Easter Fun in Maldives with Your Family by irfanganteng21


									Have fun in the paradise during your Easter holiday. Let your kids enjoy the day on white sandy beaches
with various fun filled activities. Let the Easter bunny brings on happiness and a cheery smile on your
little Childs face. Relax and unwind in your private room from a resort of your choice. Enjoy the bunny
holiday in Maldives with its luxury islands.

As the water starts to sparkle with its rays of sun, you will be welcomed to the resort of your
selection with beautiful smiles of its people at your service. Enjoy the beach view with the
turquoise lagoon around while you have your breakfast at restaurants with its best service.

Let your children be part of the special activities arranged for the bunny day. Let their creativity
to be shown through various activities and see them enjoying around with groups of other kids.
Let young guests show their interest in activities like T-shirt painting, egg painting, and card
making, face painting and in games like egg hunting. Be part of your kid's happiness while you
enjoy painting their imagination.

Adventure the beautiful marine life while you snorkel and dive under the bottomless Indian
Ocean with your family. Pools of fishes swimming across and corals with its beautiful rainbow
colors on, enjoy the under water life. Perfectly trained instructors will guide you throughout the

While your children have fun with the activities, enjoy a hassle free holiday with your beloved.
Child care facilities at the resort would prove to be a blessing in taking care of your child. You
can enjoy the beauty of its pearl like islands on Indian Ocean having the knowledge that you
children are in capable care of professional child minders and baby sitters. The kids clubs at the
resorts are fully equipped with a nursery full of toys, games and with a huge playing area outside
guaranteeing an enjoyable holiday for your children.

Enjoy sometime at your private villa with your beloved in full privacy while enjoying the shades
of rays fading from red to orange, purple and to pink. Lay down on the white sandy beaches
holding your loved ones hand and gaze the stars twinkling above you glittering the dark sky.

Let your eyes be mesmerized by the beauty of these small islands, and the feeling of having a
time wonderful at paradise on this earth with your loving family.

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