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The Importance of Scrapbook by daviesdiaz


									                                The Importance of Scrapbook Supplies

You want to start with the basic supplies needed. Then I will go into other supplies that will make scrapbooking more

creative and will give you more options on what you can do when scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking products - Basic Supplies

a. Scrapbook album: You need to decide on what size of scrapbook album you are going to use when you start a

scrapbook project. This will affect the size of paper you will need and a few other supplies.

b. Album pages, paper, and card stock: It is very important to make sure that all paper products you use are acid-free

and lignin-free, this will help protect your photos from decomposing. You will use these types of papers for your

background, matting, and decorating your pages.

c. Adhesives: There are tons of different types of adhesives out there; double-sided tape, glue sticks, glue pens,

adhesive dots, foam adhesive dots, etc. I think it is best for everyone to try a few different kinds to decide what works

best for you. The adhesive can also be chosen depending on what materials and your layout pages.

d. Blade paper cutter: The paper cutter is most likely going to be one of your most used tools. It makes cutting

perfectly straight easy. This paper cutter has a blade that is pulled from the top to the bottom of a photo or paper for a

precise cut. There is a ruler attached to the straightedge, which also makes measuring much easier.

e. Page protectors: These are sleeves that you will have or put in your album to protect your finished pages.

f. Pens, and markers: There are tons of pens and markers to choose from, they vary in purpose and width of point.

You want to make sure that they are also acid-free and waterproof.

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