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					Usha Ji – Your Guide to
Ushaji - A Spiritual
Healer - Advisor
What is Energy Healing?
• Energy healing has been used for thousands of years for
  healing of all kind of illness and injuries virtually known.
  In Energy Healing process it accesses our internal
  human energies to clear blocks and unconscious mind.
  It clears the blocked patterns on the mental, emotional,
  spiritual and physical levels of our being.
• Surveys done has proved that one in every three
  Americans have opted for alternative healing methods
  such as Reiki for some or the other kind of ailing of mind
  or body. They have also showed that the individual
  receiving energy healings not only recover significantly
  faster, but also experience much less pain and stress.
 Usha Ji Services

• Career Direction
• Advice on Real Estate Transactions
• Financial Investments Guidance
• Past Life Revelations Expert
• Connecting as a Medium
• Travel Safety Predictions
• Lucky Numbers Predictions
Usha Ji

Description: Ushaji guides individuals to realize their true potential and inner strength which will make them aware of their spiritual path in life.