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									                             Toghcheantar na Sláine - Slane Area
                               Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes
    September Monthly meeting Chamber, Duleek Civic Offices, Wednesday 9th September
                                     2009 10.00

                          An Cathaoirleach Councillor Jimmy Cudden presided

Other Councillors Present:

Sirena Campbell, Anne Dillon-Gallagher, Wayne Harding, Seamus O’Neill & Eoin Holmes.

Officials Present:

Tadhg McDonnell, Area Manager, Paul Barrell, A / Area Engineer, Frances Hughes, ASO,
Wendy Bagnall A / Senior Planner, Eugene Cummins, DoS Infrastructure, Martin Rogers,
SEO, Infrastructure, Nicholas Whyatt, Senior Engineer, Infrastructure NRDO, Paul Monahan,
Area Administrator

Paul Monahan advised the Members / Officials of the provisions of Part 15 of the L.G. Act
2001 and the code of conduct for Members, Officials and non-elected Council committee
Members regarding declarable interests of themselves and of any connected person. Each
individual has a responsibility to comply and the Ethics Officer has a duty to ensure
compliance with these statutory requirements.

1.0      Confirmation of Minutes of the following Meetings:

1.1      The minutes of the July Monthly Meeting held Wednesday 15th July 2009 were
         confirmed by the Members on the proposal of Cllr. O’Neill, seconded by Cllr. Dillon-
1.2      The minutes of the Special Meeting held Wednesday 5th August 2009 were confirmed
         by the Members on the proposal of Cllr. Harding, seconded by Cllr. Dillon Gallagher.

2.0      Matters raised with the permission of the Cathaoirleach

The Members raised the following issues:

     Letter from Donacarney Celtic Football Club regarding the on-going use of lands at
      Blackhills, Donacarney and the provision of a lease on these lands.
     Potholes and flooding at McKeevers Lane, Stackallen and prevention of repair works last
      year by a resident on the lane.
     Dangerous condition of Woodtown Bridge on a cul de sac off the N52.
     Poor condition of the roads at Creevagh, Davidstown - Ardcath, Barnwellstown, R132 at
      Mosney, Lagavooren Lane, Mornington Church, Snail Box on the N2, Slane Road,
      Donore, Kellystown Lane, St.Patricks Tce., Slane
     Welcomed decision of ABP to grant permission to Meade Potato Company

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                       Meath County Council, Duleek One Stop Shop, Main Street, Duleek, County Meath
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                             Toghcheantar na Sláine - Slane Area
                               Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes
   Closure of public toilets in Duleek & Bettystown due to funding constraints and
    vandalism respectively. Suggestion that a lock be placed on the entrance to Bettystown
    toilets allowing access on payment of a fee.
   Unauthorised car repair / sales in Julianstown opposite the hotel and beside the school.
   Resurfacing work at Stadalt, Stamullen causing driveway to flood.
   On going works by the developer in The Grange, Stamullen. Residents concerned that
    rubble will be left on site.
   Provision and commissioning of lights and CCTV cameras at Station Road, Duleek
    playground and update on the proposed playground at the Narroways, Bettystown.
   Failure to get a response from the Council’s emergency number.
   Reinstatement of roads in Duleek following sewer upgrade works.
   Larrix Street closed for past couple of weeks preventing school busses collecting children
    on the road.
   Contractor taring in Donore village in very bad weather.
   Update on the Courthouse in Duleek.
   Cllr. O’Neill circulated two leaflets advertising a clothing collection service, which were
    distributed to houses in Duleek. He queried whether these had permits from the Council.
   Proliferation of unsightly signs at Duleek Business Park.
   Lack of advance signage in Julianstown warning of low bridge on the R150 at Laytown.
   Overgrown hedges on the Station Road, Duleek, MCC land on the Narroways Road,
    Bettystown and on the N2 at the Church in Slane.
   Dumping on the Lagavooren Lane and Ballygarth Road, Julianstown
   Removal of the hard shoulder opposite the Applegreen garage on the RHS of the R132
    going north.
   Traffic lights at Scoil Oilibhir Naofa, Laytown still not working despite being conditioned
    in the planning permission.
   Pilltown road impassable last week due to heavy rain. However the”road flooded” signs
    were still there days after the water receded. Speeding is also an issue on this road.
   Requested a report on the Northlands Estate, Bettystown.
   Request to Iarnrod Eireann / Bus Eireann to provide a bus service from Laytown to Dublin
    to facilitate commuters inconvenienced by the ongoing interruption to the area’s train
    service and having to commute to Drogheda to get a bus.
   Difficulty in turning right at the junction of the R108 / R152 in Drogheda.
   NRA safety report on Slane Bridge still outstanding.
   Completion date for work at Rath Crossroads.
   Update on the Pedestrian crossings at Laytown / Bettystown.
   Design and cost pedestrian crossings in Stamullen.
   Update on the Public Lighting at Silverstream Road, Stamullen and lighting inside
    Laytown Railway Station not working.
   Damage to Tubberfinn Rd. by a service provider causing flooding to nearby properties.
   Balgeeth Road re-surfacing works to be redone.
   Provision of a Traffic Management Plan for Duleek, which should include a pedestrian
    crossing at the Post Office.

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                       Meath County Council, Duleek One Stop Shop, Main Street, Duleek, County Meath
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                             Toghcheantar na Sláine - Slane Area
                               Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes
     Road lining on the Navan Road, Slane needs to be renewed. Speeding is also an issue on
      this road.
     Replacement of the damaged barrier at the school in Slane.
     House repairs needed at No 26 Stanley Heights, Slane
     Problem with access to Tubberfinn, Donore graveyard.
     Flooding and the carrying out of reinstatement work on the N51, Drogheda Rd. Slane
     Provision of junction definition bollards at Mount Hanover on the R150.
     Provision of playing facilities for a local group in the Seafields Lands, Laytown.
     Welcomed the re-introduction of the Housing Estate awards.
     Signage at Julianstown has been removed.
     On-going water leak and the replacement of the sign for Trim at the junction of the R150 /
      L-1610-0 Duleek.

3.0      To receive a presentation by the Colpe Road / Drogheda Road Residents
         Association on Development in the Colpe Road, Drogheda area

The Area Administrator circulated a letter from the Colpe Road / Drogheda Road R.A.
withdrawing the request to address the meeting. The Members noted this.

4.0      To receive an update on the preparation of a Village Design Statement for

Wendy Bagnall circulated an information booklet on Village Design Statements and advised
the Members as follows:

     The Heritage Council introduced Village Design Statements (VDS) to promote and
      improve local heritage in villages with a particular emphasis on enhancing the factors that
      make each village distinctive.
     The best way to ensure success of this initiative was to involve all stakeholders (local
      communities, landowners, developers, planners, heritage officers and councillors) in a
      multi-agency, partnership-oriented bottom up approach.
     The process is mainly community driven with additional input and help from other
      agencies / groups, extensive public consultation and public events.
     The Heritage Council has chosen Julianstown as a pilot for Programme II of Village
      Design Statements. The Heritage Council will provide the funding and Meath County
      Council will provide administrative back up.
     The aim is to produce a VDS for Julianstown by May 2010
     A project steering group has been established which comprises Community
      representation, Heritage Council representation, Urban Design Forum representation and
      Wendy Bagnall from the Planning Department. Two Slane Area Members are invited to
      participate in the project by becoming members of the local VDS subgroup.
     Wendy Bagnall will brief the Area Members at regular intervals.

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                       Meath County Council, Duleek One Stop Shop, Main Street, Duleek, County Meath
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                             Toghcheantar na Sláine - Slane Area
                               Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes
The Members welcomed this initiative and expressed the view that it would address the on-
going traffic problems and unauthorised development in the village. The Members agreed the
following nominations to sit on this VDS subgroup:

Cllr. Campbell: proposed by Cllr. Cudden and seconded by Cllr. Dillon – Gallagher
Cllr. Holmes: proposed by Cllr. Harding and seconded by Cllr. Dillon – Gallagher

Wendy Bagnall then updated the Members on the Graig Design Statement (GDS). Forward
Planning had designed a template to facilitate this process. Graigs were small settlements each
with its own unique character, which should be protected from inappropriate development.
There were 53 Graigs in Meath and the GDS would bundle them into groups of 2 / 3 graigs on
a geographical basis. Wendy undertook to update the Members as the project evolved.

5.0      To receive a presentation on the following:

5.1      Slane HGV ban
5.2      Slane Draft Special Speed limits
5.3      N2 Slane By-Pass
5.4      N2 Ashbourne to Ardee

A presentation was provided to the Members by Nicholas Whyatt S.E. who outlined the

     Preliminary investigation of scenarios for possible HGV ban through Slane.
     Introduction of reduced special speed limits (through bye-laws) on the national and local
      roads in and around the village.
     Introduction of additional traffic calming / intervention measures such as speed cameras,
      VMS signs, reapplication of high friction surfacing and enhanced signage.
     Review of the design of the N2 Slane Bypass route.
     Progress on the Constraints Study for the N2 Ashbourne – Ardee scheme.

The Members were advised that the proposals now put forward for Slane were fully supported
by the NRA and had been formulated following a meeting with the Oireachtas Committee on
Transport attended by both the Meath County Manager Tom Dowling and Director of
Services, Infrastructure Eugene Cummins. The Members noted that the revised N2 Slane
Bypass Scheme would be placed on public display in the village from 24th September next.

In relation to the proposed special speed limits for Slane, Bye-Laws had been drafted and
were circulated to the Members. The process / procedure for giving effect to the bye-laws was
outlined by Martin Rogers, S.E.O and it was noted that this would take 4 / 5 months to
complete. Eugene Cummins advised that the Council would consider the possibility of
providing a “Roadworks Speed Limit Order” in the interim until the permanent bye-laws were
implemented. On the proposal of Councillor Holmes and seconded by Councillor Anne-
Dillion Gallagher it was agreed to commence the statutory process for the introduction of
special Speed Limit Bye-Laws in Slane as proposed in the “Draft” circulated.

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                       Meath County Council, Duleek One Stop Shop, Main Street, Duleek, County Meath
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                             Toghcheantar na Sláine - Slane Area
                               Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes
Eugene Cummins then explained that a series of interventions would be implemented to
improve safety in the village. He emphasised that the permanent solution to Slane’s problems
was the bypass. He advised that because the revised bypass route was shorter there would be
less land needed and the delivery process could be speeded up. He further advised that
banning HGV’s was not a viable option and that any diversions put in place would have
serious impacts on residents along, and users of, the alternative routes thus transferring safety
problems to other parts of the road network. He confirmed that legal advice obtained
confirmed that Meath County Council and the NRA had a statutory requirement to consider
the needs of all road users.

The Members acknowledged the commitment of the officials to progress the proposed
measures in Slane and asked that consideration be given to the possible provision of a
pedestrian crossing at the school as part of these measures. Eugene Cummins thanked the
Members and indicated that he would keep them advised of ongoing developments.

6.0      Report on the Roadworks Programme

The Members received a report on the above and raised the following queries:
 Reallocation of funds form N-2-569 at Balrenny to the junction of the N2 / N51
 Loss of Council and Private Estates budget allocation

The A/Area Engineer advised that the reallocation was to augment NRA funds for remedial
works in Slane village. The estate budget allocation had been withdrawn due to financial

The Area Manager advised that the DoEH&LG has asked the NRA to administer and oversee
the funding of maintenance works on local and regional roads in addition to their current brief
on NP and NS roads.

7.0      Report on Matters raised at the last Meeting

The Members received and noted a report on the above.

Nothing raised.

8.0      Declaration of Roads to be Public Roads

The Area Administrator circulated a report on this issue. He advised that the:

     declaration of roads to be public roads was in effect the taking in charge procedure
     roads in the estates listed in the report were fit to be taken in charge
     statutory process was followed and no objections / representations were received

On the proposal of Cllr. Holmes seconded by Cllr. O’Neill, the Members recommended the
making of a declaration that these roads be public roads be referred for approval to the Full
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                       Meath County Council, Duleek One Stop Shop, Main Street, Duleek, County Meath
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                             Toghcheantar na Sláine - Slane Area
                               Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

9.0      To discuss Draft Foreshore Bye-Laws

The Members discussed this issue and agreed on the proposal of Cllr. Holmes seconded by
Cllr. Dillon-Gallagher that the Draft Bye-Laws be referred to the Full Council to consider,
and if thought fit, to approve for public display.

10.0     Correspondence / Items raised by the Area Manager

The Area Administrator circulated a map showing a site for a potential playground in Donore.
The Members welcomed the development and on the proposal of Cllr. Holmes seconded by
Cllr. Dillon-Gallagher requested that the matter be progressed and a Part 8 prepared.

The Members congratulated the organisers of the Combines 4 Charity and Lady Well Fete
Committee on the success of their recent events.

11.0     To discuss Matters in accordance with the recommendations of the Protocol

The Members then went (12.50) into committee to discuss the delay in the issuing of
correspondence for the Full Council July Monthly meeting.

The Manager advised that IT would contact each Member to ascertain a preferred method of
delivery of agendas / minutes / correspondence prior to meetings i.e. soft copy electronically
or hard copy through the postal system. In the event of a Member electing to receive
documentation electronically, a hard copy would be available at the relevant meeting.

                There being no further business the meeting concluded at 13.05.

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