentino                                   via Borgo La Croce, until June 26               Guided visits to gardens in Fiesole
                                                                                                  April, May, June, September, October on        (Carmignano), l’Anfiteatro del Centro Pecci
Forte Belvedere e Sala d’Arme di                                                                                                                 (Prato), Montemurlo and, Cantagallo.
Palazzo Vecchio, tel. 055.2625939, until                                                          Thursday, tel. 055.598720, www.comune.
September 18, 10.00-19.00, Wed and Fri                                                            fiesole.fi.it                                    U2
10.00-22.00                                                                                                                                      Stadio Meazza, Milano, July 20-21. Stadio
                                                                                                                                                 Olimpico, Roma, July 23, box office tel.
                                                                                What’s on & Where to Go                                                                                     13
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                                   Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                              Events in FLORENCE JUNE 17 to JUNE 23
Duran Duran                                       and stories of tepees and donkey rides.          exhibition of 40 models of civil,             Music in Piazza Matteotti.
Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, Trieste, June 21,     An exhibition of native american indian          military and aerial “functioning              Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, tel. 055.8077832,
box office tel. 055.210804                         figures and objects.                              machines” from the Leonardesque               www.prolocotavarnelle.it, until Sept. 9
                                                  Atletica Castello, via Reginaldo Giuliani        Codices
Krafterwerk                                       near Villa Reale di Castello, information        permanent exhibition
Piazza Castello Ferrara, July 6 and Areana                                                                                                       Progetto Sin: multiethnic evenings of
                                                  tel. 348.9384829, www.comune.fi.it, June          Museo Leonardo Servi, Vinci tel.
Flegrea, Napoli, July 7, box office tel.           18-19                                            055.282966                                    music and food
055.210804                                                                                                                                       Officina Giovani Cantieri Ex Macelli,
                                                  A Circus for Pimpa                               The Colours of moon rock. The                 Piazza Macelli 4, tel. 0574.616753, www.
Pat Metheney                                      A theatrical festival in honour of Pimpa,        collection of scagliola works by
Ascoli Picena, June 18. Bari, June                                                                                                               officinagiovani.it, June 21, 22.00 Baby blue
                                                  famous Italian children’s book character.        Bianco Bianchi
19. Milano, June 21. box office tel.               Parco di Villa Demidoff, Pratolino, until June   Genio fiorentino                               concert and then dj set and videos, free
055.210804                                        19, all day, € 2 (earnings to be donated to      Museo di San Francesco, Greve in Chianti,     admittance
Blue                                              Meyer Children’s Hospital                        tel. 055.8545215, until October 2
                                                                                                                                                 Certaldo Antiqua
Padova, June 18. Lucca, June 19. Palermo,
June 21. Salerno, June 22. Roma, June 23.
                                                  n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                             The Island of Treasures                       Certaldo, until 19, Sun 9-20
                                                                                                   Genio fiorentino. Archaeological exhibition
box office tel. 055.210804                         Bimbobus                                         of ancient and modern ceramics for the        Crafts and Collectors Market
                                                  A colourful bus that passes through the          table
Beck                                              neighbourhoods of Sesto Fiorentino                                                             Figline Valdarno historical center, tel.
Ferrara, June 22. Genova, June 23. box                                                             Museo della Manifattura Chini, Borgo San
                                                  offering stories, games, books and fun.          Lorenzo, tel. 055.8456230, until October      055951569, www.comune.figline-
office tel. 055.210804                             Sesto Fiorentino city center, tel.                                                             valdarno.fi.it, every 3rd weekend of the
Sonic Youth                                       055.4496357, www.sestoestate.com, all                                                          month
Ferrara, June 27, box office tel.                  the summer                                       The Island of Treasures
055.210804                                                                                         Genio fiorentino. Archaeological exhibition    Sunday Ceramics
                                                  International workshop for children:             Raccolta Comunale d’arte,
                                                  a chance to play with games from all                                                           Montelupo Fiorentino, until June 19, on
Crosby Stills and Nash                                                                             Castelfiorentino, tel. 0571.686341, until
                                                  over the world                                   November 30                                   Sun
Villa Pisani, Stra, July 8. Villa Reale, Monza,
July 9. box office tel. 055.210804                 La Mongolfiera, ex Gasometro, via
                                                  dell’Anconella 3, tel. 055.2767124, Mon,         “Reflections of a Gallery: the                 Le Carabattole
Coldplay                                          Wed, Fri 17-19, free admittance                  paintings of the Bardini succession”          Until June 27, on Sun, Certaldo Alto
Arena di verona, July 11, box office tel.                                                           Painting exhibition
055.210804                                        Multisport 2005, UISP Summer Camps               Villa Medicea, Cerreto Guidi, tel.            Rainbow Fair
                                                  Multisport 05, centri estivi UISP                0571.55707, www.comune.cerreto-guidi.         Organic fair and market
Jamiroquai                                        Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti UISP, Via        fi.it, until December
                                                  Bocchi 32, tel. 055.6583501, June 13                                                           Until June 25, on Sun, Sesto Fiorentino
Genova, July 12. Modena, July 14. Napoli,
July 17. Roma, July 18. box office tel.
                                                  to September 9, Programs for children
                                                  from 4 to 11, Centre offers half and full
                                                                                                   Treasures of Ancient Art at Cerreto
                                                                                                                                                 nGUIDED TOURS
                                                  day programs from Monday to Friday,              Art exhibition                                Wine and Fashion in the Florentine
Keith Jarret, Gary Peacock & Jack                 enrolment mandatory                              Villa Medicea, Cerreto Guidi, tel.
DeJohnette                                                                                         0571.55707, www.comune.cerreto-guidi.         Mountains. Itineraries with guided
Arena Flegrea, Napoli, July 12, box office         Animated Bicycles                                fi.it, until December                          visits, shopping
tel. 055.210804                                   Activities for children                                                                        Genio fiorentino. Tours to discover the
                                                  April to June, Villa Favard, via Aretina         32nd Cutting Irons fair. Exhibition
n SPORT & ACTIVITIES                              511, every Wed 16.30-18, and Giardini            of knives from Luciano Salvatici
                                                                                                                                                 beauties of theFlorentine Mountains:
                                                  Caponnetto, lungarno Colombo, every Fri          collection                                    the art, culture, nature together with food,
San Giovanni Cup                                                                                   Palazzo dei Vicari tel. 0558468165 - www.     visits to artisan workshops and local
The historic football tournament will take        16.30-18
                                                                                                   comune.scarperia.fi.it, until September 18     commecial centres. (Dicomano, Londa,
place on the following dates:                     San Marcellino swimming pool
June 24, 16.00 Corteo Storico della               Swimming lessons for children from 4 and         Leonardo Codice Verso. l’andata e il          Pelago, Pontassieve, Reggello, Rufina,
Repubblica Fiorentina                             up. Acquagym for children and adults.            ritorno                                       San Godenzo, starting at 8.45, lasting 7
June 24, 17.00 Rossi/Azzurri match                Piscina San Marcellino, via Chiantigiana         Paintings and drawings by Sergio Vacchi       hours)
June 26, 17.00 Verdi/Bianchi match                28, tel. 055.6530000                             (1993-1997)                                   from January to December on Mon and
July 3, 17.00 Final match                                                                          Museo Leonardiano e Casa Natale
Piazza Santa Croce, info and reservation:         n THEATRE                                        di Leonardo ad Anchiano, Vinci, tel.
                                                                                                                                                 Sat, Resco Travel tel. 055.868009.
Box Office, via Alamanni 39, tel.                                                                   0571.568012, www.comune.vinci.fi.it, until     On the Scaffolding With Filippo Lippi
055.210804, www.boxol.it, € 15-40, by             Il teatro di Gelsomina
                                                  Puppet an organ show                             September 25                                  Visits to the restoration of Filippo Lippi’s
reservation only
                                                  Villa Favard Parco, via Aretina 511, tel.        Leonardo’s Garden and Utopia.                 fresco in the Cathedral of Santo Stefano,
1° Annual “Arno River Run”                        055.2767831, June 20, 17.30                      Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci, tel.          Prato. (max 12 persons)
Non competitive 8.1 km race follows along                                                          0571.56296, www.museoleonardo.it, until
the Arno River banks                              Prezzemolina                                                                                   Cattedrale di Santo Stefano, piazza del
                                                  Puppet show                                      June 30
June 28, meeting point: Impianti Sportivi                                                                                                        Duomo, Prato, tel. 0574.24112, www.
La Trave, via de’ Vespucci, 19.30, info: tel.     Giardini di Campo di Marte, viale Manfredo       “FORME 2005”                                  restaurofilippolippi.it, by reservation only,
055.4286774 (from 15.00 to 19.00)                 Fanti, June 22, 17.30                            15 days of theatre, music, film, art and       until December 31, Sat 10, 11, 16, 17, Sun
                                                  Il lupo peloso del Peloponneso                   video events.                                 10, 11, € 8
                                                  Puppet Show                                      Rocca Strozzi di Campi Bisenzio, Via
CHILDREN                                          Giardini di Campo di Marte, viale Manfredo       Roma/P.zza Gramsci, Campi Bisenzio, until     nSPORT & ACTIVITIES
                                                  Fanti, June 23, 17.30                            June 29, 21.00
n EXHIBITS                                                                                         FESTIVALS & FAIRS                             22° Cariprato International Rhythmic
Designing an exhibition                                                                                                                          Gymnastics Tournament
An exhibition of works by children at city
                                                  OUT OF TOWN                                      Giostra del saracino                          Palazzetto dello Sport Maliseti, Prato, tel.
recreation centres                                                                                 Horse races                                   0574.616475, www.comune.prato.it, June
Ospedale Pediatrico Meyer, open until             n EXHIBITS                                       Arezzo city center, June 18, evening
June 20, 9-19                                     Exhibition of ceramic works by J.M.              29ª Porcini Festival
                                                                                                                                                 Pietramarina (Montalbano)
n LECTURES & CONFERENCES                          Folon
                                                  Genio fiorentino
                                                                                                   Incisa Valdarno, until June 19, only Sat
                                                                                                   and Sun                                       A walking itinerary by Dr. Maurizio negri
Artists in the Grass                              Oratorio di Santa Caterina, Bagno a Ripoli,                                                    through the world of pietra, traces of
Free lessons on landscape painting                tel. 055.6390356-7, www.comune.bagno-            Preview of Courses for Gluttons
                                                                                                                                                 which can still be found in areas around
Area Pettini Burresi, via Faentina 145, tel.      a-ripoli.fi.it, until September 12                Enocultural-gastronomic marathon amidst
055.2767828, www.comune.fi.it, June                                                                                                               Florence.
                                                  Exhibition of ceramic works by J.M.              the open air artistic treasures of the city
6-22; Villa Favard, via Aretina 511, June                                                                                                        Meeting point: 14.30 via F. Mazzei
                                                  Folon                                            Prato historical center, tel. 0574.43801,
7-23, 17.15-19.15                                                                                                                                (La Querce), leave at 15.00 with own
                                                  Genio fiorentino                                  by reservation only. June 23 and June 29,
                                                                                                                                                 transportation. Otherwise, meeting point:
Pencils for Peace. 1st National                   Limonaia della Villa di Pescille, Panzano,       19.30
competition for young cartoonists                 tel. 055.8546287, from until September 1                                                       15,30 at locality “Pinone” (Carmignano).
Matite per la Pace                                                                                 Intercity Edinburgh                           Evenign return. Information: Circolo “I
deadline June 30, Informagiovani, via             Hugo Pratt “Periplo immaginario”                                                               Risorti” La Querce, Via Firenze 323, Prato,
                                                  Palazzo Squarcialupi, Santa Maria della          Music, theatre, cinema, exhibits, meetings
Mannelli 119h, tel. 055.2624367/8/9,                                                               until June 29                                 tel. 0574.593816, www.irisorti.it
Scuola Internazionale Comics, tel.                Scala, Siena, tel. 199.109910, www.
                                                                                                   Teatro Della Limonaia, via Gramsci 426,
055.218950                                        fondazionemps.it, until August 28, every
                                                  day 11-19, € 8                                   Sesto Fiorentino, tel. 055.440852,
n FESTIVAL & FAIRS                                Extraordinary opening of the parish              www.teatrodellalimonaia.it, and Cinema        “Come down to the Piazza”
Indian party “A Silver Dollar in the              churches of S. Amato and S. Ansano               Multisala Grotta, via Gramsci 393, Sesto      Genio fiorentino. Markets, exhibitions,
Sand-Creek river bed”                             Chiesa di S. Amato e S. Ansano, Vinci, tel.      Fiorentino, tel. 055.446600, www.grotta.it,   concerts, and shows in piazza
June 18 - 17.00- 21.00 construction               0571.568012, www.comune.vinci.fi.it, until        21.00, closed June 19, 22, 24                 Until June 30, Tavarnuzze city center, tel.
of villane according to native american           September 24 on Sat.                                                                           055.2036408, www.comune.impruneta.fi.it
indian techniques, and a salute to mules                                                           Tavarnelle Summer
and donkeys. June 19 - 11.00-12.30                Leonardo After Five Centuries. 1505
                                                  – 2005, Work in Progress                         “A walk through the centre”, every Tuesday
harness workshop, and painting; 15.00-                                                             from 19 to 24, with theatrical events, food
17.00 kachina doll and jewelry making             Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci, Vinci, tel.
                                                                                                                                                 The management of The Florentine is not
workshop; 17.00-18.00 a ride on a                 0571.56296, www.museoleonardo.it, until          tastings, artisan market, live music, etc.    responsible for the accuracy of the dates and
donkey; 18.00 horse and mule show with            October 31                                       “Summer in Piazza” every Friday, 21.30        times of events as reported herein or for any
Marta e Melissa; 19.00-21.00 legends              “The Genius of Leonardo” permanent                                                             changes thereto.
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                                                 www.theflorentine.net
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     Sex and Our City:                                                                                Part II, “Foreign Girls Are Easy”

     the low-down on the Italian Stallion
     by Tova Piha                                                                                                                                 when out of the blue, he’ll suggest
                                                                                                                                                  an innocent walk to the Ponte Vec-
                                                                                                                                                  chio, offer a pleasant drive up to

     like to ask Florentines what they                                                                                                            Piazzale Michelangelo to see the
     think about the fact that their                                                                                                              view, or insist there’s a little corner
     city is so overrun by tourists and                                                                                                           of Fiesole he’s just got to show you.
foreign students. I reckon that if it                                                                                                             Regardless of the circumstances,
gets to me, a foreigner myself and so                                                                                                             yes, even if he’s your away-for-the-
without much of a leg to stand on,                                                                                                                weekend best friend’s boyfriend, his
then it must really wear on the na-                                                                                                               intentions are not platonic.
tives. I’ve gotten mixed responses,                                                                                                                   While I’ve tried to explain that it
though never anything too negative                                                                                                                is a special series of circumstances
- I suppose the xenophobe/claustro-                                                                                                               that make us appear “easy,” that we
phobe types wouldn’t be talking to                                                                                                                are not without morals and con-
me in the first place.                                                                                                                             science, that when at home, and
    However, single Italian guys, bar                                                                                                             Florence can become home, we are
none, think its great. And why?                                                                                                                   far more on a par with Italian girls
Because not only does it increase                                                                                                                 concerning difficulty, my sincere
the number and variety of fish in                                                                                                                  efforts have been met with respect-
their sea, these foreign fish seem to                                                                                                              ful, but amused disagreement. “Did
require less bait and less patience to                                                                                                            you not see that film Love Actually?
catch. If you recall from last week,                                                                                                              Even in the Milwaukee, you girls
while Italian girls are apparently                                                                                                                have a thing for foreigners.” Or,
“closed” and “difficult,” it is a wide-                                                                                                            “I’ve been to New York; I never had
ly circulated and celebrated fact                                                                                                                 it so easy!”
among Florentine men that foreign                                                                                                                     “Why do you think Italians are
girls are “open” and “easy.” From                                                                                                                 known for being great romantic lov-
that standpoint, I imagine it is fab                                                                                                              ers?” whomever I’m trying to con-
to live in a place with a continuous                                                                                                              vince will inevitably continue, “We
influx of fresh, ready-for-adventure                                                                                                               have to be because Italian girls are
coeds.                                                                                                                                            so tough. American guys are spoiled;
    Admittedly, we Anglo-Saxon for-         gelato, the coffee, the scenery, the          men. I was once hanging out with a                      they don’t have to work for what
eign female student types are not           warmth of the people, the al dente            male “friend” here, and he changed                      they get, and so they’ve lost the skill
blameless for our reputation being          of the pasta is what it’s cracked up          the tone of what I thought was to be                    of the chase. We Italians, we know
as it is. If you’re a student, here for     to be, we’d be remiss in our cultural         a casual lunch by bringing up, en-                      how to court a girl properly.” Which
six months at most, though usually          immersion if we didn’t explore every          tirely out of the blue, how unusual                     will in turn cause me to laugh in re-
more like four or five, you’re not           cultural avenue available to us.              it is for men and women to be “just                     spectful, but amused disagreement.
exactly on the hunt for a serious re-          The “we’re easy” rep, however,             friends” in Italy.                                      Find out why next week.
lationship. You’ve heard that Ital-         does become a bit of a bummer for                 And boy was he not kidding!
                                            anyone extending their stay beyond            Time and time again, you’ll be hang-                    Tova Piha, a 22 year old New Yorker and
ians are a-mazing lovers; you’re a
                                                                                          ing out, drinking a beer, maybe even                    a graduate of Washington University in
liberated woman of the 21st century,        half a year, for anyone looking to
                                                                                                                                                  St. Louis, has been living and working
thrilled to be living in a time that        cultivate proper relationships, ro-           doing a boy-thing like watching a
                                                                                                                                                  in Florence, exploring the city’s ins and
produces shows like Sex and the             mantic or otherwise, with Italian             soccer match or playing foosball,                       outs, for the past 9 months.
City; and what’s more, you actually
get to enjoy the inhibition-relaxing
benefits of alcohol in public even                                         �� �����������������������
though you’re not yet twenty-one.
So it’s not a wonder that Floren-
tines take what is for most a “strictly       ��������������������������                            �������������������������������������������              ����
while studying abroad” approach to            ������������������                           ����������������������������������������������������������        �����������������
sex to be our de rigueur modus ope-
randi.                                        ���������������������                               ��������������������������������������������               �������
    Personally, I take offence to be-
ing stereotyped as “easy.” Even if            ��������������                                           ����������������������������������                    ����������
we do give it up without too much
                                              ����������������������                   ������������������������������������������������������������������    �������
haggling, I should think it’s more a
matter of knowing and going after             ���������������������                                 ����������������������������������������                 ������
what we want, in which case “asser-
tive” seems the more accurate term.           ������������������������                      ����������������������������������������������������������       ����
We’ve just heard a lot of hooplah,
and just as we’re here to see if the                                                         ���������������
                                              �������������������������                            ����������������������������������������                  �������������

                                              ���������������������                                                         �
                                                                                                         �������������������������������                     �������

                �������� ����������� �        �����������������������                               ���������������������������������������                  �������������

                                              �������������������                               ����������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                     �                                       �������������

                                              ��������������������                                                          �
                                                                                                 ��������������������������������������������                �������������

                    � � ������������ ����     ������                                                       �
                                                                                                           ��������������������������                        �������������
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                                                                                                                    Culture & CUSTOMS
ITALIAN VOICES: A Window on Language and
Customs in Italy...“Anche il calcio dev’ essere bello”
by Linda Falcone
                                 “ Watch soccer.
                                   It will tell you
     t was Sunday after-                              even soccer must be beau-
     noon and we were sit-       a lot about          tiful.”
     ting around watching                                 “My view of the Italian
soccer. Actually, we were        historical           performers, and let’s call
sitting around watch-            resentment           them performers rather
ing people watch soc-                                 than players, is that they
cer. “Quelli che il calcio,      and modern           wear their hair too long
Those Who Soccer” is one         day political        and don’t want to get
of Italy’s best loved pro-                            dirty,” was my biting reply.
grams and an absolute            antagonism.”             Paolo would have none
bore. The real matches are                            of it. “No. That is not it at
only shown on cable television, so all. It’s about the philosophy of a
my desperate group of friends were country and its national tempera-
forced to watch pseudo celebrities ment. Take the Croatians and the
talk about football plays only they Italians, for example. We don’t get
could see.                                along on the field. Croatians play
    During the commercial break the with the violence of their warrior                                He’s not a great athlete but he’s wearing Valentino socks,
men started talking about the World past. We Italians are not aggressive                                   Gucci sunglasses and underweare by Armani...
Cup championships of 2002 as if on the field. For us it is a dance, not
they’d happened yesterday. Trauma- a war.”                                            on either team did a thing with the                  a reflection of what goes on within
tizing due to what Italians call “un-        “You cannot argue that Italian           ball for the last ten minutes of the                 the peninsula too. Italy is a culture
fair refereeing,” the last Mondiali strategy was not up to par during the             game, so as to guarantee the ad-                     where beauty is a moral virtue and
remain a sore spot in Italian foot- Mondiali 2002, even despite biased                vancing position for both teams.”                    where “diving in the mud,” whatever
ball. I followed the Championships refs,” I baited, amused to no end at                  “Esattamente, exactly, and that                   that mud may be, should be avoided
with all the dedication of a true fan. how easily he forgot that my expert            can only happen with people of Lat-                  even if it means compromising the
Don’t get me wrong though; I knew words were pure bluff.                              in blood. We understand the value of                 game a bit. When I asked Paolo if
nothing of soccer then, and despite            “That is not my point!” my friend      favours,” Paolo concluded, infinitely                 the way the Italians play could be a
“Quelli che il Calcio,” know noth- argued. “For example, it is well                   satisfied with his verbal dissertation.               metaphor for the way Italians live,
ing of soccer now. My undivided known that the Italians get along                     “It could have never happened with                   he turned poetic. “Soccer, love, pol-
interest in the matches lie solely in much better with the Mexican na-                the Germans.”                                        itics are all a game. This does not
my conviction that national soccer tional team than with the Europe-                     Watch soccer. It will tell you a                  mean they are not serious. A game
tournaments hold the secret to un- ans. In 2002, all we needed was a tie              lot about historical resentment and                  can be a very serious thing. You play
derstanding cultural identity in Ita- for both teams to pass into the next            modern day political antagonism. It                  because you believe in the game, but
ly. Watch soccer and you will learn round. It was worth nothing to them               will also tell you what kind of stuff a              that doesn’t mean you want to die
a lot about culture.                      to win for the sake of winning. A tie       race is made of. Italians on the field                in it.”
    “Italians play with a grace and permitted both the Italians and the               go for grace, beauty, and calculated                     “Or get dirty?”
style that is not seen with the Eng- Mexicans to pass forward together.               effort. They are not run-you-down,                       He smiled. “Death and dirt are
lish and French,” my friend Paolo They play like us, so the Mexicans                  beat-you-up,       leave-your-guts-on-               bad. Beauty is better.”
started in on me, “because in Italy, cooperated.”                                     the-field type of players. What goes                      Ahh...said like an inspired Italian
anche il calcio deve essere bello -          “You mean,” I said, “that no one         on between the goalposts, though, is                 fan on a Sunday afternoon.


              �������������                        ���������������������                       ��������������������������������������������������������������������
        ��������������������������                       ������������                          �����������������������������������������������������������������������������
           ���������������������                      ��������������������                     �������������������������������������������������������������������������������
           ��������������������                         ��������������
   �����������������������������������       �����������������������������������
     �����������������������������              �����������������������������

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   Travel & LEISURE
San Gimignano Celebrates its Mediaeval Past
By Ann Freeman

          nce again this June, San                                                Val d’Elsa and are based on sketch-       PROGRAMME:
          Gimignano – famous for its                                              es of the frescoes in the Duomo. The
          lofty towers and picturesque                                            association now has a wide range of       Friday, June 17
streets and squares – celebrates the                                              costumes, all stored at its headquar-        At 9.30 pm in Piazza del Duomo:
“Ferie delle Messi,” a pageant that                                               ters in San Gimignano.                    performances by the “Jaculatores
dates back to 1255. This traditional                                                 In the main square you can wit-        Slavenis” choir from Belgrade and
fertility festival features street mu-                                            ness the tug-of-war and admire the        the “Fanfanrenzug” town band from
sic, theatre and markets, a costume                                               acrobats, jugglers, duellists, archers,   Meersburg.
parade and jousting – a full pro-                                                 fire-eaters, actors, musicians, and
gramme of events that are of au-         into its four districts of San Giovan-   dancers. There will also be drum-         Saturday, June 18
thentic mediaeval origin.                ni, San Matteo, Castello, and Piazza     ming and an arts and crafts exhibi-
                                                                                                                               At 5pm in Piazza del Duomo:
                                         – with dancing, singing, games, and      tion.
                                                                                                                            each district draws lots to select the
                                         jousting, all with the aim of encour-       The climax of the event is the
                                                                                                                            horses and knights to take part in
                                         aging a good harvest. Research into      Grand Procession, whose colours,
                                                                                                                            the “Giostra dei Bastoni” tourna-
                                         13th-century documents also re-          objects, and characters symbolise
                                                                                                                            ment. This takes place at the Rocca
                                         veals evidence of San Gimignano          the relationship between earth and
                                                                                                                            in a reconstructed mediaeval camp
                                         knights taking part in battles of the    fertility. Some 300 costumed char-
                                                                                                                            with tents.
                                         period, and so this combat aspect        acters, on foot or on horseback, pa-
                                                                                                                               The main squares host mediaeval
                                         too became a part of the festival.       rade in a stream of colour along the
                                                                                                                            music, ballets, combat, and a variety
                                                                                  ancient streets of the historic cen-
                                                                                                                            of other performances, as well as an
                                                                                  tre to the Rocca di Montestaffoli,
                                                                                                                            arts and crafts market. Two mediae-
                                                                                  where they attend the “Giostra dei
                                                                                                                            val stalls will be open at the Rocca
                                                                                                                            and in Piazza del Duomo.

HISTORY                                                                                                                     Sunday, June 19
                                                                                                                               From 11am until late afternoon,

T   he “Cavalieri di Santa Fina”
    (the Knights of Saint Fina) as-
sociation was founded in 1994 with
                                                                                                                            in the central squares and at the
                                                                                                                            Rocca, there will be mediaeval per-
                                                                                                                            formances and fights.
the aim of reviving San Gimignano’s                                                                                            At midday, the four districts
mediaeval festival. The association                                                                                         gather in Piazza del Duomo for the
is named after Fina dei Ciardi, a                                                                                           podestà’s speech and the priest’s
young girl who died for her faith in        Saint Fina is also commemo-                                                     blessing.
1253 and became a Patron Saint of        rated in the art and architecture of                                                  At 5pm the Corteo Storico (his-
San Gimignano. The city actually         San Gimignano. Between 1468 and                                                    torical costume parade) processes
has two: Saint Geminian of Mode-         1472, architect Giuliano da Maiano           This jousting tournament is           along the streets of the historic cen-
na, after whom the city is named,        built Saint Fina’s mortuary chapel       fought by four knights, one from          tre up to the La Rocca Park.
and Saint Fina. According to leg-        in the collegiate church (his brother    each district. During the purification        The grand “Giosta dei Bastoni”
end, she was just fifteen years old       Benedetto da Maiano created the          ceremony on the Sunday morning            tournament begins at 6pm and is
when her mother died. Thereafter,        saint’s burial altar about 1475), and    in Piazza del Duomo, they receive         followed by the awarding of the
Fina lived such an ascetic lifestyle     Ghirlandaio covered the walls with       the blessing of the parish priest         golden sword to the winning knight
that, in the end, she was scarcely       frescoes.                                and a greeting from the podestà or        and his district.
able to move. The instant she died,                                               governor, after which they process
white, beautifully-scented flowers        TODAY’S FESTIVAL                         to the tournament. The crowds in
blossomed from her bed.                                                           the piazza reserve their applause
   The “Ferie delle Messi” festival
was established in the statutes of
the comune of San Gimignano from
                                         T  his year’s “Ferie delle Messi”
                                            takes place on June 17-19. The
                                         participants are all locals of San
                                                                                  for when the victor and his district
                                                                                  are awarded the prize of the golden         By Ann Freeman and Charly
                                                                                                                            Lucas in cooperation with the
                                                                                  sword, symbolising wealth and fer-
1255 to 1314, and was celebrated         Gimignano. The costumes are creat-       tility.                                   Associazione  Pro-Loco    San
by the whole population – divided        ed by the Fashion Institute of Colle                                               Gimignano.

                                                                 open late every night !!!

                                                           Fresh, home-made pizza, focacce, panini,                                           everywhere
                                                            special salads, indian cuisine and more...                                        in florence
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                                                                                                                    Travel & LEISURE
Low-Cost “Airlining”
By Anna McNiel

                                                                                                                       Five things you need to
       ow-cost airlines have revolutionised the
       way we travel around Europe. If at all pos-
       sible we will take a flight rather than catch                                                                    know about Ryanair Flights
a train or a bus, and in many cases, the choice is
made based on the fact that these days, a plane
                                                                                                                       (and a good indication of what to
ticket can cost much less.                                                                                             expect from other budget airlines)
   However, do we end up travelling just as long
to save a few dollars? How convenient are these           A lot of these airports have set up very good
airlines? Are we missing out on part of the ad-
venture by changing the journey? Would Ethan
                                                       transfer services whose schedules cater to those
                                                       of the budget airlines. In Italy, Terravision (www.             1      There is no seat allocation. First on,
Hawke and Julie Delpy have met in the Stansted         terravision.it) runs transfers to Rome airports,                       best dressed.
Starbucks over a Frappuccino and decided to
go to London during their 8 hour, low-cost lay-
                                                       Milan (Bergamo), and between Pisa and Flor-
                                                       ence. You can now check Terravision schedules
                                                                                                                       2      Check-in closes 40 minutes before
                                                                                                                              the flight takes off, after which time
over?                                                  and buy tickets in advance online. For other des-                      you will be denied boarding.
   Starting from Florence, let’s travel outwards,      tinations, check the arrivals information on the
exploring our destination and mode-of-transport        airport website, look under the Ryanair destina-                3      The luggage weight allowance is
options whilst demystifying these low-cost air-        tions section, or simply google it.                                    15kg, after which you pay a fee of
lines with their gamut of terms and conditions.           This information is important to ‘Know Before                       4.50 pounds (approx. 6.50 euro) per
                                                       You Go,’ especially if you have a late night arrival                   kilo. You are entitled to one item of
                                                       or an early morning departure because the cost of                      hand luggage weighing no more than
Are there low-cost flights from                         a taxi is guaranteed to be more than your flight.                       10kg.
Florence’s Airport?                                                                                                    4 No food is included with the cost of
                                                       When is it more convenient to                                          the ticket – eat before, take a packed
No, the two easiest and closest airports for budget    look at a normal airline?                                              lunch, or pay the in-flight service
flights are Pisa and Bologna. However, if you are
                                                                                                                              prices (not pretty).
willing to catch the train to Rome or Milan your       When time is more important than money. Me-
low-cost destinations broaden enormously.              ridiana (www.meridiana.it) is a half-way solution.              5      All Ryanair tickets are non-refund-
                                                       It flies directly from the airport in Florence and                      able - except in the case of a flight
How cheap is cheap?                                    tickets to fly outside of Italy start from 60 euro
                                                       before tax. It generally flies to airports that are
                                                                                                                              cancellation or a significant flight
                                                                                                                              time change.
Starting from �0.01 – pretty cheap! To get the best    closer to your destination city, and it includes a
                                                       food service.                                                          Top student destinations by
prices from Ryanair or other budget airlines you                                                                              budget airlines:
need to book in advance and be flexible about
your departure dates and times. When searching         When is it more convenient                                             Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia,
for flights, you should always check the day be-        to go by train?                                                        Amsterdam, London, Paris, Prague
fore and after your ideal departure date and also                                                                             Budget airline websites:
if possible the following week.                        For the countries bordering Italy it is still faster
                                                       and cheaper to take another form of transport.                                        www.ryanair.com
From the airport to your destination?                  Trenitalia (www.trenitalia.com) has launched a
                                                       Smart Price ticket to many of these destinations,
To keep their prices down, cheap airlines use less-    with an average cost of 29 euro each way. Ask for                                     www.basiqair.com
er frequented airports that have lower grounding       it at the ticket office and book in advance. Some-
costs. The travel time from the airport to your        times if you have missed out on the Smart Price
destination tends to be about one hour give or         ticket one way you can still get it for your return.                                  www.vueling.com
take a little, the distance from Florence to Pisa,     Remember also that travellers under 26 years of
for example.                                           age get a discount.

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  How do YOU...?
     Export Antiques Out of Italy
     by Angie Elizabeth Brooksby                                                                                                     original, of form number 20. After
                                                                                                                                     you consign the documentation to
                                                                                                                                     the exportation office, you will have
                                                                                                                                     to make an appointment with the of-
                                                                                                                                     ficials there to view the objects that
     Angie Brooksby is a professional art-
                                                                                                                                     you intend to export. On the day
     ist that has been living and working                                                                                            of the appointment, you will have to
     in Florence since 1986.                                                                                                         physically bring the antiques to the
                                                                                                                                     Palazzo Pitti garage, which is situ-
                                                                                                                                     ated to the far right of the building

                                                                                                                                     beyond the piazza. After they have
        ending contemporary artworks
                                                                                                                                     seen your antiques, with luck you
        out of Italy is complex, but ex-
                                                                                                                                     will be granted the certificate of
        porting antiques and artworks
                                                                                                                                     free circulation, and then you can
of authors no longer living can be
                                                                                                                                     contact a courier to export your an-
literally impossible. In 1939, Law
1089 was passed to inhibit the crim-
inal act of illegally re-
moving antiques from
Italian territory and
to regulate the liberal
circulation of cultural
goods. The most recent
re-working of the law
was in 1998, but the
basic rules from 1939
still apply.
    It is illegal to export
certain objects, un-
less they are being ex-
ported only temporar-
ily for exhibitions. The
permanent exportation
of these items is pro-
hibited if it considered
damaging to the Italian
historical      patrimony
and national culture.                                                                       To apply for a certificate of free
Some items that are considered of                                                       circulation for your antiques you
                                             tation office, commonly known as            have to go to the exportation of-
particular historical and cultural           the Belle Arti, in Palazzo Pitti. To
interest include art, archaeological                                                    fice in Palazzo Pitti with two copies
                                             legally remove from the Italian ter-       signed in the original of the applica-
finds, ethnic objects, books, docu-           ritory any antique object one must
ments, and archives. Some other ob-                                                     tion form, four photographs of each
                                             apply for permission. The Belle            object, three copies signed in the
jects protected by Article 35 of Law         Arti may refuse to grant free circu-
1089 are slides and negatives that                                                      original of the form number 20 that
                                             lation permission and may even de-         is available at the exportation office,
are more than twenty-five years old,          cide that the objects in question are
automobiles seventy-five years old                                                       and a photocopy of valid identifica-
                                             of such national interest that they        tion. These documents must be ac-
or more, and scientific instruments           will be forcefully purchased from
that are over fifty years old.                                                           companied by two marca da bollo
                                             the person who is trying to export         (revenue stamps) of 11 euro that can
    Antique objects that are articular       them. While it is possible to attain
national interest may be allowed to                                                     be obtained in a Tabacchi store.
                                             a certificate of free circulation, the          The application form can list up
leave Italy by requesting a certificate       application process is lengthy, com-
of free circulation from the expor-                                                     to twenty items, but each item must
                                             plicated, and not free-of-charge.          have three copies, each signed in the

                                                        �����������                        XVI EDITION SUMMER SEASON 2005                                19 JUNE - 28 JULY
                                                          ������������������                                            ������������������������������������������������������
                                                         ��������������������                                           �����������������
                                                      ���������������                                                   ���������������
                                                          ������������������                                            ������������������������
                                                                    �������                                             ����������������
                                                                                            ����������������������      ����������������������������������������������������
                                                             ������������                   ���������������������       ����������������
                                                          �����������������                                             ���������������������������������������������
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                                                                                                                                           The ARTS
The Florence Dance Festival
By Vanessa Manko
Vanessa Manko writes about dance and
lives in New York. She is the Dance
Editor of The Brooklyn Rail.

      lorence is a city of movement—
      a city of dance. From the
      Renaissance sculptures and
frescos that adorn churches and pi-
azzas featuring men and women in
elegant positions of comportment,
to the Italian use of gesture and the
intricate, cobble-stoned street ma-
neuverings of car, moped and pe-
destrian, Florence is rich in choreo-
graphic possibilities. So perhaps it’s
not surprising to learn of Florence’s
vibrant dance community or that the
city is host to the Florence Dance
Festival, an annual, month-long
event celebrating dance through
performances by well renowned
local and international companies.
Now in it’s 16th year, the festival                                                     eral and metaphoric imagery. Arms
has featured the New York-based                                                                                                   of Gustav Mahler. The American
                                                                                        stretch out—open, loose, yet all en-      dance companies performing this
Merce Cunningham, David Parsons                                                         compassing. There is an ease and
and Stephen Petronio Dance Com-                                                                                                   year offer works inspired by Ameri-
                                                                                        effortlessness to the movement that       can popular music; the Smuin Bal-
panies, the French choreographer                                                        bespeaks redemption and absolu-
Pascal Rioult, and more avant-garde                                                                                               let will perform to Gershwin and
                                                                                        tion. Dancers recline on the floor,        Sinatra and the Philadelphia-based
performances by Molissa Fenley and                                                      heads tilt in exaggerated epaule-
Jennifer Muller, to name just some                                                                                                Rennie Harris Puremovement con-
                                          lished and emerging contemporary              ment, and the Christ-figure, always
of the 300-odd companies and cho-                                                                                                 cludes the festival with such reper-
                                          choreographers, but is also a venture         present, seems to hover above the
reographers who have performed as                                                                                                 tory works as P-Funk, Groove Col-
                                          for cultural and artistic exchange.           others on a higher visual plane. At
part of the festival. The brainchild of                                                                                           lective and Dru Minyard, all bridge
                                             Florence is a point of departure           one point, a lone female figure rises
Keith Ferrone and his wife ballerina                                                                                              modern and hip-hop dance in Har-
                                          and finality,” explains Ferrone when           on half-point and balances for mo-
Marga Nativo, who also serve as co-                                                                                               ris’s signature choreographic style.
                                          discussing the role of the city in            ments at a time—her stasis elicits
Artistic Directors of the Florence                                                                                                    Ferrone hopes that the festival
                                          the festival. So it’s fitting that the         constancy and she seems to embody
Dance Company, this year’s festival                                                                                               helps to influence a new generation
                                          festival’s program of performances            faith itself.
brings together a range of move-                                                                                                  of dancers and dance patrons, and
                                          launches with work by the Florence               Canada is represented by two
ment vocabularies and cultures:                                                                                                   creates, in some small way, an ap-
                                          Dance Company. The Company                    performances in this year’s festival:
cutting edge work from Canada, the                                                                                                preciation for dance and the arts in
                                          will perform Ferrone’s Excaliber              Montreal-based Louise Lecavalier’s
contemporary ballet of San Francis-                                                                                               general—a goal shared by the com-
                                          Stories and, later during the festi-          Cobalt Rouge, the renegade dancer
co-based Smuin Ballet and the Flor-                                                                                               pany, dance centre and school. Af-
                                          val’s line-up, Scenes du Ballet. In           and choreographer’s first full-length
ence Dance Company, and the hip-                                                                                                  ter sixteen years, one might say Fer-
                                          a sunlit rehearsal studio in the Ol-          work after her departure from La
hop inspired work of Philadelphia’s                                                                                               rone is close to his goal.
                                          trarno neighborhood, costume de-              La La Human Steps, and CAS Pub-
Rennie Harris Puremovement. This          signer, Artistic Directors and guest,         lic presents Artistic Director He-
confluence of dance vocabularies,          watched the second movement of                lene Blackburn’s Barbablu, a work         Florence Dance Festival,
which will descend on the Teatro          Scènes du Ballet. Titled “Alzatevi,           based on the Charles Perrault folk        June 19 through July 28, 2005,
Romano di Fiesole (June 19 through        andiamo” (translated roughly as               tale, Blue Beard. London’s Rambert        Teatro Romano di Fiesole,
July 28), is not only an opportunity      “You raise yourselves, we go!”), this         Dance Company performs Dark El-           tel. +39.055.289276
for Florentines and tourists alike to     lyrical work re-imagines the Agony            egies, one of Antony Tudor’s most         www.florencedance.org
view important work by both estab-        of Christ and is filled with both lit-         famous ballets set to the music           info@florencedance.org

                                             �������������������������������������������������������������������                       ����������
                                             ����������������������������������������������������������������                       �����������������������
     ������������                            �����������������������������������                                                      ��������������������
20                                                                          Life in Italy
Thursday 16 June 2005                                                                                                                               www.theflorentine.net

  Food & WINE
  Top of the ‘Pops’ Coming to an Enoteca NearYou…
  by Lee Cooper

       emperatures soared the last      della Macie, a symphony of dark
       two weeks of May, but the        fruits with a seemingly endless fin-
       weather wasn’t the only thing    ish. My ‘new find’ farm was Cassa-
that was ‘hot.’ Hundreds of wine        frassi: a family-run estate with qual-
producers were busy showcasing          ity products at competitive prices.
their latest wares at various loca-     Their ‘XXI century’ Super Tuscan at
tions throughout Tuscany. So what       15 euro is well worth a flutter.
was the verdict? What was hot and          The show moved swiftly on to the
what was not? And were there any        popular seaside resort of Viareggio
good bargains to be found? Let’s        and was set in the smart conference
take a retrospective journey through    centre of the well-known, Principe
some of the highlights and pick out     di Piemonte Hotel. It was fascinat-
some of the gems that you can look      ing to see intrigued locals on the          D’Ampsej’ 2001 from Matteo Cor-                 There were some decadent, luxu-
out for, coming to an enoteca near      promenade, being drawn away from            regia. As far as the Barolos go, Elio       rious wines on offer, such as the sub-
you.                                    their beloved Chianti and into the          Altare is one of the benchmark pro-         lime, four French grape ‘Tenuta di
   The action got under way at Cas-     world of Piedmont wines. As well as         ducers. He was at Viareggio with            Trinoro,’ which at a cool 250 euro is
tellina-in-Chianti with the Pentecost   those of Barolo and Barbaresco, the         his new 2001 ‘Vigna Arborina,’ as           somewhat out of most people’s price
celebrations. Thirty-three local pro-   lesser-known wines of Langhe and            well as the 2000 version. His prices,       range. Some fabulous Brunellos
ducers were on hand to tempt and        Roero were also being presented.            while expensive, are on a par with          were presented, the 1999 ‘Poggio di
tantalise us. Chianti Classico wines        The stars of the show were defi-         those of other Tuscan wines of the          Sotto,’ Castello Banfi’s 1999 ‘Poggio
that impressed were the toasted,        nitely the Barbarescos, two in par-         same quality. Very complex and              all’Oro’ and Col D’Orcia’s new 1998
raspberry flavoured, 2001 ‘Colle         ticular from Fontanabianca. Their           grand, these wines are not for the          ‘Poggio al Vento.’
Lungo’ from Campo Cerchi. A well-       2001 ‘Sori Burdin’ was simply jaw-          faint-hearted.                                  It was good to see some estates
balanced and structured effort from     dropping; flavours of plum, aniseed,            Following hot on the heels of the        lowering their prices, especially in
San Fabiano Calcinaia, was the          vanilla, spices, tobacco, and cocoa         Viareggio show was Alle Corte Del           respect of the horrendous harvest
2001 ‘Cellole,’ with nuances of wild    powder were all present and even            Vino in San Casciano. A weekend             of 2002. Noticeably Tenuta Di Val-
berries. My top pick was the ‘Vigna     though it is still young, it simply blows   bathed in glorious sunshine saw             giano, with a still sexy, but half-price
Poggiale Riserva’ from Castellare       you away. The 2000 edition, while not       hundreds of people of all nationali-        2002 Super Tuscan.
di Castellina: a real smoky flavour      as complex, is more ready to drink          ties; including aficionados, families,           In addition to the traditionally
with a truly elegant finish. A wel-      and therefore equally as pleasing.          and those just out for a fun after-         fantastic red wines, there were also a
come surprise and a good-value buy         Of the Roeros on offer, the              noon; gathered together, soaking            couple of incredible whites (which I
was the 10 euro, 1999 riserva from      ‘Roero Superiore’ 2001 from Mal-            up the atmosphere. Wine produc-             will review next month) and some in-
Rencine, a small farm wine with a       vira will have you converted. Rich,         ers from the far-flung corners of            teresting dessert wines. La Poderina’s
big personality.                        long, and harmonious, and at about          Tuscany were represented; it’s in-          2002 ‘Moscadello’ and Petreto’s 2002
   The ‘Super Tuscans’ showed well      20 euro, you have no excuse not to          credible to think of the diversity in       ‘Pourriture Nobile’ were as good as
too. One of my personal favourites      try it. Slightly more expensive but         grapes and styles in this one region        ever, but this year a little overshad-
was the 2000 ‘Roccato’ from Rocca       just as good was the Roero ‘Roche           of Italy.                                   owed by a wonderful ‘Vendemmia

                                                                                                  Learn Italian where it is spoken

                                                                                        Basic and intensive courses                       EUROCENTRES FIRENZE

                                                                                        Multimedia learning centre with language lab        Piazza Santo Spirito, 9
                                                                                                                                                50125 FIRENZE
                                                                                        Free access to internet
                                                                                                                                              tel. +39 055 213030
                                                                                        Art history, drawing and painting, italian           fax: +39 055 216497
                                                                                        cooking, wine tasting, fashion design, Opera.          e-mail: info@ecfi.it
                                                                                     Life in Italy                                                                      21
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                   Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                                                                      Food & WINE
                                    A guide to some of the best wines at this Spring’s festivals

                                                                                              light Moscatos, through Pantel-         bitter-chocolate tasting ‘Pegrandi’

  T  he wines reviewed in                                                                     leria, Vin Santo, Aleatico and Re-      from Odino Vaona. If you’ re after
                                                                                              cioto, to the heavier Marsala. Pan-     a classy Brunello for under 30 euro,
     this article are available                                                               telleria from Sicily is one of most
                                                                                              pleasurable and you need go no
                                                                                                                                      then the 1997 from Tenuta Di Sesta
                                                                                                                                      is a pretty good buy.
  at the following enotecas:                                                                  further than the 2001 ‘Khamma’             Finally two well-priced Piedmont
                                                                                              from Salvatore Murana, a clean,         reds at around the 10-euro mark,
                                                                                              fresh, dollop of pure nectar. For       were the 2003 ‘Barbera D’Alba’
  Principe Piemonte Hotel                                                                     one of the most sensational smells      from Fontanabianca and the 2002
  festival, www.acquabuona.it                                                                 you are ever going to have, the ‘An-    ‘Nebbiolo Langhe’ from Fiorenzo
                                                                                              tico Gregori’ from Attilio Contini is   Nada.
                                                                                              the dessert wine to try; it will have      So there we are, four great festi-
  Alle corte del vino,                                                                                                                vals, a homage to some of the great
                                                                                              you completely mesmerised. The
  Enoteca Carlo Lavuri,                                                                       real surprise of the weekend was        wines of Italy, and all on our door-
  Agliana, Prato.                                                                             a ten-year-old, aged Marsala from       step. Time for you now to hit the
  Tel No. 0574 751125                       po alla Sughera, a rich, spicy, dark              Bartoli. This wine will put Marsala     beaches, with only four months to
  e-mail:                                   fruit bombshell that will seduce your             back on the map. The finish was          wait until September’s festivals be-
  info@enotecalavuri.com                    taste buds, and, equally as indulgent,            so long I could still taste it a week   gin.
                                            Castello del Terricio’s mouth water-              later!
  Centovini,                                ingly juicy, 2001 ‘Tassinaia.’ My two                Of course the main focus is al-
  www.vinotecaalchianti.it                  bargain-buys of the show, both at 11              ways the red wine section, and with
                                            euro, were the 2003 ‘Rosso di Mon-                this much quality, it was hard to
                                            talcino’ from the ever popular Casti-             pick out only a few highlights. The
                                            glion del Bosco and the very interest-            2002 edition of last year’s top pick
Tardiva,’ by Castello di Pomino.            ing 2002 ‘I.G.T. ’ from Talenti, both             was again outstanding. So good
   Ornellaia’s vertical ‘Masetto’ tast-     youthful, fruity, and very drinkable.             it even had the local sommeliers
ing was a once-in-a-lifetime experi-           Bringing May to a happy close                  fighting for a taste! That was the
ence and for anyone who has some            was the Centovini D`Italia, held in               poetically named Oasi Degli Angeli
serious money to part with, I can           the grounds of the Relais Certosa                 and their ‘Kurni’ from the Marche
recommend the 2001 edition: an in-          Hotel. The temperature was so high,               region: majestic, elegant, ripe fruit
tense ruby-red colour, with notes of        that even the red wines were put on               and a depth you could almost dive
cherry, black pepper, cinnamon and          ice! Almost a microcosm of the wines              into. Up and coming wine-mak-
chocolate, a perfect balance of tan-        to be found in Italy, you come away               er, Sertoli Salis from Lombardy
nins and alcohol, and this in only its      simply stunned at the sheer quality               was represented with their 2001
first year of release.                       and diversity of Italian wines. This is           ‘Canua,’ jammy notes fused with
   Coming back down to earth, for           a unique country where vines are cul-             bitter oranges and roasted coffee
those of us on a more realistic bud-        tivated in practically every region.              were the scents here. A reasonably
get, two wines in the 30 euro range            The spectrum of ‘Passito’ dessert              priced ‘Amarone Del Valpolicella,’
were the 2002 ‘Arnione’ from Cam-           wines here were amazing: from the                 was the typically blackberry and

                                                ���������������������������                                                                             �


                                          ��������������������������������������                                                 �
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   Useful NUMBERS
                                              �������������������                                       CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
                                              ����������������������������������                                  Annunci Economici
           ������������������                 ������������������

                     ���                      �����������������������������������
                                                                                                Each form must contain just one announcement and refer to a single
                                                                                                category. To publish multiple ads, photocopy the form or download the form
                     ������                   ������������������������                          at www.theflorentine.net.
                                              �����������������                                 Ogni modulo deve contenere un solo annuncio ed essere riferito ad
                     ���                      ������������������������������                    una sola categoria. Per pubblicare più annunci, fotocopiare il modulo o
                                                                                                scaricarlo da Internet www.theflorentine.net.
                ������������                  ���������������������������������������
                                                                                                CATEGORIES / CATEGORIE
                     ���                      �������������������������������
                                                                                                Housing for sale / Immobili vendita
                                              �������������������������������������������       Housing for rent / Immobili affitto
     �������������������������                �����������������������������������������         Rooms for rent / Camere in affitto
                     ���                      ���������������������������
                                                                                                Help wanted / Offerte di lavoro
                                                                                                Vehicles / Veicoli
                                              �����������������                                 Private lessons, classes / Lezioni private, corsi
         ���������������������                ��������������������������                        Leisure & vacation / Tempo libero e vacanze
          �����������                         ����������������������������������                Services / Servizi
                                              ���������������������������������                 COST INFORMATION (VAT INCLUDED) / TARIFFE (IVA INCLUSA)
        �����������������������                                                                 Up to 20 words €20 / Fino a 20 parole €20
                                                                                                Any additional word €0,50 / Ogni parola in più €0,50
            ����������                        ������������������
                                                                                                The cost is double for outlined ads / Il costo raddoppia col riquadro
                                              �����������������                                 Up to 20 words €40 / Fino a 20 parole €40
                                              ����������������������������������                Any additional word €1 / Ogni parola in più €1
                                              ������������������������������                    FREE CATEGORIES / CATEGORIE GRATUITE
  �������������������������������             �������������������������������������������       Housing wanted / Cerco casa
  �����������������������������������������                                                     Household items for sale / Oggetti in vendita
                                                                                                Jobs wanted / Cerco lavoro
                                              ��������������������                              Personals / Personali
  ������������������������                    �������������                                     Lost & found / Oggetti smarriti
  ��������������������������������������                                                        Pets / Animali
  ����������������������������                ��������������������������������������
                                                                                                Free ads must not exceed 25 words
  ���������������                             �����������������                                 Gli annunci gratuiti non possono superare le 25 parole
  �����������                                 ������������������������������������
                                                                                                HOW TO ADVERTISE / COME PUBBLICARE UN ANNUNCIO
  �������������������                         ����������������������                            Send or consign the completed form and payment (cash, check, money order, or
                                              ���������������������������                       money transfer) to:
  �������������������������������                                                               Inviare o consegnare il modulo compilato e l’attestazione di pagamento (contanti,
  ��������������������������������            ������������������������                          assegno, vaglia, bonifico) a:
  ������������������������                    ����������������������������������������                         *      The Florentine c/o Agile Logica snc
  ���������������                             ����������������������������������                               )      Via Santa Maria 32 r, 50125 Firenze
                                                                                                                      Tel/Fax 055.2306616
  �����������������������                     �������������������   �           �                              @      annunci@theflorentine.net
  �����������������                           �          �                                      Ads must be received by 12.00 on Monday in order to be published in the issue the
                                              ������������������                                following Thursday. If the ad is received after this deadline then it will be published
                                                                                                the following week.
  ���������������                           ���������������������������������������             Gli annunci devono pervenire entro le 12.00 del lunedì per la pubblicazione nel
                                            ����������������������������������                  numero che esce giovedì della stessa settimana. Nel caso l’annuncio pervenga
  ���������������������������               ���������������������                               dopo tale termine verrà pubblicato sul numero successivo.
  ����������������������������������������� ����������������������
  ����������������������������������        �������������������������                           The Florentine is only offering a service, and does not receive commissions or
  ����������������������������������������                                                      trades, is not responsible for quality, provenance, or accuracy of ads, nor for the
                                            ���������������������������                         direct or indirect consequences which could derive from such correspondences.
  ������������������������������                                                                The Florentine reserves the right to its unquestionable authority to refuse or suspend
  ���������������������������������                                                             publication of any classified ad. The Florentine will publish personal and/or sensitive
                                            ����������������������������������                  information, in accordance with laws D.Lgs.196/2003, only with direct and specific
  �������������������������                                                                     consent from the interested party.
  �������������������������������������                                                         The Florentine offre esclusivamente un servizio, non riceve provvigioni sulle
                                                                                                contrattazioni, non effettua commerci, non è responsabile per la qualità,
  ������������������������                  ��������������������
                                                                                                provenienza, veridicità delle inserzioni e neppure per le conseguenze dirette
  ���������������������������������           ����������������������������������������          e indirette che possono derivare dalla corrispondenza di tali dati alla realtà.
  �������������������                         ��������������������������������������            The Florentine si riserva, a suo insindacabile giudizio, di rifiutare o sospendere
                                              ���������������������������������                 un’inserzione.The Florentine precisa che le inserzioni recanti dati personali e/o
                                              ������������������������������                    sensibili ai sensi del D. Lgs. 196/2003 vengono pubblicate solo se l’interessato
  ��������������������������������                                                              esprime diretto e specifico consenso.
  �������                                     ���������������������������

                                                                                          Useful Numbers                                                                            23
www.theflorentine.net                                                                                                                                            Thursday 16 June 2005

                                                                                                                                             Classified ADS
                    Classified Advertising Form
                                                                                                   Housing for Rent/Immobili in Affitto       Tuesday in June at 7.30pm. Ask for
                                                                                                                                             Anna or Kandace at the bar. More info
  Name / Nome ___________________________________________________                                  Studio in Chianti. Renting                call Anna 3493629859 (english/italian)
                                                                                                   indipendent studio fully furnished        or Kandace 3490579445 or email
  Address / Indirizzo ______________________________________________                               in Mercatale (Chianti) for two, large     info@florenceforfun.org
                                                                                                   garden, well connected. Contact           Looking for English speaking friends
  _________________________________________________________________                                kiki237@hotmail.com, www.                 to improve my English. No private
                                                                                                   crespello.it                              lessons. Marco 335.204747
  Tel. / Fax _______________________________________________________                               Tel. 348 38 52 338
  Fiscal Code /VAT Number /                                                                                                                  “Desparately seeking Expats”
                                                                                                   Piazza del Carmine Apartment for          interested in getting together.
  Codice fiscale / partita IVA ______________________________________                               rent 60 sqm, newly renovated, finely       Call Janie 3333304933
                                                                                                   refinished, furnished with taste.
  CATEGORIES / CATEGORIE                               FREE CATEGORIES /                           Tel. 388 7131613
   o Housing for sale / Immobili vendita               CATEGORIE GRATUITE                                                                    Private Lessons/Lezioni Private
   o Housing for rent / Immobili affitto                 o Housing wanted / Cerco casa              Sicily, Isola delle Femmine. Small        Italian in Chianti. Individual classes
   o Rooms for rent / Camere in affitto                  o Household items for sale /               apartment in villa, 10 m./30 feet from    and/or with B&B with a 35 years
   o Help wanted / Offerte di lavoro                      Oggetti in vendita                       the sea, stunning view. Picturesque       internationally experienced lady teacher
   o Vehicles / Veicoli                                 o Jobs wanted / Cerco lavoro               fishing village, 15 km/9 miles from        in a charming studio in owner’s villa
   o Private lessons, classes / Lezioni private, corsi o Personals / Personali                     Palermo, city full of history and         in Mercatale Chianti 25 km from
   o Leisure & vacation / Tempo libero e vacanze        o Lost & found / Oggetti smarriti          art. Sleeps 2/6 people, garden,           Florence in August/September. Contact
   o Services / Servizi                                 o Pets / Animali                           housekeeper. August/September             Kiki237@hotmail.com; www.crespello.it
                                                                                                   �2.000/1.500 per month. Also 2            Tel 348 38 52 338
                                                                                                   weeks. Tel. 349.5632621
          Number of words / N. parole ___________                    € _______________
          Outlined (doubled price) /                                                               Residenza San Gallo, central              Leisures & Vacation/
                                                                                                   Florence, five confortable
          Riquadro (il costo raddoppia) o Yes o No € _______________
                                                                                                   airconditioned apartments, from 2         Tempo libero e vacanze
          Sub total / Sub totale                                     € _______________             to 30 nights stay, tel. 055.490760,       Agriturismo Poggio Asciutto, Greve
                                                                                                   www.residenzasangallo.com,                in Chianti, wine, oliveoil, honey,
          Number of issues / N. uscite                               € _______________             info@residenzasangallo.com                vegetables, chili pepper, jam and
                                                                     € _______________                                                       courses of Tuscan country-style
          Total cost       / Costo      totale
                                                                                                   Housing Wanted/I Cerco Casa               cooking. Come to learn cooking or to
                                                                                                                                             have lunch or dinner! (by reservation
  METHOD OF PAYMENT / MODALITÀ DI PAGAMENTO                                                        English teacher seeks 3-4 rooms           only) Tel. 055.852835; www.
   o Cash (send together with announcement) / Contanti (allegare in busta chiusa e                 apartment semi-furnished near San         poggioasciutto.it; farm@poggioasciutto.
     spedire insieme all’annuncio)                                                                 Marco. Tel. 333.6139895
   o Check written out to B’ Gruppo Srl / Assegno non trasferibile intestato a
     B’Gruppo srl                                                                                  Seeking housing for our daughter          Jobs Wanted/Cerco lavoro
                                                                                                   who will be entering the 11th grade
   o Postal Money Order for B’ Gruppo Srl, via Valentini 10, 59100 Prato / Vaglia                                                            Painter handyman seeks work.
                                                                                                   at the International School attending
     postale intestato a B’Gruppo srl, via Valentini 10, 59100 Prato                                                                         Punctual, reliable and neat. Free
                                                                                                   1st term only from Sept 1and
   o Money Transfer to B’Gruppo srl, Credito Emiliano, c/c 5642/9, ABI 03032,                                                                estimates, fair rates.
                                                                                                   through Dec, 2005. Will pay room
     CAB 21500 (attach or fax a copy of transaction) / Bonifico bancario intestato a                                                          Call Tim 334.1453933
                                                                                                   & board. We, her parents, will be
     B’Gruppo srl, Credito Emiliano, c/c 5642/9, ABI 03032, CAB 21500 (allegare                    living in Pisa, so she will join us on
     o inviare per fax copia della contabile)                                                                                                English, Spanish and Italian speaker
                                                                                                   weekends. Or, another option is,
                                                                                                                                             with considerable experience in bars
  ADVERTISEMENT / ANNUNCIO                                                                         mydaughter and I will rent a one or
                                                                                                                                             and restaurants. Serious hardworker.
                                                                                                   two BR apartment for this same 1st
  Write in block letters, one word per square, in English) / Scrivere in stampatello, una                                                     Call Eduardo 338.2125090
                                                                                                   semester. Please contact me at
  sola parola per casella, in inglese                                                              ciaodiane @hotmail.com
                                                                                                                                             Italian and history of art graduate
   1                               2                                  3                                                                      seeks employment. Fluent Italian
   4                               5                                  6                            Rooms for Rent/Camere in Affitto           and mother tongue English speaker.
                                                                                                                                             Preferably art based also tourism,
   7                               8                                  9                            Two large, bright rooms, in a flat
                                                                                                                                             anything considered.
                                                                                                   equipped with every comfort, for rent
   10                              11                                 12                                                                     Ashton 340.2231241
                                                                                                   in Via Mariti, 100 m. from University.
   13                              14                                 15                           Available from July. Non smokers
                                                                                                                                             Sydney University architecture
                                                                                                   only. Tel. 055 353425.
   16                              17                                 18                                                                     graduate seeks work in any field. Good
                                                                                                                                             knowledge of computers and Italian.
   19                              20
   Supplemental Words / Inizio supplemento
                                                                                                   Household Items for Sale/                 Please call Giulietta 392.2641734

   21                              22                                 23                           Oggetti in Vendita                        Help Wanted/Offerte di lavoro
   24                              25                                 26                           Beautiful, Chateau d’Ax sofa-bed
                                                                                                                                             Immediate part time work. Mail
                                                                                                   for sale. Red, queen-size fold-out
   27                              28                                 29                                                                     boxes in via Norvegia12 urgently
                                                                                                   bed, 2 years old, top condition. Price
                                                                                                                                             needs a delivery person for afternoon
   30                              31                                 32                           new: �3,000. Offered price: �600
                                                                                                                                             work in South Florence area. Basic
                                                                                                   (negotiable). Contact Axel,
   33                              34                                 35                                                                     Italian language needed. Call
                                                                                                   cell 333 – 4151947,
                                                                                                                                             Cristina 055.6533238 or write to
   36                              37                                 38                           e-mail joarut@tin.it
   39                              40                                 41
   42                              43                                 44                           Personals/Personali                       A PH.D. student at New York
                                                                                                                                             University seeks 20-25 year olds to
   45                              46                                 47                           Looking for English speaking
                                                                                                                                             interview (paid), for her research project
                                                                                                   friends to improve my English
   48                              49                                 50                                                                     on the bicultural experience, who
                                                                                                   conversation and understanding.
                                                                                                                                             were born and raised in Italy by their
   For more words attach a separate piece of paper / Per più parole aggiungere 1 foglio            No private lessons.
                                                                                                                                             American caucasian mother and their
                                                                                                   Celeste 328.4147758
  I authorize The Florentine to insert and save this form in their electronic archives in                                                    Italian father and who are studying in
  conformation with editorial and advertising policy. I accept full responsibility for all of                                                the US. Please contact: Jane McCall
                                                                                                   Meet up Florence! Young
  the data contained in this form.                                                                                                           Politi - jqp2084@nyu.edu, 335-
                                                                                                   Foreigners (all nationalities) Informal
                                                                                                                                             1591491 Italy, 917-885-5481 US.
  Autorizzo The Florentine ad inserire e conservare nel suo archivio elettronico tutti i           Networking Session. Are you
  dati contenuti del presente modulo e ad utilizzarli per fini conformi all’attività editoriale     living or would you like to live in
  e pubblicitaria. Mi assumo la responsabilità per tutti i dati contenuti nel modulo.              Florence? Opportunity to meet             Vehicles/Veicoli
                                                                                                   new people, meet people who have
                                                                                                                                             Yamaha Majestic for sale. Registered
  Signature / Firma _______________________________________________                                been living in Florence for several
                                                                                                                                             2003, 250 cc, 26.000 km, metallic
                                                                                                   years, network, ask questions, etc.
                                                                                                                                             brown, windshield, 48 ltr. Carrier case,
                                                                                                   Come to the SHOT CAFE Via Pucci
  Date / Data_______________________________                                                                                                 2.300 euro. Call Tiziano 347.763362
                                                                                                   5/a Firenze (near Duomo) Every

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