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Weddings and Parties
                                                                                                                      Make it
Welcome to the Cox & Cox Weddings and Parties Catalogue, full of so many different, unique and personal

suggestions for your Wedding Day. Our great ideas range from table decorations to love tokens, favours you can
create yourself to inspiration for the children. We also have a range of innovative ways to light your venue both
inside and out.

If you would like to use our Wedding Gift List Service, just phone our office on 0844 858 0734 and speak to our
Wedding List Supervisor, who will coordinate your gift choices. This list can be accessed by guests via your own
unique URL where they can buy on-line. We will then notify you by e-mail when someone has purchased a gift so
you can keep track. We will also send you a free Wedding Sample box if you place your List with us!

Have a Happy Day!
With Love From Cox & Cox

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                                                                                                                    1. Raffia selection                                                       3. Bird and nests rubber stamps
                                                                                                                    It’s so easy to jazz up any present you’d like to give with raffia, and   These beautifully presented exquisite rubber stamps feature finely
                                                                                                                    this pack of four spools is about a lifetime’s supply! Each spool        detailed birds, nests and flower garlands. Ideal for personalising
                                                                                                                    contains 100 yards of black, hot pink, bright orange or baby blue.       your invitations, name place cards and thank you notes. The eleven
                                                                                                                    Using two colours together looks fantastic.                              assorted and very special stamps are accompanied by an ink pad.
                                                                                                                    £24        M-RAFF         Set of 4, each spool 100 yards                 Tin: Length 20.5cm x Width 12cm
                                                                                                                                                                                             £25       M-BIRD
                                                                                                                    2. Favour boxes
                                                                                                                    This pack of twelve round cardboard boxes is a fantastic way of          4. Larkspur confetti
                                                                                                                    customising your own wedding favours. Whatever your wedding              Everyone needs something blue at their wedding! These pretty blue
                                                                                                                    style, simply select ribbons, flowers or sequins to decorate individual   dried larkspur petals in an organza bag are a charming alternative
                                                                                                                    boxes. They can even be painted or stamped, so just use your             to paper confetti – and won’t annoy the vicar! Why not leave at the
                                                                                                                    imagination. Fill them with a hand-made chocolate, love poem, dried      entrance of the church for your guests or give one to each of your
                                                                                                                    flower, a shell or charm… Height 2.5cm x Diameter 5cm                     bridesmaids. Bag L 14cm
                                                                                                                    £6         P-BOX          Pack of 12                                     £12       P-LARK          Biodegradable
The Wedding sample box
Choose some of our original and unique wedding ideas with this sample box. Small quantities of the following
are included: charm crackers; candle lanterns; brown and pink heart sugar lumps; silver scatter flowers; fortune
sticks; name place bauble and card; seed favours; heart sparklers; cardboard favour box and a cutting of our
To Have and To Hold ribbon.

If you decide to place your wedding list with us, we will send you a sample box absolutely free!                                   To order –     or ...                                                                               
    1                                                       New           3                                                       New          5                                                                       7                                                        New

    2                                               6       New           4                                              Exclusive!            6                                                          New          8                                              Exclusive!

1. Just Married paper chains                                            3. Old-school wedding badges                                         5. Scalloped heart punch                                                7. Vintage design cake boxes
These are a brilliant old fashioned idea for adding a cost effective    Be original at your wedding and have a lots of fun with these        Get creative for your wedding: you can make unbelievable confetti       These retro styled wedding cake boxes in either soft pink, blue or
and unique touch to your wedding venue. There are 3 metres of           fantastic ‘old school’ name badges at your hen or stag night or on   and cards, personalise your wedding stationery, or decorate             pale green are so pretty and unusual. Once assembled, they are
gummed, scalloped edge paperchains, punched with hearts and with        your wedding day. Cleverly styled on the ‘head girl’ type of         service sheets with this wonderful punch. It’s easy to use on any       sturdy and it’s easy just to pop your cake in and close the top.
the words 'just married' printed in grey on off white. Printed both     enamelled badge that is instantly recognisable from school days.     paper, and creates gorgeous cut-out scalloped hearts.                    Pack of 10. Holds cake size: L7.5 x W 4.5 x D 5.5cm
sides. L 3m                                                             Each badge: H 4cm x W 3cm                                            Punch: L 12.5cm x W 8cm. Hearts: L 4.5cm x W 4.5cm                      £6        P-CBOXP          Soft Pink
£5         P-MCHAIN                                                     £5         P-BADGB       Bride                                       £10       P-PUNCH                                                       £6        P-CBOXG          Pale Green
                                                                        £5         P-BADGG Groom                                                                                                                     £6        P-CBOXB          Blue
2. Something to keep you happy at a wedding!                            £5         P-BADGBR Bridesmaid                                       6. Vintage design cones
No more bored children at your wedding! Leave a few of these            £5         P-BADGBM Best Man                                         These vintage design cones for favours, sweets, or little gifts are     8. Wedding invitations and Thank You cards
dotted on the tables for tiddlers to teens, which will make great ice   £5         P-BADGU Usher                                             hard to find! In soft lilac, pearl grey or blue, you can tie them with   If you’re trying to keep costs down rather than sacrifice style when it
breakers. The spiral bound books contain colour-in drawings,            £5         P-BADGH Hen                                               your own coordinating ribbon for a really pretty effect. L 15cm         comes to your wedding stationery, look no further than this beautiful
quizzes, and 'I can spot' games. 21 x 15cm.                             £5         P-BADGS       Stag                                        £6       P-CONEL            Soft Lilac                                  pack of 25 wedding invitations. Each unfolded invitation is
£9        P-SPOT                                                                                                                             £6       P-CONEG Pearl Grey                                             individually letterpressed on really lovely card and comes with an
                                                                        4. ‘Present’ and ‘Adore’ ribbon                                      £6       P-CONEB            Blue                                        equally soft and subtle looking envelope. They are complemented
                                                                        Two rolls of smart black ribbon, each printed with the dictionary                                                                            by our matching pack of 10 Thank You cards and envelopes.
                                                                        definitions of ‘present’ and ‘adore’. Use the former for all your                                                                             Wedding invitations H 18cm x W 13cm
                                                                        wrapping; the latter would look great on tables, wrapped around                                                                              Thank You cards H 12cm x W 9cm
                                                                        glasses or napkins. Stylish and original. Length 10m x Width 1cm                                                                             £30        P-INVW         Wedding invitations Pack of 25
                                                                        £12       M-RIB           Pack of 2                                                                                                          £16        P-THANK Thank You cards Pack of 10

        Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                          To order –     or ...                                                                              
  1                                                3                                                                                              6                                                      New             8

  2                                                4                    Exclusive!                 5                                              7                                                                                               9

1. Valentine cookie cutters                                             3. Jigsaw cookie cutter                                                 6. Heart chocolate moulds                                              8. Retro decoupage
Definitely not just for Valentine's Day! This set of six metal cookie    This is a fantastic idea – and great fun too! Simply cut and bake the   This silicone heart chocolate mould makes chocolate-making a real      Discover the easy way to delightful decoupage! This set includes
cutters is beautifully presented in a pretty box, with each cutter      cookies and then personalise them with the letters of your names        doddle! Such easy and fantastic wedding favours at a great price.      over 150 images in four packs of 60 vintage designs. Use them to
designed to create romantic biscuits shaped like doves, hearts or       and link them together. Or consider using individual jigsaw piece       21 x 10.5cm.                                                           decorate and personalise favour boxes or name place cards.
cupid. They look great plain, or you could have plenty of fun icing     cookies as name place tags. Depth 2.5cm x W 9.5cm x L 7cm               £12        P-MOULD                                                     They will stick with any glue, but PVA works best.
them. The cookies might also make an original and ideal little nibble   £4          M-JIGS                                                                                                                             £12       M-DEC
when coffee is served at a wedding reception.                                                                                                   7. Snowflake punch
£9         M-VAL          Box of 6                                      4. Christmas tree cookie cutter                                         Personalise winter wedding stationery or decorate favour boxes         9. Card tags and woven tape
                                                                        This cookie Christmas tree is so simple to create and would make        with the super cutout snowflakes created by this heavy duty punch,      These beautifully thick manila card tags make the wrapping of any
2. Chocolate moulds                                                     an amazing centerpiece for tables at a winter wedding. Set of 10        which works on both tissue and paper. Or use the snowflake shapes       presents you want to give both easy and stylish. Add the perfect
These Christmas themed chocolate moulds are fantastic for making        differently sized cutters in a tin, including a biscuit recipe.         to scatter on your tables – metallic paper would look great! With      finishing touch to your gifts with the heavy quality feel of matching
your own little presents for guests at your wedding. Create a special   Largest 20cm x 20cm; Smallest 4cm x 4cm.                                interesting papers to punch, the shapes are pretty enough to be used   woven cotton tape in beige, red and white stripes. Or simply use
selection of chocolates for each table or pop one into one of our       £10       X-TCUT          Set of 10                                     all year round. L 7.5cm                                                them as name place tags for your guests.
favour boxes for a lovely treat. L 4cm x W 3cm                                                                                                  £5        X-PUNCH                                                      Pack of 6 tags: L 11cm x W 6cm
£5        F-CHOC          2 sets of 12                                  5. Snowflake cookie cutters                                                                                                                     2 Reels of tape: L 3m x W 1.5cm
                                                                        It doesn’t have to be a winter wedding! These snowflake shaped                                                                                  £12       M-TAGS
                                                                        cookies are beautiful at any time of the year – enjoy them with
                                                                        coffee at your wedding reception. Alternatively, hang them from
                                                                        floral arrangements or use them to decorate your tables. There are
                                                                        five different cutter designs in the tin.
                                                                        £12        X-CUT         Pack of 5

        Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                            To order –     or ...                                                                                
    1                                          Exclusive!            3                                                                       5                                                                      6

    2                                                  New!          4                                              Exclusive!                                                                                      7                                              Exclusive!

1. Wedding stamps                                                  3. Smokey grey, imperial purple and crimson red ink pads                5. Ink Pads                                                            6. Blank cards
Creating personalised wedding stationery couldn’t be easier with   These colours are totally fabulous for your personalised wedding        Decorate and illustrate to your heart’s content with these 20          These blank cards are brilliant for inexpensive thank you cards and
our bespoke initials, names or address stamps – the most amazing   stationery – wonderfully rich and evocative. Ink pads like these are    amazing coloured small ink pads. Use them with any size of stamp –     wedding invitations – just add your own designs. You could also use
and versatile stamp kit for weddings. These beautifully made       not easy to find and they’ll certainly set your special message apart.   including our own great selection – to personalise your wedding        them for table numbers or place names. Why not leave them out to
wooden stamps with their lovely typefaces are so simple to order   Use them with all of our stamps. Only available online.                 stationery. A brilliantly handy size, they include glittery, Day-Glo   entertain the younger children at your wedding?
online. Just type in the details you need them to feature.         Each pad: W 9cm x D 7cm                                                 and pretty colours, as well as silver. Each pad 3cm x 3cm              Size 12.5cm x 12.5cm. Envelopes included.
£17       P-ADDRESS (address)                                      £8        P-INKG Smokey grey                                            £13       M-INKB           Pack of 20                                  £12       C-CARD         Pack of 50
£17       P-INITIAL        (initials)                              £8        P-INKP Imperial purple
£17       P-STAMP          (names)                                 £8        P-INKC Crimson red                                                                                                                   7. Fabulous box of stamps
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We couldn’t find a collection like this anywhere, so we designed
2. Velvet Ribbon                                                   4. Luxembourg ribbon                                                                                                                           our own – the ultimate box of stamps. It includes 22 stamps of almost
Divine coloured velvet ribbon wound on wooden spools.              We adore these very special spools of luxurious ribbon in mouth-                                                                               every salutation imaginable and we really love the graphics. Use
Dusky pink, deep turquoise and soft brown. Great for hanging       watering shades of pink, sage green, ivory and chocolate. Use them                                                                             them to personalise your wedding stationery and thank you cards.
favours, wrapping little pressies, or tying posies.                to tie flowers, napkins or name tags – or maybe small thank you gifts                                                                           So useful for many years after your big day. Box: L 25.5cm x W 14cm
Ribbon: 10m length, W .7cm                                         for friends and family. Each spool 30ft.                                                                                                       £25       M-FAB         Includes black ink pad
Spool: 10cm high, Dia 5cm                                          £28       M-LIN           Pack of 4
£10       P-PIVELV        Pink
£10       P-TUVELV Turquoise
£10       P-BRVELV Brown

        Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                           To order –     or ...                                                                         
  1                                                4                                                                                              6                      Exclusive!                 8                                                                     Exclusive!

  2                                                3                                              5                      Exclusive!               7                                New

1. Famous faces masks                                                   4. Box of gorgeous ribbons                                              6. Party invites                                                        8. Tissue pack
These famous faces masks are excellent fun to pass around among         This beautiful box of wonderfully coloured ribbons is great for tying   It’s always hard to find fun party invitations. So we’ve designed our    Everyone loves a beautifully-wrapped parcel. We’ve created a
your guests! Each pack contains 8 characters – David Bowie, Clint       bouquets, wrapping gifts or for winding around your table napkins,      own – in bright Day-Glo colours. These funky invites are made from      fabulous pack of tissue papers in divine colours, 24 sheets each of
Eastwood, Dame Edna, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Charlie             glasses or favour boxes. Each of the 4m-long ribbons features pretty    recycled paper. Each pack contains 10 carefully styled ‘party’ cards,   lilac, light blue, light green, pink, cream and chocolate papers; 144
Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn and Carmen Miranda – with each design           old-fashioned running stitch detail and all colours look wonderful      plus envelopes, with event details printed on the reverse. Great for    sheets in total. Use them singly or mix them up for added impact –
having fabric ties to keep it firmly in place. Avg H 20cm x W 33cm       together. The cleverly designed box contains 15 ribbons.                more casual wedding parties. W 15cm x H 10.5cm                          combine them with the Luxembourg ribbon for spectacular results.
£15      P-MASKF         Set of 8                                       L 23cm x W 11cm x D 7cm                                                 £10       P-INVP          Pack of 10                                    Paper is presented flat in a sturdy box for easy storage.
                                                                        £34       M-RIBB         Box of 15 ribbons                                                                                                      Each sheet L 77cm x W 55cm
2. Kissing stamp                                                                                                                                7. Butterfly rubber stamps                                               £20         M-TISS          Pack of 144 sheets
This is so much fun! Go crazy with this rubber stamp and ink pad,       5. Girly tissue pack                                                    Following on from the huge success of our birds and nest stamps –
suitable for decorating your wedding invitations and name place         This completely gorgeous range of decorative tissue paper               here is a gorgeous butterfly version. This lovely tin includes 8
tags at the reception or perhaps for sealing thank you letters with a   is perfect for wrapping your presents for friends and family.           different stamps and a black ink pad. Personalise your invitations,
loving kiss. 4cm x 4cm                                                  Simply select a pattern to suit your present from cherry blossom,       name places, or thank you cards. This is such a special set you will
£5         M-LIP                                                        chocolate and pink stripe, large pink and chocolate spot, pink and      want to keep it for years. Tin size 8x5cm
                                                                        chocolate polka dot and aqua with butterflies.                           £22        M-BUT
3. Butterfly garland                                                     Pack of five colours, 12 sheets of each, sheet size 50cm x 75cm
These butterflies are so beautiful! Add a frivolous touch to your        £20       M-TISSP        Pack of 60 sheets
tables, flowers arrangements, the church or marquee with these
gorgeous hand-painted feather butterflies in the prettiest pastels.
12 butterflies strung together on 1.53m of clear line.
£12       P-GAR

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                             To order –     or ...                                                                             
                                                                         3                                                                      5                                                                        7                                             Exclusive!

  1                                                 2                                            4                                              6                                                                        8                                             Exclusive!

1. Chinese fortune sticks                                              3. Seed favours                                                        5. Heart candles                                                         7. Wedding matches
Fortune sticks are an ancient form of Chinese fortune telling and      An inspiring and unusual idea for your wedding favours. Each of        These pretty vanilla scented candles will burn for over 4 hours,         These matches are useful for lighting anything from candles and gel
each one is inscribed with an individual fate. These wooden sticks     these great seed books contains 10 seed sticks ready to pop into the   providing the perfect decoration for your reception. And when            candles to celebratory sparklers – also a great keepsake or simple
make wonderful wedding favours, tucked inside napkins or unusual       ground. An assorted mixture of Alpine Strawberry, Herb Garden,         they’ve burned, you can use the white ceramic hearts as little trinket   wedding favour. The slim elegant box is printed with the Oxford
place markers. L 16cm each stick                                       Wild Flower, Sweet William and Butterfly Flowers in each pack.          dishes. Alternatively, give them away as sweet little gifts or wedding   dictionary definition of wedlock and filled with 24 safety strike
£18       P-STICK        Set of 78                                     Box of 50 seed books.                                                  favours. W 6cm x D 3cm                                                   matches. L 6cm x W 4cm
                                                                       £55       P-SEED         Box of 50 Books                               £35       P-CAN           Set of 12                                      £36      P-MATCH        Pack of 50 boxes
2. Confetti box
Put this fantastic, ready-to-go confetti kit in the church porch and   4. Love origami                                                        6. Pink heart sugar                                                      8. Charm crackers
guests can help themselves! Simply fill the 25 high quality, ivory      A fabulously original little extra for your wedding. This origami      We just love these pretty sugar lumps painted with pink and red          These white crackers add instant shimmer to any style of table
coloured cones with the delightful mixture of delicate lilac, ivory    fortune teller will also be considered a quirky keepsake of a          hearts. The perfect finishing touch for your special table settings.      setting at your reception. Each one contains a snap, a romantic
blue and pink delphinium petals and wait for that perfect moment!      memorable day. Guests can fold and create the fortune teller then      They look lovely in a little bowl for your guests to use. Or why not     quotation and a silver-plated charm. Contents not suitable for
£45        P-CON           Biodegradable                               ask their dining companions to choose a coloured heart, lift the flap   just scatter a few around each table for additional decoration?          children under 3 years. L 15cm x W 2.5cm
                                                                       and read them the romantic French phrase underneath.                   Each box contains 30 cubes.                                              £25        P-CRAK         Pack of 36
                                                                       £17        P-ORI           Pack of 30                                  £12        P-SUG           Pack of 30

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                          To order –     or ...                                                                             
 1                                                                2                                                        New            4                                              Exclusive!              5                                                        New

                                                                  3                                              Exclusive!                                                                                      6

1. Floral heart pegs                                            2. Mini favour tins                                                     4. Organza favour bags                                                 5. Mr and Mrs Neapolitans
There’s no end to the number of uses you could find for these    These are a really contemporary and original take on a traditional      Pretty organza favour bags like these make great keepsakes. Each       These sweet and quirky chocolates are great placed next to coffee
delicate wooden pegs – these tiny floral material hearts would   idea. Tiny tins with a clear top – just pop in anything from printed    little white bag has a beaded drawstring and is printed with a white   cups at your reception. Simple white wrappers with silver type.
make great name place holders or memo holders. Why not clip     quotes, flower petals to tiny sweets. 24 in a set. Each tin Dia 40mm     paisley motif. Would look lovely at a wedding – perhaps put the        Each chocolate 3.5cm sq.
one onto your jacket pocket or use them to clip cards to your   £18       P-TIN                                                         name of your guest inside each bag and initially present it on the     £32       P-CHOCMR Pack of 100
noticeboard? Bag of 12. H 2cm                                                                                                           table as a name place marker. Pack of 20.
£3        P-PEG                                                 3. Ten heart charms                                                     Each bag: H 14cm x W 9cm                                               6. Wedding table trivia
                                                                Designed as lovely little pressies for guests at your wedding, these    £24        P-ORG         Pack of 20                                    For an instant hit at your wedding reception, why not invite guests
                                                                tiny heart charms are simply delightful. They can be decorative too.                                                                           to break the ice with their table companions by asking these trivia
                                                                Threaded through a simple white cord, you can attach them                                                                                      questions? Each of the four boxes in the set contains 60 cards
                                                                anywhere your heart desires… Wrap them around your wrist or a                                                                                  featuring questions and answers with a romantic twist, including
                                                                bag, the button of your jacket or even a keyring. They’ll be a lovely                                                                          everyday teasers on the topics of pop, film and literature. Set of 4
                                                                reminder of your day. L 50cm                                                                                                                   boxes. Each box: H 4.5cm x W 5cm x D 5cm
                                                                £16       P-WCHARM                                                                                                                             £8        P-TRIV           Set of 4 boxes

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                    To order –     or ...                                                                           
                                                                            3                                                                     5                                                                               New              8                     Exclusive!

  1                                                 2                                               4                                             6                                                 7                                              9

1. Heart name holders                                                     3. Silver scatter flowers                                              5. Cotton napkins on a roll                                              8. Name-place baubles
Perfect for table numbers at your wedding reception, the twisted          Add a little sparkle to your special day with these faceted acetate   Such a fabulous idea, these immensely clever cotton napkins are          Designed by Cox & Cox, and sold exclusively by us, these innovative,
metal sticks of these heart-shaped holders can be stuck into flower        flowers. You could use them on your invitations, or on name place      really good quality. They’re great for any occasion, including lazy      silvered glass bauble name holders add an elegant touch to any
arrangements, cases or blocks of wood. Simply slip your handwritten       tags. Try scattering them on tables at your reception or perhaps      dinner parties, christenings and weddings. Just tear them off the roll   wedding. Designed with a flat base to hold it steady, the bauble’s
or printed card into the heart. Diameter 7cm x H 46cm                     even along church pews – anywhere you want to add a little old-       as required, then use them – and even re-use them. Made from off-        clip holds your place card on top. Works particularly well with our
£25       P-HHOLD        Pack of 5                                        fashioned glamour. Contains approx 200 flowers.                        white cotton with a printed taupe border for a simple, yet               hand-made place cards. Diameter 3cm
                                                                          £26        P-SCAT                                                     sophisticated, look. Roll of 25. Each napkin: L 32cm x W 32cm            £14       P-NAME         Pack of 10
2. Crystal chandelier drops                                                                                                                     £22       P-NAP
Send light twinkling and reflecting all around your celebrations with      4. Wired silver flower garland                                                                                                                  9. Hand-made place cards
these opulent crystal chandelier drops. Each pack of 3 features two       This lovely garland features the same delicate design as our silver   6. Name-place vases                                                      These heavy, hand-made place cards will add a touch of elegance
sizes of drops: 1 x small and 2 x large. Ribbon not included. Small 5cm   scatter flowers, but this time the flowers are incorporated on an       This clever vase doubles as a name place holder – or perhaps it’s the    to any style of table setting at your wedding reception. Our name
x 3cm; Large 6cm x 4cm. They would also make decadent, but                easily bendable wire. So you can simply and effectively wrap it       other way around. Pretty and practical, it’s ideal for your wedding      place baubles are specially designed to be used with them.
wonderful, favours with ribbon threaded through them.                     around glasses, candlesticks or napkins at your reception. L 2m       banquet and would be a lovely gift for guests to take home. H 2cm        H 6.5cm x W 9.5cm
£8        X-CHAND Set of 3                                                £7        P-SILV                                                      £26       P-HOLD        Set of 8                                         £10       H-NAME          Pack of 50 placecards

                                                                                                                                                7. Silvered candlesticks
                                                                                                                                                Hand-made twisted candlesticks are hard to find, and these silvered
                                                                                                                                                glass ones would look fabulous grouped together as an elegant
                                                                                                                                                addition to tables at your wedding. They hold candles with a
                                                                                                                                                diameter up to 2.5cm. Set of 3: one large, two small.
                                                                                                                                                Large candlestick: H 25.5cm, Small candlestick: H 19cm
                                                                                                                                                £33       H-CAND         Set of 3

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                                To order –     or ...                                                                        
  1                      Exclusive!                3                                                4                      Exclusive!               6                                               8                                               9

  2                                                                        5                                                                        7                                             Exclusive!                10

1. Wooden carved candlestick                                             3. Silver water jug                                                      6. Sculptural glass jug                                                 8. Silver birch candle
These opulent and generous sized hand-carved candlesticks would          Designed to match our wine cooler, this stunning silver-plated water     Taking centre stage on your wedding tables to hold water, wine, or      This would look lovely on all your tables – especially at a winter
look great at a winter wedding or adorning any ceremony. Made            jug will look sensational on your top table for serving chilled water.   perhaps used as a vase, this glass jug would look simply stunning.      wedding. Made from a section of real silver birch trunk, it comes
from whitewashed wood, they can be used freestanding on the floor         With a striking leather handle, it’s elegant – and will prove a          Extremely elegant, the timeless design will also look great in your     with a tealight, placed in the top. Grouped together these candles
or as a fabulous centerpiece, for a romantic yet ecclesiastical feel.    practical luxury in your home for years to come.                         home for many years. H 24cm                                             look particularly splendid. Sizes vary slightly. W 6cm x H6cm
They take any candles up to 7cm wide. Height 60cm x Diameter 23cm        H 28cm x W at base 10cm                                                  £28      H-JUG                                                          £7        H-BIRCH
£40       H-WOODS Single                                                 £90        H-WAT
£75       H-WOODP Pair                                                                                                                            7. Lustre vases                                                         9. Silver plated wine cooler
                                                                         4. To Have and To Hold ribbon                                            These lovely lustred gold vases make amazing value presents if you      This stunning leather handled wine cooler would make a smart and
2. Victorian character masks                                             Beautifully designed in soft ivory and old rose pink, this gorgeous      wrap them individually for friends. They are beautifully designed and   very elegant addition to your top table. Crafted from silver plate
These fabulous character masks are perfect for breaking the ice at       grosgrain ribbon can be used to tie around favours, presents, napkins    each set contains 8 vases. Because they are so dainty, they are a       with a hammered effect, its indentations are polished to perfection.
your reception. They are beautifully printed, and offer great quality.   or any other item on the big day. Just use your imagination…             very economic way of decorating your table as you can simply pick       It’s so special, it will remind you of your wedding day for years to
Each pack contains 8 characters – 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen – with        W 1cm x L 20m                                                            single flower heads – even a buttercup would look good.                  come. H 23cm x W 25cm
each design having fabric ties to keep it firmly in place.                £14       P-HAVE                                                         Set of 8. Each vase: H 5cm x Dia 4.5cm                                  £95        H-WINE
Each mask approx H 20cm x W 32cm                                                                                                                  £22        P-VAS Set of 8
£16       P-MASK        Set of 8                                         5. Bead votive                                                                                                                                   10. Brown heart sugar
                                                                         This beautiful vintage bead votive is a pretty accessory for guest                                                                               We lost our hearts to these decorative sugar cubes with cut-out
                                                                         tables at your wedding reception – or even to take on honeymoon.                                                                                 sections, all ready to perch on the rims of coffee cups at your
                                                                         Designed to hold tea lights, the glass container is trimmed with wire                                                                            wedding reception! A fantastic and unusual way to add a special
                                                                         and a selection of exquisite, jewel-like glass beads.                                                                                            touch to the end of your meal. 250g, approximately 64 hearts.
                                                                         H 6cm x Diameter 6cm                                                                                                                             £22       P-HEART         Box of approx 64
                                                                         £7        H-BEAD

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                                 To order –     or ...                                                                         
  1                                                                              New              2                      Exclusive!              4                                New              6                                                                              New

                                                                                                  3                               New            5                       New and

1. Cup cake stand                                                       2. Wedding beaded garland                                              4. Travel gift tags                                                       6. Number candle vases
Cupcakes are in this year! Why not use it at your wedding               Add an easy touch of elegance to your wedding decorations with         The prettiest tags with charming softly printed muted vintage travel      These truly original numbered 1 to 3 glass vases with candle holder
reception? Don’t just go for one boring cake – present everyone         this wired garland that features pretty and charming white seed        motifs, which are based on a luggage label design. Wrap around            inserts – would look stunning on your wedding tables. They can also
with a slightly differently designed cupcake instead. The stand holds   beads and glass leaves. Simply wind it around your chosen chair,       napkins, or use as name places around the stem of a glass. Or simply      hold flower stems should your prefer.
37 cupcakes – how economical is that! H 30cm x W at base 46cm           candelabra or similar and tweak the bead loops to create the shape     use them as gift tags! Paper bag of 10 tags. Each tag 7 x 4cm             1: H 13 x 7cm dia 2: H 16 x 8.5cm dia 3: H18 x 8.5cm dia
£30        P-CAKE                                                       you require. L 2m                                                      £6        M-TTAG                                                          £30        P-NUMBVA
                                                                        £12       P-BGAR
                                                                                                                                               5. Ingenious cookie cutter sets
                                                                        3. Rose cupcake wrapper                                                These ingenious cutters come in either star, butterfly or heart sets of
                                                                        As cupcakes are all the rage this year - why not give yours the edge   3 cutters – the smallest with a 'cut-out' shape for placing on the side
                                                                        with these charming wrappers? Simply slot the wrapper ends             of a cup or glass. You could easily make original and stylish biscuits
                                                                        together and drop the cupcake into it. For extra wow factor – why      and serve with coffee at your reception!
                                                                        not use our Cup Cake Stand – they look pretty amazing! Pack of 12.     Small 6.5cm, medium 8cm, and large 10cm
                                                                        For cakes up to H 5cm x Dia 8cm                                        £10       M-SICUT         Star, set of 3
                                                                        £9        P-CUPC                                                       £10       M-HICUT         Heart, set of 3
                                                                                                                                               £10       M-BICUT         Butterfly, set of 3

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                            To order –     or ...                                                                            
Party on
                                                                          3                                              Exclusive!             6                                                 Exclusive!               9

  1                                                                       4                                              Exclusive!

                                                                                                                                                7                                                   8                    Exclusive!                 10

  2                                                                       5                                              Exclusive!

1. Dove paper garlands                                                  3. Wedding sign                                                       6. Party sign                                                              9. Chinese Lanterns
Simple yet stylish, these paper doves would make lovely decorations     On this most special of days, it's important that everyone knows      This wonderful sign is just perfect for parties – whether they're inside   Add an exotic, strong splash of colour to your celebrations for very
for your wedding or anniversary celebration. Beautifully created,       where they're going. So inform and guide your guests with this        or outside. Welcome and direct your guests with this weather-proof         little money by hanging these 12 hand-painted Chinese lanterns from
they will lend a romantic feel to any room. Each 3m-long garland        wonderful enamel sign – printed both sides. L 60 cm x W 14 cm         enamel waymarker – printed both sides. L 60cm x W 14cm                     surrounding trees or around the inside of your wedding venue. They
features pairs of doves strung together. They’re striking and           £12      P-WED                                                        £12       P-PART                                                           come as a mixed colour pack of various shapes and are not suitable
different, but won’t break the bank for a lovely effect.                                                                                                                                                                 for use with candles or naked flame. Average size H 12cm x W 12cm
Each pair of doves: H 18cm x W 20cm                                     4. ‘Parking’ and ‘To the Loo’ signs                                   7. Graphic Party Sign                                                      £8        P-CHIN         Set of 12
£5         P-DOVE                                                       A stylish way to direct your guests around your wedding venue!        Point the way to your children’s party with this retro-styled Party
                                                                        Confirm their safe arrival and then make sure they don’t get lost      sign. The colourful graphics are painted onto tin and it also features     10. Iron brazier
2. Paper bunting                                                        throughout the day. These two signs are made from vintage styled      a metal hanger, making it simple to hang from any gatepost, tree,          This handsome iron brazier is a warming addition to any outdoor
This original paper bunting comes straight from the world of            enamel, printed on both sides.L 60 cm x W 14 cm                       doorknob or hook on the wall. H 6cm W 30cm                                 ceremony or reception. Perfect for country and beach weddings,
Mediterranean fiestas. It’s surprisingly robust and truly fantastic.     £22        P-PARK         Set of two signs                            £5        C-PART                                                           you can use it day or night, for decoration or for real heat. It makes
An astonishing 50m in length, it comes on a fine cord, so that you can                                                                                                                                                    a superb centerpiece for everyone to gather around.
either string it inside your venue or around the outside of a marquee   5. Voile bunting                                                      8. Just Married sticker                                                    H 20 cm x Diameter 60cm. Weight 19k.
– it would also look fun decorating trees surrounding the reception.    A charming and original version of the traditional English            This is what all the best wedding cars are wearing this season!            £88      G-BRAZ
L 50m                                                                   summertime decoration. Comes in generous lengths of 10 metres.        This self-adhesive ‘Just Married’ easy peel sticker is such a brilliant
£12        P-FIEST                                                      Perfect for warm weather open air weddings, but suitable for adding   idea – it looks hand-written and gets the message across instantly!
                                                                        the finishing touch to any indoor or outdoor celebration. L 10m        H 14.5cm x W 63cm
                                                                        £20       P-VOIL                                                      £12        P-JUST

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                               To order –     or ...                                                                            
Let there
                                                                          2                                                                        4

be light!
  1                                                                       3                                                                        5                                                 6                                              7

1. Flickering battery wax candles                                       2. Ten lotus tea lights                                                  4. White LED tree lights                                                 6. LED solar outdoor tree lights
The realistic flickering of these battery powered wax candles is just    Use these charming multi-coloured and scented lotus tea lights as        Transform your wedding venue into a fairytale landscape at the flick      No wires, no plugs, no electricity! These environmentally friendly
brilliant! There’s no fuss, no dripping wax, no smoke – and no real     favours for the girls at your wedding or decorate your table for         of a switch! With 30 metres of cable and 250 pea lights, these lights    LED lights are ideal for illuminating and decorating trees around
flame. Just a simple on/off switch. Each candle will last for about 40   parties at home. They’re so pretty! The soft hues will match any         represent unbeatable value and look wonderful all year long! Also        your wedding venue. For use outside, the 60 flashing pea lights come
hours. Replacement lithium cell batteries can easily be bought from     colour scheme and each tea light will burn for about an hour and a       suitable for indoor use. Low voltage transformer and plug included.      with a solar panel, which re-charges the battery during the day.
any good hardware store. Boxed pack of 2. Includes batteries.           half. Pack of 10. Dia 4cm                                                £70       P-LEDTREE 30m cable, 250 pealights                             Length 1.93m
Each candle: H 6cm x Dia 5cm                                            £6         P-TEA                                                                                                                                  £40       X-LED
£14        P-WAX                                                                                                                                 5. White orchid lights
                                                                        3. Battery tea light                                                     Elegant and realistic, this string of white orchid lights would look     7. Heart sparklers
                                                                        When you want to create a romantic effect with candlelight outside,      lovely wrapped around pews or posts to add a stylish touch to any        An unusual and effective addition to your wedding celebrations.
                                                                        these clever wind-proof battery tea lights are the perfect solution.     occasion. The garland features 20 orchids on white paper wrapped         Create one of the evening’s most memorable moments – dim the
                                                                        Perfect for open air weddings – no more running around with              string. At a total length of 5m, including the lead and plug, it comes   lights, get everyone to light these gold-dusted sparklers and drink a
                                                                        matches at a windy wedding or worrying about a drizzly day! They         with a transformer and clear 24V bulbs for indoor use.                   toast to you!
                                                                        look just like standard tea lights and the integral batteries last for   Garland: L 2m. Lead/Plug: L 3m                                           £8         P-SPKL         Pack of 10
                                                                        about 72 hours. Diameter 4cm                                             £33        P-ORCH
                                                                        £16        P-BATT         Set of 12

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                             To order –     or ...                                                                              
  1                                                                         3                                                       New           4                                                        New             6



1. Kilner sun jar                                                         3. Citronella candles                                                 4. Glass lantern                                                         6. Candle lanterns
Whereas a jam jar stores jam, the sun jar stores sunshine – so you        These sweet terracotta pots filled with citronella wax will keep all   This stylish lantern looks stunning placed inside your venue or in the   These brilliant fire-retardant paper bags, punched with a star
can use it at night! This wonderful solar-powered Kilner jar lamp is a    those pesky mossies away if your wedding party is outside, and will   grounds outside. It would look great placed in groups lining the drive   shaped graphic, create a soft romantic glow at an outdoor wedding.
brilliant way of lighting pathways to your reception or even              give a charming candlelight to your tables or dotted around a         to your reception, or hung from a porch or wall. Candle not              No wedding is complete without them! Place tea lights inside, weigh
highlighting the edge of your dance floor. H 20cm x Diameter 12cm          garden. Pack of 12. Burning time 2 hrs.                               included. H24cm x W10cm x D21cm                                          them down with a bit of gravel in case of breeze and line them along
£22        G-KILN                                                         £8       G-CIT                                                        £45        G-LANT                                                        borders or paths. Candles not included. Can also be used with our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         battery tea lights. H 26cm x W15cm
2. Sky lantern                                                                                                                                  5. Tree net lights                                                       £9        P-LANT10 Pack of 10
Light the paper at the bottom of this amazing outdoor paper flying                                                                               Wrap this LED net panel of lights around tree trunks or over clipped
lantern and watch it soar into the sky. Perfect for parties or weddings                                                                         hedges or topiary in minutes to create a magical look. Useful for
– why not write a wish or a name on it before release? Only for use                                                                             years to come after your wedding for evening parties. Each net
in a safe space; full instructions for suitable conditions enclosed.                                                                            features 150 LEDs with a multi-action controller. A super safe 24v
L 1m x Dia 37cm                                                                                                                                 transformer makes the lights suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
£6         P-SKY                                                                                                                                Net 100cm x 250cm; Lead 10m
                                                                                                                                                £45       X-NET

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                            To order –     or ...                                                                            
                                                                      2                                                                         5                                                7                                                                    Exclusive!

 Tokens                                                               3                                               Exclusive!

 1                                             Exclusive!                                                                                       6                                                8                    Exclusive!                9                     Exclusive!

                                                                      4                                               Exclusive!

1. Shadow box                                                       2. Button heart                                                           5. Bouquet aromatique                                                   7. Carved angel wings
Our wooden shadow boxes make charming keepsakes of your big         Beautifully crafted using mother of pearl buttons, this charming item     Use this wonderful room fragrance as a special gift for your mother-    This beautiful pair of hand-carved wooden angel wings would look
day. Each frame is beautifully hand-carved and hand-painted for a   would be a great inexpensive gift – the perfect present to show your      in-law or bridesmaids – or fill your wedding venue with the aroma of     heavenly on any wall at your wedding ceremony or reception.
unique look. They are hinged at the front to allow you to use the   appreciation. Or why not use several as wonderful wedding                 orange confite. The scent is simply sublime. Comes with a supply of      Made from limed wood, they work wonderfully against plain plaster,
supplied pins to attach your wedding memorabilia to the pretty      decorations? It would also look particularly pretty tucked into your      14 rattan sticks. Bottle: 200ml, Sticks: L 30cm                         in particular. Why not hang them above your bed afterwards?
paisley fabric lining.                                              bouquet. Diameter 8cm                                                     £36       H-AROM                                                        H 30cm x W 18cm
£62       H-BOXL         Large frame. H 49cm x W 46cm               £6        H-BUTT                                                          £19       H-AROMR Refill                                                 £35       H-ANG           Pair
£40       H-BOXS         Small frame. H 26cm x W 26cm
                                                                    3. Three silvered milagros                                                6. Olive oil dipping dish                                               8. Heart hook
                                                                    Hand-made silvered milagros like these are really very special.           This ceramic dish captured our hearts – it’s simple and chic. Hand-     Use this decorative hook as a great little token of thanks for a
                                                                    Originating from Mexico, milagros are traditional folk charms that        made using traditional methods in Italy, it’s a perfect gift for your   bridesmaid. Or you could hang your wedding dress on it – a lovely
                                                                    are used as votive offerings. Each of these differently sized charms is   friends and family. Or let your guests dip bread into flavoured olive    little keepsake. Hand-carved in bleached wood, it’s both pretty and
                                                                    hung on black ribbon.                                                     oil for a lovely start to your celebration meal. Diameter 12cm          practical. H 22cm x W 13cm
                                                                    Set of 3: H 10cm x W 6cm; H 13cm x W 8cm; H 20cm x W 13cm                 £20        H-DIP                                                        £15        H-HEART
                                                                    £15       H-MIL          Set of 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      9. White hanging heart
                                                                    4. Friendship birds                                                                                                                               Hang it from the front pew or from a floral arrangement at your
                                                                    These adorable birds come in a neat little nesting box. Made                                                                                      ceremony. Or give it as a small gift of appreciation of someone’s
                                                                    from weathered metal, you can give one as a sweet token of                                                                                        help. However you choose to use it, this hand-carved wooden
                                                                    appreciation and keep the other as proof of an enduring friendship.                                                                               French heart offers simple, rustic charm. H 9.5cm x W 10cm
                                                                    Or use them to decorate your wedding tables. W 6cm                                                                                                £7        F-HEART
                                                                    £9       G-BIRD        Box of 2

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                              To order –     or ...                                                                          
  1                                                 3                                                4                                                6                                               8

  2                                                                         5                                                                         7                                               9

1. Name a rose kit                                                        3. Metal hearts                                                           6. Think sign                                                          8. Mr and Mrs letters
A great gift for the key girls at your wedding, be they bridesmaids,      These Indian silver hearts with ribbon would look lovely over pews        A great present for your partner or for your new home together.        This boxed set of separate white letters would make a wonderful
maids of honour, or your mother-in-law. They can choose a name for        or the backs of chairs at your reception. Also a delightful and           This graphic wooden wall decoration provides instant inspiration.      wedding or anniversary present. The set comprises individual letters
their unique rose seeds and fully enjoy the resulting blooms knowing      inexpensive gift. H 11cm x W 11cm                                         The stylish typeface is supplied in off-white to suit any colour       with an antique plaster finish, and are hand carved so will vary very
that the new rose name has been submitted to the British Library.         £15      X-HEART          Set of 3                                        background, but it would also look fabulous painted in a contrasting   slightly. They would look fabulous on a brightly painted wall or
Tin box 16cm x 22 cm                                                                                                                                colour. L 28cm x W17cm                                                 above a bed. Set of 6 letters boxed singly.
£25       H-ROSE                                                          4. Name a Star kit                                                        £14        H-THIN                                                      Average letter: H 12cm x W 13cm.
                                                                          Here’s a unique and very unusual gift for your pageboys, ushers or                                                                               £45        P-MR
2. Pretty willow heart                                                    best man – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name a star in the         7. Panacotta heart candle
We really fell for this hand-made decorative heart – it’s so pretty! It   night sky. Alternatively, save it for a honeymoon gift. What could be     This gorgeous candle would look and smell lovely on your wedding       9. Love and Peace cushions
would look lovely at your ceremony or reception, on its own or with       more romantic than to name a star together?                               tables. Presented boxed, it is hand-poured from an antique jelly       Exactly the sentiments you need in a marriage – for both rough and
flowers to match your colour scheme. Maybe hang it over your bed           Box size L 22cm x W 16cm                                                  mould, and has a wonderful panacotta and subtle spices fragrance.      smooth times! These fabulous appliquéd wool felt cushions are sold
afterwards. Ribbon not included, so simply select your own to match       £25        H-STAR                                                         With such a divine scent, it would also make a great gift for those    singly, but they would also look great as a pair. Really comfortable
your personal style. L 39cm x W 39cm                                                                                                                who have helped organise your big day or for your important            for lounging against, they’d work well in a contemporary setting and
£12       H-WILL                                                          5. The Book of the Kiss                                                   bridesmaids. H 15cm                                                    would make a fantastic romantic gift for your groom.
                                                                          A delightful gift for your beloved. This is a very special anthology of   £15       H-HCAN                                                       Each L 60cm x W 40cm
                                                                          quotations on kisses and kissing from over 30 writers. Illustrated with                                                                          £45        C-CLOVE
                                                                          elegantly reproduced 18th century engravings and printed on                                                                                      £45        C-CPEACE
                                                                          recycled paper, it’s tied with a red satin ribbon. H 19cm x W 12.5cm
                                                                          £8        H-KISS

       Look on the web for more great ideas! ...                                                                                                   To order –     or ...                                                                       
1                          New     2                                                            New

                                 1. All you need is love!
3                          New   These two hand stencilled wooden panels would make such an
                                 original wedding present to your partner. They would look stylish
                                 and timeless on any wall at home for many years to come.
                                 Each panel W 91cm x H 46cm
                                 £200 P-LOVEALL

                                 2. Kiss tapestry kit
                                 This cross stitch 'kiss' tapestry kit is really special – it would make a
                                 lovely wedding present given as a kit – or why not make it yourself
                                 and give to your husband to be! Included in the set is a needle, 11
                                 colourways of appletons wool plus an extra cream one, an easy to
                                 follow colour chart, full instructions and tapestry canvas.
                                 Finished size W 69 x H 24cm
                                 £85       P-KISSKIT

                                 3. Striped sun canopy
                                 Add the most amazing feature to your wedding this summer with this
                                 fab retro-striped sun canopy. It’s a classic you’ll use every year.
                                 Incredibly easy to assemble, it’s perfect for creating a shaded place
                                 in a corner of your garden – or a sheltered setting for snacks and
                                 drinks at a children’s party. Not waterproof.
                                 W 1.8m x D 1.1m x H 1.58m at back rising to 1.75m at front
                                 £250 G-SCAN

    Look on the web for more great ideas! ...

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