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					29    Choritand Tailaya   14.5.08/ Nov.11    Rungta Mines Ltd      Previous approval, ML, FC, EMP LA
                                             & Sunflag Iron &      are pending.
                                             Steel Ltd             ML application is pending with State
                                                                   Govt since March 2010. TOR obtained
                                                                   in May 2011 Forest application made in
                                                                   2010. Forest area density calculated.
                                                                   Forest proposal presently lying with
                                                                   ADC, Bokaro. NOC for diversion of
                                                                   Jungle-jhari obtained. Law and Order
                                                                   problem is there. 100 Ha land acquired
                                                                   under CA scheme. Land and forest
                                                                   clearance is the main issue to be sorted
                                                                   out.EUP of SISL is operational (350
                                                                   cuM BF)
30    Macherkunda          5.8.08/ Feb.13    Bihar Sponge Iron     ML, FC, EMP LA are pending.
                                             Co Ltd.               Transfer of land by CCL to company is
                                                                   a       long pending issue. CMPDIL
                                                                   informed that GR cost not yet submitted.
                                                                   395 Ha land has been given to BSIL out
                                                                   of total 600 Ha. Explored block.
31    Rajhara North       20.11.08/ Nov.11   Mukund Ltd, Vini      MP approval, EMP, ML & LA are
      (Central &                             Iron & Steel          pending. CCL to transfer land. Lack of
      Eastern)                               Udyog Ltd.            support from CCL. Employment
                                                                   problem at the mine area. No forest land
                                                                   involved. EMP study conducted by
                                                                   MOEF. TOR approved. Requested
                                                                   MOC to for change of Option to develop
                                                                   the block
                                                                   Vini said that 100 crs spent for 87 acres
                                                                   land. Mukund will pay BG after
                                                                   finalization of Option-II.
32    Tadicherla-I        06.12.05/ Dec.08   Andhra Pradesh        FC(Stg-I), EMP, ML & LA are pending.
                                             Power Generation      APGENCO decided to transfer the
                                             Co. Ltd.              project to SCCL. Land issue settled.
                                                                   EMP application submitted in Dec 10.
                                                                   52 Ha forest land involved. Diversion of
                                                                   Forest land proposal submitted to State
                                                                   Forest Department.
33     Nerad               13.1.06/ Jan.10   Gupta Metallics &     Grant of previous approval, EMP, ML,
       Malegaon                              Gupta Washeries       LA are pending. Main issue is grant
                                             Ltd.                  of previous approval for        Mining
                                                                   Lease. 65% land acquired.
34     Gondkhari          21.11.08/ Nov.12   Maharastra            EMP, ML & LA are pending
                                             Seamless       Ltd,   ML is pending with Govt of
                                             Dharial               Maharashtra. No forest land is involved.
                                             Infrastructure Ltd
                                             &          Kesoram
                                             Industries Ltd
35     Dahegaon           17.6.09/ Dec.13    IST Steel & Power     MP approval, FC/EMP, ML & LA are
       Makardhokra                           Ltd, Gujarat          pending. ML returned to State Mines
       IV                                    Ambuja Cements        Department on Dec 2011. Applied for
                                             Ltd & Lafarg          forest clearance in Nov 2011.
                                             India Ltd.
36-   Mahanadi &           6.2.06/ Dec.11    MSEB & GSEB           FC Stg-I), EMP, ML & LA are
37    Machakata                                                    pending. Previous approval obtained
                                                                   recently. PH for EMP is not yet
                                                                   completed. Villagers resistance and
                                                                   land acquisition is the main issue.
38    Naugaon Telisahi    2.8.06/ May.12      OMC &               RE block. Drilling completed. GR
                                              APMDCL              prepared. MP preparation awarded to
                                                                  CMPDIL. Interaction with two states
                                                                  (Odhisa & Andhra Pradesh) are the
                                                                  main issue. Requested MCL to form
39-   Chendipada &        25.7.07/ Jan11      UPRVUNL             Previous approval, FC, EMP ML & LA
40    Chendipada-II       (Chendipada)        CMDC                are pending.
                              Apr.13          MPGCL               TOR issued. 53.4 crs paid to IDCO.
                         (Chendipada-II)                          Issue of 4(1) notification is pending.
                                                                  PL for Chendipada-II block will be
                                                                  applied in 3-4 months. Land
                                                                  Acquisition not yet started. Forest
                                                                  Diversion Proposal submitted. If
                                                                  clearances are fast-tracked, coal
                                                                  production is expected by 2014. Sec
                                                                  (4) & (11) will require 1 year time.
41    Baitarni West       25.7.07/ Jan.11     KSEB, OHPGCL        FC, EMP, ML & LA are pending.
                                              & GPCL              Explored by CMPDIL in 2008.
                                                                  Administrative approval of Govt of
                                                                  Odhisa will be obtained soon. Land is
                                                                  the main problem. Selection of
                                                                  Chairman of JVC is in process. OPGCL
                                                                  & KSEB will jointly set up power plant
                                                                  at Orissa.
42    Mandakini-B        25.7.07/ April,13    Assam State         FC, ML, LA are pending.
                                              Mineral Dev Corp.   RE block. Permission of DFO for 5 no.
                                              Ltd, Meghalaya      of boreholes obtained. PL is yet to be
                                              State Mineral Dev   obtained. 33 % rejects based free power
                                              Corp. Ltd, Tamil    to state Govt is the main issue. MP
                                              Nadu Electricity    approval pending. Board to take
                                              Board & Orissa      decision with State Govt over land
                                              Mining Corp. Ltd    issue. Land acquisition not yet started.
43    Naini              25.7.07/ April, 13   GMDC, PIPDCL        RE block. GR Prepared on indicated
                                                                  data in Dec 2011. CMPDIL will
                                                                  prepare draft MP within 5-6 months.
                                                                  Land notification issued. EUP of
                                                                  PIPDCL: Pit head power plant. 90 acres
                                                                  land acquired. GMDC to sort out the
                                                                  issue of location of EUP immediately.
44    Utkal-A &          29.11.05/ May.09     MCL/JSW/JTPL/J      FC(Stg-I), EMP, LA are pending.
      Gopalprasad                             indal Stainless     Company stated that Stg-I FC is
                                              Ltd/ Shyam          expected by June 2012 and Stg-II
                                              Metallics Pvt Ltd   within 3-4 months thereafter. 240 Ha
                                                                  land acquired and balance land will be
                                                                  acquired in a phased manner. EMP will
                                                                  be granted 3-4 months after forest
                                                                  clearance. MCL is facilitating all the
                                                                  clearance process.
45    New Patrapara      13.1.06/ July,09     Bhushan Steel Ltd   MP approval, FC, EMP, ML & LA
                            (revised to       (Formerly known     are pending. SC raised some queries
                           15.12.2010)        as Bhushan Steel    on MP approval but reply is yet to
                                              & Strips Ltd) & 5   be received. Govt. of Odhisa &
                                              Others.             CMPDIL         will     look     into
                                                                  transportation issue. No area for OB

46    Radhikapur          7.2.06/ Aug.09      Tata Sponge Iron   FC, EMP, ML & LA are pending.
      (East)                                  Ltd, Scaw          MOEF recommended EC in Dec
                                              Industries Pvt     2011. Gram Sabha cleared FC. 75
                                              Ltd, SPS Sponge    crs disbursed for Land acquisition.
                                              Ltd.               50% disbursed in 2 villages. Land
                                                                 Acquisition is presently on hold.
                                                                 Land allocated for R&R project.
                                                                 EUP is operational.
47    Ichapur             2.8.06/ May.12      WBMDTC Ltd.        MP approval, FC/EMP, ML & LA are
                                                                 GR prepared in Dec 2011. Mining plan
                                                                 will be submitted soon. Production as
                                                                 per schedule.
48    Kulti               2.8.06/ May.12      WBMDTC Ltd.        Exploration completed and GR to be
                                                                 completed by Jan 2012. MP to be
                                                                 submitted after GR preparation.
49    Jaganathpur-A       20.7.07/ Dec.14     WBMDTC Ltd.        MP approval, FC, EMP, ML & LA are
                                                                 pending. TOR for EMP received.
                                                                 Presentation of MP before screening
                                                                 committee done.
50    Jaganathpur-B       20.7.07/ Dec.14     WBMDTC Ltd.        MP approval, FC/EMP ML & LA
                                                                 are pending.
                                                                 Presentation for MP done. MoC
                                                                 asked some clarifications which will
                                                                 be sub mitted by Feb 2012.
                                                                 No forest land is involved.
51    Sitarampur         27.12.07/ Sept.14    WBMDTC Ltd.        Drilling completed.
                                                                 GR to be prepared soon. Preparation
                                                                 of MP is in process. All activities
                                                                 will be after MP approval.
52    Gourangdih ABC       10.7.09/ Jan13     Himachal EMTA      FC, EMP, ML & LA are pending.
                                              Power Ltd & JSW    FC application finalized. Selection of
                                              Steel Ltd          MDO will require 2 months. MP
                                                                 approved with 2.5 mtpa mine capacity.
                                                                 No significant progress achieved.
                                                                 Quarterly EUP report not being
                                                                 submitted to CCO.
53-   Moher & Moher         13.09.06 (zero    M/s. Sasan Power   LA is pending. Land acquisition is the
54    Amlori Extension   dt.Aug.07)/ Feb.11   Ltd (an SPV of     main issue.
                                              PFC for MP
                                              UMPP) has been
                                              transferred to
                                              Reliance Power


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