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									41-43   Menakshi,                 13.9.06/ Mar.10     Power Finance Corporation Ltd

        Deep side Meenakshi
44      Bankui                   21.6.2010/ Nov.13    Sakshigopal Integrated Power
                                                      Company Ltd (SPV of 1st
                                                      additional Orissa UMPP)
45      Biharinath                 20.2.07/ Feb.11    Bankura DRI Mining Mfg. Pvt
46      Moira Madhujore           6.10.09/ April,13   Ramswrup Lohh Udyog Ltd,
                                                      Adhunik Corporation Ltd,
                                                      Uttam Golva Steel Ltd, Howrah
                                                      Gases Ltd, Vikas Metal &
                                                      Power Ltd, ACC Ltd.
47-48   Kotre Basantpur            11.8.05/ Feb.09    Tata Steel Ltd.
49      Parsa                    02.08.2006/ May,12   CSEB

50      Fatehpur                   6.2.08/ Nov.13     SKS Ispat & Power Ltd &
                                                      Prakash Industries Ltd.
51      Bundu                      25.4.06/ Oct.09    Rungta Mines Ltd.

52      Chakla                    20.2.07/ Aug.10     Essar Power Generation Ltd.

53      Ashok Karkatta Central    6.11.07/ Aug.13     Essar Power Ltd.

54      Rohne                      5.6.08/ Dec.11     JSW Steel Ltd., Bhusan Steel &
                                                      Power Ltd and Jai Balaji
                                                      Industries Ltd
55      Gare Palma IV/6           13.1.06/ July,09     JSPL & Nalwa Sponge Iron
56      Gare Palma IV/8            13.1.06/Jan.10     Jayaswal Neco Ltd.

57      Dongri Tal-II              2.8.06/ May,12     Madhya Pradesh State Mining
                                                      Corporation Ltd
58      Jogeswar & Khas            11.4.08/ Oct.11    JSMDCL

    (V) The progress of the following blocks was not found to be satisfactory. Committee expressed
       concern over unsatisfactory progress and advised to expedite the development of the coal block and
       be cautioned to be careful in future w.r.t the milestones stipulated. If they do not improve the
       performance on the speedy development of the block further, action including deduction of BG/de-
       allocation would be considered.

Sl.    Name of Coal           Allocation        Name of Allocatee    Status
No     Block               date/Target dt of
.                             production
1.     Pakri Barwadih      11.10.04/ April,08   NTPC Ltd.            LA is pending. Stg-II forest clearance
                                                                     obtained. Mine Developer and Operator
                                                                     (MDO) appointed. CHP operational.
                                                                     Construction of railway line and R&R
                                                                     projects are going in full swing. NTPC
                                                                     discussed with MDO to raise coal
                                                                     production up to 18MTPA. Exploration
                                                                     is going on in the unexplored area. 600
                                                                     acres of govt. land is there. Govt of
                                                                     Jharkhand advised to conduct a meeting
                                                                     with Revenue Department for land issue.
                                                                     Company stated that coal evacuation
                                                                     corridor completed and 13.5 Km
                                                                     elevated coal conveyor works started.
2.     Sitanala             9.4.07/ April,11    SAIL                 ML & LA are pending. JVC formed
                                                                     with Tata Steel and SAIL. (50-50
                                                                     sharing basis). Assigned job to MDO for
                                                                     coal mine development and supply of
                                                                     coal steel plant. UG mine and incline
                                                                     drivage. Degasification is required first
                                                                     to develop seam. R/R issue is the major
                                                                     problem to be sorted out.
3      Kosar                20.2.07/ Feb11      Chaman Metallicks    ML & LA are pending. Mining lease
       Dongergaon                               Ltd.                 is pending with State Govt. Major
                                                                     milestones are completed. Requested
                                                                     for early grant of ML
4      Badam                3.11.03/ May.07     Tenughat Vidyut      FC & LA are pending.
                                                Nigam Ltd.           Conditional ML granted. Stg-II forest
                                                                     clearance is pending. Land acquisition
                                                                     is pending with state Govt. Stg-II
                                                                     compliance      submitted     to    Forest
                                                                     Department in Sept.11. Amount for
                                                                     Compensatory land deposited to land
                                                                     revenue department. Mine is ready to
                                                                     start production. Sec 11 notice issued.
5-6    Gangaramchak         23.6.03/ Dec.06     WBPDC Ltd            FC, Stg-I, LA are pending.
       &                                                             Acquisition of forest land is
       Gangaramchak                                                  pending. Assured to start mining in
       Bhadulia                                                      47 Ha non forest land. Forest
                                                                     clearance is the main issue.

7     Utkal-B1         29.9.03/ Mar.07     Jindal Steel &       ML & LA are pending. Grant of ML
                                           Power Ltd.           is held up for the issue of 33% free
                                                                power to be provided to Govt. of
                                                                Odhisa. 225 Ha land are with the
                                                                company. All clearances obtained
                                                                except ML.
8     Jamkhani        12.11.03/ Nov.08     Bhushan Steel &      Previous approval, FC, ML & LA are
                                           Power Ltd.           pending. Shifting of villagers have been
                                                                started. LA to be completed by Feb.12.
                                                                Land will be in possession by April
                                                                2012. Public Hearing (PH) for LA done
                                                                in 3 villages. ML is in final stage and
                                                                will reach MoC shortly. R&R is in
9     Tokisud North    7.1.02/ July,05     GVK Power            FC(Stg-II), ML & LA are pending. Land
                                           (Govindwal Sahib)    acquisiton: - Diversion of forest land is
                                           Ltd                  involved. Part of the land acquired
                                                                through direct negotiation and balance
                                                                land will be handed over by March.
                                                                2012. Mining operation will be
                                                                commenced on pvt land. Govt land
                                                                acquisition is pending with Govt. of
                                                                Jharkhand. Revised Mining plan with
                                                                capacity 2.5 MTPA submitted to MoC.
                                                                PPA to be signed in April, 2013.
10-      i) Brinda    26.05.05/ Nov.08     Abhijeet             Previous approval of ML, FC(Stg-II),
12       ii) Sasai                         Infrastructure Ltd   ML, LA are pending.
         iii) Meral                                             Brinda-Sasai Block
                                                                Company informed that application for
                                                                prior approval ML forwarded by State
                                                                Govt to MoC and will be obtained
                                                                shortly. Land is sufficient to start
                                                                Meral Block
                                                                 State Govt. forwarded application for
                                                                prior approval of ML to MOC in Dec.11
                                                                which is pending at MoC and will be
                                                                obtained shortly. Meral has no forest
                                                                land. Land is available. 300 ha land
                                                                acquired. Delay due to change of EUP
13       Majra        29.10.03/ April,07   Gondwana Ispat       FC(Stage-II), LA are pending.
                                           Ltd.                 Company informed that every thing
                                                                is ready except forest clearance. 6-8
                                                                months will require to get Stg-II
                                                                clearance. 150 Acres land acquired.
14    Mandakini-A      9.1.08/ July,11     Monnet Ispat &       Previous approval, FC, ML,LA are
                                           Energy Ltd, Tata     pending. ML application to be
                                           Power Ltd, Jindal    forwarded to MoC by March,12.
                                           Photo Ltd.           Payment for land will be completed by
                                                                Feb.,12. FC proposal will be prepared
                                                                soon. Canal & Nalla diversion is
                                                                required. 800 acres are forest land. 20
                                                                Lakh paid as land cost.


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