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									55     Moitra                 13.5.05/ Nov.08       Jayaswal Neco     FC (Stg-I), ML & LA are pending.
                                                    Ltd.              Moitra is a coking coal block. Company
                                                                      informed that forest application made in
                                                                      2005 and is still pending. Forest
                                                                      clearance is the main hurdle to develop
                                                                      the project. Representative from Govt.
                                                                      of Jharkhand stated that forest proposal
                                                                      forwarded to MOEF by State in Sept.
                                                                      2011. Govt of Jharkhand stated that
                                                                      forest issue is pending with MoEF.
                                                                      Satelite maps (DGPS maps) to be
                                                                      submitted. Company deposited 8 crores
                                                                      towards purchase of land to State Govt.
                                                                      Mining lease will not be granted unless
                                                                      grant of forest clearance.
56     Lohari                 24.8.05/ Aug.08       Usha Martin Ltd.  Previous approval, FC, ML & LA are
                                                                      pending. CCL transferred acquired land
                                                                      to company in 2009.Land problem is
                                                                      there.89 Ha land is jungle-Jhari. Land
                                                                      acquisition pending. The process of
                                                                      Previous approval of ML to start by end
                                                                      of 2011-12.
57     Chitarpur             2.09.05/ March.09      Corporate Ispat   ML, FC (Stg-I), LA are pending.
                                                    Ltd               Company informed that FC (Stg-I) is
                                                                      expected by March. 2012. 600 acres
                                                                      land acquired and is in physical
                                                                      possession. Washery is there.
58     Dumri (explored)       13.1.06/ July,09      Neelachal Iron & FC, ML LA are pending. Previous
                                                    Steel   Ltd     & approval obtained. Stg-I is pending with
                                                    Bajrang Ispat Pvt MOEF. CHP is commissioned. Entire
                                                    Ltd.              EUP plant is ready.

                                                 LIGNITE BLOCKS

 (I)      The following lignite blocks have started coal production. The Committee advised the
          allocattees of the lignite blocks which have not attained the peak rated capacity to attain
          the same as per the approved mining plan at the earliest.

                                                                             Name of Allocatee/JV
                Name of lignite blocks            Year of allotment

                                                                            Rajasthan State Mines &
         1.               Giral                  1994 (Lease granted)
                                                                            Minerals Ltd (RSMML)
                          Sonari                      28.8.2004                    RSMML
         3.           Kapurdih                       13.11.2006

         4.           Matasuk                         26.7.2002                    RSMML

                                           16.5.2001(lease granted for     Gujarat Mineral Dev Corp.
         5.        Mata-No- Madh              1314 Ha) & 31.5.2006              Ltd. (GMDCL)
                                           (Lease granted for 437 Ha)
                                            21.7.1973 (Lease granted               GMDCL
         6.           Panandhro             for 1151 Ha) & 26.6.1988
                                           (Lease granted for 568 Ha)
         7.                Tadkeswar                   5.12.2001                        GMDCL

         8.             Surka (North)                  5.12.2001                        GMDCL

                    Rajpardi (G19 & G19                                                 GMDCL
         9.                                            5.12.2001
                       Extn) or Amod
         10.                Vastan             July,1996 (Lease granted)                 GIPCL

         11.               Khadsaliya                Not available                       GHCL

                                                                              V.S.Lignite Power Pvt Ltd.
         12.               Gurha East                   1.7.2005                (No one attended the
        13.       Mongrol Valia                         9.3.2000             GIPCL

(II)          The progress of the following blocks was not found to be satisfactory. Committee expressed
              concern over unsatisfactory progress and advised to expedite the development of the lignite block
              and be cautioned to be careful in future w.r.t the milestones stipulated. If they do not improve the
              performance on the speedy development of the block further, action including deduction of
              BG/de-allocation would be considered

        Sl.       Name of Lignite Block            Allocation date       Name of Allocatee
        1.        Kaparion Ki Dhani                    7.2.2007          DCM Sriram Consolidated Pvt
        2.        Gurha West                           1.7.2005          RSMML

        3.        Jalipa                             13.11.2006          RSMML

        4-5.      Shivkar Kurla                      13.11.2006          RSMML
                  Sacha Sauda

(III)         The progress of the following lignite blocks was found to be cause of concern. Committee
              expressed concern over the progress and recommended that the allocatees be served with show-
              cause notice to explain why the block should not be de-allocated .

        Sl.       Name of Lignite Block            Allocation date       Name of Allocatee
        1.        Mokhala                             14.7.2003          RSMML

        2.        Merta Road                          7.02..2007         NSL Power & Infratech Pvt Ltd.

(IV)          Regarding the progress of the following blocks, the Committee noted the position as
              stated by the allocatees and advised accordingly.

Sl.   Name of Lignite           Allocation    Name of              Status/ View of the Committee
No.   Block                        date       Allocate
1.    Mandal Charan              7.2.2007     Indure Pvt Ltd.      It was stated that the block was not
                                                                   found to be viable after drilling 38
                                                                   boreholes and the allocatee requested
                                                                   to allocate an alternate block. The
                                                                   Committee advised to take up the
                                                                   issue of an alternate block with MoC
2-3   Khadsaliya-II              6.9.2005     GIPCL                It was stated that the Surka-III block
      &                                                            was not found to be viable. The
      Surka-III                                                    Committee advised to file an
                                                                   application to MoC for surrendering
                                                                   the block and approach CCO to
                                                                   calculate the revised BG after
                                                                   surrendering the Surka-III block.
                                                                   Committee also advised MoC to
                                                                   expedite the prio approval of ML for
                                                                   Khadsaliya-II block.
4.    Akrimota                     Not        GMDC                 It was stated that activities are
                                 available                         pending due to Supreme Court’s order
                                                                   and the block also falls in the Tiger
                                                                   corridor and GMDC has requested for
                                                                   an alternate block. The Committee
                                                                   advised to take up the issue of an
                                                                   alternate block with MoC separately.
5.    Indwar                     7.2.2007     Nandlal              It was stated that the reserves in the
                                              Enterprises Pvt      block are very less and requested to
                                              Ltd.                 revise the BG as per the revised
                                                                   reserves. The Committee advised
                                                                   MoC to sort out the issue.
6.    Nimbri Chandawatan         7.2.2007     Binani Cements       It was stated that MoEF has referred
                                              Ltd.                 the issue of wetland area in the block
                                                                   to ISRO for some clarifications. The
                                                                   Committee advised the allocatee to
                                                                   pursue the issue with MoEF.

                        Meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the chair.


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