Rohtang Pass - Paradise of Himachal Pradesh

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Rohtang Pass - Paradise of Himachal Pradesh
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Rohtang Pass is situated a short distance from Manali in eastern Himalayan Pir Panjal                                                 Username:
range which connects with Lahaul, Spiti valley of Kullu valley. The pass is open from May
to November. The whole area is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and huge
waterfalls can be seen in many places.
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Himachal Pradesh tour is one that shows the serenity of some of the most picturesque hill               Business
stations of northern India, the traditional lifestyles of the people, splendid temples and                                                              Log in
magnificent landscapes. The state of Himachal Pradesh or Dev Bhumi is bestowed to                       Communications
some of the fascinating places like Kullu Manali, Shimla, Kausali, Chamba, Dharamshala,
Dalhousie etc. In this article lets us explore about Rohtang Pass tucked 4111m above the                                                   Signup to submit articles »
sea-level. A doorway to the Lahaul Valley, Rohtang Pass offers a wide panorama of                       Environment
mountains, rising above the clouds, which is a really impressive show. Each year,
between the months of June and September, a large amount of adventure freaks tourist                    Fashion                        Pages
come here to breathtaking experiences and fascinating beauty of the nature. The area
receives maximum snowfall almost nine months in a year, a major attraction in itself, which                                              Old articles
attracts tourists in large numbers for their Ski Sports.                                                Food & Beverage
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On the way to here you will get to see a bit of the picturesque gorgeousness is worth a                                                  For academics
thousand clicks and also get to see many waterfalls of ice if you are traveling in the month            Home & Family
of October or early November. There are many options available for some paragliding and
if you are interested, but you need to take a little break route to reach the floor from where          Internet Business
they are inserted in the path to Rohtang Pass. Ensure that arrangements for these before                Other
leaving Manali, coz you get these for rent, including Rohtang pass but for about twice the
cost.                                                                                                   Product Reviews

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The pass is open from May to November and is closed during the winter due to heavy
snowfall and storms in the region. The tourist spot in here pass is called stiff and is very            Science & Technology
popular as it offers plenty of options for adventure lovers and best places for trekking in
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India. Here you can enjoy skiing, hiking, ice skating and other snow activities. The area is
full of snow so if you're traveling with children, be very careful as the surface is slippery.          Society
You can also have fun making snow houses, snow balls in cold weather. Here are a
couple of small huts that make delicious tea and snakes.                                                Sports & Recreation

Lovers of adventure sports find this destination as perfect place and it is one of the                  Transportation
adventure trips of India. Nestled in the high mountains on the eastern Pir Panjal Range it is
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well connected with Kullu Valley with the Lahul and Spiti valleys, which are some of the
best summer destination of India. The pass is open from May to November and the region                  Writing & Speaking
witnesses often unpredictable snowstorms and blizzards that make the visit more difficult.
It is one of the ideal places for skiing and ice skating in the whole of Himachal Pradesh.
Due to heavy snow fall it is a popular place that offers several options for adventure sports
including trekking and mountaineering. During this time Rohtang pass is completely
covered with snow and is a beautiful sight. The ideal way to explore the region is by bike
ride and therefore cyclists groups visit each year pass to travel around this spectacular

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