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					Talk School Visits, Talk Maths
      How many of you have been on a school visit? Where did you go? How many people were involved? How was it paid up? What did you get for your money? Was it good value?

Costs for Different Venues
Costs for 100 Venue A pupils in your year group Accommodation £4500 Venue B


Activities Total



Katy’s Visit
    Katy wants to go on a school visit. The total cost is £160. She has saved £40 already. She has a part-time job and can save £20 per month. How many months will it be before she can pay for the visit?

Talk School Visits, Talk Maths
 Who would decide whether activities are safe?  When should you go on school visits?  How could money be raised to lower the cost of the visit?

Talk School Visits, Talk Maths
Issues to consider  Who would decide on the rules and regulations for the visit?  Who should be able to go on a school visit?  What would be a reasonable cost per person for a visit to an outdoor centre?  How much spending money should you be allowed to take?

Vocabulary Corner
 Deposit/instalments  Budget/affordability  Savings  Subsidies  Basic cost  VAT