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      Business Opportunities with Israel April 2012

A. Major Bilateral Economic and Commercial Developments

1. Communication
H.E. Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communications, Information Technology and
Human Resource Development, Government of India, visited Israel from 3-8 April,
on the invitation of the Israeli government. On April 4, Minister Sibal met the
Minister of Communications, Mr. Moshe Kahlon explored the potential for enhanced
collaboration in information technology, wireless broadband, communications and
other fields, given Israel’s expertise in these hi-tech areas.

The two Ministers agreed to set up a Joint Working Group which will identify specific
areas of collaboration. Minister Sibal held discussions with Dr. Yuval Steinitz,
Minister of Finance and Mr. Gideon Sa’ar, Minister of Education. On April 5, the
Minister chaired a Round Table discussion with Israeli companies specializing in the
field of telecommunications and information technology. The Round Table was
organized jointly by the Embassy of India in Israel and The Israel Export &
International Cooperation Institute.

Minister Sibal addressed CEO’s of select Israeli companies from the fields of
telecom, IT and communications, and invited them to set up offices, R&D centers and
Joint Ventures in India.The Minister highlighted that by the year 2020, India will need
electronic equipment worth US$ 400 billion, India is keen to augment its
manufacturing capabilities in the area of electronics. Israeli companies including
Verint Systems, Radware, Tower Jazz, NICE etc., which participated in the Round
Table, presented their capabilities and expertise and expressed interest in
collaboration with India. Also, Minister Kapil Sibal visited several Israeli companies
including Ceragon, Checkpoint, TowerJazz, Septier, RSA.
2. Higher Education
A delegation of senior officials dealing with Higher Education visited to Israel from
3- 6 April 2012. Delegation members included, the Chairman of University Grants
Commission, Chairman of All India Council for Technical Education, and Heads of
premier higher education institutions in India including the Banaras Hindu University,
Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) and the Indian Institute of Technology
(Hyderabad), The delegation met the Vice-President for External Relations in Bar Ilan
University, President of Tel Aviv University, Vice-Rector of Hebrew University and
the President of Weizmann Institute of Science. During these interactions, both sides

discussed possibilities of collaboration in higher education, including through
linkages between educational institutions on both sides.

3. Joint Research Fund- India's Minister of Human Resource Development, Mr.
Kapil Sibal, Israel's Minister of Finance, Dr. Yuval Steinitz and Israel's Minister of
Education, Mr. Gideon Sa'ar, agreed in principle to establish a long-term program that
will bring together Indian and Israeli researchers to carry forward research in areas of
mutual interests. The total scope of the program will reach US$ Five Million from
each side annually in steady state, over a three year period. The program will be
coordinated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) on the Indian side and the
Israel Science Foundation (ISF) on the Israeli side. The first call for proposals is
expected to be published in December 2012. The Joint Working Group has identified
broad areas for cooperation, such as Renewable & sustainable energies, bio-medical
sciences, cyber-security, humanities and Social sciences, etc.

B. Economic updates in Israel

1. Interest rate for May 2012 unchanged at 2.5 %
The Bank of Israel keeps the interest rate for May 2012 unchanged at 2.5 %1.

2. Deficit
The domestic deficit in the first quarter of 2012 was NIS 0.4 billion, compared with a
surplus of NIS 2.4 billion in the first quarter of 20112.

3. Unemployment
Percent of unemployed persons as to February 2012 is 6.5%.

4. Inflation
In 2012, the Bank of Israel sees inflation reaching 2.7% within the government's
target range of 2-3%.

5. Foreign Trade
In March 2012, Israel import of goods globally totaled NIS 24.0 billion, export of
goods totaled NIS 18.7 billion and the trade deficit totaled NIS 5.3 billion. Export of
goods as percent of imports (excluding ships, aircraft and diamonds) constituted in
March only 63.3%. Trade deficit in goods totaled in January-March NIS 20.6B (NIS
10.3B in 2011). The trend data calculated by the Central Bureau of Statistics,
seasonally adjusted and adjusted for irregular elements, point to a rise in imports of
goods (excluding diamonds) of 9.1% at an annual rate, during January-March 2012
after an increase of 5.4% during October-December 2011. Export of goods point to a
drop of 5.6% at an annual rate, during January-March 2012 after an increase of 3.1%
during October-December 20113.


6. CPI Index
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for March increased 0.4%, following three months
in which the index remained unchanged.

7. Diamonds
In 2011, trade in diamonds amounted to US$ 2.91 billion, 56.4% of total bilateral
trade (US$ 5.153 billion). During Jan-March 2012 trade in diamonds amounted to
US$ 616.6 million, 53.11% of the total bilateral trade (US$ 1160.8 million).

C. Israeli Innovations

1. Cancer research

An Israeli company, Dune Medical developed The MarginProbe™ System, which can
detect the presence of cancer by characterizing the tissue’s electromagnetic signature.
The technology behind the MarginProbe System is based on the principle of RF
spectroscopy. Long used in industries such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical,
aerospace and fuel cell, RF spectroscopy has been shown over the last 30 years to
hold promise in differentiating between healthy and cancerous tissue. The technology
relies on subjecting tissue to an electric field, and then measuring the tissue response
to that field, yielding an electromagnetic “signature4.”

2. Agriculture
An Israeli company, Morflora developed a bio-based generic and non-transgenic trait
introduction solution into plants and seeds, to protect them from a wide variety of
diseases, as well as introduce new traits for plant and seed enhancement. Morflora
developed the TraitUP™ a revolutionary, fast, non-transgenic platform for trait
introduction into seeds enabling immediate expression of traits in plants. This patent-
pending method can be implemented as part of universal commercial seed treatment
procedures. This pioneering technology enables seed companies and breeders for the
first time to quickly provide protection against threats to crops, and at a later stage,
introduce improved traits into seeds5.

    D. India-Israel Bilateral Trade Statistics
Bilateral Trade in March 2012 (in US$ millions)

India’s Exports         Israel’s Exports      Total Bilateral trade       % change **
        162.3                    267.2                  429.5             - 15.11% (from $ 506)
* Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). * *Compared to Feb 2011.

Bilateral Trade during Jan- March 2012 (in US$ millions)

India’s Exports         Israel’s Exports      Total Bilateral trade       % change **
        507.2                    653.6                 1160.8             - 13.81% (from $ 1346.8)
* Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). ** Compared to Jan-Feb 2011.


(a) Balance of Trade during Jan-March 2012 is in Israel’s favor by US$ 146.4 Million.

(b) During Jan-March 2012, India was ranked the 9th largest trade partner of Israel in the world,
and the 3rd largest trade partner in Asia following China and Hong Kong (*Trade data includes
diamonds. ** CBS gives separate trade data for Hong Kong).

                    Israel’s Top Trade Partners Jan-March 2012 (in US$ millions)

   USA        China      Hong Kong Belgium Germany                   United         Switzerland Netherlands   India
   4194.8     1950.6     1807.7          1768.2       1599.2         1436.3         1420.3      1411.8        1160.8

  * Source: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics ** Trade data including diamonds.
  (b) Analysis of trade figures

  - India’s share in Israel’s two way global trade in this period decreased from 3.84% (in Jan-
  March 2011) to 3.3% (in Jan-March 2012).

  For the period of Jan- March 2012:

   - India is ranked 5th largest export destination of Israel (including diamonds) and 13th when
  excluding diamonds (in Jan- March 2012).
  - India is ranked 11th largest import source of Israel including diamonds, and 13th largest import
  source excluding diamonds (in Jan- March 2012).

  In the month of March 2012:

  - Israel’s two-way global trade decreased by 10.02% from US$ 12.62 billion in March 2011 to
  US$ 13.3 billion in March 2012. India’s share in Israel’s two-way global trade decreased from
  3.69% in March 2011 to 3.48% in March 2012.

  E. Business offers from Israeli companies

  No Company                                          Products
  1. Airspan Ltd                                      Airspan is a leading 4G wireless solution
     Contact person: Mr. Dori Eran                    provider. It is interested in entering the Indian
     Email: derann@Airspan.com                        market.

  2.    Karin Barel                                   Interested in creating joint venture with Indian
        Contact person: Ms. Karin Barel               Sugar companies. This company wishes to import
        Tel: +972-3-536-5872                          sugar from India.

  3.    Analyst Ltd.                                  Offering business investment              management
        Contact person: Alon Reich                    services for Indian investors.
        Email: Alonr@analyst.co.il

4.   Leviathan Energy Renewables          Looking for Indian partners in the field of wind
     Contact person: Dr. Daniel Farb      energy.

5.   Dani Shuel                           Interested in setting up internet company in India.
                                          Interested in providing Indian companies with
     Email: dani@hazorfim.co.il           internet services: such as building websites,
                                          graphics, etc.’
6.   G Systems                            Interested in setting up photovoltaic systems in
     Contact person: Yaron Dotan          India.
     Tel: +972- 52-4624621
     Website: http://gsystems.co.il/
7.   Yossi Ashtamker                      An Israeli Customs agent interested in opening up
     Tel: +972- 8-8651151                 a business in Mumbai.
     E-mail: yossi2256@gmail.com

F.     Exhibitions and Conferences in Israel

     Date         Details of Event

1.   15-17,       Agritech Israel 2012
     May, 2012    The 18th International Agricultural Exhibition
                  Tel Aviv, Exhibition Grounds.
2.   21-23, May  the ILSI-Biomed 2012
     2012        International conference on biomedical, health care and life sciences
                 Visit of Confederation of Indian Industry Delegation, David
                 Intercontinental hotel, Tel Aviv.
3.   30, May     Tourism
     2012        Road show in Israel by Indian Tour operators, Tel Aviv.
4.   26-28, June Rax 2012
     2012         The 22nd International Trade fair in Israel for Electrical Engineering,
                  Instrumentation, Automation & Pneumatics, Industrial Light &
                  Ventilation Systems.
                  Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds
5.   3-4, July    Clean Tech 2012
     2102         16th International Summit and Exhibition for Renewable Energy
                  and Water Technologies
                  Tel Aviv, Exhibition Grounds

                  Visit of Delegations: Agriculture Ministry Andhra Pradesh, The
                  Confederation of Indian Industry, The Federation of Indian Chambers of
                  Commerce and Industry.

6.   4-6, Sep     Textile Buyer Seller Meet
     2012         Tel Aviv, Exhibition Grounds

7.   10-12, Sep   High Tech Information Association Annual Conference
     2012         Visit of Confederation of Indian Industry Delegation, Jerusalem
8.   16-18, Oct   Plasto Ispack 2012
     2012         International Exhibition for Plastics, Rubber and Packaging Innovations
                  Tel Aviv, Exhibition Grounds

Forthcoming Business Delegation and Events in India-nil

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