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  The Parish Magazine

      December 2012
              Issue 292
                         Small Ads pin board
                                     *** GARDENER WANTED***
New singers who would like to          Stratford St Mary / Higham
join with the Benefice and             Minimum: 10 hours a week
HSM Carol choirs to sing at the                   (flexible)
Christmas Carol services               To start as soon as possible!
would be very welcome.                       Tel: 07899 896496
The ability to read music is not
necessary but enthusiasm and
commitment is. The services
will be held at Stratford Church
and Holton St. Mary Church on
                                          Lost Cat!
16th December.
There will be three rehearsals:
Wed. 28th Nov. at
7.30p.m.:Sun.9th Dec. at
11a.m: Sun. 16th Dec. at
11.30a.m. all held
in Holton Church.

If you are interested, please
contact Nicola Tindall on
01787 212 340            If you see this cat, please let me
                                    know on 01473 828941, 07962
                                    975534 or
       For Sale                     Her name is Bella, she is an adult
                 Old sink, ideal    female tabby short-hair. She doesn’t
                 for an Alpine      have a collar but is micro-chipped.
                 g a r d e n        She was lost at Sulleys Hill, Lower
                 contact 01473      Raydon on 25th October. She is
                 312123 with        very quiet and likes to hide but is
                 your      offer    very friendly and likes human
                 which will be      company so is likely to seek out
                 donated       to   people.
                 R a y d o n
                 Church. Can        Thank you very much in advance,
                 deliver locally.   Anita
                                                     King David, in whose city of Bethlehem
                          Dear friends,              Jesus was born. The second purple
                                                     candle is lit on the second Sunday of
                          It is hard to              Advent to remember the ancient Prophets
                          believe       that         who tried to keep the people in touch with
                          Christmas       is         their God, and foretold the birth of the
                          nearly upon us;            Messiah. On the third Sunday of Advent
                          this year seems to         we remember John the Baptist, who
                                                     announced the Saviour’s coming to
have flown past. But I give thanks for the           everyone at Jesus’ baptism. On that
many blessings of this year, in particular           Sunday we light a rose candle as a sign
the continuing revitalization of the church          of rejoicing at the news of Jesus’
in Stratford and the offers there to help with       Messiahship. And on the fourth Sunday
children’s and young people’s work. At this          of Advent we remember Jesus’ mother,
time in particular, I pray for God’s presence        Mary, with the lighting of the fourth purple
to be made really known to all who are               candle.
seeking him.
                                                     The traditional Advent prayer is
Before Christmas, we go through a period             ‘Maranatha’, an Aramaic expression
of 4 weeks called ‘Advent’, which comes              meaning ‘Our Lord, come!’ Aramaic was
from the Latin meaning ‘to come’, or ‘to             the language Jesus spoke, so we are
arrive’, for during this time we think about         speaking to him as a friend in his own
the fact that God is preparing to come               language by asking him to come to us this
down to us in the form of his Son, Jesus.            Advent and Christmas to be our
                                                     ‘Emmanuel’ – Christ with us.
In all of our churches we shall light a
candle on the Advent wreath every                    And so we light the final, white, candle on
Sunday, and each Sunday we shall light               Christmas Eve at the Midnight Mass and
one more candle, to show the light growing           again on Christmas Day, to represent
as our expectation of God’s presence with            Jesus arriving among us once more as
us also grows. In some traditions, all these         the light of the world.
candles are red because it is a colour that
predominates at Christmas time, with holly           May you have a very blessed Advent and
and poinsettia for instance. In Scandinavia          may Christmas come with all the joy of the
they are sometimes green to symbolize the            new birth of a Son in our world.
coming of new life. In the tradition I know
best, they consist of three purple candles           Rosalind Paul
(purple is the colour of Advent) and one             Rector
rose candle, all of which are placed in a
circle around one white candle, and they
all mean something and are lit in a
particular order.

The first candle we light, on Advent
Sunday, is purple. This candle stands for
the ‘Patriarchs’, our fathers in faith, such
as Abraham, the very first man recorded
in the Bible to believe in only one God, and     1
                                   The Quartet Diary
December                                23 Carol Service, Raydon
1   Christmas Fair, Raydon
    Charity Christmas Disco, SSM        28 HSM Social Club Whist
    Christmas Dance, HSM Social
    Club                                2013
    SSM Rambling Club                   January
2   Annual Advent Carol Service,        1   HSM Social Membership due
    Great Wenham                            from now
    Carol Service, EBCC                     SSM Rambling Club

1-2 Christmas Tree Event, EBCC          9   HSM Parish Council Meeting

4   Make Your Own Christmas             22 Raydon Fair Trade Coffee
    Wreath, HSM                            Morning

5   Raydon’s Women’s Fellowship         25 HSM Social Club Whist
    Christmas Meal
    SSM Lunch Club Christmas
    Party                               February
                                        19 Raydon Fair Trade Coffee
8   Christmas Phoenix Brass                Morning
    Christmas Farmer’s Market,          21 R & DGC Meeting
                                        23 Bayeux Tapestry Talk, Raydon
9   Choir Rehearsal

10 SSM Rambling Club
                                        13 HSM Parish Council Meeting
11 Raydon Fair Trade Coffee
   Morning                              19 Raydon Fair Trade Coffee
15 SSM Christmas Fayre
                                        21 R & DGC Meeting
16 Choir Rehearsal
   Carol Service, SSM and HSM           April
                                        17 Annual Parish Meeting, HSM
22 SSM Rambling Club
                                        25 R & DGC Meeting

                                                Editors Corner

Editors Choice                                 Finally, may we wish all our readers
                                               and advertisers a very Happy
One good thing about getting the               Christmas and a prosperous New Year
December edition of the Quartet ready
for the 1st December is that as editors,       All the best, Anne and Jane
we are some of the first people able
to offer you seasons greetings! It
seems Christmas has rushed up to
meet us again this year, and I’m sure
you will be grateful for the Quartet to
guide you through the many events
on the lead up to Christmas and
beyond.      There are many carol
concerts, shopping events and other
special occasions in our parishes, so
rather than try and highlight a few, we
shall leave it to you to look through          Articles for the Quartet are included if
and find the ones you will enjoy.              we have room, and if, in the opinion
                                               of the editors, they are of general
There are a couple of organisations            interest to our readers.        Please
looking for volunteers over the                remember all articles will be subject
Christmas season (and into the New             to editing.
Year) please look on page 9 if you
think you can donate all or part of your
winter fuel allowance to someone
more needy in Suffolk, look on page
14 if you could help with Church               Copy deadline for next edition:
cleaning in Raydon. Page 15 has an             19th December 2012.
article asking for help with Riding for        Contact details: Email:
the Disabled, and page 18 holds an   
article asking for volunteers for
Papworth Trust (Ipswich).                      Anne Wicks;
                                               1 Corpus Christi Cottages, Holton St
On another note, page eight contains           Mary. CO7 6NN
our latest reader offer - Suffolk
Gardening Company are offering you             Jane Lelliott ;
a free planted terracotta pot! Got to          5 Swan Meadow, Stratford St Mary.
be worth it!                                   CO7 6JQ

                                  Stratford St Mary

               Merry Christmas
             and a Happy New Year
Donations have been made to Stratford St Mary Church in lieu of Christmas Cards

       ABC Parent and
     Baby/Toddler Group.

The ABC Parent and Baby/Toddler
group runs every Thursday from
1.45pm - 3pm at ABC Preschool,
within the grounds of Stratford St
Mary Primary School. Parents and
Carers with children up to school age
are welcome to join us. The cost is
£1.50 for one parent and one child
and 50p for additional children. Re-
freshments are provided. For more                        DOG FOULING
information please call 01206 322466
(during term time) or email:                   Stratford St Mary Parish Council has                       recently received a number of com-
                                               plaints about dog fouling and is asking
                                               residents and other dog walkers to
Saturday 15th December: Stratford St           help to stop this or catch the culprits.
Mary Christmas Fayre, sponsored by
Grier and Partners of East Bergholt,           Apart from the health issues and the
will be held in The Institute Hall from        unsightliness of dog fouling it is also
10.30am. Confirmed Stalls so far in-           an offence under the Dogs (Fouling
clude, Jo Jewels, Emerald Antiques,            of Land) Act 1996. The Council have
Woodcraft for Children, Mary's Miner-          the authority to issue a fixed penalty
als, Patchwork, Penny, Phoenix                 of £50 or a court fine of up to £1000
Cards, Gifts for Gentlemen, Excep-             for proven cases.
tional Gifts. The Fayre will also fea-
ture refreshments, a raffle for a luxury       Responsible dog owners always clean
Xmas hamper, mini digger rides and             up after their dogs. The council have
a visit from Father Christmas. All             provided a number of dog waste bins
funds raised will go to the ABC Pre-           around the village or it can be double
school in the village.                         bagged and put into the residual
                                               (black bin).

Many thanks Holly Churchill                    If anybody sees a dog owner failing to
                                               clean up after their dog, knows or can
                                               identify the culprit then please report
                                               this to Babergh DC by phone on
                                               01473 826622 or by e-mailing on

                                               Stratford St Mary Parish Council
                                     SSM Rambling Club
Rambles arranged for this month are on              are Oak, Beech and Ash, Ash accounting
Saturday 1st Bramford and Claydon lakes             for about 30% of these trees.
(41/2 miles); Monday 10th ,Bealey (4½
miles) and on Saturday 22nd , Alton Waters          It goes without saying that it would
(4 miles). A New Year's day walk has                devastating to the country side if all the
again been arranged with a 11 .00am start           Ash trees died. Any signs of this disease
from the Parish Room at Stratford (2 miles)         seen by ramblers should be immediately
with mulled wine and mince pies available           reported to the Environment Agency:
in the Parish Room afterwards. The £3               Some footpaths may be temporarily
annual subscription will be due for                 closed to prevent its spread. On a lighter
collection. Departure for all the rambles,          note, Buzzards have been seen flying
New Year's day excepted, will be from the           overhead on the Strickmere estate at
Parish Room at Stratford St Mary at                 Stratford, a pair of White Egrets have
10.00am, transport arrangements having              landed on the back of a garden on the
been made.                                          same estate and a Barn Owl flew in front
                                                    my car on leaving East Bergholt in broad
Further details and enquiries should be             daylight. Further afield, a Desert
made to Don Umfreville, tel 01202 322626            Wheatear was seen at the Abberton
                                                    Reservoir, a very rare bird visitor,
It was the coldest October since 2003. The          presumably of course for its destination
average max temperature was 13.1C                   of the Sahara Desert.
[13.3C] and the min was 7.5C [7. 1C];
2003 values in brackets. Total rainfall I           This is my final report as the publicity
recorded amounted to 84.2 millimetres               officer for the Stratford St Mary Rambling
(3.31 inches) which is about 68% above              Club. However, I hope to give a review
the average amount expected. There were             of the winter and natural history events
only 4 days without any precipitation and           in the March 2013 edition of the Quartet.
not surprisingly, sunshine was in short
supply, only half the amount which was              I would like to thank Anne Wicks for
recorded in October 2011.                           publishing my reports and wish the
                                                    editors, distributors and readers of the
Regrettably, Ash Die back disease                   Quartet a happy and peaceful 2013.
(Chalara Fraxinea fungus) has become a
problem. Evidence of it is seen on the              Robin Jackson
leaves of Ash trees with the development
of blackish brown patches which spread
to the whole of the leaves and stems
causing the eventual demise of the trees.
It was first discovered in woods in East
Anglia and has since spread by spores
carried in the wind or by animals. After leaf
fall in the Autumn, signs of it will not be
seen until the Spring next year. The most
common deciduous trees in our country

                                          ROYAL BRITISH LEGION POPPY
  STRATFORD St. MARY                      APPEAL
                                          We have achieved another high
 Your facility in Stratford St Mary       collection in Stratford St Mary
                                          £1369.52. My grateful thanks to
  The hall hiring charges are as          everyone who gave so generously
               follows                    and to all the collectors for their
                                          wonderful support.
       1 session - £15.00.
2 consecutive sessions - £28.00.          Eileen Platford
3 consecutive sessions or all day         Local Organiser
- £35.00.

Special rates for regular
Heating and lighting are included

For booking please see or ring
Don Umfreville
at Christmas Cottage,
Upper Street. Tel : 322 626.

                                             REVISED BUS
                                          SERVICES IN SUFFOLK
  Charity Christmas
                                          This notice is to advise you that
    Disco Party                           several bus services will change
     50s-60s-70s music                    during November and December
     1st December 2012
       7.30pm till late                   Downloadable PDF timetables for
                                          these services can be found on our
      INSTITUTE HALL                      website by clicking on the
    BUFFET AND RAFFLE                     appropriate         month          at
       £10 per person           
    IN AID OF THE FIRST                   _service_changes or by contacting
       RESPONDERS                         us on 0845 606 6171. Please note
                                          that these pages are frequently being
Tickets Tel Sally 01206 323098,           updated to include new timetables
 Barbara 01206 322469 or the              and service change summaries so
     Anchor Public House                  we would advise that you check this
                                          page regularly.

Proposed merger between                       the county’s libraries and other pub-
Suffolk Fire and Rescue                       lic offices.
Service and Cambridgeshire                    Please contact us at 01473 260533
Fire and Rescue Service                       or                            email
Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service are           you would like paper copies, or
undertaking a 3 month consultation            have any questions about this con-
regarding the above proposed                  sultation.
merger and they are asking all                We will also hold three face-to-face
residents in Suffolk to have their say.       drop-in events for people to find out
Like all public services, we are facing       more in the following locations:
increasing pressures to manage the                ·   Ipswich
fire service with less money and fur-                 Monday 26 November 2012,
ther significant budget cuts are ex-                  9.30am to 1pm and 2pm to
pected beyond 2015.                                   5pm,      Ipswich     County
Our priority is to protect people by                  Library, lecture hall
safeguarding front line services as           I would like to thank you in advance
much as we can. By merging with               for your help.
another fire and rescue service we
could potentially make further sav-           Mark Hardingham
ings in management and support ar-            Deputy Chief Fire Officer
eas, without having to cut the front          Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service
No decision has been taken as yet,
which is why we are asking for peo-
ple’s comments on the proposal to
inform Cabinet and Full Council’s
final decision in the New Year. Cam-
bridgeshire residents will be invited
to take part in a similar consultation
over the same time period.
The full detail is available from our
website from the following link:
This includes our consultation book-
let, an online survey and other asso-
ciated information. Paper copies of
the consultation booklet are available
on request, and will be circulated to
                                            Can you donate your Winter
                                            Fuel Payment to help others
        SERVICE                             this winter?
    Come and join together                  The Suffolk Foundation launches its
     to mark the arrival of                 second Surviving Winter Appeal to
                                            help alleviate fuel poverty among
        Christmas at the                    older people in Suffolk.
     Higham Carol Service
                                            With many older people having to
    Sunday 23rd December,                   make the stark choice between
               5pm                          heating their homes or putting food
                                            on the table, The Suffolk Foundation
      followed by Festive                   is launching its second Surviving
          refreshments                      Winter Appeal to help reduce fuel
                                            poverty and isolation in Suffolk.
                                            Working in partnership with Age UK
Does your group require                     Suffolk, The Suffolk Foundation is
                                            asking anyone that feels they are
funding?                                    able to forgo their Winter Fuel
                                            Payment to donate either part or all
If you are involved with a community        of it to the Surviving Winter Appeal
group in your area, a grant from The        this winter to help make a difference
Suffolk Foundation could help to            to someone’s life and reduce fuel
support your cause.                         poverty in Suffolk.

                                            Due to the fantastic support from the
Your project should be based on one         public last year the appeal raised
of the four themes. These are safe,         over £55,000, which greatly helped
healthy and inclusive communities, a        older people in Suffolk last winter.
vibrant economy, a greener Suffolk,
and work and life skills. There is no       If you would like to donate your
closing date as there are frequent          Winter Fuel Payment or make a
panels.                                     donation, please call The Suffolk
                                            Foundation directly on 01473
                                            602602 or for further information
You can find all details including          visit The Suffolk Foundation’s
application forms, guidelines and           website,
deadline dates on The Suffolk      To
Foundation’s                website         donate online visit: or you
can phone Sue Wright on 01473               ngwinter.
786917 discuss your application or
talk about your ideas.

                                                   Christmas Fair at
                                                  Raydon Village Hall.
                            Coffee                Many stalls, including: Books,
                            Morning                 Cakes, Homemade Gifts,
                                                 Tombola, Raffle and much more.

It was nice to be back after my "day off"                On Saturday
from last month’s Fair Trade Coffee
                                                     the 1st of December
Morning, and how lovely to see so
many new faces. Some from the village                      at 10am.
and others who had stopped to buy
books at the stall and saw our notice
so came for a coffee. I think the sun
and mild weather had brought many
people out (as well as the prospect of
good coffee and cookies) resulting in
"standing room only" at one point.                  At St Mary’s Raydon
The chat today seemed to be around
the Christmas Fair in the Village Hall
and the Brass Band Concert in the
Church, with many welcome offers of
help for these events. The search was
also on to form teams of four for the
Quiz in the playing field pavilion. I was
part of the team last year that received
the "wooden spoon" and expect to be
the winner of that category again! but
all good fun.
Well our next Fair Trade Coffee
Morning will be on December 11th,
there will be no library van that day due
to their changed visiting days but hope             Bring your children already
to see you all again for our annual free         dressed as a character from the
"festive" event.                                  Christmas story – there will be
As usual, many thanks for your                   parts to play and presents to be
continued support.                                              had!

Wendy Mumford 312123
                                                   Short but sweet.
                                              My current bedtime reading is
                                              James May’s “Notes From The
                                              hard Shoulder” which is a
                                              collection of his newspaper
         Bonfire Blaze                        articles. One asks the reader to
                                              define, in no more than twelve
Thank You, Thank you very much.               words, what, exactly, is a sports
Thank you very much to all who came           car. The winner was Alan Lidmila
or helped with the King George’s              of Sheffield who, in the manner of
Field Bonfire Night.                          Ted Hughes wrote
Thank you to Alan Suckling on the               “The floored howl, dawn clear,
bar, and Steve O’Leary for helping,           undulating backdrop, wheel-
to Dave and Jackie Gregson on the             gripped, view ahead”
BBQ with help from Ann Duddridge              This set me thinking to define
and Jan Hyland (thanks also for               cycling in the same way. Yes,
Sunday), to Mark and Karen Smout              petrol heads can be cyclists, and
and the minor Smouts’ on the Bucket           cyclists can be petrol heads.
Collection, to Roger Goodwin (builder         Perhaps it’s the start of a new
of East Bergholt) for the JCB and             stereotype?
driver Colin, to Graham and                   May I spin up your thoughts, with
Graham’s dad for the pallets, to Sue          acknowledgment          to      Alan
and Geoff Newton for stocking the             Lidmila/Ted Hughes with;
bar, sorting the money and lots of            “Lungs full, legs spinning, clear air,
behind the scenes essentials, to              beauty backdrop, open view,
Eddie Pittock for being ‘Bonfire              freedom feeling”
Master’ and vital help on the day and         The Editor may accept your
the day after, and to Keith Hyland our        contributions
Producer, Director, and ‘Firework             CBD
Master’ who keeps the show on the
road and worked before, during and
after the day. Thank you.
A final big Thank You to you, who
came and enjoyed and gave
generously. This event is a value for
money event primarily for the benefit
of the readers of this Magazine. If
you missed it, you have only got to
wait until next year. See you then.

Clive Duddridge.
Chairman, King George’s Field

                            Raydon and District
                             Gardening Club
                                              Ness" past and present. The evening
                                              was concluded by refreshments and
                                              a large raffle. Thanks to all who
                                              contributed to this by supplying the
                                              prizes and buying the tickets and in
                                              some cases both. December &
                                              January we enjoy a winter’s rest from
                                              all the hard work spent in the gardens
                                              but when we start again in February
                                              2013 (its only 12/13 weeks) Spring
On Thursday 22nd October we held              will not be too far away.
our annual "Open Charity Night" open          Your committee thanks you all for
to all (not just members) and this            your continued support in 2012,
year’s chosen Charity was "The                wishing you all a Merry Christmas &
Woolverstone        Wish"      appeal.        Peaceful New Year. We hope to see
(Woolverstone Ward is the Ipswich             you in 2013. Geoff Horrex (01473
Cancer Ward). We raised on the night          310422).
the marvellous amount of £325.00 and
a cheque for this amount has been
sent to the appeal. All monies raised
will go towards the up-dating of
equipment so necessary to help all                        32nd Year
those who have to spend time in this
section of the hospital plus re-
decorating to make it bright and
cheerful. From all of your committee
we say a Big Thank You to all who
contributed to another most worthy
Charity. It’s difficult times at the
moment regarding monies / cost of
living etc but we are the lucky ones
and we have a lot to be thankful for
and I think this has been reflected by
you all for being so generous in your
donations. We also enjoyed a most
interesting illustrated talk by the
National Trust on the subject "Orford
Are you thinking of splitting up?
The proceeds to end up on the
compost heap? Think again.                     The third annual Raydon Lecture
We are holding a Plant Sale to raise              An Illustrated Talk on the
funds for Raydon Village Hall. If you
are in a position to divide and pot-up
some your garden plants and store
them over winter, we will be most                            Given by
grateful to receive them for our sale
on the 11th May next year. Thank you.

                                                Raydon Village Hall at 7.30pm
In your Dreams!
In the November edition of         the                               including
Quartet, Raydon section Jan’s    item
                                                         light refreshments
about the bike ride gave the     sum
raised as £3485.00 – if only!!
Not sure what happened but        this          Call 01473 310320 or 01473 312123
should read £485.00

Sorry! Eds                                               In aid of
                                               St Mary’s Church Fabric Fund
Raydon Village Hall Century
October 2012 (My apologies, wrong
listing last month for October)
Leah Banyard £25
Mrs G Mason £15
Miss J Hammond £10
S Zaman £ 5
Mrs J Cook £5
J-M Simonet £5
Mrs G Page £5
November 2012                                 Raydon              Women’s
Laura Smith £25                               Fellowship
Mr P Cousins £15
Mr G Page £10                                 Dec. 5th     Christmas meal
Mr T Middlebrook £ 5
Rachel Gooch £ 5                              Join us, we welcome new
Mr M Whatling £ 5                             members,
Jane Bridgewater £ 5
                                              7.30 pm Raydon Village Hall
Angela King
                                                       Kings George’s
                                                       Pavilion, Raydon
                                                            FOR HIRE
                                                      Comfy carpeted room
                                                          direct access to
                                                      Play equipment and field

                                                    Great for children’s parties,
                                                   band practice, singing groups,
                                                           meetings etc.
                                                      Ample easy car parking

                                                         To Book/for rates
                                                        Tel. Clive Duddridge
                                                           01473 310162

                                                        at St Mary's, Raydon
Help please!
                                                      Come and join us for our
There are two rotas run to keep our
                                                            Carol Service
village church clean and beautiful; 1)               on Sunday 23rd December
dusting and hovering once a week and                          at 6.30pm
2) putting flowers around once a week.
Both jobs are fun to do with a friend, on             Back to the days before
your own or with another helper as you                      electric light!
wish. Male or female, it doesn’t matter –
neither does age! Just a small, friendly                    Bring a torch!
commitment about three or four times a
year to help your village keep one of its
few amenities happy and inviting – any
offers or questions before letting yourself
in, do ring Beverley Middlebrook 311021
or Maureen Tennent 310320, or the
churchwardens Geoff or Simon. We
would so appreciate any help and ideas.

Bev and Maureen
                                    Holton St Mary

Tuesday 4th December: 10.00
am to 12.30 pm
Holton St Mary Village Hall.

Sara Eley from Place for Plants         CAN YOU HELP?
will the necessary equipment
and instruction needed to make a
                                        Do you have some time to spare to
Christmas Wreath. Please can            help with leading the ponies or
you bring your own greenery             sidewalking the riders?
£15 to include coffee, mince            Adults on Tuesdays 10 – 11.30
pies and your wreath to take
                                        or Children on Thursdays 1 – 2.30
home.                                   p.m.
All monies raised during the            during term time
morning will go to Holton St            If you would like to know more or
Mary Church.                            come along to visit during a lesson
                                        at Bentley Riding Centre
                                        please telephone
Numbers limited so book early           Frances Torrington (Committee
with Frances Torrington on              Member) on
01473 312046 or                         01473 312046 or 07711080658          You will receive a very warm
                                        welcome, make new friends and be
                                        achieving something really

                                        Previous experience with horses
                                        helpful but not essential

                                        One form to fill in and an Advanced
                                        CRB check required
                                        unless you have had an Advanced
                                        CRB check with another
                                        within the last six months


 SUNDAY 2nd DECEMBER                    The Parish Council would like to
         2012                           remind residents to keep their
      At 6.00 PM                        homes secure. Nights are long
    ANNUAL ADVENT                       and Christmas is approaching.
                                        Parish Councillors wish all
   “FROM DARKNESS TO                    residents a ‘Merry Christmas’.


 The whole family is welcome

                                             WINTER IS COMING

                                        In the event of severe weather
                                        volunteers will be needed to
                                        spread salt and clear snow. You
     Holton St Mary                     will be covered by the County
       Social Club                      Council’s insurance for public
                                        liability as long as you have
                                        registered with me.
Whist: - 30 Nov, 28 Dec & 25 Jan
- £1 entry – 8pm start
                                        Please contact me if you would
                                        like to include your name on the
Pool Competition now under way
                                        Many thanks
Merry Christmas & Happy New
                                        Dot Lodge (Parish Clerk)
Membership Due from 1st January         holtonstmaryparishclerk@yahoo.c
Open Christmas Eve                      01473 311147
                               The Ellis's
                              Anne & Bill
                             Jean and Flora
                          D ia n a Armour
                         Chris and Marjorie
                     W ith love from Cla ire
                    D a le, S teve a n d fa mily
                S a lly , Ia n , Nic k y a n d S a ra h
              Chris and Marg, John, Paula and Seb
          A Merry Christmas from Ron and Daphne
        E rn est, R a c hel a n d a ll the E a gle fa mily
  To all our friends, Eileen and Peter Starling and family
  A very blessed Christmas to all from Rev. Rosalind Paul
Paul, Frances, Dominic, Martha and Lydia Torrington

Donations have been made to Holton St Mary Church in lieu of Christmas cards

SAFER NEIGHBOUR HOOD                            Volunteer Positions with
TEAM REPORT                                     Papworth Trust
                                                in Ipswich
Some advice to help keep your
heating oil safe and secure over the            Could YOU do it?
Christmas and New Year period, Just
a few simple steps can help make                Administration: we need someone
your tank and fuel more difficult for           to help greet visitors and
thieves to target.                              customers and carry out general
     · Screen your tank with fencing            admin duties in our lively Ipswich
or hedges                                       centre
     · Close and secure any gates
leading to the tank                             Gardening: support clients in our
     · Conceal or cover any external            exciting new Garden project or
pipes and fuel lines.                           support disabled people in
     · Install lockable caps supported          accessing the People's
by a closed shackle padlock.                    Community Gardens and assisting
     · Regularly check your fuel levels,        in learning activities.
sensors which monitor levels from
inside the home are available                   IT: help and support learners
     · Consider installing a tank alarm         develop IT skills and confidence.
     · Join a Neighbourhood Watch
Scheme                                          Raise funds: collect funds for
                                                Papworth Trust in stores across
And please don't forget to keep all             Ipswich.
valuables out of sight in your car and
house at this time of the year.                 Promote literacy & numeracy:
                                                work with a tutor to support a small
CRIME REPORT FOR NOVEMBER                       group of about 8-14 learners to
2012                                            gain skills in literacy and/or
STRATFORD ST MARY                               numeracy.
There were four crimes in Stratford ;
                                                If you’d like to get involved,
A Cannabis farm was found in an old
sub station on A12. Two burglaries              please contact Christian Corn-
occurred in the village one on the              forth at Papworth Trust:
Higham Road, the other on
Strickmere and a car was stolen from            01480 357200 or 0800 9525000
No reported crimes this month
Holton st Mary
No reported crimes this month
No reported crimes this month
Christmas Craft & Farmer’s Market               Constable Country Medical
      Saturday 8th December,                    Practice – Practice Update
         10.30am – 1.30pm.                      November 2012
 At The Assembly Rooms, Dedham
 Fresh and homemade produce, Arts               Clinical Care
        and Crafts, and Gifts                   We are very proud to announce that
Plus Year 6 Dedham Primary School               our practice was rated the highest out
Cookery Club preparing, cooking and             of all the practices in Suffolk for the
      serving Christmas treats!                 clinical care we provided in 2011-12.
  If you would like to book a stall then        The quality of clinical care is
            please contact                      measured by the care we provide to
     Sarah Curtis on 07867 640650.              patients with specific medical
 Local community groups/organisations
     and small businesses welcome.
                                                conditions and the processes we
                                                have in place to ensure the practice
                                                operates in a safe and effective way,
                                                such as staff training, adherence to
SESAW CHRISTMAS MESSAGE                         NHS        prescribing     guidelines,
                                                accuracy of patient records etc. Over
Thank you to the public, the media              the past several years, the practice
and volunteers for your invaluable              has consistently achieved the
support of Suffolk and Essex Small              maximum score on all the clinical
Animal Welfare this year. This was              indicators. Increase in demand
particularly evident during the                 without additional funding has placed
widespread search for Kenny, the little         tremendous pressure on NHS
Chihuahua that went missing in                  primary care over recent years.
August. Fortunately, because he was             Although issues do occur from time
microchipped, he was positively                 to time, the practice aspires to offer
identified and returned to the                  the highest level of care possible with
Sanctuary. Please make sure all your            the finite resources at our disposal.
pets are microchipped – being lost is
really scary and the device is easily           Christmas Opening Hours
inserted by a vet.                              The practice will be closed on
If you are looking for Christmas                Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New
present ideas, why not sponsor a                Years Day and all calls on these days
SESAW animal for your loved ones?               will be forwarded to the out of hours
Log onto to                     service operated by Harmoni. The
download a Sponsorship Form.                    practice will be open as normal all
Alternatively, a regular donation helps         other days but we expect to be very
with the running costs, e.g. £5 a month         busy over the Christmas period. If
heats a kennel throughout the winter.           you require repeat prescriptions over
Have a happy and healthy Christmas              Christmas and New Year please
and New Year from everyone at                   request these well in advance.
Suffolk and Essex Small Animal
Welfare, Stoke Road, Leavenheath,               Wishing you a safe and Happy
CO6 4PP.                                        Christmas. Pete Keeble
Dear Parish Clerk
  I am writing to ask for your help to                         EAST BERGHOLT
publicise a three-month consultation                          CONGREGATIONAL
which asks residents to have their say
on a proposed merger between Suffolk                              CHURCH
Fire and Rescue Service and                                 Cemetery Lane, East Bergholt,
Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue                                       CO7 6RZ
This follows a decision by the county                    Services - Each Sunday
council’s Cabinet earlier this month to                  morning at 10.30 led by Visiting
continue to consider the proposal to                     Speaker
merge the two fire services if this                      December 2nd
option looks like it will generate                       4.00 p.m Carol Service
significant financial savings and other                       Led by Rev. G.Tubbs
organisational benefits.                                 9th Rev. D. Thompson
Like all public services, we are facing                  16th    Rev. J. Davis
increasing pressures to manage the                       23rd    Service led by Members
fire service with less money and                         30th    Service led by Members
further significant budget cuts are
expected beyond 2015.                                    Christmas Tree Festival
Our priority is to protect people by                     1st / 2nd December
safeguarding front line services as                       Saturday & Sunday 10 to 4.
much as we can. By merging with                          Admission Free – refreshments
another fire and rescue service we                       Available. A Carol Service will
could potentially make further savings                   follow the Festival on Sunday
in management and support areas,                         2nd December
without having to cut the front line.
No decision has been taken as yet,                       Coffee Mornings – Each
which is why we are asking for                           Thursday Morning 9.30 to 11.30
people’s comments on the proposal to
inform Cabinet and Full Council’s final                  For many of us December is a
decision      in     the     New         Year.           busy time preparing for family
Cambridgeshire residents will be                         and social gatherings over the
invited to take part in a similar                        Christmas and New year breaks.
consultation over the same time                          We hope it is a joyful time for you
period.                                                  all.
Please promote this consultation using
your websites, newsletters and other                     As always we would love to have
means of communicating with your                         your company at one of our
local residents. The full detail is                      services – if you can spare the
available from our website from the                      time.
following link:
h ttp ://w w w .s u ffo lk .g o v .u k /y o u r -        Church Secretary – John Jeffreys
c o u n c i l / d e c i s i o n -                        Tel 01206 298737

                                          Local Services
The Constable Country                     MOBILE LIBRARY
Medical Practice
                                          Stratford St Mary
                                          The bus stops every 4 weeks on
The Medical Centre,
Heath Road, East Bergholt,
                                          Black Horse - 11.05am - 11.20am
Colchester CO7 6RT
                                          Tally Ho! Corner - 11.25am -
                                          11.45am Strickmere (School Lane
Surgery opening hours
                                          end) - 11.50am - 12.10pm
8.00am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday
                                          December 5
Telephone 01206 298272
                                          2013: January 2
Fax 01206 299010
36 The Street, Capel St Mary, Ips-        The bus stops every 4 weeks on
wich IP9 2EE                              Tuesdays, The Green - 11.25 am
                                          to 11.40 am same dates as Holton
                                          St Mary
Surgery opening hours
8.00am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday
                                          The bus stops every 4 weeks on
Dispensary 8.30am – 6.15pm                Tuesdays
(closed between 1-2pm)                    St Mary’s Raydon - same dates as
                                          Holton St Mary
Telephone 01473 310203                    10.15am - 11.00am

                                          Holton St Mary
                                          The bus stops every 4 weeks on
                                          Church Square - 10.00 - 10.10am

                                          Has this stopped?
                                          Please could you let us know?

Local Directory

   Bed and Breakfast
   in quiet, pleasant cul de sac in
            Holton St Mary

       One double en suite                                       For Bed & Breakfast
                                                     In the Heart of Constable Country
       and two single rooms
      Television and free wifi                        Comfortable Twin, Double or Family
                                                      accommodation       with      en-suite
      £33 per person per night                         TV, Tea-making facilities, parking

                                                       From £30 per person per night

        Contact 01473 310642                           Tel: 01206 323858 for reservation
 email:                   Or Email:

                                             Souters Holiday Cottage
                                 Ideal for short breaks, longer stays, visiting friends or family overspill.
                                                          All enquiries welcome.
                                  Phone Nick and Cath Marno (01206) 337316

                                        Senior Citizens Lunchtime Special EVERY THURSDAY
        The Anchor Inn
                                                               HOME-MADE FOODS
The     Upper Street
 Anchor Stratford St Mary                     SUNDAY LUNCH - Roasts (Bookings advised)

   Inn 01206 322143                     Groups and Functions catered for (Bookings required)

                                                          OUTSIDE FUNCTIONS & BARS

Beaumont Cars
Hadleigh Based Taxi Service
     Local and Long Distance
     Airports & Special Events
 Doctors & Hospital Appointments

          Phone Les

    01473 827096
   Mobile 07850 318582

                                                                            Pre School
Orchard Barns Kindergarten, Stratford St Mary
                        6 Higham Road, Stratford St Mary, Suffolk, CO7 6JU
         Outstanding full day & sessional nursery care and education for children aged 2 – 5 years
          Consistently graded Outstanding by Ofsted this small and welcoming nursery offers:

                                   Breakfast Club 8.00am, - 9.00am
                                  After School Club 3.15pm – 6.00pm
                          School escort to and from Stratford St Mary School
                     Holiday Clubs All school holidays for children aged 3 – 11 years
                     French Club Every Thursday (term time only) 4.30pm – 5.30pm
           Stay and Play Under 2’s Every Monday and Friday (term time only) 9.30am – 11am
      For more details regarding any of the above services please contact Shelley on 01206 323093

      ...for little minds to flourish

                                                           Open to all children from two years
                                                                six months to school age

                                                               Assembly Rooms, Dedham.
                                                                Open Weekday mornings
                                                                  9.30 am - 12.30 pm
                                                         Lunch Club till 1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
     For children from birth to 5 years,
         Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm                      The children can learn and have fun at Smartys
                                                         In the care of our qualified and enthusiastic staff
   East Bergholt Kindergarten 01206 299511                 For more information contact
     Hadleigh Kindergarten 01473 826100                  Tina Newbury-Smith 01206 323412
                                Visit us at

Home and Garden

                        Autumn is here
                  Days are getting shorter...
       But there are still plenty of gardening jobs to do!

        For an autumn tidy up, herbaceous or bulb planting
          or simply to give your garden a good spruce up
               Call your local gardening team today.

                    Mob: 07833170671
Or e-mail us at

                          Bland Landscapes Ltd.
                          Specialists in Private & Commercial
                          Tree Surgery & Landscaping
 All Aspects of Landscaping Including:        All Aspects of Tree Surgery
         Garden Construction
               Fencing                                  Felling
               Turfing                                 Clearing
              Driveways                                Reducing
                Patios                                Reshaping
        Contract Grass Cutting                    Fruit Tree Pruning
         Commercial Planting                        Hedge Cutting

           Suppliers of Seasoned Logs & Woodchip Mulch
         Serving Dedham & Surrounding Villages for 25 years
                  Telephone/Fax 01206 230882
                      Mobile 07710 770280
    Ivydene, Frating Road, Ardleigh, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7SY
For Specialist and Popular Plants
    East Bergholt Place.
   A wonderful selection of plants
  including: trees, shrubs, climbers,
 herbaceous plants, conifers, grasses,
           ferns, herbs etc.
 Open Daily 10am - 5pm
 Telephone (01206) 299 224

                      Mending your home




       07920 449074
       01206 323230
                        Property Maintenance
    Maintenance, Repairs, Refurbishment Works undertaken

                                           Andrew Stobbs

                              Mobile No. 07778 314295
                                 Or 01206 765003

                                                        Special reader discounts for

    Jackson                                             residets of Higham, Holton St
                                                        Mary, Raydon and Stratford St

 Plumbing and Heating                                   £10.00 discount - Servicing
                                                        boilers and minor repairs
       East Anglia Ltd                                  £30.00 discount - larger repairs
                                                        £150 discount - boiler changes
q Installation - We install all makes and models        £250 discount - full installation

    of boilers, Combi and condensing specialists        These offers are valid until
q   Servicing - All models serviced from £50.00         31/12/2012

q   Repair and Maintenance - All work                      07834 612009
    Guaranteed, highly skilled engineers                   01206 322063
q Plumbing - Bathrooms, cylinders, leaks etc               01473 214215
q OAP 15% Discount                                      (estimates given before work

             KEEBLE BUILDERS
                        Tel: (01473) 310491
     Extensions, alterations, repairs     M D Keeble - Mobile 07920 027566
   Old property restoration specialists
            New properties              Email
    Joinery purpose made to order
           in our workshop

                Micha el J Byles
                     Plumbing & Heating
        Specialist in Oil Boiler Installations, Maintenance & Servicing
                              - Oftec registered.
            General Plumbing & Heating work also undertaken.

  Tel: 01206 822225 Mobile: 07717 012433 Email:

                                        Colchester Property Care Ltd
                   Philip               We offer a reliable
                                        & bespoke service
                   Avery                Refurbishing & decorating
                                        Period & modern
Domestic Electrician                    properties
Local, reliable,                        Established 1977
competitively priced
                                        01206 212038
Registered Part P electrician           07745 370740
Carpentry / joinery           
Home improvements/maintenance

2 The Gardens,
Tel: 01473 311261
Mob: 07923 434689

                      A.K. SERVICES LIMITED


          24/7 – NO CALL OUT CHARGE
           Tank Emptying From £85.00

TEL : 01473 822694 – 07891 341 645

       David Friend Oil Heating Services
    Oil Fired B oiler Servi ce, Repair and Ins tallati on Sp ecialist

Ø   Ser vi cing and com mi ssi oning of oi l fire d bo il ers .
Ø   Boil er and sys tem breakdo wns.
Ø   AG A’s, Raybur ns and Stanl eys.
Ø   Oi l tank re place me nt and i nstallatio n.
Ø   Oi l bo il er replace me nt.
Ø   Al l ce ntral he ati ng s ys tem c ompone nts catere d for .

    No c al l out charge. Free quote s.

 Tel      01394 411839 Mobile 07786 971425

              ALAN GREGO
                       Established 1985
•   RAG ROLLING                         4, Kiln Cottages, Crown Street, Dedham CO7 6AU
•   SONTAT (two tone speckle effect)
•   MARBLING                           Telephone: (01206) 322583 (24 hour Answerphone)
•   GLAZE WIPING                                     Mobile No: 07974 840916

                          Nigel Bruce
                         Industrial & Domestic
         ‘The Swift’, Upper Street, Stratford St. Mary,
                    Colchester CO7 6JW
                 Telephone: 01206 322751

                      Raydon Handyman Services

Free Estimates - Reasonable Rates - No Job Too Small

   For any Interior Decorating, Tiling, Plumbing, Laminate
     Flooring, Doors Hung, Flat Pack Assembly, Fencing
                and Most General Household Maintenance

                      Please call Dave Gregson on
              01473 313065 or 07886 002366

                                       CHRIS GOOCH
JIGSAW                                 OLD ORCHARD HOUSE, HADLEIGH ROAD
                                       A professional home and garden maintenance service,
                                       including painting and decorating and garden/site clearance.
                                           Friendly Service – FREE ESTIMATES
                                                             TEL: 01473 311955

                                                                               “ W e a r e S p e c ia lis t s in
                                                                                    G ra d e II L is te d
                                                                                       B u ild in g s ”
           F o r a ll y o u r in tern a l a n d ex tern a l p a in tin g a n d d ec o ra tin g w o rk :
   D o o rs, W in d o w s, S k irtin g a n d F a sc ia s                  F lo o r a n d W a ll T ilin g
   A rtex in g a n d C o v in g                                           W a llp a p erin g
  G en era l R ep a ir a n d M a in ten a n c e       N V Q 2 Q u a lified
               FRO M PEO PLE YO U C AN TRUST

F o r a F R E E E s t im a t e C o n t a c t S t e v e F e r g u s o n o n 0 7 7 1 9 3 5 7 3 2 2 o r 0 1 2 0 6 3 9 3 3 5 1
    w w w .te n o n d e c o r a tin g ltd .c o .u k – s te v e n d fe r g u s o n @ b tin te r n e t.c o m
        S b ra s , E a s t E n d , E a s t B e rg h o lt, C o lc h e s te r, E s s e x C O 7 6 X Q

 TILING                    Andy Smith Roofing
 FASCIAS AND GUTTERING                                          For more information contact
 LEADWORK                                               Harvest Cottage,Upper Street
 POINTING                                                 Stratford St Mary CO7 6JW
 GENERAL PROPERTY                                                    01206 322882
 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE                                                 07754368693

                                           LEE WARVILL

   A family run                 11 MATLOCK CLOSE, PINEWOOD, IPSWICH, IP2 9XU
   undertaking all              TEL: 01473 411569
   aspects of                   MOB: 07762 497492
   building projects,
                                           Full public Liability insurance
   kitchen fitting,                        and a member of
   Decking                                 “THE GUILD OF MASTER CRAFTSMEN”
   and fencing.

              Russell Smith                           Andy slocombe brickwork
                                                      serving the dedham vale
      High Quality painter and Decorator              for all your building requirements
                                                 property maintenance, roofing, block paving,
Jon-Pat                    Telephone                   landscape, repairs &restoration
School Road          Colchester
Langham              323520
                                                      tel 01206 322884 / 07786 871364
                                                     3 Constable Row Manningtree Road
                                                    Dedham nr Colchester Essex CO7 6DW
                         Carpentry and Property Maintenance

   Call today for a                               Custom made doors and windows
   free survey and quote                          Roof structures
   01206 262683                                   Kitchen Fitting
   07990 592991                                   Timber Flooring                    All aspects of Property Maintenance

 G Ranson Plumbing & Heating                             K & A DAY
Friendly service, Corgi Registered Plumber               Builders Ltd
        Based in Stratford St. Mary                For all your building requirements:
             No call out charge                    Maintenance, Repairs, Restoration
            All jobs considered                              and Extensions
   Quotes given before work undertaken         The Builder’s Yard, H o lto n wo o d R d ,
   Taps, Radiators, Bathrooms, Boilers,       Stratford St. Mary,Colchester CO7 6NE
            Servicing, Guttering
      Email:                    Telephone: 01206 231247
             Tel: 07912161646

                                                        In the House
  Home                      Domestic
Appliances                  Repairs
     For a Fast, Genuine Repair                      Oven cleaning
      Service Throughout a 20                            ovens-AGA’s-hobs-
       Mile radius of Ipswich
* WASHING MACHINES                                     Eco friendly – No mess
                                                     Prices start from £42 for a
                                                        standard single oven
(01473) 780238
Mobile 07769 662545                                        Contact Kevin
2 CHURCH ROAD                                              07540286900


•    Digital TV Aerials

•    Sky HD & Multi-room

•    Freesat HD & Freeview

•    Additional TV points

•    TV Installations

•    Aerial & Satellite Repairs

CAI, RDI & TRADING STANDARDS APPROVED                                     FOR A FREE QUOTE CALL

                                     01473 328833
                                  Unit 3, Court Farm, Stutton Road, Brantham

Tired of Housework?                                          L.A.HYMAS
                                                         Furniture Sales, Restorations & Soft

                                                       SERVICES                SALES
 Established 1986. A home
                                                       Antique & Modern        Highest quality
 cleaning service of
                                                       furniture restoration   restored furniture
 impeccable                                                                    sympathetically
                                                       French Polishing
 reputation.                                                                   restored including
 We provide a                                          Cabinet making
                                                                               Chesterfield sofas
 service for all                                       in fact any conserva-
                                                       tion of furniture or    Armchairs
 home cleaning,
                                                       related items           Mirrors
 from ovens and windows, to
 carpets and polishing. All equipment provided.        Curtain making/         Tables
                                                       alterations             Free estimates
                                                       Loose covers            Large range of fabrics
      For a free quote, telephone
                                                                               & trimmings

       01449 741108                                         74a High Street, Hadleigh.
after 6p.m –Answerphone during office hours.                  Tel/Fax: 01473 829337

                               A HANDYMAN SERVICE
Casper M A De Boer       Carpentry                              CRB checked.
Pilchard’s               Plumbing                                Established 1988.
4 Visdelou Terrace        Curtains                    
Shotley Gate,       Draft proofing                              No job too large or small,
IP9 1PR                 Decorating                              so just make the list.
Phone: 01473788 222      Painting                               Please contact me for costs
Mob: 07789 751 781 Flatpack assembly                            and references anytime.

      Removals                                        R & D SCHOFIELD
      & Storage                                             LTD
                                                                         Established 1919

                 Moving made easy
                                 • Local & long distance          • Short & long term storage
                                 • European & worldwide           • DIY packaging materials for sale
                                 • Professional packing service   • Long serving staff
                                 • Pianos - Antiques - Fine Art   • Free quotations & advice
                                 • Part loads & single items      • Regular London service

                                  When flexibility and service is important
                                  Colchester                   01206 322255
                                  Clacton on Sea               01255 408075
                                  Sudbury                      01787 259078

Foxash, Harwich Road, Lawford
Manningtree, Essex CO11 2LR

  ● Babysitting
  ● After School Pick-Up         For all your Child, Relative, Pet, & House Sitting needs
  ● Elderly Relative Care        For Prices, Packages and Extras please visit
  ● Pet Sitting        
  ● Dog Walking
  ● Brushing and Feeding             Flexible and varied
                                 sitter Positions Available!      All sitters fully CRB checked
  ● House Sitting               please Contact Us for More
                                                                       References provided
                                  Information or send you
  ● Mail Collection                      CV via email                      Fully Insured
  ● Plant Watering

                                                           T: 07902 873985

 Slow internet? PC Problems? Need IT Advice?
                    45 Minute Home IT Audit for only £20
I have been working in IT support and internet/software development for the
last 15 years in East Anglia and London so I have a wealth of experience and
                   expertise to solve almost any IT problem.
                                          Services Include
  · Internet/WIFI connection issues
  · IT Hardware advice and support (the boxes and bits)
  · Software support (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Skype, Photoshop or something else?)
  · Websites (need help getting started on eBay, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin?)
  · Backup/Data Security (is your household data backed up? What about all those pictures?)
  · Safety and security online (are you taking steps to ensure you and your family are safe online?)
  · Mobile tools, data and services (make sure you’re getting the best service. never lose your con-
    tacts again)
  · Anything else? (Printers, digital cameras, website development and hosting?)

 To book your Home IT Audit or for other issues please call 01206 321614 and
           speak to Dan Orsborne or email

                Lynn Barnard @ the Food Station

                        all aspects of catering covered.
                        Also crockery & equipment hire.

                     tel 07595 029104 - 01206 322637

  Hall Bungalow, Dedham Road, Stratford-st-Mary,CO7 6LU
   Window Cleaning
          Add some sparkle!
Fully Insured Free no obligation quotes.

       To call please ring Mark
   0752 501 5789 or 01206 392 697
       Other Cleaning Includes:
         Conservatory Roofs
           Fascia & Soffits
           Gutter Clearing
      Internal Window Cleaning
           Carpet Cleaning

        Domestic & Commercial
Do you need support to live independently?
We can offer you these services:
    Personal Care
    Shopping – assisted or independently
    Light housework                               We are registered with the
    Medical appointments
    Applying for Direct Payments                  Care Quality Commission
    to enable your freedom of choice              Registration number 1-44609045
    Social outings                                Please contact
    Meal preparation
    Respite care
    Security Home Checks
    Relief care
    Assistance with pets                          Registered Manager
    Contact with family                           07884367942 01206 299145
    Any other reasonable tasks considered

                                  Professional Services

                      Making your will
   I offer a home visit service for clients wishing to make their
     wills, lasting powers of attorney or advance decisions (to
     refuse medical treatment). As a retired solicitor I help my
         clients make well planned arrangements (including
    providing witnesses to ensure legal acceptance) at a very
                          competitive price.

                   Please call 01206 263420
                   or email me at

                                                            MATHER & CO
                                                        INDEPENDENT SOLICITORS
ACCOUNTS * VAT * TAX * PAYE                            We do NOT increase your costs by
Things are changing don’t be caught out
High Income Child Benefit Charge.
                                                     paying estate agents to recommend us.
Late Filing Penalties for SA Tax Returns.
If you miss the deadline you will pay a penalty            LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY
even if you owe no tax.                                  conveyancing plus other services
We offer a personal and local service tailored to        including Family, Wills & Probate.
the needs of each individual client. No charge no           Confidential, efficient, local,
obligation initial consultation.
                                                                 low cost service.
           Tel: 01473 310238
 e-mail:                        Tel/Fax: 322763/322895
                                                         Hill House, Grove Hill, Langham,
                                                           Colchester, Essex, CO4 5PJ

                              Thinking of moving
                             Contact KMA SOLICITORS
                              The Property Specialists

                                       Saracens House
                             25 St Margaret’s Green Ipswich Suffolk
                                            IP4 2BN
                                     T: 01473 760046
                                     F: 01473 760058


Rodney Cage                  ROGER BALMER
Architectural Designs                DESIGN


                                GARDEN DESIGN
    Tel: 01473 327354
    Fax: 01473 327311             Telephone: 01206 299477

                                                          Driving Lessons
               DESIGN                                        Nichola Baillie ADI
            CLEARANCE                                *friendly, local, female instructor
           MAINTENANCE                               *hourly or intensive courses to suit
ALL YOUR GARDEN REQUIREMENTS CATERED FOR             *manual car with dual controls
          For more information please contact:
     R SWIFT (HND Commercial Horticulture)                     07733 008008
                T elephone 07947 322429

  We provide a professional service to help clients to continue to live as safely
             and independently as possible within their own home.
  Our clients include people needing short-term assistance as well as people
                     having a longer term care requirement.
                             References available.
                         For further details, please Contact
                      Naomi Ellis RGN on 01473 311773
                        Or Lorraine Cass         01473 652756

                                        Foster Physiotherapy &
                                         Sports Injuries Clinic
                                    ·            Back, neck & sciatic pain
                                    ·            Trapped nerves
                                    ·            Hip, knee, ankle, hand & wrist injuries
                                    ·            Whiplash injuries / Shoulder problems
                                    ·            Tennis / Golfers’ elbow
                                    ·            Muscle tension / strains

                                 Former England Cricketer

                                 Neil Foster
                    Chartered and Health Professions Registered
                                Tel: 01206 299 749

            Master NLP Practitioner                                REFLEXOLOGY
  Overcome problems – Feel great – Achieve your goals

             HUGH CLOVER                                           Marion Gill. M.A.R.
          (MA Ed), MABCH, MCAHyp UKCHO

                                                                        Tel: 01473 314008
             Nearly 20 years experience:
 Caring and confidential help with relaxation, stress,
phobias, confidence, sleep, smoking, weight, unwanted
                                                                      Practitioner for 20 years
 habits, and many other psychological, emotional and
physical problems. Hugh is experienced working with                       Operating from
                children and teenagers.
                                                                        Holton St Mary and
‘Hugh provides a life changing service in a calm and                Stow Health Medical Centre,
 trusting environment and has a deep understanding
 of the human psyche. I believe everyone should try                        Stowmarket.
                     it.’ Mrs EK

                                                                Member of the Dedham Vale Network
For further information please contact Hugh on                          of Complementary
01206 323089 or email
 (Stratford St Mary - Easy access and parking just off
                                                                   Therapists and practitioners.
       the A12 between Ipswich and Colchester)          

 Karen Franklin
 ITEC/VTCT/C&G Qualified

 Massage & Complementary Health Practitioner
                                                        Dealing in injury and connective
                                                             scar tissue treatment
                                                   Success with sciatica, sprains, back &
                                                   shoulder, knee, hamstring and quads
                                                    and all other muscular/tendon and
                                                             ligament injuries

              01473 311045 - 07772 286106
                        Discounts for local sports club members

                        Andrew Stewart MSST MRSS
                          Sports Therapist
                       Shiatsu Practitioner
                    Injury management and rehabilitation
                   Back and neck pain, Sciatica, headaches
             Stress related conditions, Joint pain, nagging injury
                                and much more
                        Practicing in Raydon for over 5 years   Tel 01473 652093     

          Maths and Science Tuition
        from an experienced teacher
                   Primary to GCSE
            11+ and School Entrance Exams
                       Celia Iredale
                   Tel: 01473 314151

                                                    THE BARN
                                               VETERINARY PRACTICE
Station                                          Robert M Hill BVMS MRCVS
                                                     Wenham Road, Copdock, Ipswich
Farm                                                       Tel: 01473 730213
                                              2A Ashcroft Road (off Norwich Road), Ipswich
Kennels                                                   Tel:01473 743460
                                                      Consultations by appointment
                                                       24 Hour Emergency Service
                                                  Monday-Friday: 8.30am-7pm.
A small select                                       Saturday: 9am-12noon.
Kennels and Cattery                             Sunday: 10am-1pm (Ashcroft Rd only)
                                               MODERN DIAGNOSTIC, MEDICAL
                                              AND SURGICAL FACILITIES ON SITE
Linda Rowe                                                CAR PARKING
Woodlands Road, Raydon,                        Surgical Operating Theatre • Ultrasound scanner
Ipswich IP7 5QD                                 Radiography Department • Electrocardiography
                                                 Own laboratory for rapid testing • Endoscopy
Telephone (01473) 827973                          Hospitalisation with isolation ward • Stabling

                     The answ er t o a l l your pest pr oblem s
                                                                    The St r eet , Raydo n I P7 5LW
Fr e e a d v i ce , su r v e y s a n d q u o t a t i o n s        E: info@pest solut uk
Rats, Mice, Squirr els, Moles, Rabbits,                         w w w .lauriepest cont
Wasps, Hornet s, Cluster Flies, Bed Bugs,
Fleas, Mot hs, Flies, Fly killers & Scr eens                      T: 01473 396807

    Penrose & Partners                                  Mon–Fri 8.45-12.30 & 2.30-6.30 (4.00 Wed)
                                                        Sat morning at Brinkley Lane
        Upper Street                                    Consultations by appointment
  STRATFORD ST MARY                                     Operating Theatre
     Tel: 01206 323414                                  Main Branch 70 Brinkley Lane, Highwoods,
                                                        Colchester 01206 842608
“Friendly, Professional, Local”               

  Call Barbara Sherman on07890 072163                

                               John L. Haste
   Monumental Mason
                                                              Meadow View Cottage
    and Consultant,
                                                               Higham, Colchester,
  Memorial renovations.                                         Essex. CO7 6ND
 New Memorials supplied,                                      Tel: (01206) 337358
Printed by K•D S, Chattisham. (01473) 652 354
                 Church Notices - Pullout

Contact details
Rector: Revd Rosalind Paul: The Rectory, Raydon, IP7 5LH. Tel.: 01473
310677. Email:
Benefice website:

Please contact the Rector direct to talk about baptisms, confirmations,
weddings, or for home visits. Please note that her normal day off is Friday.

Higham        Nicola Tindall 01787 212340
              Martyn Carr 01206 337325

Holton          Paul Torrington 01473 312046
                Jean Styles 01473 828532

Raydon          Geoff Horrex 01473 310422
                Simon Tennent 01473 310320

Stratford       Sandy Ranson 01206 322156
                Peter Snelling 01206 337590

Sunday services in December

             8.00 a.m.           10.00 a.m.                     5.00 p.m.

  2nd Dec                         Higham              6 p.m. Advent Carol Service at
                                                      Great Wenham

  9th Dec                          Holton                         SSM
  16th Dec                        Raydon                5.00pm SSM Carol Service
                                                       6.30pm Holton Carol Service
  23rd Dec                         SSM                5.00pm Higham Carol Service
                                                      6.30pm Raydon Carol Service

  24th Dec               4.30pm Crib Service Raydon      11.30pm Midnight Mass
 25th Dec                10.00am Family Eucharist
  30th Dec                       Raydon
Christmas Services
Christmas Eve (24th): 4.30 p.m. Crib Service, Raydon. Bring your children
                      already dressed as a character from the Christmas
                      story – there will be parts to play and presents to be
           11.30 p.m. Midnight Mass, Holton
Christmas Day (25th): 10 a.m. Family Eucharist, SSM

Morning and Evening Prayer
Morning Prayer is said in the churches on the following days:
Mondays          Raydon 9.15 a.m.
Tuesdays         Holton 9.45 a.m.
Wednesdays SSM 9.15 a.m. (1st, 4th and 5th Wednesdays only)
Thursdays        Higham 9.15 a.m.
Evening Prayer is normally said by the Rector every day at 5 p.m. at the Rectory.
If you would like to join her, please call in advance, in case she has had to go
to other meetings.

Family Hour - 4th Sunday Services at SSM
This month we shall join together as a Benefice family in the Parish Room at
Stratford on 23 December for a family service to welcome in Christmas.

Midweek Communion
There is a midweek Communion service following the Book of Common Prayer
at 10 a.m. on every 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Parish Room at Stratford
St Mary. The service lasts about 20 minutes and is followed by refreshments
and time for fellowship. This month the service will be on 19 December.

Silent Prayer Group
This weekly group continues at 11.30 a.m. in the Rectory at Raydon. All are

New Testament Readings and Collects for weekdays in November
2 December: 1st Sunday of Advent: Almighty God, as your kingdom dawns,
turn us from the darkness of sin to the light of holiness, that we may be ready
to meet you in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.
3rd      Revelation 19. Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies, 1552
4 th     Revelation 20. John of Damascus, Teacher of the Faith, c. 794
5th      Revelation 21.1-8
6 th     Revelation 21.9-21. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c. 326
7 th     Revelation 21.22-22.5. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Teacher of the Faith,
8th Revelation 22.6-end. The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

9 December: 2md Sunday of Advent: Almighty God, purify our hearts and minds,
that when your Son Jesus Christ comes again as judge and saviour, we may be
ready to receive him, who is our Lord and our God. Amen.
10th    1 Thessalonians 1
11 th   1 Thessalonians 2.1-12
12th    1 Thessalonians 2.13-emd
13 th   1 Thessalonians 3. Lucy, Martyr at Syracuse, 304
14th    1 Thessalonians 4.1-12. John of the Cross, Teacher of the Faith, 1591
15 th   1 Thessalonians 4.13-end

16 December: 3rd Sunday of Advent: God for whom we watch and wait, you
sent John the Baptist to prepare the way of your Son. Give us courage to speak
the truth, to hunger for justice, and to suffer for the cause of right, with Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.
17th     1 Thessalonians 5.1-11. Eglantine Jebb, Social Reformer, Founder of
         ‘Save the Children’, 1928
18th     1 Thessalonians 5.12-end
19 th    2 Thessalonians 1
20 th    2 Thessalonians 2
21st     2 Thessalonians 3
22 nd    Jude

23 December: 4th Sunday of Advent: Eternal God, as Mary waited for the birth
of your Son, so we wait for his coming in glory. Bring us through the birth-pangs
of this present age to see, with her, our great salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord.
24th     2 Peter 1.1-15. Christmas Eve
25th     Luke 2.1-20. Christmas Day
26 th    Acts 6. Stephen, Deacon, First Martyr
27 th    1 John 2.1-11. John, Apostle and Evangelist
28th     Matthew 18.1-10. The Holy Innocents
29 th    John 1.1-18. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1120

30 December: 1st Sunday of Christmas: God in Trinity, eternal unity of perfect
love, gather the nations to be one family, and draw us into your holy life through
the birth of Emmanuel, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
31st John 1.29-34. John Wycliffe, Theologian, Reformer, 1384
1st Romans 2.17-end. The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus
2nd John 1.35-42. Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishops,
       Teachers of the Faith, 379 and 389
3rd John 1.43-end
4th John 2.1-12
5th John 2.13-end

For your diaries
2 December       6 p.m. We are joining, as a Benefice, with Great Wenham for
                 their Advent Carol Service at St John’s Church, Great Wenham
8 December       7.30 p.m., Raydon, Phoenix Brass Concert. Tickets from Simon
                 Tennent (01473 310320)
19 December SSM School Nativity Play in SSM Church

PCC Meeting
Higham         7 November, 7.30 p.m., The White House

For your prayers
Higham: John Haste
SSM: Beryl Price
Outside the Benefice: Oscar Crisp, Margaret Gardner, Helen Gregory,
Doreen Keeble, Timothy Langley, Kim McCann

Please remember those preparing for marriage in our churches this month:
12 December: Leanne Phillips and Kenrick Campbell (SSM)
28 December: Verity Ranson and Richard Mawdsley (SSM)

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