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									                                                                           Morro Bay Police
                                                                            Morro Bay Fire
                                                                      Present our 2nd Annual

   Sponsored by: Morro Bay Neighborhood Watch and the City of Morro Bay

                          Saturday, April 21st, 2012
                              Main St. and Morro Bay Blvd.
                                     Morro Bay, CA
                                     9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

This show is a non-profit fundraiser. All proceeds will benefit Morro Bay’s Neighborhood Watch and the The
Morro Bay Community Foundation.

Our show is open to current or restored emergency vehicles, modern or vintage, including police, fire, military,
tow truck, security, ambulance, and related public service organizations. Vehicle entries and display areas are
FREE for public agencies and only $25 for private vehicle owners. Entrants may register and display
multiple vehicles in the show. The vehicle display area will be on a closed off, downtown city-street, only
steps away from shopping, dining, hotels, and our beautiful waterfront area.

We thank the Morro Bay Peace Officers’ Association, Morro Bay Firefighters’ Association, the Menlo Park
Police Department, and many others who continue to make our non-profit event a reality.

On the Friday night prior to the show we will have a “Code 3” parade, escorted by Morro Bay Police, from the
waterfront parking lot at the corner of Beach St. and Front St. to Carla’s Country Kitchen of Morro Bay. Carla’s
is graciously hosting a hospitality night for our entrants, and the restaurant is located at 213 Beach St. Our
cruise will depart promptly from the Front St. parking lot at 6:00pm.

For further information,
please visit our website at
call Mike Del Puppo
at 559-281-0902,
or email Cmdr. Millard at

We look forward to having you
as part of this year’s event!
                                  Show rules and Judging Information
All vehicle class awards will be based upon participant judging/voting, so it is extremely important that you turn in your
voting ballot by noon. Participating vehicles that wish to be included in the judging process MUST arrive by 09:30 a.m.
Staff reserves the right to place vehicles in the appropriate class. Open hoods and trunks are optional.

We wish to acknowledge the following people who contributed their expertise and/or establishments to
make the show a success:

Darryl M. Lindsay                Police Communications Officer, Menlo Park Police
Mike Del Puppo                   United States Marshall, Retired
Ken Vesterfelt                   Volunteer, Morro Bay Police
Rick Cobbs                       Fresno County Deputy Sheriff, Retired
Mike Pond                        Chief, Morro Bay Fire
Tim Olivas                       Chief, Morro Bay Police
Bryan Millard                    Commander, Morro Bay Police
Jeff Simpson                     Engineer, Morro Bay Firefighters’ Association
Manuel Silva                     Sergeant, Morro Bay Peace Officers’ Association

                                                 The “Bay Cruisers”
                                                Days Inn, Morro Bay
                                            Beach Bungalow Inn and Suites
                                               Carla’s Country Kitchen
                                         Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce
                              Directions to Main St at. Morro Bay Blvd.
From the Sacramento/San Francisco area – South on Highway 101, exit Hwy 41 to Morro Bay. Continue
approximately 20 miles to Morro Bay. Turn left on Main St. and continue south into the downtown area.

From the Los Angeles area – North on Highway 101, exit Hwy 1 to Morro Bay. Approximately 15 Miles north,
exit on Morro Bay Blvd. Continue west on Morro Bay Blvd. towards waterfront into downtown area.

                      Signs and show staff will be on hand to direct you the day of the event!

                                                 Hotel Information

Discounted hotel rooms are available at the Days Inn (1095 Main St.: 805-772-2711), and at the Beach
Bungalow Inn and Suites (1050 Morro Ave.: 805-772-9700). Rooms are available on a limited basis and on a
first come, first serve basis. Make sure to mention the Emergency Vehicle Show for discount pricing.

                             There will be room for trailer parking near to the event site.
                                   Morro Bay Police and Fire Department
                                             EMERGENCY VEHICLE SHOW
                                                  April 21, 2012
                                                         Entry Form

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code
Telephone / Email (Both please)
Vehicle Information

Year:__________ Make:________________ Model: ________________________________________________

Agency represented (if applicable) ____________________________________________________________
Show class requested ________________________________________________________________________

Are you a public agency interested in a recruitment booth/area?                   Yes / No
Will you be joining us for the Friday night cruise?                               Yes / No

Please pre-register, as this will expedite your entry when you arrive. Agency owned vehicles are free of
charge, however, a donation is appreciated. All privately owned vehicles have a pre-registration fee of
$25.00. Entry fee on show day is $30.00. Pre-registration deadline is April 1, 2012, however IT IS NEVER
TOO LATE TO ENTER. You are welcome to attend the day of the show if you cannot pre-register, but please
email to bmillard@morro-bay.ca.us so that we can provide adequate vehicle display space the day of the

In consideration of accepting this entry, I, and any of my passengers, intending to be legally bound, do hereby for my heirs
and my executors, administrators, and/or myself waive and release any and all rights and claims or damages I may
accrue against the persons and organizations affiliated with this event, and release the City of Morro Bay, and any
member of the show staff or volunteer, for any and all injuries and or property damage that may be suffered by me, my
passengers, or my property, as a result of participating in this event, including driving to and from such event and
participation in the parade. I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and signed the parade rules attached. In
addition, I acknowledge that California State Law requires that I carry proof of current vehicle insurance, and that the
show organizers require adherence to this law for participants and participating vehicles. I acknowledge that I am over 18
years old and have read and understand all of the above.

Signature __________________________________________________Date______________

Please return your completed entry form with check made out to:
Morro Bay Neighborhood Watch

To mail:                                                         To fax:
Morro Bay Police Department                                      Morro Bay Police Department
Attn: Emergency Vehicle Show                                     Attn: Emergency Vehicle Show
850 Morro Bay Blvd.                                              Fax #: 805-772-2224
Morro Bay, CA 93442
                                  Emergency Vehicle Show Classes

Best of Show
This winning entry will be selected based upon participant voting. Any vehicle in any class is eligible.
Best Restored Police Vehicle
This class includes either original police vehicles or a police package vehicle.
Best Novelty Police Vehicle
This class includes restored vehicles that are not police package, but have been restored to resemble one.
This class would also include all T.V. and movie police cars.
Best Restored Fire or Ambulance Apparatus
This class includes any restored Fire or Ambulance Service vehicle
Best Public Relations, Volunteer, Explorer or Cadet Vehicle
This class includes public agency or privately owned vehicles utilized for a public relations assignment, or
vehicles that are utilized for volunteers, explorers, or cadets serving in police or fire. This class also includes
recruitment vehicles.
Best Specialty Emergency Vehicle
This class includes vehicles assigned to a specific task such as traffic enforcement, S.W.A.T., K-9, Evidence
Units, Bomb Squads, Prisoner Transport Vehicles, Command Post, Bicycles, and others as determined by the
show staff.
Best Police Motorcycle
This class includes restored or current, agency or privately owned police motorcycles.
Best In Service Police Vehicle
This class includes any current vehicle owned by a public agency.

Best In Service Fire or Ambulance Service Vehicle
This class includes any current vehicle owned by a public agency.
Best Military, Security, or Professional Services Vehicle
This class includes any restored or current agency or privately owned vehicles as indicated above.
Police Chief’s Award
One vehicle from any class will be selected by Police Chief Tim Olivas of the Morro Bay Police Department.

Fire Chief’s Award
One vehicle from any class will be selected by Fire Chief Mike Pond of the Morro Bay Fire Department.
Show Staff Choice
Two vehicles selected by the show staff from any class.

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