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					Sponsoring IEEE

Region 8 Webinar

3 November 2011

Susan M. Root
Director, Conference Business Services
    Why Run an IEEE Conference?

     Sharing the latest and greatest in the technical
     Connecting with peers and networking
     Discussion and intermingling among
     participants and scholars
     As a participant: My registration fee was well
     worth it
     As an organizer: This was a significant
     undertaking and worth it.

2     2/14/2013
Conferences Support MGA Mission
    Members engage with other members and non-
    members with similar technical interests
    Offer opportunities for professional growth and
    Build stronger relationships among the
    geographic units
    Provide unique membership development
    opportunities for acquiring new members
    Opportunity to engage local industry and better
    support the practitioner.

3     2/14/2013
    IEEE Sponsorship Types

     IEEE sponsors a wide range of geographically diverse
     technical conferences, symposiums and workshops to facilitate
     identification, creation, capture and exchange of scientific and
     technological knowledge that benefits the IEEE members,
     profession, and humanity.

     Available sponsorship types are:
      – Sole Sponsorship: accepting all financial, technical, and legal
      – Co-Sponsorship: sharing the financial and legal liabilities
        according to the percentage of sponsorship.
      – Technical Co-Sponsorship: accepting only the technical liability
        and is usually requested by a non-IEEE entity and requires an
        approval of an IEEE O/U.

4     2/14/2013
    Managing Co-Sponsorship:
     OU must have direct and substantial involvement in the
     development of in the conference organization (financial and
     technical) before and after the conference, such as serving on
     the governing body or a chair position
     Have at least one person in a position to:
     – help set the conference policy for most aspects of the technical
       program including accepting submissions
     – to have first-hand knowledge of how this policy is implemented
     – to keep S/C informed about the development and
       implementations of the technical program.
     Facilitate the dissemination of technical information
     substantial interest to the OU community.
     The Conference Organizers, in cooperation with OU liaison,
     present a timely evaluation of the conference to the IEEE
     oversight group.
5     2/14/2013
                        Getting Started

Finalize IEEE Sponsorship
Appoint Committee Chairs
Submit a Conference Information Schedule
– Committee List required for Financial sponsorship
Complete Memorandum of Understanding (if needed)
– Financial Co-Sponsorship
– Technical Co-Sponsorship
Notify local sections or societies that you are holding a
conference in their area or field of interest
          Getting Started
                    Getting Started
    Getting Sponsored
                   IEEE Conference Approval

After your conference is approved by Conference Services,
you may:
  Utilize IEEE brand
  Participate in:
   – IEEE Conference Search
   – IEEE Call for Papers
  Insurance Liability Coverage (Financial Sponsorship)
  Promotional Opportunities – The Institute,, eNotice
  Financial Guidance and VAT processing
  Access to publish the proceeding in IEEE Xplore
Managing Your Conferences
Hold good conferences!
 – Maintain a close relationship & open communication with the
   organizers of your conferences
 – Designate a volunteer responsible for monitoring conference
 – Investigate new conference models, presentation, and content
   delivery methods
Actively manage your conference financials for Sponsored and Co-
sponsored conferences
Critically evaluate requests for all Co-Sponsorship
(“direct and substantial involvement,” benefit to IEEE)
Understand the value of the IEEE brand and monitor its usage
Provide feedback to ConfCom & Meetings and Conferences staff
7th Annual Panel of Conference
Organizers 2012
       POCO 2012
         Region 8
       Mid July 2012

POCO covers every aspect of IEEE Conferences, and is a must-
attend for both the novice and veteran organizer
Agenda is under development
 – Strategy session for volunteers of sponsoring OUs
 – Basics session for new organizers
 – How-to workshops
Over 100 conference organizers attended POCO 2011 in Beijing
 – Participants represented 11 countries and 8 regions
 – Excellent survey results: Overall satisfaction 4.7 (scale 1-5)
Conference Services Commitment

 Conference Services is available to help
 before, during and after the conference to
 make your conference a success for:
             Conference Committee
             Authors
             Attendees

 Telephone: +1 732 562 3878

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